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V for Vendetta Costume Guide for Halloween

The mask that has now become totally synonymous with the Anonymous group is based on the character from history called Guy Fawkes.

This whole look has changed to become quite sinister in appearance. It can now make for a really dark and edgy looking V for Vendetta costume just perfect for Halloween.

Dressing up like Guy Fawkes has never been so popular since the cult 2006 movie, V for Vendetta. It has also seen a surge in popularity due to the rise of the hacker-activist group that is known as Anonymous.

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Image Credit: Original image shared by parameciorecords on Pixabay with a CC License

If you want to take a historical approach to this famous character from history, I have a complete historical Guy Fawkes costume guide for that too. V for Vendetta outfits and costumes are really just loosely based on this historical character and some elements are nothing like the original versions.

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I’ll mention some related costume accessories further on that give you those extra ideas to create this whole look. Although it can take more work buying items to wear individually, you can end up with a better finished look if you choose carefully.

UK Readers get a Vendetta Costume from Amazon.co.uk

This is one of the rather cool looking and ready-made V for Vendetta Halloween costume designs that many people choose to wear to adopt that popular Guy Fawkes look. The deluxe set by Rubies should include a black shirt, black pants with boot tops, cape, mask, belt, hat and 6 pretend dagger accessories.

However, if you buy this from a re-seller be sure to ask that you are getting the actual Rubies deluxe set and that it contains the full amount of items in it because some of them are not selling the whole set.

The items that you might want to purchase yourself to fully complete the whole look are a wig and some black gloves because these items are not included in the price.

View this V for Vendetta Costume for Women on Amazon.com

UK Readers look for a Women’s Costume on Amazon.co.uk

The female version of this outfit includes a black dress, cape, boot tops, black gloves, a belt with 6 faux daggers and a black hat. It’s a very edgy looking outfit for Halloween and other occasions.

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Alternatively, you could also put together your own design by donning your own choice of black colored clothes and buying some key accessories instead. This one comes in 4 different sizing options.

You can buy complete costumes to dress in a V for Vendetta outfit. Alternatively, and an option that I believe normally works out better, is to buy the items that you need separately in order to make your outfit much more unique.

2: Guy or Guido Fawkes Mask Costume Accessory

UK Readers get a Vendetta Mask from Amazon.co.uk

One of the best parts of not buying a complete costume is that you can pick out some more interesting designs in terms of key accessories. Normally, items packaged in with whole outfits are just bog standard ones that most people dressing up as this character will settle for.

By choosing your own Vendetta or Anonymous mask, you can select from a whole range of colors and designs. I love the look of this shiny gold color one shown here and you can also buy some very cool looking black ones too. Stand out from the crowd by choosing something just a little different.

Interestingly, the mask that is used to symbolize the character Guy Fawkes is fairly evocative of the era and time that he lived in with the styling of the pointy beard and the mustache. Almost everyone will recognize who you are portraying by wearing one of these over your face.

3: Other V for Vendetta Costume Accessories

Image Credit: Shared by GabboT on Flickr with a CC License

The Black Hat

For a traditional looking Guy Fawkes, the styling of the movie Vendetta hat is all wrong. The type of hat that this character would actually have worn would have been much taller and very conical in appearance.

You can get standard black Vendetta hats online or alternatively you might want to trawl around the charity shops or auction sites for different options on this one.

Black Hair Wigs

The actual Vendetta wigs I’ve seen really don’t look anything special. This rather straight, shoulder-length black hair does complete the look when worn along with a actual mask and hat. However, you can get hold of any black hair wig instead.

Women could go for a shoulder-length bob style of wig which is turned under a little at the ends. Or it might be cool to opt for a super long black hairstyle instead. I’ve seen some ombre grey to black wigs that look really awesome and would work with this look.

Black Leather Look Gloves

Gloves were certainly worn as part of the costume in Guy’s day and age. They would have been a slimmer fit around the fingers and much more elegant in construction. A pair of leather look black gloves looks more sophisticated than bare hands and adds to the menacing style of having all your skin covered.

Belt with 6 Costume Daggers

The final key item or accessory is a black belt with 6 plastic daggers. Quite honestly, I would rather construct my own, if I was that keen to add this particular element to the overall outfit.

It would be a fairly simple job and admittedly a little time consuming to glue elastic tabs to an existing black belt and then make some cardboard daggers and spray paint them silver. But that’s what I’d do.

4: Ideas on Tweaking Your V or Anonymous Look

Image Credit: Shared by GabboT on Flickr with a CC License

The best thing about dressing up is being able to experiment with different looks and styles. Put your own spin on things. Just because a character in a film dressed a certain way doesn’t mean you have to copy it exactly. Otherwise you end up looking just like a carbon copy of everyone else who is dressing that way. Dare to be different.

Ideas on Rocking a Different V for Vendetta Look
  • ✔️ Team a mask, wig and hat with a smart or more formal black suit
  • ✔️ Women could rock a black catsuit with a mask and a low slung belt with the daggers on
  • ✔️ Just buy a mask and wear black jeans and a dark hoodie with it
  • ✔️ Instead of a mask, paint your face across the bottom half in white and add the black mustache and beard design with black face paint
  • ✔️ Do a V for Vendetta Zombie costume design with a mask broken in parts to reveal zombie themed face paint underneath. Wear a blood spattered and shabby looking outfit like you’ve just walked out of a grave

The vendetta look is definitely very cool and modern and one that you can wear for costume parties, Bonfire Night and other what I’d call alternative occasions. I hope you enjoyed the range of adult size Vendetta costumes and accessories here along with inspiration and ideas on the entire styling that you’re going for.

There are loads of fun ideas that you could have with this theme. Be inventive and you’ll be the center of attention wherever you go.

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All kinds of hats. Which summer hat to choose?

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We will not only talk about women’s summer hats that we wear at sea. There are many more types of hats that we can add to our everyday wardrobe. The hat is an accessory that is synonymous with elegance and never goes out of style. It is very important to find the perfect headwear style that suits your style and your face shape in order to create trendy summer looks. So, let’s look at what types of summer women’s hats are, list their names, as well as some stylish secrets.

Summer hat

Types of hats


Initially, the fedora hat was exclusively a men’s accessory ?, but soon became popular with women as well. The fedora hat is today an elegant and stylish choice for our everyday life. It protects the head and face from the sun, while the brim of this hat is relatively small.

Fedora hat has a concave top and three side notches. It is also characterized by a drop-shaped or rhombus-shaped depression that forms at the top of the hat. Traditionally, a fedora is made from soft felt, and wrapped with ribbon, its brim is quite soft and can be raised and lowered. Of course, there are also options from other materials and a wide variety of designs, for example, a fedora decorated with flowers. This chic type of hat can be worn with both trousers and dresses or a skirt, while it is suitable not only for the city, but will also be appropriate on the beach.

Fedora hat

The fedora hat is considered universal as it suits women and men with any face shape. However, chubby girls should still choose hats with an elongated top. A fedora hat made of felt, of course, may not be suitable for summer, because even in thin felt it can be hot, so today you can easily find a straw fedora.

Straw Fedora

This hat is shaped like a fedora. However, it is usually made from soft and light straw obtained from a certain type of palm. And of course it is designed specifically for summer days, to protect the head and face from the sun. It is suitable both for a beach holiday and for walking around the city.

Straw fedora

Boater hat

If you are looking for a modern type of hat that is different from the above, but looks just as impressive, you can choose the boater hat. It’s a straw hat with a small, round brim and a straight band at the top, and can be worn with just about anything. It will fit into both a more sporty ? and a business style, but it is most suitable for images with dresses. This version of the hat will look perfect on girls with an elongated face.

Boater hat

Panama hat

This hat is shaped like an inverted bucket and has a small brim. This type of hat is gaining popularity today, especially on the beach, but there are women who wear it more and more often in everyday looks. This hat is usually made from a soft fabric, such as cotton or denim, and there are products containing polyester that are waterproof. This hat today is combined with anything, adapting it to the needs of everyone. And it is more convenient to carry it with you than any straw hat, panama can be folded into a bag without any problems, and when traveling it will not deteriorate in a suitcase.

Women’s Panama


The most feminine summer women’s hats are nothing but capelina hats. Cool, light and very stylish, they are ideal for both the beach and for walking around the city. They usually have a large brim and provide high protection from the sun, as they cover both the face and part of the shoulders. But, of course, there are equally elegant, but no less impressive straw hats with smaller brim. They come in a wide variety of colors, the most popular of which is beige. Of course, if a simple design is not enough for you, you can easily find a chapel with decorative elements.

Chapel Hat

Baseball Cap

Another of the most popular women’s hats that can complement our summer outfits is the baseball cap. It is suitable for a more sporty style, but it can be combined with dresses or skirts no less beautifully. In fact, a baseball cap is one of the must-haves for the perfect summer street look. Its long visor makes it ideal for protecting your face from the sun’s rays. Today you can find baseball caps in a variety of designs and colors. In fact, there are more glamorous baseball caps adorned with prints and sometimes even rhinestones that can make a casual look even more impressive. And, of course, another element that characterizes this type of hat is a special clasp at the back of the head, which allows you to easily adjust the size to the desired one.

Women’s baseball cap


Hat with a visor is one of the most fashionable summer designs, a great alternative to a baseball cap. She has a wide and long visor that creates a shadow on the face. This is a very stylish hat, which is also actively gaining popularity today. It can be worn in the morning at sea or on a walk until noon or in the evening, because this hat will not protect your head from overheating. It is easily and beautifully combined with trousers or shorts, as well as with dresses or skirts. And, of course, this is the most summer beach hat, because it is worn only in summer. The hair in this hat can be left loose or taken away. ?

Visor hat

Cowboy hat

Its imposing and impressive design makes it quite special and has quite a lot of fans. Such hats are usually made of leather or straw and have a brimmed brim. The cowboy hat goes well with boho outfits and especially with long floral summer dresses. Also, a cowboy hat ? goes well with a set of denim shorts and a crochet top.

Cowboy hat

Wide-brimmed hat

Another summer hat for women, which not only protects from the sun, but also adds zest to our look, is a round and wide hat with a large brim, which is amazingly combined with different styles. It can be worn with a dress as well as trousers or shorts for an equally impressive result. As for the hair, the ideal option would be a light and relaxed hairstyle with curls or straight flowing hair. But if you are hot and you want to collect your hair, give preference to a sloppy braid.

Wide-brimmed hat

So, the hat is an accessory that is synonymous with elegance and extravagance, which never goes out of style and is a must for every girl in summer.

Question? Answer!

  • Q:? Which hat is best for a heart-shaped face?

    A: Girls with this type of face have a fairly wide forehead, so you should not choose hats with a wide brim. You can choose a small or medium width, and a turned-up brim or a hat with a side slope or a sloping peak will also look great.

  • Q:? Which hat would suit a girl with a triangular face?

    A: Girls with this shape of the face will suit almost any hat, so they can not be shy and experiment, but they should put on a hat deep, to the level of the eyebrows.

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How to choose the right hat for your face: emphasize your individuality!

Beauty Ideas /
The idea of ​​the image

It has long been considered that a hat in any wardrobe is a sign of nobility. As a rule, a well-chosen hat can reveal a woman from a completely new side. But the wrong headdress can completely spoil the impression of the whole appearance. Therefore, when a woman, so to speak, “ripens” for such an important female accessory as a hat, some important tips will always come in handy for her.

How to choose?

First, your headgear should not be too conspicuous. Its task is to emphasize the shape of the face and outlines of the head. In addition, the hat should be comfortable, it is desirable that it be functional, which means it protects from wind, sun and rain. Naturally, you should not cancel its aesthetic component, which will emphasize your individuality. There is a certain rule — the hat must be tall. This means the shorter you are, the smaller your headgear should be.

What style of hat should be

When buying, it is very important to see yourself in full growth. For example, if you have a thin face, a hat with a flat head and wide brim is very suitable for you. But girls with a round face need to wear hats with up-turned fields, voluminous berets, panama hats, scarves, hats with visors, and trimmed hats. Pill hats and bowlers will not go to a round type of face.
Ladies with a triangular face are best suited for scarves and hats with small brim. Don’t wear tight-fitting hats that will accentuate the top of your face.
If we talk about a square face, then asymmetric hats, models with lowered brim and caps with so-called «ears» suit him.
If a woman has an upturned nose, it is best for her to choose a small hat in the form of a bonnet or a beret.
Bohemian berets look great with long faces, asymmetrical hats, with lowered brim, as well as men’s hats. It is better to give up berets, and knitted tight-fitting hats.

Tall women should prefer flat and wide hats. In addition, it is advisable for them to avoid mini-hats and narrow hats.
Hats with a high crown are very suitable for small or short girls.
There is a rule that the brim of the headdress of a small fragile woman should in no case go beyond the line of the width of her shoulders.

A lady with a large build, weight disadvantages are compensated by the ability to wear wide-brimmed hats.

Don’t forget that the hat you choose should go well with accessories and clothing in terms of color. An excellent option would be a set of gloves, a scarf and a hat, designed in one tone. In addition, a combination of a handbag, hat, boots or boots will be an excellent color ensemble. In addition, the hat can be combined with a dress or raincoat in color. For lovers of extravagant and original images, a contrast of a hat and outerwear is possible.

What material should the hat be made of?

Felt hats

Felt classic hats with a rigid shape are the fate of elegant ladies. If you decide to buy a hat, then you need to abandon the jacket and opt for a coat or raincoat. Felt hats are not exactly warm, but they go great with leather coats, regular coats, and fur coats.

Straw hats

A rustic straw hat is a pretty elegant and timeless option.