How to sell pc parts: How (and Where) to Sell Used PC Components for Top Dollar

How to sell used PC parts

You want to buy one of the best graphics cards or a new processor to upgrade your PC, but there’s always one loose end: Old hardware. Unless you’re going to recycle or donate your old PC parts, selling them is both financially and environmentally responsible. While marketplaces like eBay are certainly the most popular for selling used PC parts, there are actually many other options you can explore to sell your used hardware, and each option has its own pros and cons.


  • eBay, Facebook, and Craigslist
  • PC focused marketplaces
  • PC communities and forums
  • Local businesses

eBay, Facebook, and Craigslist

The best place to start is with the big three — eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist. There are many benefits to using one of these websites: There are plenty of buyers, you can dictate your own price, you can auction, and sometimes there are protections for both buyers and sellers.

Of course, there are downsides. Sometimes you might have to pay a fee for listing and selling your part(s). For example, eBay charges a 12.9% fee plus 30 cents, so hypothetically, if you were selling your old RTX 2080 for $400 (including shipping), then you would have to pay eBay about $50 which leaves you with just $350. Read our guide on how to sell on eBay for some best practices.

Selling to people you don’t know opens up the possibility that you might get scammed. Most of these websites aren’t entirely anonymous and often have a ratings feedback system, which helps mitigate the chances of selling something to a bad buyer, but it doesn’t make the possibility zero. Craigslist and Facebook are riskier than eBay, but you can settle a local deal to make sure everything is above board.

There are a few things you can do to get the most value out of selling on these websites. When you make your listing, show plenty of photos of your PC part and be honest about its condition. Check other listings to get a sense of what a fair asking price is; don’t worry about getting the price perfectly right, because you can haggle with buyers later. Ship your PC part in the smallest and safest package possible in order to cut down on the shipping fees, and try and get the buyer to cover the shipping fees too. Finally, make sure you have plenty of documentation in case the buyer tries to scam you or makes some kind of unfair complaint. As long as you’ve sold your part honestly and have good documentation of it, you should be fine.

PC focused marketplaces


There are also small- to medium-sized websites that basically do the same thing as bigger ones like eBay, but just for PC parts. On Jawa and PC Swaps, you can make a listing for free, but there are still transactional fees. Jawa has a 3% processing fee and a 3.5% platform fee, while PC Swaps has the same 3% processing fee but a higher platform fee of 5%. So, if you sold a $400 RTX 2080 on Jawa instead of eBay, you would make $374 rather than $350.

In addition to the fees being lower, the platform fees are also capped. At Jawa, this fee will never exceed $50 and at PC Swaps it will never exceed $45. This means that more expensive items like high-end CPUs and GPUs will have relatively lower fees compared to cheaper items. And for the best gaming desktops, your fees will be very low.

Websites such as will buy your old PC parts (GPUs and more), and much like Gamestop, this company and others like it focus on a convenient selling experience.

Of course, if you’re familiar with Gamestop’s business practices, you would be right to suspect that these websites won’t offer you a very high price. For example, SellGPU only offers $212 for an RTX 2080 Founder’s Edition in used condition. SellGPU does cover shipping fees and even will send you a box to ship your parts in, but the overhead for convenience is very steep.

Retailers like Best Buy sometimes accept trading in old systems and/or PC parts, though your mileage will certainly vary. Like with SellGPU, the amount of money you get will probably be significantly lower than what you could potentially get from selling directly to someone, but it is more convenient.

PC communities and forums


In response to the problems that come with big marketplaces, communities and forums focused on selling PC parts have sprung up. These communities are usually run on websites like Discord and Reddit, which is where you can find r/HardwareSwap, one of the more popular marketplaces in this category. You’ll often find that these forums have higher standards for buyers and sellers alike, which can make these marketplaces more restrictive but also more trustworthy.

At least in the case of r/HardwareSwap, there are stringent requirements for listings. Before you can even make a listing, your Reddit account must be at least 50 days old or have 100 comment karma (read our guide on how to create your own subreddit for more on karma). This requirement is supposed to weed out and discourage scammers from exploiting the forum, but obviously, that also makes it difficult for legitimate buyers and sellers to participate.

r/HardwareSwap also requires sellers to provide lots of in-depth documentation. For instance, photos of listed items must also show a handwritten timestamp and the seller’s Reddit username on a piece of paper. It can be quite a bit of work to provide all the necessary documents, but that is the price of credibility and trustworthiness.

Not all communities or forums have the same rules as r/HardwareSwap, but generally, you can expect the rules to be more strict than big marketplaces. You’re still dealing with strangers, however, and Reddit doesn’t provide any buyer or seller protection so be cautious about potential scams.

Local businesses

Although it’s not the most obvious choice, it’s worth looking around for local businesses that might buy used PC parts. Shops that specialize in used goods like thrift stores can make lots of sense in certain cases. For example, if you’re selling a very old or low-end part for $30 or less, it’s going to be difficult to make much of a profit when shipping fees could cost $10 or more.

Local businesses generally won’t pay the best price for your PC parts, but they are convenient and usually trustworthy. It’s worth considering this option if none of the others really work out for you.

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Where to Sell Used Computer Parts: The 10 Best Options

There’s a whole world of websites online where you can get rid of your old and used computer parts. Knowing which ones will be better for local markets or which sites will buy your parts directly from you, will help you trade them in for cash quickly.

Find the most efficient way you can sell your used computer parts online by checking out the ten best options below.

eBay is one of the oldest marketplaces online, and is still a great place to sell your used computer parts. You can sell old computer parts to your local community or find a buyer from around the world.

The site has gained the trust of buyers and sellers because it uses a rating system for each person using the platform. You can read reviews on each person to see if they are trustworthy enough to rely on to purchase your items.

Facebook Marketplace has become the go-to option for people looking to sell items in their local area. The marketplace defaults to your local area, but you can widen the search if you aren’t attracting the right type of buyers.

You’ll be competing with individuals and small businesses when selling your computer parts because anyone can use the platform. The entire selling process is in your hands, so make sure you have great pictures and respond to your potential buyers as soon as possible. Wait too long, and they could move on to another seller.

Not as widely used as other platforms on this list, Reddit has multiple Subreddits where you can sell almost any type of item you have. Subreddits are basically small communities that center around a specific topic. You would want to find the computer marketplace Subreddits like the one in the picture to get rid of your unwanted parts.

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There isn’t a way to vet buyers like other platforms like eBay and the Facebook Marketplace. Everyone can remain anonymous on the platform and there are no rating systems in place to know if someone is legitimate or not. Use caution when selling here and make sure you get your money first before sending your computer parts.

Until now, the sites we’ve looked at only have sections for the buying and selling of computer parts, but it isn’t the major focus. SellGPU is an entire site dedicated to buying and selling your old and used computer parts for money.

You can sell GPU, CPU, RAM, servers, SSD cards, PC parts, and more to receive cash in as little as three days. Fill out the form on the site, and you will get an instant quote for how much you can expect to receive.

IT Connected is more than just a computer parts buyer, it also helps you find parts that you could use to upgrade your system. It even includes a tool that helps you find the parts you need based on your specs.

You can get an instant quote from the site when you fill out the seller form, but you will have to handle shipping yourself. The site will provide a shipping label and packaging materials, but you’ll need to pay a large fee. You’re probably better off purchasing your own materials and shipping label.

Craigslist may not be as popular as it once was, but it’s still a great place to try and find a buyer for your used computer parts. You can set up a quick profile and put an item up for sale in your local area.

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What makes Craigslist more appealing than other generic marketplaces, is that it is fully focused on your local area. You’ll only be able to see items and sell items to a specific geographic region. This is a perfect solution if you want to avoid dealing with shipping your computer parts and paying the extra fees.

If you want a reliable trading marketplace that has lower fees than eBay, try out PCSwaps. You can find and sell pretty much any type of computer part, and it will provide a shipping label for you.

Instead of the platform purchasing an item from you and then reselling it to its audience, you sell directly to buyers and PCSwaps takes a small 8% fee. You can earn money in as little as three days after the item gets delivered.

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest marketplaces online also includes the ability to trade in your old computer parts. Amazon Trade-In is more geared to smart home and tech devices than are computer parts, so it will be harder to trade in what you have unless it is very new.

The older the parts, the less demand, and Amazon won’t pay top dollar for items it doesn’t think will sell. Other platforms just facilitate buying and selling of computer parts, but Amazon actually allows you to switch out your old computer parts for a new device.

ItsWorthMore helps you trade in your old computer parts for cash directly through its website. You don’t have to deal with any buyers or negotiate, the instant quote provided is what you can expect to receive.

The site takes many different computer parts. So, as long as they aren’t broken or outdated, you should be able to get a small cut for your parts. You can get an instant quote from the site and get a prepaid shipping label when you’re ready to send it in.

BuyBackWorld is another site that takes in old computer parts and sends you a check if they’re accepted. On top of trading in your parts for cash, you can also buy used parts from its inventory.

Like the other platforms on this list, you get an instant quote once you fill out the online form. The site will send a shipping label and all you have to do is package your parts and send them to BuyBackWorld to get your cash.

The Best Places to Sell Computer Parts

There’s a range of options when you’re trying to sell your computer parts online. You can deal directly with a website that will buy your parts, use a marketplace where there are many buyers and sellers, or trade in your parts for another device, if you qualify.

If you have more than computer parts you’d like to get rid of, there are several secondhand sites you should try.

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