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Factions Redux


Introducing Factions Redux, a comprehensive overhaul mod, revigorating the various different groups that populate Chicago as we know it in Watch_Dogs. ..

New Gang Skins

Third Person Shooter

Adds more character models for gang members (Militia, Fixers, Viceroys, Club, ctOS), including new head textures. Optional improvements are also included…

Exploit MOD by ELShino27

Third Person Shooter

Exploit is a MOD focuses on get better graphics Merging Two of the best ones (Pure E3 Mod & Natural & Realistic lighting mod by Danvsw) and including…

Exploit G3

Third Person Shooter

//// Exploit 3 Third Generation //// Starts as a project where mods (in mi opinion) should be placed together in a single Gameplay, grapical improvements. ..


Third Person Shooter

Totally must have mod improving vanilla graphics and gameplay elements.

WATCH_DOGS Reborn (Graphics Overhaul)

Third Person Shooter

Overhaul of the ingame graphics, from new skies to new lighting.

Watch_Dogs Redux

Third Person Shooter

Forget about vanilla, it is complete overhaul of Watch_Dogs 1!


Third Person Shooter

This improves and expands the gameplay of the base game with custom missions, random events and new features, which will provide many hours of fun.

E3 Demos — Ps4 Relaunch Package v1.4.0 [FINAL]

Third Person Shooter

A package that contains a mix of mods, from E3 2012, 2013 and Ps4 Demo gameplay, including physics, graphics, UI and so on.A changelog has been included…


Third Person Shooter

— ULTIMATE MOD: NEW GRAPHICS, NEW HUD, NEW UI and more — Based on Refresh Mod and Living City, but I’ve also done lot of my tweaks and merged some others…

Elsa of Arendelle (Frozen II)


Not content with just Sekiro and Mafia II, I decided to throw in the Snow Queen herself into the world of Watch Dogs. It’s been over a month since I converted. ..

Watch_Dogs ctOS Robot Outfits Mod by Sad_Gamers

Third Person Shooter

This Mod adds 4 New Outfits to the shop, 3 of which are of the ctOS commanded robots from the alone digital trip alongside a new custom model of the Blume…

Replay Main Missions

Tactical Shooter

Allows you to replay campaign missions
Not tested completely

Play as Clara Lille

Third Person Shooter

Mod replaces Aiden character with Clara Lille. Works only for singleplayer so don’t try use this mod if you usualy play multiplayer.

Watch Dogs Enhanced Reality Mod

Third Person Shooter

Hey guys this is my HQ version of Watch Dogs, you will be able to choose different atmospheric settings at the download section

Ultimate Car On Demand

Third Person Shooter

A Watch Dogs mod that allows you to spawn any of the available vehicles in the game on command.

Kadzait24’s Watch_Dogs E3 Mod

Third Person Shooter

I created a Watch_Dogs E3 Mod that strives to bring the best gaming experience to players of Watch_Dogs. Although still in its beta stages, the mod has…

Best Mods For Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is all about player freedom as you set out to take down the criminal overlords behind ctOS 2.0, the invasive operating system that monitors and manipulates citizens on a massive scale. Now, what enhances player freedom as much as mods?

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While Watch Dogs 2 does not boast a modding community as massive as those of Skyrim or Fallout 4, it still offers a decent variety of nifty mods that might give you a refreshing new take on the sprawling open-world. Ranging from small visual enhancements to quality-of-life tweaks and large gameplay mechanic overhauls, these are the best mods for Watch Dogs 2.

Updated June 18, 2023, By John Wildermuth: Although Watch Dogs 2 may not have the most active modding scene on the market, there are still many fantastic player-made additions to the game. We have decided to update this list in an effort to showcase some of the top-notch mods that are all available for the game. With these modifications, you will be freeing San Francisco and becoming an expert hacker in little to no time.

10 No Intro

  • No Intro
    By Doze

It gets tiring looking at the same splash screens every time you boot up the game. The No Intro mod functions exactly as its name suggests.

It lets you jump straight into the action, saving yourself some hassle of sitting through the splash screens and the epileptic seizure disclaimer.

For any game developers taking note, please let players have the option to skip the intro movies after the first time. Small quality-of-life features like these go a long way to ensure an enjoyable player experience.

9 Less Intrusive GPS Markers

Via Obelix

  • Less Intrusive GPS Markers
    by Obelix

If you have played even a bit of Watch Dogs 2, chances are that you are already looking for a way to get rid of the large in-your-face GPS markers on the roads. The Less Intrusive GPS Markers mod is a small quality-of-life tweak that allows you to get fully immersed into the world.

While the mod does not get rid of the GPS road markers wholly, it just hits the sweet spot between them being visible and being immersion-breaking. Now, you can actually see the texture of the roads while driving around San Francisco Bay.

8 Watch Dogs 2 Autowalker

Via Obelix

  • Watch Dogs 2 Autowalker
    by Obelix

Watch Dogs 2, much like every other open-world game, requires a lot of walking around, and it’s not a whole lot of fun mashing the W key constantly over the course of a lengthy playthrough.

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The Autowalker mod lets you keep walking and running at the press of a hotkey, which you can customize by going into a configuration file that comes with the mod. This is an indubitably convenient feature that should be present by default in all open-world games.

7 Natural San Francisco

Via HeySlickThatsMe

  • Natural San Francisco
    by HeySlickThatsMe

Watch Dogs 2 is not an old game, especially regarding its graphical features. So you might ask, what is the need for a mod that puts more load on the GPU? While it is true that the Natural San Francisco mod is a bit taxing in terms of frame rate, if you have got the headroom to spare, this mod livens up the atmosphere of the game unlike anything else.

The orange color grading and the new skybox textures are some things that you’d think would be included with the base game. Besides, the mod also features many other smaller visual tweaks, like new fire, muzzle flash, and water FX textures.

6 Unlock All Abilities

Via YO_OY and freshminds

  • Unlock All Abilities
    by YO_YO and freshminds

While this may not be the most extensive mod on this list, it still certainly earns its place, especially if you are returning to the game and starting a fresh playthrough. While we recommend completing the game at least once without this mod installed, you may find yourself getting annoyed with the massive amount of abilities in the game.

If you are someone who wants to have every ability at your fingertips, then this mod is the perfect choice for you because it allows you to start a fresh game with everything unlocked. While you will still have to collect crafting components and money, you’ll be prancing through every mission with your high-class abilities.

5 Wrench Mod

Via dnn00

  • Wrench Mod
    by dnn00

Wrench is arguably the most entertaining character out of all the DeadSec members of the game. If you wanted to play the game as this punk rock-looking fella, this mod lets you do just that.

Giving you a choice between four versions, the mod lets you play as Wrench with or without his iconic mask. You can also choose the version you like, depending on whether you would like to override Marcus’ voice lines with Wrench’s or keep them as is.

There are a few caveats to replacing Marcus’ voice lines which are explained in detail on the mod description page.

4 First Person Camera

Via HeySlickThatsMe

  • First Person Camera
    by HeySlickThatsMe

There’s no denying that some of us can’t be truly immersed in a game without the first-person perspective. While GTA 5, a game most often compared to when talking about Watch Dogs, implemented a first-person mode when its enhanced editions came out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, it is all but evident that there is a demand for it.

The First Person Camera mod for this game is not perfect. In fact, expect lots of janky behavior as the mod author already puts a disclaimer for those on the description page.

However, if you really want to experience the game in this new mode, you absolutely can, as none of those issues are known to cause crashes or other game-breaking bugs.

3 Enhanced Parkour

Via k0v3rt

  • Enhanced Parkour
    by k0v3rt

One of the core gameplay mechanics of Watchdogs is the ability to parkour across the city, thus opening new pathways for exploration and combat. While the base game parkour is certainly serviceable, the Enhanced Parkour mod makes this feature much more enjoyable.

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Specifically, this mod allows Marcus to jump across farther gaps, vault more objects, chain his parkour together much easier, and climb higher walls. Overall, this is a must-have mod, since you will be using parkour during every level of Watch Dogs 2.

2 Police And Faction Overhaul

Via Yorpie

  • Police and Faction Overhaul
    by Yorpie

When the game came out, one of the major criticisms surrounding it was the lackluster police mechanics. The chases of the base game feel really unnatural as the police spawns are erratic.

It often becomes the case that you beat the heat without really making any real effort to evade them, and sometimes it is the opposite with a bunch of police vehicles spawning on top of you.

The Police and Faction Overhaul mod not only fixes the awkward police mechanics but also makes some thoughtful addition and changes. If you keep retaliating at the highest heat level, now FBI units will show up.

Moreover, female cops will now spawn as part of patrols as well.

1 Ultimate Overhaul Mod

Via TheDuckyOne and HeySlickThatsMe

  • Ultimate Overhaul Mod
    by TheDuckyOne and HeySlickThatsMe

This mod is an amalgamation of many smaller mods (some of which are already on this list) carefully curated to take your Watch Dogs 2 experience to the next level. Introducing some cut content, new enemies, and an array of quality-of-life improvements, the Ultimate Overhaul Mod is something you would pick up after you have completed the main story missions.

In fact, the mod author specifically advises against installing this mod before completing them as it can “ruin the game’s pacing and glitch out certain missions.”

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with name, description and photo

Guard dog breeds are one of the most common animals that can be found not only at various objects that require protection, but also among ordinary people. Guard dog is an animal whose natural instincts are based on certain character traits and inclinations that predetermine its function as a guard. Such dogs are very vigilant, they always raise the alarm in time in case of encroachments on your territory.

A distinction should be made between guard and guard dogs. Despite the fact that at first glance their functions are the same, the behavior of animals in a situation of danger is completely different. The job of guard dogs is to guard your property through surveillance. At the right time, the dog will warn of a possible danger or threat to property with its barking. Dogs of the guard group , in addition to everything that watchdogs do, they can very actively protect property and attack the intruder. When deciding on the acquisition of a dog in order to protect certain objects, the features described above should be taken into account. In the future, this will affect the quality of fulfillment of the obligations assigned to the animal.

List of guard dog breeds with name, description and photo:

Australian Shepherds are amazing dogs that differ from many other breeds not only in their mental and working abilities, but also in their unusual appearance.


Akita Inu is a large and noble dog breed that was originally used to guard the royal family and nobility of feudal Japan. Dogs were also used to hunt wild boar, bear and deer.


The Central Asian Shepherd Dog or, as it is also called, Alabai is an ancient breed of dogs that arose more than four thousand years ago. Many believe that the breed appeared on the territory of modern Russia.


Alaskan Malamute has a powerful body and a strong, hardy organism. The breed is considered one of the oldest, and its appearance has changed little since its inception. The dog is very smart, but for its training it is necessary to apply enough strength and perseverance.


White muscular Argentine Great Danes, often also called Dogo Argentino or Argentine Mastiffs, are dogs of a breed belonging to the class of Great Dane Molossians (along with such giants as Mastino Neapolitano, Rottweiler, Broholmer, etc.).


Basenji was bred in Africa as a hunting dog. He has a short coat, his ears and forehead are wrinkled. The behavior of the basenji is most reminiscent of a cat, he is very smart, curious and independent.


The Bernese Mountain Dog is an extremely versatile dog that came to us from Swiss farms. It was bred specifically for grazing cattle, dragging carts, and also to perform the functions of a guard dog, guarding farms, and, of course, to be a faithful companion of man.


The Dogue de Bordeaux is a calm and gentle dog, which, at the same time, is stubborn. Dogs of this breed drool, and they also have a hard time with temperature changes.


Beauceron is an excellent guard dog, distinguished by high intelligence and beauty. It is suitable for any family with experience in keeping dogs. The Beauceron is an animal of a sports warehouse, so regular training and training will be required. The short coat of a dog is very easy to care for.


Bullmastiff is a very strong-willed dog that is not afraid of anything and is always ready to give his life for his family. This sixty kilogram pet will faithfully sit at your feet while you sleep, guarding your sleep.


West Highland White Terriers are small hunting burrowing dogs with assertiveness, great instincts and passion, whose homeland is Scotland.


Wolfdogs are mestizos born as a result of crossing a wolf and a German Shepherd dog. Despite the fact that hybrids of wolves and dogs have been faithfully serving people for hundreds of years, the breed of wolfdogs became known relatively recently — in the early 2000s.


Noble East European Shepherd Dogs are the brainchild of Soviet breeders, the main idea of ​​​​creating the breed was to create such a dog for military service, which would be hardy, feel comfortable in difficult climatic conditions.


The Jack Russell Terrier is a reliable representative of the hunting dogs, whose origin is the United Kingdom. These dogs have been successful fox hunters for many years. With his duties as a hunter, Jack Russell copes perfectly.


To obtain excellent guard dogs, dog breeders began to cross short-haired shepherds with Rottweilers, black and tan terriers and German pinschers. As a result of such experiments, the Doberman Pinscher was bred.


Drathaar, or German Wirehaired Hound, appeared at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries as a versatile hunting dog. These dogs are able to hunt in any conditions, on any terrain: on land and on water.


Ca de bou — stocky and muscular dogs, excellent guards, watchmen and family members. Belonging to Mastiffs, they are sometimes incorrectly classified as bulldogs, despite the fact that in the veins of these dogs there is the blood of both.


The Caucasus stretches between the Black and Caspian Seas — a land with high mountains and winding valleys. Since ancient times, this region has been considered a place of special romance. But the ancients considered the Caucasus to be the end of the world, beyond which something unknown and mystical is located. It was in this ancient and mysterious place that the Caucasian Shepherd Dog appeared.


This Italian mastiff was specially bred for hunting wild boar, and today the animal is an excellent guard dog. The pet is distinguished by insane devotion to his family, while the dog does not really like strangers, as well as small animals. Cane Corso is much more athletic than its relatives — other mastiffs, despite this, the dog loves to sit at the feet of his master for hours.


Leonbergers are large dogs (height at the withers is from 65 to 80 cm, weight ranges from 35-50 kg) of proportional build, muscular. The birthplace of these animals is Germany, or rather, the small German city of Leonberg, which gave the name to the breed.


The Moscow watch dog breed has been one of the most popular among Russian owners for 60 years.


Neapolitan mastiffs are excellent watchmen of the territories entrusted to them and the lives of people. The history of this ancient breed is very interesting and ancient — these dogs showed their power during gladiatorial fights, not being afraid of either bears or lions, which significantly exceeded them in size and weight.


German Shepherds are surprisingly devoted to their owner, smart and noble dogs. The breed appeared at the end of the 19th century in Germany.


Great Dane is one of the most popular breeds. Some call him the giant among dogs. Indeed, the impressive size of the dog does not leave anyone indifferent, but despite this, the Great Dane is an affectionate and gentle animal that adores its family and is ready to stand up for it at any moment.



Newfoundland is a gigantic yet gentle, bold and intelligent dog, distinguished by its obedience and boundless love for children. She will make a great pet for any family.


The Papillon is descended from the Toy Spaniel, a dog commonly seen in 16th century paintings. The dog is very active, but, at the same time, obedient. The mischievousness and unique nature of the Papillon makes it a favorite of millions of families around the world.


Giant Schnauzer is the largest dog of the three varieties of Schnauzer. The breed was bred in Germany in the 17th century to drive cattle to markets and butcher shops. Some faithfully performed watchdog functions at various German enterprises.


Rottweiler is a guard dog, he perfectly implements his skills in the police, army and customs service. This dog will become a real protector of any family. The defense instinct of a Rottweiler is innate. Although these dogs behave with restraint, in case of danger they will give a worthy rebuff.


Black Russian Terrier is a guard dog distinguished by its special devotion to its owner and family members. For effective protection and timely detection of strangers, the dog needs special training and training.


St. Bernard is a giant dog with a kind heart, boundless love for the family, a willingness to stand up for his master and a somewhat stubborn character.


Shiba Inu are small hunting dogs native to Japan. A distinctive feature of these dogs is a kind of sly smile and a muzzle, somewhat reminiscent of a fox, as well as a donut tail.


The Tibetan Mastiff is a very intelligent animal that is ready to protect its master at any moment. The Tibetan mastiff loves the family in which he lives, treats children with special trepidation. But for all this, the pet needs consistent, systematic training.


The Fox Terrier is a confident and boundlessly curious dog. Fox Terriers were originally bred to hunt foxes. Today, these active dogs are used less and less during hunting. Fox Terriers are excellent companion dogs, they can often be found at various exhibitions.


Zwergschnauzer (miniature schnauzer) is a small dog with a «big» heart. She is in the TOP-20 of the most popular breeds in the USA, England and Germany, and is also one of the most popular breeds in many other countries of the world. The dog is incredibly devoted to the family, therefore it requires proper attention.


An independent and proud chow, as a rule, he becomes attached to one person, but, despite this, his affection is enough for all family members. Chow gets along well with children, but they do not arouse much interest in him. Chow is an excellent guard and watchman, he will perfectly protect your home.


Chinese Shar Pei is a calm, self-confident dog, distinguished by a certain stubbornness and extraordinary loyalty to his family. This pet will need an experienced, persistent owner who can not only properly train the dog, but also not let her get bored.


The Shetland Sheepdog was a good farmer’s helper in the Shetland Islands, off the coast of Scotland. Not only were they excellent watchdogs, but they excelled as herding dogs. Today, the Shetland Sheepdog, more commonly referred to as the Sheltie, has become an excellent companion dog and a true family member.


Schnauzer is the common name for three breeds of dogs, whose homeland is considered to be Germany. Schnauzers are distinguished by size: miniature schnauzer, standard schnauzer, giant schnauzer.


The Airedale Terrier is a smart, balanced and playful dog, which has earned its popularity among dog breeders. The Airedale Terrier is often referred to as the king of terriers. He received such a title due to the fact that he is the largest representative among the dogs of this group. The breed originated in the Eyre Valley in Yorkshire.


Anti-stress, nanny and protector How to choose the right dog?


October 19, 2022

Maria Filatova

Many want to have a pet, but not everyone understands the degree of responsibility. A dog is not only entertainment with petting and games, but also a gnawed sofa, early rises and training. The nature of the pet depends on the breed. Remember, every dog ​​in the world has a purpose. Which breed is right for you? Let’s figure it out.

How to choose a tailed friend?

Do not choose a dog influenced by fashion

“Choosing the breed of a future dog is one of the most important decisions for a dog breeder. The further joint life of the pet and the owner will depend on this. This choice should be taken as seriously and deliberately as possible. Don’t choose a dog based on fashion or on looks alone. A competent approach to choosing a breed will help you avoid problems in the future,” says Vladimir Golubev, President of the Russian Cynological Federation.

Before choosing a puppy breed, you need to understand why you need a dog. There can be many options: for home protection, exhibitions, hunting; for long walks and communication; just for company.

Then it is worth asking a very simple question: do your housing conditions allow you to keep a dog? It is unlikely that a one-room apartment will fit, for example, a Great Dane (the height of a male reaches 90 cm) or an English mastiff (its height can be up to 76 cm at the withers).

Great Dane above, below — English Mastiff

Do you have enough financial resources to maintain it? A dog is far from a cheap pleasure: food, clothes (not for all breeds), toys, trips to the veterinarian and groomer will cost a tidy sum. This is not counting the possible expenses for travel and restoration of property (nobody has canceled damage to furniture).

You still need to walk with the dog (and you can get up even at 6 am on Sunday), train, bathe and play… and the dog’s desires will not always coincide with yours.

If all the pros and cons have been weighed, and the decision has already been made, it remains to choose the breed. So which dog is right for you?

For the elderly

Calm, sociable and domestic dogs are suitable for the elderly

Andrey Tkachenko

Elderly people often feel very lonely. This is especially true for grandparents who have lost their other half, or those who live far from close relatives.

A dog will become a true friend for a pensioner, a salvation from loneliness and an incentive to move more (walking with a dog will help you to be outdoors more often, walk and maintain general tone).

It is clear that older people will not be able to get along with a hyperactive Husky or Labrador. Calm, sociable, miniature (medium-sized) breeds are suitable for them, here are a few of them:

  • Pug is a cheerful, sociable companion. His height reaches 36 cm at the withers. Most of all they like to spend time with the owner of the house. You can devote about 30 minutes a day to walking with him. Pugs are obedient, a little lazy, get along well in an apartment, in case of danger, a true friend will come to your defense.
  • Bichon Frize These little dogs love family life. They also, like pugs, love to spend time at home with their owner. But they cannot do without half-hour walks. This breed needs regular physical activity outside the home to keep fit, healthy and toned. Adult males and females are 23-28 cm tall.
  • Chihuahua — they are attached to the owner, love to travel and walk with the owners. With pleasure they live a quiet home life in an apartment, they do not require long walks. The height of an adult dog reaches 23 cm.
  • French Bulldog is full of life and tenderness for his loved ones. The growth of a mature dog reaches 34.5 cm. It is a reliable companion, ready to devote every minute of its time to the owner. They do not require active games and long walks — a short walk and sedentary activities are enough.
  • Pekingese — suitable for people leading a measured lifestyle. The dog does not require regular physical activity. In bad weather, she is completely ready to be left without a walk and go to the toilet for a diaper. Height at the withers reaches 25 cm.

This is only a small part of those breeds that are suitable for an elderly person.

Note that it is better for pensioners to buy bitches. The fact is that they are more affectionate, calmer and more attached to people. Males are more independent, more aggressive, often tend to dominate, and they are more troublesome (often).

For families with children

Dogs can be great babysitters

The dog is a great friend and protector. It not only brings joy to family members, but also teaches children responsibility.

The smallest breeds are not always the best option for a family with a baby (due to the idiosyncratic nature of the dog), while large ones can be a good babysitter for children.

  • The Golden Retriever is a gentle dog with a calm disposition. She adapts well to family life, loves outdoor activities and gets along well with children. The breed is trainable and absolutely not prone to aggression.
  • The Labrador Retriever is one of the best breeds to be a family pet. Labradors are very smart, calm (do not respond to loud screams and careless touches), friendly and very active. They adore their owners, and their devotion can only be envied.
  • Beagle is a medium sized dog. This breed has a pronounced hunting instinct, it is a good guard dog. The Beagle is very mobile and good-natured, loves to play and gets along well with children.
  • St. Bernard (the same Beethoven from the film of the same name) — calm and friendly. This breed is distinguished by high diligence and kindness to people. Will not harm the child, even if the baby decides to ride them.
  • Corgi — a dog for children. They are easy to train, kind to people, especially children, active and non-aggressive. This breed feels the human condition well and is suitable as a first pet.

Also suitable for families with children are French Bulldog, Newfoundland, Collie (or Scottish Shepherd), Spitz, Siberian Husky and so on.

Important: not all dogs will feel comfortable in a small living space. Consider the size of your apartment. If you have a small apartment, then breeds such as beagles, spitz or corgis are more suitable for living together. If a private house or a spacious apartment — Newfoundland, Husky, St. Bernard.

House guard

House guard dogs must undergo mandatory training


Large or medium athletic build, pronounced territorial instinct, tough character, developed intelligence, devotion and hunting skills. These traits should have a watchdog.

For strangers — «thunderstorm of the district», for his own — a big affectionate child. What breeds are suitable for protecting your home?

  • The German Shepherd is an intelligent, disciplined, loyal and energetic dog. She is an ideal guard, easily trained breed with a balanced psyche, excellent reaction. The German Shepherd quickly becomes a true friend to its owners, loyal to other animals.
  • Doberman is a service breed with first-class protective, search and guard qualities. This breed is not suitable for aviary, street maintenance due to the presence of a small fat layer, but it will perfectly protect your apartment from strangers. Needs training.
  • Rottweiler is one of the best options for home and human protection. The dog is considered to be peaceful, hardy, strong, trainable, loyal, intelligent and fond of small children. This breed requires careful training, without which dogs may not see the line between protection and aggression.
  • Alabai (or Central Asian Shepherd Dog) is an excellent protector, smart and loyal friend. Alabai needs space to move and realize his working qualities, otherwise his character may deteriorate and he will turn into an aggressive unpredictable animal. It is best to start an Alabai in a private house.
  • Tibetan Mastiff (also called «bears») — they are energetic, loyal and attentive to their family. The Mastiff is wary of strangers and instinctively protective of his family and property. Without the permission of the owner, not a single stranger will enter the house or apartment. «Bears» are so territorial that they can take the route for a walk (if it does not change) for their territory and start guarding it.

Who else? Moscow Watchdog, Cane Corso, Boxer, Shar Pei, Komondor, Kuvasz, Chow Chow and others.

Important! Guard dogs must undergo mandatory training.

Where to find the right cynologist in Chelyabinsk, read our material «Who will tame whom?».

For hunting and outdoor activities

Some breeds of dogs are excellent hunting assistants


For some, dogs are not just pets, but friends and life partners. The owners of four-legged animals take them with them on hikes, fishing or hunting.

  • West Siberian Laika is a hunter’s best friend and assistant, working with any kind of game. This is a smart and kind dog, boundlessly devoted to his master. In terms of catching game, it is absolutely universal (they are excellent at hunting both birds and large animals like a bear or a wild boar).
  • Estonian Hound is a friendly and obedient dog. Assertive and merciless on the hunt, the Estonian hound will never show aggression towards members of his family. On the contrary, she is very friendly and loves children. This breed is used to hunt hare or fox, but they are also capable of driving larger game.
  • Drathaar is a dog with strong hunting instincts. She has an excellent flair, a strong stance and a fast move when searching for game. They prefer to hunt waterfowl or hare. The family is patient with children and devoted to the owner.
  • Russian Hunting Spaniel is a first-class specialist in gun hunting for game birds. The spaniel is a born tracker and earner. Representatives of the breed love to swim and are not afraid of cold water. They are suitable for keeping in an apartment, they are good with children and pets.
  • Pointer — they are often called the dog of aesthetes, for whom the process of hunting is more important than the end result. This breed has a phenomenal flair and incredible diligence. They hunt mainly for birds. They are patient with children, treat other animals well, and are calm in the home.

Basset Hound, Jack Russell Terrier, Irish Setter and others also like to hunt with their owner.

Remember, hunting dogs are very mobile animals. They spend a lot of energy, so you will have to feed such breeds more often than usual (or double the portions).

Getting a dog is a responsible step

The dog is an excellent friend, anti-stress, nanny and protector.