Sisoft sandra portable download: SiSoftware Sandra Lite 31.119 Download

SiSoftware Sandra Lite R19 v31.115 free download — Software reviews, downloads, news, free trials, freeware and full commercial software

SiSoftware Sandra Lite R19 v31.115 free download — Software reviews, downloads, news, free trials, freeware and full commercial software — Downloadcrew


Test, troubleshoot, benchmark, or just learn more about your PC’s hardware


Operating Systems:

Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8


Free, for personal-use only



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System & Desktop Tools

Date Updated:

16 December 2022

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English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian

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157.00 MB


100% Free

Tested & Secure


SiSoft Sandra is a system information and diagnostic tool that can provide all kinds of useful information about your PCs hardware.

There’s comprehensive information about many system components, for instance. And we mean «comprehensive». If you double-click the Processors module, say, you won’t just get the model name and speed. It’ll also tell you the number of cores, processor package, core voltage rating, minimum and maximum voltage, cache details, current temperature, and a whole lot more.

The program provides a range of benchmarks to test the speed of your hard drives, removable storage, file system, mobile device file transfer, processor speed, video rendering, memory bandwidth and network performance, amongst others. These checks are particularly useful if you’re trying to optimise your system with hardware or software tweaks: run the benchmark before your speedup tweak, and afterwards, and you’ll see exactly how much effect it’s had.

And if, say, you’ve just overclocked your PC, then SiSoft Sandra can also run a burn-in test to confirm that everything is stable. If it passes then your PC is probably fine. If it fails, your PC crashes or locks up, then you’ll know there’s a problem somewhere, and can reduce your overclock accordingly.

There’s plenty of features available here, then, but if you upgrade from the free Lite version then you’ll gain many more: wireless networking benchmarks, 13 hardware and 14 software information modules, amongst others. Well worth a closer look.


A very useful benchmarking and hardware information tool. If you need to know something about one of your PCs devices, then SiSoftware Sandra can probably help

Secure & Tested Software

Instant Download 24/7

10+ Years of Service

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Loads of modules – Loads of reasons

Latest version 20/21

Hardware modules

Computer Management, Storage Devices, Network, On-board Devices, Peripherals, Portable Devices


Easy “de facto” standard benchmarks for measuring performance. Processor, Virtual Machine, General-Purpose (GP) Computing, Video Adapter, Storage Devices, Memory Controller, Network

Software Information

Video Adaptor, Storage Devices, Network, Running Status, Software Management

Editions and Prices

With a range of options, from home users, to small businesses, to large corporate. There is a version for everyone.

Home Users


5 licences

  • Easy «de facto» standard benchmarks for measuring performance.
  • Improve understanding of what is inside your computer.
  • Compare your system with reference systems and results.
  • Check software configuration and settings and much more.
  • Designed especially for Home Users.

Business machines


starting at

  • Easy «de facto» standard benchmarks for measuring performance.
  • Analyse your network computers.
  • Support for machines part of Domain.
  • Support for Virtualisation.
  • Batch execution of modules.



starting at

  • Includes all the features of the Business Professional version as well as.
  • USB/CD version does not require install, save time, saves install
  • Allows commercial exploitation / usage.
  • Licenecd per technician for simplification.
  • Reduces total cost of ownership due to each technician being licensed.
  • Ability to run directly from CD or USB without installation. (Portable Version only)



starting at

  • Includes Tech Support Plus on USB as a handy portable tool at no extra cost. (Worth $399.99)
  • Remotely runs diagnostics on your network machines and returns the results to your console.
  • Uses domain authentication to push installation to remote machines.
  • Suppirts machines you can’t physically see.
  • From only $14 per client machine.

Upgrade and save

Existing customers can take advantage of the discounts to upgrade and get the latest version. Upgrade start at: Personal Edition from $44.99 Business Edition from $139.99 Tech Support from $199.99

Upgrade options

Software images

Some sample images from SiSoftware Sandra 20/21

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