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Private Office Space | Synergy Link

Our standard private offices are move-in ready,  functional spaces that feel like home. Many offices include furnishings that make sense — just add You!

The Synergy Link

  • Suite 101: Ideal for 1-2 people 14X13 

  • Suite 102:Ideal for 1-2 people 13x 10

  • Suite 103:Ideal for 1-4 people 13×22

  • Suite 104:Ideal for 1-2 people 13x 13

  • Suite 105:Office with private inner office Ideal for 2-4 people 13 x22

  • Suite 106:Ideal for 1-2 people 10 x 10

  • Suite 107:Ideal for 1-2 people 13 x 10

  • Suite 108:Ideal for 1-2 people 10 x 16

  • Suite 109:Ideal for 1-2 people 10 x 10

  • Suite 110:Combined Office with Private Entrance ideal for 2-4 people 14×13 + 9×12 

  • Suite 111:Ideal for 1-2 people 13 x 13

Synergy Link Too

  • Small Business Friendly Pricing

  • Secure Access Key Card

  • Utilities included 

  • Private Office Suites to accommodate individuals and teams

  • Customizable space 

  • Guest waiting area

  • Free WiFI + All offices are hardwired for internet

  • One price leasing — No hidden fees

  • Online payment system

  • Common area housekeeping 

  • 24/7 Access

  • Complimentary mid-size and large-size meeting Room Hours Monthly 

  • On-site parking

  • Some suites are furnished 

Galaxie Suites

  • Suite 100: Content Room

  • Suite 101: Ideal for 1-2 people 13×13

  • Suite 102: Ideal for 1-2 people 11×15

  • Suite 103: Ideal for 1-2 people 15×14

  • Suite 104: Ideal for 1-2 people 16×14

  • Suite 105: Ideal for 1-2 people 12×14

  • Suite 201: Ideal for 1-2 people 17×11

  • Suite 202: Ideal for 3 — 4 people 28×12

  • Suite 203: Ideal for 1-2 people 10×9

  • Suite 301: Ideal for 1-2 people 14×14

  • Suite 302: Ideal for 1-2 people 14×14

What Could Be.


Modular office configurations and sound, experienced building & design vendors can bring your office layouts to reality.


Personable office touches that make work more productive. Furnished assets that make your everyday work tasks less taxing.

Well Lit & Well Kept

Just because your task lists are kind of gloomy, it doesn’t mean your office space should be as well. Our signature Yellow adorns public locations and walkways while the offices themselves stay well lit and full of outside light.

Professional Feel

Layouts that encourage growth, good energy and productivity abound throughout the Synergy Link. We want for each of our tenants to feel encouraged as they engage in their respective work endeavors, and connected with each other in an environment  that cultivates community.

Synergy Link Capital

Synergy Link Capital

Proprietary Trading Company

We trade

What we do

At Synergy Link Capital we focus on developing and executing derivative trading strategies that provide superior returns.

Our traders and researchers collaborate to find opportunities in the markets, test these ideas through our research framework, before crafting a strategy and deploying capital to trade these strategies.

As such, we constantly seek to improve our quantitative and macro research process to generate a constant flow of executable trade ideas. Coupling this with our proprietary risk management system, we continue to find our edge in the market.


We take a multi-strategy approach to adapt to the changing market regime while maintaining our core strategies.


A mix of quantitative and marco research allows us to seize opportunities.

Our Investment Strategy can be defined by two general styles

Mean Reversion

Commodities & Index Arbitrage

Volatility Arbitrage


Global Macro

Systematic Trend Following

We believe a two-pronged approach in our investment style provides us with strategy diversification and the ability to navigate different market regimes.

A close knit relationship between our researchers and traders allow us to identify opportunities and test them quickly with our suite of proprietary tools.

Who are we?

Synergy Link Capital’s partners have a combined experience of

years trading various markets.

Founded in
we have successfully traversed multiple risk events over the years.
These experiences have shaped our trading and risk management strategies, allowing us to better adapt to the markets.

Our team consists of like-minded and experienced individuals from diverse backgrounds, trading and researching various markets.

How to finish school and become a successful entrepreneur

Synergy University trains specialists in the field of entrepreneurship, media, game design and other highly demanded areas

With the approach of admission campaigns in higher educational institutions of Russia, applicants face a serious question about which university to choose for admission and what field of activity to connect their lives with. According to statistics, there has been a significant increase in interest in business-related education in recent years. This was significantly affected by the crisis brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.. Entrepreneurship experts point out that a crisis is a time of new opportunities.

Advanced business education is provided by Synergy, one of the largest private universities in Russia. «Synergy» pays special attention to the training of specialists in the field of entrepreneurship, since it considers business as a self-sufficient field of professional training, comparable in its importance to economics, management and any other field of knowledge.

Dean of the Faculty of Business Kirill Plokhikh notes that the number of applications for studies is increasing every year: “In 2020, interest in the Faculty of Business has seriously increased, even taking into account the fact that we lived in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic. The number of applications increased by 30%, and the number of received — by 16%. And the demand is still growing. Growth factors are the decree of the President of Russia on new measures to help businesses, the relevance of entrepreneurship as a specialty and non-standard education in Synergy based on practice. The demand for the Synergy College is also growing — in 2020 after 9about 200 people entered our class, this year we predict about 350 applicants.”

Synergy implements the «Startup as a Diploma» program, according to which students present their business project as a final qualifying work — thus, a student graduates from a university with a working enterprise. Synergy has 78 operating businesses created by enterprising students.

In 2021, Synergy topped the ranking of universities teaching entrepreneurship. In April, the Interfax agency presented a rating of entrepreneurial programs at Russian universities. The educational program «Entrepreneurship» of the University «Synergy» became the leader in the rating of bachelor’s programs. The educational program «International Entrepreneurship» was recognized as the best master’s program. The Startup as a Diploma program took second place in the ranking.

Also for future entrepreneurs in Synergy, in 2021, the Synergy Drive business incubator was launched, where students’ innovative projects are turned into startups. The business incubator selects business ideas and attracts investments to launch innovative projects, provides teams with bright ideas with the resources necessary for development and stimulates work on the project for at least six months.

In addition to entrepreneurship, other time-tested classical faculties are also of interest: economics, management, information technology, law, linguistics, banking, pedagogy and psychology, hospitality, etc. The study programs also cover a wide range of creative industries, including media, animation, acting, film, esports, game design and e-commerce. In total, the structure of the university includes 24 faculties.

Even at the stage of training, the Career Center of the University «Synergy» helps students to build an individual career trajectory. All students undergo internships in Synergy partner companies during their studies, and the university has more than 400 of them. Among them: X5 Retail Group, Rostelecom, Gazprombank, VTB Bank, Four Seasons, The Ritz Carlton and others. Thanks to a unique approach to education, 80% of university graduates are employed within the first year after graduation, and some immediately during their studies.

The main principle of the university is to provide students with an education based on practice. On average, 63% of disciplines are practice-oriented. All educational programs are coordinated by specialized employers.

«Synergy» provides training under the programs of basic general education, secondary general education, secondary vocational education, bachelor’s, master’s, specialist’s and training of scientific and pedagogical staff in graduate school. The university also pays special attention to programs of additional education and vocational training. The number of educational programs for all levels of education exceeds 500.

«Synergy» is included in the prestigious international ranking of educational institutions of higher education in Eastern Europe and Central Asia — QS EECA University Rankings 2021. The university also got into the international U-Multirank rating in the educational direction «Business» and is a member of the International Association of Universities ( International Association of Universities), which operates on the basis of UNESCO, and is also a member of the Magna Charta Universitatum.

Founded in 1995, Synergy University has over 110,000 students from 89 countries. Representative offices of the university operate in 67 regions of Russia. The main buildings of Synergy are located in Moscow, but applicants from the Krasnodar Territory can also enter the university — the official representative office of the university operates in the capital of Kuban (located at: Oktyabrskaya St., 183). Now «Synergy» is actively recruiting applicants, who will subsequently be accompanied during the entire learning process until graduation from the university.

Applicants who wish to receive a quality education in Krasnodar can visit the Synergy office on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 and get detailed information about faculties, teachers, as well as learn details about each form of education presented at the university — full-time , part-time and part-time.

Representative Office of Synergy University in Krasnodar:

st. Oktyabrskaya, 183, 2nd floor, room 3

Tel. admission committee: +7 (861) 298-15-45

Accounting and taxation in commercial organizations

Refresher courses.

Economics and Finance



Remote 900 43 form of study


This program is designed for people who want to connect their careers with the field of accounting in commercial organizations. All training is aimed at the professional development of specialists, at obtaining new competencies that will allow them to compete in the field of accounting.

for training

Program of study:

Fundamentals of accounting in commercial organizations

  • Normative regulation of accounting in the Russian Federation
  • Subject and method of accounting
  • Accounts and double entry

Accounting for individual objects

  • Accounting for cash and cash equivalents
  • Accounting for payroll and current liabilities
  • Accounting for non-current assets
  • Accounting for inventories and production costs
  • Accounting for settlement transactions and financial investments
  • Equity accounting

Accounting for financial results

  • Accounting for income and expenses for ordinary activities
  • Accounting for other income and expenses
  • Accounting for profit and loss. Balance Reformation
  • Accounting (financial) statements
  • Composition, types and procedure for the formation of financial statements
  • Formation and evaluation of the balance sheet
  • Procedure for generating a report on financial results
  • Formation of explanations to the accounting (financial) statements

Taxation in commercial organizations

  • Fundamentals of Russian legislation on taxes and fees
  • Main types of federal taxes, methods of their calculation
  • Contributions to off-budget funds, methodology for their calculation
  • Regional taxes, methods of their calculation
  • Local taxes, methods of their calculation

Special tax regimes in commercial organizations

  • Simplified income tax system
  • Simplified taxation system «Income — Expenses»
  • Single tax on imputed income

Accountants in budgetary institutions

Chief accountants in budgetary institutions

Employees of budgetary institutions

Certificate of advanced training


Apply for admission, an admissions committee specialist will contact you and help you complete the documents for training.


Provide the admission committee with the documents required for admission and pay for the tuition. You can get a list of required documents from our specialist.


Get a login and password for your Personal Account, where you will find the course program and all study materials for self-study.

for training

  • Education is carried out in absentia with the use of remote technologies in accordance with the requirements for remote programs in accordance with the Federal Law «On Education in the Russian Federation» dated December 29, 2012 No. 273-FZ (as amended on June 27, 2018)
  • After enrollment, you will receive access to an educational system that will contain textbooks, lectures, guidelines, additional video content, interactive tests and additional practice-oriented material for your professional activities.
  • You can study materials at any time of the day, anywhere in the world at your own pace.