Winrar running slow: performance — Why is the unzip with WinRAR so slow?

performance — Why is the unzip with WinRAR so slow?


3 months ago

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Why is the unzip so slow, if the processor is not 100% busy, disk I/O is not saturated, and there is enough memory?

I’m using Win7 x64, but this was just an example. (The package can be anything big enough to measure the time).

Why doesn’t the decompression use 100% CPU if there is something to do (or 50% with two cores, doesn’t matter)?

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Check the multithreading option in WinRAR settings and uncheck Low priority option.

Make sure you are running the latest version of WinRAR or just use 7-zip.

I have also been experiencing delays with WinRAR under Win10, unclear what Windows Processes or Services are contributing factors but the User OOBE Broker seems to be a likely candidate. Had WinRAR stalling completely until I hand-killed a number of Windows auto-update services & the OOBE broker process.

6.11 does not have a multithreading option, I presume that means it’s baked-in. Running an 8-core, 16-thread Ryzen7 2700 with only 16% of 32GB RAM in use so there’s plenty of resources for WinRAR to make use of.

WinRAR 6.11 options screen

I am also using SilverAzide’s CPU Meter under Rainmeter with HWInfo64. Running a Benchmark test loads out the CPU near 90%, but when actually opening files with WinRAR, it runs very slowly & can’t hit even 10% CPU utilization. Checking «All Cores mode» only shows a few cores momentarily used at 17% or less during the entire operation.

It certainly appears that actual runtime Multithreading is either missing or horribly mis-implemented in the 6. 11 published build.


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Why is it slower in Windows to extract rar files to USB/network storage?


2 months ago

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I noticed in Windows 7 extracting rar to local hard drive is always significantly faster than to network storage (CIFS) or USB 3. 0, even when the external storage has better sequential write performance than the local hard drive

I tested with winrar and 7zip and got similar results. Extracting to network storage (gigabit connection to FreeNAS CIFS) takes 3x longer, while cpu/memory/NIC usage are under 10%.

Normally I can paste files into network storage for 50MB/s+ (limited by local hard drive), but extracting gets like 2MB/s.

My guess is i/o latency really hurts performance in this type of application but I don’t exactly know why. Does anyone have more insight into it? Thanks

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Normally whenever you extract a big file, when it has finished extracting you can then see it copying to the location you have extracted to from a temporary location. I imagine this is the case too with network drives. It most likely extracts to a temporary location on your local hard disk first and then copies to the network drive.


This is because you are transmitting over to a shared drive using windows SMB rather than using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which is meant for transferring large files. The big drawback to using SMB is that it encrypts traffic on both ends, meaning since you are putting files onto a shared drive, your data is extracted, encrypted, transmitted, then decrypted, potentially scanned for viruses, and finally written onto the shared drive. This causes significant drops in speed. The recommendation is to use SMB for smaller files, larger files should be transferred using FTP. A good solution would be to extract to local, then transfer using FileZilla or similar software.


winrar speed is directly effected by your hard drive speeds. Get a SSD or a samsung 950pro and your winrar speeds will be blazing fast.

USB has lower transfer speeds thus is slower


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Files are downloading slowly in the browser: what to do — MirAccess

Let’s tell you why files are loading slowly in the browser and how to speed up the download.


If files are downloading slowly in the browser , you need to keep in mind that often the download process is delayed due to low connection speed.

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In addition, the problem of slow downloading of files in the browser can also occur on sufficiently powerful machines.

The main reasons why the browser is slowly downloading:

  • The system is «wilted» — if the computer has not been cleaned of junk files for a long time, it starts to slow down. Ideally, system cleaning should be performed at least once every 3 months.
  • A «heavy» program has been opened.
  • Advertising that pops up while the browser is running.

Clearing your system of obsolete/temporary/cookie files can often help improve your browser’s download speed. For these purposes, it is better to use the CCleaner utility — it removes garbage and optimizes the OS. The program is absolutely free and easy to use.

Problem files downloading slowly in the browser is often solved by clearing the browser history. Consider this procedure on the example of Yandex.Browser:

  1. Go to Settings — usually their icon is shown as three horizontal dots in the upper corner of the viewer.
  2. Select the «Advanced» item and in the window that opens, check the «Clear history» checkbox. You can clear the garbage for a certain period or immediately for the entire time.
  3. Mark the checkboxes «Autocomplete», Cookie, CASH.
  4. Click on the item Clear and wait until the cleaning process is completed.

This instruction helps almost always, but even if it did not help, it’s easier to just change the browser.

Influence of torrent clients

If torrent clients are installed on the computer while downloading files in the browser, they must be closed — they must also not work in the background.

Torrents significantly reduce the speed of the browser and overload the Internet channel, as they work in both directions: for downloading and sending files

If files are downloading slowly in the browser you need to know that even an empty torrent client can slow down the download speed in the browser. The only way out is to close such programs.

Some browser tricks

Almost all modern browsers have turbo modes that allow you to speed up browsing and downloading files. By enabling the turbo mode, you can save traffic by compressing information.

Turbo mode is usually activated automatically — when the minimum speed threshold is reached

This mode can also be disabled in the settings — this often solves the problem files are downloading slowly in the browser.

Ad blockers

The problem of pop-up ads is not only intrusive, but also that ad blockers slow down websites and even limit their functionality.

You can activate ad blocking in the Yandex Browser settings, in the Add-ons section. You need to scroll through the list of settings to the end and find the item «Network safety» — here you can block all inappropriate sources of advertising

Thus, the question why files are downloading slowly in the browser needs to be solved in several ways at once.

Is something broken or not working? Tell us about your problem with a TV, smartphone, application or other device and we will solve it — write your question in the comments to this article, or — by e-mail [email protected] — we will definitely answer your question and solve it within one week. For our regular readers, we will soon hold a blitz with unusual prizes — follow the site every day.

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Winrar for Windows 10 as a convenient archiver

Which archiver to choose for Windows 10? Naturally, one that does its job well and does not slow down. Such a solution is the WinRAR archiver. How to download it, and what are its advantages, we will talk further.


Is WinRAR suitable for the new Windows 10? The developers of the fresh operating system indicate that all applications that run on Windows 8. 1 work well on the tenth generation. Of course, Windows 10 has just appeared on the market, but this does not mean that it is not able to run such simple software products as the WinRAR archiver. It is worth noting that such a program exists for a huge number of platforms. So you should choose exactly the version that is suitable for the current operating system. If this is Windows 10, then select the archiver for Windows 8.1.


Installing such a program is easy. It is enough to go to the official WinRAR website and select the latest version for downloading there. After that, you need to double-click on the installation file, and it will launch itself for installation in the system folder. That’s all. The program appears in the context menu and automatically recognizes files of its type. There is an option to buy a paid version of the program, but it doesn’t make much sense. The current software bundle is more than capable of compressing any files. So most often, users prefer to leave the free archiver forever.


Some people are intimidated by the variety of settings that WinRAR abounds in. In fact, there is nothing to be afraid of, since they are intuitive. Even if the user gets confused, he can always turn to internal hints. They will reveal all the difficult moments in the most accessible way.


What does the user get. Does the code install the WinRAR archiver on your computer? The Internet is full of necessary information, which is stored in files or in archives. Sometimes it’s easier to download a compact file than to download a full version for a long time. WinRAR is used to open such archives. Some say that this program is too slow to cope with its duties. The thing is that a long time of work is explained by the quality of the functions performed.

And if WinZip compresses in a shorter time under the same conditions, then WinRAR uses it for better compression.