Razor blackwidow f keys: What shortcut keys are supported on Razer Blades

Why are my fn keys not working? — Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013

Released in 2013, identified by model number: RZ03-0038, Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and product number: RZ03-00381900-R3U1.

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mike reese

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Fn keys wont work unless you hold down the fn key button, does anyone know a fix for this? A fix that would make it so that the fn key doesn’t have to be held down

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I have this problem too

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If I’m understanding your question correctly, it sounds like the behavior you describe is correct.

The secondary function of the F-keys should work when pressed at the same time as the Fn key.

For example, if you want to open a Help page in most applications, pressing F1 should work. However, if you wanted to Mute the audio, you would instead press Fn+F1.

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Hrm. That’s an odd one.

Does the game have any key configuration options? You may be able to map the tab switching to the standard F1 — F12 keys.

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debian — Razer Pro Type Ultra Keyboard: How to use function keys without holding down fn key?

To alleviate my wrist pain I tried my first ergonomic keyboard: Razer Pro Type Ultra Keyboard attached to Dell Latitude E7440’s usb1 port.

To my surprise the Function keys won’t work if Fn key is not held down.
By default the function keys are for media functions, not the usual F1F12 that I heavily used for my IDE and other apps.

Here’s the kernel messages when I attached it to the usb:

  • I tried disabling media keys / functions in the BIOS, but could not find any.

  • I also tried finding recursively fnmode in /sys/module/hid_generic/drivers/hid:hid-generic/003:1532:0277. 0008 to no avail.

  • I tweaked around with Xfce’s Setting -> Keyboard, nothing successful.

  • I tried some keyboard combinations on the dell keyboard itself that involves Esc, NumLock, Fn, etc .. Did not have any effects on the razer keyboard.

uname -a outputs Linux localdebian 4.19.0-18-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.208-1 (2021-09-29) x86_64 GNU/Linux

lsb_release -a outputs:

No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Debian
Description:    Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
Release:    10
Codename:   buster
  • debian
  • keyboard-shortcuts
  • keyboard
  • xfce


This worked for me on Ubuntu 20.04:

  1. Save the following lines at /etc/udev/hwdb.d/50-razer-pro-type-ultra.hwdb
  1. run sudo systemd-hwdb update && sudo udevadm trigger

Note that this does not work when the keyboad is plugged in with the USB cable.

Credit goes to Simon Waloschek

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Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2 mechanical keyboard review.

Worthy Follower

The Blackwidow keyboard has been around for more than half a decade, and during that time has not only acquired «legendary» status, but also experienced many changes. There were various switches, various keyboard designs, it has experienced both ups and downs … In general, the rich history of the keyboard only emphasizes its status, and the keyboard itself is a trendsetter for mechanical keyboards in general. Or rather, on their coming to the masses and, in particular, on their distribution in the gaming segment. nine0003

In 2017, Razer did not go for various tricks, but presented its keyboard in the most familiar format, providing it with all sorts of conveniences for a sophisticated user. And the very first and noticeable change has affected the stand — now it is. Interestingly, for the first time ever, this keyboard was presented to the public on Razer Yellow linear switches (with 3.5mm total travel and 1.2mm actuation point, which is equivalent to the recently introduced Cherry MX Speed), which have never been seen before ( there were only options with clicky or tactile switches). However, my copy is assembled with classic «green» clicky switches, so let’s get to know it better. nine0003

The Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2, in keeping with the spirit of the company, comes in a stylish cardboard box with the usual gaming design: a minimalistic appearance, iridescent letters, a full-surface embossed image of the keyboard. But there is one unusual detail — a demo key that allows you to evaluate the tactile sensations, and after removing the label, it lights up with all the colors of the rainbow. A very interesting way to demonstrate the capabilities of the keyboard without unpacking it, and manufacturers offer us such chips infrequently. nine0003

Inside the box is a keyboard, under it is a wrist rest, also in a separate pocket are pieces of paper with a branded pair of holographic stickers. In addition, the keychain can be pulled out of the PET mold, the attached carabiner can be removed and fastened to the key, and then you can walk and snap this keychain to your heart’s content. A fan’s little dream has now come true for sure, and it’s also a great thing for nerves and a great replacement for spinners.

9The 0002 Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2 is a full-size 104-key mechanical keyboard with 5 additional macro keys and a detachable magnetic palm rest. The keyboard is made in the classic format with the American ANSI layout: two long shifts and a one-story enter. Keyboard dimensions (in mm) — 484 x 182 x 42 (484 x 247 x 42 with palm rest), weight — 1.46 kg (with palm rest — 1.7 kg). The keyboard is built on Razer Green switches and is equipped with RGB backlighting. And for full customization, use the Razer Synapse cloud-based software. The keyboard supports 14 simultaneous keystrokes (14 KRO), although the specification says only 10. The keyboard also has the ability to connect a USB device and analog audio. nine0003

From start to finish, the Razer Blackwidow retains its familiar signature design with a beveled bottom edge and a glossy Razer logo in the middle. Among other recognizable features, the image of the frame resembles an old typewriter, but dressed in the most modern materials. In general, the image of this keyboard stands out with an underlined classic style, and, nevertheless, has a touch of originality that distinguishes the keyboard from the mass of others. But personally, I don’t like her for that. It has two features in which I do not tea soul: a bevel at the bottom, on which you can comfortably place your thumbs, as well as the classic design of the body, which differs from most other keyboards in the invariably arising impression that the keys are slightly recessed into the body, behind due to which their true height is hidden, and the keyboard seems to become low-profile. In addition, the case hides the gaps between the switches and the LEDs installed in them, which is why the backlight of the keys does not contact the eyes directly and does not irritate at night. nine0003

Case materials, starting from BWU 2013, have become much simpler, but they have become much more practical: if previously a branded soft-touch coating of the case was used, this time it uses a matte, rough and very pleasant to the touch plastic. Gloss inclusions are also found in a much smaller proportion: the logo and the back part, from which the wire comes out, are made of this type of plastic.

I was really itching to talk about the innovation. Stand! I wrote very enthusiastically about the stand when I first tried it on the Razer Ornata Chroma… But it’s nothing compared to the one that comes with the BW Chroma v2 keyboard. Soft, elastic, quite dense, but extremely pleasant for the wrists — I have not seen such a convenient accessory anywhere else. And it’s a real shame it’s not sold separately for a standard form factor keyboard — I’d grab one right away! And many of you, I think, too. This stand can not be called otherwise than as solid and expensive. This is Razer magic in action. nine0003

Despite the most classic key layout, it is very difficult to get used to the macro keys, especially with a stand. So it pulls instead of «control» to press M5, and instead of Esc — M1. In general, when the keyboard is expanded, some kind of keyboard disorientation immediately occurs, and it takes several days to get used to this sensation, by mistakenly hitting the wrong keys a fair number of times. I can honestly admit that I am not a particular admirer of macro keys, however, once you get used to them, you stop paying attention (as well as you stop making mistakes in pressing), but at the right time it is always convenient to call this or that program by pressing this key. In general, this decision is like two sides of the same coin. But we all get used to it. nine0003

But Razer did some work on the top row: finally, it’s a normal top row, where F2 is located strictly above the two. But the bottom row is atypical for the classic layout, but extremely familiar to Razer: Ctrl and Alt have increased proportions, while the Win keys and function buttons on the right side of the row are pressed together as best they can.

The Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2 keyboard has an LED display, which, in addition to the main modifiers, includes game mode symbols and macro recording. In the latter case, you can write down key combinations on the fly, but in the game mode, the Win key is blocked. Further, in the software, you can also configure the blocking of common key combinations like Alt + F4 and so on. Moreover, the keyboard has support for some key combinations called by pressing Fn + F *; with them you can control the sound, switch music and adjust the brightness of the keyboard backlight. nine0003

The keyboard has a standard Cherry OEM keycap profile. Keycaps made of ABS plastic, on top of which the paint is applied, have clearly noticeable notches on a pair of main keys, and you can’t call keycap painting anything other than a reference one. It is soft, smooth, very uniform, but at the same time, the fingers do not slip on it. In addition, I really liked the application of symbols: both localizations — both Russian and English — have a magnificent subtle grotesque, and are very well distinguishable between them. Moreover, both symbols are harmoniously located on the keycaps, so it’s impossible to find fault with their execution and light transmission capacity — the symbols are seen and read at any time of the day. nine0003

Nevertheless, there was something to complain about. For some reason, during localization, they decided that localization of characters alone would be enough, and therefore all additional characters (on the number row and on the F-key row) were applied … with paint over the keycap. And because these characters are not distinguishable in the dark, even with the full brightness of the backlight. This, of course, is not critical, but still, in my opinion, it is an unfortunate blunder. In addition, due to the classic design of the case, the keycaps are quite difficult to remove by hand, so the tool for removing the keys in the kit would obviously not be superfluous. nine0003

The keyboard is built with Razer Green mechanical switches. In fact, these switches are nothing but Greetech Blue switches, just released under the Razer brand. These are tactile switches with a click and a pressing force of 50 grams. The total key travel is 4 mm, the stroke before actuation is 2 mm. The resource of pressing is incredibly large — 80 million times for each key. Of course, only time will tell how reliable these switches are.

On the other hand, all Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2 keyboard switches have built-in RGB LEDs, and when you remove the keycaps, you find a nice little thing that makes the backlight look soft, diffused, and evenly illuminates all areas of the keyboard — a white reflective backing! nine0003

But there is one detail that I personally question — stabilizers on large keys. These are wire stabilizers that support the key well so it doesn’t wobble when pressed, but these stabilizers are a real nightmare when cleaning the keyboard! Removing a keycap from a long key is much harder with such wire stabilizers than with Cherry stabilizers.

On the bottom of the keyboard, there are 5 fairly small but soft rubber pads, which, combined with the device’s impressive mass of almost 1.5 kg, allow the keyboard to stay very stable on the table. It is also interesting that the palm rest has as many as 6 rubber pads, so the keyboard will be hard to move even with very intensive typing. But one detail that wanders from year to year and does not change is retractable legs for a greater tilt of the keyboard, which have a very hard rubber pad, which is why the keyboard on these legs loses its stability quite a lot. A small aesthetic dissonance: the legs extend and retract with some kind of ominous plastic crunch, and this detail has also been neglected for many years. Fortunately, even without them, the keyboard has a rather noticeable slope, and I did not have a chance to use them. nine0003

Among other features on the right side, you can see two ports for connecting a USB device and a headset (yes, there is a 3.5 mm 4-pin jack, so you can easily connect both headphones and a gaming headset). Moreover, what is curious: you can connect both headphones (that is, sound to the output) and an analog microphone (sound to the input). A handy thing if you are tired of constantly dragging wires under the table.

The Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2 keyboard cable is quite soft, flexible and pliable, despite the thickness of a decent doctor’s sausage, plus it is wrapped in a fabric braid. At the end, the cable has three branches: one for connecting the keyboard, one for the USB hub (actually, it’s just an extension cable for the port on the keyboard itself), and one for connecting the audio. nine0003

The Razer Synapse software allows you to customize your keyboard from end to end, but it has one small drawback: all profiles and settings are synchronized to the Razer cloud storage that is linked to your account, and therefore are not saved inside the keyboard memory. So when connected to another PC, the keyboard will have all the layout and configuration of all keys that comes by default, which, in my opinion, is somewhat inconvenient. nine0003

However, everything else is in order and even better — you can reconfigure the keyboard completely as you wish, hang up hotkeys, shortcuts, launch programs and applications, as well as create complex fancy macros by typing them after any key. All sorts of functions are easily configured and set in this software.

But I want to talk about the backlight of Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2 separately. Perhaps, in terms of the number of lighting effects and the availability of various additional programs for installing various color variations, Razer simply has no equal. Not only does the keyboard have a very impressive initial number of effects, in the advanced program manager of which you can literally create a new fancy and very stylish effect with the click of two fingers, but also various programs allow you to create completely incomprehensible and very functional color settings with which the keyboard accepts a truly unique look. nine0003

I recently came across an interesting program that comes with this keyboard and… Displays everything that happens in CS:GO directly on the keyboard. Frag counting is done on macro keys (killed 2 — two buttons are lit), when you select one or another weapon, the key corresponding to the weapon it corresponds to is highlighted in a separate color . .. Anything can be configured in this program, and it is intended for CS: GO and Dota 2. It’s very cool — I’ve never seen anything like it from any other company. nine0019

any settings you like. I really like the program that makes the Razer device blink (it doesn’t matter if it’s a keyboard or a mouse — it works both there and there) to the beat of the music. Kind of an equalizer. Of course, this is more like entertainment than some useful feature, but … Beautiful. Eye-catching. And when the keyboard just stands on the table, and lighting effects appear in time with it, it looks really bewitching. So in terms of light music, Razer definitely has no equal. nine0019
And all effects can be found and downloaded at Razer Workshop:

And finally, testing in real conditions. The palm rest is soft. Highly. And cheesy. However, typing with this stand is extremely unusual, since the wrists are even slightly above the level of the keyboard, and at first this free feeling takes some getting used to. But I got a pleasure and comfort from typing that I didn’t get on any other keyboard. You get used to it very quickly too. Although here to each his own — all my life I have been typing with my hands on the table, and I have not lost anything from this. But after I removed the hand pillow, the sensations were not the same at all … From which I concluded that you get used to good things faster. nine0003

Printing is quite simple — in front of you is another loud clattering unit for the whole room. To your delight, but to your roommates… The sound from printing is neat, slightly muffled, but accurate and pleasant. I really liked the character of pressing the keys — a light pressing, a very smooth descent when overcoming a tactile barrier (which is immediately followed by a pleasant click), and the same smooth return of the key to its place. I had two new sensations at once when compared with the classic Cherry MX Blue switches: firstly, the keys have no friction when pressed, due to which it seems that the key, until it clicks, smoothly rides along a well-defined, imperceptible guide, consisting, as it were, of air, and secondly, because of the first feature, the keys dangle a little more in their sockets … However, during the entire testing period, I only made sure that, despite the same principle of operation, these switches are more pleasant to use than the proven classics . Still, Greetech is not without reason revered by many foreign colleagues, and I want to add my weighty word here — these are really very pleasant and well-made mechanical switches that give pleasure both in games and typing. nine0003

Well, time to sum up. I was very pleased with the Razer Blackwidow Chroma with the v2 prefix, and what I especially liked was that the company paid attention to ergonomics, concentrating on ease of use in everyday conditions. Yes, I’m talking about a stand that will add comfort to an already thoughtful device. From the point of view of the feeling of working at the keyboard, everything remained at the highest level — the very recognizable printing clattering gaming machine, which delighted the hearts of fans from the very first acquaintance, turned out to be even more outstanding. And I’m talking about the new switches here — they are fantastic. And the stand is right there. nine0003

The keyboard is not perfect, but nevertheless, subtle little things did not spoil the solid and warm feel of the keyboard as a whole, so I can safely say that we have one of the best keyboards in its class that does an excellent job with the most important task. — give pleasure when printing and make pastime at the device as comfortable as possible. Plus, don’t forget that Razer has arguably the most outstanding lighting options you won’t find anywhere else. What could be better? nine0003

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2016 Keyboard Overview The phrase Ultimate in the title indicates the presence of backlit keys.

Fans of this series may not be clear at first glance what are the significant differences, and we will try to answer this question in this review.


Manufacturer Razer
Product page razerzone.com
Device type/model BlackWidow Ultimate (2016)
Connection Wired
Interface USB 2.0
Polling frequency, Hz 1000
Type Gaming room
Number of keys 104
Additional buttons
Keystroke resource, million 80
Key type Mechanical
Switch type Razer Green
Changing the angle of the housing +
Built-in memory, KB
Macro recording capability +
Rollover handling 10KRO
Light + (Green)
USB cable length, m 2. 2
Braid material Nylon braid
Integral display included
Material Plastic
Color Black
Software + (Razer Synapse 2.0)
Removable palm rest
External interfaces 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x 3.5mm audio jack
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm 452 x 171 x 42
Weight, g 1290
Compatible with OS Windows 7 / 8 / 10, Mac OS X 10.8–10.10
Features Macro recording, logo light, USB pass-through and audio jack.
Average cost, $ 125

Scope of delivery

Product packaging has not changed dramatically. It still looks good, and the cutout above the arrows allows customers to try out how the mechanical switches installed here work without opening the box. On the front side there is an image of the keyboard almost in natural size, and on the back it tells about its main advantages and how the Razer Green switches work. nine0003

Inside, the keyboard is securely packed in cardboard and polyurethane dampeners and covered with a transparent plastic cover, which is worth saving for future use to protect against dust during long periods of inactivity.

Includes instruction manual, two Razer logo stickers, and a green welcome note from company president Ming-Lian Tan.

Appearance and Design

The BlackWidow Ultimate 2016’s case is made of fairly non-marking black matte plastic and feels very massive. Although it still creaks when twisting. On the bevel in the center, at the bottom of the keyboard unit, there is an illuminated Razer logo. The main difference from the 2014 model is that additional side keys have disappeared from the left side, as a result of which the overall width of the case has noticeably decreased. On the one hand, this is a limitation of functionality, but on the other hand, many complained that the side buttons only interfere with them, since they were often pressed by touch instead of Tab, Caps or Shift. nine0003

Due to the absence of side buttons, the layout has become completely standard. The left and right Shift keys are long, the Enter key is single-row. Latin and Cyrillic characters are laser engraved and are tactilely perceptible. The caps have a cylindrical recess in the middle. The combination of the Fn key with the function F buttons serves to activate additional functions. In particular, Fn + (F1-F3) control the volume of the sound, Fn + (F5-F7) are used to control playback, Fn + F9 activates macro recording, Fn + F10 switches the game mode, Fn + (F11-F12) controls the brightness of the backlight, Fn + Pause puts the PC to sleep. In addition, Fn in combination with ten digits from «0» to «9» allows you to quickly switch keyboard settings profiles.

The set of keys on the right side is also completely standard. In the upper right corner, on a glossy substrate, there are two rows of indicators. They glow green when activated. In addition to Caps, Num, and Scroll Lock, there is an «M» indicator that notifies you about the recording of a macro command (it glows red when turned on) and a G-indicator that signals the game mode.

This keyboard uses Razer Green mechanisms as switches, similar in tactile characteristics to Kailh Blue. They are characterized by a non-linear course, a loud and sonorous click when triggered. The activation force is 50 grams, but the manufacturer got confused with the predicted time between failures. The box indicates 60 million clicks, while on the official website we are talking about 80 million guaranteed activations. Stabilizers of long buttons are ordinary wire, so they feel play in the horizontal plane. All mechanisms are mounted in a green metal thrust plate. The plastic of the keycaps is white, painted with black paint only on the outside. The green LED installed here has a cylindrical shape with a spherical rounding at the end. nine0003

The profile of the keyboard is sloping, its back part is at the highest level, the difference between the upper levels of the first and last row of keys reaches 20 mm with the legs folded. From an ergonomic point of view, this is very convenient, especially if the user sits slightly below the level of the table.

On the sides of the keyboard there are small protrusions for which it is convenient to lift and rearrange it. There are no ports on the left side. Expanded legs will add an extra 18 mm to the height of the case. The rows of buttons have different angles to improve the ergonomics of the device. nine0003

On the right side, a USB 2.0 pass-through port remains in its place, but the number of 3.5 mm audio jacks has decreased to one. It is paired and is designed to connect a microphone and headphones with one wire. This is good in terms of the new headphones from Razer, which have just such a connector, but you can no longer connect ordinary headsets with two plugs here. Not to mention the fact that the mouse is usually located to the right of the keyboard, which the wires sticking out of these ports can obviously interfere with. nine0003

The large signal cable enters the case exactly in the middle, where the glossy insert is located. There is protection against bending, but given the size of the cord, it could be a little more.

Nylon braided cable has a total length of 2.2 meters. It is thick, stiff and requires considerable effort to bend. The form given to it remembers «forever». 40 cm before the connectors, a splitter box is put on the cord, from which three thinner, but no less rigid wires come out.

At the end of the cable there are two USB connectors — one signal and the second for connecting a pass-through port. The 3.5mm audio jack is paired here. It, of course, can be plugged into a laptop without any problems, but what should PC owners do, where the microphone and headphone jacks are still separate? Adapters are not included in the kit.

The bottom of the keyboard is completely flat. There are no drains or holes for mounting screws. Five small rubber feet are glued on the corners of the case and in the middle of the front. Given the weight of the device, they are enough to firmly hold the keyboard from sliding on the table. nine0003

The edges of the folding legs are rubberized, they have only one locking position.

Backlit keys in green. It is quite bright and clear, has as many as 20 discrete levels of brightness. Both fonts are highlighted perfectly, although some service characters are still left without through engraving, and therefore without highlighting. The main difference between the 2014 models is that here the brightness level and lighting effects of each key can be adjusted individually.

Consider software.

Proprietary software

BlackWidow Ultimate 2016 software uses the Razer Synapse 2.0 universal multilingual driver, which requires a permanent Internet connection to save all settings in the cloud. It also has an offline mode. In the program settings window, you can check for updates, read the manual, or select the interface language. In addition, it is possible to send a review about the product or follow the company’s official website in social networks. nine0003

In the basic setup screen, you can remap all keyboard buttons except Win and Fn keys to any other commands or actions. Settings are stored in profiles, each of which can be assigned one of a dozen available hot key combinations for quick manual activation. Or associate automatic profile activation with the start of a specific program.

In the backlight setting, you can select eight types of lighting effects, adjust their parameters and adjust the brightness of the glow. For more detailed adjustments, go to the effects configurator. nine0003

In the effect configurator, you can create separate light profiles for key groups or for each key individually. Even the glow of the logo can be customized separately.

The Game Mode setting allows you to turn it on or off and choose which keys or shortcuts will be blocked when it is activated. The Win key is always disabled by default, and Alt+F4 and Alt+Tab can be disabled if needed.

The macro editor is standard on all Razer devices. It can record keyboard commands and mouse clicks, taking into account time delays (their length can be edited). All recorded macros are stored in the PC memory. They can be given individual names. nine0003

The statistics module collects information on the use of Razer devices in quantitative terms. For the keyboard, statistics are collected on the number of button presses, the distance traveled by the keys, the number of profile switches and the activation of macros.

Let’s move on to testing the keyboard.

Ergonomics and Testing

In terms of ergonomics, the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2016 is a pretty good keyboard. It does not have a palm rest or some particularly cunning shape of the keys. However, it has the right angles of the body, both with and without deployed legs, the correct angles of the keycaps and the standard layout, which the fingers remember and which does not need to be retrained. The disappearance of a row of side buttons on the left has resolved the problem with left-hand misses on the outer keys, and in this matter Razer seems to have listened to the opinion of the players. The coating of the body and keycaps is also quite pleasant, it is tenacious and does not collect fingerprints. Based on two weeks of experience with this keyboard, I can say that it is suitable for long gaming or work sessions without causing wrist fatigue. nine0003

As far as the operation of the mechanical switches is concerned, everything is also fine. The Razer Greens here are slightly lighter than those on the 2014 model, but require more effort than, for example, the exact same mechanisms on the BlackWidow X we studied in a recent review. Here, too, there is a dead zone after the contact latch is activated, lingering in which you can cause repeated activation of the key without clicking, but it is noticeably smaller. In tactile terms, these buttons can be considered quite informative, with clearly defined feedback, which means that they are fully suitable for intensive FPS games and high-speed touch typing. One has only to take into account the fact that these switches sound loud and not everyone may like it. nine0003

BlackWidow Ultimate 2016’s backlight looks great. All fonts are perfectly readable in the dark and in daylight. Although some characters are not highlighted, such as percent signs, brackets, etc. on the number line at the top. I didn’t have any issues with the software.

The build quality of the keyboard case is at a decent level. If you wish, you can get a creak from it, but in general it is assembled firmly and impressively. Only the way the signal cord is made can cause complaints. He’s too big and stubborn. nine0003

Additional ports in this revision have lost some of their functionality. More precisely, the USB connector remains the same as it was, but the paired 3. 5 mm audio jack is installed here, to put it mildly, prematurely, since most desktop PCs do not support it, and such a keyboard is rarely bought for laptops.

The keyboard correctly works out up to 10 simultaneous keystrokes in any combination, as stated by the manufacturer.


The latest revision of the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2016 did not bring significant changes to this line. As far as I can tell, it was released purely to adapt the beautiful new lighting effects to the old keyboard design. In particular, we are talking about the individual setting of the glow of each button. However, the new version has a few features that you should consider when purchasing it. First of all, it does not have additional buttons on the side, and this solution, I am sure, will have both its supporters and opponents. A dubious decision can be considered the use of a combined 3.5 mm audio port, which will not allow you to directly connect the vast majority of modern headsets here when using this keyboard with a PC.