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Abit iDome and AirPace Music

Abit is normally associated with enthusiast-class overclocking motherboards and to a lesser extent their now discontinued line of Radeon graphics cards. Most people would not think of abit as a manufacturer of multimedia speakers. So it was to our surprise when abit announced a new line of speakers late last year. Dubbed «iDome», this new product line consists of three products that, when used in combination, represent abit’s vision of a «personal digital theater». The product line currently consists of the iDome DS500 digital stereo speakers, the iDome SW510 digital subwoofer and the AirPace WAD-01B wireless music access point.

To allow you to listen to your music anywhere in the house, abit has designed the AirPace music 802.11g wireless access point.
The Airpace unit includes software that will act like sound drivers and allow any system to stream sound wirelessly over the network to the abit AirPace unit. The AirPace unit has a variety of digital and analog audio outputs that allow you to directly connect your speakers so they can play your wirelessly streamed music. While only stereo analog outputs are offered, the AirPace is capable of streaming 5.1 via an optical S/P DIF digital output. This is great if you want to position your speakers further away from your computer than your cables will allow or you could stream music to your home theater receiver in the living room from your computer in the den. The possibilities are nearly endless. The AirPace unit comes with a infrared remote and it can also function as a standard 802.11g wireless access point.

While the AirPace is a pretty innovative product, the real stars of this product line are the DS500 digital speakers and the SW510 digital subwoofer. Abit claims they have produced the first digital multimedia speakers on the market. The speakers are capable of directly connecting to digital S/P DIF optical outputs, a feat other multimedia speakers cannot match. One of the most obvious advantages of being able to tap a digital output is that high-end discrete sound cards and integrated motherboard audio are both equally capable of providing a digital bitstream. This means that the iDome speakers should be able to provide equal audio quality, regardless of the sound card used. The iDome speakers also possess a wide range of analog inputs so they can be connected to nearly any multimedia audio source from your computer, to your mp3 player and even your TV.


Now that you’ve heard the pitch and seen the pretty picture, your probably thinking «well thats just dandy, but what about the sound quality?». Funny, because that was exactly what we thought so we obtained one of each of the three products that make up abit’s new multimedia product line and evaluated them over the course of several weeks. Read on to find out if motherboard manufacturers are any good at making speakers, but first, a short primer to explain all the fuss surrounding digital speakers.

ABIT Home Theatre AU10 Sound Card based on ForteMedia FM801 chip and AC’97 codec

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ABIT Home Theatre AU10 Sound Card based on ForteMedia FM801 chip and AC’97 codec


Pulled from a working machine !

FM801 main features:

  • PCI Bus Master controller (allows controlling data exchange with PCI bus what unloads CPU and allows realizing an emulation of lacking hardware components of the chip on the software level without considerable loss of speed and delays that kill sound
  • Hardware Sound Blaster Pro for compatibility with old DOS games
  • FM Synthesizer, for music in DOS games (the quality corresponds to 8-bit Nintendo playstations)
  • AC97 ver. 2.1 Compliance (what allows connecting any AC-97 codecs with digital synchronous AC-link bus)
  • SRC (sampling rate converter)
  • I2S input port
  • S/PDIF output port
  • MPU401 mode MIDI interface Joystick
  • Software 64-voice Wavetable Synthesizer support available (Optional)
  • Software dynamic positional 3D Audio support available (Optional)
  • Support for DOS window/Win3.x/Win95/WDM



Shipping :

Europe : The price is for Air Priority Shipping with tracking number – takes about 8 – 15 working days !

USA and other Countries : The price is for Air Shipping with tracking number – takes about 15 – 25 working days !

Shipping Information:

Every Item is carefully packed and put in special box or special envelope for that use. We use our Bulgarian Post Services to send The Items Abroad. They are very reliable and good working. Every Item We send has an Tracking Number and can be tracked all over the World.

Return Policy Details:

We Accept Money Back and Replacement. The Important thing is the Buyer to be satisfied ! Please if you have any questions feel free to ask us. We will answer them As soon as we can. Wish you all best from Bulgaria !

Feedback :

Dear Customers, the Computer Parts we sell are about 20 years old. We test them twice – one time before the listing and one after the Item is Sold. We packed them with anti-static bags and put them in boxes.
Please if you have any issues with the parts when you test them contact us before leaving an feedback and We will do everything to help you !

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Why do you need a home theater?

The phrase «home theater» today does not surprise anyone. But only a few people realize what it is. The most common representation is a large TV, less often a bunch of speakers located throughout the room, where the sound comes not only from the TV, but from all sides.

What is a home cinema?

Home theater is a complete system that includes any TV (or projector), 6 speakers (5.1 speaker system), a multi-channel power amplifier (AV receiver), and any audio / video source (DVD or Blu-ray Ray player, HD media player, computer, etc.)

The main part of the home theater is a 5.1 speaker system, which includes: two front speakers, two rear speakers, one center channel and one subwoofer.

Why do you need a home theater?

Today, all the films that we watch from discs or download from the Internet are recorded in multi-channel surround sound format: Dolby Digital or DTS (or, in their HD versions). Often we watch such films on a regular TV. But no TV, no matter how modern it may be, is not able to convey the sound picture exactly as it was intended by the sound engineer. nine0005

For example, in the movie «Avatar» you see on the screen Jake flying on a lizard from left to right above the viewer’s head. As conceived by the director, the sound should also move after him. In the movie «Godzilla» in one of the scenes, the main character runs away from a giant lizard, in the end it turns out that Godzilla is breathing down your neck, that is, the sound of his breathing should be heard from behind. In the movie True Lies, in the scene where the protagonist and his partner are dancing the tango, the sound of the orchestra rotates after the couple.

Thus, the main goal of a home theater is to create the effect of being at the scene, to make a three-dimensional sound picture and watch a movie, or a musical concert, exactly as the sound engineer intended it to be. Only in this case you will be able to get the maximum emotions from viewing.

Can the home theater be used only for watching movies?

Of course not. It can be used to listen to music concerts. As an example, the last concert of Depeche Mode in Barcelona. When the whole audience sings along with David Gahan, the effect of presence exceeds all expectations! nine0005

In addition, the home theater is easily connected to a computer, game console, HD media player. You can listen to music from a USB flash drive, external hard drive or iPod/iPhone/iPad. You can also listen to FM or Online radio. If you have satellite or cable TV, you can easily output sound to your home theater.

Is it true that you need a special room for a home theater?

No. Home cinema can be placed in absolutely any room: there are speakers of different sizes and different capacities. There are speakers that will occupy a minimum of space in the room, or they can be placed under the ceiling. Alternatively, there is built-in acoustics, which allows you to make the audio system completely invisible, thereby preserving the original interior of the room. nine0005

Home theater speakers are available in a variety of colors: classic black, brown, yellow, grey, white, red, etc. Thanks to this, the home theater will easily fit into the interior of any room.

There is also built-in acoustics, which allows you to make the audio system completely invisible, thus preserving the original interior of the room.

Where is the best place to buy a home theater?

For more than 11 years, Vega has been working only with leading home theater manufacturers: Focal, Harman/Kardon, Integra, JBL, KEF, Music Hall, NAD, Wharfedale, as well as Pioneer, Sony, Yamaha. nine0005

A special listening room has been set up in the shop. In comfortable conditions, you can evaluate the level of audio and video equipment, as well as compare different brands by the nature of the sound. As a result, you will get a complete picture of the equipment that you decide to purchase.

We offer a wide range of products: CD, DVD and Blu-ray players, A/V receivers, stereo amplifiers (including tube amplifiers), speaker systems (including built-in speakers), subwoofers, vinyl players, cable products, as well as high-quality headphones. nine0005

Home cinemas in the Vega store.

Our address: Kirov, st. K. Marksa, 140, tel. 37-50-90.

KP top 10 rating

For many people, the definition of «best home theater» means that it balances good quality sound with ease of installation. In 2022, such a system will be able to give you great sound without additional purchase of individual components.

KP 9 Top 10 Best Home Theater Ranking0054

1. Klipsch R-41M

Klipsch R-41M. Photo: klipsch.com

If you think it’s impossible to create a home theater with a luxurious sound, spending less than a fortune on speakers, then it’s not. The six-piece Klipsch R-41M speaker system is a prime example of how you can assemble a very decent home theater system for the right price in 2022. In movies, a 5.1-channel setup is able to fully create an atmospheric soundscape without sacrificing dialogue clarity. And in music, it delivers the lively, dynamic sound you’d expect from systems that cost a lot more. nine0005

Pros and cons

Dynamic and live sound, good stereo and surround sound

Needs careful tuning for best performance, basic black finish only

2. PSB Alpha T20

PSB Alpha T20. Photo: psbspeakers.com

Unlike most AV models, good-sounding speakers often stay in a company’s lineup for years. An example is PSB’s entry-level Alpha series, which has been in existence since 1991 and continues to evolve. Now in its third generation, the Alpha speaker set, in 5.1 configuration, doesn’t stand out much in looks, but will provide a four-star subwoofer and impressive sound whether you’re listening to music or watching a movie. nine0005

Pros and cons

Neutral balance, exact tone match between speakers, excellent quality

Boring finishes

3. Paradigm Monitor SE 3000F

Paradigm Monitor SE 3000F. Photo: paradigm.com

The Paradigm Monitor SE 3000F speaker system was created specifically for lovers of high-quality sound on a limited budget. The styling and finish of the SE 3000F may be simple, but its performance is backed by a number of well-thought-out features, including bi-directional surround speakers, a robust subwoofer, as well as applications for tuning subwoofer performance and creating your own EQ filter to overcome anomalies caused by room acoustics. nine0005

Pros and cons

Impressive performance at a fair price, surround speakers offer flexible setup options, subwoofer with application control and room correction

Essential build quality and looks

4. Paradigm Premier 700F

Paradigm Premier 700F. Photo: paradigm.com

Paradigm, one of Canada’s best-known speaker companies, continues its long tradition of creating audiophile-approved superb speakers with the Premiere 700F, which was released in 5.1 configuration with crisp detail and dynamic sound that unfolds when watching movies. and listening to music. Bottom line: these speakers can withstand systems that cost twice as much. nine0005

Pros and cons

Clear details, big powerful sound

Speaker tower unstable on thick carpet, poorly designed speaker grilles

5. KEF R5 Surround

KEF R5 Surround. Credit: eu.kef.com The

KEF continues its long tradition of sonic excellence with the newly updated R Series, featuring the 12th generation of the Uni-Q driver, a design the company has been refining for over two decades. In a full 5.4.2 configuration with four Dolby Atmos-enabled height modules and two subwoofers, the system delivers amazing performance: pleasant music and powerful but not overly aggressive movie sound. Looking for a less expensive setup? The system can be scaled up to more affordable kits using Q Series models.

Pros and cons

Clean volume highs, excellent dialogue clarity, detailed but not aggressive sound

Slightly limited triple diffusion, expensive complete setup

6. SVS Prime Satellite 5.1

SVS Prime Satellite 5. 1. Photo: svsound.com

Over the past two decades, SVS has grown into one of the most respected brands in the industry. Originally known for their award-winning chest-vibrating subwoofers, today’s new SVS systems can compete with anyone. A great example is the SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 home theater package. It is compact and easier to place in a small room, but it can be enlarged and expanded: even a small room turns into a full-fledged cinema. nine0005

Pros and cons

Value for money, compact size, clear sound

Not suitable for large rooms

7. Onkyo HT-S9800THX

Onkyo HT-S9800THX. Photo: onkyo-rus.ru

Onkyo HT-S9800THX belongs to the top line of Onkyo home theater systems. The company is highly regarded for their AV receivers, so their experience in building quality products inspires confidence in this system. This top model is also THX® certified, which means it has been designed to very high standards for the best sound quality. nine0005

Pros and cons

THX certified, multiple input connections

Dedicated Dolby Atmos speakers not included, must be purchased separately


Onkyo HT-S5805

Onkyo HT-S5805. Photo: .onkyo-rus.ru

This Onkyo home theater system delivers Dolby Atmos sound, a big step up from traditional speakers. This is an all-inclusive system that gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the entertainment possible. Discrete amplifiers provide accurate and dynamic sound reproduction. This home theater system is easy to operate, using only one HDMI cable to connect the TV to the device. Built-in Bluetooth technology allows you to connect up to ten compatible devices. nine0005

Pros and cons

High expandability, support for all modern formats

Basic build quality and appearance

9. Sonos 5.1 Beam Surround Set

Sonos 5.1 Beam Surround Set. Photo: sonos.com

Sonos, considered an upstart among the industry giants, is now doing for home theater what they did for concert music and the results are really impressive. The Sonos Beam 5.1 Surround Set is what you’d expect from the world’s first wireless audio company. High frequencies are crystal clear, lows are delivered by the powerful punch of the Sonos subwoofer, and dialogue through the system’s centerpiece, the Beam soundbar, is supremely clear and unfailingly clear. nine0005

Pros and cons

Support for voice assistants, clearer highs and lows

High price

10. KLH Kendall 5.1 Speaker System

KLH Kendall 5.1 Speaker System. Photo credit: klhaudio.com

Audiophile speakers at affordable prices — this is the mission of KLH, which has always been and always will be. Two Kendall three-way floor standing speakers represent the company’s new flagship models. Beautifully finished in black oak and American walnut veneer, each contains custom-made drivers in Kevlar, anodized aluminum and oversized magnets. They’re big, beautiful, and sound great, and the two Beacon surround speakers are better than most at this price point and do a great job of driving the left and right rear channels of the system. nine00005

Pros and cons

Great value for the features, premium design

No wireless

How to choose a home theater

Whether you are buying a new home theater or looking to add to an existing home theater you should keep the following things in mind:

TV and its screen size

Need the best TV for good sound output. Also, before buying a home entertainment system, make sure your TV supports the system. Latest generation 4K HDR TVs and Smart TVs are the best solution at the moment. The big screen always adds to the fun and makes it easy to immerse yourself in the movie. nine0005

Room size

Room size is another factor you should definitely consider when buying home theater speakers. If you have a large room and buy a surround sound system with fewer speakers, you are making a big mistake.

Speaker size

Nowadays, compact speakers also provide the best sound. But if you have a large room, consider a large surround sound system for complete enjoyment. nine0005

Streaming devices

Always choose a home entertainment system that is compatible with your smartphone, tablet, laptop and your TV.

Surround sound technology

Before purchasing a home theater system, please study the audio technology. Technologies such as Dolby Atmos, DTS, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound (SDDS) are the best sound technologies at the moment.