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The First Mobile Dual-Core — Intel’s 15 Most Unforgettable x86 CPUs

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In 2006, Intel announced the Core Duo. The first dual-core processor for portable PCs boasted excellent performance—much better than the Pentium 4. It was also one of the first x86 processors to be truly dual-core. The cache, for example, is shared (whereas the Pentium D was more like an assembly of two processors in the same package). This processor was part of the Centrino Duo platform and was a huge success. The only drawback was that it was still a 32-bit processor, unlike the Pentium 4.

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Code name Yonah
Date released 2006
Architecture 32 bits
Data bus 64 bits
Address bus 32 bits
Maximum memory 4 GB
L1 cache 32 KB + 32 KB
L2 cache 2,048 KB shared
Clock frequency 1. 06–2.33 GHz
FSB 667 MHz
SMT/SMP Dual core
Fabrication process 65 nm
Number of transistors 151 million
TDP 9-31 W
Voltage 0.9–1.3 V
Die surface area 91 mm²
Connector Socket 479

A Core Solo version with one core was also made available, and the low-power-consumption versions used a 533 MHz bus (133 MHz QDR) instead of 667 MHz. This processor was used in servers (code name Sossaman), which was a first for a processor originally intended for the mobile world. Note that this processor didn’t officially use the Core architecture of the Core 2 Duo, and it was quickly replaced by the Core 2 Duo (Merom) in portable PCs. Also, the Yonah’s Socket 479 is different from the Socket 479 of other Pentium M processors.

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Intel’s 13th Gen mobile processors include the first 24-core laptop CPU

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Intel claims it now has the ‘world’s fastest mobile processor’ with the flagship Intel Core i9-13980HX.

By Tom Warren, a senior editor covering Microsoft, PC gaming, console, and tech. He founded WinRumors, a site dedicated to Microsoft news, before joining The Verge in 2012.


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Image: Intel

Intel’s 13th Gen desktop CPUs have already delivered impressive performance to beat their AMD counterparts, and now Intel is bringing Raptor Lake to its mobile processor lineup. The flagship Core i9-13980HX is built for upcoming gaming laptops, and there are also the regular H-, P-, and U-series chips for a variety of more mainstream laptops.

Intel’s Core i9-13980HX is the star of the show with a 5.6GHz turbo frequency and 24 cores. It’s the first time a laptop CPU has supported a 24-core configuration, and Intel claims it’s the “world’s fastest mobile processor.”

Intel’s top 13th Gen HX mobile processors.Image: Intel

Intel’s 13th Gen H-series lineup.Image: Intel

Intel has repurposed the same die it uses for its desktop 13th Gen processors for its HX CPU series, with eight performance cores and 16 efficiency cores on the flagship Core i9-13980HX. That’s the same number of performance cores on the previous Core i9-12950HX but double the number of efficiency cores. It’s all packaged into a 55-watt chip that’s designed to be paired with the latest discrete mobile GPUs for high-performance workloads and gaming.

Intel claims the end result is up to 11 percent faster single-thread performance and up to 49 percent faster multitasking performance over the same 12th Gen chips. Gaming performance is said to be up to 12 percent faster, but we’ll need to test the chips fully to see how the performance improvements impact battery life.

There’s also support for both DDR4 (up to 3,200MHz) and DDR5 (up to 5,600MHz), with up to 128GB of RAM supported. Intel’s latest 13th Gen mobile HX chips also include support for Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, and Thunderbolt 4. Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Asus, and Razer have all committed to bringing 13th Gen HX laptops to market, and there will be more than 60 in total.

Intel also has regular 13th Gen H-series processors for 2023, with a base power of 45 watts. There’s up to a 400MHz higher boost clock over the 12th Gen versions and up to 14 cores in total.

Intel’s 13th Gen P-series mobile lineup.Image: Intel

Intel’s 13th Gen U-series lineup.Image: Intel

Over on the less extreme performance side of laptops, Intel is launching 13th Gen versions of its 28W P-series for thin and light laptops and the 15W U-series for ultralight laptops, foldables, and beyond. The P-series tops out at up to 14 cores (six performance / eight efficiency) with a max turbo of 5.2GHz and support for both DDR4 and DDR5. The top U-series chip (i7-1365U) has 10 cores in total (two performance / eight efficiency) and a max turbo frequency of 5.2GHz.

These P- and U-series chips are what we’ll see in a variety of laptops announced in the coming days at the Consumer Electronics Show. Intel isn’t promising any major performance advances for its P- and U-series, but together with the regular H-series chips, we’ll see them in more than 300 designs coming in 2023 from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Razer, Asus, Samsung, and others.

Intel’s new 13th Gen desktop processors.Image: Intel

Finally, Intel is also announcing new additions to its 13th Gen desktop processor lineup. The new 35- and 65-watt chips are designed for more mainstream desktop PCs with a balance of power efficiency and performance for gaming and productivity. Intel is promising up to 11 percent single-thread performance gains and up to 34 percent multitasking improvements over the previous 12th Gen chips.

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Intel officially introduced 2-core processors Haswell

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The most interesting in the reviews

06/04/2013 [06:01],

Konstantin Khodakovsky

Following the announcement of a line of 4-core mobile and desktop processors, Intel also introduced less energy-intensive 2-core mobile chips and the only dual-core desktop processor so far, which was the $ 19 Intel Core i5-4570T2.

This is Haswell’s simplest desktop processor to date and the only one in the Core i5 line to feature HyperThreading technology. It stands out for its low power consumption, at 35W, and can run 4 threads at the same time. The base frequency is 2.9 GHz, and in Turbo mode it reaches 3.6 GHz. Unlike other Haswell Core i5 chips, this one has only 4 MB of L3 cache.

Core mobile processors (M series) are BGA-packaged and work with DDR3L memory. The chipset is located separately in the rPGA package. In this series, Intel introduced six dual-core Core i3, i5 and i7 chips in addition to 4-core models — all with a power consumption of 37 W and Intel HD Graphics 4600. The base clock frequency ranges from 2.4 to 2.9GHz, and in the Turbo state — both cores can operate at a frequency of 3 to 3.5 GHz, with the exception of Core i3 — this processor is devoid of an acceleration mode, as well as a whole set of proprietary technologies. Prices for new solutions are not called.

Ultraportable models come in one BGA package with chipset and support energy efficient LPDDR3 and DDR3L memory.

In the U series (power consumption from 11.5 to 15 W) for ultra-thin notebooks, the company announced eight products in the Core i3, i5 and i7 model lines, the distribution of which is much more confusing than in desktop solutions. The processors have a thermal package of 15 W and operate at base frequencies from 1.3 to 1.8 GHz, which in Turbo mode for a single core reach values ​​from 2.6 to 3.3 GHz, and for two cores — from 2.3 up to 2.9GHz. The cost is only for a couple of solutions with the same and the widest technical equipment: Core i7-4650U @ 1.7 GHz and Core i5-4350U @ 1.4 GHz — $454 and $342, respectively.

11.5W solutions are not on the list yet, but Intel plans to bring 10 more U-series solutions to market in 2013.

Haswell’s power efficiency levels are shown in a comparison between the 17W Core i7-3667U Ivy processor Bridge and its 3W chipset and faster successor, the 15W Core i7-4650U in the same package as the chipset. Although the thermal envelope was reduced by only 25%, the table shows more significant figures, due to advanced graphics and new energy-saving technologies:

Perhaps the most interesting and promising of all Haswell processors are the Y-series processors for tablets and hybrids thanks to their power consumption of 6W (SDP) and 11. 5W (TDP). So far, only 2 models out of 10 planned for 2013 in this category are presented, namely: i5-4200Y @ 1.4-1.9 GHz and i3-4010Y @ 1.3 GHz. The SDP (scenario design point) indicator can confuse the buyer of the tablet, because it characterizes the mode of economical power consumption at noticeably lower frequencies and heat dissipation, which allows the use of Y-chips in devices with a weak cooling system. Between themselves, the processors differ only in support for Turbo mode and the model of the graphics core.

In terms of performance, HD Graphics is noticeably ahead of its predecessors, and the power of Iris Graphics, which will be equipped with yet unannounced mobile solutions from the U series, sometimes reaches a twofold superiority, on average, Intel estimates the increase in the graphics subsystem at 40%:

in the upcoming 28W Intel Core i7-4558U processor, the Iris Graphics 5100 accelerator shows quite an acceptable level of performance in modern games at medium quality settings:

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