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Known as: AMD Barcelona, Agena (processor), Barcelona processor 

The AMD Family 10h, or K10, is a microprocessor microarchitecture by AMD based on the K8 microarchitecture. Though there were once reports that the… 

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The modern state of biota in the Kuma-Manych depression. Ust’-Manychskoe, Veselovskoe, Proletarskoe, and Chograiskoe reservoirs (a review)

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The main trends in the development of aquatic communities in reservoirs of the Kuma-Manych depression are considered. The… 

Inhibition of Advanced Glycation End Product Formation by Herbal Teas and Its Relation to Anti-Skin Aging

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Aims: Advanced glycation end product (AGE) accumulation in the body has been linked to the progression of aging and age-related… 

Evaluation and optimization of multicore performance bottlenecks in supercomputing applications

The computation nodes of modern supercomputers commonly consist of multiple multicore processors. To maximize the performance of… 

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An auto-tuning framework for parallel multicore stencil computations

Although stencil auto-tuning has shown tremendous potential in effectively utilizing architectural resources, it has hitherto… 

NCID: a non-inclusive cache, inclusive directory architecture for flexible and efficient cache hierarchies

  • Li Zhao, R. Iyer, S. Makineni, D. Newell, Liqun Cheng
  • CF ’10
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Chip-multiprocessor (CMP) architectures employ multi-level cache hierarchies with private L2 caches per core and a shared L3… 

Performance impact of resource contention in multicore systems

Resource sharing in commodity multicore processors can have a significant impact on the performance of production applications… 

Computing discrete transforms on the Cell Broadband Engine

  • David A. Bader, Virat Agarwal, Seunghwa Kang
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Fine-grain Parallelism Using Multi-core, Cell/BE, and GPU Systems: Accelerating the Phylogenetic Likelihood Function

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We are currently faced with the situation where applications have increasing computational demands and there is a wide selection… 

pOSKI : An Extensible Autotuning Framework to Perform Optimized SpMVs on Multicore Architectures

  • Ankit Jain
  • 2008
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We have developed pOSKI: the Parallel Optimized Sparse Kernel Interface – an autotuning framework to optimize Sparse Matrix… 

1970 Sonrasi Çagdas Türk Tiyatrosunda Çatisma Yaratan Bir Unsur Olarak Töre Custom As a Component Which Creates Conflict In Turkish Contemporary Theatre After The 1970’s.

  • Turgut Bagir
  • 2007
  • Corpus ID: 111036942

The study consists plays, deal with customs as a component of conflict in contemporary Turkish theatre after the 1970’s. Also… 

AMD K10, Bulldozer, Piledriver CPUs, And Fusion/HSA APUs — Upgrading And Repairing PCs 21st Edition: Processor Features

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AMD K10, Bulldozer, Piledriver CPUs, And Fusion/HSA APUs

AMD K10 Processors (Phenom, Phenom II, Athlon II, Athlon X2, Sempron)

The K9 was a stillborn project within AMD, resulting in a skip from the K8 to the K10 architecture. The first K10 processors were the Phenom models released in November 2007.

The AMD Phenom family of processors was designed as a flexible family of chips available with 1–6 K10 cores in a single die. These include the Phenom, Phenom II, Athlon II, and some models of the Athlon X2 and Sempron processors. The initial versions used Socket AM2+, which included support for DDR2 memory. Later versions used Sockets AM3 and AM3+, which support DDR3 memory. The image below is of a Phenom II X6 processor for Socket AM3:

The Phenom II X6 conceals six cores and memory controllers for both DDR2 and DDR3 memory beneath its protective metal spreader plate.

The Phenom X3, X4, and Athlon X2 processors were made on a 65 nm process, whereas the Phenon II, Athlon II, and Sempron 1xx processors use a smaller 45 nm process, resulting in a smaller die with overall lower power consumption and higher performance. The figure below illustrates the interior design of the Phenom II X6 processor:

A simplified diagram of the Phenom II X6 core’s major components.

The higher-end chips in this family include three, four, or six cores, L3 cache, and higher clock rates and HyperTransport bus speeds (2 GT/s).

The table below provides a detailed comparison of the various AMD K10 family processors:

Swipe to scroll horizontally

Processor Cores CPU Speed Turbo Core L2 L3 Core Process Power Socket
Phenom II X6 6 2.6-3.3 GHz Yes 3 MB 6 MB Thuban 45 nm 95-125 W AM3
Phenom II X4 4 2.9-3.5 GHz Yes 2 MB 6 MB Zosma 45 nm 95-125 W AM3
Phenom II X4* 4 2. 5-3.7 GHz No 2 MB 4-6 MB Deneb 45 nm 95-140 W AM3
Athlon II X4 4 2.2-3.8 GHz No 2 MB N/A Propus 45 nm 45-95 W AM3
Phenom II X3 3 2.4-3.2 Ghz No 1.5 MB 6 MB Heka 45 nm 65-95 W AM3
Athlon II X3 3 2.2-3.4 GHz No 1.5 MB N/A Rana 45 nm 45-95 W AM3
Phenom II X2 2 2. 8-3.5 GHz No 1 MB 6 MB Callisto 45 nm 80 W AM3
Phenom II X2 2 3.4 GHz No 1 MB 6 MB Regor 45 nm 80 W AM3
Athlon II X2 2 1.6-3.3 GHz No 1-2 MB N/A Regor 45 nm 25-65 W AM3
Athlon II 1xxu 1 1.8-2 GHz No 1 MB N/A Sargas 45 nm 20 W AM3
Sempron 1xx 1 2. 7-2.9 GHz No 1 MB N/A Sargas 45 nm 45 W AM3
Phenom X4 4 1.8-2.6 GHz No 2 MB 2 MB Agena 65 nm 65-140 W AM2+
Phenom X3 3 1.9-2.5 GHz No 1.5 MB 2 MB Toliman 65 nm 65-95 W AM2+
Athlon X2 2 2.3-2.8 GHz No 1 MB 2 MB Kuma 65 nm 95 W AM2+

*Model 840 has no L3 cache

  • Zosma = Thuban with two cores disabled
  • Propus = Deneb with no (or disabled) L3 cache
  • Heka = Deneb with one core disabled
  • Rana = Propus with one core disabled
  • Callisto = Deneb with two cores disabled
  • Toliman = Agena with one core disabled
  • Kuma = Agena with two cores disabled

AM3 processors can also be used in Socket AM2+ motherboards with appropriate BIOS update.

AMD “Bulldozer” and “Piledriver” FX Processors

AMD introduced its follow-up to its K10 architecture, the Bulldozer architecture, in October 2011. Although FX processors in this family use the same Socket AM3+ as late-model K10 processors do, the internal design of Bulldozer processors is very different from its predecessors.

Note: Bulldozer is also known as K11, but Bulldozer is the more common name for this architecture.

Bulldozer processors are modular. Each module contains a single L1 instruction cache, a multi-branched instruction decoder, and a multilayer dispatch controller. The dispatch controller is connected to two integer processing clusters and a single floating point unit. The results are connected to a write coalescing cache, a core interface unit, and up to 2 MB of L2 cache. A module is commonly referred to as a dual-core processor, although only the integer clusters are dualed. A Bulldozer CPU includes 8 MB of L3 cache memory, and Bulldozer CPUs were manufactured in eight-core, six-core, and four-core versions, known collectively as Zambezi.

A block diagram of an eight-core Bulldozer CPU.

Other features in Bulldozer include AMD’s Turbo Core (a built-in overclocking feature) and new CPU instructions (AES, AVX, FMA4, and XOP). These instructions support faster encryption, floating-point math, rendering, and video transcoding on software optimized for them. Bulldozer uses a 32 nm manufacturing process, compared to the 45 nm used by most K10-class parts. FX processors based on Bulldozer are completely unlocked for easier overclocking. AMD sells an optional liquid cooler for FX Bulldozer and Piledriver CPUs.

Bulldozer processors are optimized for multithreaded software, but performance benchmarks were disappointing, as most applications were not optimized for Bulldozer’s new architecture. Further specifications for Bulldozer processers are listed in the table below:

Swipe to scroll horizontally

Processor Cores CPU Speed Turbo Core L2 Power
FX 81xx 8 3. 1-3.6 GHz Yes 4 MB 125 W
FX 61xx 6 3.3 GHz Yes 3 MB 95 W
FX 41xx 4 3.8 GHz No 2 Mb 125 W

AMD introduced an improved version of its Bulldozer architecture, Piledriver, in October 2012. Compared to Bulldozer, Piledriver includes these improvements:

  • More accurate branch predictor
  • Support for the latest integer instructions FMA4 and F16C
  • Improved L1 and L2 cache designs
  • Faster clock speeds

The table below lists the FX processors using Piledriver microarchitecture. These processors use the Vishera core.

Swipe to scroll horizontally

Processor Cores CPU Speed L2 Power
FX 83xx 8 3. 5-4 GHz 4 MB 125 W
FX 63xx 6 3.5 GHz 3 MB 95 W
FX 43xx 4 3.8 GHz 2 MB 95 W

AMD Fusion/HSA (Heterogeneous Systems Architecture) APUs

Fusion was the original name for a variety of AMD mobile, desktop, and server processors with in-core graphics, which are now classified under the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA) designation. AMD refers to these processors as advanced processing units (APUs).

Note: AMD dropped the Fusion name after it was discovered that a Swiss firm, Arctic (originally Arctic Cooling), had been using Fusion for its power supply products since 2006, hence the change to the HSA designation.

AMD has released several lines of APUs, including the C-series (primarily for notebooks) and the E-series (used in notebooks and a few very low-cost desktops). However, the primary product line for desktops is the A-series, which has used two core designs. The initial A-series designs use the Llano core, based on Bulldozer, but with no L3 cache, while the second series uses the Trinity core, based on Piledriver, but again with no L3 cache. The Llano core uses Socket FM1 and includes models with two, three, or four cores and up to 4 MB of L2 cache. The Trinity core uses Socket FM2 and provides faster clock speeds, better GPU performance, and better thermal management. It also features two to four cores with up to 4 MB of L2 cache. The table below compares these processors:

Swipe to scroll horizontally

Processor Cores CPU Speed Turbo Core L2 GPU Power Unlocked Core
A10-5800K 4 3. 8 GHz Yes 4 MB HD 7600D 100 W Yes Trinity
A10-5700 4 3.4 GHz Yes 4 MB HD 7600D 65 W No Trinity
A8-5600K 4 3.6 GHz Yes 4 MB HD 7560D 100 W Yes Trinity
A8-5500 4 3.2 GHz Yes 4 MB HD 7560D 65 W No Trinity
A8-3870K 4 3.0 GHz No 4 MB HD 6550D 100 W Yes Llano
A8-3850 4 2. 9 GHz No 4 MB HD 6550D 100 W No Llano
A8-3800 4 2.4 GHz Yes 4 MB HD 6550D 65 W No Llano
A6-5400K 2 3.6 GHz Yes 1 MB HD 7540D 65 W Yes Trinity
A6-3670K 4 2.7 GHz No 4 MB HD 6530D 100 W Yes Llano
A6-3650 4 2.6 GHz No 4 MB HD 6530D 100 W No Llano
A6-3600 4 2. 1 GHz Yes 4 MB HD 6530D 65 W No Llano
A6-3500 4 2.1 GHz Yes 3 MB HD 6530D 65 W No Llano
A4-5300 3 3.4 GHz Yes 1 MB HD 7480D 65 W No Trinity
A4-3400 2 2.7 GHz No 1 MB HD 6410D 65 W No Llano
A4-3300 2 2.5 GHz No 1 MB HD 6410D 65 W No Llano
  • 15

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Sevastopol Academic Russian Drama Theatre. A.V. Lunacharsky


Founded September 15, 1911

8 December


9 December

FOREST (Pushkin map)


We remind you: THEATER CERTIFICATES purchased at the box office of the A. V. Lunacharsky during 2022.


only until December 31, 2022 !

After this date, the holder of the certificate

will not be able to exchange it for a ticket.

Be careful!

You can buy a ticket with THEATER CERTIFICATE ONLY AT THE CASH OFFICE of the A.V. Lunacharsky!

// The cash desk is open from 10 a.m. until 19h. daily, without days off and without interruption. //

If you bought a certificate as a gift, remind its lucky owner of the expiration date so that your gift does not lose its charm and value!

Tickets for 2022 can also be purchased for January 2023 , but the purchase must be made before December 31!

We are waiting for you, our dear viewer, at the A.V. Lunacharsky

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone:

+7-978-920-85-86 (administrative department, from 10:00 to 18:00, weekdays), +7-8692-54-43-30 ( ticket office, from 10:00 to 19:00, seven days a week)

When buying a ticket online, if necessary, save a screenshot of the ticket in the phone’s memory. Unfortunately, there is no Wi-Fi in the lobby of the theater. Our equipment allows you to read a QR code from smartphone screens, so it is not necessary to print a ticket or exchange it for a paper version. If you received only a letter with a payment receipt without ticket forms, check SPAM, sometimes a letter with a link to electronic tickets ends up in this folder, because comes after the letter of payment.

Thank you for following the theatrical dress code.

Sevastopol Academic Russian Drama Theater named after A.V. Lunacharsky is always glad to meet you!


Winter has come and the thermometers are rapidly dropping. To make Sevastopol residents and guests of the city warmer, we give a minus 50% discount on the most atmospheric performances of the A.V. Lunacharsky!

December 14 — FAREWELL SCREENING «The Hunt to Get Married»
Buy ticket online

December 22 — «Office Romance» directed by Vladimir Kryuchkov
Buy ticket online

December 23 — «Office Romance» directed by Natalya Slepchenko
Buy ticket online

— PREMIERE “Snow. Snow»
Buy ticket online

December 25 — «Dove»
Buy ticket online

Please note! The promotion will start on December 3 at 00:00 and end on December 4 at 23:59.
See you in the auditorium!


On November 29, an exhibition of works by the artist Andrey Godovalnikov following the results of the Foros Academic Plein Air November 2022 will be opened in the audience lobby.
The audience of the theater will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the works of an extraordinary Sevastopol artist, to plunge into the mysterious, foggy worlds of his art.
The 10 days spent by the artist in the open air in November 2022 in Foros gave a direct experience of contact with an ancient place among the mountains on the seashore, which has a mysterious, thousands of years of history. A series of paintings made by the artist in his author’s technique, like tables-manuscripts, carry the letters of hieroglyphs lost over the centuries that cannot be deciphered. Through a complex technique, the works resemble the texture of a stone, on which, through light flashes, traces of manuscripts were reflected, which will never be read again. A mottled pattern of dried branches, pine needles and signs of a new time — metal and concrete structures of abandoned unfinished buildings, the skeletons of which stick out along the entire coast. Someday they will become archeology… The artist does not depict visible images in his works, but conveys the essence, the place factor, the feeling that the viewer can easily feel in these mysterious works.
The exhibition is opened in the audience lobby of the Sevastopol Academic Russian Drama Theater named after A.V. Lunacharsky and will last until December 18.


If the theater begins with a hanger, then performances start with posters. Today, despite the rain, our facade has been transformed. The announcement of a new production of «LES» by Grigory Alekseevich Lifanov based on the play by Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky took its place.
You can pay for tickets for this performance with the «Pushkin Card», we remind you that the balance will be reset on December 31, behave culturally at the Lunacharsky Theater!


From November 21 to December 4 as part of the Pushkin Map project at the Sevastopol Academic Russian Drama Theater named after A.V. Lunacharsky will host «Theater Week»!

We are waiting for you at our performances:

November 21 “THEATRE TOUR”

November 22 “DO NOT BE AFRAID TO BE HAPPY”, three meetings based on the play by A. Arbuzov “My poor Marat”

November 23 “WHITE”, based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov

November 24 «SNOWFALL FOR KIRA», a New Year’s story in two acts by Vyacheslav Denisov

November 25 “SNOW. SNOW”, a performance about the life of Ilya Ilyich Oblomov based on a play by Mikhail Ugarov

November 26 “CHIOJA BATTLE”, a brilliant comedy by Carlo Goldoni

November 27 “The MASTER AND MARGARITA”, a novel in two acts by Mikhail Bulgakov

November 28 “EXCURSION PO »

November 29 “SERVICE ROMAN”, director Vladimir Kryuchkov’s view of Eldar Ryazanov’s comedy

November 30 “QUEEN”, a performance about which queens are silent, staged by Honored Artist of Russia Evgeny Zhuravkin

December 2 “A JOKE TOLD BY THE LANDMAN LEADIN”, a comedy based on the works of Alexander Pushkin

December 3 “Scream”, stage version and staging by Grigory Lifanov of the psychological play by Tennessee Williams

We remind you that the balance of the “Pushkin Card” will be reset on December 31.

Be polite at the Lunacharsky Theater!


November 4 in the audience foyer, as part of the Night of the Arts project, an exhibition of artists Valery and Vitaly Lib «Under the sky of Sevastopol» opens.

On May 17, the Liba brothers opened this exposition in Moscow, where the governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev was present, in his welcoming speech at the opening of the exhibition he emphasized, “The perception of even very important geopolitical and big events through the prism of art is very important. The guys do it perfectly. I am very happy that absolutely amazing works by the Lieb brothers will be seen in Moscow. The name of the exhibition «Under the Sky of Sevastopol» reflects the diversity of images, meanings and emotions.»

Paintings and tapestries by artists Valery and Vitaly convey the atmosphere of the Hero City and show it the way artists see it. The construction of the exhibition also contributes to the creation of a unique image of the southern outpost of Russia — black-and-white works in graphic technique coexist with color ones.

Now the works of the Lieba brothers can be seen in the audience lobby of the Sevastopol Academic Russian Drama Theater named after A.V. Lunacharsky.


Dear viewers, on November 16 and 17 on the Main stage of the theater we are hosting guests — the Mariupol Republican Academic Order of the Badge of Honor Russian Drama Theater!

As part of the all-Russian program «GREAT TOURS», our colleagues from Mariupol will please both avid Sevastopol theater-goers and the youngest spectators.

November 16 and 17 at 11:00 a musical fairy tale «The Golden Chicken», author — V. Orlov
Tickets online Chekhov.
Tickets online

See you in the auditorium!


The holidays are starting! But in order to succeed, you need to constantly develop, learn something new, so we created a unique selection of performances in the AUTUMN VACATION IN LUNACHARSKOYE project:

NOVEMBER 1 in the comedy «IMAGINARY SICK» — you will learn the most effective way to be healthy, happy and not worry. Author — Jean-Baptiste Molière

you can learn a lesson about how momentary desires can irrevocably destroy a family. Author — Ivan Turgenev

take advantage of other people.Author — Anton Chekhov

4 NOVEMBER in the PREMIERE performance «DON’T BE AFRAID TO BE HAPPY» you will learn how in the most difficult period of life you can truly love, be friends, support each other, empathize, about choice and that never it’s not too late to start life from the beginning.Author — Alexey Arbuzov

NOVEMBER 5, comedy «PROFITABLE PLACE» will teach you not to bend under the pressure of circumstances and not deviate from your ideals.Author — Alexander Ostrovsky

NOVEMBER 6, performance «DEMONS» will teach you to analyze circumstances and reveal, at times, the fatal influence of new ideas on immature minds.Author — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Hurray! HOLIDAY!


Dear viewers!

Please note that due to the artist’s illness, the theater’s repertoire for October has changed:

On OCTOBER 26, the play «At the Ark at Eight» will take place on the Small Stage.
The play «Autocrats and Jesters» announced earlier on the Small Stage has been cancelled.

The show starts at 19:00.

Purchased tickets are valid.

Inquiries by phone +7 978 920 85 86.

The theater administration apologizes for the forced changes in the repertoire.


Thanks to the All-Russian program «GREAT TOURS», one of the best performances will be brought to the city of Sevastopol

November 16 and 17 on the Main Stage of the Sevastopol Academic Russian Drama Theater named after A.V. The Lunacharsky team of the Mariupol Theater will show the musical fairy tale «The Golden Chicken» and the play «Vaudeville».

November 16 and 17 at 11:00, 0+.
«Golden Chicken»
musical fairy tale

Enterprising Fox came up with a quick way to get rich. She persuaded the simpleton Volk to steal a golden egg from Ryaba’s hen and forced him to hatch the hen so that she would regularly supply them with selected golden testicles in the future. The wolf sat out, only not a hen, but the most ordinary cockerel. But suddenly the Chicken offered the Wolf something that is much more expensive than gold!

Duration — 1 hour
Author — V. Orlov.
Tickets online

November 16 and 17 at 18:30, 12+.

Women’s passions

Vaudeville is joy, light humor, cheerful laughter! But behind this laughter there is always a warm, wise look of the author, who sympathizes with his unlucky heroes. Chekhov’s one-act skits, joke plays are small masterpieces that have not descended from world stages for more than a hundred years. The Mariupol Theater will give the audience a meeting with the characters of «The Bear», «Offers» and «Jubilee», capable of bringing any business to the point of absurdity.

Duration — 2h. 10 min. with one intermission.
Author — A. Chekhov.
Tickets online


Dear viewers, due to the illness of the artist in the theater, the performance will be replaced:

23. 10 on the main stage of the theater will be the play «Snow. Snow» PREMIERE

Tickets are valid.
We apologize!


Dear viewers!

The eighth evening from the cycle of lectures-concerts «Opera Evenings in Sevastopol», scheduled for October 24, 2022 on the stage of the Sevastopol Academic Russian Drama Theater named after A.V. Lunacharsky, is canceled for technical reasons. Tickets purchased at the box office are accepted for return until October 24, 2022. Tickets purchased online will be automatically refunded.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.


In autumn, everything becomes amazing and magical. The foliage of trees is painted in different colors. Here and there you can see yellow, red, orange, brown and even green. In autumn, the leaves fall and the leaves begin to fall.
Leaf fall is like an amazing rain of leaves. Like a gift from nature.
Especially for you, admirers of theatrical art, we announce «AUTUMN FALL OF DISCOUNTS»
— 50% off seven performances in October!

October 7th — «SNOWFALL FOR KIRA»
October 12th — «EIGHT LOVING WOMEN»
October 13th, — «KYOJA BATTLE»
October 15th — «MONTH IN THE VILLAGE»
October 19th — «DOVE» — 21st October PLACE»
October 23 — «The Queen of Spades. PICTURES»

Come to the theater for inspiration!
The promotion starts on September 29 and will last until October 07 inclusive!

Archive (seasons):



for December 2022


JOKE told by the landowner Lidin (Pushkin map)


KRIK (Pushkin map)




FOREST (Pushkin map)


FOREST (Pushkin map)


KRIK (Pushkin map)


FOREST (Pushkin map)






HUNTING TO MARRY (Pushkin card)




KRIK (Pushkin map)


JOKE told by the landowner Lidin (Pushkin map)


SCARLET FLOWER (Pushkin card)




SCARLET FLOWER (Pushkin card)


SERVICE ROMAN. Staged by Vladimir Kryuchkov (Pushkin map)


SCARLET FLOWER (Pushkin card)


SERVICE ROMAN. Production by Natalia Slepchenko (Pushkin map)


SNOW, SNOW (Pushkin map)


SCARLET FLOWER (Pushkin card)


GOLUBKA (Pushkin card)


SCARLET FLOWER (Pushkin card)


SCARLET FLOWER (Pushkin card)


SCARLET FLOWER (Pushkin card)


IMAGINARY SICK (Pushkin card)


SCARLET FLOWER (Pushkin card)




SCARLET FLOWER (Pushkin card)


CARNIVAL NIGHT (Pushkin card)

Start of performances
at 18:30 — on the Main Stage
at 19:00 — on the Small Stage.

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