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Give your help desk staff the support they need through dedicated remote IT help desk services.

We offer 24×7 remote IT help desk support backed by technical experts that are certified and trained to onboard quickly and support your unique business needs on day one. We lead with a client-first approach, focusing on customer satisfaction and technical savvy- the two most critical tenants of our remote IT help desk services.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients offering high-quality remote IT help desk services, each time honing our skills to optimize customer satisfaction and technical expertise.

Compulink Technologies: Remote IT Help Desk Support

  • 24×7 remote IT help desk services ensuring your client’s requirements questions are answered when they need them most
  • Internal training and defined success parameters to ensure your team is aligned with best practices
  • Guaranteed Service Level through SLA’s
  • Support for desktop, laptop, servers, storage, mobile devices, networking devices and more

The Compulink Technologies Difference:

Our cloud computing services ensure that your organization can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Scalability: Our cloud computing services will provide a high level of flexibility with a scalable platform. It will ensure that you can scale up or down according to your business requirements. The scalable cloud solutions will be beneficial for immediately responding to business issues.
  • Cost-SavingsCloud computing services can help reduce the cost of network management and maintenance. Cloud computing ensures that you no longer need your server, network switches, cables, backup generators, redundant routers, and more. AI and automation will help businesses increase their ROI.
  • Centralized Data Security: Our cloud computing services will guarantee centralized backups in the cloud provider’s data center. Therefore, you won’t need individual employees or teams to maintain onsite or offsite backups. With every piece of new data that you enter, the cloud storage gets updates. Two-factor authentication, data encryption, and other security measures will also help maintain the privacy of your data
  • Faster Application Deployment: You might come across unpredictable business needs that demand cloud computing resources. Our services for cloud software computing in New York will come to your rescue. You will be able to improve cloud application development with faster deployment. Cloud applications can be readily deployed without the need for any extra hardware or the IT staff to build servers.
  • Zero Downtime: Cloud computing services ensure that you don’t have to worry about downtime because of the availability of multiple cloud facilities. Moreover, cloud providers will constantly update systems and fix bugs and other security issues that might be a problem for users. Using different cloud computing resources together will guarantee better performance.
  • Instant Access to Data: Cloud computing systems ensure that you can access data immediately after it’s collected. The greater access to data will improve decision-making and provide you with greater insights about your organization depending on historical predictions.

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USP CompuLink and Speech Technology Center are implementing a project in TransCreditBank — News

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03 February 2010 23:40

USP CompuLink (www. together with Center for Speech Technologies (STC) completed the first stage of work on the implementation of an interactive voice customer service system for TransCreditBank ( This project brought together the strengths and knowledge of a large team of developers and business representatives.

To date, the development of technical requirements for the new IT solution of the bank has been completed and the necessary software has been delivered. Completion of work on the implementation of the system is scheduled for spring 2010.

Today, to provide information and reference services to clients, TransCreditBank uses the “Contact Center” hardware and software complex, built on the basis of Avaya equipment and Avaya Call Center Expess 3.0 software. The process of client self-service is organized using the Interactive Voice Interaction (IVR) system integrated with the Contact Center APK. To improve the quality of customer service, the customer decided to upgrade the existing IVR platform and implement a speech recognition and synthesis system. The system integrator «USP CompuLink» was invited to implement the project.

“The introduction of new technologies, in particular speech recognition systems, is an important step in building our customer self-service system. If earlier an urgent task for the bank was the integration of IVR with IT systems in order to organize remote access of the client to his personal information on the account, today we have moved on to optimizing the provision of information and improving the convenience of working with the self-service system by phone,” notes Irina Garmash, Head of the Customer Support Service of TransCreditBank.

The launch of a new voice content management solution will allow the bank’s customers to take advantage of additional interactive telephone services. The operation of the speech recognition and synthesis system is as close as possible to the format of communication between clients and a live operator: no additional set of phone keys is required, subscribers receive information of interest about the bank and its services in a dialogue mode in speech form. After the implementation of the new IT solution, any client who calls TransCreditBank will be able to use the voice menu and use it to clarify the addresses of offices and ATMs, find out the conditions for lending, servicing and issuing plastic cards, and the exchange rate for buying and selling foreign currencies.

Within the framework of the project, the Voice Navigator complex is being introduced, which was developed by the MDG to create interactive telephone services. The complex is distinguished by a high level of reliability of Russian speech recognition, regardless of the gender and age of the subscriber, wide possibilities for organizing various dialogue scenarios, as well as resistance to noise and interference in the telephone channel.

One of the important functional components of the complex is the synthesis module — a unique development of TsRT, which distinguishes itself from its competitors by natural sounding, support for several male and female voices, accurate intonation of speech and correct placement of stresses.

In the course of this project, special grammars were developed, the dialog menu was optimized, and the synthesis engine was adapted to the specialized banking vocabulary to ensure the most efficient system of interactive voice customer service of TransCreditBank.

Speech is supported by Avaya Voice Portal, one of the best software in its class with built-in speech recognition and synthesis capabilities.

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  • Today at 13:30

    Dialogue script writer / Architect Botov

    from 25,000 ₽/month

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    No experience needed

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    Write communication scripts that the robot will use to talk. Analyze the results of robot calls and chats. Invent…
    We need people who know how to communicate with customers. It will be a big plus if you worked in cold sales in CC, wrote …


  • ₽/month

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    St. Petersburg


    and 9 more stations

    Client support, control of receivables. Solving operational issues of interaction with the client. Line up…
    We expect you. You have customer support and time management skills. Have experience in sequencing…





  • Today at 11:55

    Web Services Sales Manager

    from 40,000 ₽/month

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    90 008 Be the first

    Sale of services of SKB Kontur — Kontur- Accounting (Elba), Circuit-Extern, DiaDoc, Tolk, Access. Cold calls,…
    Active life position. Successful experience in active sales (cold calls, telephone conversations). Focus on results…





  • Today at 11:37

    IT Product Sales Manager

    50 000 — 80 000 ₽/month

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    No experience needed

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    Remote work

    Calling potential clients using the database provided (clients who don’t know about us yet). Selling our CRM system, conducting…
    Willingness to work remotely full time. Availability of a laptop / computer, headset, wired stable Internet





  • Today in 9:29

    Sales manager (No search)

    from 80 000 ₽/ month

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    St. Petersburg


    and 2 more stations

    No experience required

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    Identify and develop customer needs. Develop commercial proposals, negotiate, make presentations
    You learn fast. Do you want to work in IT and promote complex but interesting products for B2B; you know how to build a dialogue on the phone


    Service engineer (low current systems)

    By agreement

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    Sitronics KT

    St. Petersburg

    Repair work on the ship at night (during the daytime the ship is on the route and the necessary improvements are being fixed)
    Experience of 1 year with low-voltage systems

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  • Sales manager last

    1200 — 2000 ₽/month

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  • Middle Golang developer

    up to 250,000 ₽/month

    Add to favorites 9 0009



    Business center

    and 3 more stations

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    Architect new microservices and develop high-load services in Go. Carry out those feature analysis
    At least 2 years of experience in commercial development on Go will be a plus. Experience in building microservice architecture. Experience with Docker…





  • Baker

    By agreement 90 009

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    State farm im. Lenin

    Manufacture of flour culinary and confectionery products





  • 90 008 Office manager / Secretary

    55,000 ₽/month

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    4 minutes Nagatinskaya

    15 minutes Nagornaya

    Reception and distribution of incoming calls. Office work, document management. Carrying out instructions from management. Life support…
    Experience in a similar position from one year is desirable. Confident PC user (WORD, EXCEL). Responsibility, accuracy…





  • B2B sales manager

    from 70 000 ₽/month

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    St. Petersburg


    Active sales. Independent search for clients. Monitoring the fulfillment of contractual obligations, tracking receivables …
    Knowledge of the rules of sales. Ability to prioritize and simultaneously manage a large number of projects that are on different…





  • Marketing Specialist

    from 70 000 ₽/month

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    Group of companies MASKOM


    Development of a marketing strategy with details in the areas: educational services of the training center, sale of consulting …
    Higher education, majoring in advertising, marketing and PR. Competent written and oral speech, the ability to conduct business correspondence …




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    System Complex

    St. Petersburg

    Remote work

    Available to students

    Commissioning of automatic control systems and service maintenance at the Customer’s facilities.