Geforce 7350 le replacement: NVIDIA compatibility issue with Windows 10 (Solved)

Is there a PROPRIETARY driver (NVIDIA or ATI) that actually works with 12.10?

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9 years, 1 month ago

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NOTE: I see many similar topics on this, but I’ve tried all their suggestions, and nothing has worked. THE MAIN DIFFERENCE SEEMS TO BE: I always get a black screen with a blinking cursor, while others seem to get through the boot-up and see distorted graphics or just their wallpaper.


I do a clean install of Ubuntu 12.10. Boots fine with the “nouveau” graphics driver – graphics (even just menus) are very slow, choppy, and distorted. The three other driver options in Ubuntu (official NVIDIA drivers), all result in a variation of the black screen on boot up. There will be NO access to a command line/GUI in anyway what-so-ever (tried every option recommended out there, but the system is unusable at this stage).

I can only reinstall, and try different drivers…and I only ever get one shot at it.


-Does anyone know of a PROPRIETARY driver that will actually work on 12.10 with a NVIDIA or ATI card?

-Should I just buy a newer graphics card to put in as a replacement?

MORE INFO: This is my second computer, and I’m just trying to get a working install of Ubuntu on it. I don’t want to put much money into it, as I have seen Ubuntu run great on much older/less capable machines. I’ve got a decent’ish Core2Duo Intel processor (2.13Ghz), 2GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive, 32-bit architecture, and there is no other O/S installed. It appears as if the graphics card (NVIDIA Geforce 7350 LE) is holding me back.


-all drivers available in Ubuntu *all fail

-manual install of some different NVIDIA drivers *all fail

-also tried installing the generic kernel, Nvidia driver doesn’t work in 12.10 *no difference

-tried installing 12.04 *same results

-every method suggested to at least get a command line after switching to a NVIDIA driver *all fail


Re-tried everything above with a new NVIDIA Geforce 210same results for everything.


Re-tried everything above with a new AMD Radeon HD 6450…installed the proprietary driver from Ubuntu’s «Software Sources» menu…EVERYTHING NOW WORKS. See «answer» below for summary.

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  • nvidia
  • ati
  • 12. 10


Install the linux sources and headers. These are required to build the driver.

sudo apt-get install linux-source linux-headers-3.5.0-17-generic

Then unistall any nvidia drivers you have installed. Then reinstall the nvidia driver

sudo apt-get install nvidia-current

Then restart the computer

sudo shutdown -r now

It should now boot up using the nvidia drivers.


Note: This issue has been resolved by way of a hardware replacement, a solution (in regards to software) was not reached. This answer is intended to save people (with similar circumstances) time. On my system, and being fairly new to Linux…I could not get any NVIDIA drivers to work, after trying two different cards.

The solution for me was an AMD card, with the AMD/ATI proprietary drivers (all versions available in Ubuntu work). For those interested — the open source driver worked, but there were odd colored pixels everywhere.

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  • Review and tests of Nvidia Shield / Sudo Null IT News

    Good afternoon. In this article, I will talk about the personal «experiences» that I had to go through when I got the Nvidia Shield in my hands.

    More video and more photos…

    Video review

    Text review

    The set-top box officially went on sale on July 31st, although it was originally planned to start shipping on the 27th of the same month . Nvidia explained this by saying that there were minor mechanical problems on the part of one of the suppliers.

    The Shield also hit the shelves for $300 when Nvidia wanted to sell it for $350. But it only makes us feel better.

    The mobile console is currently only available in the US and Canada. I think that the manufacturer is «testing» the markets by studying the demand. Perhaps the prefix will appear soon in Russia, as the first sales results turned out to be very good. Zen-Sun Huang, chief executive of Nvidia, noted that sales of the console are excellent — everything that Nvidia shipped in the first phase has been sold.

    The first thing that catches your eye is the «coolness» of the console. Shield is very well made and assembled.

    Outwardly, it resembles an Xbox joystick, although its structure resembles a PlayStation gamepad: D-Pad on the left, game buttons on the right, two sticks at the bottom. At the end there are a couple of additional gaming buttons.

    Top metal plate can be easily removed. It is magnetic and can be replaced.

    Specifications Nvidia Shield

    — Android 4.2.1 (Stock)
    – Tegra 4, 4 cores, 1.9 GHz
    – Graphics: 72-core GeForce
    – 5′ IPS display with a resolution of 1280×720, 294 ppi
    – 2 GB RAM
    – 16 GB internal memory
    – MicroSD support up to 64 GB
    – Mini HDMI connector
    – GPS
    – 7350 mAh battery

    You have already understood that this device is a really powerful thing. This is confirmed by tests:


    GeekBench 2

    The main feature of the Shield is the ability to play PC games through high-quality streaming and instant feedback.

    But in order for your computer to «pull», you need at least a GeForce GTX 650 or GeForce GTX 660M laptop graphics card, an Intel Core i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM and Windows 7. This is the minimum. By the way, AMD support is also present.

    How does it work?

    First you need to download Nvidia GeForce Experience to your computer. In general, this is a program for debugging drivers, so many GeForce users have it installed for a long time. Everything works automatically, now all you need is to connect the PC and Shield to the same Wi-Fi network and connect to the computer on the console. This is done in a special program, from where you will eventually launch games.

    The cool thing is that you don’t have to set up or click anything before launching any of the games. You don’t even need to touch the computer — you turned on the Shield and launched the game with it. Naturally, Steam is also supported, it can also be controlled from the console.

    Surprisingly, everything works perfectly. You can only occasionally see a drop in video quality, but I have a Belkin PlayMax — the most disgusting router in the world (don’t buy it for anything!) so it’s completely justified.

    Watching Crysis 3 graphics on such a small HD display, you realize that mobile games still need time to grow. In addition, playing with buttons and sticks is really convenient. Do not be surprised by my conclusions, I just do not play games at all, but even I, the «anti-gamer», was struck by this thing.


    Shield has a very capacious battery — 7350 mAh, Nvidia promised 24 hours of video playback. I haven’t been able to test this, although two days of heavy usage with games and Wi-Fi dropped the device from 100% to 30%.

    The big question is, is it a finished product? The product is uniquely ready and ready «for work and defense.» The only thing that can confuse is the support for a small number of games [list]. In addition, the program checks almost all games for authenticity, and for many this is also a problem.

    Another disappointing factor is the lack of a front camera. It really wouldn’t hurt…

    Well, in general, the device leaves a super-positive impression. I even wanted to buy, but I know that for me it is for a couple of weeks. Nvidia Shield seems to be the future. It is still “vague”, but if Qualcomm, Apple or Samsung do not introduce another revolutionary processor and video core within a year, then Shield will definitely take its niche.

    The conclusion that playing PC games while sitting on the toilet is a good way to kill time is true. Although in childhood this could be compensated by reading the journals «Science and Life».

    NVIDIA News Page 106 — NVIDIA WORLD

    AMD fans have yet another reason to hate Apple. Fudzilla reports that colorful toy maker Apple has decided to leave the Advanced Micro Devices camp as a graphics subsystem supplier and move into the green camp, which will now supply the GPU for the MacBook Pro.

    Apple’s collaboration with AMD began several years ago after a series of problems with NVIDIA GPUs. Problems, as we remember, should be understood as a huge proportion of defects among the company’s products. The reason why this time in Cupertino they turned their backs on AMD and returned to NVIDIA is rather difficult to understand.

    It is known that the next generation of MacBooks will support Retina displays, which will require slightly more processing power from the GPU, and it is possible that Apple believes that Radeon accelerators will not be able to cope with this task. Currently, 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro models continue to be sold with Radeon HD 6700 graphics cards on board.

    Of course, these are just rumors, so don’t take them seriously.


    comment on related news


    NVIDIA has decided to merge with Intellectual Ventures to acquire approximately five hundred wireless communications patents.

    These patents include 4G LTE technology, which is slowly but surely entering the global market. Of course, NVIDIA is in dire need of an LTE-enabled product, and even their flagship chip can’t play the card of advanced mobile technology with the rest of the ARM market.

    The patents have been obtained from IPWireless, which retains the ability to use the technology contained therein royalty-free. Since NVIDIA has acquired wireless chip maker Icera and is now looking to bring LTE support to Tegra 3 processors, the move will cost nothing with the new patents for the firm.

    In any case, it will still be a long time before NVIDIA can beat such a giant of wireless technology and standards as Qualcomm in the fight for this market.

    Recall that NVIDIA a few days ago announced a delay in the release of the Tegra 3 chip, codenamed Gray, supporting LTE communication, until 2013 for unspecified reasons.

    patent warswirelessLTENVIDIATegra 3

    comment on related news gaming GPUs.

    NVIDIA today announced what it has dubbed its GeForce Grid cloud gaming platform, which is a future-generation game virtualization streaming service on any device without noticeable lag that can degrade gameplay.

    Using the Kepler architecture, the GeForce Grid GPU minimizes power consumption by allowing up to eight game streams to be encoded simultaneously. This enables providers to increase the cost-effectiveness of their services by offering services to hundreds of players at the same time.

    The proposed solution is based on a dual-processor video card, with each GPU having its own encoder. In total, the two processors have 3,072 CUDA cores, with a total processing capacity of 4.7 teraflops. All this power will allow service providers to render highly complex games in the cloud, coding them on the GPU faster than on the CPU, which will provide a greater number of simultaneously processed threads. Thanks to the new energy-efficient architecture, the entire data center will consume half as much power as previous video accelerators.

    At GTC, NVIDIA partnered with Gaikai to showcase a virtual game console on an LG Cinema 3D Smart TV running the Gaikai application connected to a GeForce Grid GPU server 10 miles away. The result was fast and smooth gameplay without any noticeable lag. In this case, the TV was connected via an Ethernet cable, and the game controller via a wireless USB adapter.

    When asked about latencies, NVIDIA CEO Zen-Sun Huang explained that their system latencies are in the order of 100ms, which is even slightly better than today’s consoles. This is achieved due to the fact that the current set-top boxes are built on 7-year-old technologies, in addition, the Kepler accelerator does not use a frame buffer due to its high performance.

    In the future, NVIDIA sees the growing popularity of game streaming services like Netflix. According to the company, Kepler’s video processors could be the start of a widespread popularization of such services, since instead of the modern concept of one video card for each gamer, several gamers will use one card. The expected price of a monthly subscription to all games of the provider will be about 10 US dollars.

    cloud computingInternet and networksgamesKeplerTeslaNVIDIA

    comment on related news


    NVIDIA released its new financial report for the first quarter of fiscal year 2013, which showed a slight decline in revenue by 3.9% to 924 million dollars. However, such indicators, due in large part to the belated exit of Kepler, are fully consistent with those predicted by the company’s economists.

    But the company’s profit fell much more noticeably. From February to May 2012, the company earned $60.4 million, a far cry from the $135 million it showed a year ago, and also 50% lower than last fiscal quarter.

    CEO Jun-Sun Huang pointed out that Kepler needs to improve sales and said notebook GPU shipments are at their all-time high. Tegra’s processor business is also recovering from a sales crash late last year.

    The president also complained that NVIDIA was unable to keep up with demand for 28nm chips due to manufacturing issues, but these issues were not surprising given the early experience of Qualcomm also suffering from a shortage of 28nm Snapdragon chips. NVIDIA itself believes that 28 nm chips in the second quarter of 2013 will account for 30% of the company’s total shipments.

    All in all, NVIDIA’s plans sound quite positive. Kepler is doomed to success, hampered by slow adoption and supply constraints, and Tegra is back on the market doing great. It’s funny what the company’s analysts don’t take into account is that 28nm Tegra will soon face the same challenges that Qualcomm is currently overcoming in order to provide all customers with 28nm LTE-enabled chips.


    comment on similar news


    South Korean giant Samsung was the market leader in dual-core smartphone CPUs last year, according to Strategy Analytics. The share of Samsung CPUs was 60% of all dual-core CPUs.

    Many of the giant’s competitors, including such monsters as Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and NVIDIA, along with Snapdragon and their OMAP4 and Tegra chips, all together could not even get close to the market share of Samsung processors. It is noted that among all last year’s processors for smartphones, dual-core chips occupied about 20%.

    In terms of market share for each company, Qualcomm is second only to Samsung. Their share is 16%, while, thanks to the S4 chip with an integrated LTE radio module, the company has every chance of significant growth this year. In third place is NVIDIA. Interestingly, the Tegra 2 chip propelled the company into the lead earlier in the year, but it quickly shifted its focus to focus on quad-core CPUs for smartphones and tablets. As a result, at the end of the year, NVIDIA’s share in this area was 8%. It is also worth noting that now, with the release of the Galaxy S III, Samsung has also begun to actively promote quad-core chips.

    In any case, as soon as new processors based on the A15 architecture are released, the market situation may change completely.


    comment on similar news After all, even a dual GeForce GTX 690 consumes only 300 W for its operation, against 365 W for the GTX 590.

    Due to the high power efficiency of the GK104, engineers are considering making miniaturized versions of cards based on stripped-down GPUs, such as the GTX 670. blowing through the entire radiator, the length of the card will be very large. But, according to the assurances of the developers, the card will be very quiet.

    Colleagues at Colorful are developing a shortened version of the video accelerator PCB. To achieve this effect, the designers had to place GDDR5 memory chips on both sides of the PCB. The zone of voltage regulators has shifted to the leading edge, and the card itself is powered according to the 4+2 phase formula. As you can see in the picture, two 6-pin PCIe power connectors must be connected to the accelerator. Two visible connectors for SLI bridges indicate the possibility of including the card in a 3-way or 4-way SLI configuration.

    The heat generated by the GPU is dissipated by a 1U (1.75”) high heatsink, which is blown by a 120mm Actic F12 PWM fan. The cooling system installed on the card with a size of 243x112x44.2 mm has a mass of 363 g, and a water CO radiator weighs 503 grams, with a size of 150x120x53 mm.

    The package also includes heatsinks for VRM and video memory chips, an Arctic MX-4 thermal interface material syringe for the GPU base, and thermal adhesive tapes for power management and memory chips.

    As for the list of supported devices, it’s not clear yet, but Arctic has made it clear that both NVIDIA and AMD products will be supported. Support for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 video accelerator has already been demonstrated on a sample from the Inno3D brand. The company plans that the Accelero Hybrid graphics card cooling system will go on sale on May 29th.

    video cardscooling systemsAMDArctic CoolingNVIDIA

    1 comment related news


    A few days ago, NVIDIA officially released its flagship dual-GPU GeForce GTX 690 video accelerator. However, this was not just an announcement. It was immediately followed by presentations of finished video cards, one of which was also released by the EVGA brand.

    The press release states that the featured card: “combines the groundbreaking GeForce architecture with the raw power of two GPUs to deliver a real change in gaming experience. There is now superior gaming technology, meticulously designed from the inside and out, to deliver a seamless and fully immersive gaming experience.” .

    Card specifications include two GK104 processors for a total of 3072 CUDA cores. The processor operates at a base frequency of 915 MHz with a maximum possible frequency of 1019 MHz. The card supports sharing with another similar accelerator in Quad SLI mode. The board also has 4 GB of GDDR5 video memory with a frequency of 6008 MHz, and thanks to the presence of two GPUs, the memory bus width is 512 bits.

    As usual, EVGA cards are equipped with OC Scanner X and the Precision X overclocking application. Also included are all necessary cables and adapters.

    The price of the accelerator is already known, it does not differ from the one recommended by NVIDIA and is 999 US dollars.

    video cardsEVGANVIDIAGeForce GTX 690

    comment on similar news


    A popular utility designed to get all available information about your video card has been updated to version 0.6.2. In the next version, the developers have added full support for NVIDIA video accelerators with Kepler GPUs.

    In particular, the definition of maximum frequencies for Kepler processors has been corrected. In fact, version 0.6.1 received all the updates, which was immediately replaced by release 0.6.2 with an annoying bug fixed when determining the maximum frequencies on the Fermi GPU.

    List of changes in versions 0.6.1/0.6.2 is given below:

    • PowerColor giveaway campaign added;
    • Added support for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690, GTX 670, GT 640, GT 630, GeForce 605, Quadro 3000M, GTX 675M, GTX 670M;
    • Added support for AMD Radeon HD 7970M, HD 7450;
      Added full support for Intel Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge integrated graphics;
    • fixed number of ROPs in GK107;
    • Improved frequency detection in NVIDIA Kepler;
    • Fixed a crash on AMD Southern Islands if no video card driver was installed;
    • Fixed installer not working on Windows XP;
    • Disabled saving broken BIOS on NVIDIA Kepler;
    • BIOS files are now saved as *.rom;
    • The rendering of sensor graphs has been fixed.

    In addition, the developers of the program — TechPowerUp, together with PowerColor, introduced users to the GPU-Z Giveaway initiative, which gives players the opportunity to win three graphics cards: PowerColor HD 7970 PCS+ Vortex II, PowerColor HD 7870 PCS+ Vortex II, and the as yet unannounced PowerColor HD 7770 PCS+ Vortex II.