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hypertree Recursive aggregating treetable and 3-D pivot table for hypergrid.
(Stevan Apter)
phrases The Q Phrasebook

qprof Code profiler
(Leslie Goldsmith)

studio A rapid-development environment for q.
(Charles Skelton)

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3dsim 3-D world simulation using kdb+/k/q WebSocket server and three. js.
(Stephen Peck)
betfair-data-capture Data capture and analysis system built on TorQ for sports exchange data from Betfair.
(Matthew Doherty)
FX-AlgorithmTrading FX algorithm trading system.
(Naoki Yatsu)

kdb-VNC Implementation of simple VNC server.
(Steve Wirts)

MarketDataClient Web scraper for quotes from external financial sites.
(Anand Kulkarni)

mserve Enhanced mserve load-balanced solution.
(Nathan Perrem)

mm A q implementation of the classic Mastermind game.
(Nick Psaris)

qex An equity exchange.

q-chess Simple chess engine.
(Will Buitenhuis)

tickrecover Recover from tickerplant crash.
(Simon Garland)

VD_KDB Forex tick database.
(Brandon Yang)

Cryptography and cryptocurrency

cryptopals Matasano Crypto Challenges.
(Stephen Peck)

cryptoq Cryptographic functions and binary operation.
(Rahul Asati)

qbitcoin Enables communication with a running Bitcoin core node and wallet, via HTTP JSON-RPC messages; supports most calls in bitcoin-cli.
(Jeremy Lucid)

qMachineTrader Reinforcement learning method for incrementally estimating the optimal action-value function.
(Sandy Bradley)

qMonitor Real-time directional trade volume for bitcoin to fiat markets on Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Kraken and CoinbasePro.
(Sandy Bradley)

qMiner Experimental Bitcoin mining project to combat inequality and climate change.
(Sandy Bradley)

qOrderBook OrderBook snapshot for Bitcoin / USD market across Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, bitFlyer, Poloniex, Gemini, itBit and Bittrex.
(Sandy Bradley)

qSignals Live-trade signal-generation for crypto market.
(Sandy Bradley)

qTrends Bitcoin trend analysis.
(Sandy Bradley)

Development tools

compress File compression.
(Simon Garland)

con Qcon replacement.
(Geo Carncross)

csvguess Guess a reasonable loadstring for a CSV file (V2.4+).
(Simon Garland)

debug4 Debugging tools.
(Simon Garland)

dbmaint Database maintenance utilities.

diskdelete Delete data from disk directly, loading one col at a time rather than whole table. Preserves attributes. Goes to ridiculous lengths to avoid writing.
(Simon Garland)

dotz Control external (.z.p*) access to a q session, log access errors to file.
(Simon Garland)

dpy General object display with type and structure
(Leslie Goldsmith)

dqweb Simple web interface for kdb+/q processes
(András Dőtsch)

help Create a helpfile from a directory of TXTs
(Simon Garland)

io Benchmark for I/O speed.
(Simon Garland)

k4unit K4 unit testing, loads tests from CSVs, runs+logs to database.
(Simon Garland)

Kdb-stuff ServerChecker: how to execute commands on a remote box via SSH from within a q process and parse Linux system info (cpuinfo/meminfo/df).
(Mohammad Noor)

kwsrepl Kdb+/k/q live REPL over web sockets.
(Stephen Peck)

miQ Divide an application into modules
(Michal Širochman)

nexusQ Visualizer for q process network.
(Ali Kapadiya)

paste.q Script for allowing pasting of multi-line q commands into the q REPL.
(Samuel Alexander)

persist-state. q Save the state of your q session when you exit, and restore it when you start again.
(Thomas Lackner)

q-build Scripts to allow the standard q binary to be built into RPM and DEB packages.
(Jaskirat Rajasansir)

q-doc Javadoc-inspired documentation generator.
(Jaskirat Rajasansir)

q-unit Unit testing framework.
(Jaskirat Rajasansir)

qac Provides shared memory atomic counter to multiple q processes on Linux. These processes can be either parent/children or unrelated.
(Jay Han)

qcon2 Console application to query q.

qconsole An IDE for q, written in J/GTK.
(Chris Burke)

qp A package manager for q.
(Yang Guo)

qprof Code profiler
(Leslie Goldsmith)

qprofiler Simple code profiler

qsparkline Sparkline plots as UTF-8 character vectors.
(Jay Han)

qspec A testing framework lightly inspired by Behavior Driven Development and the rspec testing framework.
(Daniel Nugent)

qstudioopen JDBC driver and authenticator.

qtb Unit testing framework.
(Klaas Teschauer)

qtb Unit testing framework.
(Klaas Teschauer)

QUnit Unit testing framework.

reservedwords Lists q’s reserved words.
(Simon Garland)

sphinxQ A Sphinx documentation tool for q.
(Ali Kapadiya)

studio A rapid-development environment for q.
(Charles Skelton)

tick Use instead of an RDB to append data to disk partition during day and use that to build historical partition at day end.
(Simon Garland)

tickYahoo Jobs to download tick data from Yahoo! and save in q database.
(Frédéric Délèze)

unparse Unparse parse tree for q.

ws Workspace utilities
(Leslie Goldsmith)

yATF.q CI and test runners
(Patryk Bukowinski)

Editor integrations

Atom derekwisong/atom-q
Eclipse qkdt.org
Emacs eepgwde/kdbp-mode
Evolved simongarland/Syntaxhighlighter-for-q
Heroku gargraman/heroku-buildpack-kdb
IntelliJ IDEA a2ndrade/k-intellij-plugin
Jupyter jvictorchen/IKdbQ
Linux, macOS, Unix enlnt/kdb-magic
Pygments jasraj/q-pygments
Sublime Text smbody-mipt/kdb
TextMate psaris/KX. tmbundle
vim katusk/vim-qkdb-syntax
Visual Studio Code kdb+/q extension
WordPress simongarland/Syntaxhighlighter-for-q


game-of-life Conway’s Game of Life.
(Tomas Celaya)

hypercalc From a q table, create a view with calculated columns.
(Stevan Apter)

hypertree Recursive aggregating treetable and 3-D pivot table for hypergrid.
(Stevan Apter)

JsonRestApi Server–as-a-function interface
(Rob Moore)

kdb Kdb+ database examples.

kdb-euler Solutions to Euler’s problems.
(Kim Tang)

kdblib Q scripts.

klondike Klondike solitaire
(Stephen Taylor)

kxl Experimental spreadsheet UI.
(Stephen Peck)

phrases The Q Phrasebook

projecteuler Solutions to Project Euler problems.
(Morten Sorensen)

proto Implementing EDSL.
(Kim Tang)

q4q Source code for “Q for Quants”.
(Nick Psaris)

qca Simple cellular automata.
(James Neill)

qmandel Mandelbrot.
(Gilles )

qtest Test-driven development
(Rob Moore)

qtips Source files for “Q Tips: Fast, Scalable and Maintainable Kdb+”.
(Nick Psaris)

q_practice Quick reference guide for some q tasks.
(Sam Kennerly)

secret-dubstep Time series and statistics.

symfun Studies and classic problems.
(José Cambronero)
telescope Simulate lexically scoped local variables in q functions.
(José Cambronero)
ticker-planto Simplified version of kdb+tick.
(Walter Eaves)
vivas Charting: kdb+ WebSocketdrives JavaScript client
(Walter Eaves)

Foreign functions

Boost math library kimtang/bml
C/C++ enlnt/ffiq
Fortran johnanthonyludlow/kdb/docs/fortran. pdf
gnuplot kxcontrib/zuoqianxu/qgnuplot
Google Charts kxcontrib/zuoqianxu/qgooglechart
LAPACK, Cephes and FDLIBM althenia.net/qml
Mathematica kxcontrib/zuoqianxu/qmathematica
Matlab kxcontrib/zuoqianxu/qmatlab
Perl kxcontrib/zuoqianxu/qperl
Python kxcontrib/serpent.speak
Non-linear least squares brogar/nls
R kimtang/rinit
Rust adwhit/krust
TA-Lib kxcontrib/zuoqianxu/qtalib
ZeroMQ wjackson/qzmq

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Betfair picoDoc/betfair-data-capture
Bitcoin bitmx/btceQ
BosonNLP FlyingOE/q_BosonNLP
COMTRADE diamondrod/q_comtrade
Expat XML parser felixlungu/qexpat
Factom blockchain jlucid/qfactom
ForexConnect mortensorensen/qfxcm
gRPC diamondrod/qrpc
Interactive Brokers mortensorensen/QInteractiveBrokers
IEX himoacs/iex_q
J Q client for J
JDBC CharlesSkelton/babel
Kafka ajayrathore/krak
Lightning jlucid/qlnd
MQTT himoacs/mqtt-q
ODBC  johnanthonyludlow/kdb/docs/odbc. pdf
Philips Hue  jparmstrong/qphue
Reuters  KxSystems/kdb/c/feed/rfa.zip
TSE FLEX Naoki-Yatsu/TSE-FLEX-Converter
Twitter gartinian/kdbTwitter
Wind资讯 FlyingOE/q_Wind
Yahoo! fdeleze/tickYahoo

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Adobe Flex quantbin/kdb
Apache Spark hughhyndman/kdbspark
ADO.Net ScottWeinstein/Linq2KdbQ
amCharts kxcontrib/cburke/amcharts
AQuery josepablocam/aquery
CZMQ jaeheum/qzmq
C# exxeleron/qSharp
Erlang exxeleron/qErlang
Excel exxeleron/qXL
F# kimtang/c. fs
Go jshinonome/geek
Haskell carrutstick/hasq
J kxcontrib/cburke/jk
Java CharlesSkelton/jshow
JavaScript KxSystems/kdb/c/c.js
Lua geocar/qlua
Mathematica KxSystems/kdb/c/other/qmathematica.txt
Matlab dmarienko/kdbml
NaCL geocar/qsalt
NodeJS geocar/qnode
Perl wjackson/anyevent-k
PHP geocar/qphp
PLplot jaeheum/qplplot
Postgres hughhyndman/pgtokdb
Python brogar/pykdb
R yang-guo/qserver
Rust adwhit/krust

Machine learning

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funq Functional Introduction to Machine Learning in q.
(Nick Psaris)

lstmq LSTM (Long short-term memory) neural network.
(Kumar Ramanathan)

ml.q Machine-learning examples for q
(Juan Lasheras)

mlq Machine Learning for q
(Zak Oudrhiri)

qAutomatedTrading Automated trading platform based on Machine Learning algorithm.
(Sharizal Shaari)

qnn Simple neural network
(Nickolas Bug)

qPoliticalSentimentAnalysis Political Sentiment Analysis of Facebook comments using Boosting Algorithm.
(Sharizal Shaari)

tf Tensorflow q wrapper
(Andrey Kozyrev)


options Option-pricing functions.
(Zak Oudrhiri)

q-math Library of math functions.

ql.q Quantitative finance library.
(Kim Tang)

qml A library for statistics, linear algebra, and optimization in q. It provides an interface between the q programming language and numerical libraries such as LAPACK.
(Andrey Zholos)


anim.q In-browser 3D animation streaming from q
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broq Brotli file decompression.
(Lucas Martin-King)

jwt.q JSON Web Token signing and parsing for q.
(Tomas Celaya)

kdb-jdbc Packaged dependencies of the JDBC driver and protocol/connection classes as provided at KxSystems/kdb/c.
(Benjamin Conlan)

kdb-jfx-viewer (Making) q realtime viewer by JavaFX.
(Naoki Yatsu)

kdb-protocol Packaged dependencies of the IPC protocol classes as provided at KxSystems/kdb/c.
(Benjamin Conlan)

kdb-scripts Utilities.
(Khoa Le)

kdbreport Convert a table to present as reports as email body.
(Nitish Kumar)

kx Collection of code from code.kx.com and the lists. r is a small parser for RPN. g is to g.k as x is to xterm. sc dynamically calls functions by their address on AMD_64.
(Jack Andrews)

log4q A concise logger for q/kdb+ applications.
(Pat Bukowinski)

Q-GeneticAlgo Functions for defining and running genetic algorithms for fixed length binary chromosomes.
(Rob Moore)

q-fmt Format strings in q style as s-expressions or m-expressions.

q-fn General higher-order functions library

q-memo Memoization tooling for functions in the q programming language.

qBigInt C library for Big Integer KDB+ Arithmetic
(Sandy Bradley)

qchart Plot data directly from q (using JavaScript). Works well with sublime-q. Transform your data into JSON and renders it into a HTML/JavaScript template.
(Eugene Kononov)

qgz GZip decompression.
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qhandle Manage open handles and backup switchover.
(Jeremy Lucid)

qjson JSON output.
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qng Simple PNG tools.
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qrapidjson Rapid JSON serializer.
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qutil Provides several different common utility functions. These currently include: an option-parsing facility as an alternative to .Q.opt; and a file-loading facility based on a pathlist and supporting version numbers.
(Daniel Nugent)

strQ String helper functions.
(Ali Kapadiya)

ws.q Simple library for websockets.
(Jonathon McMurray)

xls Format cells in an Excel document
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dash Really fast (>100kq/sec) webserver for q and dashboard-making bits.
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iver-tree Fast virtual grid renderer.
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qdash A port to q of the JavaScript lodash utilities.
(Samuel Alexander)

qmvp Q Minimum Viable Product is a barebones boiler-plate webserver that includes templating, serving from html/, index files, and logging.
(Thomas Lackner)

qqq Useful functions for creating websites.
(Thomas Lackner)

quagga An experiment in building a web-based development environment for q.
(Thomas Lackner)

qwa Microservice that performs analytics duties for your website.
(Thomas Lackner)

Salvaged repositories in kxcontrib

kxcontrib contains repositories salvaged from the former Subversion server for which we have been unable to identify current versions on GitHub. These repositories are not maintained.


Salvaged repositories

kxcontrib contains repositories salvaged from the former Subversion server for which we have been unable to identify current versions on GitHub. These repositories are not maintained.

kxblog Code shared on the KX blog

windows 7 — Realtek HD audio 5.1 optical input (from Xbox 360)


5 years, 1 month ago

7k times

I’m trying to connect up my Xbox 360 digital audio to my 5. 1 speakers via my PC (my LCD has dual input, DVI for the PC, D-SUB for the Xbox).

The motherboard (Abit AB9 QuadGT) has a Realtek ALC888 chipset and I have a 5.1 speaker system connected via 3 x 3.5mm jacks (FR/FL, RR/RL, C/LFE) and I get full 5.1 output from the PC.

I have connected the optical audio cable from the Xbox to the optical in on the motherboard’s backplate.

With the Xbox in Digital Stereo mode I get 2 channel audio from the Xbox, through the PC, to the speakers.

With the Xbox in Dolby Digital 5.1 mode I get no sound at all.

I have the latest Realtek drivers installed in Win 7 32-bit.


  1. Is it possible to use the full 5.1 DD from the Xbox?

  2. If so, am I missing some option(s) in the Realtek setup?

  3. Do I need some other piece of software to do this? (AC3Filter or FFDShow perhaps)

  • windows-7
  • xbox360
  • input
  • spdif

To answer your questions in order:

  1. Yes, it is. The Xbox 360 supports Dolby Digital 5.1
  2. As long as you have it set to use the digital optical input rather than the sounds on your PC, that’s all the setting you need to do
  3. Here is where your problem is. See below:

The problem seems to be that Dolby Digital signals need to be decoded for them to be played. This is no problem for any receivers that support Dolby Digital, because they have built in decoders.

Your PC (or more specifically, your motherboard/sound card), does not have a built in decoder or it would be working. I imagine most ‘high end’ sound cards have built in decoders.

You do need extra software for this to work.

Looks like realtek claims to have software enabled decoding of Dolby Digital, so you can try that, or,

ffdshow claims to be able to decode 5.1 Dolby Digital and it is FOSS, so you should be good to go with that.


Looks like it’s not possible at all:

http://www. avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?p=15846010#post15846010


  • Source outputting an AC3 stream —> SPDIF input on your computer —> 5.1 speakers connected to your computer.
  • Source outputting an AC3 stream —> SPDIF input on your computer —> AC3 Software Decoder —> 5.1 speakers
    connected to your computer.


  • Source outputting a 2 channel PCM stream —> SPDIF input on your
    computer —> L & R speakers connected
    to your computer.
  • Source outputting a 2 channel PCM stream —> SPDIF input on your
    computer —> Audio signal remixer
    —> Audio 5.1 speakers connected to your computer.

lots more info on the link…

So far, from my research, it is only possible with Creative sound cards…with full featured driver software (i.e. Kx Driver or Daniel K drivers for Audigy 2 ZS Platinum on Windows 7/8). ..that is ok for my old desktop but, have not found a solution for my much better laptop (i.e. a USB generic SPDIF-IN). Old Pentium 4 desktop is heavy, bulky, noisy fans, and slow (compared to a modern laptop)….but real-time SPDIF-IN decoding does work.

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Drivers for Creative from KXProject | Drivers and firmware BIOS

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Author: nagal
Post date: 03/20/2010 20:03

Just reinstalled firewood version 3550. Crack disappeared! I installed only the driver itself and the help file, and disabled everything else! And in the settings buffers to the maximum did! No cod yet)

Author: mfd2hd
Post date: 03/23/2010 22:04

Such a problem: WinXP SP3, Audigy 2 ZS SB0350, kX 3550, Default sound output device — kX Wave 4/5, AIMP2
Boofer settings:

Code: 256 KB
9600 BYTES
65536 Bytes
16 Buffers

Author: Nagal
Date of Posts: 03/24/2010 10:28

9000 9 HP had the same hat! Dug in the settings nothing helped! Try to put only the driver!!! No plugins! At me in 7ke so the crack was gone!

Author: mfd2hd
Post date: 24.03.2010 14:41

Tried in turn: 3550, 3549, 3548. And only on the last one everything got up without problems.
nagal , I will definitely try, I will unsubscribe. I’ll take a look at changelog 3548-3550 out of curiosity.

Author: kokonishe
Post date: 03/31/2010 02:23

Hello, I have Creative Sound Blaster 5. 1 Live, SB0220, EMU10K1-JFF chip, XP operating system. class, but there is a little problem, when you open folders, they open with a delay of 1sec-0.5sec. light brake, also when you press the «UP» button, there is also a delay of 1-0.5 seconds. Previously, this was not the case with Creative’s native firewood, everything was smooth and fast. Previously, I had such a symptom when using the built-in SoundMax sound system. The sound system does not help through the BIOS. What could be the problem?

Author: nagal
Date posted: 03/31/2010 09:20

Try to demolish the driver! And install 3550 without plugins!!! When installing, uncheck everything! Leave only kxDriver!

Author: kokonishe
Post date: 04/01/2010 01:27

Try to demolish the driver! And install 3550 without plugins!!! When installing, uncheck everything! Leave only kxDriver!

I tried it, it didn’t help, are there any other options? Is it possible that the kx driver conflicts with the sound max drivers?

Author: nagal
Post date: 04/01/2010 23:02


I tried it, it didn’t help, are there any other options? Is it possible that the kx driver conflicts with the sound max drivers?

Maybe! Install Windows 7 and check it out! For example, I generally had a blue screen when I turned on the built-in one and the creative was already up! And in 7ke norms!

Author: mfd2hd
Post date: 04/05/2010 15:24

I tried installation without plug-ins — the same nonsense. Delays, freezes.
Rolled back to 3548

Author: nagal
Post date: 04/06/2010 09:48

On XP, firewood 3550 did not work for me normally!

Author: Shweper
Posted: 17.04.2010 18:06

Has anyone managed to run the «Wave Out HQ» device under Windows 7? As far as I understand, not only I fail, I tried both on 32 and 64 bit versions. Card — Aud2, driver version — 5, 10, 00, 3550

Author: sasha2106
Post date: 04/23/2010 12:46

Prompt Is the Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music sound card supported or not by this firewood?

Author: RomanLV
Post date: 05/11/2010 23:29

The question is a little nepotome, but I don’t know where to ask.
There is one «trick» in the KX driver called «swap front and rear». Can anyone tell me if this can be done with standard drivers? I just used KX before and was very used to it (by the way, because of it, I initially switched to KX), and with the move to Win7 64, I could not make friends with the KX driver with Windows (or audio, xs) — crackling during playback.
In general, I had to roll back to the standard ones for now, but I’m afraid the constant plugging of the plugs will soon kill the connectors in the sound system

Author: gafuree
Post date: 05/12/2010 00:11

Win7 9003 9003 will kill something else … Author: nagal
Post date: 05/13/2010 10:13

We’ll have to wait for new versions of firewood kx! On x64, there was also a crack. And you can, as an option, install Win7 x86 and install only firewood kx without any plugins (remove all the checkboxes during installation and leave only the driver) I don’t have cod in this version!

Author: romantic2
Post date: 05/26/2010 13:18

Who cares about the problem of cod — I can recommend switching the work device to Wave 2/3. I also had a crack, I tried everything that was written in the branch, but the crack did not disappear. Then I read the Issues section on the offsite — and it was written there that if there is a crack in 3D games, then switch from Master to Wave 2/3.

In general, after switching, I did not observe cod. All changes in firewood that were recommended in the branch (increased buffers; front, rear — by -4, etc.) — left. Maybe several factors have worked, but as a result, there is no cod yet.

As they say, if all else fails, read the instructions.

Win7 x64

Author: astorpol
Post date: 05/26/2010 2:04 pm


We’ll have to wait for new versions of firewood kx!

already for a couple of years I refused kx firewood then there were cod and I still watch the same canoe, put Daniel’s firewood and forget about kx.

Author: DrakonHaSh
Post date: 26.05.2010 14:57


put Daniel’s wood and forget about kx.

can you be more specific? where to take?

Author: wtfguys
Date posted: 05/29/2010 19:25

I have the following situation. There was Windows 7 Beta, I installed kx 3550, everything worked, though I also tormented myself with the settings and forgot what I did. Moved to Windu 7 build 7600, installed kx and nothing works. Although I looked in the DSP in Peak, the sound indicators work. And Windows shows that there is sound. In beta, I did something with AC97, or turned it on so that it would be used for playback, or something else … I forgot to Search already tormented, help, who can do anything. Sound card SB Live, kx identified as sb022910k1

everything works)) thanks for your attention

Author: Maxwellang
Post date: 07/15/2010 23:04

People, please tell me or give a link about setting up a microphone for XP sp3 for a SbLive 5.1 card version 3550 driver, because the information that was posted did not help me.

forgot to add, for using skype0003

Installed 3550 on SBLive 5.1, everything works perfectly in the system, but the microphone in CSS after the conversation continues to neither phonate nor echo, who faced this and were they able to solve it?

Author: fattyfnat
Post date: 07/27/2010 11:24

Hello! I don’t install KX either on SE or on 5. 1, No support comes out all the time! or no compatible devices were found, but here someone writes what is being installed! … I’m confused … everything was installed on the old SB-Live 16 Wit! Windows HP-2000 Professional pack-2.

Author: fattyfnat
Post date: 07/28/2010 02:33

And another terrible problem appeared! — midi and vav disperse after recording, desynchronization increases smoothly towards the middle of the track, and immediately after reinstallation, the recording was stable for some time …

Author: whiteelephant
Post date: 08/01/2010 10:21



There is sound, the microphone does not plow (

system win7 x640003

I also added 4 gigabytes 3 days ago. It became 8. And yesterday I discovered that the microphone does not work on my Audigy 2 ZS. Moreover, in Win-7 x64 Ultimate, the microphone signal level does not even twitch, but in XP-Pro SP2 there is sound, quieter and terribly buggy. At first, the assumption about 8 GB was a joke, but I still checked and left 4 GB, everything plows perfectly. Switched to a microphone from the built-in sound system, tk. 8 GB is more important. The drivers are official, the latest at the time of 07/30/2010. I’ll try kX driver, maybe it will help…

I had to tinker to make the microphone work (well, too many settings, after native drivers from Creative). Only, I didn’t understand why Master Mix has 8 channels, 32 bits … Where does 32 bits come from, if the sound system supports 24? And playback of Creative DVD-audio through ShaPlay 0.5 — very quiet sound…

Author: 1MDI1
Post date: 08/11/2010 11:20

How did you set it up? Description or screenshots for those who have not configured!
P.S. It’s true that for now it’s unnecessarily, but suddenly it’s impatient to have to sit picking, but then once I looked and set it up!

Author: whiteelephant
Post date: 08/12/2010 11:00

In the header there is an item for setting up a microphone with screenshots, but I did not look into it.
After installing the driver, I did as it is written here:


1. After installation, set the default Master Mixer in playback devices.
2. In the same place disable SPDIF/AC3, wave out HQ and recorders. disable HQ.
3. Next, configure the SURROUNDER + module in the DSP:
for 5.1 movies — 5.1 Direct path blank (for 5.1 speakers)
for headphones — 2.1 surround ON (to hear all 5.1 in 2.0)
4. If crackles are heard, adjust the playback buffer size ( settings -> buffer settings -> playback buffer size, second from the top. I have 16368 bytes)

To perform the 4th item, you need to right-click in an empty area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe driver window (where there are no buttons, sliders, etc.) etc.), select Settings -> Buffer settings. Alternatively, you can right-click on the «kX» tray icon. You can also turn on the Russian language there, although I got it out automatically.

In order to configure any «slider» in this driver, you need to understand that under it there is usually a switch in the form of a large single dot. If it’s blue, it’s on; if it’s black and white, it’s off. You can also determine by the inscription above the «runner». If it says » inf «, it means disabled. If you do not turn on the «slider», then it will move, but when you switch to another tab and return, it will be reset, and the result of the move will not be noticeable, which is additionally misleading.

Oddly enough, in order to turn on the microphone, the item «AC97» is needed. There you need to enable Boost to amplify the microphone (check the box to enable it). Turn on the Microphone (it is between the Camera and AUX), then use the «slider» to set the volume level (set to 21), turn on Gain and set its level (set to 19).

Go to the Recording tab (right above the AC97 icon). From the recorder, I enabled AC97 ( must be included! ), CD input, Line-2, AUX2 and «Master Recording Level». The «Wave Recording Level» slider is set to INF, otherwise it adds an echo effect when recording from a microphone.

It seems to be everything.

Author: Stason11RUS
Post date: 08/16/2010 05:12

People, tell me how to set up the remote control from the sound system! I have Win7 x64, Audigy 2 ZS Platinum sound. Firewood for the remote control at the office. there is a site only for XP, installed … did not work … or I’m doing something wrong … Help plizzz !!!

Author: ShonGTX
Date posted: 08/19/2010 23:54

When I add 1 more Equalizer, a microcode translation error appears, and below there are no more free GPR registers. How to fix it to add more effects???

Author: links
Post date: 08/21/2010 11:27

with kxdriver it is inappropriate to install any drivers for the console, in XP everything starts working for me right away! Moreover, I have a block from X-Fi, and not my native audigy


Hello! on Audigy 4 (SB0610) this firewood can not be installed?

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Put it on another computer and check it there, preferably with XP Windows (if there is an off-driver for Windows 7 and above, then Windows 7).

Author: thor avk
Post date: 08/06/2016 00:35

People, there is a question. Is it possible to connect speakers and headphones at the same time on Win 10 64bit on an SB 5.1 VX card (most likely reassign the connectors)?
It’s just that the built-in sound burned out, but on a budget I pull only this one, or C Media (and there are a lot of problems on it …)

Author: Proshaa
Post date: 08/06/2016 07:08

thor avk
actually native driver does not allow this. with him I used a tee.
you can split the outputs and even configure them differently with the KX driver. I managed to launch
KX at 8.1×64, although not without dancing with a tambourine. I won’t say anything about ten.

Author: thor avk
Post date: 08/06/2016 11:29

As far as I understand, kx drivers are not for this model…

Author: Proshaa
Post date: 08/06/2016 17:17

thor avk
took a closer look at it — yes, indeed, the chip is different.

Author: Colt_Python
Date posted: 08/08/2016 13:00

Hello everyone. A girl friend bought an X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional. Everything started up fine. I helped her set up Creative Audio Control Panel, Creative ALchemy, OpenAl. Everything works fine on the desktop, in TeamSpeak, Skype, etc. the sound is wonderful. But in the game (Counter-Strike Global Offensive) through Creative ALchemy there is a strong crackle and hiss that cuts your ears (as she puts it). I can’t listen to it myself, she lives in Germany. What can be trouble? I myself have X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro (essentially the same), it works fine in CS GO.

Author: Proshaa
Post date: 08/08/2016 14:06

forgot to mention the main thing — which OS. on 8 (and, apparently, 10) is treated by reassigning the sound source

Author: Colt_Python
Post date: 08/08/2016 14:29

I’m sorry. Win 7 x64. Driver from offsite. What is sound source? What’s in the player? So we start the game. Or choose Realtek as the default in Playback Devices first? And then again Creative?

She recorded the audio in the game.

Hmm. And from Daniel it is not possible to download firewood…

Problem solved!!! And the casket just opened. It was in the ALchemy settings.
These settings worked fine. It’s strange, because Valve’s Source and GoldSrc engines needed all their lives:

Author: niask
Post date: 08/17/2016 10:11

Good afternoon. I have a Creative Audigy SE sound card and Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. Found a problem with the sound after the August Win10 update (Anniversary update). For example, I turn on some track in foobar, put it on pause, turn on music in the browser, put it on pause, unpause it in foobar, or start the track again — and the sound of the curve comes out like a barrel. As I understand it, this is a problem with the parallelization of sound between applications. I played with all the parameters in the firewood and the control panel, reinstalled the driver (the latest from the site SB24_PCDRV_LB_1_04_0092) doesn’t help.

Author: deepstar
Post date: 08/19/2016 22:16


A similar situation. Control the number of channels in the Audigy SE setup. For some reason, I switched to 7.1, although initially it was 2 in the settings. nothing jumps

Author: Uraan1
Post date: 21.08.2016 22:24

Available onboard Creative X-Fi Music (SB0460).
System: Windows 7 x64 SP1 Ultimate.
Speakers: MicroLab Solo 2Mk3
Headphones: Senheiser HD 215 East II
I listen to music in ape, flac, mp3 format (bitrate not lower than 320 kbps) via Windows Media Player with a set of codecs for fzu and flac (in my opinion it is called USSR)

I watch movies through KM Player — mostly HD quality with 2-3 tracks including multi-channel ones.

What do you recommend to put from the drivers and how best to set up for the highest quality sound (meaning, of course, through these speakers / headphones)?

And another question:

KX project and Daniel Kawakami’s drivers are different projects? Colt_Python ASIO, KS?

For quality sound of music and movies KX project! If you also need games, then official firewood + Creative ALchemy. Under your sound card, they are up to Vin10.

Yes, the KX project and Daniel Kawakami’s drivers are different development paths. Hello! I have a Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD card and a clean OS Win10. Please advise what exactly to put for minimal sound loss and maximum sound when listening to music? Drivers, programs?
And how then to bind this whole thing to foobar2000?
Please teach.

Author: Proshaa
Post date: 09/01/2016 00:41



Windows XP. only this OS does not interfere with the process of sound reproduction. all subsequent ones «pass» the sound through themselves, additionally processing it. in fairness, it must be said that there is a way for «clear sound», however, there can be only one sound source. for example: foobar2000 is playing — all other sounds are turned off, including system ones. look in the topic — I gave a link to an article that says why this is so and how to enable the «direct playback» mode

Author: niask
Date Posted: 09/01/2016 01:17 PM

Looks like the latest cumulative update fixed the audio crap I was describing…

Author: Alex_Caspersky
Post date: 09/01/2016 13:24



look in the subject — I gave a link to an article that says why this is so and how to enable the «direct playback» mode »

I assume you are talking about this article? The article is good, the overall picture is clear. But this is a theory that in practice is understandable only to a person who understands and well understands local terms. And it is under win 7, maybe the meaning of sound transmission in 10 has not changed, but this does not solve the problem. Nevertheless, the question is open, because these terms are unfortunately far from my understanding.

I must say that the system is not only for sound, but also for other everyday and work tasks.

Author: Proshaa
Post date: 09/01/2016 13:53

yes, about this one. Vista-7-8-10 in terms of sound are no different.
in the article is not only theory but also links to practical applications for various players.
in particular for foobar2000 it is described in detail and with screenshots how to configure using output via WASAPI.
you can try ASIO, but here you need to look at the capabilities of the card and try — you are not sure, as with WASAPI there is no

Author: Alex_Caspersky
Date posted: 09/01/2016 02:12 PM

This card has hardware ASIO. And then such a moment, how is it picked up by Windows itself? Is it necessary to install native drivers from Creative or without them just a separate ASIO driver and then configure foobar2000?

Author: Proshaa
Post date: 09/01/2016 22:22

for ASIO audio in firewood. ASIO for foobar2000 — link from article

Author: Alex_Caspersky
Post date: 09/02/2016 21:14

Thank you very much! Understood, connected via WASAPI. It seems like there is no point in ASIO, it will not sound better.

Author: Webum
Post date: 09/04/2016 03:59

Tell me what could be the problem.
I have assembled a new system unit and Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer does not want to work normally with the new hardware. Drivers are normally installed from the office. site and Support Pack 3.8 and everything works, but not for long. Somewhere after 1 hour the system freezes and even the reset button does not work and a constant squeak appears in the columns.
Without a sound card, the system works stably with built-in sound.
I reinstalled the driver, cleaned the remnants, I turn off the built-in sound in the BIOS when I insert Creative.
Motherboard MSI Z170A GAMING M3.

Author: Proshaa
Post date: 09/04/2016 13:31

The first is the simplest: put the card in another slot.
The reset button cannot fail to work, apparently you have soft power instead of reset.
Check if the PSU has enough power.
if all this does not help — turn off GreenPower, play with frequencies and timings — for starters, just reset the bios to default.

Author: pawlap
Post date: 09/04/2016 14:45

Webum what Windows? it looks like a weak / low-quality power supply
can also be on the case, and in new card systems it is desirable PCI-E, I caught Rx in the ads for 35 €

Author: Webum
Post date: 04.09.

put the card in another slot.

I’ll try today.


soft power instead of reset

Chieftec SH-01B-B-B case. The reset button seems to be mechanical in sensations.


is there enough power of the PSU



reset the BIOS to default



what Windows?

Win 7 x64


similar to the case

Hanging occurs after 30min-1 hour. If there was a shorty, then the system would probably hang at the start.


weak/poor quality feeder

That seems to be normal. SeaSonic SS-550HT-F3 550W. Before assembling a new system, the PSU was disassembled and cleaned. Checked all capacitors. I checked the voltage with a tester. Everything is fine.

Author: thejustsoul
Posted: 04.09.2016 17:33



I checked the voltage with a tester.

Loaded? Try the card on another PC to check, or on your own with a different PSU. Another option is to install the previous versions of the drivers. P.S. It is not necessary to turn off the built-in sound system.

Author: Webum
Posted: 04.09.2016 17:42


Under load?

Yes, I also ran software tests — everything is fine.


Try the card on another PC to check, or on your own with a different PSU

The card worked without problems for many years on the Gigabyte EP45-UD3LR motherboard and with this power supply.

Author: thejustsoul
Date posted: 09/04/2016 20:47



The card worked without problems for many years on the motherboard EP-LR and

Gigabyte4 with this power supply unit EP4 The card worked without problems on this GUD5 power supply unit Gigabyte4 The card worked without problems on this GUD-5 power supply unit Gigabyte4


Can also be run on the current PC Live Linux (Live USB Ubuntu for example) anyone, listen to music there, and see if it freezes / crashes or not.