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Build Redux Good gaming PC review

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Our Verdict

The name may be basic, but this is a quality build that focuses on gaming first and foremost. Shame a bit more attention didn’t go into the storage though.

  • Good part selection and build
  • Great case airflow
  • Strong 1440p gaming performance
  • Unimpressive SSD
  • No USB Type-C ports

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Build Redux sets out to make buying a new gaming PC a much easier affair than normal. The traditional frustrations of wading through nonsense names trying to work out whether they’ll handle your game of choice will be familiar to any PC gamer. This system builder offers three main gaming PCs to choose from and each one can be configured slightly further by throwing a bit more cash at the system if you do want to dig into the details. 

You can also select which games you want to play, and it’ll recommend a system for you. There isn’t an exhaustive list of games to pick from here, but enough to give you an idea of what the overall performance might be. 

The most affordable of these is simply labelled ‘Good’, which starts at $1,305 with a $99 build fee bringing it up to $1,404 for the whole system. The ‘Better’ machine will set you back $1,878, while the ‘Best’ has a $2,228 starting price point and is built around an Intel Core i7 12700F and an Nvidia RTX 3080. 

If you’re feeling flush, then a fourth build has recently appeared, this ‘Ultimate’ build will net you an RTX 4090 machine for $3,644. Gulp.

Build Redux ‘Good’ spec

CPU: Intel Core i5 12400F
GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti FE
RAM: 16GB DDR4-3200
Motherboard: Asus B660
Storage: 500GB Kingston NV1
Front I/O: 2x USB 3. 0 Type-A, headphone jack, mic in,
Rear I/O: 2x USB 3.2 Gen 2, 4x USB 2.0, 1x PS/2, 3x audio
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth, Ethernet
PSU: 700W ATX 80 Plus Gold
Case: Cooler Master TD500 RGB
OS: Windows 11 Home
Warranty: 2 Years parts and labor
Price: $1,504

Back to reality and the machine Build Redux sent for review is based on the ‘Good’ build, but with one important change—instead of featuring the default RTX 3060, the company has instead upgraded this to an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti. This is a smart move, as this offers far better performance for your hard-earned cash and should see the machine stay relevant for that much longer. Even ray tracing is possible here, especially if the game in question has support for DLSS 2.

This upgrade means you’re looking at a system price of $1,504, which also nets you an Intel Core i5 12400F, 16GB of Patriot DDR4-3200, and a Kingston NV1 500GB NVMe SSD, all in a big Cooler Master TD500 case festooned with RGB fans. It ain’t subtle, but it runs cool and never gets too loud, even when under serious load, thanks in no small part to the mesh-fronted case not blocking airflow with any silly glass panel. It’s a real shame there are no USB Type-C ports though.

Unfortunately, shipping the machine across the Atlantic for testing didn’t go entirely smoothly, and the graphics card was damaged on the way. Build Redux used foam packing inside the machine to try and prevent such horrors, but it wasn’t quite as snug as we would have liked, and there was no bracing mount included to make sure it didn’t shift in transit. 

Booting resulted in a flickery screen and attempting to game caused a full system crash. Clearly not happy. Reseating the card did momentarily appear to rectify things, but only for it to crash out once any games started running. 

(Image credit: Future)

This is a well-thought-out system that packs a punch where it matters most.

Luckily we had an identical Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti FE on hand so we could put the machine through its paces, and there was no obvious damage elsewhere. It’s also worth noting that shipping across the US shouldn’t be quite so stressful, although it is a big ol’ place, and couriers aren’t renowned for being particularly careful with big boxes. More packaging would be preferable basically, even if we were a little unlucky here.

System performance

Image 1 of 9

(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)

There’s nothing too surprising here in terms of the system performance benchmarks, apart from the SSD performance. The 3DMark Storage Benchmark simulate game loading, and here the Build Redux ‘Good’ doesn’t exactly impress—and that’s when comparing against the not-exactly-stunning SN570 that can be found in the similarly-priced NZXT machine and iBuyPower rigs.

The Core i5 12400F is a capable enough CPU, managing reasonable results in Cinebench R23 and the X264 video encoding benchmark. If you want more raw CPU grunt, you’re going to want to upgrade to a Core i7, as found in the iBuyPower machine, but that would need compromises elsewhere.

Gaming benchmarks

Image 1 of 6

(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)

The good news is that the Build Redux Good is a decent machine when it comes to gaming. The key component here is the RTX 3060 Ti, which can handle anything you can throw at it at 1080p, and as can be seen from the benchmarks is capable enough at 1440p too. There’s not a lot between this machine and the ABS Master, which packs the same GPU. 

Even in the likes of the ray tracing heavy Metro Exodus Enhanced, you’re looking at 55fps at 1440p, and that’s at the ultra setting. You shouldn’t have to compromise much if at all, to hit smooth frame rates in the very latest games. 

The only slight fly in the ointment here is that the NZXT Streaming Plus BLD Kit rolls in at the same price point but comes with the RTX 3070. That’s simply a more capable card, which can be seen in the frame rates, although in some cases the difference is slight—you’re looking at just 3fps difference in Far Cry 6. Most games show a bigger delta though.

(Image credit: Future)

This is a capable gaming system then, although it’s a shame about that Kingston NV1 SSD, which has peak read/write speeds of just 2,100MB/s and 1,700MB/s. It’s better than a SATA drive, sure, but it’s only half as fast as a decent PCIe 3.0 SSD and nearly a quarter the speed of a high-end PCIe 4.0 SSD. 500GB is pretty tight too—we struggled to get all of our benchmark suite on here in one go. 

You can upgrade this to a 1TB drive at the time of purchase for an extra $30, which doesn’t seem bad, but it’ll still be a slow drive. You can upgrade this yourself easily enough down the road, and there’s plenty of room to do so, but for this much cash, I’d prefer to not have to worry about space.

It’s worth highlighting that Build Redux has gone for an air cooler for the Core i5 12400F, specifically the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo. This means the chip can get a little warmer than some machines do under load, but not to dangerous levels, and thanks to the overall airflow through the machine, it’s never a problem. The cable management here is well done too, which helps on this front.

Overall, the Build Redux ‘Good’ is a capable gaming machine representing strong value for money. The component selection is mostly spot on and SSD aside, this should last you a good few years of gaming without worries.

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Build Redux Good

The name may be basic, but this is a quality build that focuses on gaming first and foremost. Shame a bit more attention didn’t go into the storage though.

Alan has been writing about PC tech since before 3D graphics cards existed, and still vividly recalls having to fight with MS-DOS just to get games to load. He fondly remembers the killer combo of a Matrox Millenium and 3dfx Voodoo, and seeing Lara Croft in 3D for the first time. He’s very glad hardware has advanced as much as it has though, and is particularly happy when putting the latest M.2 NVMe SSDs, AMD processors, and laptops through their paces. He has a long-lasting Magic: The Gathering obsession but limits this to MTG Arena these days.

ABS Master gaming PC review

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(Image: © Future)

Our Verdict

Despite some minor pain points with the RAM speeds and storage space, ABS is still charging a fair price. There’s more than enough potential to upgrade and it still aces both productivity and gaming performance at 1440p.

  • Gaming and productivity is ace
  • Well packaged
  • Just right money-wise
  • XMP isn’t on by default
  • Standard Intel CPU cooler
  • Case airflow isn’t the best

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The ABS Master gaming PC has a lot going for it: 1440p gaming, rendering prowess, and a big tick for productivity. And while it does deliver when it comes to the core components, it wouldn’t have hurt for ABS to give the supporting parts a little more love. 

We had some issue with having to get the RAM clocked correctly, for instance, but otherwise we can let the numbers speak for themselves.

First off, let’s go over how the ABS Master arrived. If you’re concerned about whether it will get to you in one piece, don’t fret; if anything the packaging is a little overkill. We’ve run our reviews from the UK office and the PC came all the way across the Atlantic double boxed with huge bubble-wrap filling the outer box, polystyrene couchings, as well as a foam pillow. 

There was also a GPU bracing mount inside the case to stop the pre-installed Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti (Gigabyte model) from jiggling around. I think the mount had shifted a little in transit but all that packaging did well to keep everything from getting damaged.

ABS Master spec

CPU: Intel Core i5 12400F
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 Ti
RAM: 16GB DDR4-3200 OLOy Blade
Motherboard: Gigabyte B660 DS3H DDR4
Storage: Intel 670P 512GB
Front I/O: 2x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0 Type-A, headphone, mic in
Rear I/O: 1x USB 3.2 2×2 Type-C, 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A, 4x USB 2.0/1.1
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 5
PSU: 600W 80 Plus Gold
Case: Deepcool Matrexx 50
OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
Price: $1,300

Out of the box, the Intel Core i5 12400F together with the Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti delivers fair performance for the price, though the RAM speeds were a definite hurdle. With mediocre memory throughput and memory copy scores, I found myself questioning the spec sheet. It said 16GB DDR4-3200, but the system was only clocked at 2,400MHz. We assumed the OLOy Blade RAM was where ABS had skimped, but after a chat with the PR we were informed that «the user would need to turn XMP on in the BIOS.»

Generally, we’ve found system builders will take care of that step for you, since the average user isn’t always aware of XMP. I myself didn’t think to check before the benchmarking process, and I do this for a living. What you’re seeing here, as there are no instructions telling you to do so, are the out-of-the-box benchmarks you’d see from the machine without any extra tinkering tinkering. 

That said, it hasn’t posed too big a threat to the ABS Master’s gaming ability.

(Image credit: Future)

Sadly, 512GB is a little small for the size of today’s games.

In spite of the slower RAM speed, it still managed to score well in our PC Mark 10 synthetic productivity benchmark—better than some more expensive machines we’re comparing it against. That productivity score is mostly down to the core components, but the included Intel 670P SSD isn’t a bad choice, either. It may be a little old, but we’ve seen a lot worse numbers in the FFXIV load times benchmark. Sadly, 512GB is a little small for the size of today’s games, though there is space to slot another SSD in at a later date, or even swap out that boot drive for a larger one.

Alongside productivity, the ABS Master managed some more than reasonable Cinebench R23 single core and multicore scores, meaning you can expect some fairly good rendering performance for the price. And although video encoding performance was a little disappointing, the 12th Gen Intel processor still rocked the more CPU intensive gaming benchmarks in our suite.

System performance

Image 1 of 9

(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)

Hitman 3 Dartmoor managed a 93fps average even in ultra graphics settings, at 1440p. That’s with sim quality set to best. Metro Exodus Enhanced lagged behind a little with 54fps at ultra graphics settings, it was a similar story for the rest of the gaming benchmarks.

At 1440p, ultra, and with DX12 switched on the ABS Master managed a 61fps average in Warhammer 3’s battle benchmark. FarCry 6 reached 90fps on average, while we saw a solid 46fps in F1 22. So not a bad gaming score overall. Compare it to the $99 more expensive iBuyPower and the RTX 3060 in there, and you’re getting an extra 14fps in Metro, 23fps in Farcry, and a whopping 28fps in Hitman Dubai.

Sure, you might have to turn some settings down to make the most of high refresh rate monitors, but generally I’m pleased with the core components ABS has chosen.

(Image credit: Future)

Gaming benchmarks

Image 1 of 6

(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)(Image credit: Future)

The Deepcool Matrexx 50 case, however, I’m not so enamoured with. I’m convinced this PC would have scored much better in thermal testing with a better-ventilated case. Still, the glass frontage does look great with the row of spinning RGB fans—there’s even a button to change the lighting on the case, which is fun. 

You also get a couple of peripherals with this one, gratis. They’re not the best quality but they do help make life easier for new PC gamers while they save up for the best gaming keyboard and best gaming mouse. The Gamdias mouse is super low-profile, with a rubberized coating that’s bound to rub off pretty quick, and the keyboard’s switches are perhaps a little scratchy. There are audio controls on the keyboard, which is a plus, but just don’t expect a stellar experience from free peripherals.

When you consider that this is a machine that’s packing an RTX 3060 Ti, comes in at $1,400, and manages great gaming and productivity performance, it puts to shame the more expensive iBuyPower Gaming RDY SLMBG218 we tested. Sure, the RAM and SSD are better within the latter, yet it’s a hundred dollars more for an entire step-down GPU-wise.

For the ABS Master I’d have appreciated some faster RAM, especially since it’s otherwise a great machine for productivity. A larger SSD wouldn’t have gone amiss either. And yet, despite its minor downfalls, the ABS master is still a great mid-range gaming PC for the price. I’m not sure those peripherals have much to do with my opinion, however. I’m honestly trying to push them out of my mind.

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ABS Master gaming PC

Despite some minor pain points with the RAM speeds and storage space, ABS is still charging a fair price. There’s more than enough potential to upgrade and it still aces both productivity and gaming performance at 1440p.

Screw sports, Katie would rather watch Intel, AMD and Nvidia go at it. Having been obsessed with computers and graphics for three long decades, she took Game Art and Design up to Masters level at uni, and has been demystifying tech and science—rather sarcastically—for two years since. She can be found admiring AI advancements, scrambling for scintillating Raspberry Pi projects, preaching cybersecurity awareness, sighing over semiconductors, and gawping at the latest GPU upgrades. She’s been heading the PCG Steam Deck content hike, while waiting patiently for her chance to upload her consciousness into the cloud.

Top 10 Best Gaming PCs of 2021


It’s good to have a computer geek friend you wake up in the middle of the night — and he will rap out a list of the necessary components for assembling a gaming PC, assemble the computer, and you will have to accept the finished work and «wash» it.

No such friend? Yes, and no need. Now there are a lot of ready-made solutions, and I present the best of them to your attention. In this rating, I have collected 10 models of gaming computers, from the most powerful and expensive to relatively inexpensive mid-range ones.

The reference points were both personal preferences and expert opinions and reviews on Yandex. Market, Citylink and many other websites.

10. HP Envy 32-A1005ur 199X5EA

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-10700
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Screen matrix type: IPS
  • screen size 31.5″
  • screen resolution 3840×2160
  • graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Keyboard + mouse included: yes
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home 64

Don’t want to bother buying a case first, then a monitor (or vice versa)? Hewlett Packard has a ready-made solution — a monoblock. True, some argue that all-in-ones are not the best option for gaming, because built-in displays have a refresh rate limited to 60 Hz.

But look at this diagonal! This resolution is 4K with HDR support! Now let’s compare the price of the entire computer with the cost of a single GeForce RTX video card, and it turns out that it is not so big.

The HP Envy 32 also has a very good 2.1 sound system (there are high-frequency, mid-range, low-frequency speakers and passive radiators) and a tactile-pleasant keyboard in the kit.

In terms of performance, the computer, although it does not shine, will cope with games at 1080 resolution without any problems (although this is not enough for a 4K screen, let’s face it). All in all, this is a good gaming PC if you want to buy one and start playing right away without any hassle.

large and bright 4K screen

good gaming performance at 1080 resolution

great sound

decent keyboard included

display height cannot be adjusted

loading slow


9. HP Pavilion Gaming TG01-1017ur (2S8F4EA)

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 4600G (6×3700 MHz)
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200MHz
  • drive: SSD 512 GB
  • discrete graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 (4 GB)
  • housing: Mini-Tower
  • PSU power: 310 W
  • connectors: card reader, USB 3.0, DVI, HDMI
  • wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • operating system: DOS
  • dimensions: 155. 4x307x337.4 mm
  • weight: 5.96 kg

The position of TG01-1017ur in the gaming hierarchy is the upper bar of the middle segment. In terms of performance, this is a good choice: the combination of a 7nm processor with integrated Radeon Vega 7 graphics and a Turing graphics card will allow you to play all modern games.

The case looks solid and stylish, from specifically «gaming» it has only a neon triangular insert at the bottom, and a corrugated front panel gives brutality. In general, this is not a shame to put on the table, since it weighs a little less than ordinary gaming system units.

The TG01-1017ur has enough ports: four USB 3.1 ports, one USB C, four more USB 2.0, RJ45, of course, a headphone jack and even an SD card slot. As for the graphics card, it has both HDMI and DisplayPort.

The TG01-1017ur processor has 6 cores, 12 threads, and fully meets and exceeds the recommended limits for all modern games. The GTX 1650, although not the top in the series, will even run the latest generation games at 1080 resolution, if you tweak and optimize the settings in some places. The frame rate per second on high settings in graphically demanding singles will be about 50-55.

True, HP decided to save on a hard drive — it is not included in the kit, and one 512 GB SSD is clearly not enough not only for gaming, but also for ordinary user needs. Therefore, you will have to buy a hard drive yourself. Accordingly, Windows (neither license nor without a license) is on the computer either, so when buying a case, we advise you to calculate in advance how much the price of the “tower” with these additives will increase.

small body

sleek design

many ports

no hard drive

no OS preinstalled


8. iRu Game 525 (1 498866)

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (6×3400 MHz)
  • RAM: 8 GB DDR4 2400 MHz
  • drives: HDD 1 TB, SSD 240 GB
  • discrete graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (4 GB)
  • case: Mini-Tower
  • power supply: 500 W
  • connectors: USB 3. 0, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort
  • operating system: DOS
  • dimensions: 186×381.5×373 mm
  • weight: 7 kg

Here is a solid computer at a reasonable price. The GTX 1050 Ti graphics card and the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 hexa-core processor will provide good FPS in games, quite suitable even for sports PVP.

The case has several ports and inputs — in addition to the traditional headphone / microphone, you can also connect a joystick and play with it. And although 8 GB of RAM is barely enough for modern gaming projects, you can always buy it up to 32 GB. In general, for this money, the combination of processor and video card is very good, and the case is stylish enough not to be tempted to shove it further under the table.

value for money

nice design


7. TopComp WO 31162646

  • 4×3600 MHz)
  • RAM: 8GB DDR4 2133MHz
  • drives: HDD 500 GB, SSD 120 GB
  • discrete graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 (2 GB)
  • case: Midi-Tower
  • power supply: 500 W
  • connectors: USB 3. 0, HDMI
  • operating system: OS not installed

This is one of the cheapest gaming PCs in the ranking, and, of course, it is far from the flagships in terms of power and performance. Processor i3-10100, only 8 GB of RAM (but you can buy it if you want), SSD 120 GB and video card GeForce GT 1030.

No pre-installed operating system (even without a license). But the price is not too high, and theoretically it will be possible to make small upgrades with the saved money.

The i3-10100 processor, although not the top one in the line, is still the tenth generation. It will handle most modern competitive games. Problems can arise only with strongly graphic singles of the last year of release — here they are able to load both the processor and the video card completely. But on medium settings, there should be no problems.

price/performance ratio

no wi-fi


6. Robotcomp M-16 2.0 (001002)

  • i5-9400F (6×2900 MHz)
  • RAM: 16 GB DDR4 2400 MHz
  • drives: HDD 1 TB, SSD 240 GB
  • discrete graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 (4 GB)
  • case: Midi-Tower
  • PSU power: 600 W
  • connectors: USB 3. 0, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort
  • operating system: Windows 10 Pro (without license)
  • dimensions: 204x479x445 mm

Among gaming computers, this is a solid middle peasant, which, although there are not enough stars from the sky, but when buying it, you don’t need to sell a kidney or lay a dacha for your mother-in-law. It has a six-core processor, Intel Core i5, the GTX 1650 graphics card supports both virtual reality and can handle 4K resolution. There is also a set of ports traditional for a gaming PC, including Display Port, as well as an SSD drive and 16 GB of RAM.

In addition to the players, the computer is also suitable for streamers — judging by the user reviews, it pulls stream at 60 fps perfectly. As for ordinary gamers, in the games of the last year of release, Robotcomp M-16 2.0 calmly keeps 50-60 fps.

True, the supplier decided to save money on the operating system. Although Windows 10 is installed on this PC, it is not licensed.

relatively inexpensive

good value for money

OS without license

no wi-fi


  • RAM: No DDR4 RAM
  • discrete graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 (8 GB)
  • power supply: 500 W
  • connectors: card reader, HDMI, DisplayPort
  • wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • operating system: no OS installed
  • dimensions: 126x249x265.5 mm
  • Assembling a gaming PC is not that difficult. But cramming all the rich content into a small and compact body is the real challenge. Even the most experienced builders will struggle trying to fit everything and still keep airflow inside the case.

    The ZOTAC Magnus One has occupied the niche of compact gaming PCs — it is surprisingly small, but a real gaming computer, the “stuffing” of which even allows you to perform on the eSports stage. If you wish, you can take it with you on vacation instead of a laptop — it only weighs 5 kg.

    And although its price at first glance seems high, but for this money (equal, by the way, to the price of one GeForce RTX 3070) you get a high-quality case, where nothing creaks, does not play and fits perfectly, a motherboard with Wi- Fi and 2.5 GbE port, fast i7-10700 processor. ZOTAC Magnus One also supports Intel Optane (significantly speeds up the speed of working with the HDD).

    True, ZOTAC Magnus One has one peculiarity: not all HDDs are suitable for it, but only with a height of no more than 9.5 mm. And since the Russian market has its own specifics, then, most likely, you will have to limit yourself to a hard drive with a capacity of no more than 2 TB.



    supports Intel Optane

    noisy, especially when turned on or under heavy loads

    not too fast memory (DDR4-2933)


    90 010 4. ACER Predator P03-620

    • Processor: Intel Core i7 10700F 2.9GHz
    • RAM: DIMM, DDR4 16384 MB
    • Graphics adapter: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 — 8192 MB
    • Hard drive: 2000 GB, 7200 rpm, SATA; SSD 512 GB
    • Communications: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
    • Power supply: 500 W
    • Case dimensions (WxHxD): 175 x 392 x 386 mm
    • Weight: 10 kg

    In its price range, the appetites of the ACER Predator are still quite moderate. And for this amount, you will get a computer that will easily last another 5-6 years and will pull all modern and future games — not least thanks to the RTX 3000 series graphics card and the eight-core, 16-thread i7 10700F processor.

    The case of this powerful gaming PC looks very attractive — quite elegant and impressive at the same time, and the RGB lighting is stylish, but not flashy. And although the case is equipped only with a standard air cooler, even the most demanding games can be played on the ACER Predator P03-620 without overheating.

    The ACER Predator P03-620 is built for a 1440p monitor, but it can handle many games at ultra-high 4K resolution without sacrificing picture quality or frame rate.

    excellent performance at 1440 resolution

    runs 4K without problems

    easy to upgrade

    some components are not of the highest level


    3. ASUS ROG Strix GA1 5

    • Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X ( Zen 3) 3800 MHz
    • Number of cores: 8
    • RAM: 32 GB DDR4 3200 MHz
    • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce® RTX 3070 8192 MB
    • Storage: 1000 GB HDD (7200 rpm), 512 GB SSD, Storage type: HDD+SSD
    • Communication: LAN 10/100/1000
    • Wireless: Bluetooth 5. 0, WiFi (802.11 b/g/n/ac) 2×2
    • Ports: 1 x USB Type-C, Line-out, Mic-in, HDMI, 3x DisplayPort, PS/2
    • Optional: 700 W power supply.
    • Case dimensions:
    • 5 x 42.1 x 49.8 cm
    • Weight: 11.000 kg

    A superb machine, one of the most powerful gaming PCs out there, yet perfectly balanced in terms of price and quality. The design of the case directly appeals to gamers with both a brutal combination of black / red and an expressive diagonal line on the front panel with RGB backlighting and a transparent side panel. The appearance is no doubt very remarkable, but does the inside match the outside?

    Corresponds, and how! Inside, instead of the traditional Intel, there is an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, an RTX 3070 graphics card, an increased amount of RAM — 32 GB — and a nice combination of SSD and a large hard drive where all your files will fit.

    And if you don’t like any of the components, they can be easily corrected in the store — fortunately, ASUS ROG GA15 offers a large selection of trim levels. If you wish, you can buy the most powerful gaming PC on its basis, at one glance on which all the surrounding gamers will fall with envy.

    excellent performance

    stylish design

    not too many processors from Intel


    2. HP Omen GT11-0007ur (14Q74EA)

    • processor: Intel Core i5 10400F (6×2900 MHz)
    • RAM: 16GB DDR4 2666MHz
    • drive: SSD 512 GB
    • discrete graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 (4 GB)
    • case: Midi-Tower
    • power supply capacity: 500 W
    • connectors: USB 3.0, DVI, HDMI
    • wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
    • operating system: Windows 10 Home
    • dimensions: 165x433x369 mm
    • weight: 11.36 kg

    Hewlett Packard was born before World War II, and this fact seems to have left its mark on the design of its products. The case of the Omen GT11-0007ur is strict, concise, without frills, whistles and enticements that many other «gaming» system units suffer from. Inside there is no liquid cooling system, no RGB lighting, no web of glowing cables. However, the HP Omen looks a little like a banal black box — it has smooth lines and a thoughtful design, thanks to which it is one of the most compact system units on the market.

    Perhaps one of the best things about the HP Omen is the price tag. Despite the presence of an RTX series graphics card, an i5 10400F processor, 16 GB of RAM and an SSD drive inside the case, the price for this model is still sane. This is largely due to the already mentioned brevity of design — HP has removed all unnecessary frills, which, as a rule, increase the cost of machines with similar characteristics.

    The computer is quiet (it has only two fans), does not make noise even with increased load. The power of the video card is enough for, perhaps, all modern video games. There are two free dice for RAM, if suddenly 16 GB is not enough. True, the letter F at the end of the processor name indicates that it does not have an integrated graphics core, which somewhat reduces performance.

    relatively inexpensive


    no DisplayPort


    1. Alienware Aurora R11

    • -10900F (10×2800 MHz)
    • RAM: 64GB DDR4 3200MHz
    • drive: SSD 2 TB
    • discrete graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 (24 GB)
    • case: Midi-Tower
    • power supply: 1000 W
    • connectors: USB 3.0, HDMI, DisplayPort
    • wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
    • operating system: Windows 10 Pro
    • dimensions: 223x482x432 mm
    • weight: 17.8 kg

    The Alienware name immediately comes to mind when it comes to gaming computers, which, so to speak, are distinguished by their appearance. And although the alien aesthetics is not close to everyone, but the filling of this «extraterrestrial» body is undeniably good.

    Newly launched version of the R11 has the same compact size and sleek design as its recent R9 predecessor. And since the R11 is the latest, it means that a new 10th generation Intel processor and one of the RTX 30 series graphics cards have already settled comfortably inside. Paradoxically, buying a ready-made case is the easiest and cheapest way to get a good graphics card.

    As for the CPU, Alienware offers several configurations, from the i3 10100 to the i9 10900F (F stands for no integrated GPU). There are also several video cards, for any wallet — from the Nvidia GTX 1650 Super to the RTX 309, as if made of pure gold0. But no matter what version of Alienware you have, the case cooling system will maintain a comfortable temperature inside even with the most powerful processor and graphics card. True, the downside of an advanced cooling system is noise; The Alienware R11 is unnecessarily loud for the price.

    When it comes to gaming, the R11 will handle everything from standard 1080 to mind-blowing 4K. While it’s one of the most expensive gaming PCs at its top end, it’s worth it — if you can afford it.

    excellent performance

    wide range of configurations

    good cooling system

    stylish, bright case design




    Evgeniy Leonov

    Hi-Tech expert on engineering and technology.

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    Gaming PC build in 2023

    Every year, computer games become more realistic and more complex, which naturally increases the performance requirements of all PC components. MAN-MADE offers various gaming builds that are relevant for 2023, both at the budget level and equipped with flagship components.

    Gaming computer assembly

    Collecting parts suitable for a gaming computer is a rather difficult task, especially for beginners who do not follow the intensive development of modern technologies. It is important to understand that it is not enough just to choose the right components for the budget, they must be compatible with each other and have a balanced level of performance in the game or work tasks.

    For example, a low-power processor in combination with a top-level video card will limit gaming performance and will not reveal the full potential of an expensive video chip. In addition, different processors will require different motherboards and RAM of certain standards. This material will allow you to navigate the variety of modern hardware and choose the optimal assembly for games in 2023.

    Video card

    The undisputed leader in the development and production of video cards is NVIDIA, as evidenced by a market share of more than 80% of the entire gaming computer market. One of the important advantages of NVIDIA products is full support for realistic ray tracing technology. As well as the ability to enable DLSS adaptive AI anti-aliasing, which significantly improves the overall performance of the video card. This year, two series of products from this manufacturer are relevant:

    • RTX 30xx. This is a line of video cards of the last generation, which still has not lost its position due to its wide availability and fairly high performance. The RTX 3060-3060 Ti is great for entry-level builds and will handle any game in FullHD just fine. For 2K resolution, you should consider buying an RTX 3070 or 3080. The top product of this series is the RTX 3090, which is designed for a computer capable of running games at 4k at high or close to maximum settings.
    • RTX 40xx. Based on the latest architecture, the series offers an excellent combination of power and energy efficiency. The most affordable solution at the moment is the RTX 4070 Ti. The graphics card will handle games at 2K ultras with ray tracing or 4k with DLSS enabled. The RTX 4080 or 4090 is suitable for 4k “at maximum speed” in any game projects.

    It should be added that the RTX 40xx video chips will not only allow you to play with maximum settings, but also perform well in work tasks. Powerful CUDA cores will noticeably speed up video rendering or computer work with high-quality 3D graphics.


    When choosing a processor for assembling a gaming computer, you can stop at products from Intel or AMD. You need to choose a chip depending on what tasks are set for the system unit, the requirements of your favorite games, as well as the power of the video card planned in the assembly.

    For a mid-budget PC, a 12th or 13th generation Intel Core i5 will suffice. AMD’s analogue is Ryzen 5. Both options offer 6 high-performance cores, support for DDR4 or DDR5 (depending on the generation of the processor) and a fairly high clock speed (from 4.4 GHz and higher). They are enough for video cards up to the RTX 3070 Ti.

    The optimal processors for gaming assemblies are considered eight-core Ryzen 7 or their competitors from Intel — i7. On the side of AMD products, there is a large amount of on-chip cache memory, while competitors’ products offer higher clock speeds and energy-efficient cores. This is a feature of the modern Intel processor architecture, such cores take on most of the current tasks, for example, the operation of the operating system, the browser, offloading productive cores for serious computing loads. In any case, such processors will be enough for a computer with a video chip up to the RTX 4080, which allows you to run games even at 4k resolution.

    For top gaming assemblies, you will also need the most productive processor. Intel offers Core i9 chips capable of operating at high frequencies under the most severe workloads. AMD is releasing Ryzen 9 for this purpose, this series includes processors with 12 and 16 cores capable of processing up to 32 data streams. Both options will unleash the potential of both the RTX 4090 and higher performing future graphics cards in any game.


    Another important component for any gaming assembly, because it is on the “motherboard” that all the main components of the computer are placed. You need to choose the right board based on the performance and power requirements of the processor, this is one of the tasks for which this component is responsible.

    Also consider connector compatibility, boards for Intel or AMD products are not compatible with each other. Therefore, carefully study the characteristics of the motherboard before making a choice. Pay attention to the power subsystem of the processor socket. It consists of rather strongly heated components — mosfets. If you plan to use a powerful processor in your computer for gaming, it is better to choose a motherboard in which the power system is cooled by special heatsinks that dissipate excess heat.


    RAM is the memory through which data is exchanged between the disk, video card and processor. The amount of memory even for a budget gaming assembly should not be less than 16 GB. Optimal in 2023 is 32 GB. And if you’re building a PC with an eye to the future, 64 GB of memory is the best option.

    There are two standards of RAM on the market now — DDR4 and DDR5. The latter option is the newest generation, which provides increased data transfer speed in the computer. DDR5 should be considered for use in mid-range and high-end builds. In mid-budget solutions, DDR4 is still relevant, which will provide acceptable performance at a modest price.


    An almost uncontested solution for a gaming build is a high-speed SSD drive. These are the so-called «solid-state» drives, their main advantage is the high speed of reading and writing data. They are available with an M.2 connector, from 250 GB to 4 TB.

    For a gaming computer, it is worth considering models with a capacity of 1 TB or more. After all, a modern game easily occupies 100 GB, and the «weight» of some projects can reach 150-170 GB. Therefore, even a 1 TB disk is not so big. In advanced builds, 2-4 TB SSDs are now relevant.

    If there is a need to store very large amounts of data in a computer, the reading speed of which is not particularly important (for example, personal photo and video archives, movie collections), then in addition to an SSD drive, it is worth purchasing an HDD. In terms of price/volume ratio, they are still the most profitable solution. There are models on the market with a capacity of up to 18 TB.

    Power supply

    The power supply is selected depending on the power consumption of the other components of the gaming assembly. For example, for a combination of Intel i5 and RTX 3060, almost any 500W PSU will be enough. But the more productive components are present in the system, the higher the requirements for the PSU. For top-end assemblies, blocks of 1-1.2 kW will be required.

    When choosing a suitable unit, pay attention to the energy efficiency certificate 80+. PSU without such a certificate is not worth buying. The minimum suitable for a gaming build is 80+ Bronze. 80+ Gold is considered optimal. And for the most advanced system users, it is worth considering buying 80+ Platinum or Titanium.

    The certificate shows how energy efficient the PSU is. For example, «bronze» provides current conversion with losses of no more than 15%, and «platinum» — no more than 6%. The lower the losses, the lower the heating of the block components during the game and the quieter the operation of the cooling system.


    All components included in the assembly are placed in a single housing. It performs protective and aesthetic functions. The gaming PC of 2023 should not only be productive, but also have an advanced design. Therefore, most manufacturers of cases, even at a budget level, complete them with RGB backlighting, a transparent side wall that allows you to admire the internal contents.

    For top builds, it is worth considering buying exclusive solutions with various unique features, such as a horizontal installation of a video card. But even a regular case can be uniqueized by additional modding, for example, laying RGB tapes or vinylography. They will not affect the performance in the game, but they will make the system unit a real decoration of the interior.

    Cooling system

    Provides heat dissipation, which is inevitably formed during the operation of the processor, the level of heat dissipation is especially high for top high-frequency chips. Some of them under load in the game are capable of consuming up to 250-300 W of energy, therefore, they require efficient removal of a large amount of energy.

    Mid-range processors are unpretentious, a good tower cooler with a 120 mm fan will be enough to cool them. For performance and maximum builds, you will need to purchase, at a minimum, a maintenance-free liquid cooling system. Only LSS can provide effective heat removal from hot multi-core chips operating at high frequencies.

    The best option would be to install a custom LSS, which will remove heat from almost all components of the game assembly. But this solution is only for exclusive top assemblies, since its cost is far from the budget one.

    Best Budget Gaming PC Build in 2023

    Inexpensive gaming system unit, sufficient for any game in FullHD with medium-high settings in 2023 — MAN-MADE Base S v.3. You can buy it here Although the assembly belongs to the budget, it includes modern components with quite decent parameters for both gaming performance and reliability.

    Let’s consider them in more detail:

    • Intel Core i5 — 12400F. This is a powerful 12th generation six-core processor capable of processing 12 data streams at once. Under load, it is able to increase the frequency of all cores up to 4.4 Hz and is equipped with 18 MB of effective cache.
    • GeForce RTX 3060 8G graphics card. The graphics card is built on the powerful Ampere architecture and supports core NVIDIA technologies such as ray tracing and frame-by-frame image processing based on DLSS AI algorithms.
    • MSI PRO B660M-A WIFI DDR4 motherboard. The choice of this motherboard is due to the combination of price and sufficient functionality. It will allow you to place up to 4 sticks of RAM, all batteries are equipped with efficient heatsinks. An additional advantage is a set of various connectors for connecting peripherals, such as joysticks or other devices that improve the convenience of the game.
    • Coolers Alseye M120D PLUS. A tower cooler equipped with a 120 mm fan that will provide decent cooling for the processor used in the assembly and almost complete silence even under maximum loads. The PWM system will allow you to independently adjust the fan speed depending on the needs of the user.
    • RAM 16Gb (2×8) DDR4 3200MHz. This is the base volume for the 2023 gaming build, which is enough for most games. In the future, the user will be able to independently add additional memory to the computer.
    • SSD 1Tb SSD M.2. A high-speed SSD drive will provide fast loading of game levels or working programs, and its volume will be enough for installing the OS and for a dozen or two games.
    • Power supply 800W Deepcool PK800D. Even budget components need quality power, Deepcool PK800D with 80+ Bronze certification will do the job perfectly. It works with an efficiency of more than 85%, practically does not heat up and does not make noise. And a decent power reserve will ensure a trouble-free future upgrade, for example, installing a more powerful video card.

    Fits an entry-level gaming build into a state-of-the-art Cougar Airface RGB case. It combines an attractive design, built-in RGB lighting and will become a real decoration of the interior. Moreover, external attractiveness does not interfere with effective heat dissipation, the iron placed in it will definitely not overheat.

    Optimal gaming PC build

    Optimal gaming PC build of 2023 — MAN-MADE Rare GT v.3. This is the stuffing configuration for those who want to set the maximum settings in the most demanding games.

    Let’s take a closer look at its details:

    • Intel Core i7 — 13700KF. One of the best gaming processors available on the market. Thanks to the latest architecture, it combines high-performance and energy-efficient cores (8 pieces of each type). High-performance cores allow you to cope with the heaviest computing loads, perfectly manifest themselves in any modern game, and efficient cores take on everyday tasks. Able to independently accelerate to a frequency of 5.4 GHz and has a 30 MB high-speed internal cache.
    • GeForce RTX 4070 Ti graphics card. New generation graphics card based on Ada Lovelace architecture. Provides high FPS with ultra settings in-game at resolutions up to 4K. Supports the latest technologies such as DLSS 3.0. A particular advantage is the optimized cores responsible for ray tracing, this has allowed us to achieve a new level of realism in modern games.
    • Motherboard GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS ELITE AX. Based on the top chipset, one of the best motherboards in its class. Guarantees compatibility with the latest Intel processors, equipped with four slots for high-speed DDR5 RAM. It should be noted the excellent cooling of the power subsystem, efficient radiators will ensure a long service life without overheating.
    • Cooling system PHANTEKS Glacier One 360MPH. Powerful maintenance-free coolant to remove large amounts of heat from the processor. The package includes three large fans capable of pumping up to 100 m3 of air per hour, and the built-in pump can pump up to 360 liters of liquid in the same time. This will allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature of the processor during a long game in the latest projects. An additional benefit is customizable RGB lighting.
    • RAM 32Gb DDR5 5200MHz Kingston FURY Beast RGB (2x16gb). These are cool memory sticks from a famous brand. Provide the highest speed of data exchange in the system with minimal delays. The volume is enough for the most demanding gaming projects, work tasks.
    • SSD 2Tb SSD Kingston Fury Renegade M.2. The speed parameters of this drive make it one of the leaders in read speed, which will ensure lightning-fast loading of games, no stutters due to loading textures or other data.
    • PSU 1000W PHANTEKS REVOLT PRO Gold. This is an excellent solution for powering high-performance components of a gaming computer. It is capable of delivering up to 1 kW of power and complies with the 80+ Gold standard, which guarantees high efficiency, which means a minimum level of heating and noise.

    A cool gaming PC is housed in a modern MagniumGear NEO Qube 2 Infinity Mirror case. In addition to the well-thought-out internal layout, the “highlight” of this model is the unique design with the “infinity effect”. Made of durable steel and aluminum alloys, the side and front walls are made of durable tempered glass. You can evaluate the appearance of the system unit and place an order here

    Top build 2023 gaming PC

    The top build of a gaming PC in 2023, the characteristics of which will allow you not only to run any game on a 4k monitor, but also work with 3D graphics or complex video editing — MAN-MADE Rare Primera v.2. You can order this most powerful system unit here

    The top game assembly includes:

    • Intel Core i9 processor- 13900KF. This is the most powerful processor from the new generation of «gems» from Intel. 8 productive cores are capable of overclocking up to 5.8 GHz, and 16 energy efficient ones — up to 4.3 GHz. They are complemented by 36 MB of built-in cache memory, which provides almost instantaneous transfer of information between the cores. The processor demonstrates record performance in almost any task, both gaming and work applications.
    • GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card. The most powerful product available on the market in 2023. The latest architecture and 24 GB of high-speed memory allow you to run games with high FPS even in 8K resolution. If you want to appreciate the beauty of virtual worlds with ray tracing enabled, ultra settings, on a 2160p monitor, then this video card will be almost the only solution that will give you such an opportunity.
    • GIGABYTE Z790 GAMING X AX Motherboard. Assembling a top PC without a perfect motherboard is a hopeless undertaking. Therefore, our specialists have chosen one of the best offers on the market — Z790 GAMING X AX — for the maximum assembly. The board supports the new generation of Intel processors, DDR5 RAM and offers an excellent set of connectors for all occasions.
    • RAM 64Gb DDR5 5200MHz Kingston FURY Beast RGB (2x32gb). Memory kit from a well-known brand will provide fast data exchange between system components. The 64 GB capacity will be enough for gaming, streaming, video editing or other demanding professional tasks.
    • Thermaltake TOUGHLIQUID Ultra 360 Cooling System. Powerful coolant capable of cooling even the hot temper of top processors. This is facilitated by an improved pump and effective 120 mm «turntables». It has a low noise level, will not interfere even during long gaming sessions.
    • SSD 2Tb SSD Kingston Fury Renegade M.2. An excellent high-performance disk, the volume and speed of which will be enough for the most demanding users. Thanks to selected memory chips, it has high reliability, which allows you not to worry about the safety of information.