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₹ 32,500

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Key Specs

Lenovo ThinkPad T410 Summary

Lenovo ThinkPad T410 is a Windows 7 laptop with a 14. 00-inch display. It is powered by a Core i7 processor and it comes with 4GB of RAM. The Lenovo ThinkPad T410 packs 128GB of HDD storage.

Connectivity options include Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n.

As of 11th June 2023, Lenovo ThinkPad T410 price in India starts at Rs. 32,500.

Lenovo ThinkPad T410 Price in India

Product Name Price in India
Lenovo Thinkpad T410 Laptop (Windows 7, 4GB RAM, 128GB HDD, Intel Core i7, Black, 14.1 inch) ₹ 32,500

Lenovo ThinkPad T410 price in India starts from ₹ 32,500. The lowest price of Lenovo ThinkPad T410 is ₹ 32,500 at Amazon on 11th June 2023.

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Lenovo ThinkPad T410 Full Specifications


Brand Lenovo
Model ThinkPad T410
Price in India ₹32,500
Model Number T410
Series ThinkPad
Dimensions (mm) 333. 50 x 32.00 x 9.41
Colours Black
Operating system Windows 7


Size 14.00-inch


Processor Intel Core i7 620M
Base Clock Speed 2.66 GHz




Hard disk 128GB


Wi-Fi standards supported 802. 11 a/b/g/n


Finger Print Sensor No

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Lenovo ThinkPad T410 Competitors

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  • Lenovo ThinkPad T410


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Lenovo ThinkPad T410 – Ultimate Solution

Lenovo ThinkPad T410  Specifications:

  • Screen: 14. 1-inch WXGA (1280 x 800) LED Backlit (Matte finish)
  • Operating System: Windows 7 Professional (64bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-540M (2.53GHz, 3MB Cache)
  • Memory: 4GB DDR3 RAM (2GB + 2GB)
  • Storage: 250GB Seagate 7400.4 HDD (7200rpm)
  • Optical Drive: DVD+/-RW
  • Wireless: Intel 6250 802.11AGN, Bluetooth
  • Graphics: Intel GMA HD Integrated Graphics
  • Power: 57Wh 6-cell, 65W 20V AC adapter
  • Dimensions: 13.13 x 9.41 x 1.09-1.26?
  • Weight: 5lbs 5.1oz
  • Retail Price: RS:16,000/=

Build and Design
To the naked eye very little has changed with the overall design of the ThinkPad T410 compared to past models. It still carries the black rubberized screen lid with ThinkPad logo, still offers the shiny matte-black chassis and palmrest, and still uses the strong and highly visible stainless steel screen hinges.  Those are the areas where the similarities stop. The port layout has significantly changed to allow an increase in available ports and even a few new types of connections. Once opened, ThinkPad fans will notice that Lenovo finally centered the screen, so no more thick bezel on one side and a thin bezel on the other. Another change is the shift from a two-piece palmrest and keyboard bezel on older models to one-piece design that is stronger and has fewer gaps to squeak. The bottom has also changed–with a user-access panel being the biggest addition–to let users install more RAM or a wireless card without tearing apart the notebook.

Build quality is a touchy subject for anyone familiar with the ThinkPad brand and how it has changed over the years. Any change to the sacred ThinkPad is seen as negative, even if it results in a stronger notebook. The good news is that overall the redesigned chassis in the T410 still feels as strong as ever … but the bad news is a few specific areas did lose some strength compared to past ThinkPads. The screen lid seems weaker on the left side which allows pressure applied to the lid to show through as distortion on the LCD. Only the left side of the screen cover shows this distortion but it is still more than past models. Another item is the access panel on the bottom of the notebook that is designed to let users access one of the system memory slots and an open mini-PCIe slot. This is easily the weakest part on the entire notebook … bowing slightly when installed and flexing more than any surrounding panel. I really wish Lenovo went with a metal panel even if it slightly increased the overall weight of the notebook.

Access to internal components has improved over past models with the T410 no longer needing to have the palmrest removed to upgrade the memory. With the latest redesign Lenovo moved the RAM to the center of the notebook. One slot is accessible through the bottom of the chassis with the access panel removed and the other is underneath the keyboard. The keyboard easily comes out after you remove two screws and slide it out of position. For the average person this makes user upgrades much less complex. As always the hard drive has its own access panel which is removed with a single screw.

Screen and Speakers
The screens offered on the ThinkPad T410 have changed very little compared to ones offered on the T400. The biggest difference is all T410 models come standard with LED-backlighting. With that said we didn?t notice any decrease or increase for that matter in the quality of the displays. The WXGA+ screen on the T410 with dedicated graphics offers good color reproduction with better than average contrast. The WXGA screen on the T410 with integrated graphics also has good color reproduction and contrast but it has a slight blue tint compared to a neutral white on the WXGA+ panel. Backlight levels are stronger on the WXGA panel when both panels are set to the same brightness level. Viewing angles were similar for each notebook with most colors starting to distort and invert when tilted 15-20 degrees back. Horizontal viewing angles were better with colors staying accurate even from steep angles.

The onboard speakers sounded better than average for a business notebook. They were able to get loud enough to fill a small room but bass and midrange was still lacking. For the daily video conference or watching YouTube during a break they should be more than adequate for the intended market. Headphones for travel are also high on the list of must-have accessories.

Keyboard and Touchpad
The T410 has the same redesigned keyboard that we saw debut on the T400s. It has a new function key layout with keys such as the Escape and Delete buttons increased in size while also added a backlit power button and microphone mute button. Another new feature which is located in the BIOS is Lenovo allows you to swap the function and control keys through software if you happen to be one of those people that enjoy the control key being the last key in the row.

The ThinkPad keyboard is still comfortable to type on for hours without creating too much hand strain. The redesigned keyboard has a few tweaks compared to previous models; narrower spacing between keys to lessen the chance of crumbs getting in and a softer typing feel. The softer and quieter typing feedback actually caused some typing troubles since I would type lighter on the keyboard and not fully activate keys. Once you got used to the difference it wasn?t a problem but for those first mistyped passwords it was really annoying.

The touchpad is a textured Synaptics model that is very spacious to handle multi-finger gestures. The T410 supports two-finger scrolling, rotating, and zooming, as well as three-finger press and flick. In general use the touchpad is easy to use with no discernible lag and a very fast refresh rate. The acceleration speeds on both axes were equal? so drawing a fast circle didn?t result in an oval shape. The textured surface was easy to slide across in daily use even if your fingers were slightly damp. The touchpad buttons were easy to use and very comfortable to click. They offered a long throw with a soft clicking action that didn?t emit any noise when fully pressed.

Ports and Features

Port selection on the new T410 is excellent and a huge improvement over previous models. Lenovo added an additional USB port, added FireWire, added eSATA (for compatible models), and even tossed in a DisplayPort connection for digital video out without needing to use a docking station. In total this makes the ThinkPad T410 one of the most feature-rich 14? notebooks on the market, with four USB ports, VGA-out, DisplayPort-out, combo audio jack, modem, LAN, FireWire-400, optional eSATA, as well as an optional SmartCard slot. The T410 also has a SDHC-card slot and ExpressCard/34 slot for expansion.


Powerful and Reliable Business Laptop / Sudo Null IT News When developing a new model, ThinkPad T410, Lenovo tried to improve all the main features. In addition to the powerful hardware stuffing with Intel Core i-series processors, the updated laptop has an increased touchpad area, which now supports MultiTouch mode, support for the Gobi 2000 3G module, and improved battery life. A new extended battery has been developed especially for the T-series, providing up to 22 hours of operation away from outlets!

In this article I will describe in detail the updated ThinkPad T410. However, you yourself can become its owner by taking part in the Lenovo competition. The conditions are simple: you need to go to the competition page and tell how exactly you are going to use your new ThinkPad, how it can be useful to you. The competition will last until the end of June, the results will be announced in July, and the winner will be the author of the most original story. Dare!


The ThinkPad T410 is available with Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. The version with powerful Core i7 processors provides maximum performance, while models with Core i5 offer the best balance of performance and battery life. These processors support Intel Turbo Boost technology: for example, a laptop with an Intel Core i5-520M has a nominal frequency of 2.4 GHz, but can automatically “overclock” to 2.93 GHz. «Overclocking» is actively used during operation, but this function can be disabled when switching to autonomous power.

Intel Core i3 does not support Turbo Boost technology, but it is a very powerful processor, beating the previous generation Core 2 Duo in all tests. In the minimum power mode, the frequency of the Intel Core i3-330M processor fluctuates between 1.1-1.3 gigahertz with the standard 2.13 GHz. In practice, this allows you to work not only with office documents, but also watch videos, load your laptop with quite heavy tasks — with a record long battery life!

Universal connector kit

The ThinkPad T410 is equipped with the widest possible range of ports for connecting external devices. The DisplayPort interface for connecting an external display has become standard on T-series models (and some other ThinkPads). If necessary, the monitor can also be connected using a DVI or HDMI cable using an adapter. In addition to the usual 4 USB ports (one of them is constantly powered, even when the laptop is turned off), eSata and FireWire mini connectors have been added. Additional modules can also be installed in the 34mm Express Card slot.


The ThinkPad T410 display lid features a high-elasticity polycarbonate (HEPC) frame, while a magnesium alloy frame protects the motherboard and hard drive. The keyboard is protected from moisture: liquid spilled on the keys is removed from the laptop through special channels without affecting the electronic components. And, of course, the ThinkPad T410 is equipped with the legendary branded keyboard, which guarantees incredible typing comfort.

Battery life

The T410 is one of the best laptops for long battery life. You can buy a laptop with conventional batteries with 4 and 6 cells. With a 6-cell battery, a laptop based on an Intel Core i5 processor will last about 6.6 hours — not bad already! An extended 9-cell battery, available separately, provides 11 hours of use on a single charge. But that’s not all: a special battery with prismatic cells has been developed for the new ThinkPad T series of notebooks.

This battery connects to the docking station on the bottom of the notebook and can be used in conjunction with the original battery. As a result, with two 9-cell batteries at the same time, the laptop will work without charging a record 22 hours — almost a day. What is important, both batteries will be charged at the same time — there is no need to rearrange the batteries or buy an external charger.

Finally, the ThinkPad T410, like any other T-series laptop, is completely free to choose. Modular design allows you to expand the capabilities of the notebook. For example, you can replace the built-in DVD drive with another 2.5-inch hard drive installed in a special adapter. The proprietary location of the Fn key to the left of Ctrl, which has been mentioned more than once in discussions, can be changed in the BIOS.

You can connect your laptop to the original docking station, making it your only computer for the office and for travel. You can permanently connect all the attributes of a desktop PC to the port replicator itself — an external monitor, keyboard and mouse. Moreover, the laptop can be connected and disconnected to the updated docking stations almost instantly: in previous models, it was necessary to wait for the ports to be disconnected. And with the powerful Intel Core i5, the performance will be close to the «desktop» — here we are talking not only about the office, but also much more «gluttonous» programs.

In conclusion, I want to talk about a close relative of the ThinkPad T410 — the T410s model. It’s just as powerful, but much thinner and lighter, with a magnesium alloy chassis and fiberglass reinforced plastic, reducing the model’s weight from 2.27kg (T410) to 1.79kg (T410s). One of the unusual features of this model is the optional touch screen with MultiTouch support. Both models will be tested soon, and I’ll cover them in detail on the Lenovo blog.

Lenovo THINKPAD T410 laptop specifications

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900 58

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Lenovo THINKPAD T410 laptop specifications and parameters: , DDR3 RAM, widescreen display with LED backlight, which has video outputs: VGA port (D-Sub), DisplayPort port. There are speakers and built-in microphone, Kensington lock.

Lenovo THINKPAD T410 laptop has a built-in LAN network adapter, Wi-Fi module, but 4G LTE is not supported, WiMAX module is not installed, no GPRS support, 3G is not supported, EDGE is not supported, HSDPA is not supported.

Li-Ion battery. Lenovo THINKPAD T410 measures 333.5mm x 239mm x 31.9mm and weighs only 2.23kg .

All versions of Lenovo THINKPAD T410
Laptop Lenovo THINKPAD T410
Core i5 540M 2530Mhz/14.1″/1366×768/4096Mb/320Gb/DVD-RW/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Win 7 Prof
Laptop Lenovo THINKPAD T410
Core i5 560M 2660Mhz/14.1″/1280×800/2048Mb/320Gb/DVD-RW/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/WinXP Prof
Laptop Lenovo THINKPAD T410
Core i5 520M 2400Mhz/14. 1″/1366×768/4096Mb/320Gb/DVD-RW/Wi-Fi/Win 7 Prof
Lenovo THINKPAD T410 Notebook
Core i5 560M 2660Mhz/14.1″/1440×900/4096Mb/500Gb/DVD-RW/NVIDIA NVS 3100M/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Win 7 Prof
Laptop Lenovo THINKPAD T410
Core i5 560M 2660Mhz/14.1″/1440×900/4096Mb/500Gb/DVD-RW/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Win 7 Prof
Laptop Lenovo THINKPAD T410
Core i5 480M 2660 Mhz/14.1″/1440×900/3072Mb/500Gb/DVD-RW/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Win 7 Prof
Laptop Lenovo THINKPAD T410
Core i3 350M 2260Mhz/14. 1″/1440×900/4096Mb/160Gb/DVD-RW/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Win 7 Prof
Laptop Lenovo THINKPAD T410
Core i5 520M 2400 Mhz/14.1″/1366×768/4096Mb/320Gb/DVD-RW/Intel GMA HD/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Win 7 Prof

9 0093

900 75

9005 8

Laptop Lenovo THINKPAD T410
Core i5 560M 2660Mhz/14.1″/1280×800/3072Mb/320Gb/DVD-RW/NVIDIA NVS 3100M/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Win 7 Prof
Laptop Lenovo THINKPAD T410
Core i5 460M 2530Mhz/14.1″/1280×800/2048Mb/250Gb/DVD-RW/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/WiMAX/Win 7 Prof
Type Lenovo THINKPAD T410
Type laptop
Lenovo THINKPAD T screen 410
Wide screen
Touch screen
Multi-touch screen
LED screen backlight
Video Lenovo THINKPAD T410
3D support
Dual video cards 90 010
Lenovo THINKPAD T410 processor
Number of processor cores 2
Memory Lenovo ThinkPad T410
Memorial type DDR3
Lenovo THINKPAD T410 storage devices
Hard drive type HDD
Hard drive interface 9 0010 Serial ATA
Lenovo THINKPAD T410 Memory Cards
ExpressCard Slot
Audio Lenovo THINKPAD T410
Audio Input
Microphone in
Audio/headphone out
Digital audio output (S/PDIF)
Speakers included
Subwoofer included
Microphone included
Lenovo THINKPAD T410 Wireless

Standard ExpressCard ExpressCard/34
Integrated network card
Number of USB 2. 0 interfaces 4
FireWire interface
FireWire 800 interface
eSATA interface
COM- Port
VGA Out (D-Sub)
DisplayPort Out
Mini DisplayPort output
Dock connection
Positioners PointStick and Touchpad
TV tuner
Kensington lock slot
Lenovo THINKPAD T410 battery
Battery type Li-Ion 900 74
Working hours with add.

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