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$ 4,599.00

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The KAT Walk Mini S is a professional VR treadmill specifically designed for business, including VR arcades and industry training. This next-generation treadmill builds upon its predecessor’s success by integrating advanced natural walking technology, haptic feedback, increased upper-body freedom, an upgraded control center, and a sleek hi-tech appearance. The Mini S offers a highly immersive and professional VR walking experience tailored for commercial use.

Key Features of KAT Walk Mini S:

  • Haptic Feedback: Users can feel virtual events like gunshots, explosions, and earthquakes, enhancing immersion. The supporting software allows for customization of the experience intensity based on project requirements or personal preferences.
  • Improved Walking Experience: Reoptimized walking base and ergonomics support the biomechanical pattern of natural gait, making it easier for users to adapt and enjoy a more immersive walking experience.
  • Customizable Friction: The Mini S comes with quick-boarding shoe covers, but it can also be used with dedicated shoes optimized for natural walking and offering 4 adjustable levels of friction.
  • Increased Range of Actions: An additional pitch DOF in the waist area allows for more natural sprinting, jumping, bending, squatting, and kneeling movements.

Not refundable unless there’s a defect.

Supported Content:  All Stream VR free locomotion games, Native games and applications of KAT I/O, SDK-integrated training content
Supported Headsets: Oculus Rift, Rift S, Quest 1 & 2(LINK), HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Valve Index, Pimax, WMR, Pico Neo 1 & 2
Height Range: 1.4 — 1.95m (4.6 — 6.4 ft.)
Weight Limit: <130kg (286lbs.)
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 1535x1170x1476mm (5×3.8xx4.8ft.)
Required Area: 1.37m2 (14.8 square foot)
Product Weight: 106kg (233.7lbs.)

HTC VIVE, VIVE Pro, Vive Pro 2, Vive Focus — Supported

Valve Index — Supported

Oculus Rift, Rift S — Supported

Oculus Quest — Supported by Oculus Link, Airlink, Virtual Desktop

Meta Quest 2 — Not supported

Meta Quest Pro — Not supported

Pimax — Supported

Mixed Reality headsets — Supported

PlayStation VR (PSVR) — Not supported

PlayStationVR2 (PSVR2) — Not supported

Varjo Aero — Supported

Varjo XR-3 — Supported

HP Reverb Gen 2 — Supported

The KAT Walk Mini S is designed for business use, while the KAT Walk C2/C2+ is tailored for personal home gaming setups. The Mini S offers additional features tailored to commercial applications, such as enhanced ergonomics for a wider range of actions, an integrated cable management system, and quick-boarding shoe covers for efficient operation. In contrast, the KAT Walk C2/C2+ focuses on compatibility with major VR platforms and a compact design suitable for home gaming environments.

Expand your VR arcade business with ease by leveraging our financing partners’ expertise. They will help you acquire the KAT Walk Mini S and other essential equipment while you focus on running your business.

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Kat VR Introduces Kat Walk Mini VR Treadmill (Updated)

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Updated, 04/11/2018, 10:45 am PT:

Kat VR announced that pre-orders for the Kat Walk Mini would be open this week. We’re not sure what happened to the plans for the Kickstarter campaign, but you can order directly from Kat VR starting April 13.

Kat VR revealed that the Kat Walk Mini would retail for $2,999 and ship in July. However, the company is running a short-term promotion that could save you a lot of money. Early bird orders placed between April 13 and April 20 will receive a 50% price reduction to $1,499. For the following two weeks, the price will go up by $200 per week. On May 8, Kat VR plans to raise the price to $2,499, and any order placed on or after May 19 would be subject to the full retail price. To qualify for the discounts, the payment must be processed within the discount window.

Kat VR isn’t yet accepting orders through its website, but you can contact the company’s sales department to put your order in.

Original story, 03/22/2018, 5:35pm PT:

Kat VR today revealed the Kat Walk Mini, a scaled-down, consumer-friendly version of its Kat Walk commercial VR Treadmill.

Kat VR originally launched the Kat Walk VR Treadmill on Kickstarter in 2015, but it didn’t get a lot of traction. The campaign was successful, and the company secured $49,278 over its $100,000 ask. However, the company convinced only 231 people to back it. 

The lack of interest was somewhat surprising, especially after Virtuix sold so many units during its crowdfunding pursuit. However, the original Kat Walk treadmill is a large, heavy-duty setup with an overhead beam and a harness to secure you. The Virtuix Omni is cumbersome. The Kat Walk is downright ungainly.

The new Kat Walk Mini brings the idea of a VR treadmill down to a much more manageable package. Kat VR didn’t reveal much about the Kat Walk Mini, but from the promo video that it released today, we can tell that it’s a much more compact product. What’s more, Kat VR said the treadmill in the video is a prototype and that the final product would be smaller than the one in the video.

The Kat Walk Mini featured a harness system that holds you in and allows you to walk, run, jump, and crouch in place. Unlike the Virtual Omni, which has a fixed frame and a rotatable harness system, Kat VR’s solution features a rotating frame. The setup also appears to have a back rest, so that you can lean against walls in tactical shooters.

Kat VR didn’t reveal many details about the Kat Walk Mini, but the promo video features a Pimax 8K headset and Doom VFR and Fallout 4 VR. It should, therefore, be compatible with and Steam VR headsets, such as the HTC Vive, Vive Pro, or Oculus Rift. Kat VR also demonstrated compatibility with the PlayStation VR playing Skyrim VR. If we had to guess, we’d say the company cut a deal with Bethesda to put Kat Walk support into its VR games. The promo video also depicts Starbreeze’s Payday 2 VR.

Kat VR didn’t say when the Kat Walk Mini would be available, but we should know more soon. The company is preparing a Kickstarter campaign to drum up support and interest for the product.

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Snowmobile tour in a mini-group in Murmansk, Excursion, price 6500₽, 37 reviews



4 Apr 2023

Absolutely delighted with the walk!!!!!!



March 11, 2023

We had a great ride. Never ridden a snowmobile before. They took one for two. We liked. Before the trip, they give out equipment: boots, pants, jackets, helmets, mittens. Before leaving for the route, we had a short briefing, and then a small training session took place to try out the technique.



Mar 8, 2023

I really enjoyed the snowmobile ride!
We got a lot of positive emotions, the route is interesting and varied, and not riding around the Christmas tree.
We saw many very beautiful places.
Equipment in excellent condition. The guys are putting out good gear.
We advise everyone!



6 Mar 2023

Great guys! Dressed warmly, gave all the equipment. At first, 5-10 walks were practiced in an open meadow, only then we started the journey. The views were gorgeous, several places for photos. With Anton, everything was comfortable and felt safe. Thanks a lot!



Feb 27, 2023

Very cool! Relaxed and relaxed! Such drive and energy from snowmobiling!! We drove calmly in a chain, and there was an opportunity to drive from the heart !!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!



Feb 27, 2023

I liked everything very much! I recommend, guys are great fellows. They gave out warm clothes, I liked the route very much, everything is very beautiful and it is easy to go along the route for a person who has never driven a snowmobile


27 Feb 2023

An excellent route — a picturesque path among snow-covered hills and valleys 26 km long. Snowmobile road rolled. We were lucky with the weather: frosty, but sunny, the views from Solnechnaya are excellent. Many thanks to Anton for his assistance in the selection of equipment (issued on the spot) and all-round assistance during the route!


Feb 24, 2023

Feedback from newcomers. We were very afraid, but in the end it was the best adventure. Great organization! Sergey accompanied from the moment of ordering to leaving the territory by taxi. 1. Close to Murmansk, no more than 30 minutes by car. 2. They give out equipment — a balaclava, a helmet with goggles, pants, a jacket, shoes, mittens. Everything is clean, comfortable, good quality. The instructor selects by size. 3. Great cars. 4. Clear instruction. 5. A good track — both to accelerate and to run around. 6. Very beautiful! Climb up the hill, getting used to the car. The view from there is a must see! From the hill you drive already experienced and along the familiar track and admire the stunning landscapes. 7. Then you can have a cup of tea. Separate words of gratitude to our instructor Vitaly — it was reliable, confident and cool with him! First time or not — these guys are a must!

21 Feb 2023

Thank you very much Anton for a lot of impressions! Everything was incredibly cool.
If in doubt whether to go, or if you are afraid, do not hesitate and do not be afraid!


Feb 13, 2023

Went with a friend for a walk at sunset. We really enjoyed! We were two on the same snowmobile, but there were so many emotions!
The organization is top notch: briefing, warm and high-quality equipment, the route is long, and at the end you warm up with warm tea.
This is my first snowmobile trip and I am very satisfied, 10/10 ✨


Feb 6, 2023

Loved this mini snowmobile adventure in the snow! The organization is at the highest level, Sergey contacted by phone in advance, agreed on the exact date and time of the rides, answered all questions. On the day of the trip, Sergey was also in touch, explained how to get to the place, gave out all the necessary equipment (warm pants, boots, helmets, balaclava, mittens. We were in our jackets, but there were also warm jackets that you could also take) . 2 hours flew by like 30 minutes. All liked it. Thank you!



Feb 5, 2023

Excellent walk, good organization.



Feb 3, 2023

A walk is fire! This snow adventure will be remembered for a long time. The guys are young. Everything is excellent — the equipment, the instructors, and the route. If I come to Murmansk again in winter, I will certainly repeat it!


Feb 1, 2023

I liked the walk very much! The company turned out from 5 miniature girls) Nobody expected this, so the equipment was chosen with difficulty, but everything was enough for everyone. We were provided with a set of clothes: a jacket, pants, a balaclava, a helmet, glasses, boots (there are not enough small sizes, but on my 39approached calmly 41). A very warm set (it was important for me), they didn’t freeze for a second at all, and the walk was 2 hours long.
At the beginning there was a briefing, we tried to drive on the training area before the main walk. They messed up, don’t go far, stalled in one place, because they went further than necessary, but this is only our fault. Listen carefully to the instructor, and then nothing unpleasant will happen.
From the very walk kayfanuli. We took a double snowmobile, it’s even better, otherwise we would be very tired from such a trip. Therefore, in one direction the driver was one person from the pair, in the other — the other. Visibility on the mountain (the end point) was low, but despite all this, we enjoyed the trip very much, from what we saw, from the experience of the new (we all got on a snowmobile for the first time), from the speed!
It vaguely reminded me of go-karts, skiing, driving, biking, snow-scooting from my childhood!
Definitely recommend!
An important postscript worth mentioning: before the trip, be sure to visually check the position of the steering wheel of your snowmobile, pay attention to this on the training track. The second snowmobile (our friends) had the steering wheel turned slightly to the side when they were driving straight, so when they held it straight, the snowmobile rode to the right. Because of this, there were 3 stops, as we were moving off the lane. Be careful, do not be shy, tell the instructor about everything right away, he is patient and will solve all the problems!



30 Jan 2023

Reviewed by Tatyana.
Excellent, friendly team of instructors! We met at the highest level, told in detail how to get there. Completed briefing and mini practice for those who are on snowmobiles for the first time on their own to feel the technique. Landscapes on the way are pleasing to the eye, especially when the sun is on the horizon. I got a lot of pleasure and impressions. I coped with the snowmobile quickly, for a beginner, I think, even very well. Many thanks to the organizers of this snowmobile tour!

River trip through the center of Moscow on the motor ship Jules Verne from Moscow City

Description Route Timetable Gallery Motor ship Menu on board Tickets Reviews

adult: 99

90% OFF!

children up to and including 5 years old — free of charge

Ticket price at the pier (if available):

adult: 1000

children up to 5 years old — free of charge

Electronic tickets must be printed or presented from the screen of a smartphone or tablet when boarding the ship

Navigation-2021 completed

1 hour 20 minutes
duration of the walk

Motor ship «Jules Verne»
type «OM»

Description of the walk
We invite you to take a cruise around the center of the capital on a comfortable motor ship «Jules Verne», which departs for pleasure trips from the pier, conveniently located near the skyscrapers of Moscow City; the route of the ship runs past the iconic sights of the city to its very center — the Moscow Kremlin and Zaryadye Park.

You can bring alcohol (except beer) with you (be sure to have a receipt for the purchase of alcohol with you). Bringing your own food is not allowed.

The flood situation in the Moscow Basin led to the flooding of the International Exhibition berth. In this regard, the ship temporarily departs from the pier «Bagration Bridge».


90% discount on e-tickets
Best price for river trips in town

The whole center from the ship
Cruise from the skyscrapers of Moscow City to Zaryadye Park and back

Alcohol to go
You can bring alcohol with you
9000 3

Walking route
Pier «International Exhibition» — Moscow City — Expocentre — Government House — Moscow Mayor’s Office — Europe Square (Kiev Station) — Novodevichy Convent — Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov — Luzhniki Stadium — Sparrow Hills — Neskuchny Garden — Central Park of Culture and Leisure. A M. Gorky — Pushkin Bridge — Krymsky Bridge — Monument to Peter the Great — Cathedral of Christ the Savior — Moscow Kremlin — St. Basil’s Cathedral — Zaryadye Landscape Park — Pier «Big Ustyinsky Bridge»

Map of the route and berths

Schedule and ticket purchase
Click on the flight you are interested in to purchase tickets

  • Metro
  • By car

  • Station «Vystavochnaya» or «Delovoy Tsentr»

    The easiest and most convenient way to get to the pier is to use the metropolitan metro. At any of the central stations of the Filyovskaya line, you need to take a train in the direction of the Mezhdunarodnaya metro station (some trains go to the Kuntsevskaya station, they do not fit), you need to get off at the Vystavochnaya station.

    Delovoy Tsentr station can be reached via the new section of the Big Circle Line from the Dynamo and Khodynskoye Pole areas, as well as by transferring to the Khoroshevskaya station from the Polezhaevskaya station of the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line. In addition, trains of the Solntsevskaya line follow to the Delovoy Tsentr, the stations of which are located in the metropolitan areas of Novoperedelkino, Solntsevo, Ramenki, along Michurinsky and part of Kutuzovsky prospects.

    You need to leave the station through the southern vestibule (exit No. 5) combined with the Bagration pedestrian bridge, after exiting the street go through 90 meters towards the center, so that the roadway and the river are on the right hand (landmark — the Serafim Church on the territory of the Expocentre) to the ground crossing («zebra»), cross the embankment and go down the stairs to the pier. The entire journey from the exit from the lobby to the pier is less than 150 meters.

  • Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, 14, building 2

    The berth is located directly on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, convenient entrances from the TTC (towards Moscow City), from the center there is an exit from the Garden Ring to Novy Arbat and then to Krasnopresnenskaya embankment. The main landmark is the Bagration pedestrian bridge, 150 meters from the pier, directly opposite the pier is a small Serafim Church on the territory of the Expocentre Fairgrounds.

    Also, in the immediate vicinity of the pier there are several parking spaces on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment (parking No. 0403) the cost of parking from Monday to Sunday — from 8:00 to 21:00: 450 per hour, from 21:00 to 8:00 : 200 per hour.

    It is also convenient to use the underground parking in the Afimall City shopping center, the nearest parking sectors G and H. From Monday to Friday from 03:01 to 18:00 300 per hour, from 18:01 to 03:00 50 per hour . Weekends and holidays — first 4 hours 200 per hour, then — 50 per hour. Please note that if you arrived at the parking lot before 18:00, then the cost of parking after 18:00 until the end of the day will also be 200 per hour. The cost of parking on weekends and holidays is 50 per hour. Check-in to the underground parking of the AfiMall City shopping center is possible directly from Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, as well as from the 1st Krasnogvardeisky passage. It is better to exit the parking lot without using the elevator, but exit directly through the entrance for vehicles, then cross the one-way road around the shopping center and go to Exhibition lane and then cross the river along the Bagration bridge and go down to the pier.

Motor ship
«Jules Verne»
type «OM»

«Jules Verne» is a cozy motor ship of project 950, built at the Moscow Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Plant and completely reconstructed into an unusual passenger ship. A unique feature of the ship is the huge multimedia screens on both sides of the ship, taking into account the location of which, the guests of the ship can be accommodated in the bow or stern saloon with panoramic windows, or on the open deck in the stern.

The length of the vessel is more than 40 meters, the width is 6 meters, the ship has a class of the River Register of O 2.0 (ICE20) and an ice belt in the bow of the vessel, therefore it can make river trips around Moscow at any time of the year.