Xfx 5970 black edition: XFX HD 5970 Black Edition Specs

ATI Radeon HD 5970 vs XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB: What is the difference?


ATI Radeon HD 5970


XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB

Comparison winner


54 facts in comparison

ATI Radeon HD 5970

XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB

Why is ATI Radeon HD 5970 better than XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB?

  • 256bit wider memory bus width?
  • 896 more shading units?
  • 16 more texture mapping units (TMUs)?
  • 32 more render output units (ROPs)?
  • 1 more DVI outputs?
  • 1 more mini-DisplayPort outputs?

Why is XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB better than ATI Radeon HD 5970?

  • 532MHz faster GPU clock speed?
  • 2. 04 TFLOPS higher floating-point performance?
    6.68 TFLOPSvs4.64 TFLOPS
  • 144W lower TDP?
  • 257MHz faster memory clock speed?
  • 4x more VRAM?
  • 4000MHz higher effective memory clock speed?
  • 92.8 GTexels/s higher texture rate?
    208.8 GTexels/svs116 GTexels/s
  • 1 newer version of DirectX?

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XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB


Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 580 8GB Limited Edition

ATI Radeon HD 5970


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XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB


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XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB


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ATI Radeon HD 5970


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XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB


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ATI Radeon HD 5970


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XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB


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ATI Radeon HD 5970


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Price comparison

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GPU clock speed



The graphics processing unit (GPU) has a higher clock speed.

GPU turbo

Unknown. Help us by suggesting a value. (ATI Radeon HD 5970)


When the GPU is running below its limitations, it can boost to a higher clock speed in order to give increased performance.

pixel rate

46.4 GPixel/s

46.4 GPixel/s

The number of pixels that can be rendered to the screen every second.

floating-point performance



Floating-point performance is a measurement of the raw processing power of the GPU.

texture rate

116 GTexels/s

208.8 GTexels/s

The number of textured pixels that can be rendered to the screen every second.

GPU memory speed



The memory clock speed is one aspect that determines the memory bandwidth.

shading units

Shading units (or stream processors) are small processors within the graphics card that are responsible for processing different aspects of the image.

texture mapping units (TMUs)

TMUs take textures and map them to the geometry of a 3D scene. More TMUs will typically mean that texture information is processed faster.

render output units (ROPs)

The ROPs are responsible for some of the final steps of the rendering process, writing the final pixel data to memory and carrying out other tasks such as anti-aliasing to improve the look of graphics.


effective memory speed



The effective memory clock speed is calculated from the size and data rate of the memory. Higher clock speeds can give increased performance in games and other apps.

maximum memory bandwidth



This is the maximum rate that data can be read from or stored into memory.

VRAM (video RAM) is the dedicated memory of a graphics card. More VRAM generally allows you to run games at higher settings, especially for things like texture resolution.

memory bus width



A wider bus width means that it can carry more data per cycle. It is an important factor of memory performance, and therefore the general performance of the graphics card.

version of GDDR memory

Newer versions of GDDR memory offer improvements such as higher transfer rates that give increased performance.

Supports ECC memory

✖ATI Radeon HD 5970

✖XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB

Error-correcting code memory can detect and correct data corruption. It is used when is it essential to avoid corruption, such as scientific computing or when running a server.


DirectX version

DirectX is used in games, with newer versions supporting better graphics.

OpenGL version

OpenGL is used in games, with newer versions supporting better graphics.

OpenCL version

Some apps use OpenCL to apply the power of the graphics processing unit (GPU) for non-graphical computing. Newer versions introduce more functionality and better performance.

Supports multi-display technology

✔ATI Radeon HD 5970

✔XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB

The graphics card supports multi-display technology. This allows you to configure multiple monitors in order to create a more immersive gaming experience, such as having a wider field of view.

load GPU temperature

Unknown. Help us by suggesting a value. (XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB)

A lower load temperature means that the card produces less heat and its cooling system performs better.

supports ray tracing

✖ATI Radeon HD 5970

✖XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB

Ray tracing is an advanced light rendering technique that provides more realistic lighting, shadows, and reflections in games.

Supports 3D

✔ATI Radeon HD 5970

✔XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB

Allows you to view in 3D (if you have a 3D display and glasses).

supports DLSS

✖ATI Radeon HD 5970

✖XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB

DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is an upscaling technology powered by AI. It allows the graphics card to render games at a lower resolution and upscale them to a higher resolution with near-native visual quality and increased performance. DLSS is only available on select games.

PassMark (G3D) result

Unknown. Help us by suggesting a value. (XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB)

This benchmark measures the graphics performance of a video card. Source: PassMark.


has an HDMI output

✔ATI Radeon HD 5970

✔XFX Radeon RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB

Devices with a HDMI or mini HDMI port can transfer high definition video and audio to a display.

HDMI ports

Unknown. Help us by suggesting a value. (ATI Radeon HD 5970)

More HDMI ports mean that you can simultaneously connect numerous devices, such as video game consoles and set-top boxes.

HDMI version

Unknown. Help us by suggesting a value. (ATI Radeon HD 5970)

HDMI 2.0

Newer versions of HDMI support higher bandwidth, which allows for higher resolutions and frame rates.

DisplayPort outputs

Allows you to connect to a display using DisplayPort.

DVI outputs

Allows you to connect to a display using DVI.

mini DisplayPort outputs

Allows you to connect to a display using mini-DisplayPort.

Price comparison

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XFX Introduces ATI Radeon HD 5970 4GB Black Edition Graphics Card


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Ontario, Calif. , August 17, 2010 – When it comes to gaming, being “Top Gun” is essential, but it requires great reflexes and a graphics card with firepower to match. Luckily, the XFX Radeon HD 5970 4GB Black Edition Limited graphics card has the firepower, the memory (4 GB GDDR5), the most in-demand features, and much, much more. Redefining the word “exclusive,” a very limited number of serialized cards have been created, with each packaged with a custom P-90-themed LAN bag, specifically designed for organizing peripherals. This gun case replica-style LAN bag was created specifically for this card by G8 Brand, the international gamer apparel company that has been creating apparel—and now accessories—that meet the unique and specific needs of the gaming community.

The guts of this XFX HD 5970 are equally impressive, and, together with the unique packaging, make this top-of-the-line card a true “Top Gun.” Specifically, the fastest dual GPU graphics card on the planet HD 5970 comes with massive, 4 GB GDDR5 memory, for rich, realistic visuals and explosive HD gaming performance. The exclusive, dual-slot tactical design fansink housing keeps the card cool under the most extreme gaming conditions.

Six Mini-Display Port outputs enable you to run up to six displays with ATI Eyefinity technology. And, ATI Stream Technology boosts system performance significantly by offloading tasks that were previously CPU bound to the GPU for better-balanced platforms. What this means is that you can edit and transfer video content faster and more efficiently than ever before. ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU technology offers advanced performance scalability. DirectCompute 11 also is a performance enhancer; taking on some or all of the DirectX 11-enabled application’s processing load, which frees up the CPU for other tasks.

Other goodies include ATI PowerPlay Technology, which scales the power draw so that when activity is low, the power draw is minimal; ATI Avivo Technology Enhanced Unified Video Decoder 2, which enables users to watch the hottest Blu-0ray movies or other HD content beyond 1080p; and HDMI 1. 3 which ensures that you get the most from your Blu-ray experience. If becoming “Top Gun” is our goal, the XFX ATI Radeon HD 5970 4GB Black Edition Limited graphics card is your card.

To learn more, please visit www.xfxforce.com.


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Photos of the video card ATI Radeon HD 5970 » SFW

The most expensive high-end AMD graphics cards with DirectX 11 support will soon be represented by the dual-processor model ATI Radeon HD 5970. So far, not much has been known about the video card, and any information that appears on the Internet attracts a lot of attention. So, one of the AlienBabelTech forum participants posted pictures of this 3D accelerator and the system unit in which it is installed.

Judging by the pictures of the video card, the rumors about the very long printed circuit board of the Radeon HD 5970 were confirmed — it is almost 35 cm. This fact is attributed to one of the minuses of the novelty, because such a device will not fit into every case. The card has one eight-pin and one six-pin power connector.
Information was not limited to pictures alone — the technical data of the product and the first results of its testing were also published, which were immediately removed by the administration from the message at the urgent request of AMD. Nevertheless, Guru3D’s operational reporters managed to save screenshots of the results and published them on their own.

The pictures contain data from the GPU-Z utility, thanks to which the situation with the frequencies of the Radeon HD 5970 has finally become clear. As it was assumed earlier, they will be 725/4000 MHz for the chip and memory, respectively. At the same time, the number of stream processors in each of the two RV870s remained at the level of 1600 pieces. Paired with an Intel Core i7-920 CPU overclocked to 4016 MHz, the Radeon HD 5970 at nominal frequencies scored P21940 points in the popular 3DMark Vantage benchmark.
It should be noted that the driver used in testing was not designed for this video card, so you should not take the results of benchmarks as final and draw hasty conclusions.

Recently, AMD has officially announced on its website the decision to stop supporting absolutely all of its DirectX 9 video cards. The Windows 7 operating system will not support any of the DirectX 9 ATI Radeon graphics cards.
If the user does decide to use such a graphics adapter in a Windows 7 operating system environment, then he will have to use the ATI Catalyst 9.8 driver for Windows Vista.
The list of graphics adapters that have lost support for Windows 7 is simply huge: ATI Radeon 9500, ATI Radeon 9550, ATI Radeon 9600, ATI Radeon 9700, ATI Radeon 9800, ATI Radeon X300, ATI Radeon X550, ATI Radeon X600, ATI Radeon X700, ATI Radeon X800, ATI Radeon X850, ATI Radeon X1050, ATI Radeon X1300, ATI Radeon X1550, ATI Radeon X1600, ATI Radeon X1650, ATI Radeon X1800, ATI Radeon X1900, ATI Radeon X1200, ATI Radeon X1250, ATI Radeon X2100 and the ATI Radeon Xpress series of graphics cards. Obviously, by this move the company intends to draw the attention of consumers to its new line of ATI Evergreen Dx11 adapters.

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Power supply test 750 — 850 W — Antec, Thermaltake, Enermax, XFX


Antec EA 750 — EC 9
Power: 750 W
: 380 /430 /500 /650 /750 W
Standard: ATX12V 2.3 / EPS12V 2.91
Requirement Requirement: 100 — 240 V, 47 — 63 Hz
SPRESS: 20+4 -PIN ATX 2.3 , 4pin ATX 12V, 8pin EPS 12V, 9 x S-ATA, 9 x P-ATA, 2 x 6 pin PCI-E, 2 x 6+2 pin PCI-E, 1 x FDD
Maximum load: 3.3V — 25A, 5V — 25A, 4x12V -25A, -12V — 0.5A, 5V(sib) — 3A
Fan: 135mm, 1200-2500, 0.44A
efficiency: up to 85% at 230 V, 80 Plus
Features: MODULATION, 24 -hour operation at temperatures up to 50 ° C
Dimensions: 150x180x86 mm
Weight: 2. 6 kg
Producer Guarantee: 3 years
Price: 3990 rub.

Last time we finished with a 700W unit, and now we are opening with a 750W model. It would seem that the transition is scanty, but in fact it is a breakthrough.

To start with, we got 9 rather than 6 SATA connectors and finally 4 separate connectors to power two independent top-level video cards. We already have a real gift for a serious gamer — the owner of multi-chip Cross-Fire or SLI configurations, who, moreover, comfortably (without adapters) will collect a rich collection of game content on an HDD array.
And what about the length of the wires? Everything is in order here, because. the length of the «processor» and «mother» cables is 55 cm, which is enough even for Full-Tower cases with a bottom PSU.
Antec EA 750 — EC is modular, although it must be admitted that there are few detachable wires, mostly non-detachable.

Thus, it turns out that without additional cables it is possible to assemble a PC with a top-end video card, three SATA hard drives and three — PATA. But if you need to connect more hard drives and / or a second top-end video card, then you will need to add «laces to your taste.»

Compared to the BPs discussed in the last article, the loss is only in acoustic properties. Models from Antec were not famous for their silence. Specifically, the EA 750 model can be classified as moderately noisy under a serious load, and without it, the PSU is quite quiet and its work is hardly noticeable in a closed case. ADDA fan labeled ADN512UB-A91, rotates the blades at a speed of 1200 rpm, which is too much for a 135 mm impeller diameter from the point of view of a silence lover.

For example, we can cite the standard — Zalman ZM-850HP, whose revolutions rustle themselves from 600 rpm.
Externally, the PSU looks very presentable, powerful. This appearance will not overshadow the body of any level. All cables are «braided» impeccably, each of them has ferrite rings that reduce interference. The fact that PATA connectors do not have tack lugs is a bit overshadowing, which means that if they are tightly connected, it will be problematic to disconnect them.
Pleased with the «insides». Having opened the block, we observe tight installation, perfect soldering and rigidly fixed cables, batteries, etc. Antec chose capacitors, frankly, not from an expensive Japanese manufacturer, but from an average Taiwanese one — Ltec ​​(Luminous Town Electric Company), however, from the entire line I chose the best — withstanding temperatures of 105 ° C. Other characteristics: voltage — 420v, capacity — 180uF.

One way or another, in real tests, the efficiency of the source exceeds 80%, and the power factor (PF) is brought to 0.99. One way or another, in real tests, the efficiency of the source exceeds 80%, and the coefficient
power (PF) brought to 0.99. Environmental certification 80 PLUS not awarded
in vain. By the way, given that the PSU does not heat up a lot in operation, we went for an experiment,
replacing the standard fan with another, reducing the speed with the help of reobas.
It turned out to be a 120mm Enermax Magma fan. running at 900 rpm
quite enough, the PSU was barely warm even under load. our advice you can
follow you, thus getting an almost silent PSU. EPS12V 2.9 certification compliance1 allow you to use the EA 750 — EC model to «power» entry-level server «mothers». The PSU has separate physical 4 and 8 pin branches for processors with different power needs. The developers divided the +12 V bus into four separate channels, considering this solution the most rational in terms of stability and power quality. The load capacity of each of these lines is 25 A. Well, in general, powering two or three of any top-end single-core video cards will not be a problem. A similar current can be provided to consumers by channels +5 V and +3.3 V, which means — connect peripherals as much as you like, even if all 18 hard drives — the PSU will withstand.

Although we got excited about the latter, the PSU is modular, but there are few external connectors, there are only two branches for 2 peripheral connectors, so there is a choice: 9 SATA + 3 PATA or 9 PATA + 3 SATA, that is, 12 hard drives. Of course, nothing prevents the use of 1PATA — 2PATA type adapters, and this should also be taken into account.

Thermaltake EVO_Blue 750W (W0308)
Is there anything more interesting in the 750-watt camp? There is, of course, the fashion here is set by Thermaltake, which has released a very unusual advanced EVO_Blue series, the representative of which we will now consider.
Maximum load: 3.3V — 30A, 5V — 28A, 12V — 56A, -12V — 0.8A, 5V(sib) — 3A
Fan: 140×140 mm, 1400 rpm failure: 100,000 hours
Efficiency: over 80% at 230 V
Features of : modularity, 24/7 operation at temperatures up to 50°C, 4 power connectors for video cards, changing fan lighting.
Dimensions: 150x180x86 mm
Weight: 2.6 kg
Manufacturer’s warranty: 5 years
Price: 3970

First, let’s make a comparison with Antec EA 750 — EC, with which the price, by the way, is almost the same. We did not receive 9 SATA connectors this time. There are only 6 of them, although the 5V line is somewhat strengthened (from 25 to 28 A). The increase turned out in the form of the possibility of implementing 4 8 pin connectors for accelerators. Which, however, is meaningless, because in order to power a tandem of two top-end video cards like the GeForce GTX 295 or Radeon HD 5870 two 8pin connectors are enough, the other two can be 6-pin. This property would play in the implementation of the union of 3 or 4 accelerators such as Radeon HD 4870, but such systems are very, very rare.

Meanwhile, the current strength along the 12 V line is lower than in the case of the Antec PSU, although we must pay tribute — Thermaltake did not flirt with the user in marketing terms, honestly writing that the PSU has one line (not 4 virtual) 12 V with 56A. This, however, is enough to feed any two single-core video cards on the market or one 2-core one, including the Radeon HD 5970 in acceleration.
An important plus of Thermaltake EVO_Blue compared to the previous model is quieter operation. The stock 14mm fan on the TT-1425 is stated to run at 1400 rpm, but we thought 1400 was the upper limit, in fact overclocking starts at 1000, which is quite quiet.

At the same time, if you are building a very quiet PC, then this PSU is unlikely to suit you, at night the noise from the PSU fan becomes audible.
Now let’s look at the circuitry.

Its crowning achievement is the Japanese Nippon Chemicon capacitor, which does not lose its working properties at temperatures up to 100 ºС. In the case of Antec EA 750, the filling was more modest, although it should be noted that Thermaltake EVO_Blue has all other Taiwanese capacitors from TEAPO.
But otherwise, there are solid differences and additions regarding what we saw when considering the Antec EA 750 — EC. First of all, we note the length of the system and processor cables — it is royal — 65 cm, i. e. enough to, for example, pass the cable behind the motherboard and power the processor socket, which may not be located on the edge, but closer to the middle. On the Russian site, the length is marked as 50 cm, but according to our measurements — 65 cm.

The second thing I liked is that all cables (with the exception of one — the processor one) are detachable, which gives complete freedom for interior decoration.
Well, the third, most important feature — not even a luminous fan and not that. that it shines in different colors, and the fact that colors can be selected, or even completely turned off, for which another button is made next to the on / off button.

Enermax Revolution 850W
Move on, add just 100 watts and get a completely different level of quality. And all because EVO_Blue 750W was the senior in its line and Revolution 850W was the junior model. Well, the change of manufacturer makes itself felt. Nevertheless, the main direction of Enermax is power supplies, and Revolution is the crown of creation today.

Product page: http://www.enermaxru.com/produkte/netzteile/revolution85.html
Power (peak): 850 W (1020 W)
Power of representatives in the line: 9041 /950/1050/1250
Standard: ATX12V 2.3 / EPS12V 2.91
Network requirement: 115 — 240 V, 50 — 60 Hz
Connectors: 24-pin ATX 24-pin ATX 8 EPS 12V, 12 x S-ATA, 6 x P-ATA, 6 x 6 pin PCI-E, 4 x 8 pin PCI-E, 1 x FDD.
Maximum load: +3.3V — 25A, +5V — 25A, +12V — 70A (theoretically 6 lines of 30A each), -12V — 0.6A, +5V(sb) — 6A
Fan: 135 mm, 700 — 1500 rpm
MTBF: 100k hours
Efficiency: 85 to 91%, 80PLUS Silver
Features: six 6+2-pin power connectors for graphics cards , 12 SATA connectors, 3 pin connector for fan speed monitoring, peak power over 1000W
dimensions: 150x190x86 mm
Weight: 2.9 kg (without cables)
Manufacturer Guarantee: 5 years (since December 2009)
Price: $ 320

How can I characterize ENERMAX Revolution 850W? Full mince! 12 SATA connectors provide convenience for assembling file storage, now some Full-Tower Cases have 12 seats for hard drives.

Six cables for connecting video cards guarantee the implementation of a trio of any top-end video cards without the use of adapters. Quite good preparation for 3xGeForce 380/480.
In general, the developer guarantees the connection of graphics cards of the future due to four 12-pin sockets, but when this future comes, it is not clear whether ATI and NVIDIA will really abandon 8-pin sockets. And again, for this you will need the appropriate cables,
The PSU allows you to power two full-fledged 8-pin processor sockets, which are found in both server and elite desktop motherboards such as EVGA W555.
Naturally, the Revolution 850W can be installed in cases with a bottom PSU. The supply cables are long enough for this.

Unlike Antec EA 750 — EC 135 mm fan (marked as RL4Z-B1352512LB-3M) rotates at 700 rpm instead of 1200.

The difference is enormous both numerically and aurally. After «Antek» the ears rest, here lovers of especially quiet systems will understand me. In principle, it turned out to be a quiet model, which will not be heard in a decent closed case. But in fairness, I must say that on our way we met (though very rarely) models a little quieter: ZALMAN ZM 850-HP, Nexus VALUE 430, Hiper S625-GU and Thermaltake TR2 QFan 400W. At the same time, Revolution 850W allows you to monitor the fan speed, for which there is a corresponding connector that is inserted into the «FAN» socket of the motherboard. By connecting the Revolution, you will see for yourself that the fan speed even under load will not exceed 1000 rpm, and in order to reach the peak (also, by the way, not very noisy) of 1500 rpm, you need to simultaneously load the processors and two top-end video cards with FurMark 1.8.0 killer tests and LinX 0.6.3.
After turning off the PC, the PSU fan continues to run for 60-65 seconds. So the developers conceived so that the temperature change would not be too abrupt.
You can check on the Enermax Revolution PSU, because this is the standard of quality for all other PSUs. The main mounting board is made of full-fledged textolite, which made it possible to separate the tracks on both sides. The output filter consists of eight ceramic capacitors (2200 uF, 16 V) manufactured by United Chemi-Con (USA).

The main filter capacitors are three solid capacitors connected in parallel (220 uF, 400 V, 85°C). The main field-effect transistors K20J60T (20 A, 600 V) manufactured by Toshiba (Japan). In general, you can see how carefully the manufacturer of the filling for his PSU selected, taking the best, most suitable components.

We still need to dwell more deeply on the features of «current generation». At Enermax Revolution, one converter produces a voltage of 12 V, the other — 3.3 and 5 V, thus the problem of mutual influence of channels is solved. PWM controller UCC28220 manufactured by Texas Instruments (USA) allows to reduce current ripple of input and output capacitors.
Some argue that the modularity of the PSU reduces the reliability of the circuit. Even if this is so, we still can hardly imagine how, with such a bunch of wires, Enermax Revolution will fit in a standard case. And so — it is quietly located even in the «average» middle-case.
Well, the curtain can not be said about the beautiful appearance. Magnesium alloy metal is impeccably beautiful and pleasant to the touch.

Red inserts, transparent fan blades (without «pop» lighting), embossed letters, aerodynamic curves — all this makes the model easily recognizable and special. No wonder Enermax Revolution was the first PSU in the world to receive two very honorable design awards at once: Red Dot and iF Design Awards.

XFX 850W Black Edition
Well, for a snack, one of the most interesting PSUs of our time. What many gamers dream of, without trying to really delve into the essence of the creation of marketers.

Product Page: http://www.xfxforce.com/en-us/products/psu/black-edition/P1-850B-CAG9. aspx
Power : 850 W
Standard : ATX12V 2.2 / EPS12V 2.91
Network requirement: 90 — 264V, 47 — 63Hz
Connectors: 20+4-pin ATX 2.3, 4+4pin ATX 12V, 8pin EPS 12V, 11 x S-ATA, 8 x P-ATA, 4 x 6+2 pin PCI-E, 1 x FDD.
Maximum load: +3.3V — 24A, +5V — 30A, +12V — 70A, -12V — 0.8A, +5V(sb) — 3A
Fan: 135mm, 750-2000 rpm min 82 CFM
Efficiency: up to 88%, 80PLUS Silver
Features: at 50°C. Single power line +12V (up to 70A/840W).
Manufacturer’s warranty: 5 years
Price : $198
Small losses

«Eight hundred and fifty warriors of light», «Black mass», «Tiberium for gamers» — these are all the headlines of articles about this PSU.

Both journalists and gamers went crazy, pecking at the attractive, poisonous, fashionable appearance, 45% of which is a toxic fan with a «spider» grill, 35% is a cube-like body that resembles modern buildings and 20% is, of course , in the tone of the fan «honeycomb-houses» for connecting cables. And without highlighting such a PSU in a modding computer, it looks impressive, phosphorescent burning, giving its power to other computer components.

In general, the direct merit of marketers, especially considering that we have before us nothing more than a redesigned Seasonic M12D model, the photo of which you can see.

You can see for yourself that outwardly the blocks differ like heaven and earth, Seasonic looks like an ordinary model. So for modding XFX takes only $25. This is not much, considering that the input connectors have also been redone. XFX has more connection sockets.
Both use Japanese Nippon Chemi-Con Solid Capacitors (105°C). Soldering elements, laying wires, insulating boards, fixing parts with glue — all this is done flawlessly. In operation, at high loads, the whistling of the chokes, which many expensive PSUs like the same Zalman ZM1000-HP have, is almost invisible.

Thanks to its filling and successful implementation, the model received a rare 80 PLUS Silver certification, the block efficiency reaches 88%. That is, only 12% of the power goes to heat the case, which reduces both the temperature and the speed of the ADDA ADN512HB-A91 blowing fan. This PSU can be classified as quiet, its operation in a closed case is not audible at all in 2D mode (the fan speed is spinning at the level of 750-900 rpm).

And during the load, only a slight, non-stressing rumble is created. But still, if we compare it with the quietest PSUs in the industry, the list that we gave above, reviewing the Enermax Revolution 850W, then the conclusion will not be in favor of the XFX model. On the other hand, for an extreme gaming system, the PSU fan should not be too slow. It often happens that the user is playing on a very overclocked system and it is better to overclock here. The main thing is that at night a computer with a working
The XFX 850W Black Edition is virtually silent. Interestingly, the fan is fixed with rubber bushings that prevent the transmission of vibration, we have not yet seen such care in other PSUs.
A 20 + 4 pin cable, 2 processor power cables (8 pin and 4 + 4 pin) are made fixed in the PSU, allowing you to easily power two CPUs at once in EVGA Classified and Intel ScullTrail boards, as well as 2 6 + 2 pin cables for power video cards. The rest of the cables are removable.

Let’s pay attention to the ability to connect up to 11 SATA hard drives without using adapters, in general, there is everything to organize an extended file server in which to store all your favorite games played over the past 20 years.
Without adapters, 4 video cards will also be connected, we would not expect anything else from the gaming spirit of XFX. The current through the line is 12 to 70 A and the power of 850 W is, in principle, enough to assemble a system based on two 2-core video cards such as the GeForce GTX 295 or Radeon HD 5970, using them without overclocking. Or you can assemble a «budget» trio of three GeForce GTX 275. Most often, the PSU will probably feed a top-end video card plus any other for physics calculations or the most successful (price / quality) bundles such as 2 x Radeon HD 5870 (http://www. computerra .ru/terralab/platform/489049/).
As for the length of the cables, everything is in order, at the beginning of the article we have already published a summary table of characteristics.

Antec EA 750 seemed to us a strong middle peasant with an excellent power reserve, a large number of SATA connectors, and excellent appearance. This PSU has no obvious disadvantages, except that the fan will need to be changed if you are building a quiet, and not an average PSU.

Thermaltake EVO_Blue 750W (W0308) — a unique gift for those users who can choose any backlight. However, the PSU will also appeal to those who want to assemble SLI or CF without using adapters. And the backlight, the backlight can be turned off .. and without it, the model is very beautiful.

Enermax Revolution 850W — probably the best PSU in technical terms. Designed for maximalists who assemble uncompromising and very powerful solutions.