Comparable intel and amd processors: Intel Core i5-12400 vs AMD Ryzen 5 5600X: Value CPU Showdown

What is AMD Equivalent to Intel Core i7?

Even a few years back, computer processors and Intel were synonymous. Intel always claimed the front seat when CPUs were in the conversation because of their unmatched performance and quality. However, things have changed, and another name has made its way to compete with Intel head to head, which is AMD Ryzen.

Since the launch of AMD Ryzen, it has taken over the market with the first Gen 1000 series Ryzen processors. Ryzen has come a long way, and their recent release was the 5000 series processors – the 6000 series is knocking on the door.

Intel Core i7 is a high-end processor lineup that has been a favorite choice for gamers, streamers, power users for a very long time. If you are wondering what is AMD equivalent to Intel Core i7, the answer would be AMD Ryzen 7 series. This article will explain it further by discussing and comparing the technical details between these two processors.

Processor Lineups Explained

Intel and AMD both have their own processor lineups. These lineups usually maintain a hierarchy from low-end to top-end processors. Usually, lower-end processors have low cores, thread, and lower base clock speed compared to the higher-end processors.

The Intel Core processor lineup consists of regular consumer-grade processors. Some of them are Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, and Core i9.

Core i3

Core i3 is the entry-level processor, which is known for handling light tasks. However, the latest generation of Core i3 processors (Intel 12th Generation Alder Lake) is considered “entry-level” and is significantly faster than the previous-gen processors. i3 processors usually range between 2-4 cores, and there are specific models that support hyper-threading.

Core i5

Intel Core i5 is known as the all-time midranger because it performs reasonably well in terms of gaming. It can even handle heavy tasks such as streaming, video editing, etc. The core count of Core i5 processors is between 4 to 8.

Core i7

i7 is known as a high-end desktop processor because of its significant core count and higher clock speed. This processor can be great for gaming, streaming, or even video editing. The core count of i7 processors is generally between 6 to 12 cores.

Core i9

Finally, the Core i9 is like the final boss. It’s the highest-end consumer-grade processor that Intel is currently offering. It takes everything to extreme levels in terms of everything, even the pricing. The core count of the i9 processors is between 10 to 16.

AMD also has a similar approach towards its processor lineup. Their consumer-grade processors are Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, and Ryzen 9. The Ryzen 3 corresponds to Intel Core i3, Ryzen 5 corresponds to Core i5, Ryzen 7 corresponds to Core i7, and Ryzen 9 corresponds to Core i9. It’s because the corresponding processor is closely similar in terms of specs and performance.

The 12th Gen Intel processors based on the Alder Lake architecture have dropped very recently, compared to Ryzen 5000 series, released a while ago. For this reason, this article is going to be based on the Core i7 11th gen and Ryzen 5000 series.

What is AMD Equivalent to Intel Core i7?

The AMD equivalent to Intel Core i7 is the Ryzen 7 series. Both of these processor lineups have their own sub lineups. For comparison, we choose the Intel i7 11700k and the AMD Ryzen 5800x. Let’s check out a technical specification overview of both the processors.

Specifications Intel i7 11700k AMD Ryzen 9 5800x
Base Clock 2.5 GHz 3.8 GHz
Boost Clock 5.0 GHz 4.7 GHz
Core 8 8
Thread 16 16
TDP 125 W 105 W
Architecture 10 nm 7 nm
Price Around 350$ Around 350$

The technical details of the AMD Ryzen 9 5800x are quite similar to the ones of the Intel i7 11700k. The price is quite similar as well. However, the technical details do not determine the quality of a CPU. It all comes to real-life performance and benchmarks. Let’s compare some benchmarks of both these CPUs.

Benchmarks Intel i7 11700k AMD Ryzen 9 5800x
Cinebench R23 (Single Core) 1563 1584
Cinebench R23 (Multi core) 15246 14893
Geekbench 5 (Single Core) 1705 1694
Geekbench 5 (Multi Core) 9997 10288

Cinebench and Geekbench are some of tech enthusiasts’ most trusted CPU benchmark software. If you compare these numbers, they are very close to each other, and the difference is negligible. Even though Intel is known for its superior single-thread performance, the numbers here don’t necessarily reflect which one is ‘superior’ to that extent. On the other hand, Ryzen is known for its multi-thread excellence. But the numbers in this case also do not indicate a big win.

Cinebench and Geekbench are some of tech enthusiasts’ most trusted CPU benchmark software. If you compare these numbers, they are very close to each other, and the difference is negligible. Even though Intel is known for its superior single-thread performance, the numbers here don’t necessarily reflect which one is ‘superior’ to that extent. On the other hand, Ryzen is known for its multi-thread excellence. But the numbers in this case also do not indicate a big win.


Based on the details and comparisons discussed above, the clear answer to what is AMD Equivalent to Intel Core i7 is Ryzen 7. If you are thinking of getting a Ryzen processor, you can go for it with your eyes closed.

AMD VS Intel: Which CPUs are better in 2023?

  ❘   Published: 2023-01-12T17:13:00

  ❘   Updated: 2023-01-12T17:13:07

Intel and AMD have been going at it when it comes to their own CPUs for decades, but in 2023, which one takes the crown, and which brand should you go for if you’re building a new PC this year?

When choosing to build your own PC, things can get pretty confusing between brands and boards and everything else, we’re here to help you make an informed decision as to what CPU you should be splashing your hard-earned cash for this year.

In 2023, the CPU market is in somewhat of a state of flux. Intel has released their powerful 13th-gen CPUs as the last gasp of the socket 1700 platform, which has DDR4 support on some boards. Meanwhile, AMD has just launched its AM5 platform, which is set to give you a clear upgrade path without having to switch up your motherboard, but comes in a DDR5-only flavor.

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Another thing to consider is AMD’s 3D V-cache technology. Some of their higher-end CPUs, which are yet to be released at the time of writing, could boost your framerates in gaming workloads a huge amount. But, with all of this in mind, which brand should you go for?

Raptor Lake Vs Ryzen 7000

When it comes to choosing which CPU to pick for your system, you have to think first of the best value parts that you can currently buy. The biggest differentiator between Intel’s Raptor Lake and AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series CPUs right now is DDR4 support.

While both platforms will give you PCIe 5.0 support, you will also have to think about overclockability and motherboards. Right now, Intel has the advantage when it comes to just giving you the widest number of options and configurations to choose from. When you factor in the DDR5-only nature of AMD, going Team Red can get expensive pretty fast, especially since lower-end motherboards that support the AM5 platform can be difficult to find.

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When it comes to the CPUs themselves, Intel’s Raptor Lake CPUs are also arguably better value for money in the midrange segment, especially with the 13600K’s sheer power. However, you will be building on a platform that cannot be upgraded later down the line.

For us, Intel is the clear runaway winner here, with the best platform, and most choice of parts available.

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Intel VS AMD: Which is the best value?


Ryzen 9 / Core i9 Starting at $549 Starting at $529
Ryzen 7 / Core i7 Starting at $299 Starting at $299
Ryzen 5 / Core i5 Starting at $129 Starting at $149
Ryzen 3 / Core i3 Starting at $99 Starting at $99

This is not much of an argument, but both companies have a fairly equal pricing structure in place. However, once you factor in the cost of DDR5 and motherboards, Intel also comes out to be the true winner. However, for overclockers, AMD is the only brand that currently supports it out of the box on certain motherboards. However, your mileage may vary when it comes to how worth it all that tinkering is, versus just using the CPUs at stock levels of performance.

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On Intel’s side, you’ll have to splash for a 600 or 700-series motherboard. But, don’t expect many new models to come to market afterward, as the company will be moving to a new platform after Raptor Lake. However, on the other side of this, AM5 will be supported for five years, and it’s clearly a longer-term buy. It’s likely that higher-end AM5 boards will be compatible with next-gen Ryzen systems, but this is all yet to be confirmed.

Intel VS AMD: Which brand has the best performance?

When it comes to high-end gaming performance in the midrange, all the way up to the higher-end, AMD’s Zen 4 offering underwhelms. Even the Ryzen 9 7950X pales in comparison to a high-end Intel chip. Also, when you look towards the mid-range, Intel has AMD beat by all accounts.

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This is subject to change, as AMD has announced the Zen 4 3D variants of their chips, but these have yet to come to market, and we can’t really speak to their performance too much yet.

Intel tears ahead of AMD

Right now, the better buy of the two is without a doubt, the Intel 13th-generation CPUs. However, you just have to take into account that these will not be upgradable in the future. For those with an eye on futureproofing, and are willing to spend a little bit more, you can go for Team Red, but you will be leaving some power on the table.

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As much as AMD has enjoyed Ryzen dominance over the course of the last couple of generations, it appears that the resolve of Team Red has faltered somewhat, meaning that AMD has some catching up to do if it wants to be in the systems of hardcore system builders.

Just bear in mind that if you want to get the best possible performance, it might be worth hanging on to see how the Ryzen 7000 3D chips turn out, as they could shake up our conclusions quite a bit.

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China banned the supply of processors to Russia «capable of replacing AMD and Intel»




    By decision of the Chinese authorities, Loongson processors will not be supplied to Russia, among which are comparable in performance to AMD Ryzen 5000. These CPUs and their unique architecture are recognized as strategically important developments, as a result of which Russia, like other countries of the world, is denied access to them . However, they are still available on AliExpress with delivery to Moscow within two weeks. nine0197

    Chinese CPUs not for Russia

    The Chinese authorities have banned the export of Loongson processors based on the unique LoongArch architecture to Russia, Kommersant writes. Developers position these CPUs as a replacement for AMD and Intel chips, not inferior to them in performance.

    The LoongArch command system includes almost 2000 unique instructions. Processors based on it are compatible with x86 instruction sets using emulation. nine0197

    At the time of the publication of the material, there was no talk of the widespread use of Loongson processors in Russia. Despite the fact that Intel and AMD stopped deliveries of their CPUs to Russia almost a year ago, you can still buy Core, Ryzen, and their other products in stores.

    Loongson processors almost caught up with modern AMD solutions in terms of performance. But Russians, for the most part, will not be able to evaluate their advantages

    However, according to the publication, some manufacturers of Russian electronics looked towards Loongson and even tested its processors. “Although Russian companies were not very dependent on Chinese processors, with a theoretical blocking of parallel imports, they hoped to switch to Loongson solutions,” a representative of the Ministry of Digital Development told the publication. However, now they will no longer be able to purchase even one batch of such chips in order to subsequently assemble several laptops or desktop PCs on them. nine0197

    No sanctions

    As of December 2022, China has not joined the anti-Russian sanctions, with the exception of some individual companies, in particular Huawei. She, as you know, has long stopped deliveries to Russia of consumer electronics, as well as base stations for telecom operators.

    However, in the case of Loongson and the ban on exporting its CPU to the Russian market, the decision was taken directly by the PRC leadership. This is due to the fact that the company’s processors, like its LoongArch architecture, are recognized as strategically important. This is an original Chinese development, moreover, it is used in the military-industrial complex of China. nine0197

    Russia in this case is not the only country to which shipments of Loongson products are now prohibited. In fact, from now on, the geography of their distribution is limited only to the territory of China itself — they will not be used and sold outside of this state, at least officially.

    Potential issue for Russia

    China is one of the few major countries that has not yet turned its back on Russia. Its Loongson processors, in theory, could replace AMD and Intel products, which are now imported as parallel imports, as a result of which they cost more than they would cost with legal official deliveries. nine0197

    As of December 2022, Russia did not have its own modern processors, just as there was no production. The plants available in the country are designed for a maximum of 65 nm — topology from 2004.

    Sources of the publication in the IT field confirm that the testing of Loongson processors confirmed their high potential. A representative of an unnamed Russian electronics manufacturer called these CPUs «reliable, productive and promising,» as well as «capable of competing with Intel. » nine0197

    Alexey Pechenkin, Novikombank: Changing cyber threat landscape will resemble a “battle of cyber intelligence”


    However, as of December 12, 2022, there was no talk of a complete ban on Loongson supplies to Russia. The CNews editors found in the Chinese online store AliExpress that the Loongson processors themselves, and various motherboards for them, and even ready-to-work system units, are assembled on these CPUs.

    AliExpress helps out. But how long will this supply chain to Russia remain open? nine0197

    In addition, Loongson does not yet have its own production, and large contract suppliers are in no hurry to undertake mass production of its CPU. Loongson processors are currently manufactured by STMicroelectronics.

    Find out more about Loongson

    The Chinese company BLX IC Design Corporation is responsible for the development of Loongson processors. It was founded in 2002 by the Institute of Computer Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Jiangsu Zhongy Group.

    From the very beginning, the company relied on a unique architecture so as not to depend on the United States or on open products that contain American technologies. At the first stage, it was called Godson, later it was renamed Loongson, and now it is called LoongArch. nine0197

    IT companies can be reimbursed up to 80% of marketing costs

    IT industry support

    The LoongArch command system includes almost 2000 unique instructions. In addition to the basic instruction set, the Binary Transform (LBT), Vector Processing (LSX), Extended Vector Processing (LASX), and Virtualization (LVZ) instructions have also been implemented. Loongson claims that LoongArch does not infringe any patents related to existing architectures, including x86, ARM, MIPS, or RISC-V. All of the company’s processors are compatible with x86 instruction sets through emulation. nine0197

    Loongson has a variety of processors, including the 3A5000 announced in April 2021.