The mystery of britney spears breast: The Mystery of Britney’s Breasts

Britney Spears shows off her boobs in lace lingerie & boasts she was a ‘freaking milk factory’ while breastfeeding sons

BRITNEY Spears showed off her boobs in lace lingerie and boasted she was a “freaking milk factory” while breastfeeding her sons.

The 40-year-old left little to the imagination in her latest post.


Britney showed off her breasts in lace black lingerieCredit: britneyspears/Instagram


The singer recalled breastfeeding her sonsCredit: Instagram/Britney Spears

Britney took to Instagram on Monday to share a close-up photo of her lace black lingerie and cleavage.

She left the post captionless, though included three slides worth of text posts.

The Toxic singer wrote: “I breastfed my 2 boys… like a freaking milk factory.

“I had literally 6 full bottles pumped out and ready to go at all times besides me as U was breastfeeding because I never wanted my babies to go hungry!!!

“I was always spraying out and leaking because I was so full of milk and it kind of hurt my boobs.

Britney shares sons Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15, with ex-husband Kevin Federline, 43.

As the caption continued, Britney explained that she recently held a woman’s two-month-old child during a trip to Maui.

She wrote: “I held the baby for an hour as we talked and I guess as women our bodies hold memory because it was like my back came out and instinctive came back… it was immediate!

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“I had my boys back to back so I remember how strong my back had to be holding them when at one point I had 40 cars of paps on my tail!!!”

Britney went on to praise the “strength” of mothers as she recalled raising her sons while performing on tour.

The singer then said, “women have a groundbreaking way of knowing when it comes to babies… but kids.. now that gets tricky.”


“I actually think my dad always played the kid as his role… I mean the first day my dad became my conservator I will never forget,” she wrote.

Britney’s dad, Jamie, was removed as her conservator late last year after serving in the role for 13 years.

She claimed Jamie sat her down and said, “I’m Britney Spears and I call the shots from now on.’”

The singer continued: “Ever since that day I felt a huge part of my womanhood stripped from me… I was never the same.”

Britney then said she misses “the deep angst of living in secret” and said it made her feel “so alive.”

After insisting her father played her like “a game of chess,” Britney wrote: “If you check out my chest it could kind of pass for a baby’s a**.

“So go ahead and kiss it… while you’re at it don’t know that I’m a b***h, I’m a lover, I’m a child, I’m a mother, I’m a sinner, I’m a saint, I do not feel ashamed, I’m your hell, I’m your dream, I’m nothing in between… I know you wouldn’t want it any other way… Who wants to play???”

After Britney quoted the lyrics to the Meredith Brooks song B***h, she concluded the Instagram post by writing: “TAKE ME BACK LOL????? LOL- It’s more like F**K YOU UNTIL THE DAY I DIE.


Britney’s latest post comes shortly after she revealed she «cried oceans» over the boys.

She recently opened up about her sons in a vulnerable Instagram post comparing her puppy’s growth to that of her boys.

«My baby is getting bigger … I will just say it just like when my boys got bigger … IT LITERALLY SUCKS,» she began in the caption.

Britney went on: «They don’t need me anymore … I’ve cried oceans for my boys and I’m not lying !!!! Hopefully one day I can show recent pics of us but in the meantime, I respect their wishes !!!!!

«Oh well … but Sawyer … yes, he’s bigger but he will always need me and I like that !!!!»


She has been known to post revealing photos onlineCredit: Instagram


Britney rarely shares photos with her sonsCredit: Instagram


She shares her boys with ex-husband KevinCredit: Instagram / Britney Spears

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Britney Spears poses in see-through top after star reveals she ‘nearly got a boob job’ following her conservatorship

BRITNEY Spears has put on a fashion show of her new wardrobe, including one tight, see-through top that left little to the imagination.

The iconic pop star has been teasing her fans since revealing she nearly got a boob job after years of being fat shamed by her father, Jamie.


Britney SPears showed off her new clothingCredit: Instagram/britneyspears


The singer posted a video of her try-on sessionCredit: Instagram/britneyspears

The hitmaker wore what looked like a tight, silky white see-through shirt that barely concealed her nipples.

The lacey sleeves were reminiscent of a wedding dress.

Britney, 40, tried on several other outfits as well, including off the shoulder and midriff baring shirts and high riding shorts.

She captioned the quick video: «I had to model some of my favorite new tops!!!

«Yes I’m shopping and getting ready for spring … I think 2022 is going to be fun as hell!!!»

The «fun» could come thanks to the end of the star’s conservatorship in November 2021, after more than a decade.


After its end was finalized, the If You Seek Amy singer opened up about feeling insecure after allegedly enduring several years of being berated and put down by her father and conservator.

She took to Instagram as she often does, sharing a screengrab of a lengthy note she wrote and a brief caption.

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She wrote: «It’s crazy living in Los Angeles . .. I was thinking about getting a boob job … my boobs are fairly small … I mean with the right bra it’s fine but I was curious what a doctor would say !!!

«I love 7 pounds in the last 6 months and that’s a lot for me !!! I’m officially part of the ‘itty bitty titty committee’ … they shrunk !!!»

Britney went on: «I don’t know where my boobs went … well I show up at the office and I’m going the back way walking up 8 flights of stairs !!!! I’m like WTF is this ???

«They want you to die before you make it there !!! F**K THIS !!! Nobody was there to let us in … uhhhh how long to we wait here ??? 10 minutes go by … 15 minutes … f**k that !!!»


The star went on, seemingly discussing beauty standards in Hollywood.

She wrote: «I’ve never been back … then I get home and go online to see the biggest stars getting facials with their facialists saying, ‘people don’t believe but no filter !!! This is real !!! This celebrity has done movies and all and is shot so beautifully . .. what the hell is she trying to prove ??? I know she’s beautiful !!!

«I’ve seen her in person so it was weird seeing someone like her trying to convince people she’s natural [sic] beautiful … then I said to myself I do the same but I’m not nearly as beautiful as she is yet I kind of do the same thing !!!! I haven’t been shot well though, I’ve never been more humiliated and embarrassed in my life during the years in my conservatorship»


Britney didn’t stop there as in a second slide, she took aim at her father, Jamie, specifically, accusing him of making comments about her body and putting her down.

She delved deeper into her body image woes, confessing that she has poor self image

«Yes I do care and anyone would if you saw yourself the way I have … my dad always told me I was fat and being the heavy girl on stage wasn’t fun,» she wrote.

The award-winning musician went on: «It was humiliating !!! I had one good cover in 13 years of my conservatorship

«The rest were all extremely bad !!! They could have at least cheated and used technology . .. but they used it to make it worse !!!

«Such a f**king waste of time … I believe all girls care and if you have ever had a guy say there’s no looking at your face … not @samasghari of course … you would understand how it really hurts !!!!»

«… I am absolutely a victim to all of the societal objectifications and exploitations that women are subjected to … I have bought into myself at times !!! SORRY IT’S A LOT !!!

«I personally believe people can be happy whether they are skinny old fat whatever… if you are happy and have good energy, you are 100% attractive!!! Happy people draw light and it’s contagious and attractive !!!»

Britney’s message concluded: «God knows the secret to my success was never how beautiful I was !!! I believe I was a tease …»

She captioned the post: «‘The hypothesis of real beauty isn’t the view itself, it’s rather the observer’s internal recognition’ — Britney Spears.»


Britney has been showing off since the end of her conservatorshipCredit: Instagram


The singer accused her dad, Jamie, of fat shaming her. Credit: AFP


Britney and fiancé Sam Asghari are now planning their weddingCredit: Instagram / @samasghari

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Miley Cyrus’ chest was exposed live, and Britney Spears’ zipper was unzipped

Komsomolskaya Pravda

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90 004 August 31, 2015 07:45 PM

7 Most Spectacular Awards Ceremony Necklines MTV Video Music Awards [photo]

Pop divas at the MTV Video Music Awards competed busts.Photo: SPLASH NEWS

In Los Angeles, one of the most significant awards in the field of show business was presented — MTV Video Music Awards. The ceremony was broadcast live last night (Moscow time — early in the morning). The video for the song Bad Blood by American singer Taylor Swift was recognized as the music video of the year. Fall Out Boy won Best Rock Video for Uma Thurman, while Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda was named Best Hip Hop Video.

No less than the awards, the attention of the audience was attracted by the outfits of the beautiful participants in the colorful show. And they did their best: the degree of nakedness of pop divas on the red carpet just rolled over. We look at the seven most provocative outfits of the stars of the MTV Video Music Awards, and find out whose neckline looked spectacular.

1. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus chose a costume in the style of the space wanderer Barbarella. On this occasion, Miley changed as many as seven outfits on stage, one more provocative than the other. For example, this costume is in the style of the space wanderer Barbarella. At first glance, it seemed that Miley was wearing no underwear, but upon closer inspection, under the large rhinestones on the pope, flesh-colored panties were nevertheless found.

Under the large rhinestones on Cyrus’ buttocks, flesh-coloured panties were nevertheless revealed. Photo: SPLASH NEWS

In a revealing suit, Cyrus felt more than confident. And when during the live broadcast her bust was accidentally exposed, the singer was not at all embarrassed. She just said: “Oh, my chest fell out!”

«Oh, my chest fell out!» — said Miley during the live broadcast. Photo: SPLASH NEWS

Miley immodestly bared her breasts live. Photo: frame from video

2. Miley Cyrus again

However, Miley’s transparent dress was not the most discussed outfit of the ceremony. Balls were sewn here and there on the plastic outfit, covering the intimate zones of the star’s body.

The most discussed attire of the ceremony was the transparent dress of Miley Cyrus. Photo: SPLASH NEWS

3. Britney Spears

Britney has noticeably prettier lately — the singer has lost so much weight that she boldly dressed in an outfit of gold rhinestones with transparent inserts. To many, her dress was reminiscent of the famous jumpsuit from the Toxic video. Britney’s performance went perfectly, except for a small embarrassment: during the show, her back zipper was slightly unzipped. However, agile assistants quickly corrected this.

Britney Spears has lost a lot of weight.Photo: SPLASH NEWS

Britney loves spectacular cleavage.Photo: SPLASH NEWS

4. Rita Ora

The British singer of Albanian origin has long walked in the «style icons». And from time to time pampers his fans with luxurious necklines. Like this time.

Rita Ora is a British star of Balkan origin.Photo: SPLASH NEWS

Rita has long been walking in «style icons».Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

5. Kim Kardashian

Rapper Kanye West received one of the prize statuettes last night. During the ceremony, West’s wife Kim Kardashian was present in the hall — despite the long pregnancy, the model could not help but appear on the red carpet. No wonder — after all, her husband announced from the stage that he intended to run for president of the United States (details)! The potential first lady was dressed in a long dress with a deep neckline, decorated with lacing.

Kim Kardashian may be the future first lady of the United States. Photo: SPLASH NEWS

6. Nicki Minaj

Kardashian’s perpetual butt foe, rapper Nicki Minaj boasted an equally impressive bust this time around.

The eternal opponent of the Kardashians, competing with her in the size of the buttocks, rapper Nicki Minaj. Spectacular brunette Thalia Burnett is a singer who performs under the pseudonym FKA twigs. And although her bust size is not as impressive as that of Kim Kardashian, Thalia always attracts the attention of gossip chroniclers with unusual outfits.

Waist — Robert Pattinson’s new love. Photo: SPLASH NEWS

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Britney Spears plastic surgery before and after photos

  • Face
  • Figure
  • Main
  • It’s interesting

In December 2020, Britney Spears will celebrate her 39th birthday. I can’t believe that the earthly incarnation of the Barbie doll (in her youth, of course) will “exchange” her fifth decade in just a year! Her ill-wishers often call her a blurry woman without age, but in the memory of devoted fans she still remains a girl with a viciously innocent face and a fine figure.

How Britney Spears’ face has changed with age

Unfortunately, the «baby» doesn’t look like a million anymore. Her beauty has not faded, but qualitatively changed. Comparing the photo of Britney Spears in her youth with her modern pictures, you understand that the star did not care too much about her appearance and pretty much launched herself.

Young Britney Spears: photo before plastic surgery

Wrinkles, dry dull skin, dull eyes, swollen oval face, far from a brilliant state of the neck and décolleté — this was Britney Spears a few years ago. Now she looks better and explains the changes by giving up bad habits, exercising regularly and being happy in her personal life.

Compare photos of Britney Spears in her youth and now

In turn, experts, without in any way underestimating the importance of positive changes in the life of a star, believe that the metamorphoses of appearance, including the merit of aesthetic medicine specialists. In their opinion, Britney’s fresh appearance was restored by biorevitalization, and Botox injections and hyaluronic fillers returned her smooth skin.

Britney Spears before and after rhinoplasty

It is known about the rhinoplasty done by the actress at the beginning of her career. If you compare the photos of Britney Spears before and after rhinoplasty, you can see that the shape of the nose has not changed much, but thanks to the slightly narrowed back, the olfactory organ began to look more elegant.

What Britney Spears looks like now

How the figure of the singer changed with age

Quite abruptly, from a sexy teenage girl, the artist turned into a well-fed lady with a decent size tummy and magnificent hips. Not in the best way, two pregnancies, which followed one after another, also affected the figure of a celebrity. Not immediately, but the singer, according to her, managed to get her weight under control and put her body in order thanks to proper nutrition and individual sports training with fashion trainer Tony Martinez.

How Britney Spears’ figure changed

As soon as she got rid of extra pounds, the tabloids immediately suspected the star of abdominoplasty and liposuction, but the singer categorically rejected these assumptions. Perhaps even before the birth of children, she enlarged her breasts, and later had a mastopexy and corrected the ptosis. Britney herself does not comment on such rumors.

Britney Spears: swimsuit photo

Britney Spears: date of birth, height, weight, plastic surgery

Date of birth / place of birth December 2, 1981 / USA, Mississippi, McComb.
Occupation Singer, actress, producer.
Height / weight / body measurements 163 cm / 57 kg / 89 — 69 — 89 cm (chest-waist-hips).
Verified plastic surgery Rhinoplasty.
Alleged plastic Mammoplasty, mastopexy.

Interesting facts about the biography of Britney Spears

The Mickey Mouse Club, a Pepsi jar and the first Grammy award. At the age of eight, Britney Spears was accepted into the prestigious «circle of creative youth», whose members at various times were Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and other American stars. In 2001, being already a fairly well-known singer, Britney Spears starred in a Pepsi commercial, and 17 years later the company released a limited batch of the drink in a personalized can with the image of a pop princess. The hit “Toxic” occupies a special place in the singer’s work: firstly, it brought her a Grammy Award, and secondly, Hollywood celebrities Jodie Foster and Priyanka Chopra recited it at the request of WMagazine magazine.

This was Britney Spears as a child

The acting career did not work out. None of the films in which Britney Spears starred have been successful with the public. For her role in the film «Crossroads» she was awarded the «Golden Raspberry» in the nomination «Worst Actress». The film with her participation «Fahrenheit 9/11» was also called a failure of criticism.

Poor mental health, alcohol and drugs . Britney Spears was very upset by the death of her grandmother and aunt, and the troubles in family life and business (I had to close the restaurant) also did not improve her mental health. The singer shaved her head, got fat and turned into an object of ridicule. The secret of the inappropriate behavior of the star was discovered by her uncle: it turns out that Britney, as a teenager, undermined her psyche, having started drinking alcohol at the age of 13, and drugs at the age of 14.

The photo on the left shows Britney Spears without makeup, and the photo on the right shows the singer without photoshop

Husbands and children.