Crysis 2 directx 11: Crysis 2 DirectX 11 features revealed

Crysis 2 Goes Direct X 11: The Ultra Upgrade, Benchmarked

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The discerning PC community was not amused when it became clear that the sequel to Crysis would arrive based on an older DirectX specification than its predecessor. This detraction was a real shame because Crysis 2 is probably a better game than the original, and the negative focus on the API often overshadowed its superlative visuals and solid core game play.

A DirectX 11 patch was rumored from the start, though. And despite whispers that it would never see the light of day, the DirectX 11 Ultra Upgrade arrived on June 27th, 2011. This is no quick patch job: it doesn’t come as a surprise that Crytek takes bleeding-edge graphics very seriously. The upgrade affects Crysis more than any other DirectX 11 patch we’ve previously seen in a shipping game.

As if that weren’t enough, Crytek added effects to the DirectX 9 code path and released a high-definition texture pack that doubles the resolution of many art assets. It goes without saying that all of this new, free eye candy demands investigation. At Tom’s Hardware, we consider it our duty to take a thorough look and let you know what the update is all about. Though late, is this new stuff worth playing the game over again if you’ve already beaten it? Is it now worth buying if you’ve held off?


Before we dig in, there are a few caveats and limitations, so listen up. There are actually three patches that need to be applied for all of the visual goodies to work: the Crysis 2 v1.9 patch, the Crysis 2 DirectX 11 patch, and the Crysis 2 High-Resolution Texture Pack.

Both the DirectX 11 patch and High-Resolution Texture Pack require the Crysis 2 v1.9 patch to be pre-installed first. However, these options don’t require each other. You can run DirectX 11 mode without the High-Resolution Texture Pack, and you can run the High-Resolution Texture Pack in DirectX 9 mode, without DirectX 11.

Step 1: The Crysis 2 v1.9 patch (136 MB)
The Crysis 2 v1.9 patch doesn’t bring DirectX 11 to the game itself, but it is a prerequisite for the DirectX 11 patch and High-Resolution Texture Pack. Having said that, this patch does offer users with DirectX 10 or older graphics hardware access to a new, higher graphical level of detail: the Ultra setting. Of course, this option is more challenging for PC hardware compared to the Gamer, Enthusiast, and Extreme toggles to which we were previously limited.

Step 2: The Crysis 2 DirectX 11 patch (545 MB, Download Here)
This is the patch that enables DirectX 11 effects in Crysis 2. Note that DirectX 11 support does not require the High-Resolution Texture Pack. What you should also know is that this patch wreaks havoc on 3D Vision support in our testing, making the in-game menus unreadable and introducing a number of visual anomalies with Nvidia’s stereoscopic technology. The Nvidia representative we talked to claimed that this shouldn’t be the case, but we experienced the same issue on two different machines with both AMD and Intel CPUs and with different GeForce graphics cards. That’s a real disappointment because, without this patch, Crysis 2 is hands-down the most beautiful, engrossing, and picture-perfect 3D experience on the PC.

(Update: We just had the chance to test with Nvidia’s GeForce 275.50 beta driver, which works with 3D Vision and DirectX 11 together. So now you can enjoy Crysis 2 on the PC in a way you simply can’t replicate on a console.)

The bottom line here is that folks who play Crysis 2 with 3D Vision should know that installing the DirectX 11 patch might cause problems. Keep in mind that 3D Vision works fine for us with the v1.9 patch and High-Resolution Texture Pack. Frankly, the impressiveness of Crysis 2’s stereo implementation is far more immersive than the DirectX 11 enhancements.

Step 3: The Crysis 2 High-Resolution Texture Pack (1. 65 GB, Download Here)
The High-Resolution Texture Pack doubles the fidelity of many of the game’s art assets. This requires a 64-bit Windows operating system and a graphics card with at least 768 MB of RAM (although Crytek suggests that a full gigabyte is ideal). Since most mainstream graphics cards today have a gigabyte of RAM, this shouldn’t be a problem for most gamers.

Now that you have an idea what the packages do and how to install them, let’s go over the new features and see what they introduce to the game.

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Crysis 2 DirectX 11 patch is out, comparison inside

Update: As expected the Crysis 2 «DX11 Ultra Upgrade» patch and the high-resolution texture pack are now available for download. The update introduces DirectX 11 support as well as graphical improvements to both DX11 and DX9 versions of the game. For more details on the changes read our original post from last Friday below. On a relevant note, there’s also a fan-made Crysis HD texture mod here.

Making good on its promise, Crytek has announced that it will finally add DirectX 11 graphics to Crysis 2. The developer plans to release three separate downloadable add-ons that improve the game’s visual quality alongside patch 1.9 next Monday, June 27. To be clear, although patch 1.9 will enable DirectX 11 support, you’ll have to individually download and install the «DirectX 11 Ultra Upgrade,» «DX11 Tessellation Pack,» and «High Res Textures.»

The DirectX 11 Ultra Upgrade will deliver a host of graphical improvements and performance optimizations for both DX9 and DX11 APIs. After installing the update, folks running Crysis 2 in DX9 will gain real-time local reflections and contacts shadows. In addition to those effects, DX11 platforms will enjoy hardware tessellation, parallax occlusion mapping along with various shadow, water, particle, depth of field, and motion blur enhancements.

To enable hardware tessellation, however, DX11 players will have to download the DX11 Tessellation Pack, which contains pre-tessellated geometries. As its name indicates, the third optional download simply contains high-resolution textures for a variety of assets. Both DX9 and DX11 versions of Crysis 2 will support the snazzier textures, but it’s worth noting that you’ll need a graphics card with at least 1GB of VRAM and a 64-bit OS.

Patch 1.9 will also deliver nearly a dozen gameplay tweaks, including a handful multiplayer bug fixes for issues that caused incorrect stat logging and authentication problems. Another glitch prevented JAW rockets from firing through windows with broken glass. The update will also improve anti-cheat measurements as Crytek has fixed an exploit that allowed players to become immune to vote kicking. We’ve included the full release notes below.

Although they haven’t been officially released yet, a few lucky players managed to download the updates from Crytek’s test environment before the company removed the files from public view. You’ll have to wait until Monday to experience the higher-quality graphics in all their splendor, but you can whet your appetite with six animated GIFs that compare the before and after effects of DX11 Tessellation courtesy of a NeoGaf forum member.

Unfortunately, for every PC gamer that is ecstatic about the DX11 update, we imagine there are two who will shrug it off with a chip on their shoulder. Many PC gamers were disappointed by Crysis 2’s console-biased launch, giving the game an average Metacritic user score of 6.4 out of 10. For those of you who dismissed Crysis 2 as a console port: is the DX11 patch enough to forgive and forget, or is Crytek simply putting tinsel on a dead Christmas tree?

Crysis 2 Patch 1.9

* Added Contact Shadows

* Added DX11 benchmark level

* Added DX11 support for Crysis 2 (the following features only work when downloading the optional DX11 package here):

* — Tessellation + Displacement Mapping

* — High Quality HDR Motion Blur

* — Realistic Shadows with Variable Penumbra

* — Sprite Based Bokeh Depth of Field

* — Parallax Occlusion Mapping

* — Particles Motion Blur, Shadows and Art Updates

* — Water Rendering improvements and using Tessellation + Displacement Mapping

* Added Realtime Local Reflections

* Added support for Higher Res Textures Package

* Added various new console variables to whitelist

* Fixed bullet penetration, which had been broken by a bug introduced with the DLC 2 patch

* Fixed issue in MP where player stats weren’t always saved at the end of a game

* Fixed issue in MP where player stats would sometimes randomly reset

* Fixed issue with MP time played statistic, which would sometimes be too low on leaderboards and in stats

* Fixed issue with JAW rocket not firing through window’s containing broken glass

* Fixed rare issue where a user could not access MP with a valid CD key if they had previously used an invalid CD key

* Improved advanced graphics options menu

* Improved anti-cheat measurements: fixed exploit which could prevent vote kicking working against a user

* Improved multi-GPU support

* Improved Tone Mapping

* Re-added possibility to enable r_StereoSupportAMD via config file (unsupported)

Crysis 2 — PCGamingWiki PCGW

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Crysis: Warhead 2008
Crysis 2 2011
Crysis 3 2013
Crysis Remastered 2020
Crysis 2 Remastered 2021
Crysis 3 Remastered 2021
Crysis 4 TBA


  • 1 Availability
  • 2 Essential improvements
    • 2. 1 Skip intro videos
    • 2.2 Skip log in screen
    • 2.3 Change in-game language
    • 2.4 Patches
      • 2.4.1 DirectX 11 Ultra Upgrade
      • 2.4.2 High-Resolution Textures
    • 2.5 NTCore 4GB Patch
    • 2.6 Modifications
      • 2.6.1 BlackFire’s Mod 2 and MaLDo HD Textures
  • 3 Game data
    • 3.1 Configuration file(s) location
    • 3.2 Save game data location
    • 3.3 Save game cloud syncing
  • 4 Video
    • 4.1 Field of view (FOV)
  • 5 Input
    • 5.1 Advanced movement and controls
  • 6 Audio
    • 6.1 Localizations
  • 7 Network
    • 7.1 Multiplayer types
    • 7.2 Connection types
    • 7.3 Ports
  • 8 VR support
  • 9 Issues unresolved
    • 9.1 Statistic screen
  • 10 Issues fixed
    • 10.1 High sensitivity when using assault scope
    • 10.2 Extreme lag while using Nvidia graphics
    • 10. 3 Crash to desktop at startup
    • 10.4 Run the game at screen refresh rate
    • 10.5 Windows Defender detects malware-like activity in Crysis 2
    • 10.6 Crash to desktop when using MSI Afterburner’s On Screen Display
    • 10.7 Frame rate capped at 100 or 64 FPS, even with V-Sync disabled
  • 11 Other information
    • 11.1 API
    • 11.2 Middleware
  • 12 System requirements
  • 13 Notes
  • 14 References


GameSpy online services have been shut down (see Network for solutions).

General information

Crysis Website
MyCrysis Forums
Steam Community Discussions


The original edition of Crysis 2 on Steam carries TAGES Solidshield %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Crysis2\
  • Open game.cfg with Notepad (or create if it doesn’t exist).
  • Add g_enableInitialLoginScreen = 0 to the file.
  • Change in-game language[edit]

    The game use operating system’s language setting to set game’s language by default.
    Edit configuration files[citation needed]
    1. Go to the installation folder.
    2. Open <path-to-game>system.cfg.
    3. Find and change g_language = xxxx. Where xxxx is the language officially supported by the game.


    Patch 1.9 prepares Crysis 2 for DX11 features and high-resolution textures. Each need to be downloaded and installed separately from the 1.9 patch. They are both included in the Maximum Edition.

    Patch 1.9 can be downloaded from here.

    DirectX 11 Ultra Upgrade[edit]
    The DirectX 11 Ultra Upgrade can be downloaded here.
    Included in Maximum Edition.

    With this package the following DX11 exclusive features will be activated:

    • Tessellation + Displacement Mapping
    • Realistic Shadows with Variable Penumbra
    • High Quality HDR Motion Blur
    • Sprite Based Bokeh Depth of Field
    • Parallax Occlusion Mapping
    • Particles Motion Blur, Shadows and Art Updates
    • Water Rendering improvements and using Tessellation + Displacement Mapping
    • DX11 compatible graphics card with 768 MB Video Memory
    • 545 MB HD space
    High-Resolution Textures[edit]
    The High-Res Texture Pack can be downloaded here.
    Included in Maximum Edition.

    The High-Resolution Texture Pack doubles the fidelity of many of the game’s art assets.

    • 64-bit operating system
    • DirectX 9-compatible graphics card with 768 MB Video Memory

    NTCore 4GB Patch[edit]

    Crysis 2 is very memory intensive. This app improves performance for Crysis 2 on 64-bit Windows systems with more than 2GB RAM by allowing it to access up to 4GB RAM.


    BlackFire’s Mod 2 and MaLDo HD Textures[edit]

    For those who truly want to push Crysis 2’s graphical fidelity to its limits, BlackFire’s Mod 2 and MaLDo HD serves their needs. Note that BlackFire’s Mod 2 require the MaLDo HD mod to be installed and properly configured, on the other hand the MaLDo HD mod can be used alone as it’s meant to improve the vanilla game with higher quality textures, model and bugfixes, a variety of game tweaks etc.

    A step by step list of instructions for BlackFire’s mod is available at the mod file’s description on ModDB.

    Most of the download links for the MaLDo HD mod on the original blog page are dead. The files can be found elsewhere though, e.g. over at Mod DB and over at gamepressure.

    Game data[edit]

    In-game general settings.

    Configuration file(s) location[edit]

    Save game data location[edit]

    Every automatic checkpoint save made in the game is saved as a permanent save file. There is no way to delete these files in-game, nor are they ever overwritten on subsequent playthroughs. These files can add up to several hundred megabytes worth of permanent save files if playing through the single-player campaign more than once.

    Save game cloud syncing[edit]

    In-game general video settings.

    In-game advanced video settings.

    Field of view (FOV)[edit]

    This game uses vertical FOV. See FOV Calculator for help.
    Change FOV[3][citation needed]
    1. Create an autoexec.cfg file in the installation folder.
    2. Add cl_FOV = 55, which controls the main game world FOV.
    3. Add r_DrawNearFOV = 55, which controls the viewmodel FOV.
    4. Add pl_movement.power_sprint_targetFOV = 55, which controls the FOV used only when you sprint.
    5. Change the default values of 55 to the desired FOV.


    Not a permanent solution. The viewmodel FOV resets to its default value randomly after a few minutes or during certain actions such as dying, and there’s some chance the camera/sprint FOV might reset at certain points as well.

    In-game key map settings.

    In-game mouse settings.

    In-game general gamepad settings.

    In-game gamepad layout settings for the player.

    In-game gamepad layout settings for vehicles.

    Advanced movement and controls[edit]

    There are a number of advanced control options that are not taught in the game’s tutorial.[4] These include:

    Hold the sprint button (default ⇧ Shift) while aiming down sights to stabilize your aim (costs suit energy).[5][4]
    Activating armor mode (default Q) while aiming with a gun allows you to zoom in further.
    Hold the melee button (default V) for a stronger melee attack (that uses up all suit energy).[5]
    You can also use normal and heavy melee attacks while gliding (sprint + crouch), which leads to a kick.
    De-cloak just before firing a weapon, because firing from stealth would drain your energy.

    In-game audio settings.



    Multiplayer types

    Connection types


    Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) support status is unknown.

    VR support[edit]

    Issues unresolved[edit]

    Statistic screen[edit]

    The statistic-screen in the menu displays that 13 weapon-attachments are findable in single-player but in fact there are only 12. Therefore, it is not possible to achieve «100%».

    Issues fixed[edit]

    High sensitivity when using assault scope[edit]

    When aiming down sights with assault scope mounted on any weapon, the sensitivity will be a lot higher than the one set in the game settings.
    Use this mod[8]

    Extreme lag while using Nvidia graphics[edit]

    When playing Crysis 2 on an Nvidia card, there can be extreme and unexpected lag in the single-player or multiplayer campaign. This is very noticeable while navigating the menu, something that should be instantaneous and direct. If you experience this lag, try switching to windowed mode (Alt+↵ Enter). If this lag now disappears and gameplay is suddenly fast again, the solution is this:
    Use display scaling[citation needed]
    1. Open the Nvidia Control Panel program
    2. Go to Display > Adjust desktop size and position
    3. If necessary, for step 1, select your main display
    4. At step 2, view the Scaling tab
    5. Select No scaling
    6. Select Perform scaling on: Display


    Make sure your display is capable of scaling the game resolution to its native resolution, if you like to game at weird resolutions. GPU scaling is very useful but under Crysis 2, it introduces an extreme form of lag. Now, play Crysis 2 and see if you notice the difference.
    This game does not appear to like the Xbox One Controller and will cause severe lag on launch. If you happen to have one plugged in, disconnect it.[citation needed]

    Crash to desktop at startup[edit]

    The game may freeze up and crash to the desktop without any errors.
    Disable Lucid Virtu MVP 2.0[citation needed]

    Run the game at screen refresh rate[edit]

    The game may set your monitor’s refresh rate to its lowest supported refresh rate when in fullscreen mode, resulting in a lowered FPS when Vsync is on, and heavy screen tearing and/or stuttering even if FPS is high. This issue is separate from the issue capping the frame rate (see The game is capped at 64 FPS), which may also need to be addressed. [9]
    Override refresh rate set by game[10]
    1. Download 3Dmigoto.
    2. Copy the files in the x32 folder to <path-to-game>\bin32\.
    3. Open d3dx.ini.
    4. Change ;refresh_rate=60 to the desired value, and remove the semicolon (e.g. refresh_rate=144).
    5. Change hunting=1 to ;hunting=1 by adding a semicolon.
    6. Save the changes and close the file.
    Run in DirectX 9[11]
    Use Borderless Gaming
    1. Set desktop refresh rate to the maximum your monitor supports.
    2. In the video settings, set Fullscreen and Vsync to «No.»
    3. Use Borderless Gaming to run the game in a borderless window mode.
    4. Mouse position may be off in the menus, simply hit alt+enter twice to fix it.
    5. You may want to use a frame limiter such as MSI Afterburner to limit the FPS to your monitor’s refresh rate to prevent wasted GPU power usage.
    Disable fullscreen optimizations
    1. Navigate to the bin32 folder in the game’s main directory and locate Crysis2.exe.
    2. Right click the exe file and choose Properties.
    3. Select the Compatibility tab, and check Disable fullscreen optimizations.
    4. Hit apply and the game will now run at your monitor’s native refresh rate.

    Windows Defender detects malware-like activity in Crysis 2[edit]

    The game will close shortly after starting, and Windows Defender / Microsoft Security Essentials will report to have blocked activity of «VirTool:Win32/CeeInject. gen!FG» malware. However, this is a false positive.
    Add the Crysis 2 folder to the exclusion list[12]

    Crash to desktop when using MSI Afterburner’s On Screen Display[edit]

    Config file edit[13]
    1. Open the MSI On-Screen Display Server program (RivaTuner Statistics Server).
    2. Click the plus sign (or newly «add» button) and navigate to where you installed Crysis 2 and add Crysis2.exe
    3. Once you have that added go to C:\Program Files (x86)\RivaTuner Statistics Server\Profiles
    4. Edit Crysis2.exe.cfg
    5. Change EnableDynamicOffsetDetection=0 to EnableDynamicOffsetDetection=1
    6. Change HookDirectDraw=0 to HookDirectDraw=1

    Frame rate capped at 100 or 64 FPS, even with V-Sync disabled[edit]

    Updates to Windows 10 have resulted in incompatibility with older CryEngine games, which may result in a capped frame rate. Windows 7 is also affected, but only in menus (eg. pause menu). Enabling NULL appears to have no effect under Windows 7.[14]
    Set Low Latency Mode to Ultra[15]
    1. Go to the Nvidia control panel, set Low Latency Mode to Ultra for Crysis 2 in the «Manage 3D Settings» tab and press Apply.
    Set max frame rate to 1000 in Nvidia control panel[16]
    1. Go to the Nvidia control panel, set max frame rate to 1000 for Crysis 2 in the «Manage 3D Settings» tab and press Apply.
    Apply RTSS framerate limiter[17][18]
    1. Download and install RivaTuner Statistics Server.
    2. Run it.
    3. Click the «add» button and navigate to where you installed Crysis 2 and add Crysis2.exe.
    4. Set framerate limiter to any number (e. g. 200).
    5. Minimize (don’t close) the program.
    Use Crysis 2 fps cap fix[19]
    1. Download the fix and extract it in <path-to-game>\Bin32\.

    Other information[edit]



    System requirements[edit]


    1. 1.01.1 File/folder structure within this directory reflects the path(s) listed for Windows and/or Steam game data (use Wine regedit to access Windows registry paths). Games with Steam Cloud support may store data in ~/.steam/steam/userdata/<user-id>/108800/ in addition to or instead of this directory. The app ID (108800) may differ in some cases. Treat backslashes as forward slashes. See the glossary page for details.


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    In Crysis 2, I cannot «Enable» directx11 : Crysis

    In Crysis 2, I cannot «Enable» directx11

    » Mon Dec 12, 2011 8:42 pm

    So I updated crysis 2 to 1.9, downloaded the two extra updates for directx11, and i launch the game and try to Enable directx11, no cigar. It’s greyed out for some reason. While the game was running (i forgot to close it at the time) i installed the updates for directx11, would that cause it to screw up?. I want to ask before i try to do it the right way of not having crysis 2 running during the patch installations. Thanks in advance.

    alicia hillier
    Posts: 3387
    Joined: Tue Feb 06, 2007 2:57 am

    » Tue Dec 13, 2011 6:34 am

    spider what card are you runing and i can tell you if it directx 11 compatable. but if you cant run directx 11 you can use the high rez pack still. those are both optional for gamers. they are not needed. unless you want to see everything this game has to offer.

    Maya Maya
    Posts: 3511
    Joined: Wed Jul 05, 2006 7:35 pm

    » Tue Dec 13, 2011 6:39 am

    32bit can’t run it.

    Harry Leon
    Posts: 3381
    Joined: Tue Jun 12, 2007 3:53 am

    » Mon Dec 12, 2011 5:54 pm

    ya they moved it to native 64-bit. but it does say something about system ram in the high rez pack. but for directx 11. it says only a directx 11 compatable card.

    so i would say to this guy dont upgrade to this add-on. unless your in 64-bit windows.

    Posts: 3479
    Joined: Tue Jun 20, 2006 1:33 am

    » Tue Dec 13, 2011 6:53 am

    I have a EVGA Geforce GTX 260, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Amd Phenom II X6 1100T (3. 3ghz) and 16GB’s RAM, let me know what you guys think and thanks for the help so far.

    Trista Jim
    Posts: 3308
    Joined: Sat Aug 25, 2007 10:39 pm

    » Tue Dec 13, 2011 12:53 am

    ya that card is fine for directx 9.0c mode you have the right ram and cpu. use the high rez pack only. and you can see the high textures from the directx 9.0 side. your card is fine. but if you want to use directx 11 full support. then go to the gtx 560 card which is the high end brother for the GTX 260 card. or even the GTX 460 card. both of them are 1 gddr5. the cuda cores are the same for both 460 and 560. the only differents is the core gpu clock for the 560 is higher then the 460 its only at 675 and the 560 is at 915. the memery bandwith for the 560 is higher then the 460 it only does, 3600 to the 560, 4100.

    i hope that was not to techical. was trying to keep it easy as possiable. and both of those cards run only at 450W and need 2 6×6 pin connectors.

    Janeth Valenzuela Castelo
    Posts: 3411
    Joined: Wed Jun 21, 2006 3:03 am

    » Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:47 am

    can i tell you i am jealious of you having a GTX 260 card. thats the card i have been wanting all this time. i could care less for my GTX 460 card. that card has 2GB of GDDR3 right? or is it the 1gddr3 card model.

    Deon Knight
    Posts: 3363
    Joined: Thu Sep 13, 2007 1:44 am

    » Tue Dec 13, 2011 8:07 am

    here man if you want to go with the 400 series card. here a good one but make sure you can run this card it needs a 700w psu as the mininal i been looking at this card for a while. 400 Series Family&sw=

    its the GTX 460 but with duel gpus in one unit and is 2gb of GDDR5. and is alot faster. if you want to go that route.

    its $399.99

    Ria dell
    Posts: 3430
    Joined: Sun Jun 25, 2006 4:03 pm

    » Mon Dec 12, 2011 10:23 pm

    2xx is DX10.1

    marie breen
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