Honor 8 battery issue: Fix Huawei Honor 8 Battery Drain & Overheating Issues

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My Honor 8 battery suddenly got drawn a lot per day recently. The Phone Management app even stuck if I click on the «details of apps that consume the battery» button. So, I contacted the CSR of Huawei/Honor. They told me to clean up the Cache! If you are experiencing similiar thing, try the following. It seems having improved my battery life in a short period. This solution also fixed the problems of «cannot shut down» and app freezing for me.

Thank you for contacting us. Please try the next steps: Turn off the device and then press and hold the UP VOLUME + POWER buttons at the same time. The device will display the EMUI screen and will have Reboot system now highlighted at the bottom of the screen. Use the Volume Down button to scroll to Wipe cache partition and press the Power button to select it. The device will display the status with Formatting cache, under the status indicator. Once the devicee completes the cache wipe, you will see the EMUI screen again. Use the Volume Up button to scroll to Reboot system now, then press the Power button to select it. Your device will restart.

Do not worry, this process will not erase your personal information or applications.

Of course, if you have GPS, 4G data receiving and other things open in the background, they will dramatically worsen your battery life in idle status. Turn them off will help you when you don’t need them.

If you experienced this issue, please don’t think this is because your phone is too old or defective! It will very likely to be a software bug on Android or Google Play Services!

Update on May 13th: I think there is a software issue with recent EMUI update—at least for my L04 B393 update on May 9th. The phone uses too much 4G data instead of wifi when it can use wifi recently, which seems to be the main cause of battery drain. So, I am contacting the CSR again to see if they have any insight. They were asking me about IMEI and haven’t been back with me for a valid solution to solve it at the root. Stay tuned.

Update on May 15th: I have successfully rolled back to B360 EMUI 5.0 now. With the same battery, I am going to see if everything behaves normally and better than B393. Many of us confirmed it’s a Android issue as has been reported on the Google issue tracker. Further investigation confirms that Google Play Services v.12.6.73 might have brought in this issue. These updates are only tested on Pixels, but not on Huawei and other branded phones not produced by Google! This is unacceptable for developers to push up new updates! I am double checking from another angle. I’ll report back in a few days. The first 15 and half hours of idle test over the battery drain can be found here. I haven’t encountered any stucks or wifi drop issues so far.

Update on May 17th: 36 hours of test with B360 or Android 7.0/EMUI 5.0, the phone seems stable still. Results can be found at https://imgur.com/gallery/IkpzKrC . Also, on Oreo this issue doesn’t seem to appear. I suspect this issue is Android version dependent. Some workarounds have been reported. Here are some easy fixes, try under your own risk: clear up the cache of Google Play Services and then enable the Wifi Always On under the battery saving options; or, turn off the cloud scan in the virus scan inside phone manager; or, maybe unplug your SD card.

Update again: Google is rolling out beta test version of the Google Play Services. I am on the test group. We will see.

Update on May 18th:the Google Play Services beta test version seems having fixed the problem. See here for my test result.

Battery problem on Honor 8, what to do?

We have become so dependent on our smartphones that we feel lost without them. Whether it’s to send emails, stay in touch with friends, watch social networks, the time spent on screens keeps increasing. Indeed, according to a study carried out, in 2019, we would spend an average of 1h52 per day sailing on our Honor 8. It is therefore important for the vast majority of us to never run out of battery. However, we are all aware that batteries tend to age badly, and over time, your Honor 8 is having battery problems, In this article, we are going to help you find out what is the origin of this problem and secondly expose you to some tips that can help you preserve the autonomy of your Honor 8.

The different battery problems on Honor 8

We will therefore start this article by seeing in turn the various problems that you can suffer with the battery of your Honor 8, in most cases the most ordinary problems are related to the autonomy of the phone. As we know, batteries are consumables with a more or less long lifespan which will depend on your use and the quality of the latter.

My Honor 8 battery drains too quickly

First of the concerns that you may be a victim of with the battery of your Honor 8, the battery of your Honor 8 drains too quickly. This is often what happens when you have your smartphone for a few years, the battery starts to tire. It is in fact the technology and the composition of the batteries that causes this type of concern. Batteries can be of different compositions, and depending on theirs, need to be maintained / recharged in different ways. That of Honor 8 are composed of Lithium-Ion , this component does not need to be completely discharged to be recharged. However, it is suggested to only partially recharge it and not to reach 100% load. Unfortunately, this is what we all do, and, in general, we even tends to leave its Honor 8 charging while it is full. In your situation, the battery of your Honor 8 is starting to wear out.

The battery of my Honor 8 no longer holds a charge

If your Honor 8’s battery no longer holds a charge, it drains in a few minutes, or does not fully recharge, you will unfortunately have to face the facts, the battery of your Honor 8 is dead. Indeed, if it is no longer able to store energy, you will have to take your laptop to a repairer to have it changed. Remember to ask for a quote, because depending on the cost of the repair and your phone plan, it is sometimes more interesting to buy a new smartphone rather than to change the battery.

The battery of my Honor 8 is no longer charging

Finally, on the assumption that you have noticed that the battery of your Honor 8 is no longer charging , it is not necessarily the battery that must be blamed. Indeed, it is regularly a concern that comes from » a faulty charger or a faulty electrical outlet. Think therefore of carrying out a test with another charger on another current source to eliminate this track. If, unfortunately, the problem persists despite your attempts, it is either the charger plug of your Honor 8 which is defective , which regularly happens when you insert and remove the charger or use your smartphone while it is charging and therefore twist the plug. Otherwise, the battery is dead …

How to avoid battery problems on Honor 8?

We now move on to some tips that we can give you to try to avoid finding yourself in this type of situation. As we told you, a battery is unfortunately a consumable, even if you follow all the advice and recommendations of the manufacturer, there will necessarily come a time when your battery will reach the end of its life.

How to improve the battery life of an Honor 8?

We start by therefore offering you some advice for optimize the battery life of your Honor 8:

  • Make sure you do not have applications running in the background: The applications are more and more energy intensive, even if your smartphone screen is never turned off, we therefore recommend that you whenever you stop using use your Honor 8 to go through the task manager and close all open applications.
  • Check that you have no activated connections: Whether it is Bluetooth, GPS, connection sharing . .. All these options are very demanding, and remain active regularly after their use, remember to look at your notification bar regularly for s » make sure they are deactivated.
  • Control the brightness of your screen: Screens are particularly energy intensive, so we recommend that you only use maximum brightness when you absolutely need it.
  • Use the battery saver of your Honor 8: This option is relatively recent, and you had to download a specific application before to use it. Just scroll down the top notifications bar on your smartphone to activate the battery saver in your quick settings. You will thus significantly extend the autonomy of your smartphone.
  • See you in » Using the battery  »To study your energy consumption: It is a particularly relevant tool which will give you the breakdown of your energy consumption by application, you will be able to become aware of what discharges your battery the most and thus moderate your use .

How to preserve the battery of an Honor 8?

Finally, we will offer you some recommendations for extend the battery life of your Honor 8. As we told you, it will inevitably get tired, however you can limit this phenomenon by using your phone:

  • Limit charge cycles: The battery charge quality of an Honor 8 remains optimal for around 200-300 cycles. We therefore recommend that you conserve your battery (switch off the smartphone when you don’t need it, switch to airplane mode, etc.) to limit battery wear.
  • Recharge your battery before full discharge: In fact, reaching 0% charge too often will use up your smartphone’s battery more quickly.
  • Do not leave your Honor 8 charging while it is at 100%

In the event that you want a maximum of tutorials to become the king of Honor 8, we invite you to browse the other tutorials in the category: Honor 8.

Why is this happening and what can be done?

The device was tethered near the socket all night, in the morning a full 100% charge is displayed in the upper corner … And already in the afternoon you have a useless brick in your hands, which a few minutes ago said «Goodbye. » And ahead is an important meeting, a long way home without a book downloaded to the smartphone, the inability to call relatives … Of course, a power bank will come to the rescue, but a smartphone that turns off at the most important moment is not able to please anyone. Why does the phone quickly discharge and what can be done to prevent this from happening. nine0003

The battery runs out quickly on a new phone

This happens quite rarely, but some smartphone users still face a problem when the battery runs out quickly on a new phone. Such a trick from a newly purchased gadget is usually not expected, so Android or iPhone users quickly start to sound the alarm if the battery is not enough even for half a day. Rest assured, a new phone shouldn’t run out of juice so quickly, even if you’re actively using all of its features. nine0003

What to do?

There are a lot of tips on the net, in which the owner is instructed to see how many applications are running on the phone, how actively the device is working. In fact, the most important advice is one: hurry up to give the phone to a service center or a seller under warranty. There is practically no adequate reason why a new phone will be discharged at the speed of light, and this will not be the fault of a factory defect or some serial problem. What it could be: a faulty battery that will be quickly changed in the service, an error in the operation of the charge controllers on the motherboard or on the same battery. A software error may also be to blame: in fact, the battery is fully charged, but the operating software does not see this, and considers that the phone cannot work. All of these faults are covered under warranty. Often such a marriage is inherent in all phones in the series, then the seller generally changes the device without undue delay and often even without additional examination. nine0003

The phone is running out of power due to a defective or old battery

Another obvious and fairly common reason is that the battery in the smartphone has become unusable. Batteries have a lifespan, usually 3-5 years, but many factors affect battery performance. If it was charged with an inappropriate device, the phone often overheated in the sun, it starts to hold a charge worse. Sometimes a battery failure is visible to the naked eye: if it is swollen, you should dispose of it immediately. nine0003

What to do?

Replace battery. It is best to purchase the original battery. Using a faulty battery is not only unpleasant (who likes that a couple of hours after charging the smartphone again requires “lunch”), but also dangerous. The battery can swell and even explode, eventually damaging the phone.

Replace the charger: use the original one designed for your phone model. Perhaps the rapid discharge is due to the fact that the battery is not fully charged. nine0003

What’s causing your Android or iPhone to drain

If your phone’s battery is good but you still need to charge your device frequently, look for the top reasons your phone is draining too quickly.

Problems with the firmware

The battery and the device itself may be normal, but the phone’s operating system may fail, in which case the phone will think that it is discharged and cannot work. It may also incorrectly read information about the battery charge level. In this case, strange behavior of the device during charging may indicate a problem: for example, while the device is plugged into the socket, charging is in progress and the numbers increase. But as soon as you turn off, the charge is reset again. nine0003

What to do?

If you have recently updated the firmware, try to roll back to the previous version. If you don’t know what exactly the problem is, try resetting to factory settings.

Permanently working communication modules

Even if right now you are not talking to anyone on the phone, the device constantly checks the availability of the network, the quality of the connection. All this consumes battery power. If you turn on airplane mode on your phone, then the charge starts to be consumed 5 times slower with active use, and in standby mode, only 1-2 bars can be spent all night. Of course, you can’t do without communication — why else do you need a phone. But to make it more economical — you can. nine0003

What to do?

No need to constantly monitor the presence of available WI-FI networks. If now you are just walking around the city, and the phone is in your bag, who needs this knowledge? Turn on the module only if you are going to connect to the network. And using the wireless Internet, turn off the mobile, otherwise the phone will constantly grab onto it. the connection becomes a little less strong. Also, experts recommend turning off 4G — if you need fast Internet for some super-important tasks, you can always turn it on. It is also best to turn on the mobile Internet itself only when you use it. Of course, this does not apply to those cases when you need to stay in touch in various messengers. nine0025

Running sensors

The top panel with a dozen active icons is the reason why the phone cannot work for a long time. The smartphone is in the bag, but inside it is hard work. Dozens of apps are constantly aware of where you are. Extraneous devices are trying to connect to the included bluetooth. Even the auto-rotate function, which allows you to quickly rebuild the horizontal screen to a vertical one, also uses a battery when you rotate the gadget and consumes a lot. nine0003

What to do?

Disable currently unnecessary sensors. In the keyboard settings, it is better to immediately remove the «Vibration feedback». If you need the Bluetooth function periodically — to connect to headphones, smart watches or a bracelet — try to turn it off during periods of inactivity. Constantly monitoring the “location” is also not worth it: turn on the GPS function only while using the navigator or applications that report on the operation of transport. In addition, in the settings of the phone, in the «Location» section, you can find out which applications are eager to know about it. And for those to whom this information is completely optional, cut off their rights. nine0003 A smartphone that turns off at the most important moment is not able to please anyone, but there can be many reasons for it. Photo: pixabay.com

Background applications

You can make a lot of discoveries for yourself simply by opening the section in your phone settings that tells about the operation of background applications. The browser, VKontakte, Facebook and toys are the pioneers of energy consumption.

What to do?

Estimate how much you need applications running in the background all the time. Messengers can be launched by yourself and only at the moment when you are ready to watch updates. On the other hand, you should not turn off notifications from messengers if you are afraid to miss an important message. However, do not immediately rush to turn off each program from the task manager. If you plan to access it again in the near future, then leave it hanging in a running state: this way, time and charge will not be wasted for a new launch of the program. nine0003

Internet background communication

Unscheduled updates, programs that constantly download new information from the server, downloading messages and news in the background, are potential battery wasters. In addition, such operation of the device introduces unplanned expenses, consuming the supply of gigabytes.

What to do?

Prevent upgrade attempts without your knowledge. It is better to set a specific time for downloading and installing upgrades — once a week, and at a time when you are on a WI-FI network. Look in the «Data transfer» section in your phone settings. Limit independence to those applications that are constantly on the Internet, including without you. Switch your phone to airplane mode at night: firstly, no one will disturb you with an erroneous call or text at an inopportune time, and secondly, you will be able to save battery power. nine0025

Too bright screen

The screen in modern smartphones is the main consumer of battery power. Look in the phone settings in the «Battery usage» section. Approximately 30-36% «eats» it is the backlight of the display.

What to do?

Use power saving mode. Set a smart display backlight setting: the phone will automatically dim the brightness in appropriate situations. Try not to use 100% brightness, it is harmful, including for the eyes. It is also worth reducing the screen auto-off time to 15-20 seconds. nine0025

Extra embellishments and unnecessary additions

Live wallpapers, moving widgets on the main screen are not only beautiful and convenient, but also very energy intensive. Because of these improvements, the phone starts to work more slowly. And the battery drains much faster.

What to do?

Find out what is more important to you: beauty and cute gadgets, or long battery life. If the choice is made in favor of the second, disable all unnecessary applications. The maximum that you can afford is a picture for the screensaver. And no live clocks! Turn off the animation in the «Settings — Display» menu. And remove unnecessary shortcuts on the desktop. nine0025

A virus that makes the phone work without turning off

Another reason why the phone can run out of battery quickly is a virus program. You do not even notice it, but the malicious code does not allow the smartphone to “fully” fall asleep. The virus could get on the phone in different ways: for example, along with updates to already installed programs or with a new application. And while you sleep peacefully, your phone, along with a million of the same devices, is hacking into the Pentagon or working on an intruder’s mining farm. nine0003

What to do?

Install a modern antivirus and check the phone. Remove the latest updates and installed applications and see if the situation changes.

Broken controller on the motherboard or battery

If you have already disabled all unnecessary programs, cleaned up background applications, installed an application that monitors the battery status, and the situation has not changed, then the problem may be in the hardware. First, it may be a problem with the controller on the motherboard, which is responsible for the level of voltage and current. nine0003

What to do?

In this case, only contacting the service center will help. If you have a device that helps measure the voltage on the motherboard and the charging socket, you can independently find out where the power is being lost.

WHY THE SMARTPHONE DISCHARGE QUICKLY — 6 reasons why the battery runs out quickly

Why does the battery on the phone run out quickly, literally in a couple of hours? The usual culprit for most users is “gluttonous” operating systems (for example, Android OS), resource-intensive utilities and a bright smart display. nine0003

Is this really true? Are there any ways to keep the battery from depleting rapidly? To understand this, it is worth studying this material.

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Why the phone runs out quickly: the main reasons

Even the latest gadgets with a very capacious battery (for example, in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 battery capacity is as much as 5000 mAh) can sit down in a matter of hours. Constant charging several times a day is definitely not a way out. To find out how to deal with this, you should first find out what such a nuisance is connected with. nine0003

Here are the main problems why a smartphone, regardless of the manufacturer’s brand, is quickly discharged: «Ancient» battery — the main reason for the rapid loss of energy. When charging, the battery heats up due to increased internal resistance. You can visually inspect it by removing it from the gadget (if possible). Swelling, corrosion, deformation, various spots on the surface are an alarming bell and a reason to replace the battery with a new one. How else can I find out about the condition of the battery? Dial a combination on a smart phone with Android OS: *#*#4636#*#*. A menu will appear in which you need to click on the «Battery Information» item. It will describe the charge level, condition, temperature and other data about the battery. Owners of «apple» devices with iOS, starting with version 11. 3, can view the battery status directly in the iPhone settings. nine0133

  • Use in cold or hot weather. Modern batteries, although they have a large energy reserve, are not very good at sub-zero temperatures and hot weather. The temperature limits of the device can be found in its characteristics. And it is better not to exceed them so that the battery of the smartphone is not discharged at the right time. A cover that covers the device from 2 sides will help to “warm up” the phone a little in the cold.
  • Very bright screen . Of course, most users want to see the brightest display with juicy shades, but if you overdo it and set the indicators to 100%, then the screen will simply “eat up” the battery power consumption. To fix this defect, you need to go to the display brightness settings and use a special slider to reduce it to a comfortable level for working with the device. About 50-60% is enough. nine0133
  • Resource-intensive functions . If the device is operating on an all-inclusive program, then it is not surprising that the battery becomes less and less in a matter of hours. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC — the work of all this requires the consumption of energy reserves. Therefore, if these functions are not needed right now, it is worth deactivating them in the device settings.
  • Unstable cellular/GPS . Battery capacity decreases before our eyes when the phone tries to find a connection that is constantly elusive (if there are connection interruptions). The GPS sensor is one of the most «gluttonous». In an unfamiliar area, it is needed, but at home or at work it is hardly worth activating it. nine0133
  • Mobile viruses. If you ignore the browser security warning, visit suspicious web resources, download programs from unreliable sources, then infection with smart viruses cannot be avoided. Malicious software can consume much more battery power than ordinary utilities. To be safe, you should install an antivirus.
  • All of the above problems can affect devices regardless of the manufacturer, for example, a smart device from ASUS or HTC has the same chances. High-speed battery discharge is more often associated with improper operation of the device. But what measures, besides the correct handling of the smart, can be taken to improve the functioning of the battery? More on this later in the sections. nine0003

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    What should I do if my phone runs out of power too quickly?

    The following 3 steps can be taken to deal with the problem.

    Method #1. Battery calibration.

    This helps to «remember» the battery that it needs to be charged exactly up to 100% without being disconnected earlier. Calibration can be done using the Battery Monitor program. nine0003

    What to do:

    After these actions, the mobile device must “remember” the required charge level and not lower it. The process can be repeated several times.

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    Method #2. System update.

    The new version of Android or other OS brings a significant number of improvements, including those that affect the state of charge of the battery. Updating the device to a new version is a chance to fix all the defects of the old OS. Innovations regularly “arrive” on smart phones from Samsung or Apple (if automatic updates are set in the settings), the user only needs to click on “Install”. This can also be done manually by downloading the software from the manufacturer’s website. nine0003

    Method #3. Removing unnecessary software

    When entertainment or work programs are no longer needed, there is no need to clutter up the device’s memory and waste battery power. You just need to remove unused applications.

    In addition, you can use special programs: for smart phones on Android — Clean Master, for iPhone — iTunes.

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    Battery Saving Programs Top

    All of the above methods can be combined using special programs that help the battery save power. All utilities are freely available on the Internet. The user just needs to download them and install them on smart.

    Greenife — operates in the background and reduces smart activity when the user is not using it. The pros of the program are that it will detect and disable all unnecessary processes (even those that are not displayed in the task manager). nine0003

    DU Battery Saver — the program deactivates background processes and displays all information about battery usage. There is a separate «Optimize» button that allows you to disable any resource-intensive utilities.

    Amplife — disables all unnecessary processes when the smart is not in use. The program operates in automatic mode, turning off unnecessary applications on its own.