X1900Xt: ATI Radeon X1900 XT Specs

102A5202152 ATI Radeon X1900XT 512MB GDDR3 256-Bit PCI Express x16 Dual DVI Video Graphics Card

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102A5202152 ATI Radeon X1900XT 512MB GDDR3 256-Bit PCI Express x16 Dual DVI Video Graphics Card

ATI Tech Part no: 102A5202152 | Genuine 102A5202152 ATI Radeon X1900XT 512MB GDDR3 256-Bit PCI Express x16 Dual DVI Video Graphics Card

Part No : 102A5202152

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Part Number: 102A5202152

102A5202152 ATI Radeon X1900XT 512MB GDDR3 256-Bit PCI Express x16 Dual DVI Video Graphics Card

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102A5202152 ATI Radeon X1900XT 512MB GDDR3 256-Bit PCI Express x16 Dual DVI Video Graphics Card

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100-435801 | ATI Radeon X1900XT 512MB GDDR3 256-Bit PCI Express x16 Dual DVI/ HDTV-out Video Graphics Card

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Sapphire X1900XT — one step to perfection / Overclockers.ua

Article sent to the contest «Autumn with Sapphire»


For more than a decade, Sapphire has been bringing the most functional and technically advanced products to the market. SAPPHIRE is the most important supplier of ATI graphics cards all over the world, and at the same time the most common one in Ukraine. Sapphire’s video cards based on ATI graphics chips are well-deservedly popular among many users due to a wide range of products that can satisfy the tastes of any customer — be it an ordinary user, an avid gamer or an overclocker.

Appearance and equipment

The card is supplied in an anti-static bag. Completeness can not be called rich, however, there is everything you need:

Power Adapter 4pin Molex > 6pin PCI Express
DVI-I > D-Sub adapter
Composite output adapter > S-Video
Adapter composite output > RCA
Driver disk
Sticker «Powered by Sapphire»

More than enough for the full use of the card. The only thing missing is a disc with some game, but in the current harsh realities, this can hardly be called a big drawback.

The Sapphire X1900 XT video card is based on the progressive R580 chip. The card differs from its older brother X1900 XTX only in lower frequencies: 625 MHz versus 650 MHz on the chip and 1450 MHz (DDR) versus 1550 MHz on the memory. The pipeline formula remained unchanged: 48 pixel and 8 vertex processors. The width of the memory bus, as well as its size, also remained the same — 256 bits and 512 MB, respectively.

The card is based on the reference design, it has exactly the same two-slot copper cooler with hot air ejection outside the case, as in X1900XTX. At standard (36%) speeds, it is almost inaudible in a closed case, but the efficiency leaves much to be desired — up to 90°C in load can hardly be called an acceptable temperature. At maximum speed, he roars so that in order to concentrate, you need musical accompaniment. The good news is that this noise is not just for nothing — the temperature under load barely reaches 65 ° C. In any case, the combination of high efficiency and low noise level «in one bottle» leaves a pleasant impression — with the possibility of adjusting the speed, everyone can choose for themselves the optimal ratio of performance and noise.

Test configuration and applications

Tested on a platform with the following configuration:

Core 2 Duo E6600
Motherboard Asus P5B
Memory 2x1GB Hynix DDR2-667
Seagate 250GB hard drive (SATA2, 16MB buffer)
Power supply 450w Chieftec (GPS-450AA-101A)
Monitor Samsung 757 NF
Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2, DirectX 9.0c
ATI Catalyst 6.6

Since the video card is one of the most productive solutions, all available optimizations were disabled in the drivers.

The following applications were selected for the tests:


3D Mark 05
3D Mark 06


TES4 Oblivion
Call of Duty 2
Half Life 2

3DMark 05 and 3DMark 06

Only numbers here — no comments.


Testing was carried out on a demo recording of Research. FarCry, which once inspired horror with its system requirements, now presents no difficulty for cards of the Sapphire X1900XT level even at a resolution of 1280×1024 with anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering applied.

TES4 Oblivion

Oblivion is the only game in the test suite that does not include any built-in performance measurement capabilities. First of all, this is the impossibility of recording and playing demo videos. Therefore, the Fraps utility was used for performance testing. Game settings — all to the maximum, HDR — on.

Forest — A patch of forest rich in grass and nearby gates. Such places require the maximum from the graphics card, what it is capable of. City — Market District at dawn. Citizens rush to work, the sun rises from behind the roofs of houses, demonstrating the work of HDR in all its glory. Catacombs — Elven ruins near Imperial City. Enclosed spaces, a small number of light sources make it possible to demonstrate an impressive fps level even in this game.

A few words about the minimum fps. When measuring, an attempt was made to more or less repeat the dynamics of the gameplay, and not just walk in a straight line, looking intently at your feet. Look around a couple of times, get and hide weapons. It is risky to do more actions, since it is not possible to repeat any complex feast, like jumping on stones, several times in a row.
Due to not too high performance, it was decided not to enable filtering or anti-aliasing modes. Fortunately, without them the game looks just great.

Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 2 is a beautiful and quite demanding game. Nevertheless, Sapphire X1900 XT shows more than good results in it.

Half-Life 2

Once upon a time, Half-Life 2 was almost the standard of beauty. High-quality textures, beautiful water and much more forced the video cards of that time to strain their muscles. Now the game runs quite fast even on mid-range cards, not to mention high-performance solutions, which include Sapphire X1900XT.


F.E.A.R. still remains one of the most demanding games. Built-in demo, all settings to the maximum. In addition to soft shadows, not only is the algorithm for calculating them very demanding, but also the result is clearly not worth it. With Soft Shadows Sapphire turned off, the X1900XT shows excellent performance for such a heavy game.

Processor dependence study Sapphire X1900XT

Forums and reviews on the Internet have repeatedly mentioned that the X1900 series is quite demanding on CPU power. But there is no exact data, so the «pair» for the video card has to be chosen almost at random. I’ll try to bring some clarity to this issue.

The 3DMark05 test package was used to determine the dependency. The choice fell on him mainly because of the simplicity of measurements and the stability of the results shown. In addition, the final result does not take into account processor tests (unlike 3DMark06, where it is an integral part of them).

An almost linear increase in performance up to the processor frequency of 2.1 GHz catches the eye. In the future, growth slows down, although it still remains noticeable. We can only recommend one thing — to unlock the potential, use a processor with Core architecture and a frequency of at least 2.1 GHz, or a K8 with a frequency of 2.5-2.6 GHz, in tandem with Sapphire X1900XT. For processors with NetBurst technology, the desired frequency is from 4GHz, for models with 2MB L2 cache, and higher.


Overclocking took place in 2 stages: at the first stage, the cooler speed was at the standard level of 36%, the voltages did not increase. The maximum stable GPU frequencies are 660 MHz and the memory is 774 (1548) MHz.

At the second stage, the cooler speed increased to 100%, the voltage on the memory increased to 2.2 V, on the chip — up to 1.45 V. The maximum stable frequencies in this case were 695 MHz on the chip and 801(1602 ) MHz in memory.

At this GPU frequency, the card warmed up noticeably — up to 70°C at full cooler speeds, and it was decided not to further increase the voltage.

The increase in frequency in percentage terms is not very impressive — 11% on the chip, 10% on the memory. However, the nominal frequencies of the former absolute flagship XTX were reached and even exceeded, which is good news.


Sapphire X1900 XT is the latest generation graphics card with support for all modern technologies (including simultaneous operation in FSAA and HDR modes) and excellent performance. With 48 pixel processors and a 256-bit memory bus, this video card performs particularly well at high resolutions when using full-screen anti-aliasing, as well as where a large number of complex pixel shaders are required to be executed simultaneously. The overclocking potential of the card is not too impressive in numbers, but in reality it allows you to catch up and overtake the much more expensive older brother — X1900XTX. And with the price dropping below $400 lately, the Sapphire X1900 XT could be the perfect solution for people who want a high performance graphics card without the compromises of reduced memory or partially disabled pipelines.

Hitachi ZX190W-5A Wheeled Excavator Specifications

The new ZAXIS series excavators stand out from their competitors due to such key advantages as high quality workmanship, low fuel consumption, high reliability. All of these benefits contribute to lower operating costs.

The new Hitachi ZX190W-5A wheeled excavator is the result of evolutionary development of previous generations of machines: it embodies the wishes of customers and will be the basis of your success in the future.

Reduced fuel consumption and increased productivity

Advanced HIOS IV system features reduced hydraulic losses. A carefully fitted spool and additional solenoid valves reduce the amount of hydraulic oil drained back to the tank, which improves the efficiency of the hydraulic system. In addition, the load capacity of the ZX19 excavator0W-5A increased by 7% compared to the similar machine ZX190W-3 of the previous series.

Uncompromising operator comfort

Exclusive fabric seat with headrest and armrests for operator comfort. The seat adjusts over a wider range of fore and aft for a more comfortable work experience than the ZX-3.

The operator feels comfortable and confident in the cab with plenty of legroom and excellent visibility.

The cab is equipped with LED lights that come on automatically when the door is opened. The windshield easily lifts up and can remain in the raised position due to the guides. The hatch in the cabin roof opens and creates good ventilation.

The control panel and control levers are located within the reach of the operator.

The layout of the right front turntable has undergone a significant change. Also, in order to improve the visibility of the right front sector and the area near the right front wheel, the shape of the cover was changed.