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A Glimpse of Crysis 2 Multiplayer

Crysis 2 is a demo game developed by Crytek GmbH and published by Electronic Arts. It offers two additional multiplayer maps and two game modes for players who want to try playing Crysis 2. If you want to test if the full version of the popular action game is worth your time, this demo is for you.

How Did Crysis 2 Fare?

Crysis 2 was the successful sequel of Crysis and Crysis Warhead. The only departure was the shift from open world exploration to linear gameplay. Its saving grace meanwhile was the multiplayer mode where players enjoyed competing with others online in tight, intense action. The graphics and sprawling ruined cityscape did look great at that time thanks to the CryEngine 3 game engine.

The Nanosuit was one of the game’s highlights when it comes with the single-player mode. It gave players power fantasy over the ruins of New York City. Players had special powers with the Nanosuit. Meanwhile, they have to manage the Nanosuit’s energy before it depleted. Players had fun upgrading them according to their playstyles. The game provided players with 12 different, customizable weapons for extra firepower. The game’s premise was about an invasion in New York City and the get a new Nanosuit to repel the aliens. They faced both the invading aliens Ceph and the army pursuing their enhanced Nanosuit. 

Original Demo Release

Both Electronic Arts and Crytek GmbH released a multiplayer demo on various platforms in 2011. It was available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Fans got to play the maps like Skyline and Pier 17, as well as access two game modes: Team Instant Action and Crash Site. Team Instant Action plays like a traditional team deathmatch while Crash Site has a familiar game mechanics of defending control points. More so, in Crash Site, players must secure alien drop pods from enemies. There were server issues about connecting in multiplayer mode, but Crytek attempted to fix them. The other bugs were visual glitches, but it didn’t affect much of the gameplay.

Taste The Multiplayer Action

Crysis 2 can help players decide to get the actual Crysis 2. The multiplayer matches and game modes are fun by their own credit. Interested players have to get the full version if they want to have more of the action.


  • Fun and intense action
  • CryEngine 3
  • Nanosuit with special abilities
  • 12 customizable weapons


  • Poor network connection
  • Poor enemy A.I. with terrible visuals
  • Obvious port of the Xbox 360 multiplayer demo
  • Linear contents

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Crysis 2 Download For Pc Free Windows 7, 8, 10

Crysis 2 Ocean Of Games is a Demonstration game Developed by Crytek GmbH and released by Electronics. It provides two extra multiplayer maps and two game modes for players that wish to test playing Crysis 2. If you would like to check if the complete version of the favorite action game is worth your time, this demonstration is right for you.

Crysis 2

Crysis 2 download was the powerful sequel of Crysis and Crysis Warhead. The sole departure was that the change in open world mining to linear gameplay. Its saving grace meanwhile has been that the multiplayer mode where players appreciated competing with other people on the internet in tight, extreme action. The graphics and sprawling ruined cityscape did seem great at the time as a result of the CryEngine 3 game engine.

The Nanosuit was one Of the game’s highlights as it includes all the single-player mode. It gave players electricity dream on the ruins of New York City. Players had unique powers together with the Nanosuit. They must handle the Nanosuit’s energy until it depleted. Players had pleasure updating them by their playstyles. The game provided players using 12 distinct, customizable weapons to get additional firepower. The game’s premise was about an invasion at New York City along with the get a brand new Nanosuit to repel the aliens. They confronted the invading aliens Ceph along with the military chasing their improved Nanosuit.

First Demo Release

Both Electronics and Crytek GmbH released a multiplayer demo on several different programs in 2011. It had been available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Fans must play with the maps such as Skyline and Pier 17, in addition to accessibility two game modes: Team Instant Action and Crash Website. Team Instant Action plays just like a conventional team deathmatch while Crash Website includes a familiar game mechanism of protecting control points. More in Crash Website, players have to shield alien shed pods from enemies. There were server problems about linking in multiplayer mode, but Crytek tried to mend them. Other bugs were visual glitches, but it did not impact a lot of the gameplay.

Taste The Multiplayer Action

Crysis 2 will help players opt to acquire the true Crysis 2. The multiplayer games and game modes are a pleasure with their very own credit. Interested players need to acquire the complete version if they would like to possess more of this action.

Features of Crysis two PC Game Setup Free Download

Following are the primary Attributes of Crysis two PC Game Setup Free Download you will have the ability to experience after the initial install in your Operating System.

  • Bonus XP — accessibility to preset classes along with a custom course
  • Scar weapon — Scar attack gun electronic camouflage
  • Weapon Attachment — Day 1 accessibility to scar hologram decoy
  • Unique Platinum Dog Label — Screen your multiplayer stats and rank
  • Total of 9 added Multiplayer maps encouraging most of the game modes
  • Two new weapons — FY71 Assault Rifle and M18 Smoke Grenade

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Nanosuit | it’s… What is the Nanosuit?

Initially, 5 maps (locations) are available in the game:

  • Beach
  • Mesa (Russian Energy ) [62]
  • Plantation
  • Refinery
  • Shore (Russian Shore )


Interesting fact

The developers «forgot» the design document with the game script in the demo version of Crysis. The file is located at:

…\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis SP Demo\Game\Localized\english.pak\Languages ​​
\compiled docs\Master Document (All Acts).doc (english.pak is

The plot in the computer game «Crysis», as in most games, can be conditionally divided into two parts — the plot before the game and the plot that develops during the game. However, the main difference from other games is that for the average gamer playing Crysis, the pre-game plot will be unknown. It is not known whether this is the intention of the developers to lighten the story, or intentionally hide it, like the story in the games of the 2020 series — Kim Jeong-ju-la0072 Kim Jong Juul ). However, the biggest insight into the plot comes from radio broadcasts in which the BBC channel talks about Korea’s status in the geopolitical arena, about the intentions of the United States regarding the Lingshan Islands, and about the details of the US military operation to seize the island. Radios can be found in various parts of the game, as well as when boarding some vehicles.

Plot initiation and premise

The events of Crysis take place in the near future, on the Lingshan Islands (Eng. Lingshan ) in the Philippine Sea. According to the plot of the game, this is not the first time that these islands have worried the public with conflicts developing on their territory.

According to the plot, a new leader Kim Jong Juul comes to power in North Korea, who in 2008 carries out a series of economic reforms, leading to significant changes in the entire structure of the country. Large cities are actually turning into independent entities with their own market economy; Pyongyang becomes the second most important center of high electronic technologies; large quantities of advanced military technology are being purchased from China. Given that the DPRK possesses nuclear weapons, their status in the political arena rises to incredible heights. nine0005

Having achieved such results, the first goal of Korea is to strengthen its position in the Pacific Ocean. The object of her attention is a series of small island states that are relatively easy to control.

Further, in 2016, the DPRK provides assistance to the Lingshan Islands in establishing a pro-communist regime. Pyongyang appoints its puppet government there and announces the nationalization of several million dollars of American property located on the islands. A major scandal followed, but an open military conflict was then avoided. nine0005

In August 2020, according to the plot of the game, the relative calm of Lingshan Island was again disturbed. The North Korean government blocks the island with a ring of warships and evacuates thousands of local residents, explaining this by increased seismic activity on the island and the threat of a volcanic eruption; and the presence of the Korean military is «purely humanitarian» (Commander of Troops is General Khon ). Data on seismic activity was partially confirmed by the fact that tremors were also recorded in Hawaii. However, according to leading US scientists, there has never been volcanic activity in the area. The US Secretary of State says that the actions of the DPRK can only be regarded as an invasion. nine0005

Around the same time, NASA satellites record sharp temperature anomalies on the island. At first they are mistaken for nuclear explosions, the DIA and the NSA are involved in the case. Under the guise of the International Archaeological Association, which is working in the area, an expedition is organized to the island, which, in addition to archaeologists and scientists, also includes CIA agents. The expedition is led by Dr. Rosenthal. They are delivered to the island by the ship Lusca’s Call, assigned to the port in San Diego.

In the course of their work/excavation, the expedition stumbles upon an «ancient mechanized artifact/statue». The signal emitted by this «artifact» led them to the «Temple» located deep in the mountain. nine0005

According to preliminary estimates of experts, the age of both finds is about several million years.

Sensational articles about unusual finds of archaeologists appear in the press (newspaper headline — «World renowned archeologist uncovers another prehistoric «mechanical» artifact»), and the inhabitants of the island now and then see unidentified flying objects in the sky.

Having taken control of the island, the Koreans take over the «Rosenthal Expedition» directly, carefully monitoring its work and interrogating its members. nine0005

On August 7, 2020, a message was received from the daughter of Dr. Rosenthal, Elena Rosenthal , also a member of the «Expedition», in which she briefly states the true situation and asks for help. After that, communication with the island is lost.

On August 12, 2020, a clear emergency signal was received from the Lusca’s Call archaeological vessel.

On August 14, 2020, according to the plot of the game, the US government takes decisive action: to clarify the situation, a special unit «Predator» («Eng. Raptor «), consisting of five fighters of the Delta Special Forces under the command of Major Burns (callsign «Prophet»). The remaining members of the squad with the call signs «Aztec», «Jester», «Psycho» and «Nomad» («Nomad» in English; the main character, full name is Jake Dunn). The headquarters, under the command of Admiral Morisson, is based on the aircraft carrier «Constitution» [63] with the support of escort ships. The entire battle group is in close proximity to the island, but maintains a safe distance so as not to provoke the Koreans. Field commander of the landing army is appointed Major Strickland . The primary objective of the operation is described as «find and rescue» members of the Rosenthal expedition, based on the coordinates of the signal from the Lusca’s Call.

The game itself starts from this moment.

Direct development of the plot in the game

The game has 11 levels. Each level has 2 names. The first name is «external» and is meant for the players; displayed while the level is loading. The second name is «internal», it is used by the mechanism of the game itself; for example, to load the selected map from the console, you must enter the internal name of the level. nine0005

Each level is represented by one indivisible location. After the end of the current level, the next level is loaded. There are no download levels within the levels themselves, since game data is loaded dynamically. Each level has several chapters. Chapters are tied, basically, not to specific parts of the level, but to the development of the plot. Thus, the player can cross the entire level, but until he completes some «plot» task, the chapter change will not occur.


Mechanism preventing a successful jump at the start of the game

Game start. The landing is carried out from a military cargo aircraft on parachutes from a height of 8,000 meters above the ground. However, it does not go too smoothly, while still in the air, the Predator group collides with an unidentified flying object and lands randomly along the coast. The Aztec lands in a grove and, entangled in the branches of a parachute, asks for help. Nomad, who survived the fall into the water, and the Jester go to rescue him. Suddenly, the jungle cuts through the sharp sound of screams, gunshots and strange mechanical sounds. Going to their source, Nomad and Jester find four dead Koreans and a dead Aztec hanging from the parachute lines. The Prophet remotely activates the Aztec Nanosuit’s self-destruction to prevent the Koreans from researching the Nanosuit and intercepting the technology. Later, members of the Predator Squad find the Lusca’s Call, covered in ice and in the middle of the jungle. There, the alien combat robot attacks the group, grabs the Jester and takes him away with him. nine0005


Attack on the Jester near the ship

The remaining fighters of the detachment find the mutilated body of the Jester near the ship and the camp of the Koreans. Even near the frozen ship, it becomes known about the existence of a certain excavation where the Expedition worked and that one hostage is being held in a village occupied by troops nearby. Nomad and Psycho sneak into the village and free the hostage. The hostage, an Asian girl, turns out to be a CIA agent and reveals that they did not send a signal from the Lusca’s Call; moreover, she does not know at all what happened to him. She also talks about the death of one of the members of the expedition (Badowski — later the player finds his frozen corpse in the jungle) and confirms that the rest are being kept at the excavation. Crazy goes to accompany the hostage to the evacuation zone, and the Prophet and Nomad go to the excavation site. nine0005

Relic (Relic)

On the way to the destination, another attack is made by an alien robot, which drags the Prophet in an unknown direction. Nomad considers him dead and reports this to the headquarters, while he continues to carry out the task under the leadership of Major Strickland. Upon arrival at the excavations, he finds only one Dr. Rosenthal, who continues to study the «Artifact», which is an exact copy of the alien robot that attacked the Predator squad. Dr. Rosenthal tries to convince General Khon (the commander of the Korean forces on the island) not to take any hasty action regarding the «Temple». However, he, referring to the increased attention of the United States to this case, orders to increase the speed of work. Rosenthal informs Nomad that the other members of the expedition are at work in the «Temple». Suddenly, the «Artifact» comes to life, lights up with a bright blue glow and turns on the self-destruct system, as a result of which the entire main room of the excavation site cools sharply to almost absolute zero temperature. Dr. Rosenthal dies, and Nomad saves his nanosuit. nine0005

Nomad Headquarters is informed that the US government has plans for this island and that he makes his way to the evacuation point, where he will be picked up by VTOL. Nomad must join the «invasion» operation on the island.

Assault (Storm)

On board the VTOL, Nomad meets with Psycho, who has already taken the hostage to the Constitution.

The invasion of the US army is not going in the best way, however, having coordinated the actions of the main forces with special forces in time. group «Predator», they still manage to take the harbor and sink the Korean cruiser. The main invasion force and armor arrive on VTOLs, along with Major Strickland. Psycho Strickland gives a special task and sends him to help the Alpha group. nine0005

Onslaught (Offensive)

American troops, supported by armored vehicles and aviation, break through to the foot of the mountain, where the headquarters of the DPRK troops, General Khon and the Temple itself are located. Having reached almost to the very foot of the mountain, Nomad notices how lightning began to beat up the mountain, accompanied by strong tremors, partial collapse of the rock and unnatural mechanical sounds. Robots fly out of the mountain itself several times and attack the Koreans.


The main troops lag behind Nomad, therefore he descends alone into the mines leading to the «Temple», and a small detachment of paratroopers remains to guard the entrance. At the «Temple» itself, Nomad falls into a trap with the Korean special forces in nanosuits and personally with General Khon. He has already guessed that this is not just a temple, but something more — «an endless source of energy», as he believes; and he will not allow the Americans to get this source. Khon forces the remaining members of the expedition, including Helena Rosenthal, to start a chain reaction capable of starting a «temple/spring». The impetus for such a reaction should be a directed explosion of a tactical charge at the entrance to the «temple / source». Elena persuades Khon not to do this, but in vain — the charge is blown up. Strong electromagnetic disturbances begin, as a result of which everyone dies, except for Elena, Nomad and Khon, whom Nomad subsequently kills. The reaction that has begun sets the entire thickness of the mountain in motion, and the cave with the «temple» begins to collapse. Elena still manages to pick up the VTOL that arrived on time, and Nomad fills up. Having recovered, he decides to move deeper into the mountain through the passage formed in the «Temple». nine0005


Nomad soon realizes that it was not a “temple” at all, and not an “endless source of energy”, but an alien ship, inside of which gravity does not act and a very low temperature reigns, about -200 ° F (-129 ° C). There he meets jelly-like aliens with a very specific body structure and manner of movement (the lack of gravity directly affected their development). Traveling around the ship, he records everything on the audio-video camera built into the suit, and collects a lot of useful information, in particular about the impending alien invasion. It starts when Nomad is already at the very exit. nine0005

Paradise Lost

Having got out, Nomad discovers a frozen, snow-covered jungle. Getting in touch, Strickland says that the mountain / alien ship is surrounded by some kind of ice sphere, from which unidentified flying objects often fly out and attack troops. He also reports that the US Army troops are leaving the island and Nomad should also get out of the sphere and into the evacuation zone. The temperature in the sphere is estimated at -200 °F (-129 ° C), it is impossible to survive there without a suit. At the remnants of one of the deadly frozen groups of marines, Nomad meets with the Prophet, who inexplicably survived, and even with a modified alien weapon in his hands. However, the Prophet’s suit was badly damaged in battle. Together, they make their way out of the sphere across the bridge and join the surviving group of Marines who have positioned themselves near the outer edge of the Ice Sphere just beyond the bridge. nine0005


Aliens attack US troops near the outer edge of the Ice Sphere.

After radioing Strickland, the Marines, Nomad and Prophet are ordered to retreat to the coast. While riding in jeeps, due to the constant attacks of alien robots, all the marines die, and the surviving Nomad and the Prophet witness the VTOL crash with Elena on board.

After pulling Elena out of the rubble under enemy fire, the Prophet and Elena fly away in an evacuation VTOL, while Nomad and the arrived detachment of Marines remain behind to cover them. Nomad goes to the main base of the US Marines on the island, where he meets with Major Strickland. Here, under continuous enemy fire, the remnants of American troops are being evacuated from the island. Nomad flies away in the last VTOL recovery, while Major Strickland stays behind and dies while trying to stop a huge alien spider robot rushing to destroy the rescue VTOLs. nine0005


During the flight of Nomad on VTOL, an alien attack occurs and Nomad replaces the dead pilots. Piloting a downed VTOL, Nomad follows the orders of the air unit commander and flies to the Constitution.

During the flight, Nomad witnesses a dramatic retreat of US troops from the island, which takes place in chaos and panic: some are forgotten, some are sacrificed, some are simply abandoned.

Reckoning (Total)

On the aircraft carrier «Constitution» Nomad meets Psycho, who delivered one of the alien robots to the aircraft carrier. Elena Rosenthal says that the aliens’ mechanisms are powered by energy from any source, be it lightning or an atomic explosion. Elena also reports that alien machines (not the aliens themselves) communicate through electronic signals, and she was able to identify the signal that they emit when recharging — it protects them from overload. nine0005

Nomad goes to the technical bay, where he meets with the Prophet. In the same place, Elena installs an alien signal simulator on Nomad’s nanosuit, but with reverse polarity, which should disrupt the operation of alien mechanisms. Crazy expresses distrust of the Prophet, and especially his ability to use alien weapons, inaccessible to others.

Nomad’s recording made on the alien ship is of great interest to the command. Admiral Morrison fills Nomad in on the previously secret details of the operation. The military decides to launch a nuclear attack on the sphere, which Elena Rosenthal objects to. Morrison nevertheless orders the strike, referring to the high command. At this time, the Prophet steals one of the VTOLs and flies off the aircraft carrier in the direction of the sphere. nine0005

The result of a nuclear explosion is not destruction, but an increase in the sphere, as well as a rapid spread of alien robots in all directions, the first blow of which is taken by the Constitution battle group. During the battle, at the cost of sinking an aircraft carrier, a large alien ship is destroyed. Crazy, Nomad and Elena survive (not least thanks to the work of the signal simulator) and head back to the island in search of the Prophet. This is where the game ends.

United States Armed Forces

United States Special Forces

The protagonist, Nomad , is a member of the Predator group, which is formed from Delta fighters ( SFOD-D — Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta ). The group consists of five people: Aztec, Jester, Crazy, Nomad (Nomad, protagonist) and Prophet (team leader). The characters’ true names are revealed in the Sandbox 2 Editor that comes with the game. Aztec and Jester die almost at the very beginning of the game, and only three remain alive. nine0072 JSOC (eng. Joint Special Operations Command — Joint Special Operations Command) is the coordinator of the detachment, but later the command is taken over by the personnel of the aircraft carrier «Constitution».

  • 1st Lieutenant Jake Dunn (eng. Jake Dunn ), call signs — Nomad (eng. Nomad ): Protagonist. His face is not shown (except in concept artwork) and he completes tasks with a single-minded fervor. nine0078 [64]
  • Harold Cortez (eng. Harold Cortez ), call signs — Aztec (eng. Aztec ): Killed and maimed along with four Korean patrols at the very beginning of the game.
  • Martin Hawker (eng. Martin hawker ), call signs — Jester (eng. Jester ): When the Predator group found a frozen ship in the depths of the jungle far from the coast, the Jester was attacked and captured by an alien mechanism that dragged him into jungle. The mutilated body of the Jester was found not far from the ship. nine0074
  • Sergeant Michael Sykes (eng. Michael Sykes ), call signs — Psycho (eng. Psycho ): Formerly an employee of the British SAS (eng. Special Air Service — Special Airborne Service), later joined the forces of Delta Force . Tends to use British profanity and has the SAS insignia tattooed on the back of his head. He is the protagonist in the Crysis Warhead addon.
  • Major Laurence Barnes Laurence Barnes ), call signs — Prophet (eng. Prophet ): the leader of the Predator squad. He, like the Jester, was abducted by an alien mechanism, but his body was not found. After the kidnapping, Major Strickland takes over command of the detachment. The prophet miraculously reappears in the game at the moment when Nomad left the alien spaceship, but his behavior is strange. He has mastered the incomprehensible use and reconfiguration of alien weapons, and seems to have a deeper understanding of alien technology than anyone else. At the end of the game, the Prophet flees the aircraft carrier for reasons that are not entirely clear and returns to the island. nine0074
United States Marine Corps

Under the direction of Major Strickland , U.S.M.C. (Eng. United States Marine Corps — United States Marine Corps) supplied most of the ground military equipment and marines during the conflict. Mobile Headquarters U.S.M.C. located on the main ship of the US Navy’s naval strike group, the USS Constitution, and deploys offensive forces on the island with a large number of VTOLs. Major Strickland takes command of the mission after the Prophet’s abduction, but is himself killed in action: to distract the alien vehicle from the VTOL evacuation vehicles, he deliberately stays behind. nine0005

United States Navy

Admiral Richard Morrison (eng. Richard Morrison ) leads an aircraft carrier strike force, consisting of several ships of the US Navy, led by the aircraft carrier «Constitution». [63] The main ship, the Constitution, is where the last episode takes place. After an F-35C jet fighter-bomber strikes an alien sphere with a nuclear missile, massive amounts of alien technology destroy a naval aircraft carrier strike force. The aircraft carrier «Constitution» is attacked by a huge alien mechanism and sinks. At the end of the game, Elena informs Nomad that another part of the US Navy is coming from Japan and will be at the scene of the conflict in a few hours. nine0005

Dr. Rosenthal’s Team

Dr. Rosenthal’s archaeological team (eng. Rosenthal ), consisting of five people, is a member of the «International Archaeological Association». The team, in addition to Rosenthal, includes his daughter Elena (eng. Helena ), Badowski (eng. Badowski ), an unnamed woman with an Asian appearance, as well as another person, Matthew Jackson (eng. Matthew Jackson ) . [65] The team is on the island to find and study the remains of an ancient alien race. Rosenthal has also previously found the remains of aliens in different parts of the planet. After arriving on the island, the team falls under the control of General Khon, who uses them for his own purposes. An unnamed Asian woman turns out to be a CIA agent sent to covertly pass information to the US military. Nomad, along with Psycho, rescue her during interrogation, after which Psycho takes her to the Constitution aircraft carrier. Badowski is the first victim: the Prophet and Nomad found his corpse with numerous ice icicles in the back. Dr. Rosenthal dies at the excavation site during the activation of the alien apparatus. Matthew Jackson was shot in the head by General Khon in the presence of Elena and Nomad. Elena survives and may appear in the game’s sequels. nine0005

North Korean Army

On the island, the North Korean army is led by Colonel General Ri Chan Kyong ( Ri Chan Kyong ), known for his brutality. The army has at its disposal significant infantry forces, military equipment from jeeps to tanks, as well as helicopters. It is later revealed that the General and his bodyguards are using the Nanosuit , similar to those used by the Delta troopers.


Operating from a massive spaceship, the aliens themselves have streamlined bodies and «float» inside their ship, where weightlessness reigns. Their biomechanical war machines range from small machines capable of maneuvering in enclosed spaces to huge robots capable of wreaking havoc with their limbs. At the end of the game, thousands of alien mechanisms can be observed, which indicates a global plan to invade Earth. nine0005

All alien technology is somehow related to very low temperatures. Thus, most of their weapons either freeze the target, or release a huge amount of ice icicles at high speed. This weapon does not require ammo, but does require a «cool down» time after a long period of continuous firing.