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Pamela Hopkins And Jason Lee Campbell Release Music Video For ‘One More Last Kiss’

The video for «One More Last Kiss» premiered on Monday February 7th, 2022. Pamela is a three-time 2022 Arkansas Country Music Awards nominee.

That was the very first time we actually sung the song together, at the same time… Jason is such a talented guy and it was such a blessing to have him on this project with me!»- Pamela Hopkins

With the December release of her latest single, «One More Last Kiss,» Little Rock’s Pamela Hopkins enjoyed her fifth international #1 iTunes hit. This time, in the United Kingdom, where the duet with Jason Lee Campbell hit the top of the Country songs chart. On Monday, February 7th, the video clip for the single will be released, featuring in-studio performance clips of the duo, directed by Sharpe Dunaway.

Pamela says, «We chose the studio-vibe as the setting for the video, because I wanted the viewer to see some of the passion that we feel when we are performing this song. We actually sat down in the control room for part of the video-and had a different idea when we started that part, but Jason started playing the song on the guitar, and we both started singing it together, so Sharpe started filming us doing that… I thought it was cool, because our tempo lined up perfectly with the original studio version. That was the very first time we actually sung the song together, at the same time, without the recording going on in the background. Jason is such a talented guy and it was such a blessing to have him on this project with me!»

«One More Last Kiss» was written by Hopkins with Dave Lenahan, and Melissa Leigh Johnson. It appears on her album collection, «Givin’ A Damn (Don’t Go With My Outfit.)»

Watch the video for «One More Last Kiss» below!

Pamela was just announced as a three-time 2022 Arkansas Country Music Awards nominee: Country Artist, Female Vocalist, Album of the Year.

ABOUT PAMELA HOPKINS: Little Rock, Arkansas native Pamela Hopkins is a powerhouse singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Her first Nashville album of all original music was released in February 1995. She returned to the studio to record her second album/EP project released in October 2018. 2 more singles were released in 2019. Hopkins has topped the international iTunes sales charts 5 times. Her music videos have received accolades at film festivals around the globe. She is also a Josie Music Awards winner. Pamela regularly performs in piano bars, Norwegian Cruise Ships and clubs across the US. She is sponsored by Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey.


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Interview: A Chat With Ray Patricks of Baltimore Rock Band Last Kiss Goodnight & A Look At Their New Single & Music Video For ‘Forty Five’

With one of the most critical Election Days in history coming up this Tuesday, Baltimore-based rock band Last Kiss Goodnight has released their latest single, “Forty Five” as a beckoning call. Originally penned back in 2018 in the wake of political unrest and revolution, the song not only addresses our 45th President specifically, but the political system as a whole.

Composed of band members Dan Stroud (lead and rhythm guitar), Robert Lasky (drums), Carlo Pizzaro (lead and rhythm guitar), Kevin Baker (bass guitar) and Ray Patricks (lead vocals), Last Kiss Goodnight strives to use music to relay important messages.  

The band’s latest single employs the traditional punk rock style of combating political systems and dominant ideology. Opening the tune with heavy guitar riffs, Last Kiss Goodnight bursts out with “We don’t believe a word you say/We don’t believe the lies you’re selling” in throaty vocals that pack a punch to the listener. The song is a definite and unapologetic wake up call, stressing distrust of our current government and encouraging listeners to change their worlds. Having been released just weeks before Election Day, the song aims to inspire American listeners to vote on their values.

The track is aided by powerful visuals in the “Forty Five” music video, which Patricks himself, directed. In a compilation of videos, ranging from found footage of political protests to a young child fighting in a wrestling ring, the contrasting visuals serve to provide a powerful message about the importance of exercising our Democratic right to choose our own government.

“Forty Five,” is set to be one of five songs on Last Kiss Goodnight’s upcoming 2021 EP long pause.

We got a chance to catch up with the lead singer Ray Patricks to chat about their history, songwriting process, politics in music, and much more.  

So how long has Last Kiss Goodnight been playing, and how did y’all come together?

Collectively, we have been together since November 2018. Dan and Robert had been working together for a few months before the band had been fully established as Last Kiss Goodnight. Dan and Robert found each through an ad on an internet forum. I think Carlo also answered the same ad and they all three started jamming. Robert had known Kevin Baker (bassist) for years and called him up and told him about the group. In the mid 90s Kevin and Robert were in a band called Live Alien Broadcast. Kevin was interested not only because he and Robert had known each other but also because Kevin really like the demos that he heard. I was the last to join. I actually flew out in November of 2018 from Washington state to audition for the group. And the rest is “Rock n’ Roll!” 

What is the first thing that new listeners should know about Last Kiss Goodnight?

I think people will get a sense of nostalgia with a modernized flare when they listen to our music. That’s the way it was intended. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel… we’re trying to do the thing that we do best which is make rock music.

Who or what inspires you to write the songs that you write?

We have a lot of influences. When you listen to our music, you can hear them. But I believe that we stay true to ourselves by not wearing those influences too loudly on our sleeves. There are also a lot of personal influences (i.e. stories, relationships, life happenings) that helped to create and write the songs that are heard on Immortal (2019) and our up and coming EP (2021) long pause. (Note: the title to the EP is lower case)

How does the songwriting process work within the band?

It’s a very organic and organized process. Some songs start out as ideas that were kicked around for some time. And others seem to fall on-the-spot. For the most part, Dan Stroud (guitarist) writes 90 percent of the music in his studio. Then he brings it to the band to flush out the arrangements. I will then write the lyrics and vocal melodies after that bed of music has been made. But sometimes, that order will go backwards. Just depends on everyone’s mood. 

What is the most challenging part of trying to create meaningful music? The most rewarding?

The most challenging part is making something that not only we enjoy playing and listening to, but creating something that other people will enjoy hearing too. Fans are bands’ and musicians’ best critics. But we also have to love what we are doing. 

The most rewarding part is hearing a story about someone relating to the song or songs (on any of our albums) that has a positive or meaningful impact on him or her. And then, of course, getting to meet the people that our music inspires.  

Just last week, you released the music video for your latest single “Forty Five,” which is steeped in politics. Do you recall the exact moment that triggered the writing of this song?

I think the lyrics to the song had been building in me since the beginning of 2018. It was interesting to watch what was happening to our country when the change of power between parties occurred in 2017. But as our country’s climate became more of a media circus, I think the idea to write something meaningful began to spawn in me.  I became angry about most of the things that were taking place within our country’s government. And within these last few months, I have wanted to scream at certain political groups and social groups. I wanted to scream “WAKE THE FUCK UP!” And I figured what better way to do that than with music. Hence “Forty Five.”

The song is not just about a person, but about the political and social climates. But we in no way set out to take a political stand or make a political statement as a band. We have no intention to morph into a politically-charged group. The world already has a few of those. And…well… we are just not that type of band. But as the months flew by and tensions in our country grew and grew, we felt it appropriate to have a opinion about where our country was and is going.  The main purpose of our song “Forty Five” is to raise awareness and highlight the blind perspective on voting in our country.  

The video includes a compilation of many different clips. Where did y’all film it, and what was the idea behind it?

The inspiration for the video came from Bob Dylan’s video “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” We felt the feel of Dylan’s video was the type of grassroots concept needed for the message we wanted to get across. “VOTE!” 

We filmed most of it right outside of our rehearsal space in Baltimore, MD. 

Is “Forty Five” set to be part of a larger project, or a stand alone single for now?

“Forty Five”is to be included in our up-and-coming 2021 EP release long pause. It will be one of five songs on the EP. 

Who else was involved in the track and video’s production?

I did most of the directing and all of the editing for the video. Not a lot of people know this about me, but I have a degree in film and video production. So the band utilizes my skill set any chance we get. 

With Election Day coming up next week, “Forty Five” addresses the current political climate. How would you say the political climate affects your art, and is it at a fever pitch this year especially?

We hope that our art affects the political climate and not the other way around. We hope that our art encourages those people who weren’t thinking about voting to vote! 

The song “Forty Five” was written in 2018. Were we excited to release it? Yes. 

Do we have impeccable timing? Yes! 

But the message of the song and video is of extreme importance to most of us in the band. 

What messages do you hope to spread with your music?

The message that is interpreted by the individual. Music can mean so many things to so many different people. It can invoke many different emotions, thoughts, or feelings. We hope our music changes with the times. We also hope that it stays the same. We hope that it encapsulates a moment for each individual that hears it and touches. We hope that our music will remain as timeless as the ones who inspired us to write, create and perform it. 

history of the song, interesting facts, text, content

Ruki Vverkh, Hammali & Navai — «The Last Kiss»: analyzing the fit of generations noisy banger « For the sake of the dance floor » with the Gayazov brothers, the pop star of the nineties recorded with Klava Koka (« Knockout «), and then invited the notorious HammAli & Navai to the beat. Will the novelty become another hit, what is left of the old-school style of “RV” in it, and will Hammali and Navai really stop performing together soon? Let’s find out the answers to these and many other questions.

Read the history of the creation of the song « The Last Kiss «, as well as interesting facts, lyrics and content of the songs on our page.

Brief history

Everything new is well-forgotten old, and hardened fans of “Hands Up!” the title of the track «The Last Kiss» seemed familiar. The group’s discography really had such a composition, and it was released on the debut album Breathe Evenly, which, like other early RV records, was written together with Alexei Potekhin. And although the text and music of the novelty were completely rewritten, the general images and “verbal” rhyme in it still resemble composition 1997 years.

3 days before the release Sergey Zhukov shared with his Instagram subscribers a snippet for a new composition, in which he performed the chorus with piano accompaniment. Until recently, the artist did not inform the public that a fit with HammAli & Navai was waiting for her, however, omniscient insiders still sometimes wrote about it in the comments.

A snippet from the kings of modern rap lyrics themselves appeared on the net just a few hours before the premiere, and in this video only Navai Bakirov «lit up» his desk. Dzhigan unexpectedly helped to make a fuss around the new track, who stated in the comments that he also has a verse in this song. However, many are already used to such jokes from Roman.

The release of the novelty, as promised by Zhukov, died down on September 17th. “The most touching track of this autumn is already in the profile header! Waiting for your reactions!!” the musician commented on the premiere.

We didn’t have to wait long for praises: “Very tender, sincere, strong. Soon on all speakers! ”,“ Sadness and tenderness in one bottle, how great … ”,“ Unusual and catchy! – discussed the novelty in the comments. True, not everyone was satisfied, and a small part of the audience still complained that there was absolutely nothing left of the old “RV” style in the fresh track.

Be that as it may, the new «Last Kiss» was a huge success with the audience. The official audio of the song on YouTube conquered the bar of 50 thousand views already in the first 8 hours after the release. On the same day, the track broke into the playlists of many popular music venues.

Interesting facts:

  • Shortly before the release of the song «The Last Kiss» Sergey Zhukov appeared in the popular TV show «Evening Urgant». On the air of the program, the artist performed the legendary hit “ My baby «together with famous hockey players Andrei Vasilevsky and Mikhail Sergachev.
  • About 2.5 million users have subscribed to Sergey Zhukov’s Instagram. HammAli and Navai have 1.7 million followers each.
  • At the beginning of 2021, the duo HammAli & Navai announced their breakup, noting that they had achieved everything they wanted from their tandem. Nevertheless, the musicians did not go on a “solo voyage”: after two singles, each of which the public mistook for the last, it became clear to everyone that Alexander and Navai probably just played the fans.
  • Navai is a native of Samara. It was in this city that young Sergei Zhukov met Alexei Potekhin, the future co-founder of Hands Up!
  • In order to promote their work without the support of studio bosses, in the late nineties, the participants of Hands Up! added to pirated audio cassettes of other performers several songs of their team. This is how the tracks «Student» and «Baby», which brought the first popularity to the musicians, managed to sound throughout the country.
  • «The Last Kiss» was HammAli & Navai’s third single of 2021, following the mega hit « Birdie » and the slightly less catchy lyric « By the Window» . In addition to them, the artists also released the album “When a Good Man Feels Bad,” which premiered on April 1, 2021.

The content and lyrics of the song Ruki Vverkh & Hammali & Navai «The Last Kiss» modern rules. A leisurely beat with a rattle characteristic of the new school and keys is moderately diluted with recognizable guitar picks, for which we fell in love with HammAli & Navai.

« The Last Kiss » does not claim to top places in the charts, but it is quite capable of getting there — the combination of the pop idol of the nineties and almost the most recognizable lyric-emsies of the Russian stage turned out to be very «starry». And although the plot of the song is ordinary, like a linen button, this does not in the least prevent it from climbing into our playlists for a long time and warming with its sound on cool autumn evenings.

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Hands Up, Hammali & Navai «The Last Kiss»

Kanye West, Slava Marlow with Morgenstern, Placebo and others

last week (September 11-17)


Hans Zimmer — «Dune (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)»

Genre: ambient, drone, ethnic

The long-time cult film composer «Dune» published the cult film composer . Zimmer creates the mysterious atmosphere of the desert planet Arrakis through layered synth parts and folk musical modes. In addition, the musician pays tribute to Brian Eno, the composer of David Lynch’s Dune.

Starting September 16, Villeneuve’s new film starring Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Isaac can be seen on big screens.

Tickets for the movie

3h Company — «8 Lives»

Genre: hip-hop

Reunion of the cult hip-hop group 2h Company, which was attended by Ilya Baramiya (AIGEL, «SBHR»), Misha Fenichev (“Eat Eat Eat”) and Mikhail Ilyin (“Province”). Together, the musicians updated the sound of their time-tested compositions — re-recorded the vocals and added a powerful bass line.

Ilya Baramiya performed at the MTS Live Studio as part of the AIGEL project. The musicians performed a three-track from the band’s later albums, and also presented the single «Kolechko» — a collaboration with the electro-folk group Zventa Sventana.

Billy Idol — «The Roadside»

Genre: hard rock

New EP from the ageless rocker and author of the immortal hit «Rebel Yell». The release includes four tracks for true lovers of classic guitar sound from glam and 80s punk rock.

Rapper Lil Nas X also presented his debut album «Montero» this week. Among the guests of the disc are Elton John, Miley Cyrus, Jack Harlow and other artists.


Slava Marlow, Morgenstern — «I don’t know»

Genre: hip-hop

A new collaboration of a talented beatmaker and one of the most popular artists in Russia. The outrageous composition is dedicated to the story of how Alisher is trying to leave a boring party home, where his beloved is waiting for him.

Slava Marlow will give a concert at the Moscow Adrenaline Stadium on October 10 as part of the Prime Show festival. Rappers Aljay and The Limba will perform on the same stage with the music producer.

Concert tickets

Placebo — «Beautiful James»

Genre: alt rock

Cult rockers return with the premiere of a positive single about self-expression and personal freedom. The track will be included in the band’s first album in eight years, the name and release date of which are still kept secret.

On June 19, Placebo will present their new material at the Park Live-2022 festival, which will be held in Moscow at the Luzhniki Arena.

Concert tickets

Ruki Vverkh & Hammali & Navai — «The Last Kiss»

Genre: pop

Another fit of the 1990s pop legend, this time with a remarkable and extremely popular rap duet. In his account in one of the social networks, Sergey Zhukov called the composition «The Last Kiss» none other than «the most touching track of this autumn.»

The Ruki Vverkh group will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a large-scale concert, which will take place on July 2, 2022 at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

Concert tickets

Yolka — “Nothing to lose”

Genre: pop

Piano ballad from the iconic Russian pop star. Yolka’s new song is a quivering and sensual declaration of love and at the same time a strong pop composition in the best traditions of the artist’s work.

The next concert of the singer will take place on 19November in the capital club «1930 Moscow».

Concert tickets

Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett — «Love For Sale»

Genre: pop

Gaga and Bennett’s lead single from the band’s second album, set for release on October 1st. Earlier, the musicians presented the track «I Get A Kick Out Of You» from the upcoming album, as well as a video for this song.

Lady Gaga stars in Ridley Scott’s new biopic The Gucci House. The film also starred Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jared Leto, Salma Hayek and others.

Buters — «Witch»

Genre: hip-hop, indie rock

Freshman’s new work is an aggressive track at the intersection of hip-hop and psychedelic rock. The rapper Husky took part in the recording of the single, who played a cameo role in Kirill Serebrennikov’s latest film «Petrovs in the Flu».

Movie tickets

You can learn more about the creative method of an extraordinary theater and film director in an article on MTS Live.


Kanye West — «24»

Genre: hip-hop

The most talked about rap artist of the last few months has presented a new adaptation of the track from his magnum opus «Donda», filmed during one of the presentations of the album. In the video, West hovers over the stadium, and in the finale he flies to heaven altogether.

Previously, the performer published the clip «Come To Life», in which he showed the final act of the third presentation of the disc «Donda».

«Vulgar Molly» and «Eldzhey» — «Dom Perignon»

Genre: hip-hop, pop-rock

Outrageous music video from the country’s main mumble-rock band and the author of the hits «Rose Wine» and «Minimal». At the beginning of the video, the leader of the «Vulgar Molly» Kirill Bledny and Eldzhey wake up after a crazy party and find photos of their yesterday’s exploits. Against the background of these frames and credits, which begin at the very beginning of the video, the track «Dom Perignon» plays.

Last year the Vulgar Molly group took part in the first augmented reality festival MTS Live XR. Dora, LSP, Feduk and the Cream Soda project performed at the same event.

Bring Me The Horizon — «DiE4u»

Genre: alt-rock

A new video from the band that has been dictating trends throughout the mainstream guitar scene for decades. The artists’ video plays on vampire action clichés in a fresh and stylish way.

April 8, 2022 Bring Me The Horizon will present their latest LP «Post Human: Survival Horror». The concert will be held in Moscow at the Megasport Sports Palace on Khodynka Field.

Concert tickets

Grisha Urgant — «Night Caprice»

Genre: synth-pop

The alter-ego of the popular presenter and showman presented a music video for his new single — a cover of the group’s song «Moral Code».