Diameter of 6 foot christmas tree: National Tree Company Artificial Full Christmas Tree, Green, Dunhill Fir, Includes Stand, 6 Feet

National Tree Company Artificial Full Christmas Tree, Green, Dunhill Fir, Includes Stand, 6 Feet

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6 ft

Brand National Tree Company
Product Dimensions 46″D x 46″W x 72″H
Color Green
Material Plastic
Item Weight 21. 69 Pounds
Item Package Quantity 1
Recommended Uses For Product Christmas Tree
Package Information Stand
Occasion Christmas
Special Feature unlit

Easy to install

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Christmas Tree Size Guide — TreeKeeperBag

 Artificial Christmas trees aren’t a new invention by any stretch of the imagination. However, they’ve been around long enough that the small, uninspired trees of yesteryear have given ground to an incredible array of artificial trees of all shapes and sizes. These trees can come plain or pre-lit with built in LED lighting strands, and can vary in sizes between 4 to 6 feet tall, perfect for foyers and entryways, and 9. 5 to 12 feet tall, ideal for either outdoor setup or the largest of spaces indoors such as great rooms with vaulted ceilings.

No matter what you’re looking for, there’s an artificial Christmas tree to match your holiday decorating plans. Before you decide on what size tree you’ll be using for this Christmas (and many others to come, provided you take good care of your tree), make sure you also have an artificial tree storage option chosen as well. This will ensure that, once the festive season is done, you can safely and securely store your tree in your garage, attic, basement, or other storage space without worry, knowing that you’ll be able to pull your tree out next year without having to clean or reassemble it from scratch. 

Because there are so many different tree types, not every Christmas tree storage bag solution is going to be perfect for every size artificial tree. That’s why we’ve created this useful tree size guide to help you choose the appropriate storage bag you need. Our full line of bags can accommodate small trees, standard trees, and even larger trees thanks to our variety of container sizes that can accommodate just about every different artificial tree height available today. Here’s our guide on selecting the right tree storage solution for your specific artificial Christmas tree.


Small Trees

Starting at the end of the artificial tree spectrum with trees of the shortest height, we have small trees of between 4 feet and 6 feet in height and with tree trunk sizes of up to 2 inches across. These typically come in two varieties — trees where the main branches are hinged and will fold upward for storage, and trees where these branches need to be removed separately before they can be stowed.

For branched head trees with hinges, we recommend our TreeKeeper Foyer Bag. Designed specifically for trees of 4 feet to 6 feet in height, this bag attaches right at the bottom of your tree stand where it forms a decorative skirt when not in use. When you are ready to put your tree away for the year, simply remove any lights and decorations that need to be stowed separately and pull up on the tree skirt, zipping it closed. Alternatively, this bag can also be placed atop the tree and pulled downward before closing it as well. Then, simply pick up your tree, in its bag, by the included straps and carry it off to your designated storage place!

For small trees that require you to remove its branches before putting them away, we recommend using our TreeDuffel storage solution. This large duffel bag comes complete with wheels on one side for easy transportation and features internal compression straps to keep your disassembled tree secure once placed within the container. Simply unzip the duffel, place your disassembled tree parts in, secure the compression straps, and zip the duffel closed. Then, lift the duffel from the opposite end by its included straps and roll your tree away into storage at your chosen place. It’s as simple as that! If you prefer, or if you don’t have access to one of our TreeKeeper Foyer Bags, you can also use your TreeDuffel to store a small-sized hinged tree as well!

Medium-Sized Trees

Next up, we have medium-sized trees. These tree sizes typically range from between 6 feet to 7.5 feet in height, making them an ideal choice for households that don’t have much room but still want a modest tree, for homes that have plenty of space but otherwise low ceilings, or for much larger homes that want multiple trees throughout without going overboard on the size of each tree. Much like their smaller counterparts, these medium-sized trees feature either hinged, upward-folding branches, which are usually found in newer designs, or branches that will need to be removed prior to storage, which is typical of an older style artificial tree.

Medium-sized trees with folding branches are simply too big for our TreeKeeper Foyer model container sizes. Instead, we recommend our TreeKeeper Medium, a larger-scale version of our TreeKeeper Foyer model that works along the same principles. As before, simply attach the bag to the tree stand like you would a tree skirt. Then, when your tree is ready to be put away for the year, pull the TreeKeeper Medium up the length of the tree. This bag then automatically compresses your tree, making it easy to simply zip up and carry off to where it will be stored all year.

If you would like even more easy storage options, we also offer our TreeKeeper PRO Medium Christmas tree bag. This model is nearly identical to the TreeKeeper Medium but also comes with a rolling tree stand with lockable wheels to make transporting your artificial tree to its storage location even more care-free. Simply wheel your tree in the TreeKeeper PRO to wherever you like without any fuss.

Still not enough storage options for you? Let us introduce you to the TreeKeeper PRO Decorated Christmas tree bag. This deluxe version of the Treekeeper PRO offers the ultimate in convenience by providing you enough space for your tree without removing any of the decorations already on it! Like the PRO, the Decorated also comes with a rolling tree stand to make transportation even easier. If you want to be ready for next holiday season in an absolute snap, the TreeKeeper PRO Decorated is the absolutely perfect choice for you.

Meanwhile, we haven’t forgotten about those of you who have artificial trees between 6 feet and 7.5 feet in height that require breaking down before storing them for the year. Our TreeDuffel is large enough to accommodate these types of trees just as well as those of the 4ft-to-6ft variety. If you need a basic option that you know you can rely upon to protect your medium-sized tree, the TreeDuffel is a perfect accessory. Just as with a smaller tree, you can also use a TreeDuffel for trees with hinged branches as well if you need to!

Large Trees

Now we’re reaching the realm of truly large and impressive trees. Significantly taller and wider than standard trees, these artificial trees tend to have heights of anywhere from 9.5 feet tall to a truly impressive 12 feet tall. These represent the last types of artificial trees where you can either find them in hinged branch varieties or those that need their branches broken down before storage, and these truly tall and magnificent trees are perfect for the largest of large, high-ceiling rooms or even outdoor installations.

These trees are simply too big for our standard TreeKeeper Medium or TreeKeeper PRO Medium Christmas tree bags. Thankfully, we offer our same fantastic tree storage bag solutions in larger sizes in the form of the TreeKeeper Large Adjustable Christmas tree bag line! Our TreeKeeper Large works just like the TreeKeeper Medium, including its ability to be used as a tree skirt, its internal compression straps, and its zippered closure. The TreeKeeper PRO Large, as you can expect, comes complete with a rolling tree stand with lockable wheels. 

Want the truly deluxe option of not having to remove the decorations from your large tree? The TreeKeeper PRO Decorated Large Christmas tree storage bag accommodates your decorated tree, zipping up over it completely without needing to be compressed. Now you’ll never have to worry about setting up that massive tree next year!

Finally, if you do have a large tree that needs its branches removed before storage, our TreeDuffel is ready to accommodate you once again. When we say we’ve got plenty of options for just about every tree size, we mean it!

Extra-Large Trees

Finally we come to the ultimate artificial Christmas tree sizes — those over 9 feet tall. These typically top out at around 12 feet tall and are rare, but are often used for special holiday parties in ballrooms and other rooms with high vaulted ceilings where there’s enough ceiling height to accommodate a truly magically-sized tree. Otherwise, these absolutely massive trees are most often seen outside as a result of their prodigious bulk.

If you think we don’t have anything that can accommodate such a truly impressive tree, guess again — when we mean “all tree sizes”, we mean it. Introducing our GreensKeeper Extra Large Tree Storage Bag! This spacious bag features heavy-duty, lightweight construction similar to our TreeDuffel series, but scaled up to accommodate both hinged and take-apart trees as tall as 12 feet high. With our GreensKeeper, you can conquer any every tree size, every time!

How to choose the size of the Christmas tree

Buy a live Christmas tree online

Go to the catalog, select the desired product and add it to the basket.

If you have already decided what type of Christmas tree to put up for the new year (more about the types of Christmas trees), now is the time to decide what height of the tree will suit you.

Size system

To begin with, it will be useful to know that as a rule, the height of the Christmas tree is measured in intervals, because. There are no perfectly identical Christmas trees. The sizes of the Christmas trees are represented by a height scale in 25cm increments: 100-125cm, 125-150cm, etc. Starting from 3 meters, 1 step is 50 cm, i.e. 300-350, 350-400 cm. The lower and upper size values ​​indicate the interval in which the tips of the last tier of branches are guaranteed to fall if they are pressed against the trunk towards the crown. The crown itself is sometimes even higher than the upper limit of the interval.

Often there is a desire to order a Christmas tree with the hope that it will be as close to the upper limit as possible. Such a desire can be understood, on the other hand, one should focus on the average value. Those. if you order a Christmas tree 150-175 cm, this means that it will be guaranteed not lower than 150, but not higher than 175. If you want a taller tree, then it is better to choose the following interval, for example 175-200 cm.

As a rule , the dimensions of each Christmas tree are determined at the growing stage, when with the help of a special ruler the Christmas tree belongs to one or another interval. Moreover, when measuring, it is taken into account that after a cut, the tree may become shorter. Next, a label of the color that corresponds to a certain interval is attached to the Christmas tree. For example, 125-150 cm high-rise Christmas trees have purple labels.

What size tree to choose and where it will be appropriate

Trees up to 150 cm

Trees 100-125 and 125-150 cm are small, they are below the average height of a person. Such Christmas trees are suitable for small apartments or office premises (10-12 sq.m.). won’t take up much space. The diameter will be approximately 75-100cm. Such a Christmas tree can be placed both on the floor and on a coffee table or curbstone.

Small Christmas trees are also suitable when, on the contrary, in a large room many small Christmas trees are installed at once, due to which the atmosphere of the New Year is evenly distributed throughout the space.

Trees from 150 to 200 cm

Living trees from 150 to 200 cm are classified as medium. In varying degrees, their size is equal to or higher than the height of the average person, so such trees in any case will play an important role in the New Year’s atmosphere. The diameter of such trees is approximately 100-125cm. The height allows them to be installed in any room, because. even a room height of 2.4-2.5 meters will be enough so that the tree does not touch the ceiling. Live Christmas trees of this height are suitable for medium-sized rooms: 12-20 sq.m.

Trees from 200 to 250 cm

These Christmas trees are above average. In diameter, they are from 125 to 150 cm, sometimes more. Because together with the crown, such a tree will be 220-260 cm, it is recommended to install it at a ceiling height of 2.6 m and above. The size is optimal for country houses, large office or public spaces. The Christmas tree will be an important dominant in the overall New Year’s atmosphere, especially if the area of ​​​​the room is not more than 30-40 sq.m.

Trees from 250 cm.

If you plan to install a Christmas tree in a large room, more than 30 sq.m. with a ceiling height of more than 3-4 meters, then you should stop at the maximum sizes: 250-275, 275-300 or 300-350 cm. The fact is that with large ceilings and areas, even Christmas trees of 200-250 cm can look modest, especially if you want the tree to have a wow effect.

Features of installing Christmas trees of different sizes

It is logical that the higher the Christmas tree, the more complicated all the procedures associated with it. Christmas trees up to 150 cm can easily fit in most cars, they are not so difficult to install and dispose of on their own after the New Year holidays. Christmas trees from 150 to 200 cm can cause a lot of trouble, because. in addition to volume, they have considerable weight. Trees from 200 meters in height most likely will not fit in a regular car, and the installation process will require special skills and considerable physical effort.

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