Best 1000w psu: High wattage power supplies for gaming

High wattage power supplies for gaming

When building any PC, the PSU is often forgotten about, despite it being solely responsible for powering all those shiny new components. When building more affordable sub-$1000 gaming PCs, there are a lot of good PSU options, however, as we progress up to the high-end and enthusiast systems, a lot more care should be taken to ensure you get the perfect PSU for the job.

Choosing the best power supply for gaming is crucial when dealing with powerful components. A new system featuring the likes of an RTX 4090 graphics card, for example, is going to need PSUs around 850W and higher. The best 1000W power supply unit is recommended here despite being more wattage than you actually need in that scenario. The PSUs we recommend here all feature lengthy warranties, meaning that they will last well into the next generation of GPUs, so planning ahead and giving yourself some headroom is actually a smart investment.

Do you need a 1000W PSU?

1000W, even by today’s standards is an incredibly high amount of power. Very few actually require a PSU like this but is this you? If you are building the very best gaming PC money can buy, then yes, a 1000W PSU may be overkill, however, it is protecting your investment for longer, giving you the ability to upgrade into future generations of CPU and GPUs.

Power supplies with 1000 wattage are also sometimes required to power enthusiast-level PCs, maybe you are building a deep learning machine, or an intricate water-cooled system with a ridiculous amount of RGB and fans. In either case, we recommend a 1000W PSU, however, if this isn’t you, we recommend using a PSU calculator to find what wattage you need for your system and then taking it from there.

Best 1000W PSU: ASUS ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II

ASUS ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II