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Google Pay — ING

Change the way you pay.

With ING and Google Pay you can use your phone to tap and pay for coffee, groceries, petrol or anything else when you’re out and about. It’s simple, secure and convenient.

Download Google Pay

Getting started with Google Pay

Simply go to the Google Play store to get started. Then download the Google Pay app, follow the instructions on how to upload your ING card details, and start paying with your phone.


Getting started takes no time at all and all you need is your phone, your ING card, and a few minutes.

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It’s highly secure, as your card details are not sent to the merchant. A virtual account number is sent instead — and your mobile doesn’t store card details.

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You never leave your phone behind, and with Google Pay, it’s all you need to shop — so forget the wallet and lighten the load.

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Change the way you pay today


It only takes minutes to set up and once you’re done, it lets you shop how you want wherever Google Pay is accepted.

Add your card to Google Pay through the ING mobile app in six simple steps:

  1. Log into the ING mobile app
  2. Select the Orange Everyday or Orange One account

  3. From the drop down menu select ‘Setup Google Pay’
  4. Click on ‘Add to Google Pay’ button to provide the consent and proceed
  5. We’ll send you an SMS code to verify it’s you
  6. Follow the set-up instructions

Or set up using the Google Pay app:

  1. Scan you ING card or manually enter your card number into the app
  2. Verify your card via the ING banking app
  3. Unlock your phone and tap it on the contactless terminal to pay

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When you use Google Pay, it doesn’t send your card number with your payment. A virtual account number is sent instead — and your mobile doesn’t store card details — so you are always safe.

Keeps track of your purchases
As soon as you make a purchase, you’ll see a payment confirmation in the Google Pay app that shows exactly where the transaction happened, along with the merchant’s name.

Peace of mind if you lose your phone
If your phone is lost or stolen, Android Device Manager can instantly lock your device from anywhere, secure it with a new password or even wipe it clean of your personal information. You can also call us 24/7.

Change the way you pay today

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There will be no more fumbling through your handbag or wallet trying to find your card. Tap and pay is quick and easy, as all you need is your phone. Simply unlock your phone, place it near a contactless terminal and you’re good to go.

Change the way you pay today

Frequently asked questions

Google Meet: Onlinevideokonferenzen und -anrufe

Möglichkeiten mit Google Meet

In Verbindung bleiben

Dank unkomplizierter Terminplanung, einfacher Aufzeichnung und adaptiver Layouts bleibst du in Kontakt.

Bildschirm freigeben

Du kannst deinen gesamten Bildschirm oder nur ein Fenster teilen, um Dokumente, Folien oder Tabellen zu präsentieren.

Große Videokonferenzen abhalten

Du kannst zu deinen Videokonferenzen bis zu 500 interne oder externe Teilnehmer einladen.

Per Telefon teilnehmen

Du kannst über die Google Meet App an einer Videokonferenz teilnehmen oder dich über die Einwahlnummer in der Einladung zur Besprechung auch einfach per Telefon einwählen.

Alles im Griff

Google Meet-Videokonferenzen sind sicher. Der Organisator bestimmt, wer an der Videokonferenz teilnehmen darf, und nur zugelassene Nutzer dürfen sich zuschalten.

Interne Veranstaltungen streamen

Du kannst Veranstaltungen wie Town-Hall-Meetings und Vertriebstagungen als Livestream an bis zu 100.000 Zuschauer in deiner Domain übertragen.

Die häufigsten Fragen

Hangouts Meet und Hangouts Chat wurden im April 2020 in Google Meet und Google Chat umbenannt. 2019 haben wir angekündigt, dass wir alle Nutzer des klassischen Hangouts auf die neuen Produkte Google Meet und Google Chat umstellen. Weil wir allen Nutzern professionelle Videokonferenzen ermöglichen möchten, haben wir im Mai 2020 eine kostenlose Version von Google Meet angekündigt.

Ja. Bei Google Meet kommt die sichere Infrastruktur von Google Cloud zum Einsatz. Dadurch sind deine Informationen und deine Privatsphäre geschützt. Weitere Informationen zu unseren Datenschutzverpflichtungen, Sicherheitsvorkehrungen und Datenschutzmaßnahmen findest du hier.

Selbstverständlich. Bei der kostenlosen Version von Google Meet müssen sich alle Teilnehmer mit einem Google-Konto anmelden. Wer kein Google-Konto hat, kann mit einer geschäftlichen oder privaten E-Mail-Adresse eines erstellen.

Google Workspace-Kunden können auch Teilnehmer ohne Google-Konto zu Videokonferenzen einladen. Teilen Sie dazu einfach den Link oder die Besprechungs-ID mit allen eingeladenen Gästen.

Jeder Nutzer mit einem Google-Konto hat die Möglichkeit, kostenlos Videokonferenzen zu erstellen und bis zu 100 Personen dazu einzuladen. Diese Videokonferenzen können maximal 60 Minuten dauern.

Weitere Informationen zu zusätzlichen Funktionen wie internationalen Einwahlnummern, Aufzeichnung von Videokonferenzen, Livestreaming und Verwaltungseinstellungen finden Sie unter Abos und Preise.

Jede Besprechung erhält einen speziellen Besprechungscode mit einer Ablaufzeit. Wie lange der Code gültig ist, hängt davon ab, in welchem Workspace-Produkt die Besprechung erstellt wird. Weitere Informationen

Google Meet wird genau wie unsere anderen Produkte regelmäßig durch unabhängige Stellen auf Sicherheit, Datenschutz und Compliance hin überprüft. Anhand von Zertifizierungen, Compliance-Attestierungen und Prüfberichten können wir belegen, dass wir weltweite Standards erfüllen. Unsere globale Liste mit Zertifizierungen und Attestierungen findest du hier.

Die Einstellungen für die Google Workspace, beispielsweise, ob Google Meet die Standardlösung für Videokonferenzen in Google Kalender ist, wird von IT-Administratoren festgelegt. Weitere Informationen dazu, wie du Google Meet für deine Organisation aktivierst, findest du in der Google Workspace-Admin-Hilfe.

Wal-Mart and Best Buy create a competitor to Google Wallet

IT in banks



    US retailers teamed up to create their own mobile payment system to compete with Google’s digital wallet and carrier-built ISIS platform. However, the success of any of the technologies is impossible without the creation of uniform standards for electronic transactions.

    A consortium of 14 leading US retailers announced the formation of a consortium to develop a unified mobile payment platform. The group included such companies as Wal-Mart, BestBuy, Target, 7-Eleven. The initiative is called MerchantCustomerExchange (MCX). Now the participants are looking for a CEO who will lead a new organization and develop a digital wallet.

    Representatives of MCX plan to create applications for all existing platforms used on smartphones. At the same time, the developers will take into account the wishes of financial institutions and merchants, regardless of the scale of their business, in order to provide the end user with the most convenient service for making purchases in the growing mobile market.

    Starting US retail chains is not the only initiative of its kind. The most famous competitor that has received the most media attention is the Google Wallet digital wallet. With it, you can pay for purchases at the checkouts in stores, simply by putting your mobile phone to a special reader. However, the introduction of technology in retail is rather slow due to the resistance of partners.

    Google plans to offer telecom providers a percentage of revenue, but it’s hard to say how effective this move will be, as US telecom operators plan to bring their own mobile payment platform to the market. To that end, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile formed the Isis joint venture in 2010. A trial of the payment system is due to begin in 2012 in Salt Lake City. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express have already become partners of the platform.

    The presence of a large number of developments has a twofold effect on the development of the market. On the one hand, this indicates an interest in the technology and its prospects, on the other hand, a user can get confused in a large number of platforms and completely abandon mobile payments. That is why for all market participants — phone and software developers, telecom operators, financial institutions and retail networks — it is necessary to agree on common standards in order to make all systems interoperable.

    How to transfer 6,500 thousand employees to KEDO in six months

    CNews Analytics

    To this end, at the beginning of August 2012, the International Association of Electronic Transactions (Electronic Transactions Association) formed the Commission on Mobile Payments, which is designed to develop uniform standards for the mobile phone payments industry. The new body included mobile operators (Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon), financial institutions (Wells Fargo, Capital One, American Express, Discover, Visa, PayPal), as well as Isis and Google.

    According to analyst reports, interest in mobile payments is growing rapidly. According to IDC data for July 2012, a third of US residents already pay for purchases through their cell phone in one way or another, the most popular services being PayPal Mobile, Amazon Payments and iTunes. A year earlier, there were half as many users of mobile payments. According to Gartner specialists, in 2012 the volume of transactions in this market will exceed $171.5 billion, which is 61.9% more than $105.9 billion in 2011.

    However, in order to “kill” plastic cards, mobile payment operators will have to take care of the security of their services and convince users that their data will not fall into the hands of ill-wishers. According to a survey conducted by Market Strategies International, 60% of users believe that mobile payments pose a threat to the safety of their confidential data.

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    Googling about reapers | Ant Lovers Club

    Here’s what the internet can tell us:

    The harvest is the end of the age, and the reapers are Angels. (Mt 13:37-39)

    Reapers at the ready
    Sickles flash
    Appear in heaps
    Tight sheaves.

    In the barns forever
    Let’s put grain.
    But if only sooner
    It is ripe!

    They are mowing in the field, and the reapers are already tired.

    The Lord is not merciful to reapers and gardeners.

    He smiles with the smile of a reaper…

    The reaper is merciful: he will reap and bind…

    Jesus comes and sees: a field,
    reapers are working on it.
    «These children, children of God,
    I have prepared crowns for them!»

    The harvest is ripe, the reaper is ready!

    — Well, yes, — said the driver, — around the country
    I go all over the place,
    But they get bread for you and me
    Our native reapers.
    — Well, that’s right, I feed everyone, —
    The reaper said to the machinist, —
    But the land that I love,
    The fighter saved for me.

    We will all die.
    But there is a reason
    That you were born a poet,
    And the other was born a reaper…

    The reapers are my reapers, and they are freeloaders.

    We are legion. The time of our return is coming. Our numbers will darken the sky of every world. We impose an order on the chaos of organic evolution. You exist because we allow it, and you will end because we demand it. We are eternal. The pinnacle of evolution and existence. Before us, you are nothing. Your extinction is inevitable. We are the end of everything.

    My kind transcends your understanding. We are each a nation. Independent. Free of all weakness.

    Only reapers, with the dawn of the day
    In a field of yellow barley
    Listening to the song that, ringing,
    With the river goes to Camelot;
    And the reaper is tired, in the moonlight,
    Heaving sheaves to the heights,
    Whispers softly, as in a dream: —
    «Sorceress shallot!»

    Greetings, O mysterious reapers, whoever you are.

    «We do not sow.» Reapers.

    «Winter is coming». Reapers.

    A tired reaper – a painstaking peasant –
    in the rays of a barely awakened dawn
    froze with a sickle over a mowed field
    squinting at a sickle that floated up and soars.

    Reapers? They have misnamed Us. We are We.

    If you dream of reapers at work, you can count on success in business. You will be happy with your position. You are not looking for great wealth, independence is much more important for you.

    The ears are bent to the ground,
    They need to be reaped in a short time.
    The reapers came to the Master,
    And He ordered the grain to be gathered.

    The Reapers inherited the ability to indoctrinate — mind control, and over many billions of years have honed this skill to perfection. Prolonged contact with any Reaper artifacts or parts of a destroyed Reaper inevitably leads to hallucinations, altered consciousness, and complete loss of one’s own will.

    Experienced reapers claim that a platinum amulet and a visual device x3 also increase the value of the loot offered.

    One day we came across a black altar that the wife of an itinerant preacher built to call on the reaper.

    Don’t fear the Reaper. Do not fear the Reaper.

    The Reapers have come to rescue you. STUPID!!!

    Reaper training takes place in barracks.

    Reapers are divided into ranks. The highest hierarchs of the reapers have the right to stop a person’s life by putting a bookmark in the book of memories and writing in it the events that should happen.

    I am the reaper of your destiny
    The reaper is you and the reaper is me

    And the reaper looked at them, and his look was cheerful
    Showed that the heat of love lives a heavy destiny.

    That field, those reapers are always in my soul;
    Both I, deprived of legs, and I, abandoned by sight, —
    I aspire to them with my heart, I fly with my imagination. ..
    One, in the prime of life, stood in front of me.
    His wife amazed my eyes with her beauty;
    Played with a joyful baby, happy.

    (with joyful larva…)

    Reapers are most similar to people, and some of their qualities are preserved even after death.

    Both hunters kept their eyes on the reaper who came to us. And he himself somehow looked at me too carefully, as if looking for something. I felt several more reapers appear behind me. This grove was considered sacred even before Columbus brought his compatriots to these shores, soon all the surrounding reapers will be here.

    Reapers dance around the fire, jump over it, competing in the height of the jump.

    Reaper — loves the spaciousness of the fields and the smell of herbs. He draws energy from the world around him: from the earth heated by the sun and the fragrant air in the glades. He is the only one who has the right to harvest herbs, but even he is forced to defend this right in battles.

    The Reaper is not one of those who forgives spitting in the face.

    The reapers were already sitting at the dinner table: they did not eat, but only peacefully talked about something of their own.

    For several years the reaper tried to beat the crap out of me.

    If the reaper senses weakness in someone, he will devour him with giblets and not wince.

    A long time ago, he got bored with the life of an ordinary, albeit the most powerful, reaper. Tired of the endless fuss…

    The red-haired reaper was sitting by the tree, combing his long locks.

    And now there is a lot of work for the reapers,
    Soon the golden autumn will come…

    The life of the reapers is full of dangers — in such a safe and beautiful clearing, huge pests live, ready to kill anyone who encroaches on their territory.

    Reapers gather herbs in the clearing: fly bugs, sunflowers, cabbage, green massif, mandrake, blackthorn and gertanium.

    Reapers go into battle with dual gauss pistols.

    Horned reapers are level 6 creatures. Upgrade to Hell’s Reapers.

    Real reapers are creatures that have power over time and human consciousness. They can change the way a person sees the world around them and themselves, thus facilitating the transition from life to death. The reaper’s true form is too complex to reproduce.

    With reference to the authority of Diodorus Siculus, we have already mentioned that the Egyptian reapers used to lament over the first cut sheaf, invoking the goddess Isis, the progenitor of agriculture. The Greeks gave the plaintive song of the Egyptian reapers the name Maneros.

    One summer day he watched the reapers work in the field and went to get them water to drink, he was never seen again.

    When the owner or other important person enters the field in the vicinity of Ratzeburg, the reapers stop working and head towards him in full force … Their leader steps forward and makes a speech.

    (…silently moving his mandibles and antennae.)

    For reapers, there is overalls — a reaper’s belt.

    But like a ripening field,
    your reapers do not bloom;
    And in a terrible, wild fate,
    In crushing captivity
    Their fathers lived long.

    Reapers must work in stealth! NOBODY AT ALL should know about reapers. And about their actions too. All residents will notice the disappearance of any neighbor, but they should not know that the reapers did it. (If the reapers did it, of course).

    The Reaper must look sinister.

    And the field is like the sea at a quiet hour.