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Product Description

Cisco UCS UCSB-PSU-2500ACPL 2500W Platinum AC Power Supply for 5108

Product Specifications:
                        Brand: Cisco
                        Part Number: UCSB-PSU-2500ACPL
                        Condition: Used

All equipment is guaranteed eligible for existing OEM or 3rd party maintenance plans. The Used Cisco UCSB-PSU-2500ACPL from Alta Technologies comes with a standard 90 days warranty from Alta, with extended maintenance plans available for purchase. All Cisco Power Supplies hardware is fully tested and ready to ship. Stock images may be used on some products, so please ask us for exact photos, if required.

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HFE 1600-2500W 1U Hot Swap Front End Power supply

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1600-2500W 1U Hot Swap Front End Power supply

Developed as a standard series of high efficiency, hot-swap front end power supplies, the HFE is available in two power levels, 1600W and 2500W, and with output voltages of 12, 24, 32 and 48V. A number of 1U 19» racks are available; a 5 slot version accepting HFE1600 modules, a 4 slot taking HFE2500 modules, plus a choice of IEC320 C20 sockets or screw terminals for the AC input. PMbus™ communication interface and LAN options can also be requested.

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  • Up to 29.2W/in3 power density
  • Internal ORing MOSFET & Current Share
  • Climate Savers Computing efficiency standards
  • Up to 10kW in 1U rack
  • PMBusTM and LAN options
  • Single & Dual Output 1U Racks


Datasheets & Manuals
  • HFE1600 Datasheet
  • HFE2500 Datasheet
  • HFE2500 Installation Manual & HFE2500/S PMBus Interface User Manual
  • HFE1600/S PMBus Interface User Manual
  • HFE1600 Installation Manual
Images & 3D Drawings
  • Product Image
  • HFE1600-D1U-TB — 3D Drawing (Step file)
  • HFE1600-LAN — 3D Drawing (Step file)
  • HFE2500-LAN — 3D Drawing (Step file)
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  • Safety Certification
  • New HFE1600 Dual Rack
  • User Manuals
  • Specification, Drawings, Technical Files
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Product Range Information

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Part number Power (W) Output info Construction Status View PDF datasheet
HFE1600-12/S 1596 12V / 133A Enclosed  

HFE1600-12 1596 12V / 133A Enclosed  

HFE2500-12 2400 12V / 200A Enclosed  

HFE2500-12/S 2400 12V / 200A Enclosed  

HFE1600-24 1608 24V / 67A Enclosed  

HFE1600-24/S 1608 24V / 67A Enclosed  

HFE2500-24 2496 24V / 104A Enclosed  

HFE2500-24/S 2496 24V / 104A Enclosed  

HFE1600-32 1504 32V / 47A Enclosed  

HFE1600-32/S 1504 32V / 47A Enclosed  

HFE1600-48 1584 48V / 33A Enclosed  

HFE1600-48/S 1584 48V / 33A Enclosed  

HFE2500-48 2496 48V / 52A Enclosed  

HFE2500-48/S 2496 48V / 52A Enclosed  

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HFE Technical Downloads

  • HFE1600 Datasheet
  • HFE2500 Datasheet
  • HFE2500 Installation Manual & HFE2500/S PMBus Interface User Manual
  • HFE1600/S PMBus Interface User Manual
  • HFE1600 Installation Manual
Images & 3D Drawings
  • Product Image
  • HFE1600-D1U-TB — 3D Drawing (Step file)
  • HFE1600-LAN — 3D Drawing (Step file)
  • HFE2500-LAN — 3D Drawing (Step file)
Other resources
  • HFE China RoHS
Useful links
  • View HFE1600 Product Video
  • Safety Certification
  • New HFE1600 Dual Rack
  • User Manuals
  • Specification, Drawings, Technical Files

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emergency power system; 2500W; 230VAC; 32kg manufactured by IPS IPS2500-SIN-WM

  • Protection

    from KZ


  • Charging current max.


  • nine0003

    Operating temperature


  • nine0004 Manufacturer


  • Supply voltage

    156. ..294VAC

  • Output voltage

    nine0004 230V AC

  • Supply voltage


  • Power



  • Protection

    against overheating

  • nine0003


    overload protection

  • nine0004 Protection

    from overcharge

  • External dimensions


  • Power supply type

    nine0004 emergency power system

  • Power supply/converter specifications

    nine0004 pure sine wave

  • Weight



  • Weight


Free delivery
orders over 5000 ₽

We will deliver directly to your hands or to the nearest point of issue

Power supply EMACS M1R-2500G.

Kilowatt and cheaper

For my modest radio destructive needs, the question arose of acquiring power supplies for running 12V and 24V, but more powerful, so that it would be possible to power not only the T12 soldering station, the step-down converter module, the backlight, … and so on and so forth. Even more compact.
In general, searches brought me to the pages of a store that sells mainly second-hand server hardware and inspired me to do a little home-made. For details, please under the cut! nine0101
Alas, there will be no detailed testing and research for lack of skills and equipment. Mr. Kiric spoiled the audience)

So. While looking for a PSU, I came across solid 12V 500W power supplies from storage systems — Hot swap EMACS M1R-2500G for ridiculous money for units of this class. Of course, they are BU (from the gutting of some old server), but still this is server hardware designed for long-term and stable operation. There are also high-quality components (at least in comparison with Chinese blocks), APFC, at least there must be protection (short circuit, overvoltage …). nine0005

In truth, I have not seen even frank trash on Ali at such a price. So, without hesitation, an order for 2 blocks is placed, money disappears from the card, and waiting for the order …

About delivery, or friends in need are known

Usually you can’t tell anything interesting about delivery — whether it came or not. But then there was a small incident.
Shipping — boxberry. Less than a week of waiting, joyful gutting of the parcel — and here is the nuance … Blokov ordered two, and one came! Yes, exactly the one that I ordered, but the worker … but one! On the one hand, it seems like they threw it, but on the other hand, it seems not. nine0101
Mixed feelings overcame me at the time. But I pulled myself together and went politely to find out what was the matter. To the credit of the guys from Khlamada, I can say that there were no debates — I showed a photo of the parcel, into which only one block wrapped in bubble wrap could hardly fit, and they sent the second block at their own expense.
And this is without any Aliexpress and at least somehow a working system of disputes / returns. Reputation is important to people, in my opinion.

For connoisseurs of dismemberment — the insides of BP

Here it is, Sweet couple:

Dismantling of the case — unscrew only 6 screws:

Input power connector with filters:

View from the end of the high -voltage part:

View from above:

View Bottom line:

Side view (from the side of the control boards):

Bottom view:

Closer output part + how to start the PSU:

And now about the idea and implementation.
Having two switching power supplies, you can safely connect them in series and get an output voltage equal to the sum of the voltages and a maximum current equal to the minimum current that one of a pair of power supplies is capable of delivering. Pattern:

You can read more in this article, or there is an excellent review of on the same topic.

In such a connection scheme, nothing prevents you from taking power directly from the first PSU — that’s 12V without any converters. But we must not forget to summarize the current load both through the first (12V) and through both (24V), so as not to exceed the maximum allowable.

I won’t tell you the exact dimensions of the blocks without a case, but for their joint work + active cooling thin (no more than 15mm thick) 9According to estimates, a Gainta G3118 plastic case (not advertising — just a link to the manufacturer and model) with dimensions of 240x120x60mm came up with a 2mm fan. In general, overall cases are much cheaper to buy from us, and delivery is faster. At the time of purchase cost about 700r together with delivery. But now the prices have changed — so only the search.

According to the PSU data, I want to note a useful nuance — there are no protections associated with the operation of the cooler. Blocks start without it. So you can get by with only one thing — after all, the blocks are now not in narrow cases and blowing not through all very densely located components from the end, but from above. So there is no need for high-speed coolers. nine0005

Trying on:

This was followed by cruel abuse of the case — drilling and cutting holes for the input connector and switch, for the cooler, ventilation holes, holes for the XT-60 output connectors and PSU LED indicators, pasting M2 racks:

PSU modifications were reduced to desoldering the output connectors assembled on a plywood frame and desoldering anti-parallel diodes:

Minus the PSU and the filter outputs to the ground were connected through the native case and racks. Now the case is plastic and there is no need to separate the minus from the ground by 2m PSU. But I had to solder the ground connection with wires. Now I think, maybe it was worth cutting out the bases of native buildings and pasting them to the bottom of the current building .