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Ray Adams
Date: 10/30/2011
Size: 2.03 MB

Requires: Win 2000/03/08/XP/Vista/7
Downloads: 188299 times

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ATI Tray Tools is a free utility that runs in the system tray and provides easy right-click access to all of your ATI video card’s crucial settings.


  • Support for ATI Control Center
  • Support for TV Out and displays with profiles
  • Options to change Theater mode together with TV Out
  • Overclocking with templates including FAN Control
  • Automatic Overclocking when application required 3D mode
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Artifact Tester with ability to find maximum stable clocks for GPU and Memory.
  • Game profiles with desktop shortcut creation.
  • Direct3D settings with templates, GUI form and tray popup menu
  • OpenGL settings with templates, GUI form and tray popup menu
  • Hardware low level color correction
  • Hardware tweaks. Setting PCI latency timer
  • Radeon Information Show information about memory type, active rendering pipe lines and more
  • System wide Hot Keys. (Load profiles any profiles/work with colors/run any application)
  • Refresh Lock system with ability to set separate refresh rates for each resolution.
  • Tweak for overriding Pixel and Vertex Shaders
  • Speed improvement tweaks for Anisotropic/Trilinear Filtering. Support for Catalyst A.I.
  • Support for system options, VPU Recover, DMA Copy and so on
  • Support Display Rotation.
  • Support for MMC applications
  • Support for HYDRAVISION applications
  • Monitoring Graphs. (GPU/Env temperature. GPU/Mem speed, Main CPU Usage).
  • Unique OnScreen Display module with ability to show information about speed and temperature. Support Plugins API.
  • A lot of useful things. Like Save/Restore Desktop icon positions and more
  • Audio Recorder
  • Screenshots system
  • Powerful Plug-Ins support. (API for VC /Delphi included)
  • PCI Register Set. Allow to program any registers in any PCI device at start up time. For advanced users only!
  • Source code for plugins as examples.
  • Shared memory allow other application to retrieve information about clocks, temperatures and general 3D settings.

    Limitations: Free for personal, non-commercial use only.

  • Screenshot for ATI Tray Tools

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    Download ATI Tray Tools for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.

    1 (64 bit/32 bit)

    ATI Tray Tools is a Radeon utility that gives the user instant access to options and settings. It is a very small download for a very handy tool.


    • It can record audio
    • Auto overclocking when an application requires 3D mode
    • Monitors your computer temperature 
    • Game profile creator that can be added to the desktop.
    • System-wide hotkeys
    • Allows you to set separate refresh rates for whatever resolution you want.
    • Supports the ATI Control Center
    • Artifact tester to help your GPU and Memory
    • Low-level color correction
    • Can show system information for your Radeon
    • The ability to take screenshots.
    • Supports powerful plug-ins
    • Direct3D and OpenGL settings with tray pop up menu.
    • Supports HYDRAVISION
    • Adjust image quality
    • turn on/off special driver features

    ATI Tray Tools is a freeware that allows you to have instant access to many options, but the biggest of them has to be the ability to overclock your graphics card without having to use the BIOS. Overclocking through Windows instead of through the BIOS has many advantages and a few disadvantages. One of the biggest advantages of overclocking with this freeware is that the changes being made through windows are significantly less than just starting from 0, so you have a much less chance of your computer crashing or auto restarting. And one of the bigger disadvantages of using this program to overclock is that overclocking through the BIOS is usually a lot more stable than overclocking through Windows. A lot of computer companies like Dell and HP lock the BIOS so that you can not overclock your graphics card, this freeware program is a workaround to that, since it does not have to access the BIOS to overclock and can do so directly from the desktop. If you are looking for a very light very strong tool to open your computer options up I would recommend giving ATI Tray Tools a try.

    allows instant access to options and setting by right clicking.

    This is freeware which means it is 100% free. The size of the download is 1.4mb, which is very small for such a very powerful tool.


    ATI Tray Tools is a freeware that offers many options for users. You have the ability to overclock your graphics card without using the BIOS. It can support audio and powerful plug-ins. It is 100% free. The download size is 1.4 mb, which is incredible for such a powerful tool.


    ATI Tray Tools for Windows is a great tool, you can easily access it from your desktop and it will make faster and easier every type of tweaks you may want to apply to your ATI Radeon Video Card. You can change the resolution, colors, and a lot more options. Most importantly, ATI Tray Tools also has an option for Over Clocking in case you need more power, or you can also choose Under Clocking if you decide the power being used is way too much. ATI Tray Tools is there to make your overall computer experience better.

    This is a small and useful tool that gives you a lot of shortcuts to setting in your Windows tray. It is specifically targeted toward those that have Radeon graphics cards, as it was made for it but also supports many other features such as Direct3D and OpenGL settings. It’s a great tool since it’s out of the way until you need it and provides many things you would usually spend a lot of time searching for.

    Once installed, the ATI Tray Tools for Windows can be found in the notification area of the Windows toolbar. It makes it easy to access tools that I need. It’s a pull-out. It lets me access video tools easily. It’s all right there part of the Windows toolbar. It’s easy to navigate. I don’t waste time clicking on many different directories just to get to the item that I want. The ATI Tray Tools for Windows is a time saver. Best part of it is that it is free to download.


    I was looking for a software that will help me control the ATI Tray Tools. I found this ATI Tray Tools for Windows software. It has everything I am looking for. It’s was easy to install. There’s also theater mode. I can also control my game profile using it. It can do so much in one piece of software.

    With this application i can actually customize how i want to see the screen, its resolution, colors, rotation, and extended desktop settings just by a right click. it is conveniently located in the task bar and i use it to take screenshots while gaming easily. Moreover you can choose from over 20 different languages and has a facility of OnScreen Display. You can use it on you normal computer version as it is acceptable for mostly all versions.


    ATI Tray Tools is the go to application for having access to various functions of the ATI Card. It opens up directly from one of the tray icons in the task bar and can provide easy access to all the options related to the graphics card. Making it very easy to change anything in the settings without having to access any other menu option. Users get options like, change resolution, extended desktop, change OpenGL/Direct3D settings, create game profiles among various other functionalities. Its a very lightweight application that comes free and is used very commonly by ATI Card users.

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    AoA Audio Extractor

    Primetime Podcast Receiver

    iSpring Free

    DivX AntiFreeze

    ATI Tray Tools | System Tweaking

    ATI Tray Tools | System Tweaking

    ATI Tray Tools



    Track this file

    • Choose platform

    • Choose version

      1. 3.6.1044

    • License Freeware
    • Developer
      Ray Adams

    ATI Tray Tools Download

    ATI Tray Tools is a small utility that can be found in the windows tray and allows instant access to settings and options. Quite handy and quite a small download.

    Here are some key features of «ATI Tray Tools»:

    · Support for ATI Control Center
    · Support for TV Out and displays with profiles
    · Options to change Theater mode together with TV Out
    · Overclocking with templates including FAN Control
    · Automatic Overclocking when application required 3D mode
    · Temperature monitoring
    · Artifact Tester with ability to find maximum stable clocks for GPU and Memory.
    · Game profiles with desktop shortcut creation.
    · Direct3D settings with templates, GUI form and tray popup menu
    · OpenGL settings with templates, GUI form and tray popup menu
    · Hardware low level color correction
    · Hardware tweaks. Setting PCI latency timer
    · Radeon Information Show information about memory type, active rendering pipe lines and more
    · System wide Hot Keys. (Load profiles any profiles/work with colors/run any application)
    · Refresh Lock system with ability to set separate refresh rates for each resolution.
    · Tweak for overriding Pixel and Vertex Shaders
    · Speed improvement tweaks for Anisotropic/Trilinear Filtering. Support for Catalyst A.I.
    · Support for system options, VPU Recover, DMA Copy and so on
    · Support Display Rotation.
    · Support for MMC applications
    · Support for HYDRAVISION applications
    · Monitoring Graphs. (GPU/Env temperature. GPU/Mem speed, Main CPU Usage).
    · Unique OnScreen Display module with ability to show information about speed and temperature. Support Plugins API.
    · A lot of useful things. Like Save/Restore Desktop icon positions and more
    · Audio Recorder
    · Screenshots system
    · Powerful Plug-Ins support. (API for VC /Delphi included)
    · PCI Register Set. Allow to program any registers in any PCI device at start up time. For advanced users only!
    · Source code for plugins as examples.
    · Shared memory allow other application to retrieve information about clocks, temperatures and general 3D settings.

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    ati tray tools download LO4D windows 7 , ati tray tools 2. 7.01 download 7.0 lo4d

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    Download ATI Tray Tools Free Latest Apps for Windows 10 & Windows 11

    You are here: Home / Tools / ATI Tray Tools


    ATI Tray Tools Windows 10 – Now, The Guru of 3D has release this Tools software for PC/Laptop. Get the latest version of ATI Tray Tools for PC Windows 10 64-bit/32-bit. Download now, 100% secure and fast from the official website.

    ATI Tray Tools App for Windows 10 PC 2020



    App Name: ATI Tray Tools App for PC
    File Size: 2 MB
    Update: 6 months ago
    Developer: The Guru of 3D
    OS Requirement: Windows OS



    About ATI Tray Tools App

    The users off an ATI graphic card need ATI Tray Tools, the ideal tool to configure this kind of hardware. Download ATI Tray Tool free on your computer
    Other Requirement
    Windows OS

    ATI Tray Tools Alternative Apps for Windows

    • Download DriverEasy free App for Windows 10 64-bit/32-bit


    How To Install ATI Tray Tools on Windows 10

    There are so many ways that we can do to have this app running into our Windows OS. So, please choose one of the easy method on below

    Method 1: Installing App Manually

    Please note: you should download and install programs only from trusted publishers and retail websites.

    1. First, open your favourite Web browser, you can use Chrome, firefox, Safari or any other
    2. Download the ATI Tray Tools installation file from the trusted link on above of this page
    3. Or you can download via this link: Download ATI Tray Tools
    4. Select Save or Save as to download the program. Most antivirus programs like Windows Defender will scan the program for viruses during download.
      • If you select Save, the program file is saved in your Downloads folder.
      • Or, if you select Save as, you can choose where to save it, like your desktop.
    5. After the downloading ATI Tray Tools completed, click the .exe file twice to running the Installation process
    6. Then follow the windows installation instruction that appear until finished
    7. Now, the ATI Tray Tools icon will appear on your Desktop
    8. Click on the icon to running the Application into your windows 10 pc.

    Method 2: Installing App using Windows Store

    Step 1: Open the Windows Store App

    You can find the Windows Store at your desktop widget or at bottom in the Taskbar. It looks like a small shopping bag Icon with the Windows logo on it.

    Step 2: Finding the apps on Windows Store

    You can find the ATI Tray Tools in Windows store using search box in the top right.

    Or you can Select Apps if you want to explore more apps that available, according to popularity and featured apps.

    Step 3: Installing the app from Windows Store

    When you’ve found the ATI Tray Tools on windows store, you’ll see the name and logo, followed by a button below. The button will be marked Free, if it’s a free app, or give the price if it’s paid.

    Click the button and the installation will begin. Then you can click Open when it’s complete.

    If you’ve already installed the app on another machine, it may say Install instead.


    How To Uninstall ATI Tray Tools App?

    Method 1: Remove ATI Tray Tools Manually

    1. Hover your mouse to taskbar at the bottom of your Windows desktop
    2. Then click the “Start” button / Windows logo
    3. Select the “Control Panel” option
    4. Click the Add or Remove Programs icon.
    5. Select “ATI Tray Tools” from apps that displayed, then click “Remove/Uninstall.”
    6. Complete the Uninstall process by clicking on “YES” button.
    7. Finished! Now, your Windows operating system is clean from ATI Tray Tools app.

    Method 2: Uninstalling apps From Windows Store

    Step 1: Find the ATI Tray Tools app

    • For any apps you don’t want or need, you can remove them to save a bit of space on your PC. To get to the app, click on the Start Button.
    • Next, find the app you wish to remove.

    Step 2: Removing ATI Tray Tools from Windows Store

    • Right click on the app and click Uninstall.
    • One last box will appear – click Uninstall again.


    ATI Tray Tools FAQ

    Q: What is ATI Tray Tools for PC?
    A: For the more information about this app, please go to the developer link on the above of this page

    Q: Is ATI Tray Tools Free? How much does it price to download ?
    A: Absolutely nothing! Download this app from official websites at no cost by this Portal Site. Any extra details about license you can found on owners websites.

    Q: How do I access the free ATI Tray Tools download for Windows Pc?
    A: It’s easy! Just click the free ATI Tray Tools download button in the above of this article. Clicking this hyperlink will begin the installer to download ATI Tray Tools free for Pc.

    Q: Is this ATI Tray Tools will function normally on any Windows?
    A: Yes! The ATI Tray Tools for Pc will works normally on most current Windows operating systems (10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP) 64 bit and 32 bit.


    This ATI Tray Tools App installation file is completely not hosted on our Server. Whenever you click the “Download” link on this web page, files will downloading straight from the owner sources (Official sites/Mirror Site). ATI Tray Tools is an windows app that created by Inc. We’re not directly affiliated with them. All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos that mentioned in here would be the assets of their respective owners. We are DMCA-compliant and gladly to cooperation with you.

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  • © showappslike 2020

    ATI Tray Tools | Optimización del sistema

    ATI Tray Tools | Optimización del sistema

    ATI Tray Tools



    Seguir este programa

    • Elige la plataforma

    • Selecciona una versión

      1. 3.6.1044

    • Licencia Freeware
    • Desarrollador
      Ray Adams

    ATI Tray Tools Descarga

    ATI Tray Tools es una pequeña aplicación que se ejecuta en la bandeja del sistema y permite el acceso instantáneo a la configuración y las opciones para nuestra ATI. La aplicación es muy práctica y pequeña.

    Capacidades de las ATI Tray Tools :

    • Soporte para el Centro de control ATI
    • Soporte para salida de TV y perfiles de visualización
    • Posibilidad de cambiar el modo de «Teatro «, junto con la salida de TV
    • Capacidad de overclock la tarjeta de video y el control de velocidad del ventilador.
    • Overclocking automático cuando la aplicación requiere gráficos 3D
    • Monitorización de la temperatura.
    • Un probador especial que se puede encontrar la velocidad máxima de reloj estable para la GPU y la memoria
    • Perfiles de jugadores con la posibilidad de crear accesos directos en el escritorio
    • Configuración de Direct3D , una interfaz gráfica de usuario en el menú emergente accesible desde la bandeja del sistema
    • Configuración de OpenGL , una interfaz gráfica de usuario en el menú emergente accesible desde la bandeja del sistema
    • Corrección de color Hardware
    • Modificaciones de hardware . Ajuste de los tiempos de retardo PCI
    • Radeon información de la tarjeta : la información sobre el tipo de memoria, propiedades gráficas y muchos otros
    • Atajos de teclado para cambiar los perfiles
    • El «Refresh Lock» le permite asignar un valor específico a la frecuencia de actualización de resolución
    • Mejoras de rendimiento para el filtrado trilineal y anisotrópico . Soporte para el Catalizador A. I.
    • Apoyo a las opciones del sistema , VPU Recover , etc
    • Apoyo a la rotación de la imagen
    • Soporte para aplicaciones MMC
    • Soporte de aplicaciones HYDRAVISION
    • Control Charts ( temperatura de la GPU , la velocidad de la memoria, el uso de la GPU)
    • Un módulo especial que muestra información sobre los componentes de la velocidad y de la temperatura
    • Audio Recorder
    • Un sistema que permite crear capturas de pantalla.

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    Utilities for overclocking the intel core i5 processor.

    Programs for overclocking the AMD

    processor Few of the newly minted computer users know that it is possible to improve system performance by overclocking the processor, which is the main component of a monoblock with a motherboard installed there, about it separately. You can cope with this task by deciding to download a program for overclocking the intel processor, which, without obliging the user to any difficulties, guarantees an improvement in hardware performance. We note right away that when working with this program, you should definitely not forget about the threat of potential overheating of the PC’s central processor and, as a result, a complete loss of functional state.

    Therefore, having decided to download a program for overclocking an intel processor, please be extremely attentive to its functional part and try not to initiate problems with the operation of the most important element of the motherboard. So, for example, in the program created by the developers to quickly overclock the Intel CPU SetFSB, you can perform not only these tasks, but also safely increase the clock frequency, which you can resort to by simply deciding to download it with an installation file. By applying this small program, you can easily improve the operation of the processor by bringing this device to a stabilized functional mode.

    Download the program for safe overclocking of the intel

    processor you again make sure by downloading the distribution kit from the links below. Believe me, there is no analogue of this simple, I would say, even a primitive program in the interface, in the field of a highly developed global web and cannot be. Finding confirmation of this will help you decide to download a relatively small installation file, limited to a few megabytes.

    As a user of this wonderful program, you can manually control multiple characteristics, setting the bus frequency, removing unnecessary stress from the processor and performing other tasks for alternative purposes. In comparison with many other alternative products in terms of functionality, this program has the most advantages.

    The only application that can compete with the product announced above, albeit a little, is the intel core i7 processor productivity enhancement module called DCC, which you can download using mirror links from the portal site, providing maximum download speed.

    There are two most popular ways to overclock a processor. Using UEFI/BIOS or using software running on the operating system. The second method is simpler and allows using specialized utilities to perform overclocking as needed.

    Useful Tools

    Before overclocking, stock up on tools that allow you to view all the necessary parameters of the motherboard and processor and control them in the process of performing operations. Program 9 can serve as a universal example of such a tool.0026 CPU-Z
    . It works on Windows and Android operating systems. Below in the figure, using the example of Intel Core i5
    , you can see what characteristics this program can read. The program is constantly updated, modern processors are added to it, and it will perfectly cope with the latest Intel Core i7 models
    and AMD Ryzen

    Despite the fact that overclocking is planned to be carried out using software, it will not be superfluous to first update the BIOS to the latest version. This will add functionality to the motherboard anyway.

    And it goes without saying that you need to be sure that your e-friend’s cooling system can handle the increased load and is also ready to overclock.

    With these preliminaries completed, you can begin exploring the possibilities of specialized software.


    The first program with which we will begin to study software for overclocking will be SetFSB
    . As the name implies, it is intended for overclocking the processor on the system bus
    . You can download it on the official website. This utility differs in small size and is delivered as a zip-archive. After unpacking the archive, let’s look at its contents, which are presented below.

    In the program folder you can find the text file setfsb.txt
    . By opening it, you can examine the list of motherboards with which it is able to work. It is worth studying it carefully to find your model and make sure that when you run it on your computer, you get the expected result.

    During startup, a small window will first appear, requiring you to enter the code shown at the top. According to the developer, this will serve as additional confirmation that you understand how to overclock the processor with this program and take on all the consequences of your actions.

    The next window is already the main one for this program, and in it you will need to select the type of clock generator, which is determined by the motherboard model and is registered in the setfsb.txt file, which was studied above.

    By selecting the correct Clock Generator parameter, you will have access to change its parameters and, accordingly, you can adjust the frequency of the FSB bus. The program will store the selected characteristics until the OS is rebooted. If you want to automate this operation, you will need to place a bat file specially created in a text editor into autoload.

    Another version of the program for overclocking the Intel processor -. Its functionality is almost similar to the one we have already considered SetFSB
    , for the better, it differs only in the presence of the Russian interface. Therefore, it may well be suitable for beginner overclockers as a fact-finding one.

    The work is based on the same principle, that is, on the interaction with the hardware of the motherboard. Supported boards in this utility are visible directly in the drop-down list, which is quite convenient. It is required to select a manufacturer and then specify the type of PLL generator, which is responsible for increasing the frequency of the system bus.

    After the necessary input parameters have been specified, you can start overclocking the processor through the program.

    Overclocking software AMD

    At one time, AMD, which had somewhat lost its position in the processor market, made a good marketing move. It released a series of unlocked FX processors and developed its own overclocking software. The AMD overclocking software is called AMD OverDrive
    and we will now get to know her in more detail.

    AMD OverDrive

    So, the first thing you will see after running this program for overclocking AMD processors will be the traditional warning from manufacturers. In a nutshell, its content boils down to the fact that the operations performed to change the processor parameters can lead to malfunctions in your computer, and by performing them, you are aware of your actions and accept responsibility. Of course, you have to agree with this. Clicking OK
    , the main program window will open with the main parameters of the processor installed in the system.

    As you can see below, this information is the same as that obtained using the CPU-Z program
    and gives general, but comprehensive, information about the characteristics of this processor.

    The tools of interest for this program for overclocking AMD processors are located in the section on the left « Performance Control
    «. In it, you must select the item « Clock / Voltage
    » and proceed to the analysis of the method of operation of the device.

    In the figure above, we see the performance of the processor before overclocking and, accordingly, the parameters available for adjustment. To access the value change, you will need to enable the required function using the Turbo Core Control button
    , which will have a green selection highlight before the operation.

    In the window that opens, check the box next to « Enable Turbo Core

    Thus, access to the processor parameters has been obtained, and you can proceed directly to overclocking. The figure clearly shows that when the slider is shifted to the right in the section « Clock
    » The multiplier increases by the available 3 points. Slightly higher, you can see how the performance of the processor cores shifts from 3300 to 3900.

    Test conducted using utility CPU Speed ​​Professional
    , shows the effective frequency of the processor with a multiplier of 16.5 set by default.

    The figure below shows the result of our manipulations. A CPU with a multiplier parameter of 19.5 overclocks at 600 MHz.

    The operation of the AMD OverDrive utility was considered in sufficient detail.
    . I must say that this software from the manufacturer works great with the entire line of processors and speeds up their work, starting with processors AMD Athlon

    Utilities for motherboards

    Let’s pay attention to one more area of ​​overclocking software development. These are specialized utilities that are placed by some motherboard manufacturers on the included driver disk.

    The three largest players in this market offer the following programs:

    You can also look for analogues of such programs on disks from lesser-known motherboard manufacturers, with the only exception that they usually come only with products of the upper price segment.

    Direction of software development

    Above we have considered the most popular solutions for working with processors from the leading manufacturers in this market — Intel and AMD. It is worth noting that such a solution as a program for overclocking the processor directly from the operating system is dying. This is the result of modern trends in the development of basic systems that control the operation of the hardware. Over the past ten years, there has been a significant expansion of BIOS functions and the transition of all motherboard manufacturers to use UEFI
    , its extended version.

    Actually UEFI
    itself became an operating system in miniature. It has an attractive graphical interface and mouse support. If earlier, to edit the parameters of the basic input-output system, the user needed certain knowledge and skills in working with keyboard switches, now there is no need for this anymore.

    The conclusion from this follows. Owners of AMD processors should not worry in the near future. The manufacturer himself has developed and maintains a high-quality overclocking utility, and the latest models of 9 series devices0026 Ryzen
    are produced with good potential in this area. If you have an Intel processor, then in the light of recent events in the motherboard industry, you should pay attention to the study of UEFI
    . In the next few years, old motherboards will go to their well-deserved rest and overclocking of the Intel platform will be possible only in this way. Even despite the release of the «K» series of processors with an unlocked multiplier, Intel prefers to work with its brainchild — UEFI
    , and third-party developers simply curtail their activities in such conditions.


    According to the tradition that has developed among overclockers, we recall once again that all the consequences of switching the processor to the accelerated mode of operation lie only with the user, and not a single manufacturer is obliged to accept claims in case of unsuccessfully performed actions, and will not. Don’t forget this and always be careful. It is better to achieve a small but stable result than to rush and get nothing.

    Related video

    Each user, one way or another, has come across the concept of overclocking a processor. Enough has already been said about this. This was especially true of the period when manufacturers themselves began to adapt computer hardware to the first full-fledged operating systems, starting with Windows’95 (Windows 3.x does not count). That’s when the idea of ​​overclocking processors began to emerge, from which it was possible to «squeeze out» much more than their nominal characteristics implied.


    The very concept of overclocking implies not only overclocking the central processor, but also accelerating the entire system by increasing the performance of one or another «iron» component. Note that this applies not only to the central processor, but also, say, to the processor installed on the graphics accelerator.

    Here, far from the last role is played by how the whole system will react to all this. It is absolutely impossible to say that after overclocking the same processor everything will not fly, as they say, “to hell”. Here you need to take into account all the fundamental characteristics and performance reserves that the manufacturer himself has put into his own device, which is present inside a stationary computer terminal, laptop, netbook, ultrabook, etc.

    Another important condition is that today the physical methods of overclocking are used by far from the most knowledgeable and far-sighted people. Advanced users use, say, overclocking an Intel processor through a program, which is ultimately the easiest and most secure solution.

    A bit of history

    If you dig a little bit into history, you will notice that earlier the procedure for overclocking processors was associated purely with physical methods of influence. It was necessary to change jumpers, remove processors from the motherboard, solder contacts, change bridges, apply increased voltage, etc. etc.

    All this boiled down to the fact that with the wrong approach, all computer hardware was rendered unusable even when the computer was turned on normally (short circuit due to improper soldering, incorrect installation of the processor or jumper in the connectors, etc.).

    Now this problem has disappeared by itself. Few manufacturers of the same processor systems leave an overclocker a wide field for activity. But software developers have gone much further. They acted in the simplest way: if it is impossible to increase the system performance physically, you can use processor overclocking using programs.

    And it turned out to be even more effective method than overclocking in terms of physical intervention and reinstallation of some components on the motherboard.

    Where to start?

    First you need to understand that processors, like any other devices, have, so to speak, a margin of safety. The main and final result is considered to be an increase in the clock frequency at which the processor is capable of operating, or an increase in the frequency of the bus on which it is installed. So, absolutely any processor, despite the specified operating clock frequency, can also operate at frequencies that exceed the nominal value by 1.2-1.5 times (it all depends on the manufacturer and what power factor was invested in the device at its creation or production).

    If you are already engaged in overclocking, you should first evaluate the capabilities of the processor itself, the chipset and the motherboard on which it is installed. For example, any program for overclocking an Intel processor, of course, will immediately give out the characteristics of the device.

    But don’t be in a hurry. It is better to use applications like Everest. Although this utility is shareware (requires activation after 30 days), it is she who is able to provide the user with the most detailed data not only about the central processor, but also about all other components, including even information about the «motherboard» or the same system bus.

    After evaluating all the factors, you can start. True, there are several basic methods.

    Physical overclocking

    If we talk about what physical overclocking is, then the same program for overclocking an Intel processor is not required in this case. You don’t need to solder anything either.

    In principle, the simplest example can be given in this case. Take an ordinary light bulb and connect it to a power supply equipped with a voltage regulator. As the voltage increases, the light becomes brighter and vice versa. The same is observed with processors.

    However, with this overclocking option, you need to be extremely careful not to apply too high current to the input, otherwise not only the processor will “fly out”, but also the motherboard and everything on it.

    It is better to look at the characteristics of the pat and the processor in advance in the sense of what maximum voltage the current can be applied to them.

    Using the BIOS

    The program cannot always overclock the Intel processor. The easiest way in this regard is to use the BIOS settings (note, at your own risk). When booting a computer or laptop, you need to enter the BIOS settings called by keys like Del, F2, F12 (depending on the manufacturer), and then go to the Advanced tab.

    After that, you must use the Jumper Free Configuration line, where you select the manual setting of the system bus or processor frequency (Manual) in the All Overclocking field. First you need to fix the bus frequency (PCI-Express Frequency) at 101 MHz, and then increase the processor frequency (CPU Frequency) in 10 MHz steps. Now you need to save the parameters, usually using the F10 key (Save & Exit command).

    After the reboot, if the system is stable, you can start increasing the processor frequency again. Only in this case it is necessary to use a step of no more than 1 MHz, again, each time saving the changes and testing the entire system for performance.

    Program for overclocking the Intel

    processor As for applications applicable to processors of this type, there are quite a lot of them today. Suitable for this, say, a utility for overclocking an Intel processor such as SetFSB.

    True, one important factor should be taken into account here. The fact is that the application does not overclock the central processor itself, as such, but can vary the system bus frequency. There is a special slider for this. By moving it, in the value fields you can see the initial and current value of the frequency indicator in real time.

    It should be said right away that such a program for overclocking an Intel processor is not recommended for beginners. Rather, it is designed for professional overclockers, because by moving the slider too quickly with setting extreme values, you can simply “ditch” the entire system, not even in terms of operating system failure, but also in terms of the complete inoperability of the entire hardware.

    Overclocking AMD processors

    Programs for overclocking Intel and AMD processors have much in common. However, according to many specialists and experts, the AMD OverDrive utility is considered the best application.

    Compared to the program for Intel processors described above, it has a lot of advantages. First of all, it is worth noting the automatic settings (presets), which allow you to adjust the overclocking of absolutely all components without harming the system. It should be noted that the same principle of sliders is used in this software product. However, when configuring one component, the application is able to automatically align the settings of all the others. So the «crash» of the system can be avoided.

    For experienced users, the program provides a special mode in which the sliders do not depend on each other, and the settings are made in manual mode. But even here you need to be careful.

    Problems after overclocking

    It should be said right away that no application, be it an overclocking program for an Intel processor or utilities for AMD chipsets, can give any guarantee that after applying all the above actions, the computer system will work in normal mode. This applies not only to the excessive load on the main «iron» components, which over time can simply become unusable. For example, after the processor has been overclocked, useful programs and utilities can affect the RAM, and even the battery of the same laptop, which will use electricity in an increased mode when the voltage supply to the central processor is increased.


    Apparently, every user has already understood that even a program for overclocking an Intel or any other processor cannot guarantee stability in the operation of a computer system. In this case, you can only give advice not to do this if you are not a true specialist in this field.

    For inexperienced users, I would like to note that all the methods described above can be used, but only on condition that this is done consciously, at your own peril and risk. Even manufacturers of «iron» equipment, and even more so, software developers, do not guarantee the system’s performance.

    Despite the fact that some sources suggest downloading special programs for overclocking different types of processors (Intel or AMD), it is best to increase the CPU clock speed through the BIOS. There is no proven software that could overclock the processor. This is due to technical limitations and the fact that each «stone» has its own frequency increase standards. They may vary depending on the type of cooling used. We recommend that you find out the allowable load for the installed chip model and gradually change the values ​​\u200b\u200busing the instructions written specifically for your BIOS version.

    Exceeding the maximum allowable overclocking threshold may cause damage to the equipment.

    Programs for overclocking video cards

    Programs for overclocking video cards will help you change the main performance indicators on the hardware graphics card of your PC or laptop — voltage, allowable temperature, frequency of the processor and adapter memory, as well as the speed of the cooler. In addition to editing settings, these utilities allow you to view basic information about installed hardware.

    We emphasize that such programs should be used with external graphics devices that are not integrated into the processor or motherboard. Only in this case you will be able to get a measurable effect from changing the settings.

    Among the proposed tools, we highlight primarily because of the compatibility with the largest number of devices.

    Programs for overclocking RAM (RAM)

    As in the case of the processor, there are no stable utilities that can change the frequency of the RAM using the operating system. You need to edit these parameters through the BIOS, moreover, it is important that the new frequency is supported not only by the memory, but also by the motherboard. You can read the instructions for changing frequencies in the user manual for your motherboard.

    You may come across an opinion that there are programs for overclocking «old» samples of RAM (DDR) on laptops, but we could not find working versions of such utilities.

    Programs to improve disk performance

    The main factors affecting the performance of hard drives are their current state and file layout.

    You can check the current state by S. M.A.R.T. analysis and, if necessary, “correctly” format the device using the HDD Low Level Format Tool utility, it scored the most points in our thematic.

    In addition, the performance of classic hard drives depends on how evenly the data is distributed over the surface. Many different system utilities contain the function of structuring files (defragmentation). Among the specialized solutions, we single out and .

    Programs for optimizing Windows

    Utilities that will help optimize the operating system, we previously considered in a separate.

    Other performance factors

    If you are using external devices, please note that the communication speed depends on the protocol used. For example, it is better to connect modern phones and flash drives to a USB port that is compatible with the 3.0 protocol, it has a blue color.

    Also keep in mind that malware can slow down your computer noticeably. To protect the system, we recommend using antivirus programs; we also dedicated a separate one to them.

    Overclocking Veterans: This Asus P2B motherboard brings back fond memories of the past. Click on the picture to enlarge.

    Variety of software

    In this article, we will tell you about several different applications that allow you to overclock the processor and video card. Some of them can even change memory frequency and latencies. It is clear that you use such programs at your own peril and risk, but if you do not go beyond reasonable limits, then there is no great danger of damaging the hardware, and the advantage in additional performance is quite often significant.

    Two favorites: CPU-Z and GPU-Z

    Before we start describing overclocking programs, we would like to dwell on two applications that, in our opinion, are essential sources of system information: CPU-Z and GPU-Z. These two little utilities (which really have nothing in common other than similar names) allow you to display information about your system’s components. CPU-Z provides information about the processor, motherboard, and memory, while GPU-Z provides information about the graphics card.


    CPU-Z is a very complete and efficient program written by French developers, which is regularly updated to support most processors and chipsets available on the market. It allows you to get detailed information about the installed processor, system bus frequencies, CPU voltage, memory frequencies and latencies (via SPD), etc. This utility also includes functions for validating overclock values ​​to avoid cheating.

    Before you start overclocking your system, we recommend downloading the CPU-Z program.

    Tip: Make sure you have the latest version of CPU-Z if you want to have the overclock validation feature. If you are using an older version of the program, the validation may not work.

    Despite similar names, GPU-Z is not the brainchild of the CPUID development team that created CPU-Z and has nothing to do with them. GPU-Z is a compact program that can display extremely important information about video cards: its exact name, type of GPU used, GPU, memory, shader unit frequencies (if the video card is compatible), number of Raster Operator Units (ROPs) , memory bus width and much more. This utility is still in development, and from a practical point of view, it can still be improved, although it is already fully usable.

    The latest version of GPU-Z can be found at .

    SetFSB utility for CPU overclocking

    SetFSB is an easy way to overclock your CPU. This small program allows you to adjust the FSB frequency directly from Windows. It supports a wide range of motherboards and only requires you to know the PLL used by your board.

    PLL of our motherboard. Click on the picture to enlarge.

    PLL (Phase Locked Loop) is a chip on the motherboard that generates frequencies for various components. On many modern motherboards, at least four reference frequencies are allocated: FSB, memory, PCI Express bus and PCI bus; it is the PLL that generates these frequencies. In practice, for most motherboards, the FSB and memory frequencies are linked (using a coefficient that can be selected in the BIOS), while the frequencies of the PCI Express and PCI buses are fixed (100 MHz and 33 MHz, respectively). On some motherboards, like the one in the picture above, the PCI Express and PCI bus frequencies are also linked.

    Tip: PLL chips are usually made by ICS. You only need to find a chip with that name to find out the PLL version.

    SetFSB in progress. Click on the picture to enlarge.

    Frequency change

    Select the name of your PLL chip from the drop-down menu and click on «Get FSB». The program should find the current FSB frequency, after which it will allow you to change it by simply moving the slider.

    It is important to remember two things. First, do not get carried away with excessive frequency changes, otherwise it may harm your computer. Second, not all PLL chips provide the same frequency ranges; some motherboards limit the available frequencies. Note also that if you check the «Ultra» mode, you will get access to additional frequencies (depending on the PLL). Once you’ve chosen a new frequency value, click on «Set FSB» to start using that value (and pray that nothing bad happens to your computer). If the system crashes, reboot it and try again. You don’t adjust the voltage here, so at least the hardware won’t suffer.

    SetFSB is an essential overclocking utility that is updated frequently to support new PLL chip versions. The latest version of this program can be downloaded.

    Motherboard utilities

    If you’re not interested in an application like SetFSB, then it’s good to know that major motherboard manufacturers provide overclocking software bundled with their boards.


    Asus includes a fairly wide range of software. Perhaps the most notable utility in the AI ​​Suite is the AI ​​Booster. It allows you to overclock your system from Windows, just like many other overclocking programs. It’s worth noting that you don’t have to look for the type of PLL chip here, since the AI ​​Booster utility only works with Asus motherboards. In addition to setting the FSB frequency, it allows you to change the CPU voltage (VCore) and the memory frequency. Therefore, despite the limited compatibility, in fact, this program is much more functional than the general universal utilities.

    EasyTune6 is much less attractive than Asus’; in its ergonomics, it resembles the CPU-Z. However, EasyTune6 is a complete program that allows you to get information about your hardware, as well as overclock the processor and fine-tune the frequencies and voltages of the components on the motherboard.


    If Gigabyte’s utility looks rather modest, then MSI (like Asus) likes to spruce up its product (in this case even too much). The Dual Core Center utility bundled with some MSI motherboards is quite a catchy piece of software with its own vision of beauty. However, like competing applications, Dual Core Center allows you to overclock the system and adjust voltages. Anyway, it is a functional alternative to SetFSB.

    Other manufacturers also include overclocking software with their high-end motherboards; we just settled on the utilities of the largest vendors.

    nTune and OverDrive: overclocking from AMD and Nvidia

    AMD and Nvidia also provide their own overclocking utilities: OverDrive and nTune, respectively. They are less specialized than motherboard manufacturers’ utilities, although they are limited to specific chipsets rather than motherboards.

    nTune nForce only

    Nvidia nTune utility. Click on the picture to enlarge.

    Nvidia’s own nTune utility only supports this manufacturer’s chipsets (at least in terms of CPU overclocking). It will not work with Nvidia’s first generation chipsets and mobile versions. But if you have an nForce chipset, then the nTune program will allow you to overclock the processor and memory, change their voltages, as well as the chipset voltage.

    You can download the latest version of nTune .

    Tip: nTune will run on platforms that don’t use the nForce chipset, but will only allow you to tweak the graphics card settings, you won’t be able to overclock the processor.

    OverDrive: AMD and overclocking

    AMD OverDrive utility. Click on the picture to enlarge.

    AMD OverDrive is equivalent to Nvidia’s nTune: it’s an application for monitoring motherboards that use manufacturer’s processors. OverDrive only works with AMD chipsets (series 7) and AMD processors. At the same time, you can overclock your processor in a very dosed way. For example, you can select different frequencies for each Phenom core. Of course, the memory and performance of the HT (HyperTransport) link can also be adjusted, as well as the voltages.

    The latest version of OverDrive can be downloaded.

    Tip: We tested OverDrive with the Phenom processor in one of our articles titled « The New AMD 790GX Chipset: RV610 Integrated Graphics for the Enthusiast?
    «. However, the new SB750 Southbridge options such as ACC (Advanced Clock Calibration) are only available on motherboards that have the new I/O logic.

    The applications mentioned above are very good for overclocking the processor and memory, but their capabilities are limited in terms of memory. Luckily, there is Memset, another program written by French developers, that allows you to fine-tune memory latency without having to go to the BIOS (by the way, if you are using an AMD or Nvidia board, OverDrive and nTune utilities will provide you with many of these functions).

    Arsenal of delays

    Memset allows you to change memory delays. And not only the standard CAS and RAS-to-CAS settings, but also less common settings such as Read Delay, Write to Read Command, Read to Precharge, etc. However, keep in mind that changing latency «on the fly» is quite dangerous, and if you tune the memory subsystem for the highest possible performance, then failures in the system are possible.

    Tip: Underclocked memory (eg DDR2-800 in 667 mode) generally allows for more aggressive delays, and some overclockers prefer delays to raw frequencies.

    Drivers make overclocking easier

    Catalyst frequency unlock. Click on the picture to enlarge.

    The easiest way — AMD drivers

    The easiest way to overclock your graphics card is to use drivers. In the case of AMD, this is easy to do, since there is an «ATI OverDrive» panel right in the Catalyst driver. The downside is that there is a limitation on available frequencies, as AMD obviously doesn’t want to show frequencies that will most likely lead to overheating and system instability, resulting in frustrated gamers attacking tech support.

    The latest drivers for AMD graphics cards can be found at .

    Tip: The «Auto-Tune» function takes care of everything: it automatically checks the overclock settings for stability, and then automatically applies the new frequencies. This method is less efficient than manual overclocking, but it is easier.

    Nvidia ForceWare + nTune

    ForceWare + nTune. Click on the picture to enlarge.

    In the case of Nvidia, overclocking features are not built into the standard ForceWare drivers, but they can be enabled using nTune. As with AMD drivers, this method limits the available frequencies. Please note that an nForce chipset is not required to use nTune with a graphics card.

    Latest Nvidia drivers can be downloaded.

    «Overclocking» tab of RivaTuner program.

    There is an effective solution for overclocking video cards: RivaTuner. This feature rich application is not limited to Nvidia graphics cards; it can also be used to overclock AMD video cards. (If you remember, the first Nvidia accelerators were called Riva. You can read about the history of Nvidia video cards in the article « History of nVidia in graphics cards: 13 years of success

    Dosed acceleration

    RivaTuner allows you to overclock the system without any frequency limits (you can go much further than AMD and Nvidia would like when using the overclocking interface in their own drivers anyway), and can also desynchronize certain frequencies. An interesting feature of the RivaTuner program is that it can change the shader unit frequency regardless of the GPU, while other programs can only act in accordance with the GPU (the shader unit frequency is set relative to the GPU frequency).

    The RivaTuner utility can be downloaded . By the way, we used this utility to adjust the fan speed for video cards of the 4800 family before the release of the Catalyst 8.10 driver.

    PowerStrip cannot overclock GMA 950.

    One of the oldest overclocking software is PowerStrip. This utility for managing PC graphics options has been helping overclock video cards for many years and is quite mature. Its only drawback is that it is not free, unlike other programs that we have talked about. However, PowerStrip can be used for more than just overclocking.

    Program worth the money

    The big advantage of PowerStrip is that it works with most graphics cards on the market, not just those from AMD and Nvidia. It can be launched from the Windows taskbar, which means that you can set the necessary parameters faster than through drivers. In addition, PowerStrip can adjust many display settings, such as refresh rate, and more interestingly, output resolution: a must-have option for some HDTV users.

    The PowerStrip program can be found .

    ATI Tray Tools and ATITool are two different programs

    The following two utilities have very similar names, but they are actually quite different. ATI Tray Tools only supports AMD graphics cards, while ATITool (despite its seemingly self-explanatory name) works with both AMD and Nvidia models.

    ATITool and its test image.

    This overclocking tool is compatible with all Nvidia and AMD video cards and is of interest for at least one reason: it has a 3D animation rendering that stresses the graphics core of the video card and allows you to check if the overclocking settings are working by detecting artifacts. It also has a function to determine the maximum frequency the GPU can accept (similar to the Catalyst driver’s Auto-Tune function).

    You can download the latest version of ATITool .

    ATI Tray Tools for AMD only

    ATI Tray Tools. Click on the picture to enlarge.

    This little program resides in the system tray (hence the name) and helps tune AMD (former ATI) video cards. ATI Tray Tools has one small problem: its maximum frequency detection function is too optimistic, which leads to crashes. Like some other applications, this utility is able to store profiles that can be loaded in accordance with a particular program, for example, a profile for games, a profile for office applications, etc.

    Updated versions of the ATI Tray Tools utility are available at .

    Using the utilities we have described, it is quite possible to overclock laptops, although they rarely have a programmable PLL, and the cooling system is not designed for overclocking. Of course, that doesn’t stop specialty shops from building and overclocking «desktop replacement» machines.


    EeeCTL is a program that can change the processor frequency of laptops that are equipped with a Celeron M processor (factory clock frequency 900 MHz), such as the Eee PC 701 and 900, and models using the Atom N270. As for the latter, 2GHz (compared to the factory clock speed of 1.6GHz) seems to be quite acceptable. EeeCTL also allows you to adjust the display brightness, fan speed and CPU voltage.

    The latest version of EeeCTL can be found at .


    In this article we have shown you some of the most useful overclocking utilities, most of which are available for free (provided you buy the necessary hardware from the appropriate vendor). Of course, we have not covered all available applications.

    We also wanted to show you that the image of an overclocker armed with a soldering iron and jumpers is a thing of the past. Even the most advanced overclockers use overclocking programs; this is much more convenient than tweaking in the BIOS (even though the Extensible Firmware Interface specification has improved the situation; read more about EFI technology, in English).

    Finally, remember that the art of overclocking is constantly evolving. All the utilities presented here are evolving very quickly, as processors and video cards are such components that are updated frequently. In fact, the release of the Core i7 will likely trigger a new generation of software, as the new processor is very different from the current Core 2 in terms of frequency management.

    Finally, we will give this recommendation: sometimes it is better to overclock the system through the BIOS. This makes sense for two reasons: firstly, because of efficiency (for example, some programs do not display frequencies as they should), and secondly, because of the choice of operating system (most of the programs that we talked about are only intended for for Windows).

    Notebook testing software. Utilities for determining computer hardware

    Hello everyone. In today’s article, we will talk about a complete diagnosis of all devices in your computer. I will show and tell you how to independently diagnose a computer and all its component devices:

    • Hard disk.
    • RAM.
    • Video card.
    • Motherboard.
    • Processor.
    • Power supply.

    We will check all this in this article and for each of the computer devices I will make a video in which I will clearly show how to diagnose a particular device.

    In addition, by diagnostics, you can determine whether it is worth it for you to completely change the device or you can repair it, we will also analyze the main sores of devices that can be determined without diagnostics. Well, let’s start with the most important question of interest to everyone — the diagnosis of the HDD / SSD disk.

    HDD and SSD disk diagnostics.

    Disk diagnostics are done in two directions, they check the Smart system of a hard or solid state disk and check the disk directly for bad or slow sectors in order to check SMART HDD and SSD, we will use the program. You can download it from our website in the download section.

    Well, now let’s go directly to the disk diagnostics itself, after downloading the program, launch the file of the required bit rate and look at the main window if you see a blue icon with the signature good or in English good, then everything is in order with your SMART disk and you can skip further diagnostics .

    If you see a yellow or red icon with caution, bad inscriptions, then there is some problem with your disk. You can find out about the exact problem below in the list of basic SMART diagnostic items. Wherever there are yellow and red icons opposite the inscription, it will indicate that your disk has suffered in this part.

    If you have already exhausted the resource of the disk, then it is no longer worth repairing it. If you have found several broken sectors, then there is still the possibility of repair. I will talk about the repair of bad sectors later. If the disk has a lot of bad sectors, more than 10 or a lot of very slow sectors, then you should not restore such a disk. After a while, it will still fall further, it will need to be constantly restored / repaired.

    Software disk repair.

    By repair I mean relocation of bad and slow sectors on a disk. This instruction is only suitable for HDD drives, that is, only hard drive. For SSD, this operation will not help in any way, but will only worsen the condition of the solid state drive.

    Repair will help extend the life of your hard drive a little more. To restore bad sectors, we will use the HDD regenerator program. Download and run this program, wait until the program collects data about your drives after the data is collected, you will see a window in which you will need to click on the inscription — Click here to bad sectors on demaget drive surfase directly under Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. You need to click on the inscription quickly in OS 8 and 10, so the window will quickly disappear, in 7 everything is fine. Then press NO. Then select your drive from the list. Press the start process button. A command line window will appear in which you will need to press 2, Enter, 1, Enter.

    After the performed operations, the system will start scanning for bad sectors and moving them to unreadable disk partitions. In fact, bad sectors do not disappear, but in the future they do not interfere with the operation of the system and you can continue to use the disk further. The process of checking and restoring the disk may take a long time, depending on the size of your disk. At the end of the program, press the button 5 and Enter. If you have any errors while testing and fixing bad sectors, then your disk cannot be recovered. If you have found more than 10 bad sectors, then restoring such a disk does not make sense, there will always be problems with it.

    The main signs of disk failure are:

  • Blue screen crashes.
  • The Windows interface hangs.
  • there may be other problems but it is not possible to tell about all of them.
  • Video on how to diagnose HDD/SSD

    RAM diagnostics

    This time we are going to diagnose the RAM. There are several options in which you can check the RAM, this is when your computer still turns on and somehow works, and when you can’t turn on the computer, only the BIOS is loaded.
    The main signs that the RAM is not working:

    • When loading resource-intensive applications, the computer freezes or restarts.
    • When you use your computer for more than 2 hours, Windows starts to slow down, with an increase in time, the slowdown increases.
    • When you install some programs, you cannot install them, the installation fails.
    • Audio and video jamming.

    The first thing we will analyze is how to check the RAM if your Windows boots. It’s very simple, in any of the operating systems starting with Windows Vista, you can type the Windows memory test tool in the search. We launch the shortcut that appears as an administrator and see a message stating that you can reboot and start checking right now or schedule a check the next time you turn on the computer. Choose the value you need. After the computer restarts, you will immediately automatically start the RAM test. It will be carried out in standard mode, wait until the end of the test and you will find out if everything is in order with your RAM. In addition, after you have already loaded Windows, in the event viewer section you can open the Windows logs, select the System item and find the memory diagnostic event in the list on the right. In this event, you will see all the information about the diagnostics performed. Based on this information, you can find out if the RAM is working.
    The next option for diagnosing RAM in case you cannot boot Windows. To do this, you need to write the program to a disk or to a bootable USB flash drive and run it from the BIOS. In the window that appears, a test to check the RAM (RAM) will be automatically launched. Wait until the end of the test and if there are any problems with your memory, the test window will change from blue to red. This will indicate defects or damage to the RAM. That’s all, you have learned — how to diagnose RAM.

    Video on how to check the RAM:

    Video card diagnostics

    The main symptoms of a video card defect:

    • The computer knocks out a blue screen of death.
    • Artifacts appear on the screen — colored dots, stripes or rectangles.
    • When downloading games, the computer freezes or restarts.
    • When using the computer for a long time in the game, the performance decreases, the game starts to lag.
    • Video jamming, video playback failure, flash player problems.
    • No smoothing in text or when rewinding documents or web pages.
    • Color change.

    All these are signs of some kind of video card defects. Testing a video card should be divided into two stages: checking the graphics chip and checking the memory of the video card.

    Checking the graphics chip of the video card (GPU)

    To check the graphics chip, you can use various programs that put a load on this chip and detect failures under critical load. We will use the program and FurMark.
    Run Aida at the bottom of the tray near the clock, right-click and select the system stability test. in the window that appears, check the box next to GPU Stress Test. The test will run at the bottom you will see a graph of temperature changes, fan speed, and current consumption. To check, 20 minutes of the test is enough, if at this time the bottom field with the graph turns red or the computer restarts, then there are problems with your video card.
    Starting OCCT. Go to the GPU 3D tab, do not change the settings and press the ON button. Next, a window will appear with a fluffy donut, which is a visual test. The test will take 15-20 minutes. I recommend monitoring the temperature and following the power readings, if multi-colored dots, stripes or rectangles appear on the screen, this will indicate that there is a problem with the video card. If the computer turns off spontaneously, this will also indicate a defective video card.
    Now we have analyzed the diagnostics of the video card processor, but sometimes there are problems with the memory of the video card too.

    Video card memory diagnostics

    For this diagnosis we will use the . Unpack the program and run it as administrator. In the window that appears, check the box next to the inscription signal if there are errors and press the start button. A check of the RAM of the video card will be launched if any errors are found with the memory, the program will emit a characteristic sound signal, on some computers the signal will be a system one.
    That’s all, now you can diagnose the video card yourself. Check the GPU and memory of the video card.

    Video for checking the video card:

    Motherboard diagnostics

    The main symptoms of a motherboard malfunction:

    • Computer crashes blue screen of death, restarts and shuts down.
    • The computer freezes without restarting.
    • Stuck cursor, music and video (freezes).
    • Connected devices disappear — HDD / SSD, drive, USB drives.
    • Ports, USB and network connectors do not work.
    • The computer does not turn on, does not start, does not boot.
    • The computer runs slowly, often slows down or freezes.
    • Motherboard makes various sounds.

    Visual inspection of the motherboard

    The first thing to do to diagnose the motherboard is to conduct a visual inspection of the motherboard. What you need to pay attention to:

    • Chips and cracks — in the presence of such damage, the motherboard will not turn on at all or will turn on after a time.
    • Swollen capacitors — due to swollen capacitors, the computer can turn on after 3, 5, 10 attempts or after a certain time, it can also go out for no reason and slow down.
    • Oxidation — the computer can turn on after a time, slow down. It may not turn on at all if the tracks are completely oxidized.
    • Chips that have warmed up, there will be small burn spots or holes on the microchips — because of this, the computer may not turn on or ports, network cards, sound or USB will not work.
    • Scratches on the tracks — the same as with chipped cracks.
    • Garbage around chips and ports — leads to the complete inoperability of the motherboard or its individual parts.

    Motherboard software diagnostics

    If your computer turns on and Windows boots, but there are incomprehensible glitches and braking, it is worth doing software diagnostics of the motherboard using the program. Download and install the program, run it, at the bottom in the tray near the clock on its icon, right-click and select «service» — «system stability test». Check the boxes next to Stress CPU, Stress FPU, Stress cache, remove the rest of the checkboxes. We press the «Start» button, the computer will freeze, the test will begin. During the test, monitor the temperature of the processor and motherboard, as well as power. The test is carried out for a minimum of 20 minutes, a maximum of 45 minutes. If during the test the bottom field turns red or the computer goes out, then the motherboard is faulty. Also, the shutdown may be due to the processor, uncheck
    Stress CPU and check again. If you find overheating, then you need to check the cooling system of the motherboard and processor. with power fluctuations, there may be problems with both the motherboard and the power supply.

    If the computer starts but Windows does not boot, you can check the mainland through the boot test
    . It must be written to a disk or flash drive. I’ll show you how to use it in more detail in the video.

    Diagnostics of the power supply unit (PSU)

    The main symptoms of a power supply failure:

    • The computer does not turn on at all.
    • Computer starts for 2-3 seconds and then stops.
    • The computer turns on from 5-10-25 times.
    • When under load, the computer crashes, reboots, or throws out a blue screen of death.
    • The computer is very slow under load.
    • Devices connected to the computer spontaneously disconnect and reconnect (screws, drives, USB devices).
    • Squeak (whistle) during computer operation.
    • Unnatural noise from the PSU fan.

    Visual inspection of the PSU

    The first thing to do if the power supply fails is to make a visual inspection. We disconnect the PSU from the case and disassemble the PSU itself. We check for:

    • Cinder, melted elements of the PSU — we look that all the elements are intact, if you find a cinder or something obviously melted, we carry the PSU for repair or change it to a new one.
    • Swollen capacitors — replace swollen capacitors with new ones. Because of them, the computer may not turn on the first time or go out under load.
    • Dust — if dust is clogged in the fan and radiators, it must be cleaned, because of this, the PSU in the load may turn off due to overheating.
    • Blown fuse — a fuse often burns when there is a voltage drop, it must be replaced.

    We checked everything, but the power supply is behaving badly, we look.

    PSU software diagnostics

    Software diagnostics of the power supply can be carried out using any test program that gives the maximum load on the PSU. Before doing such a check, you need to determine whether all the elements of your PC have enough power from the power supply. You can check this as follows: run the AIDA 64 program link above and go to the site for calculating the required PSU power. On the site, we transfer the data from Aida to the appropriate fields and press the Calculate button. So we will be sure exactly how much power the power supply is enough for the computer.

    Let’s start diagnosing PD itself. We download the program. Install and run it. Go to the Power Supply tab. check the box to use all logical cores (does not work on all computers) and press the ON button. The test lasts an hour and if at this time the computer turns off, restarts, knocks out a blue screen, there are problems with the power supply unit (Before checking the power supply unit, you must first check the video card and processor in order to avoid the test being incorrect).

    I won’t show how to diagnose a PSU with a multimeter, because there is a lot of this information on the network, and it’s better for professionals to do such diagnostics. I will show more testing of the PSU in the video below:

    Programs for checking a computer in Russian are collected in this section. All programs can be downloaded for free with activation keys.

    Many users often face the problem of the so-called «slow» computer. Not everyone can diagnose problems on their own, and spending money on service centers every time is, to put it mildly, expensive. In order to avoid running cases, sometimes it is enough just to optimize your computer. You can optimize your computer absolutely calmly at home with the help of a simple and convenient Advanced SystemCare program. One of the pluses is that the basic version of this program is provided for free. The license key will allow…

    Before you download modern computer games or complex programs to your computer, you need to find out if it can handle such a serious load. 3DMark is a handy and popular utility today that performs a PC performance test. This program will help users to know the exact capabilities of the computer under different loads. 3DMark has gained great popularity among gamers and fans of virtual entertainment. The program provides PC users with only reliable information. Free Download 3DMark Professional…

    Computer program Advanced SystemCare Ultimate — a program for cleaning and optimizing the Windows operating system. This program is popular among confident PC users. There are 2 versions of this program: simpler for amateur use and saturated with more professional tools, you need an Advanced SystemCare Ultimate key to activate it. This program is very popular because it combines ease of use, quality and versatility. Many programmers note the good design of the program and a clear interface….

    CCleaner is a program developed by experts from Britain. It is designed to clean the computer from unnecessary programs and files. It is free and takes up little space on your computer. This program can be used by both professionals and beginners. You must enter a license key before use. Also, after this application is downloaded, you need to find activation on the Internet for CCleaner. You should first read the instructions for installing and activating this program. The program consists of several sections. Register,…

    MSI Afterburner is a super functional application for optimizing the performance of NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. It comes from MSI. If you need to download the program for free in Russian, then you can do it on this site. The utility has: a developed system of step-by-step instructions and a user-friendly interface; prevention of movement between 2D and 3D modes several options for interaction with video cards. Download free latest version of MSI Afterburner 4.6.0 in Russian Password to all archives: 1progs Application monitors voltage…

    CPUID HWMonitor is a program from the CPUID developer for monitoring the internal settings of a computer. It is possible to fix the degree of voltage, the frequency of rotation of the fans, to collect information about the heating of the air of different elements of the system. You can download the application for free on this site in just a couple of clicks. The main task is to observe the components of the computer for further summary and diagnosis. With a significant increase in air heating on the gadget, a potential is formed for the timely repair of all errors found. Free Download CPUID HWMonitor…

    TechPowerUp GPU-Z is a practical handy application that helps you to know the technical data of your PC graphics card. Applies to Windows 7, 8, 8.1, XP, Vista, Windows 10. Works with ATI, NVIDIA, Intel graphics cards. TechPowerUp GPU-Z (rus) can be downloaded for free in Russian. Free download GPU-Z 2.17 Eng Free download GPU-Z 2.10 Rus Password to all archives: 1progs Using the program, you can find out the following information: the creator and model of the video adapter (name in …

    System Mechanic is an excellent software product that will provide your computer with maximum performance and stability. This program uses patented technologies and effective tools that are used to fix registry errors, remove junk files, and more. The application package is designed to increase the performance of the computer. The structure includes more than 20 applications, each of which is responsible for its functionality. On our site, users can download the System Mechanic key absolutely free. Free Download System…

    In Today, computer diagnostics is becoming one of the most necessary processes in maintaining not only the internal filling, but also operating systems in general, and software components installed in the system. Utilities for diagnosing a computer, as a rule, are distributed completely freely, and you can download free programs for diagnosing a computer on the World Wide Web. Actually, the question of downloading a program for diagnosing a computer may not be raised. This is primarily due to the fact that on the Internet you can find many online utilities for diagnosing a computer that do not need to be downloaded.

    However, for now, let’s talk about stationary and portable versions of utilities for computer diagnostics, which are tools with which computer diagnostics are performed and which can be downloaded for free in the corresponding section of our website. You yourself understand that portable releases of programs for diagnosing a computer do not require installation and can be launched from any removable media such as ordinary flash drives, they just need to be downloaded first. Moreover, absolutely all portable versions can be downloaded for free on our website. By the way, we have presented the best computer diagnostic programs that you can download for free.

    In principle, the whole range of utilities for computer diagnostics can be divided into several main areas. This includes anti-virus programs for diagnosing a computer, applications for monitoring the status and problems in the operating system (most often in the registry) when diagnosing a computer, utilities for obtaining complete information about the internal stuffing and software in the process of diagnosing a computer, which are more used by overlockers, specialized software packages for diagnosing computer RAM, hard drives or graphics cards, applications for monitoring the behavior of background services and processes, various testers for monitors, and much more. By and large, you should just go to the specialized section on our website and download the utility you need for free.
    It is immediately worth noting that some software products that you can download from us, in many cases, combine the capabilities of computer diagnostic systems and special tools for system optimization. However, optimizers basically work at the software level, not at the hardware level. However, diagnosing a computer for problems in almost all cases allows you to get detailed information about the system and fix the problem, either programmatically or by replacing or repairing the «iron» component.
    In order to find the software product you need and subsequently download it, in the search field of an Internet browser, many users enter queries like “download computer diagnostic program”, “computer diagnostics download free”, “computer diagnostics program for free” or “ free programs for computer diagnostics. It’s whoever you like. However, in any case, you can find a huge number of results, and then just download the desired program for free.

    No less interesting is the use of test software for overlocking, because it even controls the temperature of the processor, video card, fans, etc. For fans of overclocking processors or freeing up RAM, such applications are just a godsend. Moreover, many of them will not allow exceeding the critical parameters of the normal operation of one or another «iron» component.

    In general, for each case, you can find and download specialized products for computer diagnostics for free. On our site you can download a fairly large number of free computer diagnostic utilities for free, which will help you in the process of testing your computer. In addition, most of the computer diagnostic applications presented here, which can be downloaded for free, work automatically and allow you to get the most detailed reports on the status of the hardware and software of your computer or laptop. Carry out diagnostics of your computer with our software, which can be downloaded for free, at a professional level! After all, timely computer diagnostics will help optimize and significantly speed up the system, computer diagnostics and timely troubleshooting measures will significantly prolong the life of your electronic friend! Choose from this section of the application and decide what exactly you want to download for free.

    The first thing to find out if your computer «fell ill» is the nature of the disease, because the cause can be both software and hardware. And if you can deal with software errors on your own, following our advice from, then with hardware malfunctions you will have to contact the service or replace the faulty PC elements yourself.

    RAM failure

    In the MemTest86+ utility, designed to check the performance of RAM modules, testing is carried out from the DOS operating environment, and not from Windows

    If the symptoms indicate a malfunction of the RAM modules, it is enough to run the memtest86+ test from a USB flash drive or a bootable CD. If red error messages appear on the blue interface of the running utility, the faulty memory modules should be replaced. Typically, in case of slight damage to the RAM, errors may not appear immediately, but during the operation of the system when performing memory-demanding tasks: for example, such as unpacking large archives.

    HDD Diagnostics

    If programs freeze while doing file operations, there is a good chance that it is caused by problems with the hard drive. In this case, you need to check the HDD using the Checkdisk utility built into Windows. You can run it by going to «My Computer», right-clicking on the appropriate section of the HDD, selecting the «Properties» item and clicking the «Service» tab on the «Run a test» button.

    Also, if you suspect a problem with the hard drive, you should check the output of the built-in diagnostic utility S.M.A.R.T. To do this, use the free Speccy utility.

    Overheating of system components

    The easiest way to determine that your computer is overheating is to go into the BIOS (or UEFI interface on modern motherboards) and in the «Health» or «Power» section look at the CPU and chipset temperatures. If the values ​​exceed 50-60°C at rest, then the problem is most likely overheating.

    You can also find out information about the temperature using the already mentioned Speccy utility, which shows the temperature of all from all sensors on your computer, including the processor, memory, motherboard and video chip.

    To remedy the situation, as a rule, it is often enough to simply clean the PC components from dust with a can of compressed air and a vacuum cleaner. If the computer is under warranty and sealed, then you can blow compressed air through the cooling radiators through the vents. In rare cases, if the computer has been around for several years, it makes sense to disconnect the heatsink and replace the CPU and video card thermal paste. As a rule, this must be done after 3 years of operation of the PC.

    Motherboard failure

    If traces of electrolyte are visible on the motherboard capacitors, it is better to immediately replace it with a new one

    The hardest thing to diagnose problems caused by the failure of the elements of the motherboard. In this case, her physical examination will help you. If traces of temperature effects are observed on the surface (discoloration of the coating) or there are electrolyte spots on the capacitor section, it is better to replace such a board immediately. If a physical examination of the motherboard did not help, but you are sure that it is malfunctioning, try, if possible, connect guaranteed working components (CPU, RAM, power supply) to it from another PC to check its performance.

    The Ultimate Boot CD provides a good way to diagnose hardware problems. By burning it to a CD or USB flash drive, you can download it at any time and perform diagnostics on individual systems of your PC.

    Don’t forget about backups

    Before you start trying to fix the computer, we strongly recommend that you back up your data and transfer personal information from the system partition. It is also desirable to activate the creation of restore points for the operating system. In Windows 8, this is done through the extended menu «System Properties»: keyboard shortcut Win + X -> System -> Advanced system settings -> System protection. In this tab, enable system disk protection and then click the «Create» button. After that, when the system boots, you can press the F8 button to get to the system recovery menu and use the created checkpoint.

    What can you do yourself?

    In the event of a hardware failure, if the device is under warranty, you should take it to a service center. Otherwise, the most you can fix yourself is to replace the memory modules and the hard drive, as well as vacuum and blow the components of the system unit with compressed air in case of overheating. For other problems, it is better to contact specialists.

    PHOTO: manufacturing companies; diosmic, Gewoldi, ermingut, ludinko/

    How can I identify the components inside the computer and view their settings? How to check the processor or video card for performance and the absence of overheating? It is enough to use the program for testing and diagnostics

    Alternative programs
    : Catzilla, Unigine Superposition, Unigine Heaven, 3D Mark 11

    PCMark is, in turn, a popular tool for checking the overall performance of a computer. The tests include, among others, applications such as work in office sheets, 2D graphics operations, web browsing, and video conferencing.

    In the latest version, however, the media test (SSD or HDD) has been dropped. Only the Basic version is free.

    If you want to check how your computer handles the task of virtual reality and serves games designed for Oculus Rift or HTC Vive glasses, VR Mark is useful for you. As with other Futuremark software, only the Basic version is free.

    The tool is equipped with three tests, of which one is basic (Orange), for VR games using DirectX 12 (Cyan) and the most demanding (Blue).

    Alternative program
    : SteamVR Performance Test

    CPU-Z — for hardware identification

    The main and most popular program for identifying processors, motherboards (including UEFI BIOS versions), memory (including SPD) or graphics cards. We get an accurate preview of the hardware data.

    You can also test the processor in mono- and multi-threaded applications, and compare the results with other processors in the database. If you want to know exactly what is on your computer and how it works, this is the first application you should install.

    Thanks to CPU-Z, you can easily check, for example, the frequency and delays of the RAM, as well as the processor clock speed in real time. It is worth noting the fact that an Android version is available.

    Alternative programs
    : Crystal CPU ID, Speccy

    GPU-Z is the main program for determining video cards and their characteristics, including their current frequency. A basic test is available in the application, which allows you to «quickly» make sure that the video card is working correctly.

    However, it should be noted that the test in this program will not give confidence that, for example, during overclocking, the video card will work completely stably. For this, it is worth using more advanced products, for example, a stress test in the 3D-Mark program.

    Alternative program
    : GPU Caps Viewer

    Cinebench is a benchmark tool based on the Cinema 4D engine designed to test processor performance. It does this by creating a 3D scene — the test can be run using all CPU threads or just one thread. This gives a good idea of ​​the capabilities of the processors.

    Cinebench also has a built-in graphics card test that uses a complex 3D scene that, using the car chase example (by renderbaron), measures the performance of the graphics card in OpenGL mode

    Alternative programs
    : LuxMark (3D graphics rendering with CPU or GPU), CompuBench (3D graphics rendering with GPU)

    OCCT 4.5.1 — Stability and Temperature Test

    Alternative programs
    : FurMark, Prime95 or for SpeedFan, RealTemp and CoreTemp temperature monitoring.

    MemTest86 is a great program to check if your RAM is working properly. This is one of those components whose stable operation is very important for the performance of a computer.

    The program is launched from a bootable flash drive (or CD/DVD if someone else is using them).

    Alternative program
    : Prime95

    Prime95 — stability or temperature test under load

    Another great program for testing the stability or temperatures of computer components under high load. We can choose between tests that load the most, for example, RAM or CPU.

    Alternative programs
    : OCCT, MemTest86

    It’s hard to pick one best program for testing the performance of storage media (HDD and SSD hard drives), but if you already have to do it, CrystalDiskMark will be your favorite. It allows you to check the performance of media, both in the case of reading / writing serial data, and for small files.

    It gives a good idea of ​​the actual performance of the node under test. If you are interested not only in performance (but, for example, also in SMART readings, the ability to download new firmware or perform Secure Erase operations), you should take an interest in the applications that come with manufacturers’ drives. For example, in the case of SanDisk, the SanDisk SSD Dashboard is available, and Samsung is Samsung Magician.

    Alternative programs
    : AS, AS SSD, manufacturer software included

    Programs for overclocking AMD video cards. Programs for overclocking a video card

    Answer from
    programs: ATITool, ATI Tray Tools and RivaTuner.
    2.1. First, disable overclocking blocking in drivers for video cards that have overclocking blocked by default (RADEON 9000, 9200, 9600, 9700 non-PRO and 9500PRO reset frequencies to default when starting 3D applications — this blocking is hardcoded in drivers and is «cut out» patch script ATI Overclocking Antiprotection, make sure that the cooling system functions normally and is sufficiently productive (at default frequencies, the components of the video card should not heat up above 37-40 degrees Celsius);
    2. 2. Install the overclocking program, restart the computer, call this program and increase the frequencies of the video memory and the video core by 10-15 MHz, apply the changes, then close the program and start several 2D applications first, «drive» around the window screen to make sure there are no artifacts in 2D mode;
    2.3. Next, run Futuremark 3DMark 2001 (SE), test 4 (Nature) and / or 3DMark03, tests 2 (Troll’s Lair) and 4 (Mother Nature — if, of course, your video card supports DirectX9 in hardware).
    2.4. If there are no image artifacts and / or freezes, repeat the procedure and raise the frequencies until the first signs of overclocking appear. In case of artifacts, reduce the real (excluding DDR) clock frequency of the video memory by 5-10 MHz, in case of a hard freeze of the machine and / or a critical error / VPU Recover error — the frequency of the graphics core. If the signs of overclocking do not disappear during the second test, reduce the frequency of the second component. If this does not help — reduce the frequency of both components by another 5 MHz. If this does not bring a positive result, turn off the system, evaluate the degree of heating of the components by touching it with the back of your hand, then in case of strong heating, wait 10-15 minutes, start the system and repeat the test.
    2.5. In case of constant overheating of the card during prolonged operation at maximum frequencies, at which it passes a single sequence of tests stably — consider the possibility of improving the cooling system, and also analyze the quality of the general ventilation of the computer case and find the maximum frequencies at which the card is able to operate without overheating. For the final check of stability at the found frequencies, you should use the full sequence of 3DMark tests, other test applications and games with a constant load on the video system for at least 3 hours. Having found the maximum stable frequencies, you can set them as constants.

    Reply from Damir
    I mean, put in an NVIDIA GEFORCE MX-9600 video card, put in 2 GB of RAM, then everything will work out for the theater

    Sooner or later, almost every user comes to the conclusion that during the game there are not enough frames. And then the question arises of upgrading the system, or rather, replacing the old video card with a more powerful one.

    But, the financial component makes adjustments, and over time, an ordinary gamer begins to think about overclocking a video card at home in order to reach the maximum that was originally set by the manufacturer. Below are universal utilities for your attention. They allow you to overclock video cards, whether it’s NVIDIA or ATI. They are also the most popular among the majority of users.

    List of programs for overclocking video cards


    This program is a product of Russian developers, but the Russian language is not included in the interface — only English. This program has a very wide range of options for setting up NVIDIA video cards. It allows you to create your own patch scripts (scripts for replacing / changing machine code) and apply them in your work.

    It is worth noting that this program is practically the only one of its kind that allows the user to make the finest settings for the video card. This program also has a number of failures,


    This program is written directly to the system tray and does not interfere with the work of other programs at all. It also supports a multilingual interface (there is a Russian language).

    The only disadvantage of this program is its conditional free. It is distributed as a shareware program. But this is unlikely to be a big problem for users.

    ATI Tray Tools

    This program is very simple. Like the PowerStrip utility, it also resides in the tray. This program allows you to overclock directly from the menu. In it, you can create your own profiles with personal settings and load them as needed.

    The ATITool utility was created specifically for low-level overclocking and monitoring of ATI video cards. She has two interesting features. The first is that ATITool can test the stability of the entire graphics card. The second is the automatic activation of the overclocking function when switching from 2D to 3D mode, which allows you to somewhat save the energy consumed by the card and apply overclocking only when it is really necessary. This program does not allow you to configure the video card and is only used for overclocking.

    In my opinion, the best utility for ATI is ATI Tray Tools

    Let’s see how to use it.

    Install ATI Tray Tools.

    Then go to the window called «Overclock settings».

    If the measured temperature is acceptable, continue

    If your graphics card has split clocks, you should choose to change the 3D clocks.

    We raise one of the frequencies by about 10 percent. Click the «Apply» button.

    Next, click «Show 3D window», and then — «Scan for Artifacts». We are waiting for about 10 minutes, during this time there should be no artifacts! If the counter does not reach 10 minutes and resets, finding artifacts, you need to slightly lower the frequency and start the check again.

    If the test was successful, you need to increase the frequency in steps of about 5-10 MHz, after the increase we do a check and find the maximum possible frequency.

    Video card is overclocked. We launch any demanding game. We play for about two hours, all this time there should be no artifacts, otherwise the frequencies should be reduced.

    If step 10 was completed successfully, then you should go back to the overclocking menu, click on the «Write profile» button, save the profile under a name. Next, check the boxes next to the items «Restore after hibernation» and «Load profile with ATT».

    Check if the ATI Tray Tools program is set to start automatically. If not, then it should be installed.
    That’s it! Enjoy the increased performance of your card!

    These are the programs for overclocking absolutely any video card, the main thing to remember is that overclocking, although it increases performance, but reduces the shelf life of your video card.

    «Overclocking» tab of RivaTuner program.

    There is an effective solution for overclocking video cards: RivaTuner. This feature rich application is not limited to Nvidia graphics cards; it can also be used to overclock AMD video cards. (If you remember, the first Nvidia accelerators were called Riva. You can read about the history of Nvidia video cards in the article « History of nVidia in graphics cards: 13 years of success

    Dosed overclocking

    RivaTuner allows you to overclock the system without any frequency limits (in any case, you can go much further than AMD and Nvidia would like when using the overclocking interface in their own drivers), and can also desynchronize certain An interesting feature of RivaTuner is that it can change the shader unit frequency regardless of the GPU, while other programs can only act according to the GPU (the shader unit frequency is set relative to the GPU frequency).0004

    The RivaTuner utility can be downloaded . By the way, we used this utility to adjust the fan speed for video cards of the 4800 family before the release of the Catalyst 8. 10 driver.

    PowerStrip cannot overclock GMA 950.

    One of the oldest overclocking software is PowerStrip. This utility for managing PC graphics options has been helping overclock video cards for many years and is quite mature. Its only drawback is that it is not free, unlike other programs that we have talked about. However, PowerStrip can be used for more than just overclocking.

    A value for money program

    The great advantage of PowerStrip is that it works with most graphics cards on the market, not just AMD and Nvidia. It can be launched from the Windows taskbar, which means that you can set the necessary parameters faster than through drivers. In addition, PowerStrip can adjust many display settings, such as refresh rate, and more interestingly, output resolution: a must-have option for some HDTV users.

    The PowerStrip program can be found .

    ATI Tray Tools and ATITool are two different programs

    The following two utilities have very similar names, but are actually quite different. ATI Tray Tools only supports AMD graphics cards, while ATITool (despite its seemingly self-explanatory name) works with both AMD and Nvidia models.

    ATITool and its test image.

    This overclocker is compatible with all Nvidia and AMD graphics cards and is of interest for at least one reason: it has a 3D animation rendering that stresses the graphics core of the graphics card and allows you to check if the overclocking settings are working by detecting artifacts. It also has a function to determine the maximum frequency the GPU can accept (similar to the Catalyst driver’s Auto-Tune function).

    You can download the latest version of ATITool .

    ATI Tray Tools for AMD only

    ATI Tray Tools. Click on the picture to enlarge.

    This little program resides in the system tray (hence the name) and helps tune AMD (former ATI) video cards. ATI Tray Tools has one small problem: its maximum frequency detection function is too optimistic, which leads to crashes. Like some other applications, this utility is able to store profiles that can be loaded in accordance with a particular program, for example, a profile for games, a profile for office applications, etc.

    Updated versions of the ATI Tray Tools utility are available at .


    ATITool is a useful and powerful utility that was developed by ATI Techologies Inc (a well-known graphics card manufacturer). The program is responsible for direct configuration of almost all parameters of the video adapter.

    The program allows you to control the overclocking of the video processor and its temperature, control the cooling system, supply voltage. Thanks to the utility, you can adapt absolutely all color and brightness characteristics to the parameters of your monitor.


    Main functions and technical features of the application:

    • Monitoring and providing detailed information about the main parameters of the video adapter (fan speed, temperature, performance indicators, etc.).
    • Search for suitable 3-D applications for overclocking your graphics card.
    • Voltage control function.
    • Adjustable gamma.
    • Manage driver settings for video adapters.
    • Cooling system monitoring function.
    • Users can remove restrictions related to graphics card overclocking.
    • Evaluate the quality of 3-D graphics and compare the results with the reference ones.
    • Search for artifacts when overclocking the GPU. After they are detected, the application automatically lowers the frequency.
    • Ability to scan visual overclocking values ​​using maximum kernel memory values.
    • Check overclock results and provide detailed information about adapter operation and status.
    • Function to preload the operating system by time or by startup.

    Pros and cons

    The software is very popular due to a number of its positive qualities:

    • The utility independently evaluates the quality of 3-D graphics. If artifacts are detected, it automatically reduces frequencies. Thanks to this, without user intervention, you can achieve the most efficient and safe overclocking for the video card.
    • Extensive user settings.
    • The presence of several languages ​​and the presence of an interface in Russian.
    • Support for many Nvidia and AMD adapter models.
    • Wide functionality.
    • With the correct use of the software, you can use the capabilities of the video adapter chip to 100 percent.
    • The program provides an automatic mode for selecting the most optimal overclocking parameters.
    • The application adapts the color and brightness of the image, taking into account the settings of each monitor.
    • Possibility of temperature control.
    • Users can bypass software protection.
    • Hotkey combinations can be set in the user profile.
    • Reliable protection against overheating of the hardware component.


    • The maximum frequency selected by the utility is not always stable for operation.
    • Software automation is rather conditional. You can not completely trust the application overclocking the video card. The user himself must monitor the operation of the adapter. Otherwise, serious damage is possible.
    • The security of ATITool is rather arbitrary.


    On our Internet resource, anyone can download ATITool and many other software for free.

    Technological development not only opens up new computer peripheral devices, but also allows us to increase the potential of already purchased devices. It’s about overclocking an AMD video card.

    This process does not involve any complicated operations. You don’t have to be a genius or a programmer to improve the capabilities of a device. It is enough to carefully read the instructions and use the right AMD.

    What is it?

    Perhaps all experienced PC users have come across the concept of «overclocking». This term came from English and adapted to our language. Therefore, overclocking and overclocking are synonymous.

    Both terms describe the process of increasing the frequency of one of the system components. In our case, we are talking about an AMD video card. Overclocking can increase the frequency and, accordingly, the voltage, which will lead to an improvement in the speed of the device.

    Overclocking may or may not be effective. In the first case, the user will be able to achieve the maximum frequency value with stable operation. In the second, system errors and adapter problems may occur.

    It is important to understand that overclocking an AMD Radeon HD graphics card will affect thermal performance, power consumption, and noise.

    Goals and methods

    As mentioned above, overclocking is needed to improve the performance of the device, in our case, the video card. The process has a downside — noise, increased heat generation, instability. All this can be called:

    • incorrect operation of the viduha;
    • non-observance of the overclocking rules;
    • insufficient performance of the cooling system;
    • lack of food;
    • errors in the adjustment of indicators.

    You can overclock not only the video card, but also processors, memory, motherboards, routers and other devices.

    There are several overclocking methods:

    • Using BIOS. Here you need to set higher frequencies for one or more devices in the system.
    • BIOS update. In this case, you can use alternative software, which will already have increased frequency and voltage.
    • Special proprietary or third-party programs.


    It just so happened that the overclocking programs for AMD Radeon video cards proved to be the most effective. Therefore, it is important to consider several options for utilities that will help you quickly, simply, and most importantly, effectively overclock.

    Among them:

    • Overdrive;
    • ATITool;
    • MSI Afterburner;
    • ATI Tray Tools.

    Over Drive

    Very often this program is used for overclocking AMD Radeon video cards. But there is one interesting fact that you need to know before using it.

    The fact is that, in addition to software with the same name, there is a section of the same name in the proprietary program. Both options have the same tasks. But there is one detail.

    The point is that the stand-alone utility is aimed at overclocking the processor, while the section specializes in video cards.

    AMD Radeon Software Crimson must be installed for the adapter. This software and driver for branded «red» video cards.

    The last update of the utility was released a year ago. Since then it has been working with many series of desktop adapters. For example, it can easily cope with the overclocking of the AMD Radeon HD 7700 video card. To improve this model, you need to go to the Over Drive section in the program.

    The disadvantage of this option is that it is possible to raise the frequency indicators only to the values ​​​​set by the manufacturer. That is, the performance gain in this case will be insignificant.


    Another good utility, but somewhat outdated since it was updated in 2011. However, it is an automated program that can work with both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards.

    Software, in addition to overclocking, monitors, manages general and special settings. Based on the name, it is clear that it is focused more on video cards of «red» models. Hence, there are so many features from this particular company.

    The utility works on a module with automatic overclocking. In the process, she tries to pick up the frequency by comparing the installed 3D image with the one that is displayed at certain adapter speed indicators.

    But since the program is still somewhat outdated, it makes no sense to talk a lot about it. It can only be useful for overclocking an old-generation AMD video card.

    ATI Tray Tools

    As the name of the program implies, it was also developed a long time ago (ATI was conditionally renamed AMD in 2006). Nevertheless, it continues to function steadily. It became popular due to the fact that it can fine-tune and overclock video cards from the “red” company.

    It is located in the system tray and gives access to many options. Works with the oldest versions of Windows. Among the latest updates, it supports the «seven». Starting with the Radeon 9500 version, it works with all models. This is one of the few programs for overclocking an AMD video card in Russian.

    What can this software do? It supports a lot of the company’s proprietary technologies, and also works with some features. It can overclock in automatic mode, switching to a 3D picture. Creates game profiles and configures global hotkeys. Copes with temperature monitoring in the system, performs low-level color correction.

    There are functions for low-level overclocking and creating special profiles for this process. Supports a lot of useful plugins, creates screenshots and much more.

    MSI Afterburner

    Despite the fact that this utility has been working for more than 8 years, the developers still provide support for it. For example, an updated version of MSI Afterburner 4.4.0 was released a month ago.

    The main feature of this application is that it is almost always used, regardless of the manufacturer of the device. This is due to many factors.

    When this software was released in 2009, it was often associated with another EVGA Precision signature piece. But it was the product from MSI that became a universal overclocking tool.

    A lot of time has passed since the release, the software interface has changed dramatically. Although overclocking an AMD graphics card is still simple and straightforward. The last update introduced the final release of the program, which was deprived of errors and endowed with a bunch of innovations.

    The software now supports Vega 10 graphics cards. Now it can regulate the voltage on the latest generation cards from Nvidia (GTX 1030, GTX 1070 Ti, GTX 1080 Ti and Titan Xp). The program now displays regarding processor loads, frame rates, temperatures. The new shell was named Cyborg White.


    It would seem, how are cryptocurrencies related to our topic? While the whole world is watching the growth of bitcoin, part of the earth’s population is trying to make money on it. To do this, many acquire special stations that could help in this matter.

    Mining is a set of computational tasks that helps generate bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For everything to be efficient, you need to get a productive system. Some decide to buy special equipment — ASICs. And someone decides to improve the existing system. Therefore, you need to overclock the AMD Radeon video card for mining.


    Cryptocurrency mining equipment can be chosen forever. One good option is the Sapphire NITRO + Radeon RX 580 Limited Edition GPU. This is an excellent video card model that was developed by Sapphire.

    It has an increased frequency due to factory overclocking, and improved auxiliary components. To understand the overclocking features of this model, it is important to briefly review its technical characteristics.

    The video card is powered by 2304 stream processors, manufactured according to the 14-nm process technology. The clock frequency reaches 1.4 GHz. There are built-in video memory chips, 8 GB of GDDR5 type. The model consumes 225 watts.

    These figures may differ slightly for the same model, but from a different manufacturer.

    Overclocking for mining

    It so happened that in order to mine cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to improve not the processor frequency, but the speed of the memory. Hence, a slightly different overclocking technology for the AMD Radeon RX 580 video card.

    For example, for an Nvidia device, you need to use three utilities:

      GPU-Z, which monitors all video card parameters;

      MSI Afterburner, already familiar to us, is needed directly to overclock the adapter;

      any benchmark that can effectively test the system under stress.

    Whether you’re overclocking for gaming performance or for mining, there are three steps to the process. First, we increase the frequency indicator, then we check the behavior of the system in a stress test, and then we can analyze the behavior of the device in the game.

    Raise the frequency carefully. It is better to let the process itself take longer for you and you will increase by 40-50 MHz than you will not be able to detect a critical indicator of the chip speed. If you get an error, then you need to return to the previous value that was set and use it. The same process must be repeated for video memory.

    In the case of the device from AMD, everything is somewhat simpler. You just need to change the parameters of the adapter. Because of this process, many have chosen the RX series for mining. Models in it differ in the frequency of RAM. Therefore, when choosing, you need to look only at this indicator.

    The most advanced parameters are for 8 GB models. But some have already got the hang of working with the 4 GB version, since you can overclock the RAM and change the timings.


    Overclocking a graphics card is a simple process. Often, inexperienced users are afraid to do anything, thinking that they can mess up the entire system. In fact, there is nothing wrong with overclocking. The video card will not burn out under increased loads. It will just give an error and reset all settings.

    Therefore, when overclocking, it is important to do everything consistently and accurately. In this case, you will be able to achieve the most effective result for both simple games and mining.

    In the case of AMD video cards, MSI Afterburner software will definitely help. This program copes with almost any model. There is an option to use a proprietary utility that can be bundled with drivers for the adapter. But, unfortunately, they are not always successful and effective.

    Along with it, you will have to install a couple more programs that will help you analyze the overclocking process itself, and then test the performance result. Such tools may also be included.

    If you have an outdated card model, you can try using ATITool and ATI Tray Tools. They are focused on older generation video cards. Although it is somewhat more difficult to work with them, since their interface has remained the same, and the functionality does not meet modern requirements.

    Different programs for users!




    AQTech Amp Messenger
    A small nice program for exchanging short
    messages on the local network is useful, if not all
    your office staff use the same
    Internet pagers or if your local network does not have
    permanent access to the Internet. With a standard set
    functions, this program is still different from similar
    products. The fact is that she can change her appearance,
    using skins from the popular Winamp mp3 player. For change
    the appearance of the program, you need to place the skin file in the directory
    program and specify the path to it in the appearance settings.
    Restorator 251 For some programs, you can download the crack
    if you find it. You can sit with a dictionary and translate, or you can download
    this program and translate it into Russian yourself, i.e. make a crack for it.
    Universal Backup 1.1
    Rearranging the system after a serious failure is a long process,
    have to re-install the necessary for work
    applications, look for drivers on disks, etc. In general,
    work for the whole day. This program can save you
    such torment. How it works is simple: Universal Backup
    creates an archive copy of your hard drive that can be
    save either to CD or another hard drive
    computer. In the event of a critical failure, restore the system,
    using this archive is a matter of five minutes. It would seem that
    here special? After all, there is a DriveImage program that
    performs exactly the same functions and image compression ratio
    it is higher than that of Universal Backup. But there is still a difference.
    The fact is that this program, unlike its competitors,
    can work from the Windows environment, while other programs
    can only work in DOS mode. In addition, using
    Universal Backup, you can make archive copies of individual
    applications. I am glad that the program is spreading
    absolutely free and has a Russian interface.
    FileDiv 1.0
    Imagine that you need to take a friend a pretty
    big file but don’t have a CD burner? «No problem!» —
    you say, break the file into pieces with an archiver and calmly
    write it to several floppy disks. Then add to the equation
    one more variable: suppose your friend doesn’t have
    a similar archiver to «glue» these files together.
    What to do? Write the archiver itself to floppy disks? There is one
    less radical. The FileDiv program can create
    from your file a multi-volume self-extracting archive.
    Your friend will only have to copy all the pieces
    archive from floppy disks to one folder and run the file with the extension
    EXE. The program can be used not only as a tool for
    transfer files to friends. With it, you can break
    regular archive files to send them to an FTP server.
    Active Smart Monitor
    Most recently, PANTERASoft released a new version
    popular program Active Smart Monitor. This utility
    is universal and can work with all
    modern hard drives. About each hard drive,
    installed on your computer, Smart Monitor provides detailed
    information: manufacturer, number of cylinders, heads and
    sectors, file system, etc. And, of course,
    the program does not bypass S.M.A.R.T data. She is
    shows the threshold and current values ​​of each parameter.
    In addition, Smart Monitor can run in the background
    and warn the user about possible problems with
    hard drive visually, by e-mail or by
    transmission of a special message over the network. Though keep smart
    Monitor constantly on is not necessary at all,
    just run it periodically and check
    the state of your hard drive. utility
    The loudest epidemic, which, by the way, continues to this day
    now, is the KLEZ Internet worm. It is a Trojan, network
    worm and mail virus at the same time. To run from
    infected messages, the worm exploits a flaw in Internet security
    Explorer, and automatic activation of the worm is possible when
    normal message viewing. Malicious code is extremely cunning
    and insidious. On the infected computer, it searches among the running
    processes of anti-virus programs and forcibly terminates
    their implementation. Thus, the user actually becomes
    disarmed. When sending email messages, KLEZ may
    falsify the return address using the address
    book on the infected machine. Due to the uniqueness of the situation
    Kaspersky Lab has developed a free
    program to detect and remove this malware
    programs. The CLRAV utility searches and neutralizes
    worm in RAM and hard drive infected
    computer, and restores the original content
    Windows system registry. In addition to KLEZ, this utility
    effectively fights network worms: Goner, SirCam,
    Navidad and BleBla. When running this utility, it is recommended
    close all user applications, and after completion
    her work restart the computer, run the antivirus
    scanner and delete the remaining infected files.
    Quick Tools 3.0
    Even the most inexperienced user of the operating system
    Windows is clear that many of its default settings
    It would be nice to reconfigure and optimize. But one thing
    — to guess, and quite another — to know how to do it,
    so that it would not be excruciatingly painful for you and your computer.
    Proper setup requires a mobile, simple and
    visual program. Preferably in Russian. All this
    The Quick Tools utility meets the requirements. With her menu
    «Properties» you can improve or just decorate publicly
    favorite operating system. 11 tabs cover of course
    far from everything, but much of what may be required in
    such a delicate matter. For example, on the Screensaver tab
    you have the right to set a «hot» key or screen angle, when
    when the mouse cursor hits the screen saver.
    One slight movement of the hand — and no one will know what you have
    was on the desktop before. By the way, on the next tab
    «Desktop» you can set a transparent background for icons and color
    their signatures.
    Credit Card Verifier 1.3
    A simple algorithm to control the credit card combination.
    It is enough to enter the number, and the utility itself will find the appropriate
    type of credit card — of course, if this is a real number.
    The program determines only the correctness of the combination of numbers, speech
    does not go about the full control of the validity of the card.
    Supports 6 international credit cards including MasterCard,
    VISA and American Express. Credit Card Verifier is distributed
    is free.
    A program for those who like to decorate their desktop. Sometimes,
    drawing a beautiful picture and making it the background on the desktop, we
    we see that its appearance is spoiled by the background that frames the captions for the icons.
    To bring the aesthetic appearance of the desktop back to normal, you can install
    this program. With it, you can not only remove the interfering background under
    icons, but also to choose the color of the text.
    Mouse Off road 2.12
    A funny program that calculates how many meters your
    mouse, average speed and operating time. The program can be located
    on the desktop, and «hang» in the tray. The program has the ability
    calibration for a more accurate display of the «run» distance. In fact
    its own, this program is useless but fun. So if you
    I wonder how much your mouse runs, say, in a day, then
    install this utility.
    Stamina 2.3
    Cheerful, with jokes, jokes, keyboard simulator. The learning process
    compared with analogues, it is much more fun because of the original
    voicing errors when entering and typing original phrases offered
    training program. Stamina provides a standard set
    options for quick learning, like its counterparts, keeps statistics
    classes, but, unlike them, can play music, greet
    when loading and saying goodbye when exiting. Warning: set of phrases
    programs are very non-standard.
    DivX 4.11
    DivX is a high quality digital video technology. In this version
    the codec has been optimized for the Pentium 4 processor, and under certain conditions
    its performance grows by 78% compared to previous versions. Also
    it became possible to view video with high resolutions up to 1280×720 pixels.
    You need a minimum processor to use DivX 4.11
    Pentium II 450, 64 MB of RAM and 8 MB of video memory. If you
    If you are using Windows, DirectX 7 or 8 must be installed.
    Fractal landscape generator. It does not have as many functions as, for example, in the same Terragen, but
    it is still possible to create beautiful pictures of the Universe in it. The program can
    create multi-colored stars, foggy clusters, change the density of stars.
    Universe has very simple and clear controls, which makes it a great game.
    for a child. The program requires paid registration, and in this regard, some
    functions do not work. But even without them, you can make some beautiful backgrounds for your desktop.
    A program for those who do not want to spend time looking in different books
    information about what his name means, under what zodiac sign he
    born, etc. By entering your first and last name in the appropriate fields and
    by clicking on the «Start» button, you will receive a complete set of information about
    to yourself: the meaning of the name, the number of the name, the element, the planet. In a programme
    there is also information about significant events and dates of birth
    famous people who coincide with your birthday.
    HyperCam v. 1.60
    HyperCam program that creates a video sequence from what is happening on
    screen. The program captures: mouse cursor movements, selection from
    menu and everything else that you see on the screen (the rest of the displayed
    on the action screen). And not only that — the program remembers the sounds
    system dynamics. You can control it from a distance, for example
    through automated client software.
    The program will find application primarily in the preparation of various
    tutorials, creating presentations, demos, etc.
    The full version of the program costs $30.
    Alchemy GIF Animator 2.1
    A program belonging to the category of GIF animators and according to its functions
    similar to most paid programs of this type. You can
    sequentially insert frames, adjust, change the delay,
    optimize output… The full version of the program costs $35.
    IrfanView 3.36
    IrfanView is a simple and fast image viewer that supports
    all major graphic formats such as BMP, DIB, JPEG, GIF,
    animated GIF, PNG, PCX, multi-page TIFF, TGA, etc.
    Moreover, it supports folder browsing, contains TWAIN support,
    mode for presentation, batch conversion, and can also
    modify color depth, crop, smudge and focus.
    There is plugin support and features such as effects
    focus and blur, zoom and twist, etc.
    EyeDropper 3.01
    A simple and very small freeware program,
    which will be primarily appreciated by users who work a lot with graphics.
    We are talking about a pipette, that is, a tool for a set of paints,
    functioning throughout the Windows environment. EyeDropper can
    define color as RGB, CMYK, and HEX and allows the user to
    set up keyboard shortcuts to write selected hues to
    Crystal Button
    Those who have ever drawn buttons for navigation on the site,
    designing their Internet resource, they know how tedious it is
    occupation. Sometimes you have to sit for a long time in front of
    monitor, coming up with buttons suitable for the design of the site.
    The author of this program, apparently, is tired of sitting for hours
    in front of the computer, working in a graphics editor, and he
    decided to create this program. Crystal Button is a program
    to automatically create buttons. She works with
    templates, and all that remains for you to do is to choose
    size and color, add volumetric effects and come up with
    inscription. After that, it remains only to save the resulting
    drawing and it’s done!
    Sometimes when working with text we need an editor,
    functionally superior to standard Notepad and not the same
    bulky like Microsoft Word. Basically this kind
    we need a program when working with HTML code or languages
    programming. There are many such programs
    but TEA stands out from this row due to the following
    Features: Syntax highlighting for languages:
    HTML, C, C++, Object Pascal (Delphi, Kylix), Java, JavaScript
    , Perl, SQL, Visual Basic Script. Quick Templates for: HTML,
    Delphi, C++ Builder. Mathematical apparatus: calculator for
    extra-large values, built-in processing of algebraic
    expressions. Converting from one number system to another
    (DEC/BIN/HEX), converting Arabic numbers into Roman numbers and vice versa.
    Text functions: case change, formatting,
    block positioning using cursor keys,
    encryption / decryption, reverse, correct design of dialogues,
    remove HTML tags and extra spaces. In addition, for
    more convenient work with the program, you can set up hot
    keys. It is also possible to connect external browsers,
    compilers and utilities.
    Macromedia Dreamweaver 4
    The archive consists of 2 archives, one of which Russifies
    Dreamweaver 4, and the second one turns the trial version into a full-fledged program, without
    restrictions on use.
    Flash 4
    The archive consists of 2 archives, one of which contains Russian Help,
    and the second makes a full-fledged program from the trial version, without
    restrictions on use.
    Flash 5
    The archive consists of 3 archives, one of which Russifies
    Flash 5, and two more make a full-fledged program out of the trial version, but they are suitable
    not to all (therefore there are two of them).
    WinRar 2.90 beta
    The RAR console program, developed at the time by E. Roshal, uses
    original file compression algorithm, immediately received a huge success. Format
    RAR has become one of the de facto international archival formats. Nothing less
    the corresponding shell also achieved success. WinRar can create,
    edit, comment and protect ZIP and RAR archives, as well as read
    archives ARJ, LHA, LZH, ACE, JAR (Java Archive), TAR and many others
    formats. Naturally, the main format for this program is still
    is RAR. It provides data compression, archive protection, and fast
    data recovery from archive files.
    WinZip 8.0
    This is the best program for working with ZIP files. Listing WinZip Features
    may take more than one page. The latest versions have added
    additional features: very user-friendly integration into
    Windows Explorer, compression and subsequent sending of the archive by E-mail,
    splitting large ZIP files into smaller ones, quick access to the program
    and archive files through the System Tray, etc. Recently, WinZip introduced
    Windows XP support. I would like to point out what
    WinZip is best at packing files of different formats into a single archive. At
    it did not observe large losses of system resources and system hangups.
    Active Phone Server
    Multifunctional program (answering machine with caller ID, auto redial,
    phone book, dialing to the provider, checking mail
    boxes, reminder function). Main window framed
    unusual and colorful. Supported such exotic
    languages ​​like Malaysian, Esperanto, Bulgarian, Bosnian
    etc. Caller ID functions are supported for all three main
    types: CND, domestic hardware, software
    domestic. There is an anti-AON function — sending to the responder
    package subscriber with a false number. Identification supported
    busy signal when recording an incoming message. Generally
    it seems that APServer was debugged only for
    regular situations, and those cases when interaction with
    modem goes beyond these limits, not even modeled.
    Caller ID for modems «Russian Courier»
    A simple program for tracking a modem that has a built-in
    hardware AON. It is possible to play the specified sound
    file when determining the number of an incoming call. Can
    minimize to tray. Additionally, it has an auto-dial feature.
    and phone book. More about this program
    nothing special, as this is a typical creation
    solo enthusiast. The program is quite stable, but not
    replete with functions and only works with «Russian Courier»,
    which significantly limits the circle of her potential fans.
    Imagine that you have visited a website dedicated to
    cartoon flash-animation, and you are so
    liked some cartoon that you wanted to keep
    it on your computer for a long time. But do it
    not for everyone. This utility will allow you to save
    any animation you like on your hard drive by pressing
    one button. The program integrates into Internet Explorer,
    and in order to save the cartoon, you will need
    just tell the program in which directory to save the file.
    BulletProof FTP The best FTP client I have come across, so
    how it supports downloading files to the site after disconnection.
    The program is 30 days, but I think it will not hurt you to use it
    for all 100%.
    Exchange rates
    This program is designed for those who need to constantly be
    up to date with the latest exchange rates of world currencies. work with this
    the program is extremely simple. You choose the currency, the price
    which you want to know in rubles, click on the button
    «Get data» — and quotes in front of you. For authenticity
    information, you do not have to worry, as the program works
    with the web server of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
    The IE browser add-on utility keeps track of time and money,
    spent online. Allow a small panel to load
    together with Windows and hide when the connection is broken. However,
    There are several launch options, but CC 4.12 will turn on for free
    only 100 times. Statistics calculation is automated and
    written in the LOG file. The utility analyzes the quantity
    connections on the computer and calculates the tariffs, about
    which you tell her.


    If your friend from ICQ-correspondence stubbornly does not go to »
    online» and does not respond to messages, then he either turned on
    invisible mode, either does not want to communicate with you, or he
    doesn’t really turn on your internet pager. Verify,
    whether your friend is really offline,
    This little program will help. You just set the UIN
    your friend, and it shows in which mode the
    actually he is.
    WebZip 4.0
    Let’s say you found a website on the Internet that you would like to see.
    later or save for the future. Save every page for this
    — the occupation is rather tedious, which is why they were created so
    called offline browsers. As you can guess from the title,
    offline browser is a program with which you can view
    sites without connecting to the web. To do this, you only need to select a resource,
    which you want to view later, and specify its address
    program. After that, the given site is completely uploaded to you on
    a computer. WebZip compares favorably with analogues convenient
    interface and ease of use. The program works together
    with Internet Explorer and, accordingly, select the page that
    you are about to download, it is much easier.
    Weather The weather is often unpredictable and everyone wants to have
    up-to-date information about its changes. This program connects quickly with
    server, receives a fresh weather forecast from there and shows it to you.
    When running, the program hides in the tray (next to the clock), and information about
    weather can be accessed by right-clicking on its icon.
    The versatility of this utility lies in the fact that it can be configured
    to get the weather forecast anywhere in the world. weather information
    taken from Customize the program for you
    city ​​can be like this: on the above site, find your city and copy
    the full address in the weather.ini file in the URL parameter.
    Naviscope 8.69
    It seems that the authors of this utility set out to collect in Naviscope
    the possibilities of many other similar utilities, and, I must say, it turned out
    a very good program — an Internet accelerator that optimizes
    your access to the Web in almost every known way. In addition to this,
    the program has a nice interface, can synchronize clocks
    with «atomic» time from the Internet. Naviscope has a search option
    on the Web using multiple search engines, displaying
    memory loading process, etc. The program is constantly updated,
    so don’t neglect using the «Update» button.
    CuteFTP (32-bit) 4.2.3
    A well-known FTP client. In this version he continues
    a long tradition of comprehensive tools for working with FTP in
    Internet. The 30-day version is fully functional.
    IE Security 3.5
    Internet Explorer Security is a utility that will allow you to configure
    many hidden options in your browser. With his tools
    it is really very easy to make all the settings. First of all, he
    allows you to change individual protection zones very quickly. Component
    named Web Spy will allow you to define which users can
    visit these pages. Related to this is the support offered.
    multiple users, and password protection. Next
    the function of the program is the possibility of self-blocking
    menu items, as well as protecting your Favorites from
    unwanted changes.
    Mailbox Verifier 1.0
    A very simple and effective utility that monitors content
    your mailbox. It is enough to set the time interval,
    and the program will automatically search for new messages that will be announced
    with a flashing icon, a sound signal or will open a window for
    messages. You can set almost all parameters in the program in
    according to your needs. If you are already using
    e.g. Microsoft Outlook, you can easily import the list
    accounts with a single click.
    SpyChecker 1.0
    Are you sure your favorite program is not sending over the Internet
    information about you or your computer? SpyChecker is attached to
    database of the parent server, which
    contains a list of all known programs that secretly send
    personal or confidential information over the Internet. Attention! Not
    every program that sends information about you violates
    «rules of the game» — sometimes you yourself agree with the collection of information
    for the needs of authors under license conditions.
    Web Ferret 3.5001
    WebFerret integrates the services of many Internet full-text,
    catalog and metasearch services. He will send your request to the selected
    group of robots and visually displays the results of their searches.
    You can choose the maximum amount of data found, or
    the number of found links that are received from each search engine
    center, view the entire page, its title, or just links to
    page, search for all or only some of the given keywords
    etc. The interface of the program is very similar to the Windows Find utility.
    The found information can be displayed either in the window of your
    browser, or in the WebFerret window. Clicking on a link in a window
    WebFerret its document will be displayed in your browser.
    WebWasher 3.0
    This program removes ads from the browsing
    your www-pages. Thus, it primarily accelerates
    reading requested documents, and thus saves
    a lot of money to modem owners. The only problem is in
    intermittent errors when the program flags
    the graphic element is like an advertisement and does not display it. For personal
    The program is free to use. Use in
    companies perhaps for 50 Dm.
    Windows 2000 and Windows XP, despite all their advantages,
    suffer from one problem: when you enable OpenGL or Direct3D
    modes set frequency of the monitor timer
    resets to 75-60 Hz. Agree, it’s unpleasant when after
    a clear picture on the monitor, an unpleasant flicker occurs.
    This program will help you get rid of this problem.
    The program serves for «hard» setting of frequencies in
    the above modes in Windows operating systems
    2000 and Windows XP. ATI RAGE 128/RAGE cards supported
    128 PRO/RADEON (including modifications LE,VE,7500,8500)
    TweakAll 1.2.3
    This utility is far from the weakest representative
    class of «tweakers» programs. 16 of her bookmarks cover
    almost all parameters that can one way or another
    slow down Windows. Unfortunately, for more information,
    which one is for what, you can only run the file
    references. There are no pop-up tips. Most important for
    system optimization parameters are adjusted on the HDD tab
    cache. It’s hard to give specific advice here without knowing.
    system parameters, — two identical computers, as you know,
    can not be. Therefore, two specialists in setting up a virtual
    caches may recommend that you set two completely
    different set of parameters. TweakALL developers have stopped
    on this layout with conditional 128 MB of RAM: 16
    KB — Maximum Disc Cache, 8 KB — Minimum Disc Cache,
    512 KB — Disc Cache Chunk Size, 2600 — Name Cache Size
    and 64 — Directory Cache Size. But they themselves advise us
    experiment carefully with the settings. On Free Page
    Memory you can easily clear the clogged RAM on
    a quarter, half or three quarters of its volume. Strongly
    I recommend that you also go to the Modem tab to configure
    Remote access controller. And further. TweakAll utility
    absolutely free, although it actually includes more
    one separate program TweakTray, designed
    for quick access — directly from the tray — to system utilities
    and functions. Latest version of TweakAll optimizer 3.00
    designed to work with Windows XP and can be expanded
    through plugins.
    The desktop is perhaps the most important component of the interface
    Windows. I don’t think anyone will
    argue. We all want our desktop to look like
    can be better. But it doesn’t always work out. Who cares about time
    to whom the system resources of the machine. There are dozens on the web
    if not hundreds of programs to quickly launch Windows applications
    — various «toolbars», «launchers», virtual «desktops»
    etc. Their use can significantly relieve
    clogged desktop, and just speed up the work. But
    Yo! Utilities stands apart in this row. This utility is
    by default creates four drop-down menus in the corners of the screen.
    To activate them, you need to direct the mouse cursor to one
    of them and click there once with the right mouse button. Initially
    all these menus are the same in composition and include sections
    Programs, Windows, Control panel files (main elements
    Control Panel), as well as folders of logical drives, Working
    table and main menu. Not a very good choice, you say? Not
    problems, all this can be easily changed using a special
    menu designer. For example, I immediately added to the list (Add
    dynamic submenu) directory «My Documents». Now open
    the file I need just in a matter of seconds, without cluttering up
    desktop space. If you don’t have four menus at once
    required, then click on the Yo!Utilities icon in the tray and in
    uncheck the Usages section of the Properties window
    opposite the corners of the drawn monitor. I personally left
    there is only one.
    Iron Key 1.3 Saving the accumulated data is now the most required.
    Both the state and commercial structures. But confidential
    After all, information can be not only official business, but also
    personal, related, for example, to copyright. With a task
    storing such information can do a good job alone
    small program — Iron Key. After installation it will add
    two new items in the context menu of folders and files: Encrypt
    to EXE and Encrypt to EXE and Shred. The first will hide the necessary
    information to the executable file, and the second one will also erase
    original. Whichever one you choose, the standard
    window for entering a password. The Hide button will disguise the typed
    you code with asterisks. Entering it and clicking OK will run
    encryption process with a 56-bit DES key. Now your recipient
    be able to decode the received information even if
    if the Iron Key utility itself is not in his computer. The main thing,
    so that it knows the password you entered and specifies the folder for
    placement of the decrypted file. Unfortunately, free
    version of the program does not provide encryption of the entire
    entire directories.
    Another utility that makes working in Windows easier. Now you can not press Ctrl-Alt-Delete every time to unload a frozen application from memory, but simply right-click on the tray icon. The program is handy when dealing with all sorts of jokes that are not displayed in the «Shut down the program» window when you press the above-mentioned keys. With WinKiller you can:
    view the priorities of all processes in the system and change them

    terminate any process on the system

    view all open windows in the system, including hidden ones, close any window

    reboot or shutdown system

    hide any windows with one keystroke

    get system free resources report

    view a list of processes and windows, as well as terminate them remotely over the network (plugin required)

    view the text of passwords hidden by asterisks **** (plugin required)

    make any window semi-transparent and change the degree of its transparency (in Win2000).
    Windows Backup Wizard 1.13 Windows Backup Wizard 1.13
    It would seem that the yard is the middle of 2002, the height of summer
    and sales of Windows XP, but still a considerable number of users
    still remains faithful to obsolete, but such
    familiar Windows 98 SE. Adhering to the principle that
    an old friend is better than two new ones. But for conservatism it is necessary
    to pay. A number of features that have become the highlights of the latest
    there are no new products from Microsoft, this system does not have and was not originally
    provided. No, for example, a full-fledged embedded system
    backup in case of an accident if not taken in
    calculation, of course, automatic archiving of registry files.
    Third parties are trying to fill this gap to the best of their ability.
    developers. I personally liked them more than others
    Free utility Windows Backup Wizard. When launched, she
    will ask you to decide what needs to be done:
    create a backup copy directly, edit already
    created or with its help to restore the lost.
    System Mechanic
    A set of utilities for cleaning / optimizing the system. It can clean the registry, monitor changes in the system, configure Internet Explorer cache settings and Internet connection settings. Works with cookies, it is also possible to correct errors after incorrect operation of the uninstallation services. The program has many settings, which makes it a powerful tool for cleaning and debugging the system. The program is well thought out. For example, when deleting temporary files from disks, System Mechanic may not delete them permanently, but place them in the trash.
    Add/Remove Plus! 2002
    An alternative to the Windows Add/Remove Programs service. Program
    has more features than the counterpart from Microsoft. Unlike
    from the system service, with this utility you can change the data
    about installed programs and make sure that after uninstalling the program
    there is no record left in the registry that it is still installed.
    Sound control
    Plusv 2.05

    The program replaces the standard Windows volume control. With her
    with the help of which you can configure hot keys to control
    volume, for example, a CD player, to control it without leaving
    applications in which you work. Also, using this utility, you can
    set up hotkeys to control the MP3 player
    Windows LockUp 1.3
    Windows LockUp is a program to protect your computer,
    which will allow you to qualitatively protect Windows with a password and such
    prevent its unauthorized use by others
    users. The program starts automatically at the same time
    Windows and according to the setting is able to lock the desktop
    while loading. The advantage is the ability to install a temporary
    interval between password attempts. Of course, provided
    here and multi-user support for which there may be
    set different rights. Also included is a password protected
    screen saver. The user interface is very simple and friendly.
    Registration of the program costs $27.
    Open Pass 1.1
    Shows passwords hidden by asterisks in Windows.
    RegClean 4.1a
    RegClean allows you to remove old entries from the Windows registry. Removes
    entries about programs launched at Windows startup, allows you to remove
    «garbage» after uninstalling programs, registered extensions,
    unused shared libraries, etc. In principle, the program
    simple, but there is practically no documentation for it.
    Shortcuts Shortcuts for better use of Windows:
    will check disks, then defrag them and shut down Windows,
    restarts windows without restarting the computer (which saves time),
    turns off the computer.
    Rebuild Additional Macro Pack for Microsoft
    Word 2000/2001 which creates four additional panels
    tools that extend the capabilities of a text editor.
    Restructuring optimizes the size of spaces between words, will sort it out
    with short lines of paragraphs, put things in order in the language settings,
    will eliminate numerous annoying typesetting or OCR programs.
    Perestroika will also allow you to place an accent mark over any letter,
    perform text discharge, recode text typed by mistake
    enabled keyboard layout of another language (Russian or
    English), quickly format and reformat tables, and
    formulas, calculate the volume of the document in the accounting and publishing sheets,
    perform replacements according to an editable list of replacements, easily and quickly
    convert the table into a diagram consisting of windows and lines (arrows)
    subordination, print brochures on the printer, convert
    documents to HTML format while maintaining the minimum number of
    formatting options, etc.

    Atitool how to overclock a video card :

    There is an effective solution for overclocking video cards: RivaTuner. This feature rich application is not limited to Nvidia graphics cards; it can also be used to overclock AMD video cards. (If you remember, the first Nvidia accelerators were called Riva. You can read about the history of Nvidia video cards in the article « The history of nVidia in video cards: 13 years of success «.

    Dosed overclocking

    RivaTuner allows you to overclock your system without any frequency limits (you can go much further than AMD and Nvidia would like when using the overclocking interface in their own drivers, anyway), and can also desynchronize certain frequencies. An interesting feature of the RivaTuner program is that it can change the shader unit frequency regardless of the GPU, while other programs can only act in accordance with the GPU (the shader unit frequency is set relative to the GPU frequency).

    RivaTuner utility can be downloaded here . By the way, we used this utility to adjust the fan speed for video cards of the 4800 family before the release of the Catalyst 8. 10 driver.

    PowerStrip is a veteran overclocker

    One of the oldest overclocking software is PowerStrip. This utility for managing PC graphics options has been helping overclock video cards for many years and is quite mature. Its only drawback is that it is not free, unlike other programs that we have talked about. However, PowerStrip can be used for more than just overclocking.

    A value for money program

    The great advantage of PowerStrip is that it works with most graphics cards on the market, not just AMD and Nvidia. It can be launched from the Windows taskbar, which means that you can set the necessary parameters faster than through drivers. In addition, PowerStrip can adjust many display settings, such as refresh rate, and more interestingly, output resolution: a must-have option for some HDTV users.

    The PowerStrip program can be found here .

    ATI Tray Tools and ATITool are two different programs

    The following two utilities have very similar names, but are actually quite different. ATI Tray Tools only supports AMD graphics cards, while ATITool (despite its seemingly self-explanatory name) works with both AMD and Nvidia models.

    ATITool — one application for all graphics cards

    This overclocker is compatible with all Nvidia and AMD graphics cards and is of interest for at least one reason: it has a 3D animation rendering that stresses the graphics core of the video card and allows you to check whether the overclocking settings work by detecting artifacts. It also has a function to determine the maximum frequency the GPU can accept (similar to the Catalyst driver’s Auto-Tune function).

    The latest version of ATITool can be downloaded here .

    ATI Tray Tools for AMD only

    This little program is located in the system tray (hence the name) and helps to tweak AMD (former ATI) video cards. ATI Tray Tools has one small problem: its maximum frequency detection function is too optimistic, which leads to crashes. Like some other applications, this utility is able to store profiles that can be loaded in accordance with a particular program, for example, a profile for games, a profile for office applications, etc.

    The main features of the program

    — Overclocking without frequency limits
    — Automatic search for the highest possible frequencies of the chip and memory by rendering a complex object in the Direct3D window and finding visual artifacts. Now you do not need to run various tests many times to find stable values.
    — You can also look for artifacts when overclocking graphics cards made by other companies.
    — You can save frequency settings to profiles and load them from saved profiles.
    — Supports the ability to use hotkeys and load the desired frequency profiles directly during the game.
    — ATITool’s unique feature allows it to detect when a game or other 3D application that uses Direct3D or OpenGL is running and boost clocks only when needed. You no longer need to manually increase the frequencies before starting the game — ATITool will do it for you!

    System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/2003
    Interface: English
    License: FreeWare

    ATITool is a multifunctional utility for overclocking video cards from both ATI and NVIDIA. It can carry out overclocking even in fully automatic mode, independently selecting the best parameters.

    During overclocking, the user can «on the spot» evaluate the result using the built-in benchmark. This allows you to immediately identify artifacts and determine the maximum frequency at which the video adapter works stably. Moreover, the program itself evaluates the quality of the 3D image in the test and automatically reduces the frequencies when artifacts are detected. This allows you to achieve the most efficient automatic overclocking with little or no user intervention.

    Of course, the utility also monitors the temperature of the adapter, otherwise overclocking could result in device failure. The program supports settings profiles that can be automatically switched when certain applications are launched. For example, there is no need to overclock the video card if you work in office programs, but overclocking would not be superfluous while running games. You can also switch profiles using hotkeys.

    If you don’t know much about overclocking, but want to overclock your video card, downloading ATITool for free will be the right solution. Remember that you overclock at your own peril and risk.

    How to overclock AMD

    Many fans of computer games had to deal with insufficient performance of the gadget.

    As a rule, in this situation, players remember about overclocking and visit thematic forums with a question about overclocking a video card.

    Those who are interested in this question should read this article and understand how to overclock an amd video card.

    Contents of this article:

    • Warning
    • VIDEO: How to overclock an Nvidia and AMD Radeon graphics card. How to increase FPS in games
    • Advantages and disadvantages of overclocking
    • Effect of acceleration on service life
    • VIDEO: Is overclocking harmful for video cards in mining and the life of a video card?
    • Voltmod
    • Temperature monitoring and stress test
    • Riva Tuner
    • ATITool
    • PowerStrip
    • Program Comparison Chart
    • VIDEO: How to Overclock AMD
    • Video Card Safely


    To begin with, this procedure is a serious risk.

    So for those who do not have enough experience or financial situation does not allow you to buy a new video card when the previous one is broken, it is better not to resort to this method.

    However, those who decide to try their hand at overclocking should know that one of the main dangers that awaits those who are going to overclock this device is high temperature.

    Those who have been able to complete this task without exceeding the permitted temperatures may consider that they have completed the task safely.

    To succeed, you will need the following programs:

    • MSI Afterburner is the main application with which you can increase the frequency of graphics chips in such a device and video memory. Also, thanks to MSI Afterburner, the coolers rotate faster, and the voltage in the graphics chip increases.
    • Application Furmark helps to test the device for stability and overheating. You can use the Benchmark programs to perform additional testing.
    • You can view the technical characteristics of the gadget using the program GPU-Z .
    VIDEO: How to overclock an Nvidia and AMD Radeon graphics card. How to increase FPS in games
    How to overclock Nvidia and AMD Radeon video cards. How to increase FPS in games

    How to overclock AMD Raden HD graphics card — All software and physical methods

    Advantages and disadvantages of overclocking

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    Before overclocking the amd video card on a laptop, think about whether it is necessary. As a rule, they can be overclocked by a maximum of 20%.

    If the user has a good card in the computer, it can be overclocked by 40%. However, it must have a powerful processor.

    First, find out what the performance of the processor is.

    It often happens that the performance of the processor is limited not by the capabilities of the device, but by the power of the computer.

    The user seems to need to debug the video adapter, but after this process is completed, the computer starts to work much worse.

    The reason for this is the fact that during this action the processor will have to experience a large load. There is nothing surprising here, because AMD is becoming more demanding.

    Don’t count on huge changes . For example, if fps was 30, then after amplification it will rise to 35.

    If the video card is new in the Radeon line, it means that if the processor has clock fluctuations equal to 3.5, you can increase fps by 10 units.

    The following factors that are important to consider before overclocking an amd video card on a laptop are an increase in heat and power consumption.

    So before doing this task, find out what the frequency of the processor is. To do this, open Control Panel and enter the System tab.

    In the window that appears, the user will see the amount of processor clock fluctuations.

    Proper overclocking of AMD FX

    How to overclock AMD Raden HD graphics card — All software and physical methods

    Impact of acceleration on service life

    By overclocking AMD, each user can extend its life. However, please note that most of the components of this device are able to easily work for decades.

    These words are proved by various special cards, including AMD, which are found in many residents of our country.

    Overclocking AMD components shortens their life by decades . A significant role is played by the type of amplification of the device.

    If you simply increase the frequency during this procedure, the life of the graphics card will usually be preserved.

    When overclocking is accompanied by an increase in voltage on each component, the life of the video device is significantly reduced.

    To overclock any modern video device, you can use drivers or BIOS.

    Alternatively, use third party software. Each of these methods has its own subtleties.

    It is convenient to overclock this device through the BIOS, since the user can get the overclocked value of oscillations at any launch of gadgets. But it is inconvenient to determine the maximum values ​​in this way.

    VIDEO: Is overclocking harmful for video cards in mining and the life of the video card?
    Is overclocking harmful for video cards in mining and the life of a video card

    How to overclock an AMD Raden HD video card — All software and physical methods


    Voltmod is used to speed up the gadget when the user has unsuccessfully tried the main methods.

    Two methods of using this application are known today. The essence of softvolt mod is to change the voltage in the board using the MSI Afterbunner 9 program2127 .

    The basic principle of the hardvolt mode is to change the value of the resistance to regulate voltages.

    The use of the latter method requires the necessary knowledge. Otherwise, it will void the warranty.

    The first method is much easier to use. Indeed, despite the presence of an insufficient voltage limit, it helps to maintain the warranty.

    Using a hardvolt mod, the user must solder additional resistors to the video card . If desired, you can replace the soldering with conductive glue.

    Alternatively, use a pencil volt mod — that is, apply a layer of graphite to the resistor.

    Regardless of the implementation method, voltmod helps to cope with the task and generate the same moments.

    Voltmod on video card

    Temperature monitoring and stress test

    Read also: 0004

    When overclocking the video device, the user must ensure that it does not heat up to a high temperature (ninety degrees).

    If this happens, the settings need to be reduced.

    The best monitoring software is SpeedFan . It shows all computer components, as well as their temperature readings.

    Always make sure that the adapter does not get very hot at standard settings. To do this, run a powerful game for half an hour and see what temperature the application will give out.

    Alternatively, use the Fur Mark tool, which puts a lot of stress on the graphics card. You need to work with this program as follows:

    FurMark also simplifies the task of benchmarking.

    This procedure helps you evaluate the performance of the processor and compare it with the result obtained after overclocking.

    This is done like this:

    • Click one of the buttons in the GPU benchmarking block. The only difference between them is the resolution at which computer graphics are rendered.
    • After the «donut» operation, the user will see information about his video card.
    • Record the readings obtained.

    Screenshot of the page for downloading the Fur Mark

    Riva Tuner

    Acceleration in the Riva Tuner utility is done as follows:

    • Select the Enable driver level hardware overlooking option.
    • When you see the pop-up window, click Detect Now .
    • In the tab that appears, select the performance 3d option.
    • Move the slider to the right to increase the frequency.

    Riva Tuner


    Overclocking the card in the ATITool utility is very convenient, because it not only allows you to automatically test the stability of the video device, but also significantly saves the power consumed by the card by overclocking only when necessary.

    Video card acceleration using this utility is performed as follows:

    • After installing the program, select the «Settings» option.
    • Click «show window» and monitor GPU temperature. When it goes over 80, forget about overclocking until the cooling system changes. At normal temperature, continue the procedure.
    • If your video device has split frequencies, select 3D frequency change.
    • The user will see two sliders — the frequency of the core and memory. The performance of the amd card depends on them.
    • Raise one of these frequencies by ten percent and click on «apply».
    • Click «show window» and «scan for artifact».
    • After a successful test, increase the frequency by 5 MHz. Having made one more check, find the maximum frequency and repeat the steps taken.
    • Check the result of the work by playing any game, play for two hours.
    • If there are no artifacts, go to the main menu and save the profile by clicking on the «write» button. Then set it to autorun.

    ATIT Tool utility


    You can also use the utility PowerStrip to overclock the amd card, which has a long history.

    Owners of amd cards will find it useful to know about the following features of the utility:

    • The video card can be overclocked both through direct access and through the driver;
    • Also, among the amenities, it is worth highlighting the fine-tuning of the video mode and synchronization with the monitor;
    • The available operating modes can be controlled directly;
    • This utility has advanced color correction tools;
    • Here you can create profiles for applications and various games, and the start time is determined at the same time;
    • This utility supports both older and newer operating systems;
    • This program supports context help and interface settings in Russian.

    It’s very easy to get to the speed settings of your video gadget using this program. To do this, click «Performance Profiles — Customize».

    As a result, vertical sliders and windows with a numerical value of frequencies will appear in the window, which are the main means for overclocking.

    There is a low frequency limit for various chips, as other similar programs help to overclock the used chip higher.

    However, these ranges will work for many applications.

    If necessary, you can save the existing settings in the form of profiles, which will be available in the program via a shortcut.

    So, there are various ways to overclock the amd video gadget. To do this, you can use utilities such as PowerStrip , ATITool and so on.

    However, when using them, it is important to be careful that the cards do not get too hot and the process is safe.

    Atitool how to overclock a video card

    TOP Programs for monitoring and displaying information about a computer


    • 1

    • 2

    • 3

    • 4

    • 5

    Total votes: 12. Rating: 2.81 out of 5

    In this collection, we will consider the capabilities of utilities for diagnosing computer hardware. They will allow you to find out the configuration of the system and the characteristics of the installed components, as well as monitor important indicators in real time, such as processor load and RAM used. They can be used in the process of searching for optimal drivers, because not every user knows the designation of their equipment.
    All presented programs can be divided into two categories — highly specialized utilities for analyzing the exact parameters of a particular device and a wide range of applications that allow you to diagnose not only the main components of a PC, but also connected equipment such as printers and information containers.

    • specific functionality
    • to search for auxiliary utilities, you need to contact a third-party site

    This software is designed to obtain information about the manufacturer, serial number and other characteristics of portable data containers. This data can be useful for finding the best flash drive recovery utility. Having received the necessary values ​​(Vendor ID and Product ID), the user goes to a special site and enters the available data. After that, he will be asked to download the optimal program for working with portable media. Some proprietary applications even allow you to reanimate information using a special algorithm, but most often they perform a complete low-level formatting of the drive in order to solve problems when the device is detected.


    • unique functionality
    • support for all platform versions (including obsolete ones)
    • unknowingly you can harm the system
    • support for a limited number of components

    A multifunctional application, originally created to adjust the rotation speed of coolers that cool the processor, video card and other components. It is often used to mute the sound of the fan while watching a movie or working on a computer. In order to avoid equipment failure, the developers have provided an advanced alert system. When there is a danger of overheating, a pop-up notification is displayed on the computer screen, and it is also possible to send emergency letters to e-mail. The program can automatically adjust the cooler speed depending on the temperature of the «mother» device.

    In addition to the main functions, the utility contains a number of additional features — an option for S.M.A.R.T. analysis of hard drives and a built-in tool for comparing factory HDD characteristics with current indicators. The application allows you to adjust the frequency of the system bus.

    Please note that editing some parameters can lead to malfunctions of the equipment, so we recommend that you carefully change the fan speed (especially down).


    • deep analysis of video card parameters
    • Supports different families of adapters (NVIDIA and ATI)
    • too specialized
    • no administration features

    The utility is «sharpened» for a deep analysis of the performance of video cards. It allows you to find out the current performance of the device, as well as download information about the graphics adapter and compare its nameplate characteristics with other similar equipment. Among the available parameters for online analysis are the core and memory frequencies, as well as the fan speed. With GPU-Z, you can run «peer diagnostics» to determine the maximum performance of a device.

    With the ability to get information about the load of the adapter online, this program can be used to monitor the load during online games.


    • timing table for different frequencies
    • CPU test function
    • no support for HDD and other devices

    A popular tool for analyzing important system parameters. The application is designed to diagnose processors, motherboards and memory modules. With it, you can find out the processing power of the CPU, the parameters of the cache memory and RAM, as well as the current frequencies of the video card. From the features of the application, we highlight the presence of an express test of the performance of the central microprocessor.

    Despite a wider list of supported devices, CPU-Z cannot be classified as a universal utility due to the lack of a function to read the parameters of hard drives.

    Fresh Diagnosis

    • active process block
    • error report
    • «machine» localization

    The application menu, like in most other utilities, is divided into two blocks — on the left is a list of detected equipment, on the right — the parameters of the selected device. Pay attention to the presence of the item «Event Logging», it contains information about system errors that the program was able to detect. A separate block is available for viewing data about running processes, as well as an item for viewing information about installed codecs.

    Translation into Russian is done automatically, so we recommend using the app in your native English.


    • separate window for sensor monitoring
    • HDD quick diagnosis function
    • little system information

    The «chip» of this «analyzer» is the availability of tools for exporting a report into a convenient format. With it, you can quickly save summary information as a text or hypertext document. Let’s single out the presence of two separate blocks — a window for viewing the current workload of the processor cores and a special section for reading readings from the main sensors of the computer. An option is available for quick diagnostics of hard drives using the S. M.A.R.T. method, there is a power consumption monitoring function.

    Among the shortcomings of the program, we note a superficial report on the software components of the system and the absence of a dedicated block for viewing temperature values ​​on the surface of devices.

    WinAudit Freeware

    • network equipment analysis
    • Display autorun details
    • real-time monitoring functionality

    The utility was created under the motto «nothing more» — a simple tree-like interface and a tabular data display structure. Nevertheless, the program does an excellent job of diagnosing network devices, it can save a summary report in hypertext format and allows you to send it via e-mail directly from the interface. Application features — the ability to configure the scan area, analyze security settings and generate detailed information about the startup area of ​​the operating system. The program contains functions for personalizing the type and size of fonts in the report.

    SiSoftware Sandra Lite

    • performance index generation
    • nice interface
    • limited driver analysis tools

    The «highlight» of the program is a structured Russified interface with a convenient «Tip of the Day» function. This application includes separate modules for testing PC performance (including building a performance index), a special block for obtaining information about installed software, and a section for real-time machine monitoring. The utility can diagnose connected devices (such as printers). There is an option to configure the analysis algorithm for each test, there is even a separate tab for this.

    The previously «trial» application is now available free of charge for private users, for legal entities the license price is $20.


    • temperature monitoring
    • changeable tray icon
    • no performance index generation function

    High-quality program for obtaining information about the system and monitoring key indicators with an interface in Russian. Its developer is Piriform, whose other product, the CCleaner optimizer, is known to many PC users. The application displays not only the current operating parameters of the main equipment (frequency, resource usage), but also the passport characteristics of the devices. Component surface temperatures are available. The utility supports network and peripheral equipment, it is possible to quickly publish information on the Internet. The “feature” of the program is a customizable icon in the system tray, you can set convenient options for displaying when you hover over the cursor.

    The functionality of the Free version differs from the Pro version of the application only by the lack of support from the developers, the license cost is $19.95.

    AIDA64 Extreme Edition

    • excellent functionality
    • stability stress test
    • license policy

    The most powerful tool in our review. Fine-grained analysis of each of the components, support for connected devices, building a performance index, ample opportunities for exporting reports, stress testing the system, monitoring current indicators, determining the voltage on the sensors and the temperature of the equipment — all this can be done using this program. All information is logically distributed in blocks, the utility menu is Russified.

    AIDA64 Extreme Edition is the only application in the collection that does not have a fully functional free version.

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