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Aktualisiere Treiber und optimiere Spieleinstellungen

Die Besten Gaming-Momente Teilen

Jetzt kannst du Gameplay-Videos und Livestreams aufzeichnen und auf YouTube, Twitch und Facebook teilen. Dank der NVIDIA ShadowPlay™-Technologie kannst du dein Gameplay bei minimaler Prozessorbelastung streamen, so dass du keinen Augenblick deines Spiels verpasst. Mit dem Ingame-Overlay von GeForce Experience klappt das schnell und einfach.

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Mit NVIDIA Ansel Beeindruckende In-Game Fotos Machen

Mit dem leistungsstarken NVIDIA Ansel-Fotomodus ist es ganz einfach, beim Gamen Fotos in professioneller Qualität zu machen und sie direkt auf Facebook, Google Fotos oder Imgur zu teilen. In unterstützten Spielen hast du die Wahl zwischen Super-Resolution, 360 Grad, HDR und Stereo.
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Gameplay Mit Freestyle-Filtern Individuell Anpassen

NVIDIA Freestyle-Filter ermöglichen es dir, direkt beim Gamen Nachbearbeitungsfilter auf deine Spiele anzuwenden. So kannst du Farbe und Sättigung deines Spiels ändern und dadurch das visuelle Erscheinungsbild und die Stimmung deines Spiels anpassen. Auch dramatische Nachbearbeitungsfilter wie HDR stehen dir zur Verfügung. Für nahtlose Kompatibilität mit den unterstützten Spielen ist Freestyle auf Treiberebene integriert.

Spieleinstellungen Optimieren

GeForce Experience vereinfacht dein PC-Gaming, indem es die Grafikeinstellungen des Spiels automatisch für dich einstellt. Du weißt nicht, welchen Texturfilter-Level du in Overwatch einstellen musst? Keine Sorge. NVIDIA nutzt NVIDIA-Clouddaten, um Tausende von PC-Hardwarekonfigurationen zu testen und die beste Balance zwischen Leistung und Bildqualität zu finden. Basierend auf Prozessor, Grafikkarte und Bildschirm deines PCs werden deine personalisierten Grafikeinstellungen automatisch konfiguriert.

Weitere Funktionen

Tolle Preise Gewinnen

Um uns bei der GeForce Experience-Community zu bedanken, verlosen wir unter ausgewählten Mitgliedern geniale Gaming-Preise. Dazu musst du dich lediglich bei GeForce Experience anmelden und die Bedingungen akzeptieren, um alle Vorteile genießen zu können.

Jetzt Die Neue Betaversion Testen

Du kannst uns dabei helfen, die neuesten Funktionen von GeForce Experience zu testen, und uns anschließend Feedback geben.

PC-Spiele Auf NVIDIA SHIELD Spielen

Streame mit einer leistungsstarken GeForce-Grafikkarte deine PC-Spiele vom Schlafzimmer auf deinen Fernseher im Wohnzimmer. Verknüpfe deinen PC mithilfe der NVIDIA GameStream™-Technologie mit deinem SHIELD 4K. So kannst du das Gaming in deinem Wohnzimmer mit einer Bildqualität in 4K HDR bei 60 FPS und mit 5.1 Surround Sound genießen.

Unterstützung für GeForce Experience

Games With The Best Graphics

As video games have continued to grow and evolve as both entertainment and art, the games just keep looking better and better. If someone is playing on a high-end PC or the average console, it’s hard not to notice when a game stands out a bit more than the rest.

Whether it is the highest fidelity graphics or just a gorgeous art style (or both), games that look good usually also play well. If that much time gets spent in the graphics department they must have something good elsewhere. Here are the games with the best graphics out there.

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Updated on November 9, 2022 by Mark Sammut: What games have the best graphics? The answer to this question varies from person to person, and most months introduce a few new contenders. While PC gaming is synonymous with graphical prowess, modern consoles are no slouches in this area; in fact, as quite a few developers specifically target Sony and Microsoft’s platforms, these systems often dictate a project’s technical limitations. As the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S era gain momentum, the best graphics games will change.

32/32 Bright Memory: Infinite

  • Platforms:
    PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, PC

Games and their visuals cannot be analyzed in a vacuum. Context and expectations shape somebody’s reaction to an experience, and that is certainly the case with Bright Memory: Infinite. Developed by a single developer, Zeng Xiancheng, this first-person shooter originally debuted in 2020 as Bright Memory, a concept that was expanded for a full release in July 2022. While the overall game has plenty of issues, its graphics are undeniably impressive, comparing favorably with higher-budget titles.

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There are plenty of gorgeous indie titles, but the vast majority succeed because they do not try to emulate AAA projects. They strive to do their own thing. Bright Memory: Infinite does the exact opposite, and the game proves that it can be done well.

Get it on Steam here!

31/32 Okami HD

  • Platforms:
    PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Switch, PC

There aren’t many games that have been able to graphically stand the test of time as well as Okami has. Originally released in 2006 on consoles like the PlayStation 2 and Wii, Okami was able to take advantage of its timeless style to make the most out of the hardware it was on.

Although, playing Okami on those consoles today shows just how much they were holding it back, which is where OkamiHD comes in. On the PS4 and Switch, Okami‘s classical Japanese art style looks absolutely stunning in just about every area of the game.

Get the PS4 version on Amazon here!

30/32 Heavenly Sword

  • Platforms:

Most of Ninja Theory’s bigger games boast stellar visuals and character designs, however, Heavenly Sword gets the nod because it was the studio’s first proper graphical showcase. More impressively, the early PS3 game still looks beautiful today, an achievement that should be largely credited to the project’s use of motion capture technology.

The cut-scenes steal the show and could easily pass for a mid-budget animated flick, with Andy Serkis’ performance as King Bohan ranking among the best in any era of gaming. During gameplay, Heavenly Sword is also a treat for the eyes and senses, particularly in its lavish environments.

29/32 Super Mario Odyssey

  • Platforms:

While combining «Nintendo Switch game» with «best graphics» might seem weird, it’s hard to argue that Super Mario Odyssey doesn’t make the most of the console’s limited processing power. With a combination of stylized art and impressive HD, Mario explores several gorgeous landscapes that might inspire players to sit back and think about how far things have come.

Nintendo has always used fantastical art styles to produce charming and timeless games that don’t break the bank on processing. Mario has never looked this good, and sequences like the New Donk City music festival allow the game to shine.

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28/32 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

  • Platforms:
    PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Stadia

It wasn’t until fairly recently that video games hit the graphical fidelity necessary to be able to fully translate animated shows and films into live gameplay, with recent Dragon Ball games being the most shining examples. 2018’s Dragon Ball FighterZ was able to take a page out of Guilty Gear‘s book to make a stunning 2.5D experience, but gorgeous, fully 3D anime games were still a rarity.

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Until Dragon Ball Z: Kakarotwas released, that is. Taking the Toriyama characters and landscapes that fans know and love, Kakarot turns them into stunning 3D models with some of the most impressive animations and visual effects around.

Get it on Amazon here!

27/32 Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes Of An Elusive Age — Definitive Edition

  • Platforms:
    PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Stadia

Dragon Quest is considered to be the grandfather of modern JRPGs, dating all the way back to 1986. Because of its age, Dragon Quest 11 isn’t the first instance where the series has produced a visually stunning game for its console generation, but it is certainly the most impressive.

Dragon Quest 11‘s gameplay and cutscenes are some of the most well-animated in the industry, and this stays consistent throughout DQXI‘s 60+ hour main story, which only makes it all the more impressive.

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26/32 South Park: The Fractured But Whole

  • Platforms:
    PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

When adapting an established property to a different medium, concessions usually need to be made. However, exceptions do exist, and South Park: The Fractured but Whole managed to perfectly replicate the show’s aesthetic. The RPG looks and sounds exactly like Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s legendary animated series, permitting fans to immerse themselves in this world like never before.

Even removed from that context, The Fractured but Whole‘s visuals are detailed, expressive, and clean. Authenticity did not come at the cost of quality.

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25/32 Shadow Of The Colossus (2018)

  • Platforms:
    PS4, PS3, PS2

For the most part, this article focuses on modern games rather than titles that were graphical showcases when they debuted. Shadow of the Colossus both follows this rule and is also an exception; while the PS2 version looks dated, the visuals still retain that same sense of wonder and scale that they had when the game originally came out in 2005.

Bluepoint Games’ 2018 remake gives Team Ico’s classic a modern makeover, and traversing the Forbidden Land in search of majestic colossi remains as haunting of an experience as it was in the PS2 era.

Get it on Amazon here!

24/32 Persona 5 Royal

  • Platforms:
    PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch, PC

As hundreds of games use an anime aesthetic, they start to blend together if they do not inject enough personality into their presentations. Persona 5 Royal does not have this issue. Everything about the game screams «stylish,» and that holds true for the social sim and dungeon crawling sections of the campaign. The latter take place in diverse Palaces that are generally vibrant, lively, and gorgeous.

The visuals also do a lot of heavy lifting during battles, elevating what is a rather unspectacular turn-based combat system. Outside of Palaces, P5R unleashes players on a small but dense variant of Tokyo, one brimming with tiny details that enhance the experience.

Get it on Amazon here!

23/32 The Last Of Us 2

  • Platforms:

Naughty Dog’s games are always on the cutting edge graphically. 2016’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has barely aged a day since its release, and 2013’s The Last of Us was a contender for the most visually impressive game of the seventh generation. Therefore, unsurprisingly, the studio’s latest offering, The Last of Us 2, is a powerhouse in the graphics department.

This action-adventure game features realistic visuals and grounded performances courtesy of Naughty Dog using performance capture. Whether players are viewing a rare quiet moment or crawling in the mud to avoid a Clicker, The Last of Us 2 looks incredible.

Get it on Amazon here!

22/32 Gears 5

  • Platforms:
    Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

The newly titled Gears 5 takes a series that has always looked good and elevates it to the next level. The game’s campaign takes place across a wide variety of environments, from a jungle early on, to a snowy tundra and red desert landscape.

The snowy tundra and red desert are also the locations for the game’s more open exploration sections, giving a chance to explore and take in all the scenery. Gears 5‘s cutscenes are also gorgeous and the high fidelity extends into all the game’s other modes.

Get it on Amazon here!

21/32 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

  • Platforms:
    PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Stadia

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey earns its subtitle over the 60-plus hours it takes to mainline the story; in the meantime, players get to appreciate and take in the beauty of Ancient Greece. While the environments don’t vary a ton from Assassin’s Creed Origins, the extra trees and seas make for some spectacular views.

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With the viewpoints, Odyssey never hesitates to point out just how magnificent it looks. Most of the main characters and side characters also look great, which is impressive based on the quantity.

Get it on Amazon here!

20/32 Hades

  • Platforms:
    PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Supergiant Games has put together some of the greatest indie releases of all time, and the studio’s crowning achievement is Hades. The roguelike follows Zagreus’ repeated attempts to make the journey from the Underworld to Mount Olympus, a task that proves to be anything but simple for Hades’ son.

Hades‘ visuals are vibrant, thematically consistent, and lively. The game’s environments and characters are soaked in mythology and personality, while the particle effects are fantastic and impactful. The only negative is that sometimes there is a bit too much happening on screen.

Get it on Amazon here!

19/32 Cuphead

  • Platforms:
    PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

A unique and eye-catching art style is often more important than sheer graphical prowess, and Cuphead might be the best demonstration of this point. Inspired by cartoons of old, Studio MDHR created a game that uses stunning and dynamic hand-drawn animation to bring to life a colorful world and the beings that exist within it.

Even though they do not get much in the way of backstory, Cuphead utilizes its presentation to get across the personalities of each boss. The art style is also consistent throughout the campaign, allowing for a coherent experience despite most of the characters boasting designs that share very little in common.

Get it on Steam here!

18/32 Horizon Forbidden West

  • Platforms:
    PS5, PS4

Guerrilla Games somehow managed to outdo Horizon Zero Dawn with its sequel, despite the latter still coming out on the PS4 alongside the console’s successor. Horizon Forbidden West finds Aloy exploring a new area of this setting, one specifically inspired by states and cities like California and San Francisco. The result is a gorgeous and vast world packed with lush natural environments that are home to intricate mechanical beasts.

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Like most open-world games, Horizon Forbidden West does not always look absolutely fantastic, but its high points are so impressive that they make the more forgettable moments forgivable. While still a beautiful game on the PS4, this 2022 release is, unsurprisingly, at its best on the PS5.

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17/32 Demon’s Souls (2020)

  • Platform:

As mesmerizing as Elden Ring‘s visuals can be at times, the game’s open-world design means they are spread a bit thin; conversely, 2020’s Demon’s Souls remake consists of almost nothing but stunning areas. Rife with deadly creatures, haunting architecture, and intimidating landscapes, Boletaria is a gorgeous nightmare of a kingdom that is equally likely to leave players in awe or fear.

As a launch title for the PS5, Demon’s Souls served as something of a tech demo for the hardware, showing what the next-gen console could accomplish. This is a game that could not exist on the PS4, and even more than 18 months into the PS5’s life, Demon’s Souls still has some of the best graphics on the system.

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16/32 Star Wars Battlefront 2

  • Platforms:
    PS4, Xbox One, PC

While it’s considered blasphemy to say anything positive about this iteration of Star Wars Battlefront due to its controversial launch, there is no arguing that the game looks phenomenal.

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Dice knows how to make a good-looking shooter and this game brings Star Wars into video games visually in a way that has never been achieved. The heroes, maps, and environments all nail the Star Wars aesthetic while looking crisp.

Get it on Amazon here!

15/32 Ghost Of Tsushima

  • Platforms:
    PS5, PS4

Gazing across Ghost of Tsushima‘s rendition of the Japanese archipelago is quite the sight to behold, as this highly anticipated title has some breathtaking scenery. Tsushima‘s main graphical focus is on its world, which ends up feeling just as alive as the characters that inhabit it.

The way cherry blossom petals flow in the highly stylized wind, how the sunset illuminates the beautiful countryside, and the many vibrant colors that contrast the violent gameplay make for one beautiful game.

Get it on Amazon here!

14/32 Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

  • Platforms:

Similar to 2016’s Ratchet & Clank, Rift Apart‘s animation is on a whole other level. The franchise’s most recent entries tend to be compared to Pixar’s movies, which is about as high of praise as any game can receive. Utilizing the full power of the PS5, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart‘s matches top-tier cutscenes with gameplay sections that are packed with detail, moving parts, and depth.

Insomniac created lavish and dense worlds that all have unique flavors that make them exciting to explore. When the action gets going and Ratchet or Rivet scoop up bolts, Rift Apart is as smooth as butter.

Get it on Amazon here!

13/32 Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch

  • Platforms:
    PS4, PS3, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Except for Square Enix, Level-5 is arguably the most consistent JRPG developer in terms of visuals. Yo-kai Watch, Dragon Quest 8, and Dark Cloud 2 are all gorgeous, and the latter’s art styles are timeless. Level-5’s graphical masterpiece is undoubtedly 2013’s Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, although the developer got some help as the game’s cutscenes were handled by Studio Ghibli.

The anime studio is well-known for its lavish cinematic productions, and Wrath of the White Witch replicates Ghibli’s iconic style splendidly. Even if the cutscenes were ignored, Ni no Kuni would still rank among the PS3’s most beautiful games.

Get it on Amazon here!

Free resources for your games | GeekBrains

3D, 2D, music, assets, plugins, tools. Lots and lots of goodies on a plate. Over 60 sources.

and free resources for the game developer. Today such material is in front of you.

Vladimir Mikhailov, an indie development enthusiast, author of music and sound design for Dragon’s Dungeon, Quest Hunter, One Helluva Day, helped me find the best resources. We tried to cover different areas: from ready-to-use graphics and music to communities where you can ask for advice and find collaborators.

The post will be long. Begin!


OpenGameArt.Org is one of the best known sites for free game assets available as Creative Commons. But I want to mark the Collect section. Ready-made thematic collections save a lot of time. Here is a set of tiles for an isometric game and a collection of «isometric» characters. And here’s pixel art and graphics in the style of NES and Game Boy.

The site automatically generates summary lists of collection items, where for each file the author, license and other details are indicated. No need to manually collect find data. The main thing is to check the authorship of the graphics before the release of the game, so as not to forget anyone. It’s easy: for any file in the list, there is also a link to the page where it was taken from.

Craftpix, Freebies Section — Over 80 free 2D graphics packs for RPGs, strategy games, arcades, platformers and more. Tiles, characters, GUI, icons, backgrounds.

Open Game Graphics is a mountain of goodies for 2D games. In addition to interface design, characters and levels, you can download 25 complete collections of graphics for a game of a specific genre and environment: a dark Sci-Fi platformer, a colorful Top-down shooter, an 8-bit roguelike, and so on. Lots of cartoon style sprites.

PixelGameArt — Fantasy and Sci-Fi pixel art assets with the ability to preview demos in the browser!

Characters and part of the background from the GothicVania Town set. Online Demo

Kenney is a game resource provider that offers about 60 free asset sets, including tiles, isometric sprites, character and building constructor templates, 3D models, music and sounds, and UI elements.

GameDevMarket is a marketplace for user-created resources. There is also a cozy corner of «freebies». To get there, open the section of interest (for example, 2D > Characters) and in the column on the left, select Type > Free.

Game Developer Studio — Over 100 free 2D assets that can be filtered in the store on a «cheap first» basis. The author of the site and all materials is Robert Brooks. You can send him ideas for new content and vote on other people’s suggestions in the Suggest an asset section.

Game assets on — gold mines of 2D and 3D graphics for your games. Thousands of assets from community members. Lots of beautiful pixel art, expressive characters, detailed map and level tiles. No ads on the pages. Birthday of the heart!

Renpy for Dummies — a Russian-language blog with usefulness for those who make visual novels on the Ren’Py engine. Scripts, mini-games, sprites, custom menus, GUI.

Now let’s look at more specific sites and services.

3D graphics

Three-dimensional content is one of the vulnerabilities in the project of a novice game developer. We need a lot of good objects, but there is no budget or not enough. Now I’ll tell you where to get high-quality models, including animated or completely ready for animation.

We are talking about free resources for games, so we will focus primarily on Blender and its community.


This portal is my first stop when looking for good 3D. Models of all types are collected here: characters, interiors, architectural structures, vehicles, weapons, clothes, food, ready-made scenes and landscapes. Plus low-poly meshes, skeletal animation rigs, textures and materials, particle-based effects, Blender node presets, render style settings, Python scripts.

All resources licensed under Creative Commons. Moreover, many enthusiasts choose CC0, which completely waives copyright.

The site is not without flaws: with a free account you can download only 20 models per month. Therefore, everything that attracts, it is better to collect in collections. One is generated automatically — this is the history of your likes. The second you fill out yourself according to any principle. You can focus on the topic of work or a specific license.

If the account is not premium, you will have to limit yourself to two collections or keep everything in your browser bookmarks.

Don’t delay downloading. After a long absence from the site, I once found that my collections were empty as a result of either a failure or planned administration events. From the general list of empty user collections on the site, I realized that the phenomenon was massive.

Some interesting BlendSwap accounts:

  • izuzf — many weapons of different types and different eras, characters, including low poly.
  • Daren — characters, including those with a full rig and a CC0 license. For example, here.
  • tastyfish — three sets of objects and decorations for RPG in cartoon style plus weapons. License — CC0.
  • Mutte — monsters, zombies, other enemies and military equipment.
  • RedFrost — 47 presets for the Blender Game Engine licensed under CC0.
  • User JerryJury’s collection of 1000 luxurious models, with most of which you can do anything. Household stuff, appliances, weapons, combat robots, effects for Blender.
  • The papasmrfe collection has a lot of cute characters.

Other sites with 3D

ShareCG is a service founded in 2007 where amateurs and professionals of computer graphics upload their content. In addition to free 3D models, textures and materials, there are stock photos, lessons, scripts, programs and plugins for CG creativity, and music.

Thingverse is a 3D printing community where you can find original models under Creative Commons licenses.


CC0textures — 529 realistic PBR textures that can be used anywhere and any way without attribution to the authors. Without registering. Just in case: PBR (Physically-Based Rendering) is physically based rendering. Texture resolution options: 2K, 4K, 8K. And you can also download the source in .sbsar format — for editing in the Substance Designer program.

TextureLibt is a collection of 6500+ textures for personal and commercial use. These are all the work of one photographer. He asks you for a small thing: do not resell his materials and, if possible, indicate authorship when using textures.

Texture — a large collection of textures of different, but on average, low resolution (approximately 1000-1300 pixels wide). Conditions: you can use it in a paid game, but you can not sell the textures themselves (even after editing) and pass them off as your own.

Stock Images

Stock Graphic Designs, Freebies section, is a set of professionally rendered vector images for commercial and personal use. Formats: AI (Adobe Illustrator) and EPS.

Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash — I put them in the same row because these three banks of photos are very similar. They are based on materials from community members and on borrowings from similar sites. Everything is free, including for commercial projects.

Search DeviantArt

DeviantArt, home to visual art lovers, has tons of free sprites, 3D models and photographs among the author’s content. There are especially many fans of anime and pixel art here. But not all useful things fall into the Resources & Stock Images section. Here are a few tips that save time searching for resources.

Watch out for groups that are giving away freebies.


Game-Art — the group is entirely dedicated to game development. Here you can see what others are doing, show off your art and concepts, request critiques from members, and download game assets from the Resources & Tutorials section. Be careful: not everything can be used in commercial projects. I’ll talk more about legal nuances below.

Clear-Cut — images of objects and characters on a transparent background in PNG and PSD formats. Here are neat cutouts from photographs, and renderings of 3D models.

Safe-Stock-Resources is a large photo stock with images of people and nature. Excellent reference material for creating backgrounds and characters. The group’s stated goal is to gather reliable contributors whose content can be used without the fear that it has been stolen somewhere.

NoCreditStock — sets of materials that can be used without crediting the author.

Digital-Art-Club/Stocks and resources — Free materials and lessons on Digital Art.

Focus on hashtags.

You can find deposits of free good by the tags #unrestricted, #commons, #freetouse, #freesprites, #freebackgrounds, #freeresource, #freebies and others. Experiment and pay attention to the tags for the work you like.

Browse other people’s collections.

The site suggests matching ones in the right column when you search by tags.

Fans of visual novels will love this collection of backgrounds and sprites for non-commercial use.

Search for Creative Commons-licensed works through Google.

Enter into the search engine:

«This work is licensed under a Creative Commons»

In the list of results, click on the «Pictures» tab. Happened! If you like something, go to the image page and specify the license and authorship directly under the picture or under the License heading in the block on the right.

Please note that most groups on DeviantArt do not have uniform rules for using images. Each participant himself comes up with what can and cannot be done with his work. I saw an artist who allows you to take sprites for commercial projects only on the condition that you send her a free copy of your game 🙂

Good practice: if you take something, mention the author in the credits and send him a link to the game or screenshots. Let him admire how you used his materials.


Game-Icons is a service where you can not only quickly find a suitable icon by tag and name, but also edit it right in the browser and save it as SVG or PNG. Wonderful!

Iconmonstr — thousands of free black and white icons for mobile and online applications, websites, games.


  • Google Fonts
  • Font Squirrel
  • DaFont
  • Abstract Fonts

Looking for free fonts on DaFont

Sound and music

GameAudioGDC Bundle — gigabytes of audio recorded by professionals — for any of your projects, including commercial ones. This is a generous gift that game developers receive annually on the occasion of the Game Developer’s Conference. Until now, the volume of the «bundle» has increased every year. Issues:

  • 2016 — 16 GB,
  • 2017 — 20 GB,
  • 2018 — 30 GB.

FMA is an interactive library of music and sounds enriched by curators from all over the world. Materials are published under Creative Commons licenses.

FreeSound is a huge database of free audio from community members. You can maintain collections. The founders of the project, Music Technology Group, are researchers from Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona).

Programs useful in creating computer games

2D compatible

Online character builder for classic 2D Japanese RPG (JRPG).

Synfig is a great free 2D animation editor for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Supports skeletal animation, which eliminates the need to manually redraw the character’s pose from frame to frame. The program automatically calculates the transformation of the source vector form into the final one. You can use different types of layers and effects and control their characteristics.

Two more popular 2D animation solutions. Both open-source and available for Windows and OS X:

  • Dragon Bones,

  • Open Toonz.

Inkscape is the No. 1 free vector editor, one of those apps that everyone knows about but can’t help but say.

GIMP is a raster image editor that is called a free alternative to Photoshop, although it does not cover all the features of the Adobe product.

For working with 3D

Blender is a great and beautiful 3D editor that is hard to find an alternative to. Allows not only to create and animate models, but also to develop games on the built-in Blender Game Engine.

MakeHuman is a program for creating characters and any anthropomorphic 3D models. The result can look realistic or vice versa — caricature and cartoonish. Blender supports import from this program (.mhx2 format). Models, along with the skeleton and poses, can be conveniently exported to any editor for creating games. On the community site you will find a constantly updated library of additional content: clothes, hairstyles, eyes, animation rigs, poses, facial expressions and more.

World Machine is a terrain generator with the ability to export to Unity. Free for non-commercial use.

TreeIt is a generator of different types of trees. Easy to use, can export models to OBJ, X, FBX and DBO, which makes it compatible with different engines.

XNormal is a program for baking normal maps.

Sculptris is an application for hand-sculpting and painting 3D models. After running the program, you see something that looks like a piece of clay. To give it shape, you will have to work a lot with the mouse and often switch between tools.

Audio editors

Cakewalk Sonar is an audio workstation with professional tools for composing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering audio. In April 2018, the Cakewalk Platinum product became free. In addition, he has an active community: you can share your creativity, get feedback, download add-ons.

MuseScore is a cross-platform notation editor for creating music through working with scores. Free, open source (GPLv2) and dozens of plugins. It is convenient to use in conjunction with Sonar.

Bosca Ceoil is a tracker where you create music using sample placement. There is an online version and desktop applications for Windows, Linux, MacOS X.

FamiTracker — allows you to create music for eight-bit consoles NES, Famicom and Dendy. Thanks to export to NSF format, your compositions will be played without problems not only in emulators, but also on real hardware. You can also save music as WAV files.

Wwise is an interactive sound system for games and applications, including AR/VR. Works on all major desktop and mobile platforms, with HTC, Oculus, Google, Sony, Microsoft virtual and augmented reality devices, as well as on Xbox, PS (3, 4, Vita), Wii, Nintendo Switch consoles. The tool is not quite for a beginner — rather «for growth». WWise is free in several cases:

  • if the game budget is less than $150,000. Limitation — you can use up to 500 sounds;
  • for non-commercial projects. The license is sent on request.

Third-party plug-ins can be screwed to the system.

FMOD Studio is a set of tools that covers the entire cycle of working with sound for games on Unity, UE4 and other engines. Simplifies the interaction of sound engineers and programmers: both can quickly make changes to the project without interfering with each other. Works on PC and Mac.

Audacity is a simple cross-platform audio editor that can be extended with plugins, including VST and LV2.

Russian-speaking communities of igrodelov

First, let’s go through the groups VK:

GGDev — news of the gaming industry, lessons and articles for developers, discussion of genres and game mechanics, streams of events. Advertising of their projects is strictly prohibited — admins say that this is the “trick” of the group. 6000 subscribers.

Indie games | Indie Games is a group for promoting your indie projects, and formally a public Indie section on the portal. Members can submit their own content, but only the admin posts anything. But in discussions, subscribers share trailers and screenshots, news and opinions, and look for people to join the team.

Unity3D & CG / Unity 3D is a self-help group of Unity developers. The bulk of the publications are questions from participants on various aspects of working on the game. Moreover, the community is very responsive and helpful, which makes the group interesting. Over 32,000 members.

Game universe — publishes educational materials for igrodelov and gamedev-vacancies. Subscribers — 24,000.

Last Indie Standing — discussion of indie games and their development, 5-10 posts per day. Illustrated notes on game design, news, contests, videos of lectures and conferences. About 4000 subscribers.

GameDev — Game Development — a group with the slogan «Let’s teach how to launch monotonous failed projects. » 🙂 The basis of the tape is links to educational materials (mainly from Habr). Announcements of master classes and conferences on games appear less frequently. There are 7000 members.

Be sure to check out the Video Game Developers League on Pikabu! By the way, you can meet GeekBrains teachers there, but more on that another time. In the meantime, I suggest looking through the colorful posts in the League’s feed or even writing about your project there.

News, tips, contests

There are large community forums in Runet where you can ask questions, show your work, recruit people to a team, and participate in contests.

GameDev is a site + forum for amateurs and professionals of the gaming industry, where you can find out what game developers in the CIS and neighboring countries are doing now. Regular reviews of new products, educational articles, announcements of major events and daily communication with enthusiastic people — all this encourages you to develop your project.

GCUP is a portal dedicated entirely to game creation. Here is a huge database of game engines and designers. And also here — lessons, news, utilities and a bustling forum where they post and discuss new games, recruit people to the team, ask questions and share experiences.

DTF is an information community like Pikabu, but with a narrower focus. Users publish and discuss articles about IT and entertainment, including games and their development. There is also a section of vacancies for developers, game designers, artists and other specialists involved in the creation and promotion of games.

Phew… That’s it. Thanks for reading! If you find something interesting, don’t forget to bookmark it! 🙂 

Everyone who has conceived their own game and is ready to create until victory — success and inexhaustible motivation! Tell us about your project in the comments. We hope this article brings you closer to your goal.

Have we missed something important and wonderful? Forgot to mention your favorite developer tool or game resource site? Please add to our list — we will be grateful for tips and feedback.

Graphics for indie games. What to do if rounds and sticks do not suit you / Sudo Null IT News

Good afternoon again. Yesterday I published an article on game development in Kotlin and, as expected, the first pancake came out lumpy. Well, it’s okay, any mistake is an experience. The main thing is to draw the right conclusions and move on. What was wrong yesterday and what I expect to correct today. Do not interfere in a bunch of different materials, this is the first. And secondly, it makes sense to spice up the article with illustrations and links to external sources. So let’s go.

Graphics are the first thing that catches the eye of a user who launches your application. And although there are several pure text games on Google Play, this is an exception to the rule. And the development of such games is no doubt full of its pitfalls. What should an indie developer do in order not to fail that very first impression? First of all, it is necessary to determine the main interface at the first stages of development. There are several practices on how to do this quickly and cheaply:

  • Draw in a notebook, or better on a whiteboard
  • Cut out paper elements from paper and color with pencils/markers

Moreover, an interesting observation, these simple and cheap options give better results than fancy programs. This is because paper and markers give you a lot more freedom than apps like Adobe Experience Design. And with a simple pencil, you can, at a fairly high level of abstraction, outline an idea in a few strokes and poke your fingers into it.

Here is my interface prototype

It’s scary, of course, but it’s fast and it’s quite suitable for work.

First approach to projectile

The resources here were taken as a basis: fragments, progress bars (not on the screen). Agree, it looks outrageous. This is due to the fact that different styles are very difficult to combine to get a complete picture.

In general, the site turned out to be the best for me in terms of prices and variety of elements. For example, Vera, the author of the Stone Age theme, sells similar resources on for $8 and $45, depending on whether you are allowed to take money from users.

Final version

In the final version, I used one UI-Kit and in my opinion it did the trick. Author Dmitry, Semilistnik studio. In addition to UI-Kit, I used Sergey’s icon set. Amazing assortment.

It’s great when you find what you need, and when the resources fit each other in style. But the biggest problem is just to find. For example, you are looking for isometric buildings. And on one site they are small, on the other they do not fit the era, on the third everything is fine, but there are only 5 of them, which does not suit you in terms of diversity. And when working on an order, I already gave $ 25 per hour. Here is an example of one of the artists. To have an idea of ​​how long it takes to create one drawing. And believe me, in terms of time, this is more of an estimate from below. At least Pashka’s estimates for labor intensity were the smallest.

So, in order to find resources, you need to look for resources (your KO). One of the best review sites here. You can search by name, you can go to similar pictures and user boards. The site indexes pictures regardless of license and provides links to primary sources. In this variety it is very easy to drown for many hours. The site is quite spammy, every day it strives to send a letter with a selection of materials on topics of interest. And this is even great, because every day a little bit of information accumulates. You have a better idea of ​​what you can and cannot want for a reasonable price.

Also, you can’t get past the markets for Unity and Unreal Engine. But I’ll warn you right away, at least Unity does its best to make their resources hard to use outside of Unity.