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Fallen Embers — EnyaBlues

Album version 2:31 English 2000

Liner notes

The memory of a special time with the one you love and a reflection of the loss of that love. Yet it is reminiscence filled with the tenderness of that love, as much as with the saddness of its loss. It is a celebration of that special time, and a lament that it is over.
notes by Roma Ryan
Only Time: The Collection, 2002

Quotes about the song

Enya: «My favourite song on the album is ‘Fallen Embers.’ I knew emotionally it was a very strong piece but especially so when I played it to Roma. As usual she could feel the emotion I was trying to get across musically and when she handed me the lyrics it was so moving to actually sing them.» Enya at Ease, World of Hibernia, 2000

Enya: «Fallen Embers is now a little bit of a favourite with me because it’s a reflection of having had love and lost it — and how it’s wonderful to have experienced it. » Are you talking about your personal life? «The theme is very universal — and very personal. It kind of conjures up, too, people who have passed on and whom I loved dearly. It’s very emotional for me.»
Stage Beckons Enya, The Press, 2001

Enya: Actually, «Fallen Embers» is my favorite track on this album. After I had written this piece, Roma came to me to me with the lyrics, and I remember thinking as I read the words that this was exactly how I was feeling when I had written the melody. I find this track the most moving of all, and it was certainly the most emotional track for me to sing. I think a lot of people can relate personally to «Fallen Embers.»
The enigmatic Enya, Barnes & Noble, 2000

In the beginning, Enya and her producer Nicky Ryan mixed 50 vocals for ‘Fallen Embers.’ The Team decided that this was too sumptuous, as in the end a single vocal was enough for the song.
Enya: Die Einsamkeit der Märchenfee, Kultur News, 2000, enyabookofdays.com


Once, as my heart remembers
all the stars were fallen embers.
Once, when night seemed forever
           I was with you.

Once, in the care of morning
in the air was all belonging,
Once, when that day was dawning
            I was with you.

How far we are from morning,
how far we are
and the stars
           shining through the darkness,
falling in the air.

Once, as the night was leaving
into us our dreams were weaving.
Once all dreams were worth keeping.
            I was with you.

Once, when our hearts were singing,
            I was with you.

lyrics by Roma Ryan
EMI Music Publishing Ltd, 2000

The story of a song: Flora’s Secret

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👋 Welcome on our website dedicated to the stories of iconic songs. In the section below you’ll find the explanations related to the song Flora’s Secret. You can also find other tracks via the search bar. Enjoy your reading!

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Who sang Flora’s Secret?

Enya released the song Flora’s Secret. Date of release: 2000.

Release date: 2000

Duration: 04:8

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The meaning of the song ‘Flora’s Secret ‘, based on the lyrics

What is Flora’s Secret about?

The song is about a couple lying in the grass looking up at the sky. They feel like they are seeing things that others can’t see. Flora tells them a story and they begin to believe in true love.

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📖 Read the full lyrics of Flora’s Secret

This explanation is based on the lyrics of ‘Flora’s Secret’. The meaning is of course subject to interpretation.

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Enya — Short Biography

Enya, also known as Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin, is a modern Celtic singer, songwriter and musician from Ireland. As a successful Irish solo artist, she has had a significant impact on the music industry. Her unique style of music has captivated audiences around the world, making her the second best-selling Irish music artist after U2. With an impressive career spanning decades, Enya continues to produce music enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

Image credit: R Carter – Wikimedia

Wikipedia Page

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Other stories of songs performed by Enya

Enya mysterious Irish girl… — ABOUT LOVE AND LIFE — LiveJournal


The name of this mysterious Irish girl is well known to all fans of low-stress music both in Europe and America. Enya Brennan , having released only four solo albums in her rather long musical career, has inscribed her name in golden letters in the history of modern music. And the reason for the originality of her compositions is the talent and incredible perseverance with which she recorded her albums. Enya, after decades of creating his music, remains a mystery, retains and does not open his inner world. For most stars, it is considered normal to enter into a legal marriage several times, to highlight these events in the press, to draw attention to their person no less than to their work, which is part of a successful program for making a profit. She travels, advertises her audio albums, but you will not see her with another boyfriend, legal spouse, you will not see her in a bikini or topless on the beach, you will not see her scandalously gesturing.

Born Enya Brennan (Enya Brannon) May 17, 1961. She spent her early childhood in the city of Gwydor, in County Donegal, located in the northwestern part of Ireland — both the old Gaelic language and ancient Celtic tunes were preserved there. There were nine children in the huge Brennan family. Enya, whose name is arrogantly pronounced «Enya» in Irish Gaelic, is the normal kid in her, lucky enough to have four brothers and four sisters. This whole friendly family was extremely fond of music, which is why the Brennans created a family group that performed folk music and was very popular initially among the local inhabitants, and later became widely known not only in Ireland, but throughout Europe. This group was created by three Brennans — Mary, Caieron and Paul, together with their uncles Patrick and Nuel Duggan. She received the proud name CLANNAD, which in Gaelic means «clan», «family from Gwydor». At first, the band tried to play American-style music, but later abandoned these experiences and began to play the usual Irish folk. True, the impact of jazz was equally felt in her compositions.

It was in this atmosphere that the Brennan family band was born in 1968, playing traditional Irish music. It was created by Enya’s uncles and older brothers. The band’s original name was «An Clann As Dobhar», but the name was later shortened to Clannad. Only after leaving school in 1980, Enya joined the group and immediately took part in the recording of two albums: «Crann Ull» and «Fuaim». In addition to vocals, she played keyboards (first on the electric piano, and then on a powerful synthesizer).

But the family career was short-lived. In 1982, manager and producer Nicky Ryan left the band. Enya, probably frustrated by this and also feeling unappreciated, moves to Dublin to start her solo career. Nicky Ryan becomes her manager.

The first fruit of this collaboration came when film producer David Puttnam listened to Enya’s demo tapes. He asked her to compose the music for The Frog Prince (1985). The girl had a whole studio at her disposal and Enya did not miss the chance to experiment with new musical equipment. The recording engineer was Nicky Ryan.

Later, he also helped Enya get a new job. In 1986, the BBC began work on a documentary series about the history and culture of the Celts. Enya was supposed to write the musical accompaniment. The work lasted ten months. The audience liked the music so much that the BBC decided to publish an independent album with selected compositions. The album was called «Enya». In addition to Enya, the album features Arty McGlynn (electric guitar on «I Want Tomorrow»), Liam O’Flionn (Willian trumpets on «The Sun In The Stream») and Patrick Halling (violin on «To Go Beyond II»).0007 In 1987, Enya signed a contract with Rob Deakins, head of Warner Music Uk. Thanks to his support, in 1988 the Watermark album was released, which further expanded the circle of Enya’s fans. The recording also features Neil Buckley (clarinet on «On Your Shore»), Davy Spillane (low whistle on «Exile», Will trumpets on Na Laetha Geal M`Óige), Chris Hughes (drums on «River» and «Storms in Africa»). A little later, the single «Orinoco Flow» was released, which immediately became a British hit. Lines with the name of Enya soared to first place in the music charts in many countries. At 1989 released «Storms in Africa (Part II)». The track includes lyrics in English. The Watermark album reached platinum status in 14 countries; it has sold over 10 million copies to date. After a year of promotional campaign for the album, Enya returns home and gets to work. As before, the spouses Nicky (producer) and Roma (lyricist) Ryan help her.

The new disc — «Shepherd Moons» is released only after twenty months, in 1991. Enya herself explains such a long break as follows: “I spend hours thinking: I can’t stop everything and then go back and continue working on music. There is a strictness in me that I cannot shake off. I’m hard to work with, I know that well.» Unlike most musicians who can afford to record a range of songs and choose the best of them, only 12 songs were written for this album, exactly as many as there are on the album. Critics called this album a continuation, the second part of the previous «Watermark». «Shepherd Moons» reached number 1 in the UK charts and remained on the Billboard 19 chart. 9 weeks (almost four years). The composition «Book of Days (Far and Away)» was the soundtrack to the film «Far and Away» (in the Russian version of «Far Country»), the main roles were played by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The original version of this song included only Gaelic lyrics. But then the song was re-released, and already included words in English.

Also featuring Andy Duncan (drums on «Book of Days»), Roy Jewitt (clarinet on «Angeles»), Liam O’Flynn (Willian trumpets on «Smaointe…») and Steve Sidwell (cornet in «Evacuee»).
«I had to listen to ‘Caribean Blue’ and ‘How Can I Keep From Singing?’ because they were making music videos,» she said of her work on «Shepherd Moons.» nights when the final mixing was done.I found every excuse not to do it.And to be honest, I have never felt so miserable as when the work on this album was finished.It is the fear that all your feelings and all your the emotions went into the record, and when you listen to it, you can’t live up to the vibes of this album. »

After the release of «Shepherd Moons» there was a long period of silence for four years, during which in 1992 a re-released soundtrack album about the Celts appeared. They called him “The Celts”. Its only difference from the Enya album is the lengthened version of the melody «Portrait (Out of the Blue)».

In 1995 Enya released the album «The Memory of Trees». This is another continuation of the Watermark and Shepherd Moons albums. Enya has been nominated for 4 Grammy Awards and won two awards for Best New Age Album for «Shepherd Moons» at 1992 and for «The Memory of Trees» in 1997. The artwork for the album sleeve was taken from drawings by Maxfield Parrish. His drawings were also used in the video for the song «On My Way Home» and «Caribbean Blue»

Over the years, Enya’s music has sounded in films such as «Green Card» (1990), «L.A. Story» (1991), «Casablanca Revisitada» (1992), «Sleepwalkers» (Sleepwalkers) (1992), «Toys» (1992), «Age Of Innocence» (1993), «Somebody To Love» (1994), Perla negra (TV Series) (Black Pearl) (1995), «Cry The Beloved Country» (1995). Also in 1995, the soundtrack to «The Frog Prince» finally saw the light of day.

In 1997, a collection of Enya’s best works, Paint the Sky with Stars, was released. It also featured two new songs «Only if…» and «Paint The Sky With Stars». An early version of «Only if…» was called «Only If You Want To». It did not include words in French. Also on this compilation was a shortened version of «On My Way Home» (5:08) — On my way Home (Remix) (3:35). The songs «Ebudae» and «Storms in Africa» ​​were slightly corrected.

In 2000, the next album appeared, called «A Day Without Rain». In this work, you can see the same unique style and talent of Enya. But you can’t call it a continuation of the three previous albums. Something new, refined appeared, and Enya was again recognized as unique in her style.

Enya about the album title: “It rains in Ireland for weeks, months, and often people feel that everything that happens in their life is water pouring from the sky. But one day, after long showers, I woke up and saw that the sky was absolutely clear. That day I wrote the song that gave the name to the whole album. And what else could I call her?

Enya received a Grammy Award for Best New Age Album in 2002. The track «Isobella» was only included on the Japanese release. «The First of Autumn» (tentative title «Snow») was only included on the European release.

In 2001, the film «The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring» is released. And especially for this film, Enya wrote two songs Aniron (Enya sang in the invented language Sindarin) and May It Be (this includes words in English and Quenya). Enya’s songs were also featured on the soundtracks of the films «Calmi Cuori Appassionati — Between Calmness and Passion» (2001), «Ocean Men» (2002), «Tuck Everlasting» (2002).
In 2002, Enya received a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar in the category «Best Original Song» for the song «May It Be.» Wins 3 World Music Awards for «Best Selling Female Artist», «Best Selling New Age Artist», «Best Selling Irish Artist» and wins «Best Pop Rock Single» for «Only Time» at the Echo Awards.

And again a long silence. In September 2004, Enya’s new song «Sumiregusa (Violet)» was released in Japan as part of a Panasonic advertising campaign. Warner Music Japan promised that Enya’s next album would be released in November 2004, however, on 19On September 2004, it was reported on Enya’s website that no releases were planned for the near future.
But in November 2005 her new album «Amarantine» is released. This time, Enya sang in English, Japanese and the fictitious language Loxian! Unfortunately, there was not a single song in Gaelic. Loxian is a fictional language created by songwriter Roma Ryan. It was described in the news as «a futuristic language from a distant planet». It was used on three songs on the Amarantine album. In December 2005 Roma Ryan’s book Water Shows The Hidden Heart is published, which also uses this language. Loxian was partly inspired by the Elvish language created by Tolkien.

What is Amarantine? Amarantine or Amaranthine is a flower that symbolizes eternity.
“We called the album Amarantine, which means eternal. Poets used this word to describe a flower that never withers and under this impression I called the album Amarantine»
The album is followed by a single and two B-Sides — The Comb of the Winds and Spaghetti Western Theme from The Celts. The «Spaghetti Western Theme» track features Enya’s atypical arrangement in the style of Hugo Montenegro’s work in A Fistful of Dollars and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. This previously unreleased recording from The Celts 19 soundtrackAt the age of 86, Enya dedicated to the memory of BBC producer Tony McAuley. In the winter of 2006, Enya released the Christmas EP Sound of the Season. Enya this time released four new songs, two of which she covered: «We Wish You a Merry Christmas» and «Adeste, Fideles». The other two songs are called «The Magic of the Night» and «Christmas Secrets».

“I really like Christmas songs. One of these songs is “Adeste Fideles”, which means “May Faith come to you”. I sang this song in Latin, so I thought it would be very important for me to sing it, since I knew Latin and this song from an early age. And I have always loved “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”. There is something alluring about her, this spirit of Christmas. This made a big impression on me. And two more songs like «Christmas Secrets». I think Christmas is a mysterious event. Everyone understands this in their own way and everyone will find something of their own in this song. And finally “The Magic of the Night”. It’s a song about the night, Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, a very mysterious time.»0021 In an interview in Japan, Eniya said that she is going to release a Christmas album by the end of 2007: “Next year, I will be working on a Christmas album. I think the album will be released in the winter of 2007.”

But only 2 years after the release of «Sound of the Season» Enya releases in November 2008 a new album «And Winter Came…». The main theme of the album is Christmas and winter.

Initially, Enya planned to record an album of cover versions of Christmas songs, but in the process of working at the studio she changed her plans. The album contains 12 songs, including two traditional Christmas hymns: Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel» (in English and Latin) and «Oíche Chiúin» (a choral arrangement of the old version of the song from 1989 years). The title track «And Winter Came…» is a modified b-side of «Midnight Blue» (2001), featuring vocals.

The first single «Trains and Winter Rains» is released on September 29, 2008.
“The song Trains and Winter Rains is about the winter night journey that everyone has probably experienced when leaving their home,” says Enya.

On February 2, the single “My! My! Time Flies!” dedicated to the memory of Jimmy Faulkner. The guitar solo was performed by Pat Farell. «I don’t think it was so difficult for me to create this Christmas atmosphere on the album. Because it was the result of not just a few months, but almost two years of work,» explains Enya

Personal life. ..

She doesn’t like to talk about herself. We can know her life only through the prism of her work and nothing more. And this means that her personal life will always remain a secret. Like her music…


Tags: Enya — the mysterious Irish woman

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The value of the diagonals and columns in the Pythagorean square

Psychosomatrix is ​​analyzed not only by the number of numbers in the cells tables. The arrangement of numbers in columns, diagonals also matters:

  • So, for example, column 1-2-3 is an indicator of your self-esteem. In it, you can see whether it is overestimated, underestimated or adequate.
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  • Column 7-8-9 is used for potential and talent analysis.
  • Diagonal 1-5-9 indicates spiritual potential.
  • Diagonal 3-5-7 is responsible for sexual temperament and attractiveness.
  • Line 3-6-9 — propensity for stability.
  • Stock 2-5-8 — how suitable a person is for family life.
  • Line 1-4-7 — an indicator of purposefulness.

The more numbers in the specified rows, columns and diagonals, the more developed these qualities.

The value of the numbers in the square of Pythagoras

So, you have calculated your square of Pythagoras. It’s time to decipher it. To do this, you need to pay attention to the number of certain numbers in the resulting table.


Units can be from one to six. One is an indicator of character, selfishness. The fewer units, the more you fixate on yourself. A person with one unit is an extremely selfish nature. The more units, the less selfishness, but more rigidity in character.

The gradation goes approximately as follows: one unit is an egoist, two are also an egoist, but in rare cases he can think of others. Two units — the golden mean, a stable and positive character, three — a person with a strong will and an iron character. Five and six units — a person with the obvious qualities of a dictator, even a tyrant, very tough, sometimes unpleasant in communication. But at the same time, she will do anything for loved ones.

Similarly, we decipher the meaning of the remaining numbers.


Indicates the bioenergetic potential of a person. No deuces — no energy, a person is only able to absorb it, but does not know how to share, there is simply nothing. Four deuces — a person is filled with energy to the brim, literally distributes it to everyone he meets, due to which he is incredibly attractive to others. Two or three deuces is the golden mean.


Characterizes enthusiasm, organization, scientific talents. Four triples — you have a pronounced ability for science, a real scientist can come out of you. There are no triples — the person is executive, accurate, punctual, but it is better to realize oneself in the non-scientific sphere.


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Many eights — hyper responsible and controlling. This is a wonderful family man, an excellent worker, a person with high moral principles.


Nines indicate the development of the mind and intellect.