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What is DCR on a Monitor? Is it Good for Gaming? [2023]

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DCR is the latest trend in screen technology, improving videos or graphics quality. If you want a better viewing and gaming experience at a price you can afford, considering it may be a good option.  

But for those unfamiliar, you might ask what a DCR is on a monitor and how it benefits gaming. Luckily, our engineers have the answer, so keep reading! 

DCR, Explained

The DCR, short for Dynamic Contrast Ratio, is a technology that can automatically figure out how bright an image is as a whole. It can effectively fix different color levels by lowering the brightness of dark areas.

DCR not only enhances the contrast ratio but also makes the grayscale look better. Basically, this DCR technology is used to enhance the quality of the pictures and automatically change the settings so that the pictures look better.

Dynamic Contrast Ratio Monitor Aspects