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I buy new Wd5000aakx  , thats blue series…   and have dilemma.

Is he use native power cable that come directly from power supply with wire (black,black,yelow,red,ORANGE) or need molex to sata conector, wire(red,black,black,yelow) ?



Hi it would use a molex to sata connector. like this . Also that is a sata 3 drive may not work on a sata 1 controller.

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Thank you. Hard work on sata 1 standard becouse my Motherboard is sata 150.

It work on native sata power cable.

I find that hdd’s use 5v,12v and 2 blak wire (ground)… so how this hard work with native sata power cable orange wire (3.3v)?



Can this sata connector that have (black,black,yelow,red, orange wire (3.3v) that come from power supply damage this hdd model if hdd do not use 3.3v?

Connector is like this one (power supply sata)…

Please answer, i am really confused…



Hi I have no idea on the power coming from each connector. Every power supply I have bought comes with that type of connector I have never had any problem using them, as that is what they are designed for. Pictures on the net may not show the exact wires I have a connector in my hand now it has 4 wires coming from the molex and 4 wires going into the sata connector. It is a simple connector I would not worry about it just use it or get a newer power supply that has sata connectors, as the connectors I have shown you are all that is available. 



But i have sata power connector, from supply. Just like link show you above. 5 wire that come from power supply through connector to sata power on hdd. Some people say that he need molex to sata  just like you said above. Some say that that orange wire is for S.m.a.r.t. tehnology …  I even ask one guy in service where i buy it and he say » i never look at that how many V hdd use and how many wires connector have, i just look to connector be sata type » … Thank you anyway.

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