Opteron 8347 he: AMD Opteron 8347 HE 1.90GHz 2MB L3 Server OEM CPU OS8347PAL4BGH

Sun 371-4046 X6340A 1.9GHz AMD Opteron Quad Core Processor 8347HE

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Sun 371-4046 X6340A 1.9GHz AMD Opteron Quad Core Processor 8347HE




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Sun 371-4046 X6340A 1.9GHz AMD Opteron Quad Core Processor 8347HE

Part Number(s): 371-4046, X6340A

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Dell 1.90GHz 2MB L3 Cache AMD Opteron 8347 HE Quad Core Processor

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Part No: YR819 — Dell 1.90GHz 2MB L3 Cache AMD Opteron 8347 HE Quad Core Processor


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YR819 — Dell 1.90GHz 2MB L3 Cache AMD Opteron 8347 HE Quad Core Processor

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Attention! Server components are spare parts and can be supplied in OEM packaging (blister, plastic, antistatic bag). For detailed information about the configuration of the product you are interested in, please contact the managers. Tel. +7(351)7000370

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in detail Processors — AMD Opteron 8347 HE (1900MHz/1000/2MB) BL680c, BL685cG5

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Processors — 457127-001 AMD Opteron 8347 HE (1900MHz/1000/2MB) BL680c, BL685cG5

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About 4-core processors and AMD and Intel policies

By Alexander Dudkin

At present, AMD’s business is in serious trouble. This conclusion is also supported by the fact that the long-awaited 4-core AMD processor is delayed with the release. The delay is due to a bug in the design of the quad-core Opteron (code-named Barcelona) server processors, as well as the desktop Phenom chips.

AMD’s Opteron Barcelona processors were introduced in September this year. The new Opteron chips are based on the Direct Connect Architecture and are manufactured using 65nm technology. AMD has announced nine Quad-Core Opteron models. The highest performing processor available, the Opteron 8350, runs at 2.0GHz and has a maximum thermal dissipation (TDP) of 95W. This model costs 1019US dollars in large wholesale lots from 1000 pieces. The 83xx series also includes a Quad-Core Opteron 8347 chip clocked at 1.9 GHz. The TDP value for this processor is 95W and the model costs $786.
Opteron 8347HE and 8346HE processors have a maximum thermal dissipation of 68W. The chips operate at clock speeds of 1.9 GHz and 1.8 GHz, respectively.

AMD has high hopes for Barcelona, ​​calling it the most advanced x86 compatible chips ever made. As for the Phenom processors, they are part of the Spider enthusiast platform announced last month. The main component of the Spider platform is the Phenom quad-core processor. In addition to Phenom chips, the Spider platform includes AMD’s seventh-series chipsets, an ATI Radeon HD 3800 graphics controller with Microsoft DirectX 10.1 API support, and specialized OverDrive software. This software allows you to optimize your computer and increase system performance by fine-tuning. The Spider platform also supports CrossFireX technology, which allows you to combine the power of two, three or even four video adapters in one PC. The Phenom platform is positioned as the basis for building powerful gaming computers, systems for enthusiasts and overclockers.

The problem in the Phenom and Opteron chips is related to the implementation of the Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB) of the third-level cache. An error in some situations can lead to a system hang.
You can resolve the issue by making certain changes to the basic input/output system (BIOS) of the motherboards. However, in this case, the performance of the computer may drop by 10%, and according to some reports, even by 20%. And it is precisely the presence of the error that explains the fact that AMD has stopped mass deliveries of new Opterons to server manufacturers.

Phenom and Opteron design bug is expected to be fixed in new processor revisions. Such chips should appear on the market in the first quarter of next year. So, the user of 4-core AMD processors will not wait for at least another six months 🙁

cheaper. 0010 Core 2 Extreme QX9650 . It has 4 cores with a frequency of 2.20 GHz each (naturally :)), a 1333 MHz system bus and a 12 MB L2 cache (3 MB for each core). The new chip is made on the just introduced 45-nanometer process technology. Well, this means that we can expect a reduction in energy consumption and heat dissipation.

In general, Intel’s 4-core processor line consists of the following models:
Intel® Core™2 Extreme QX9650
Intel® Core™2 Extreme QX6850
Intel® Core™2 Extreme QX6800
Intel® Core™2 Extreme QX6700
Intel® Core™2 Quad Q6700
Intel® Core™2 Quad Q6600

For those who don’t know the morning — Q in the name indicates the presence of 4 cores, and the last 2 digits 50 — the bus frequency is 1333 MHz ( the rest have a 1066 MHz bus).
By the way, the QX9650 is already designed to work with both DDR2 and DDR3 memory!
The highest-frequency model is the QX6800 with a frequency of 2.93 GHz, but with a 1066 bus, for obvious reasons — it is difficult to make a new high-frequency model on the 45-nm process technology: you need to master it well and make it technologically advanced with a low rejection rate, and this takes time.