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AVIVO Video Converter Redux and ATI Stream Quick Look

by Derek Wilsonon June 11, 2009 12:01 AM EST

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A few months ago, we tested AMD’s AVIVO Video Converter. AMD had just enabled video transcode acceleration on the GPU, and they wanted to position their free utility as competition to CUDA enabled (and thus NVIDIA only) Badaboom. Certainly, for a free utility, we would not expect the same level of compatibility and quality as we would from a commercial application like Badaboom. But what we saw really didn’t even deliver what we would expect even from a free application.

We didn’t pull any punches when first we previewed Badaboom either. Their application in its original form left a lot to be desired. They took our feedback and built a product that is very workable for the purpose of quickly taking video and encoding it for use on portable devices with plenty of flexibility built in as well. After our look at AVIVO, we assumed AMD would take our feedback (and feedback from around the internet) and use it to build a better product.

We do understand the rush to get software out there that takes advantage of GPU compute capability and that video transcode is the low-hanging fruit. The first shot at anything can be rough, especially when under pressure.

AMD recently released an updated version of their transcode utility, and we were hopeful that it would deliver where its predecessor fell short. Unfortunately, we were flat out wrong.

Today, in addition to looking AMD’s built in solution, we will look at Cyberlink’s MediaShare Espresso to see if 3rd party applications can bring anything better to the GPU accelerated transcoding table.

Testing Transcoding with AVIVO Video Converter

We noted in our previous test that there were many videos we wanted to transcode that were not accepted as input by the AVIVO video converter. There was still one test file we had that could not be transcoded, but all the rest were accepted as input. We did have some difficulty in getting some files to properly convert, especially when upsampling to 1080p and encoding to H.264. Our MacGyver clip, for instance, would go through the process, but the output file simply would not play on any player with any codec we tried. They all gave us an error.

Actually, when we attempted to encode the MacGyver clip to «iPod Video» at maximum quality, we ended up with the same extraordinarily poor (or lack of) de-interlacing we saw before.

In fact, only one file we tried to transcode came out with acceptable quality and it still had artifacts. There was color distortion, blur/softening of edges, and blocking artifacts. Source and output were both 1080p, and the only process applied was a transcode from MPEG-2 to H.264.

This is the original video.

This is AVIVO Video Converter’s attempt at 1080p H. 264

AMD confirmed that movie trailers from Apple do not work with AVIVO Video Converter, but we did also try uncompressed AVI files generated by FRAPS. We wanted to compare using movies recorded from gameplay to if the tool faired any better without having to decode the file on input. In addition, the progressive video wouldn’t suffer from deinterlacing artifacts. Or so we thought..

While the AVIVO video converter accepted the file and attempted to transcode it to 1080p H.264. Depending on the codec we used to try and view the file we saw different very distorted output. With one codec output ended up squeezed horizontally. It almost looked as if the output was a sideways 16:9 video (and the math came out close but not quite). Another codec had the right size, but both looked as though they might have de-interlacing artifacts despite the fact that the source was progressive.

Clearly the AVIVO video converter is still not ready.

Enter Cyberlink Espresso

AMD strongly indicated that Cyberlink’s PowerDirector and MediaShow Espresso software would better represent the ATI Stream direction and capabilities. We decided to try our hand at Espresso.

MediaShow Espresso is a software conversion tool that is similar to Badaboom in that it’s purpose is to transcode video and that it can use GPU hardware acceleration. The big advantage, however, is that it can use either AMD or NVIDIA hardware in the transcode process. Our initial goal was to evaluate transcoding on AMD hardware, but Espresso might have given us a way to grab a peak at how GPU accelerated transcoding might compare between NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. Or at least that’s what we had hoped we would find.

We attempted to encode three videos. While our watermellon transcoding worked perfectly fine on the CPU, guess what happened when we took a look at our AMD GPU accelerated output. That’s right. Artifacts. Similar to what we saw with AVIVO Video Converter, but less severe. NVIDIA’s image quality was much cleaner than the on AMD hardware using Espresso as well. This was encoding to MPEG-4 AVC and maintaining the same resolution from input to output.

This is CPU only, no GPU accelerated transcode

AMD’s attempt shows similar image quality degredation

Unlike with AMD hardware, NVIDIA’s image quality is clean

The other videos didn’t show the mosaic artifacts when using AMD hardware, but some of the blurriness/softness issues were apparent.

Armed with this data, it is clear that transcoding on AMD hardware is not ready for primetime, and thus we decided to par this article down to a quick look rather than an in depth study.

We did do some performance comparisons with Espresso, but it is very important to remember that just because we are using the same application does not mean that these numbers are directly comparable. Based on the differences in the output, it is very clear that when using CPU, NVIDIA or AMD hardware, Espresso is doing fundamentally different things. We are getting different output, and thus the paths are doing different things. One option might have better quality or be faster inherently and performance differences may have nothing at all to do with the capabilities of the hardware.

Bruno Trailer MacGyver DVD Watermellon
Intel Core i7 965 3:53 6:43 0:38
GTX 275 1:56 3:04 0:12
Radeon 4890 2:02 8:41 0:31

Final Words

We do appreciate AMD adding support for 1080p and 720p H.264 and MPEG-2 output, as before we didn’t have the flexibility we have here in terms of up or down scaling and specific encoding format. But that is about the only thing that is improved over the previous version of the software that we can tell. Poor quality conversion and difficulty supporting all the input files we wanted to test are certainly issues.

AVIVO Video Converter also exhibited some issues with transcoding without installing multiple 3rd party codecs. Despite the fact that our system could play all the videos we wanted to test just fine, in order to get the converter to accept them we needed more software (but at least it did work after doing this). Even the more useful MediaShow Espresso software by Cyberlink couldn’t provide us with quality output while using AMD hardware to accelerate transcoding.

Rather than harp on it any further, we’ve just got to cut our losses. AVIVO Video Converter, while free, isn’t worth the time it takes to download. MediaShow Espresso might give us an option that will run on any hardware, but ATI Stream based transcoding is simply subpar at this point.

We plan on taking a more indepth look at GPU accelerated transcoding when we can make more objective comparisons and draw more useful conclusions. Right now everything is just too up in the air. We’re hoping that the emergence of OpenCL will help to unify the implementations of developers to the point where we can have something that is equivalent (or at least much closer) in output quality in order to better evaluate the capabilities of the hardware when transcoding video.



ATI Avivo Video Converter 8.12 | Software

The ATI Video Converter is a “transcoder,” a tool that converts digital video from one file format to another, supporting ATI Stream acceleration with the latest ATI GPUs

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The new ATI Video Converter uses ATI Stream™ technology to quickly and easily convert your videos to play on today’s new breed of portable entertainment devices. The ATI Video Converter is a “transcoder,” a tool that converts digital video from one file format to another, enabling the same video clip to play on industry standard home DVD/DivX® players, PC’s or portable media devices such as the Apple® iPod®, Sony® portable gaming device and many others.

The ATI Video Converter transcodes up to 17 times faster than with the CPU alone, one hour of video can be converted to a portable player format in about 12 minutes. Combined with one of the recent ATI Radeon™ HD 4800 or ATI Radeon™ HD 4600 Series graphics card offerings, the ATI Video Converter helps deliver video conversion at up to twice the speed of competing solutions at just over half of the suggested retail price.

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  • Video Encoders -> MPEG-4 (DivX, XviD, WMV, QuickTime, AVC, VC-1, H. 264 …) Encoders

Input Files: AVI, DivX, MPG, WMV, Xvid
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Fast and free video transcoding using ATI Stream technology and Avivo Video Converter

Hello friends, in today’s tutorial we will talk about video transcoding with ATI Radeon, we use only free tools, we are talking about software Avivo Video Converter, and Catalyst Control Center Ati Radeon drivers, they use the power of a huge graphics card with ATI Stream technology, ATI Stream technology is similar to Nvidia’s CUDA.
What is transcoding? nine0003 Transcoding switching video or audio files from one format to another format, for example, a movie that we made with a camcorder in MPEG 2, of course it is uncompressed and has a large enough size, with the free software you Avivo Video Converter, we can go to more modern format, modern formats using the latest codecs and managed to compress the file with very minimal quality loss, quality loss is sometimes difficult to distinguish, a brilliant example of a codec and rather contested (requires high processing power in encoding and decoding) h364 stroke is known or it can come in different containers, the best feeling is in the MP4 container, it suits both web and streaming browsing in the living room Our DVD player (if it supports MP4). nine0003 I can talk about codecs in over 10 tutorials and I think I still haven’t done it, it’s a complex world full of technical terms that the average person is not willing to digest.
Why use a graphics card?
The answer is simple, the video card has much higher power than the processor, unfortunately this power can only be used in performing repetitive tasks such as video rendering, transcoding is required because at high power to perform repetitive tasks, the video card fits perfectly into the equation , is valid and can carry a huge number of such operations. nine0003 Of course a graphics card can’t match a processor when it comes to the intelligence needed for multitasking, a graphics card is rather a monster with enormous power, but without the elasticity that a processor has.
Combination and ATI Avivo Video Converter can not only bring advantages that the software is free compared to Badaboom (NVIDIA CUDA) The video card is present in most computers and it’s a shame not to use it for other things.
The number of supported formats is below: H.264, VC-1, WMV9, WMV9 PMC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, iPod, PSP, but in the future will certainly increase.
Remember that if you have suggestions, complaints or additions, feel free to write in the comment box, de-also, if you met in the comment box the user has problems and you can help him, feel free to do so, the only the way we can make this place better, see in the comment box!
by Christian Cismaru

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Convert video in seconds with CPU processing and set the number of conversion cores to adjust the conversion speed. nine0003 • Video and audio conversion.
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Author: rider42
Post date: 02/22/2010 23:02

Installed version of Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 5.1.37 on a laptop with a dual-core processor T7300 2.0GHz. In the settings of the program, I set both cores to be used when converting — so all the time their workload fluctuates around 50% when converting. Is there any way to increase the load? nine0014

Author: Samut
Date posted: 23.02.2010 23:54

Yes, I am also interested in this question. At the first launch, all four cores were used by 99 percent, and now they are around 50. choose when converting the right one?

Author: memo
Date posted: 03/26/2010 12:14

This package does not have the ability to merge, eg. two .avi clips? What product from XiliSoft or others can create one of the two or more? nine0031


# Allows you to add subtitles and soundtracks to the output video;
# Enable the function of transferring the output files to iPod, iPhone and PSP;
# Capable of inserting transitional effects in between merged video/picture items;
# Makes the built-in player resizable;
# Switch the zoom mode between 4:3 and 16:9;
# Classifies the profile settings into different types; nine0003 # Supports the input of the picture formats of digital camera;
# Supports CD decoding;
# Added the function of power management;
# Analyze the picture formats of digital cameras; auto rotate and overturn pictures according EXIF ​​parameters; manually rotate and overturn in editing merged picture item.

Author: vitukas77
Date posted: 07/23/2010 19:29

FREE Xilisoft HD Video Converter 6


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The most imba converter!
Can be downloaded from here

Author: Neville
Post date: 09/17/2010 17:53

Tell me how to convert from flv to mp4 or avi with the same quality and size, at least approximately the same?
I select profiles and the file is converted, but the quality is poor and the size is 2-3 times larger

Author: vigvam
Post date: 10/01/2010 17:04

help pliz
The old version has flown.
I install Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 6, fix it.
I choose a file to convert, it first appears in me and after a few seconds it becomes inactive.

Author: Leonido Papagatto
Post date: 11/14/2010 13:55

I would like to know how to sharpen the output file

Author: MentalWarrior
Post date: 11/17/2010 11:42

And who will tell you if there are intelligent automatic video converters or topics for discussing them? Used different ones. I’ve been using this one lately. But suitable for non-critical tasks. But it is not very suitable for transferring from DVD format to others in order to reduce the file size, but maintain quality. In addition, HDTV rips are not being transferred. Yes, and there is a problem of transferring something from the DVD. Tried somehow XviD4PSP. It works much slower, but for some reason, with all the advantages of the stage, it produces some kind of interlaced image. nine0031

How will ATI Stream work in Video Converter Ultimate 6? Firewood installed last (Radeon HD 5850).

download AMD Media Codec Package (AVIVO)

Author: toha63
Post date: 03/06/2011 19:15

Dear people, who can tell me the license code for Video Converter Ultimate 6. Many thanks in advance.

Author: r5pyobcae4t
Post date: 03/07/2011 16:46

question, like bogutsky:
I have win xp, catalyst 11.2, AMD Media Codec Package (AVIVO), but installed xilisoft converter platinum 6. 5.2 build-0216 — writes 9 in the settings0003 «Your graphics do not support GPU acceleration»
although my HD 4350 graphics card is in the list of graphics cards listed on the
how do I force video card to encode?
maybe tell me another converter?

Author: igrek64
Post date: 03/30/2011 11:57

I have win 7, catalyst 11.2, AMD Media Codec Package (AVIVO) installed xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 6.5.2 build-0125 encodes up to 0.3 % and gives an error, although everything is OK in the settings, my video card is ATI Mobility Radeon ™ HD 5650. What’s the ambush? nine0014

Posted: 06/27/2011 11:34

Xilisoft Video Converter
standard — exe
ultimate —
platinum — http://www.

Russifier for any version 6.x

Post date: 06/27/2011 21:30

Xilisoft Video to DVD Converter Rus Portable


Author: faridmif
Date posted: 06/30/2011 09:25

Xilisoft Video Converter
Standard — Ultimate —
Platinum —

Author: Shershn
Post date: 07/27/2011 22:16

I’m sorry if I’m dumb, but where can I get the medicine?

Author: campoviy
Post date: 07/27/2011 22:34


I’m sorry if I’m dumb, but where can I get the medicine?

For the future: when such needs arise, please visit Vareznik .

campoviy thank you.

I don’t know how it converts, but the interface frankly slows down. This alone can scare away anyone — for example, I didn’t even want to figure it out further.
Sorry for the unflattering review. nine0014

Author: campoviy
Post date: 07/28/2011 08:42



Not for that.

the interface frankly slows down

But, unfortunately, I can’t say anything about this, because I don’t use sabzhevye software.
Just a topic in «Bookmarks» , saw your question: answered.

Author: alex200202
Post date: 31.07.2011 22:58

even somehow does not really give acceleration using cudo, the difference is 5 minutes.
hardware: Zotac GeForce GTS 450 1 gig, MSI NX9600GT-E 512 meters, 4 core Q-9505, 8 gig memory, raid1 system, raid0 for final files
software: win7x64, driver 245.33,

initial file 400Mb, DX50 , MPEG-1 Layer 3
at H.264 output, aac

and in the program settings you can specify only video 9800, 450 is not available

Author: blekman
Post date: 09/02/2011 19:49

I have a netbook eM350-21G16i (10′) with Windows7 Ultimate.
Installed Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 6. the «OK» button of the «Settings» window is below my small display (10′) and I cannot raise this window any higher.
How should I be?
Is there any way to shrink the Settings window using Windows?
Can I somehow make settings through the registry or something else?
Thank you.

Author: shadow_member
Message date: 09/02/2011 20:01

Check if the default font size is set in the system, it should be 96 dpi (dots per inch) — Control Panel \ Appearance and Personalization \ Display
If it does not help, try AltDrag- Ctrl + LMB = you can drag the window by any part of it, not just by the title.