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Rare NM70 Orange Suede Sneaker Inspired Heels- Size 8



Size: 8



NM70 Black Leather Heeled Sneaker Inspired Strap Oxford Shoes



Size: 9



🆕 Vintage Nm70 Red Sneakers



Size: 7



NM70 Vtg Thong Kitten Heel Sandals



Size: 7. 5



NM70 suede leather multicolor patch high heels



Size: 7.5



NM70 Denim Slip On Shoes Womens Sz 10



Size: 10



NM70 Nicole Murray Blk/Wht Leather High Heel Boots



Size: 8



Women’s NM70’s sneaker heels



Size: 10



Moccasin walking shoes (LR6)



Size: 8



NM70 Womens Sneakers Shoes Black White Leather Suede Low Top T-Strap Mary Jane 8



Size: 8



NM70 Funky Black Suede Buckle Shoes



Size: 9



Light Denim NM70 sneakers with fringe detail



Size: 9. 5



NM70 Women’s Red Leather Training Sneakers Size 9



Size: 9



NM70 red leather sneaker clog. Size 6.



Size: 6



NM70 Getaway



Size: 10



NM70 Vintage Lingerie Pink Black cutouts lace up sandals size US 8 UK 38



Size: 8



vintage blue NM70s



Size: 8



NM70 sport heels



Size: 8. 5






Size: 7



Kitten Heel Sandals with Box



Size: 10



How about these JIU JITSU shoes?! NM 70



Size: 9



NM70-TI V1.0A | Ecs NM70-TI Intel Celeron 847 mITX Mb

Ecs NM70-TI Intel Celeron 847 mITX Mb

We apologize but this item is currently unavailable. Please feel free to browse our website for other available items.

Item Description

ECS NM70-TI V1.0A Intel Celeron 847 DDR3 Mini-ITX Motherboard/CPU Combo. ECS NM70-TI features Applied Solid Capacitor for CPU VRM to ensure a longer lifespan for system, ESD Protection prevents computers from electrostatic discharge damage to enhance its durability and lifespan, Supports ECS EZ BIOS for tweaking BIOS in graphical user interface within a multi language environment. ECS MIB III — A friendly interface for overclocking Microsoft Windows 8 Certified. ECS meets the current and future demands of high performance, power embedded computing, making it ideal for communications, transaction terminal, interactive client, industrial automation applications as well as for standard home use.

Note: Mini PCI Express WIFI Card is Included with Motherboard.




Dual Channel DDR3 1333/1066
Doubles the bandwidth of your system memory up to 21. 0GB/s and pumps up the system performance. 

Mini PCI Express
The Mini-PCIe slot has a new 52 pin edge connector and it is much smaller in overall size. It is designed for laptops and other small-footprint computer systems and supports Mini-PCI card for mini- Wireless, mini-TV tuner, mini-SATA cards and so on.

SATA 6Gb/s
Doubles the transfer speed of SATA 3G, running at speed up to 6.0Gb/s, and can connect with any other SATA 3.0Gb/s and 1.5Gb/s devices for backward compatibility.

2 Channel High Definition Audio
Integrated 2-channel HD Audio CODEC. 

HDMI Output
The interface supports existing high-definition video formats(720p, 1080i, and even 1080p), plus multi-channel digital audio on a single cable. Combination with HDCP, provides a secure audio/video interface that meets the security requirements of content providers and systems operators. 

D-Sub output
D-Sub connection technology is used for connecting computer and monitor by analog signal. It is reliable and stable for signals transmit from point A to B. 





º Onboard IntelCeleron 847 processor
º Solid Capacitor for CPU side


º Intel NM70 Express Chipset


º Supports DirectX 10.1
º Supports Full HD 1080P Blu-ray / HD-DVD Playback


º Dual-channel DDR3 Memory architecture 
º Supports DDR3 1333/1066 non-ECC, Un-buffered SDRAM Memory
º 2 X DDR3 SO-DIMM socket
º Support up to 16 GB*
º * Due to the DRAM maximum size is 8 GB at present
    • The memory maximum size we have tested is 16 GB
º * Due to the operation system limitation, the actual memory size may be less than 4GB for the reservation for system usage under Windows 32-bit OS. For Windows 64-bit OS with 64-bit CPU, there is no such limitation


º 1 X PCI Express X 1 slot(s) (optional)
º 2 X Mini PCI Express X1 slot(s)


º Support by Intel NM70 Express Chipset
    • 1 X Serial ATAIII 6Gb/s
    • 2 X Serial ATAII 3Gb/s


º 2-Channel HD audio CODEC


º Realtek 8111E Gigabit Fast Ethernet Controller
º Wake-On-LAN


º Support by NM70 Express Chipset
    • 4 X USB2.0 port(s) Up to 480 Mb/s
      Back Panel 2 port(s)
      Onboard 2 port(s)


º 2 x Audio jacks (Line Out, Mic In)
º 1 X RJ-45 port
º 1 X HDMI port(s)
º 1 X D-Sub (VGA) port(s)
º 4 X USB2. 0 port(s)
º 1 X DC-in Connector


º 1 X 4-pin CPU_FAN connector
º 1 X 4-pin SYS_FAN connector with smart fan
º 1 X Front Panel switch/LED header
º 1 X Front panel audio header
º 1 X Speaker header
º 1 X USB 2.0 header
    • Support additional 2 USB ports
º 1 X S/PDIF out header
º 1 X SATA III 6Gb/s connector(s)
º 2 X SATA II 3Gb/s connector(s)
º 1 X CLR_CMOS header
º 1 X IR header (optional)
º 1 X mSATA connector
º 1 X ME_UNLOCK header
º 1 X Chassis intrusion header
º 1 X Touch board header
º 1 X Camera header
º 1 X LVDS connector (optional)
º 1 X LDC header
º 1 X SATA power connector


º AMI BIOS with 64 MB SPI Flash ROM
º Supports M.I.B III Utility
º F7 hot key for boot up devices option
º Dual Display
º Support ECS EZ BIOS
º Plug and Play, STR (S3) / STD (S4) , Hardware monitor, Multi Boot
º Multi-Language BIOS
º Audio, LAN, can be disabled in BIOS
º Supports PgUp clear CMOS Hotkey
º CPU FSB adjustment(increase of 1MHz)


º Thin Mini ITX Form Factor

OS Support

º Windows XP 32-bit
º Windows XP 64-bit
º Windows 7 32-bit
º Windows 7 64-bit
º Windows 8 32-bit
º Windows 8 64-bit


º CE/FCC Certification
º ErP/EuP Certification 
º WHCK Certification


90,000 Fenix ​​HM Lights Series












is not available

9000 9000 9000


Out of stock

Out of stock


Out of stock

Headlamps are one of the most versatile lighting fixtures out there and are great for repairs, camping trips, evening bike rides and a range of other tasks where high agility may be required.

Headlamps of the Fenix ​​HM series are perfect for all of the above tasks, moreover, due to their small dimensions, design features and modern “stuffing”, they are extremely simple and easy to use, and are also able to create the necessary level of illumination in almost any conditions .

Key benefits of Fenix ​​HM flashlights

Before you buy a particular flashlight, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with its characteristics and features. In the case of the HM range, the features listed below will be common to all flashlights in this category.

  • Dimensions. At the moment, the Fenix ​​HM line of flashlights is represented only by small headlamps that are easy to carry and store. Due to their size, they do not restrict the user’s movements and do not cause discomfort during prolonged wear. In addition, when used as a hand lamp, they can fit in the palm of any size.
  • Ease of use. There is nothing complicated about Fenix ​​HM flashlights, at least for the user. Management is most often implemented using a single button that allows you to turn on, turn off and change the operating mode. Another advantage is the shape of the case, which prevents the flashlight from falling out of special clips when worn as a “headband” or slipping out of the palm of your hand. In addition, each Fenix ​​HM model is equipped with an elastic, adjustable strap that allows you to securely fix the flashlight on your head or headgear.
  • Excellent power. Given the dimensions of the Fenix ​​HM flashlights, they have quite impressive indicators of brightness and illumination range, being the undisputed leaders among flashlights of this class. Similar results can be achieved through the use of high-performance LEDs of the Cree brand and the installation of modern current stabilizers and thermal controllers.
  • Reliability. The use of high-quality components allows Fenix ​​HM flashlights not only to shine brightly, but also to remain operational for a long time, even with intensive daily use. And due to the durable water-resistant body made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Fenix ​​HM line of flashlights can withstand some mechanical stress and work even under water.

Buy only original Fenix ​​HM lights

We provide our customers with original TM Fenix ​​products that fully correspond to their description, have been carefully tested by the manufacturer and have an official guarantee. In this case, you pay for quality and you can be sure that Fenix ​​HM lights will not let you down, no matter where you are.

In the future, the Fenix ​​HM line of flashlights will be supplemented with new models, which will allow you to choose the most suitable flashlight for yourself according to technical characteristics or design.

51833-12: HM70 Thermohygrometers — Manufacturers, Suppliers and Verifiers


The HM70 thermohygrometers are designed to measure the relative humidity and temperature of non-aggressive gaseous media.


HM70 thermohygrometers (hereinafter referred to as thermohygrometers) are portable devices of continuous operation based on the sorption method for measuring relative humidity, made in the form of an electronic unit, to which humidity and temperature measuring transducers are connected using an extension cable. The thermohygrometers have capacitive type humidity sensors and Pt100 platinum temperature sensors installed under a porous steel filter. A microcontroller is built into the measuring transducer, in whose memory the calibration characteristics of the dew point temperature and temperature are recorded. Thermohygrometers have 3 versions of measuring transducers that differ in temperature measurement ranges: HMP75 (temperature measurement range from minus 20 to 60 °С), HMP76 (temperature measurement range from minus 50 to 120 °С), HMP77 (temperature measurement range from minus 70 to 180 °C). Thermohygrometers have a built-in function for converting units of relative humidity and temperature into units of dew point, absolute humidity, mass concentration of humidity and wet bulb temperature. The appearance of thermohygrometers is shown in Figure 1.

\ \ \

Figure 1. External view of the HM70 thermohygrometer with measuring transducers.



The thermohygrometers use built-in software consisting of two modules: «XM70in» — installed in the humidity and temperature measuring transducer, «RM70out» — installed in the electronic unit of the thermohygrometer.

The XM70in module includes a software component block that performs the function of collecting and transmitting signals from humidity and temperature sensors. The NM70oi1 module includes blocks of software components that perform the functions of controlling a thermohygrometer, processing signals from a measuring transducer of relative humidity and temperature, displaying measurement results on a display, storing measurement results in non-volatile memory and transmitting output signals in analog and digital form.

To display the firmware version of the XM70in module, HM70 thermohygrometers are connected to a computer with the HyperTerminal program installed. The version of the module is displayed after entering the «Open» command. The version of the HM70oi1 module is displayed on the screen of the HM70 thermohygrometer electronic unit when turned on.

The effect of software on the metrological characteristics of the HM70 thermohygrometers is taken into account when normalizing the metrological characteristics. Protection of software against unintentional and intentional changes corresponds to the level «C» according to MI 3286-2010.

Table 1. Software identification data

Software name

Software identification name

Software version number (identification number)

Digital software identifier (checksum of the metrologically significant part of the software)

Software ID Calculation Algorithm







HM70out. hex





1. Measuring ranges are shown in Table 2.

Table 2

Transmitter version

Measuring channel

Measuring range


relative humidity

0 to 100%


from minus 20 to 60 °С


relative humidity

0 to 100%


from minus 50 to 120 °С


relative humidity

0 to 100%


from minus 70 to 180 °С



Absolute error limits






±1. 0%

0 to 90%, 15 to 25°C


in the range over 90 to 100%, at temperatures from 15 to 25 °C


at temperatures from minus 20 to 15 °С and over 25 to 40 °С

±(1.5 + 0.015 RH) %

at temperatures from minus 40 to minus 20 °C and over 40 to 180 °C


±(0.2+0.0034-(20-t)) °C

at temperatures from minus 70 to 20 °С

±(0.2+0.0025-(t-20)) °С

at temperatures above 20 to 180 °C

where RH — readings of relative humidity, %; t — temperature readings, °C.

3. Output signals are shown in Table 4.

Table 4_

Output signals





4. Electric power parameters: 4 batteries of the AA type, 6V

5. Power consumption, VT 10

6. Dimensional dimensions (width x height x depth), mm 80 x200x62

7. Mass, kg, not more than 0.4

8. The average service life, years 8

9. Average development for refusal, h 4800

10. Operation Conditions

10.1 The temperature range of the analyzed environment, ° C From minus 70 to 180

10.2, the pressure range of the analyzed medium, MPa from 0 to 2

10.3 The range of environmental temperature, ° C from minus 10 to 40

10.4 Reman of relative humidity at a temperature of 25 ° C, % of 10 to 9 to 90

10.5 Atmospheric pressure range, kPa , from 80 to 120

Type Approval Mark

The Type Approval Mark is printed on the title page of the Operation Manual and on the body of the thermohygrometer in the form of an inscription on a metal or plastic plate fixed to the body.


The delivery set is determined by the order and is reflected in the passport. The main scope of delivery of the HM70 thermohygrometers is shown in Table 5.

Table 5



Thermohygrometer complete

1 pc.

Euro AC adapter

1 pc.

Software package

1 pc.

Analog signal output cable

1 pc.

Connecting cable for HM60/70/140

1 pc.

Connecting cable for HM20/30/130

1 pc.

Connecting cable for HMDM200

1 pc.

Connecting cable for HM320/330

1 pc.

Connecting cable for DMW19

1 pc.

Carrying case

1 pc.

Membrane filter

1 pc.


1 pc.

Instruction manual

1 copy.


1 copy.

Verification procedure MP-242-1397-2012

1 copy.

Initial verification certificate

1 copy.

Verification of

is carried out according to the method of verification MP-242-1397-2012 “Thermohygrometers HM70. Vaisala Oyj, Finland. Verification Methodology”, approved by the GCI SI FSUE “VNIIM im. D. I. Mendeleev” August 13, 2012

Basic verification tools:

HygroGen humid air generator, HygroGen 2 modifications, State Register number 32405-11, relative humidity reproduction range from 0 to 100%, limits of permissible absolute error by relative humidity ±0. 5%, temperature reproduction range from 0 to 60 °С, limits of permissible absolute error by temperature ±0.1 °С;

two-channel precision temperature meter MIT 2, State Register number 46432-11, complete with primary temperature transducer PTSV-2, State Register number 32777-06, temperature measurement range minus 200 to 200 °C, limits of permissible absolute error correspond to the working standard 3rd category according to GOST 8.558-2009;

climatic chamber Votsch VT7004, temperature reproduction range from minus 70 to 180 °С, limits of the permissible absolute value of temperature unevenness in the chamber from ±0.5 to ±2.0 °С, limits of the permissible absolute value of instability of maintaining temperature in the chamber from ± 0.3 to ±1.0 °С.

Information about measurement methods

Measurement procedures are given in the operating instructions for thermohygrometers


Regulatory and technical documents establishing the requirements for HM70 thermohygrometers

1 GOST 8.