Gigabyte x470 aorus ultra gaming benchmark: Gigabyte X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING Compatible Builds

Gigabyte X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING Compatible Builds

Gigabyte Motherboard

 Compatible Components

(from 3,515 PCs)

Popular components in PC builds with the Gigabyte X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING Motherboard.

Ryzen 7 2700XAMD  €200Bench 76%, 159,077 samples 1,092x
Ryzen 5 2600AMD  €114Bench 73%, 446,215 samples 428x
Ryzen 5 2600XAMD  €274Bench 74%, 142,983 samples 413x
Ryzen 5 5600XAMD  €180Bench 96%, 294,232 samples 237x
Ryzen 7 3700XAMD  €279Bench 86%, 635,419 samples 220x
RTX 2070Nvidia  €435Bench 106%, 460,951 samples 227x
RTX 2060Nvidia  €372Bench 89%, 653,453 samples 177x
RX 580AMD  €219Bench 55%, 853,084 samples 159x
GTX 1080Nvidia  €305Bench 106%, 1,087,024 samples 158x
GTX 1080-TiNvidia  €300Bench 136%, 782,243 samples 156x
970 Evo NVMe PCIe M. 2 500GBSamsung  €85Bench 273%, 381,216 samples 142x
860 Evo 500GBSamsung  €114Bench 105%, 762,998 samples 138x
970 Evo Plus NVMe PCIe M.2 500GBSamsung  €80Bench 289%, 406,008 samples 104x
970 Evo Plus NVMe PCIe M.2 1TBSamsung  €114Bench 332%, 443,394 samples 102x
970 Evo NVMe PCIe M.2 250GBSamsung  €80Bench 235%, 154,949 samples 78x
Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000 C15 2x8GBCorsair  €57Bench 82%, 606,405 samples 203x
Ripjaws V DDR4 3200 C16 2x8GBG.SKILL  €59Bench 84%, 287,720 samples 138x
Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 C16 2x8GBCorsair  €54Bench 85%, 653,654 samples 122x
Trident Z RGB DDR4 3200 C16 2x8GBG.SKILL  €79Bench 84%, 215,644 samples 106x
Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 3200 C16 2x8GBCorsair  €67Bench 85%, 346,786 samples 86x


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ADVERTISEMENT1 — Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming Review2 — Test Setup3 — Content Creation4 — Gaming Performance5 — M.2 and SATA 6Gbps Performance6 — Audio Performance7 — Power Consumption8 — Overclocking, Performance Analysis, and Conclusion

Manufacturer: Gigabyte

UK price (as reviewed):£127.99 (inc. VAT)

US price (as reviewed):$138.99 (exc. tax)

We’re often impressed by what Gigabyte can achieve at lower than the average price point on both Intel and AMD motherboards. While X370 motherboards support AMD’s latest Ryzen CPUs and have most of the features that the newer X470 chipset has, it’s still probably better to nab a more modern board, especially with 2nd Gen Ryzen. Thankfully, the X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming is currently one of the cheapest X470 boards around.

At £128, it’s less expensive than many X370 boards, too, so if you want the latest tech and don’t have a budget that’s so limited you should be looking at a cheaper chipset instead, then keep reading.

You’re clearly not getting the full weight of Gigabyte’s awesome RGB lighting with the X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming, such as we saw with its big brother, the X470 Aorus Gaming 7 WiFi, but there’s a smattering of illumination plus plenty of RGB headers on the PCB should you wish to add your own LED strips to illuminate your case.

Apart from the odd aesthetic omission, the only significant cutbacks you’ll notice at a glance are a drop to just one M.2 heatsink and also slightly less elaborate power circuitry and cooling, with an 8+3 phase design and none of the dense, heat-pipe-linked heatsinks of the more expensive board.

The board is surprisingly well-equipped otherwise, housing the usual six SATA 6Gbps ports, pairs of both USB 3.0 and 2.0 headers, and an impressive eight fan headers too, which is more than many far more expensive alternatives. Gigabyte’s fan control area in both the EFI and its Windows software are excellent, so combined with an internal header for temperature probes that can be used to control fan speeds, there’s plenty of scope here for building a powerful air- or water-cooled PC with lots of fans and tweaking till your heart’s content.

As if the USB headers weren’t enough, you get a full USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C header on the PCB for compatible cases, and the audio is Realtek’s ALC 1220 codec too. The layout is pretty good, all except the top M.2 slot really, which sits underneath the primary graphics card so isn’t ideally located. The M.2 ports also have a slightly odd arrangement in terms of bandwidth and SATA support, too. The top slot is the only port that offers SATA M. 2 SSD support, but it’s also the only port that offers full PCIe 3.0 x4 bandwidth, with the lower slot only offering PCIe 2.0, albeit with four lanes. This wasn’t identified in the specifications either until we mentioned it to Gigabyte, but the company has at least rectified this, so credit where credit’s due. Unless you’re using an older PCIe NVMe SSD, though, the lower port is an almost pointless inclusion given it’s not compatible with SATA SSDs and will throttle most modern PCIe SSDs to half their maximum throughput. It would make much more sense to offer SATA support in the lower slot like MSI has with its X470 boards, but as the likelihood is that most people would use a single M.2 SSD, we can’t get too hung up about it.

The rear I/O panel sports a handy nine Type-A USB ports with four of these being USB 3.0, and you get Type-A and Type-C full USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports as well. The rear audio ouputs haven’t been cut back either and offer eight-channel support as well as an optical output, and the LAN port is Intel-powered too. There’s no Wi-Fi or overclocking and testing tools such as CMOS clear buttons and the like, but they’re practically impossible to find on boards costing less than £150 these days anyway.

  • Chipset AMD X470
  • Form factor ATX
  • CPU support AMD Socket AM4
  • Memory support Dual-channel, four slots, max 64GB
  • Sound Eight-channel Realtek ALC 1220
  • Networking 1x Intel Gigabit Ethernet
  • Ports 1x M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 32Gbps/SATA 6Gbps up to 22110, 1 x M.2 PCIe 2.0 x4 16Gbps up to 2280, 6 x SATA 6Gbps, 1 x USB 3.1 Type-A, 1 x USB 3.1 Type-C, 1 x USB 3.1 Type-C header, 8 x USB 3.0 (4 via headers), 8 x USB 2.0 (4 via headers), 1 x LAN, audio out, line in, mic, Optical S/PDIF out
  • Dimensions (mm)305 x 244
  • Extras N/A

1 — Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming Review2 — Test Setup3 — Content Creation4 — Gaming Performance5 — M. 2 and SATA 6Gbps Performance6 — Audio Performance7 — Power Consumption8 — Overclocking, Performance Analysis, and Conclusion

Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming


Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming

Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming

Why Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming is better than others?

  • RAM speed?
    2933MHz vs 2656.42MHz
  • Fan headers?
    8 vs 4.84
  • PCIe 3.0 x16 slots?
    2 vs 1.62
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 (USB-A) ports? nine0012 4 vs 3.6
  • SATA 3 connectors?
    6 vs 5.53
  • Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)?
    120dB vs 109.68dB
  • USB 3.0 ports (pass-through expanders)?
    4 vs 2.53
  • M.2 connectors?
    2 vs 1. 86

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Maximum Memory

Maximum Memory (RAM). nine0003

RAM speed


Can support faster memory which speeds up system performance.

RAM speed


The motherboard supports overclocking the RAM to a higher speed. By increasing the memory speed, we increase the performance of the computer.

memory slots

The more memory slots (DIMMs), the more RAM you can add to your computer. This is relevant for the upgrade, because. The memory bar can be installed in an empty slot, rather than replacing an already installed one. nine0003

DDR memory version

Unknown. Help us offer a price.

DDR (Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) is the most common type of main memory. New versions of DDR memory support higher maximum speeds and are more energy efficient.

memory channels

More memory channels increase the speed of data transfer between memory and processor. nine0003

Supports memory troubleshooting code

✖Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming

Memory troubleshooting code can detect and repair data corruption. It is used when necessary to avoid distortion, such as in scientific computing or when starting a server.


USB 3.2 Gen 2 (USB-A) ports

USB 3.2 Gen 2 supports speeds up to 10 Gbps. It was previously known as USB 3.1 Gen 2. These ports use the older USB-A connector. nine0003

USB 3.2 Gen 1 (USB-A) ports

USB 3.2 Gen 1 supports speeds up to 5 Gbps. It was previously known as USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB 3.0. These ports use the old USB-A connector.

USB 3.2 Gen 2 (USB-C) ports

Unknown. Help us offer a price.

USB 3.2 Gen 2 supports speeds up to 10 Gbps. It was previously known as USB 3.1 Gen 2. These ports use a USB-C connector.

USB 3. 2 Gen 1 (USB-C) ports

Unknown. Help us offer a price. nine0003

USB 3.2 Gen 1 supports speeds up to 5Gbps. It was previously known as USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB 3.0. These ports use a USB-C connector.

USB 2.0 ports

The more USB 2.0 ports, the more USB 2.0 compatible devices you can connect to your computer.

USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 ports

Unknown. Help us offer a price.

USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 was introduced in 2019. It supports speeds up to 20Gbps and uses a USB-C connector. nine0003

USB 4 40Gbps ports

Unknown. Help us offer a price.

This version of USB 4 supports very high speeds up to 40 Gbps. Unlike USB 3.2, USB 4 can allocate bandwidth for video and data. These ports use a USB-C connector.

USB 4 20Gbps ports

Unknown. Help us offer a price.

This version of USB 4 supports speeds up to 20 Gbps. Unlike USB 3.2, USB 4 can allocate bandwidth for video and data. These ports use a USB-C connector. nine0003

Thunderbolt 4 ports

Unknown. Help us offer a price.

Number of Thunderbolt 4 compatible USB ports. These ports support speeds up to 40 Gb/s, including a minimum PCIe speed of 32 Gb/s. This ensures that it can support two external 4K screens (or one external 8K screen).


USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports (via expansion)

Unknown. Help us offer a price.

The number of USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports that can be added using the USB connectors on the motherboard. nine0003

USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports (via expansion)

Unknown. Help us offer a price.

The number of USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports that can be added using the USB headers on the motherboard.

USB 2.0 ports (pass-through expanders)

Number of USB 2. 0 ports that can be added via pins (USB headers) on the motherboard.

SATA 3 connectors

SATA is an interface used to connect storage devices such as hard drives and Blu-ray discs. The native data transfer rate of SATA 3 is 6 Gb/s, which is twice as high as that of SATA 2. It can be useful to use an SSD, because it improves the speed. nine0003

fan headers

These are the contact surfaces on the motherboard to which fans can be connected. Fans, of course, can also be connected directly to the power supply, but by connecting them through the motherboard, we get the ability to control devices through software.

USB 3.0 ports (pass-through expanders)

The motherboard has pins in the form of male connectors to which additional USB ports can be connected.

M.2 slots

M.2 is an interface used to connect various devices, mainly storage devices such as M. 2 SSDs. It is a revision of mSATA and supports much higher data transfer rates.

TPM slot included

✔Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a component that greatly enhances security. For example, it enables the creation of RSA keys in a secure environment, minimizing the risk of hackers. nine0003

U.2 connectors

U.2 is an interface used to connect various types of devices, mainly storage devices. It is equal in performance to M.2, but U.2 SSD drives are made in the format of regular 2.5″ SATA drives, and because of this they support much larger volumes than mSATA drives. PCIe slots are designed to connect peripherals to the motherboard, mainly graphics cards, less often other cards such as sound and network. «x16» indicates the number of lanes. The more lanes, the higher the data transfer rate. PCIe 3.0 offers faster speed than PCIe 2.0 and better performance.

PCIe 4. 0 x16 slots

PCIe slots allow you to connect various components such as video cards and SSDs to the motherboard. The number of data lanes (determined by the number after the «x») determines the data rate. PCIe 4.0 provides transfer speeds of 16GT/s, doubling the bandwidth provided by PCIe 3.0.

PCIe x1 slots

PCIe slots are designed to connect peripherals to the motherboard, mainly graphics cards, less often other cards: for example, sound and network. «x1» indicates the number of tracks. The more tracks, the higher the data transfer rate. nine0003

PCI slots

PCI slots are designed to connect peripherals to the motherboard, mainly graphics cards, less often other cards: for example, sound and network cards. PCI technology has been superseded by PCI Express technology, which offers higher data transfer speeds, but there are still many cards using PCI slots these days.

PCIe 2. 0 x16 slots

PCIe slots are designed to connect peripherals to the motherboard, mainly graphics cards, less often other cards: for example, sound and network. «x16» indicates the number of tracks. The more tracks, the higher the data transfer rate. nine0003

PCIe x4 slots

PCIe slots are designed to connect peripherals to the motherboard, mainly graphics cards, less often other cards: for example, sound and network. «x4» indicates the number of tracks. The more tracks, the higher the data transfer rate.

PCIe x8 slots

PCIe slots are designed to connect peripherals to the motherboard, mainly graphics cards, less often other cards: for example, sound and network. «x8» indicates the number of tracks. The more tracks, the higher the data transfer rate. nine0003


Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)

When a digital signal is converted to analog (for example, when playing sound through speakers or headphones), a certain amount of noise is carried in the signal. Higher SNR means less noise and better audio quality when converting.

audio channels

Each channel is a separate stream of audio information. The more channels, the more realistic the experience, such as surround sound. nine0003

S/PDIF out port available

✔Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming

S/PDIF is an interface used to transmit high quality digital audio.

audio connectors

The more connectors, the more audio devices (speakers, microphones) you can connect.


RAID 1 support

✔Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming

RAID is a data storage technology that combines multiple drives into a single array. RAID 1 is a technology of mirror duplication of information on disks. Provides increased data storage security, as if one drive fails, the data will be available from another drive. nine0003

Support for RAID 10 (1+0)

✔Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming

RAID is a data storage technology that combines multiple drives into one array. RAID 10(1+0) is a technology for striping and mirroring information on disks. Has higher processing capacity and performance compared to a single drive. It also provides increased data storage security, as if one drive fails, the data will be available from another drive. nine0003

RAID 5 support

✖Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming

RAID is a storage technology that combines multiple drives into one array. RAID 5 is a disk striping technology. It has higher performance compared to a separate disk. It also provides enhanced data storage security, as if one disk fails, the data will still be available on the other, thanks to the use of non-dedicated parity disk technology. nine0003

RAID 0 support

✔Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming

RAID is a storage technology that combines multiple disks into one array. RAID 0 is a disk striping technology. Has higher processing capacity and performance compared to a single drive. The disadvantage is that if one drive fails, data will be lost on all drives.

RAID 0+1 support

✖Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming

RAID is a storage technology that combines multiple disks in a single array. RAID 0+1 is a technology of striping and mirror duplication of information on disks. It has higher processing capacity and performance compared to a single drive. It also provides increased data storage security, because if one drive fails, the data will be available from another drive.

Price comparison

Which motherboards are better? nine0069

[Technosrach] I explain to the chief editor for Gigabyte


How long have there been no sraches about iron on the SG.

It always seemed to me that the growth of the audience implies an increase in responsibility for every word © Some copper-bearded techie

To be honest, I don’t even know where to start. Over the past two weeks, this post has been rewritten seven times, or even more. What will be discussed will obviously not please both the site management and advertisers. Although it is likely that this post will be demolished by the moderators, and I will be banned. Yes, and don’t care. nine0012 In fact, all this has been up in the air for a long time, but no one at the SG spoke out in full. There were only indignations in Discord and comments in the spirit.

I know what is behind this and I will try to explain what the joke is.
Suddenly that I am not a defender of truth and morality. I just do not want to consume on the SG what the esophagus gives out. It is a pity that StopGame is rapidly flying from heaven to meet black earth, and a couple of weeks ago there was that very moment when there was nowhere to fall, but again they knocked from below. That’s right, we are talking about a partnership project with Gigabyte and a very … peculiar technical specification for it. nine0012 Celebro once again stepped on the embrasure boldly, resolutely and without looking at his feet. His nose bleeds, he needs to find an iron author, and then Gigabyte turned up with their grandiose PR campaign to promote dubious pieces of iron. The result, as always — he wanted to cross the Rubicon, but again beguiled the shores. Just look at one banner, it becomes clear that they see the SG audience as Wilsacom’s sucks.
I understand everything, everyone wants to eat, but why feed people with slop? No, it’s still too early for that. Nobody likes false accusations. In short, prepare a mug of dumplings and a bucket of tea, for a long and thorny path is coming. nine0012

If Lex’s graphic articles caused headaches in you, then I warn you in advance that you shouldn’t expect concessions here. Like it or not, but iron is entirely about subtleties and practice. Humanitarians can either figure it out or think about buying a console.

Huge thanks to my superiors who decided not to wait 2 days for an adequate motherboard to arrive, but bought an x470 AORUS Ultra Gaming that I fiddled around with for days. If not for them and Kungurov’s illiteracy, this article would not have come into being. nine0012

In general, a trend in the iron industry today is funny: to trump with minor ones and pass off one for the other. In principle, what else is left for marketers? After all, the life cycles of vidyuhi, processors and sockets have grown noticeably, and people need something to eat. The result of their labors is visible to the naked eye. Just a brand and praise from some YouTuber is enough for a hamster to go and buy, and then come back for more. Nobody wants to think, but nobody cares about the internal ecosystem of the piece of iron. The main thing is that it looks monstrous, shimmers with all the colors of a tolerant flag and is issued under a sonorous name. In whose coordinate system this is the norm is a big question. nine0012

And everyone seems to understand and agree to this, but when asked why I bought this disgusting thing, you hear in response “there is also this cool feature that I don’t understand why. And the brand is also known and that author praised it.”
In the network of complex analysis of pieces of iron, the cat cried. Most of the information needs to be fished out of the forums, and German ones. And this is already difficult. There are only two sane resources in the RU segment, but they cannot retest all the hardware.

Extremely boring matan that you skip

If it hurts, feel free to skip it. The juice is next. But, you know, I tried.
Those who even briefly came into contact with iron know that current comes from the power supply through lines of 12V, 5V and 3.3V. We are only interested in the first. Most here have opened cpu-z or Aida64 at least once and know that processors, video cards and memory operate at lower voltages.
It is logical that 12V needs to be somehow lowered to digestible values. Just for these purposes, the voltage regulation module (VRM) is located on the boards. It is a chain consisting of a PWM controller, a driver, a MOSFET transistor, a choke and a capacitor. nine0012 A very rough scheme looks like this. From the PSU, the current is supplied to a special key, to which the PWM controller using the driver can set a sequence of voltage pulses. The signal can take two states: HIGH or LOW.

In order not to paint a terrible matan with a Fourier series, just believe that the sequence of such impulses in the form of a series will have a constant value. If we have a PWM controller that passes the signal 10% of the time, then we will get 1.2V at the output.

nine0004 The pulse voltage after the LC filter (capacitor + inductor) turns into a constant.
This method has one unpleasant feature — the signal is pulsating. And unstable power supply of high-frequency equipment leads to unstable operation. The solution to this problem is not very sophisticated: you need to take several phases connected in parallel, which will supply voltage with a time shift. As a result, the ripples decrease by a factor of the number of phases (at two, two, at three, three, etc. ). nine0012

A similar effect can also be achieved within a single phase using doublers. Everything works here according to the same principle, but the signal after the PWM gets to the doubler, which in turn parallelizes the signals with a time shift. Thus, we increase the number of phases. If you want analogies, then it’s like AMD FX cluster multithreading — it seems to be honest two cores, but they are not able to compete on equal terms with full-fledged ones.

It seems that this is all the necessary minimum, and the rest will be along the way. Time to wake up. nine0012

I told your mother

No, this joke should be here

It’s a long way to start from Gigabyte’s official website and see what they write about their subbrand.

AORUS, a premium gaming brand powered by GIGABYTE, delivers a full spectrum of gaming products ranging from gaming laptops, motherboards, graphics cards, mechanical gaming keyboards, to many other gaming hardware and gears, offering the most extreme gaming experiences for enthusiasts worldwide! nine0012

I would argue that it has been repeatedly presented as overclocking, but I did not find it on the site, and looking for such a mention in various interviews is a waste of time.
Certainly, if there was the purest truth, this post would hardly have taken place. Let’s find out who screwed up where.
We will analyze the jambs using the Aorus x470 ultra gaming as an example, and then we will quickly go through the rest of the line, since everything is in the same spirit. In August, I spent enough time with this board, the other day I squealed and nothing has changed. I will navigate according to my notes, inserting the remaining screenshots and similar ones from the forums. nine0012

So Gigabyte’s website says the following.

At first glance, everything seems to be solid: 8 power phases for vcore + 3 for soc, a massive heatsink, a bunch of some certificates and a long list of something incomprehensible. The ambitions of PR people, as always, have no limits, but 8 phases to power the cores at a board price of 140 euros sounds too good to be true. Immediately the thought of some kind of trick flies by.
The very first thing that suggests this in the entire brochure (otherwise this page cannot be called) is the word “Hybrid”. nine0012

According to the logic of the monkeys who wrote this, the phases are calculated something like this:

It is difficult to imagine the dimension in which these schizophrenics live and obviously no one should try, but in this reality there are 4 phases on the Vcore and 3 on the SoC. This is what the IR95712 controller tells us, or rather its datasheet on on the first page. If doubled phases were implemented on Auros, it still didn’t go anywhere, but here doublers are absent as a class.

Everything that is marked in the picture is called chokes and they, together with capacitors, form an LC filter, which passes a pulse signal from the key through itself and turns it into a constant. The soldered 8 lines on the Vcore are divided into 4 phases, two mosfets of the lower and upper arms each and form amplified phases. They should evenly distribute the load on the mosfets. And as a bonus, a large area of ​​​​mosfets is easier to cool, which means you can save a little on a radiator. nine0012

Reinforced and real phases

MOSFETs from ON Semiconductor are soldered on the textolite: in the lower arm 4C06N at 69A, and in the upper arm 4C10N at 46A. Pretty hot elements, but Gigabyte loves them, and so much so that it is ready to put in everything that comes to hand. Looking ahead, they would look more appropriate on some b360 chipset from intel, where the voltages are lower and there is no overclocking, nor in any way in the far from cold Ryzens, which also have unlocked multipliers. Nevertheless, to pass off lines as phases is the height of idiocy. Now the enhanced phases are almost the minimum standard, but these … people (?) pass them off as something different and sublime. nine0012 And I put forward the thesis to clarify the situation even to the most dense editor-in-chief: there is no more good information on the official website than polar deer under your window.

Such a buhurt would not exist if it was everywhere. But no one has such garbage: Asus, MSI, Asrock all have motherboards with reinforced circuits, but only Gigabyte gives one for two. Someone will surely say that this is not scary and the reviews will tell the truth. No, they won’t say [1,2,3]. Over the past few days, I have gone over a bunch of reviews and in 8 out of 10 cases, the authors named the numbers fed to them by the PR department employees. To an objection in the spirit of “on YouTube there are only schoolchildren and mediocrity”, catch a screen from a good site, where they reviewed Gaming 7 (2×5 + 2), in which they counted 10 + 2 phases. Here, of course, you can find fault with the fact that everything is on doublers and there are full-fledged phases, but in such cases they talk about this. For the R7 2700x, 5 boosted phases or 10 on doublers won’t make any difference, but what will happen next? Obviously, in Zen 2 they will increase the number of cores and tighten the frequencies. And this will entail zhor CPU and load on the feeder. nine0012

Hell is when you fall asleep on a hot stone, and at night you turn it over to its cooler side.

Well, they gave out one phase for two, well, there are hot elements, and what does it give? Therefore, I perverted and washed down some tests. In order to show all the sad state of Ultra Gaming, it would be good to compare it with something similar both in price and in circuitry. Fortunately, 5 meters away is exactly the same workstation, but with the MSI X470 Gaming Plus motherboard. In terms of VRM, it just repeats Ultra Gaming with only one difference — more energy-efficient mosfets. There are two 4C029 per phaseN (46 A) in the upper arm and two 4C024N (76 A) in the lower one from the same ON Semiconductor.

Test stand:
-CPU: Ryzen 2700x
Motherboards: x470 Aorus Ultra Gaming, MSI x470 gaming plus.
-PSU: Thermaltake Madrid 850w
-RAM: some kind of green Samsung b die, 2×16 Gb at a frequency of 2933 (spoiler: Aorus no longer drags under the required load).
-Video card: Sapphire Vega 56

Don’t expect an epic fight in the spirit of «The Old Man and the Sea», in such conditions the marlin has long turned into a fish soup. Ultra Gaming immediately throws us into real hell, and in the literal sense. I ran some heat dissipation calculations on mosfets for these mothers and got deplorable results for one of the test subjects. As Stephen Hawking said, “every formula cuts the number of readers in half,” so I’ll omit the calculations out of harm’s way. Prices were taken from Amazon just why not. nine0012

Suddenly, these are spherical numbers in a vacuum, and are valid only for standard conditions. But the behavior of mosfets with increasing temperature is similar. Those that were hotter at 25 C will remain so under other conditions. I brought this for a more visual reference. Otherwise, you would have to paint a boring matan, and your head is already torn.
Two raspberry pis with thermocouples connected to them were used to record the temperature. Their task was simple: to record the maximum vrm temperature during the day. Graphs are meaningless here. people work at these stations and there is no way to synchronize the load. And since the tasks are the same, the peak load temperatures should reflect the real situation. For those hardcore fans who found the results inconclusive, I came to work over the weekend and did another pack of tests with Prime 95 and squeezed out from friends a real project in Blender. The conditions for the boards are the same: 2700x at 1.4V at 4.1 GHz. You see the results yourself. In theory, it was necessary to hang airflow on both mothers and drive it all over again, but there was not enough time.

Someone will probably say, they say, he has already had a VRM under a hundred for a year and everything is fine. To which we can answer that the power supply system under such an overload dies for a long time and slowly. And the main joke is that even the manufacturers of the mosfets themselves and other elements do not guarantee normal operation at temperatures above a certain point. It usually ranges from 70 to 90 C (Id). In this case, we have a threshold of 80 C. High temperatures lead to an increase in resistance, which in turn can lead to a lack of power. Considering that the mosfets on Ultra Gaming are already not the top ones, it is clearly not worth waiting for a bright future.
Once again, I’m not pumping a barrel for batteries, but tending to the fact that they are either in the wrong place or in the wrong quantity.

The conclusion suggests itself: under overclocking for gaming plus, airflow is desirable, and Aorus gaming is generally better not to drive. However, there is one very nasty problem here. Ultra Gaming cannot offer a banal load line calibration. Thanks, at least Precision Boost Overdrive works well. Because of this, the overclocking of non-X processors turns into a “fascinating” grind with the selection of voltages. Speaking of which, this “gigi” has many sensors completely broken. The copy available to me under load was wrong by 0.17V, and people on the forums reached 0.22V. Where does it fit? If for some reason you decide to drive on THIS — a multimeter is in your teeth. nine0012

After all this, a question arises. Since when did the word «premium» mean «mediocre»? Maybe at 24 I’m old and don’t understand that now premium is understood only as a gypsy-style wrapper, and the rest can be molded as needed. But to give your hard-earned money for such hack-work is still a perversion.

The funny thing about this is that the “new” motherboards based on the 400th chipset are just slightly modified old motherboards based on the 300th one. But we will return to this a little later. Such a lazy update is excusable by the same Asus, who had everything gorgeous in the last series, but not by Gigabyte, whose 300th line was half stillborn due to a poor power supply and no memory support, and the second one was barely tolerable. The latter in the total mass is the four hundredth line. What it was and why it is absolutely impossible to realize. How impossible it is to understand what “ultra” and “gaming” have to do with it. Who needs a product that you still need to finish yourself is a big question. This was relevant in the days of the ficus and the x58 chipset, when it was either hot or very hot in whatever mother you poke. No, not like that, why even switch to x470 Aorus Gaming a normal motherboard later? It is worth clarifying that the x470 chipset was still lucky, they were granted plus one mosfet in the upper shoulder. This more evenly distributes the load and lowers the temperatures a little, but this is still not enough. Yes, they improved memory handling a bit (although this may be due to the processor), but if you assemble a workstation with 64GB of RAM, you will have to be content with a frail frequency of 2400 MHz (and even then not in all tasks), moreover, all this is all on selected Samsung chips. While neighbors keep 2800 (rarely 2933). Why do this is beyond my head.
Even if the contract does not allow purchasing mosfets like those from MSI gaming plus, this problem could be solved by stupidly replacing the PWM with something more functional and adding another of the same phase to power the CPU. There should be enough space. Although not the fact that it is necessary. It is enough to redistribute one of the three SoC phases to Vcore. This should not increase the price of the entire board so much, but there will be a profit. The video core in AMD processors is not such a common thing, especially in motherboards of this level they are taken “for growth” while they are waiting for something. nine0012 Of course, mosfets can be put under water. But what kind of idiot would do this with such a cheap motherboard? It’s like driving away mosquitoes with a piece of polonium — you can, but the devil knows what it will give you.

What’s next? What’s the difference. If the feeder barely reaches the norm, then it makes no sense to disassemble the rest at all.
Judging in the coordinate system «Shit => Compote => Amstel», X470 AORUS Ultra Gaming hardly falls short of the second mark. And even then only with blowing the VRM zone and in the presence of a high-frequency CPU with the X index.

“In the furnace!!!”, as the classic would say.

Do not think, I do not drown for the red dragon. Gaming plus also has its own jambs, such as overvoltage. In the last line, MSI boards were something you wouldn’t wish on your enemy, but a year passes and a really good line comes out. And what is Gigabyte doing at this time? Throws out frank slag.

All as one

It is foolish to believe that so much bile is due to one unsuccessful motherboard. Shit happens and all that. But the fact is that “Giga” has such a good shaft. In the last paragraph, the topic with the element base of the 300 and 400 lines was touched upon, but here is the VRM table of the entire line on the AM4 socket. nine0012

As you can see, the budget B450 chipset suffered a lot. Do not ask what kind of goblin it was necessary to cut the already not so hot feeder, I myself am at a loss. It takes a lot of courage or blind faith to do something like this.

In order not to repeat myself, I will walk very superficially. For example, let’s take the motherboard, which is played B450 Aorus Pro

Unlike Aorus Gaming, there are two 4C06N in the lower arm and one 4C10N in the upper arm to power the Vcore. SoC received two 4C06N mosfets. In theory, in terms of temperatures, everything should be worse than in the older model. But for how long? nine0012 3dnews claims that paired with their r7 1700, the maximum heating of the batteries did not exceed 85 degrees.

And it seems to be the same barely usable workday, on which you need to hang airflow.
Next comes the clinical stage, Hardware Unboxed received extremely deplorable values ​​and was even called a BSOD simulator. Although there may be a BIOS curve here, but given the temperatures, something else is likely.

Some overclockers from also got disappointing results. nine0012

For all other boards the situation will be approximately the same. Poorly designed cooling and hot VRM are incompatible things. Apparently Gigabyte loves oxymorons. In general, a product for an average product like the 2600x cannot take it out either. In stock, you can still think, but the path to overclocking is closed. In terms of power supply, Gigabyte boards are inferior to everyone except budget and mid-priced Asrocks (although it depends on which mosfets you get). But there is a backlight. What for? Who knows. We are seduced by massive radiators, LGBT lighting and loud descriptions. But behind this is the same hot dummy, but in a new cover. Honestly, I have no idea why you need to buy a mother from Gigi, when there is the same nearby, but colder and more stable from Asus [although this is debatable because they messed up with heatsinks] and MSI. nine0012

An outlet

Is there a ray of light in the realm of primitivism? Yes, just one.
After all of the above, you are looking for something to praise Aorus for, otherwise they will eat it in the comments and call it a hater.
Among the mountains of rubbish, we managed to find a pearl (albeit overpriced) — X470 AORUS GAMING 7. All complaints from the previous paragraphs are not valid for GAMING 7. There are full-fledged 5 phases even with doublers on Vcore, llc are also available, even a radiator with a heat pipe is available. According to various tests, it is really cold. Although the overclocker with GamersNexus was able to fire it up quite well, this is unlikely to happen in real tasks. nine0012

Attention SPGS! feel free to skip paragraph

In conclusion, I would like to touch on the topic of the video card being played. I really wanted to, but I can’t. I could not find even an elementary photo of a printed circuit board on the net, not to mention pictures from a thermal imager. All that is there is a snapshot of the render from the official site and reviews listing information from the banner.

Even from this one can squeeze out some vague conclusions.
Apparently, the reference design of the board + 1 phase for memory (6 power phases for the chip and 2 for memory) is hidden under the casing. The phases are most likely real. most video PWM controllers are designed for eight phases, which fits the picture quite well. The card is powered by one 8-pin connector, which gives us 150W, and according to official statements, the card’s zhor is 185W. It follows from this that the card will take the remaining 35W from the PCIe slot. Kholivarov on the topic of such a drink on the forums through the roof, but you can agree on what is tolerable. nine0012

From what comes to mind, the most embarrassing incident with this kind of power supply in recent years came at the launch of the RX480, when it turned out that they were on fire due to the fact that the developers were greedy for another power connector and screwed up in the design of the boards. But that was a miscalculation that was patched up with new microcode. This shouldn’t happen to you.

Something else is depressing. The optimal situation is when each line accounts for up to 25W of power consumption. The rx 580 gaming has 30 each. And this may cause problems in the future. It remains to be hoped that the cooling system will take out. It is clearly better not to take this into a workstation. nine0012

Here’s another half-truth marketing gimmick.

Formally, there is no lie here, the additional phase really provides a more stable voltage output. But this only applies to memory alone, and the power supply of the chip is the same load as in the reference.

Direct vaning of the GTA 5 graphon rating level from screenshots. You don’t have to believe this point. I don’t even know why I left it.

Okay, stop talking about the obvious. The result, unfortunately, is disappointing. A year ago, in the days of the 300 series, Gigabyte fed its users a portion of selective rot. Almost every board was hot, the high-frequency board was selected for a very long time and often unsuccessfully, and even a good airflow of the power circuits did not always save from death. nine0012 Today we are offered boards in full combat readiness, which are still not ready for exploits. Yes, what is there, with difficulty taking out the minimum required level, and then with the help of a fan. In short, it is still hot, there is friendship with memory, but not strong, and a good air flow on the chain even has a chance to delay the inevitable end. Everything for perverts for any fetish — fees for everyone and for no one. Few would dare to buy this for their hard-earned money.

We live in a strange era, when they try to pass off such dullness as an elite product. And having acquired, be kind, he finished up with his hands what Gigabyte could not. “We have such a consumer, if he doesn’t give a shit, he will eat shit” — this is what the formula for success looks like now. Almost the entire line of Aorus is down to a good product like dead stalkers down to a monolith. They lure everything except good pieces of iron. nine0012 When one of the seven products is really good, you unconsciously start to overshadow everything that is somehow connected with this brand. I thought for a long time and still don’t know with whom to compare such sad statistics, even Kulakov more often fulfills promises.
Logic in the spirit: “this part works, and the other one doesn’t work very well” for iron, it doesn’t always work. This is not a review of a game where you can forgive the terrible gameplay in the name of history. Of course, there are things that you can close your eyes to, but when the necessary minimum does not work, it is almost impossible to do this. nine0012 Iron is for a long time, and what is the use of it if it does not fulfill what is stated? That’s right, none.

Letter to the editor

Eh, Celebro, what did you fit into? How is this all to be understood? How did you manage to make StopGame so popular, but at the same time so miserable? We have lived to the point that the materials on blogs are many times better than on the main page. You keep saying in every stream that you carefully select advertisers and you won’t advise shit. But with such pathos he announced a tournament in which there is nothing to take. So far, one thing is visible, iron is not yours, because you don’t even have a clue what you want and who you need. Cool down, smoke manuals, make a list of what you really want, and then announce the search for the author. nine0012

I love this site and am ready to provide a list of criteria for selecting an author and achieving the described goal: do and come back without learning anything. Information “how to assemble a constructor” and so on.
2 You need your own software to measure FPS, load cores and more. Even more fancy than DF. I’ll explain. Everything that is in real time in the public domain has flaws: the main one is that after each rendered frame, the graph shifts by 1 pixel. As a result, at 30 FPS the graph crawls like a turtle, and at 100 FPS it flies like a frenzied Schumacher. Well, no one wants to look at such footage, periodically pecking at the gap. nine0012

Indications of 0. 1% and 1% are visual to few people, so you need a clear graph with reference to the picture.
3 Send Makoveev to IT courses. What for? And you look at Perov’s articles again, where the editor missed typos simply because he does not know what the word is in front of him. Few? And what about the case when he crookedly copied from Meduza the already badly written news about a vulnerability in processors? And the funny thing is that when he was given a link to a detailed explanation of the situation in the comments, he could not even do anything. nine0012 4 Overclocking and the collective farm to the masses. I think everything is clear here: overclocking guides, experiments with voltmod, bios customization, water, nitrogen, and so on. This is now generally not occupied by anyone, but with proper design, you will break out into the top with a bang.
5 Disassemble the circuitry of the monitored iron and the architecture of the chips at least at a basic level. This is generally the scourge of most resources. For example, let’s take reviews of Dexp laptops from Lex. Why do you think everything is fine in the review, but in the reviews they are vilified as soon as they can? Yes, I have no idea. And all because Lex did not review the laptop itself, but tested the CPU and video card in it. He did not disassemble it, did not evaluate the internal layout. One naked temperature of crystals in benches says little. nine0012 6 Develop your own valid testing methods. On many resources this is a problem.
Here is the necessary minimum, which is hidden behind the foolishly blurted out phrase “SG should become a beacon in the iron world”, and not sparing “so that even the most dense teacher enters”. If you are an idiot who does not want to learn, it does not mean that others are the same. This is the only way to cover all competitors. This requires technical brains and a budget.
I understand everything, for you, most likely, there is neither Pro Hi Tech, nor Game one, nor the Overs forum. Then who are you going to surpass? The mania that years later found out that overclocking memory improves performance? Or “Navigator”, who can only read technical specifications and information from banners? nine0012

Draw your own conclusions.