Video trap cable: The never-ending question of cable network’s “traps”

The never-ending question of cable network’s “traps”


Home Tech Discussions The never-ending question of cable network’s “traps”

The FCC has been considering a change of their basic encryption rules. It may sound complicated, but in reality, it’s a pretty simple concept. If you can’t quite comprehend it, we’ll explain the idea in simple terms. There has been a lot of public discussion about this matter, and everyone should get the opportunity to state their opinion about it, but first you need to analyze the whole idea.

Why are encryption and traps important for providers?

In short words – it’s all about the control.  The idea of authentication is at the heart of encryption. In simpler words, the providers want to ensure that only people who pay for the services get the access. Traps are an old way of controlling the authentication of service users, and they act like a simple filter. Back in the early 1970s, upon launching the first premium channel (the HBO), providers began offering more and more premium programs. However, it was almost arbitrary, so a vast number of users didn’t want to pay for the new service.

The cable network came to an idea to develop a device, called a negative trap, to prevent access to people who refuse to pay for certain channels. It was a pretty simple device which was designed to only let particular frequencies through the unit while blocking others.

However, the times have changed, and the new technology requires innovative units, instead of dated devices. The television has become more than a luxury commodity; it became almost a necessity. Also, the service moved from the point of providing only TV programs to data, voice, and video, which brings us to another problem. For example, even though a vast majority of subscribers opt for all three services, some only want the television or Internet. The companies value all of their consumers the same way, but they need to be sure that no one gets access to the service they didn’t pay for.

The problems

The first issue with traps is that they’re simply outdated. Because the broadband frequencies tend to be quite similar to TV signal frequencies, it’s not uncommon for the TV signal to get “through” the trap. The consequences are pretty obvious; it’s unfair towards people who do pay for these services. Also, the company’s financial loss is enormous.

There is a device called “QAM tuner” which allows former subscribers and Internet users to receive TV signal without paying for it. Also, by installing a simple splitter, users can get access to unencrypted channels, which can be found online. Of course, many major providers advocate the use of traps, but there are quite a few problems with the concept. For example, a technician is required to install the device physically. Also, they need to enter your home to ensure everything is connected properly, and not all of us like to let strangers in our home.

The outcome

A few questions emerge immediately:

  1. Is it worth sending technicians out to intervene even if we’re on the verge of digitalizing everything?
  2. Is it cost-efficient?
  3. Is it a good idea to overwhelm the market with obsolete devices from the 1970s?  – Probably not.

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AuSable Brand Trap Anchor Cable Stake Ends — Proudly Made in the U.


Price: From $6.95 to $52.95

AuSable Brand Earth Anchors Trap Stakes are 1-1/2″ wide x 3-1/2″ long providing a large surface area that will stay where you put them. The AuSable Anchor is a good all around anchor and is 14 gauge thick.

1/16″ Galvanized 1×19 Aircraft Snare Cable

Price: From $15.95 to $29.95

1/16″ Galvanized 1×19 Aircraft Snare Cable.

3/32 Galvanized 7X7 Aircraft Snare Cable Wire

Price: From $11.95 to $142.95

3/32″ Galvanized 7×7 Aircraft Snare Cable. 920# test.

3/32″ Galvanized 1×19 Aircraft Snare Cable

Price: From $19.95 to $70.95

3/32″ Galvanized 1×19 Aircraft Snare Cable. 920# test.

Aluminum Double Ferrules for 3/32″ cable

Price: From $1.13 to $49. 95

Aluminum Double Ferrules for 3/32″ cable

Aluminum Stop Buttons for 3/32″ cable

Price: From $0.85 to $55.95

Aluminum Stop Buttons for 3/32″ cable 1 dozen. Aluminum Stop Buttons for 3/32″ cable.

AuSable Magnum Driver 24″ T-Handle — Works on AuSable, Dirt Dog & Wolf Fang Type Earth Anchors Made in the USA

Price: $15.00

* Whole number only

The Magnum AuSable Driver will fit both the AuSable Earth Anchors as well as the Wolf Fang Stake Ends.

Berkshire Heavy Duty Disposable Stake Ends

Price: From $7.49 to $49.95

Berkshire Heavy Duty Disposable Stake Ends Berkshire Disposable Stakes. This is the least expensive, lightest, and easiest earth anchor to use. Works for all sizes and types of traps and snares, even in the water. No cable inclu

Berkshire Soft Ground Disposable Stake Ends

Price: From $0.95 to $74.95

Berkshire Soft Ground Disposable Stake Ends. This is the best stake end for soft ground. Works for all sizes and types of traps and snares, even in the water. No cable included.

Trappers check out our quality cable at great pr

Berkshire Stake Ends — Choose End Type & Quantity

Price: From $4.95 to $87.95

Choose from Standard, Heavy Duty & Soft Ground. As well as your quantity.

Berkshire Standard Disposable Stake Ends

Price: From $0.89 to $32.95

Berkshire Disposable Stakes Package Disposable Stake Ends Package of 100 Stake Ends Berkshire Disposable Stakes. This is the least expensive, lightest, and easiest earth anchor to use. Works for all sizes and types of traps and sna

Build Your Own Cable Stakes Kit — 5 Dozen — Choose Your End

Price: From $34. 95 to $52.95

This kit comes with enough supplies to build 5 dozen 15″ cable stakes. Includes: 60 stake ends, 100′ roll of wire and 120 double ferrules. This is cheaper than buying all of the supplies separate and you can choose from a majority of the ends we carry!

Duckbill Earth Anchor Trap Stake Ends

Price: From $11.95 to $89.75

Duckbill earth anchors are a light weight stake end that hold 300 pounds. If you are looking to make your own stakes these work great. An affordable and high quality stake end!

Fox Hollow Finned Super Stake Ends

Price: From $29.95 to $249.95

Double the power of the original super stake end, the finned stake ends work great in all types of soil. Electro galvanized for protection from rust. These are a must have for loose soil trapping. So easy to make your own cable stakes just slap some cab

Fox Hollow Original Super Stake Ends

Price: From $19. 95 to $149.95

A one piece malleable cast steel stake ends. Super Stake Ends are super high quality and work great. Just add some cable and these babies are ready to rock n roll. Great holding power.

Hand Swager

Price: $49.95

* Whole number only

Hand Swager. Swages 3/64, 1/16, 5/64, 3/32 aluminum, stops and double ferrules, plus 1/8 stops. 14″ long, Full width jaws allow swages in one compression.

Wolf Creek Original Wolf Fang — Earth Anchors — Trap Stake Ends

Price: From $4.95 to $39.95

The Wolf Fang earth anchor has been developed by Wolf Creek Products. These are heavy duty anchors. Once the anchor is set, it is staying there. The Wolf Fang was an original earth style trap anchor that is still in existence today.

Wolf Creek Wolf Fang Driver Weld On Tip

Price: $5. 00

* Whole number only

5 Tip for the do it yourselfers that cant machine the slot into the driver.

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