Quad core amd opteron 1354: AMD Opteron 1354 2.2 GHz Socket AM2 75W OS1354WBJ4BGH Processor

Linux PC (Quad-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 1354)

Section Description Score Geekbench Score
Geekbench 2.1.6 for Linux x86 (32-bit)
Integer Processor integer performance 2945 3483
Floating Point Processor floating point performance 4990
Memory Memory performance 2280
Stream Memory bandwidth performance 2504

Result Information

System Information

Integer Performance

Integer 2945

single-core scalar

69.7 MB/sec



multi-core scalar

167 MB/sec


Text Compress

single-core scalar

5. 31 MB/sec


Text Compress

multi-core scalar

17.9 MB/sec


Text Decompress

single-core scalar

6.56 MB/sec


Text Decompress

multi-core scalar

22.2 MB/sec


Image Compress

single-core scalar

10.4 Mpixels/sec


Image Compress

multi-core scalar

20.9 Mpixels/sec


Image Decompress

single-core scalar

15.0 Mpixels/sec


Image Decompress

multi-core scalar

27.8 Mpixels/sec



single-core scalar

892 Knodes/sec



multi-core scalar

2. 59 Mnodes/sec


Floating Point Performance

Floating Point 4990

single-core scalar

1.04 Gflops



multi-core scalar

2.61 Gflops


Dot Product

single-core scalar

1.09 Gflops


Dot Product

multi-core scalar

2.84 Gflops


Dot Product

single-core vector

2.55 Gflops


Dot Product

multi-core vector

4.64 Gflops


LU Decomposition

single-core scalar

1.65 Gflops


LU Decomposition

multi-core scalar

1. 64 Gflops


Primality Test

single-core scalar

317 Mflops


Primality Test

multi-core scalar

1.14 Gflops


Sharpen Image

single-core scalar

9.61 Mpixels/sec


Sharpen Image

multi-core scalar

22.3 Mpixels/sec


Blur Image

single-core scalar

4.29 Mpixels/sec


Blur Image

multi-core scalar

14.2 Mpixels/sec


Memory Performance

Memory 2280
Read Sequential

single-core scalar

3.22 GB/sec


Write Sequential

single-core scalar

2. 23 GB/sec


Stdlib Allocate

single-core scalar

8.63 Mallocs/sec


Stdlib Write

single-core scalar

2.84 GB/sec


Stdlib Copy

single-core scalar

1.88 GB/sec


Stream Performance

Stream 2504
Stream Copy

single-core scalar

3.26 GB/sec


Stream Copy

single-core vector

3.36 GB/sec


Stream Scale

single-core scalar

3.23 GB/sec


Stream Scale

single-core vector

3.45 GB/sec


Stream Add

single-core scalar

3.75 GB/sec


Stream Add

single-core vector

3. 86 GB/sec


Stream Triad

single-core scalar

3.71 GB/sec


Stream Triad

single-core vector

3.86 GB/sec


Mining with Quad-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 1354

There is no mining data available for Quad-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 1354.

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Computex 2008 — TechnoFresh

IT to see, show yourself
Computex 2008 The rapid development of information technology requires international coordination of efforts of researchers and manufacturers. Numerous seminars, presentations and exhibitions are devoted to this goal


Evgeny Rudometov

Exhibition 9 is the largest of these events0021 Computex , which is attended by most of the world’s IT companies. During the event, high-tech industry players demonstrate their latest achievements, which can be seen by both ordinary visitors and professionals. The next exhibition Computex was held in early June in the capital of Taiwan, Taipei.

Numerous booths displayed products from more than 1,500 companies, ranging from the largest manufacturers of semiconductor chips, computer components, stationary and mobile systems of varying complexity and cost, to enterprises engaged in the production of various consumer electronics, as well as simple peripherals and accessories.

Assessing the presented products, it is impossible not to note a very large number of motherboards that are the basis of computer platforms. By the way, Intel officially announced the release of four new chipsets of system logic — chipsets P45 , P43 , G45 and G43 , providing support for the 1333 MHz processor bus (QPB), as well as DDR2 memory modules /DDR3 (bandwidth up to 10 GB/s) and PCI Express bus specifications 2. 0. At the same time, the chipset P45 also supports a two-adapter configuration of the video subsystem (ATI CrossFire technology). The next two chipsets, G45 and G43 , correspond in their characteristics to P45 and P43 , but differ from their prototypes in the presence of an integrated graphics core. The most powerful video core — Intel GMA X4500HD — has a chipset G45 . It has the ability to hardware decode HD video standards, a cheaper option is G43 with the GMA X4500 video core does not have this capability. The second component of the announced chipsets are the ICh20 or ICh20R hubs.

Based on these chipsets, almost all players in this sector have released corresponding motherboards. These traditionally include: Gigabyte , MSI , ASUS , Albatron , ASRock , Foxconn , ECS , Jetway , Abit and others. In their products, manufacturers have implemented a large number of promising technologies that increase the consumer properties of computers. Numerous tools were introduced to ease tuning, as well as dynamic performance adjustments and developments aimed at reducing operating costs.

Here it is advisable to recall the energy saving technology Gigabyte Dynamic Energy Saver from the manufacturer of the same name. At Computex 2008 The company Gigabyte actively promoted the new version of this development, which optimizes the power consumption of the motherboard and processor not only in normal operation, but also in overclocking modes. Of course, other players in this market sector have also introduced similar innovations. Together with a number of industry and proprietary technologies, such developments increase the consumer properties of computers, which are based on motherboards.

Intel also showcased several new products. The expected processor of the next architecture, codenamed Nehalem , became the central object of the presentations. Recall that this chip is the first in the Intel line to acquire an integrated RAM controller. The quad-core Nehalem processor with Hyper-Threading Technology under Windows Vista will operate as eight logical processors. However, models with eight cores are also planned. Within the framework of this architecture, models with a built-in graphics core will also appear.

Of course, the traditional competitor of Intel , AMD , did not stand aside either. Much attention was given to the Phenom processors. They are supported by the SB700 and SB750 chips. Motherboards based on 780G , 790FX and 790GX chipsets allow operating the boards both in normal modes and overclocking them. AMD range expands with three quad-core processors Opteron 1300 series, which are designed for servers and workstations with a single processor socket. The list of new products includes models Opteron 1352 (frequency 2.1 GHz), Opteron 1354 (2.2 GHz) and Opteron 1356 (2.3 GHz). All of them retained the processor socket and thermal package of the previous Opteron 1000 series. This unifying role is played by cases equipped with cooling systems. At Computex 2008 was presented with a large number of corresponding models. A significant part of them are equipped with cooling systems using water. Equipped with appropriate lighting elements, they are characterized by an extremely effective design. In addition to such systems, complete solutions were also demonstrated, created on the basis of passive elements using intricate assemblies from massive radiators and heat pipes. Such options are often made on the basis of a cooling system from well-known manufacturers, for example, such as Thermaltake , Thermalright , Artic Cooling .

If we talk about the innovations that will have the greatest impact on the development of the industry in the near future, then the components and systems of the mobile sector come to the fore. They are based on platforms designed for new compact and economical processors developed by Intel , AMD and VIA . Evaluating these elements, it is necessary to note the rapidly growing popularity among processor manufacturers Intel Atom . By the way, the manufacturer himself called these products the most miniature solutions of all presented by him in his entire history. These processors will become not only the «heart» of mobile computers, but also the central element in the Centrino Atom platform. So far, Intel has released only single-core models, N270 and N230 , manufactured using a 45 nm process. The heat dissipation of such processors is extremely small. According to the manufacturer, the average consumption of the model is N270 power is a very modest 0.6 watts. This allows you to safely install the processor in portable computers. Based on these processors, a number of manufacturers have released finished products of the MID and UMPC class, which have compact dimensions and low weight.

An example of such solutions is the ASUS Eee PC 1000 series subnotebooks. This series is represented by two models, Eee PC 1000 and Eee PC 1000H , which have similar display characteristics (10.2 inches), memory (2 GB DDR2), communications (802.11n, Bluetooth 2.0), but differing drives (the first has a 40 GB SSD, the second has an 80 GB HDD) and weight (1.33 kg / 1.45 kg).

A similar model was introduced by MSI . The device Wind , in addition to the Intel Atom processor, uses Windows XP, an 8.9 or 10-inch display, and a 2.5-inch 80 GB hard drive.

The company Gigabyte also released its model on the Atom chip. The product with the index M912 is equipped with RAM up to 1 GB, HDD form factor 2.5 inches with a capacity of 120–250 GB. The 8.9-inch screen has a resolution of WXGA (1280.768). The screen, although not the largest, is located on a rotating arm, and it has a touch-screen function. In addition, the device supports Bluetooth 2.0 and 802.11b/g.

In response to Intel’s introduction of the Atom processors, the VIA introduced a range of solutions based on the Nano processors. Models VIA are not inferior in functionality to products based on Intel Atom, but they are compact and low price.

During the Computex 2008 , HP demonstrated a product based on the VIA platform. Inexpensive subnotebook HP 2133 weighing approximately 1.2 kg is based on the C7-M processor, has a widescreen display with a diagonal of 8.9 inches and a resolution of 1366.768. Equipped with RAM up to 1 GB, HDD up to 160 GB or SSD, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Assessing the models of subnotebooks presented at Computex 2008 , it should be noted that most of them were positioned as samples preparing for an early mass release. The terms were also called — 1-3 months. However, as it turned out, many of the announced models could be purchased during the exhibition in neighboring stores in Taipei. At the same time, the prices of devices were located in a fairly wide range, and in some cases were lower than those announced by manufacturers. For example, subnotebook HP 2133 could be purchased for a little more than $450. Similar devices from lesser-known manufacturers were characterized by an even lower price, which increases the availability of such products. This is especially true for diskless models based on flash memory, the capacity of which is rapidly growing, and the cost of storing gigabytes is decreasing.

A similar trend can be observed with various flash drives. Many of the manufacturers of this type of memory are actively announcing SSD drives aimed at replacing traditional HDDs. The capacity of typical SSD representatives is 32 and 64 GB, although in the course of Computex 2008 was presented a lot of models for 128 and even 256 GB. Most of them were made in the traditional 2.5-inch form factor for such drives. Deprived of moving mechanical elements, such devices have not only very high reliability, but also often a high speed of writing and reading information. In some cases, speed indicators exceeded 100 GB / s.

Not surprisingly, numerous laptop manufacturers showed interest in such drives and presented corresponding models at the exhibition. The number of such models is expected to increase rapidly. In a few years, despite the rapid increase in the capacity of traditional 2.5-inch HDDs, high-capacity SSDs will also appear in the mainstream sector. This trend has already been confirmed in miniature audio and video devices, which include players, camcorders, etc. 1-inch HDDs have almost completely disappeared from the architecture of these devices — they have been replaced by built-in or removable flash drives, which was confirmed by numerous examples of consumer products. electronics presented at the exhibition.

In conclusion, the listed products do not exhaust the novelties of the Computex 2008 exhibition, but they can give an idea of ​​the main trends in the IT industry.

AMD Opteron-1354 Budapest (2200MHZ, AM2, L3 2048 KB, L2 2048 KB)

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Processor brand:




The number of nuclei:


Type of socket:

Technic process:

volume of cache L1:

volume of cache L2:


Maximum transmission of memory:

Maximum pass

Issue date:

Processor Description:

AMD brand processor with Opteron line (model range) and processor number: 1354. This processor runs on the Budapest Core, the CPU itself is designed using a 65 nm process technology (lithography). The number of cores in the processor is 4, and the total clock speed is 2200MHz . This AMD brand CPU has a socket (connector) for connecting to the AM2 motherboard. The third level cache (L3) is 2048 KB, and the second level cache (L2) is 2048 KB. Information about maximum memory bandwidth: -. This processor is positioned by the manufacturer as a CPU for systems of the type: Server. Known release (production) date for this processor: April 2008.

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CPUs most unlike this CPU

The Intel CPU is represented by the Celeron D model line with the number 326 . This processor uses the Prescott Core and is made in Process 90 nm . The number of cores in it is 1 , and the total clock speed of this processor is 2533MHz . This Intel product connects to the computer motherboard using a LGA775 connector (socket). The memory of the third level is , and the amount of memory of the second level is 256 KB . Maximum memory bandwidth found on the manufacturer’s website: . This processor is presented by the company as a CPU for systems: Desktop PCs . Start date of production (release) of this processor: Q2 2006 .

CPU company AMD represented by the model range Phenom II X2 Black with the number 555 . This processor uses the Core Callisto , and the processor itself is made according to the manufacturing process 45 nm . The number of cores in it is 2 , and the total clock speed of this processor is 3200MHz . This product of the AMD Corporation is connected to the computer motherboard using the AM3 connector (socket). The memory of the third level is 6144 KB , and the amount of memory of the second level is 1024 KB . Maximum memory bandwidth found on the manufacturer’s website: 21 Gb/s . This processor is presented by the company as a CPU for systems: Desktop PCs . Start date of production (release) of this processor: 01/25/2010 .

CPU company Intel represented by the model range Core i3 with the number 4350T . This processor uses the Haswell Core , and the processor itself is made according to the 22 nm manufacturing process. The number of cores in it is 2 , and the total clock speed of this processor is 3100MHz . This product is Intel Corporation connects to the computer motherboard using a connector (socket) LGA1150 .