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Developer says MSI Afterburner is on the brink of disaster

We have some rather grim news if you’re a fan of overclocking your graphics card — MSI Afterburner is in trouble.

According to the author of MSI Afterburner himself, the program is not receiving any funding and may be unable to continue. However, there is hope — MSI wants to keep the project alive.


MSI Afterburner is, arguably, the most popular software used for tuning a graphics card. This includes overclocking and undervolting. While it can have a bit of a learning curve, it’s effective and fairly accessible, which makes it a good option even for beginner overclockers.

Some GPU manufacturers offer their own versions of similar software. Even MSI has something else of its own, called MSI Dragon Center. However, the popularity of Afterburner has not waned, and it’s still the go-to software for GPU tuning. This is why it’s a shame to hear that it might be in jeopardy.

The information comes directly from the source, and by that, we don’t mean MSI, but the creator of the program — Alexey “Unwinder” Nikolaychuk. The developer revealed on Guru3D forums that the “MSI Afterburner project is probably dead.”

Nikolaychuk then went on to elaborate: “War and politics are the reasons. […] We’re approaching the one-year mark since the day when MSI stopped performing their obligations under the Afterburner license agreement due to the ‘politic situation.’ I tried to continue performing my obligations and worked on the project on my own during the last 11 months, but it resulted in nothing but disappointment.”

The situation is a lot more complex than simply MSI neglecting to pay the developer, and it stems from the ongoing war in Ukraine and the resulting backlash experienced by Russia. Sending international payments to Russia has gotten much harder since the start of the war, and seeing as that’s where Nikolaychuk is based, he hasn’t been paid for his work on MSI Afterburner since these sanctions started.

Despite the fact that MSI hasn’t been able to fulfill its end of the agreement, the company continues to recommend Afterburner for all of its new graphics cards, including the freshly released Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti.

Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

All of this doesn’t sound optimistic at all, but Wccftech reached out to MSI and got a response that brings some hope:

“Our product marketing & accounting team are dealing with this problem now. Due to the war, our payment couldn’t transfer to the author’s bank account successfully. We are still keeping in touch with him and figuring out how to solve this,” said an MSI representative.

Let’s hope that the company is soon able to settle the problem and that Nikolaychuk will be able to continue working on MSI Afterburner. In the meantime, be careful and make sure not to download the software from a different source than MSI’s own website. In the absence of new updates, many hackers are trying to share malware under the guise of it being MSI Afterburner.

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MSI’s Popular Afterburner GPU Overclocking Tool Might Not Be Dead After All

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If you’re reading this website, you’re probably familiar with MSI Afterburner, at least by name. It’s one of the most popular GPU tweaking and tuning programs, so much so that hackers are willing to spoof the MSI website to fool unsuspecting gamers. However, its future is in limbo following the revelation that the Russian developer hasn’t been paid by MSI in nearly a year.

Controversy arose last week when the author of MSI’s application, one Mr. Alexey «Unwinder» Nicolaychuk, posted on the venerable Guru3D forums that the project is «probably dead» due to being «semi-abandoned» by MSI. It was known for a long time that Afterburner has largely been a hands-off project for MSI, but it seems that due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, MSI hasn’t been paying Unwinder for his work for some 11 months.

The specific issue is apparently that the payment method that MSI and Unwinder were using, known as SWIFT, pulled out of Unwinder’s native Russia due to the conflict. Unwinder says that the issue is «not MSI’s fault at all» and that the Taiwanese tech firm would «love to keep the project alive. «

The software author understandably remarks that he feels «demotivated» by the situation, and that work on the popular application has all but stopped. It’s hard to blame the fellow for being unwilling to work for free, and he deserves all credit for continuing to work even after communication with MSI stopped.

So that’s it, then? MSI Afterburner is dead, a casualty of the Ukraine war? Well, hope may not be completely lost. Hassan Mujtaba of WCCFTech went to MSI about the problem and got a statement, which you can see reproduced below:

This statement would seem to contradict Unwinder’s remarks, but it’s possible that pressure from the community and tech press has forced MSI’s hand on the matter. Surely any company would prefer to have its employees work for free, but we would hope that responsible businesses would take every step to ensure their employees are compensated. However, there’s been no public statement from Unwinder or MSI on whether development will resume.

By the way, whatever happens, this doesn’t mean the death of Rivatuner. Rivatuner Statistics Server, known as RTSS for short, is a hobby project of Unwinder’s that dates back far further than the creation of MSI Afterburner. He specifically remarks in the Guru3D forum thread that the death of Afterburner won’t mean the end of RTSS, so while folks may or may not need to find a new tuning utility, the overlay will remain the same.

Developer MSI Afterburner stated that the app is «abandoned» — Hardware on DTF

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Owners of Nvidia and AMD video cards are probably familiar with the most popular program for monitoring the status of the card — MSI Afterburner. MSI Afterburner Overclocking tools provide easy and precise access to various settings for your graphics card. You can increase the clock speed and voltage of the GPU, control and adjust the fan speed, monitor temperature, voltage, frames per second and much more. MSI Afterburner was developed by Russian Alexei Nikolaychuk, who appears on technical forums under the nickname Unwinder.

Unwinder on the MSI AfterBurner Application Development Guru3D Forum stated that the application may have been «abandoned».

Reasons — war and politics. I didn’t mention this in the MSI Afterburner development news feed, but the project has been semi-abandoned by the company for quite some time now. In fact, it will soon be a year since MSI terminated its obligations under the Afterburner license agreement due to the «political situation». I have tried to keep up my commitment and have been working on the project on my own for the past 11 months, but it has resulted in nothing but frustration. I have a feeling that I’m just «pushing water in a mortar» and wasting my energy on something that the company no longer needs. In any case, I will try to continue to support the project on my own while I have free time, but I will probably have to abandon it and switch to something else that will allow me to pay the bills.


MSI Afterburner is an important tool used not only for overclocking and monitoring the video card, but also for the overlay function (displaying card information and other real-time statistics over the game). The shutdown of Afterburner has the potential to affect the millions of players/streamers/overclockers who rely on this feature. Unwinder has clarified that it will continue to support RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS), which is the backend component that powers the Afterburner overlay feature.

Please note that only and have the legal right to distribute MSI Afterburner; the same applies to the Rivatuner statistics server, Rivatuner CORE application and RTSS related files.

Currently available to us:

— stable version of MSI Afterburner 4.6.4 (beta page, but downloads stable)

— in testing mode MSI Afterburner 4.6.5 Beta 2

— Rivatuner Statistics Server (RTSS) 7.3. 3 build 26004

— MSI Afterburner 4.6.3 patch notes; 4.6.4; 4.6.5 beta 2

The developer of MSI Afterburner summed up the situation around the project and talked about the unsuccessful attempts of MSI to cooperate / Sudo Null IT News

The developer of the MSI Afterburner Unwinder application summed up the situation around the project. He refused to monetize for licensing reasons, had the opportunity to relocate, but is not going to do it, and also explained that he encountered several unsuccessful attempts by MSI to continue cooperation.

“In recent days, there have been many discussions in various places about the future of the MSI Afterburner project. Let me summarize and answer the most frequently asked questions:

— I see that many of you are offering to donate the development to compensate me for possible loss of income due to the closure of the project. I really thank you and appreciate it, but it’s not necessary. Perhaps you are overly dramatic and think that it is much worse for me than it actually is, due to a lack of understanding of the development process of MSI Afterburner (MSI AB). I’m not a full-time developer at MSI AB, and it’s not the only thing I do for a living. My main job is software development for a medical research company. MSI AB and RTSS are favorite projects that I have supported in my spare time on evenings and weekends for the past 25 years. This is not the case when a developer loses his only source of income and becomes hungry and homeless . So thanks again, but donations are not needed, the partial loss of income is sad and reasonable, but not critical for my living conditions .

— Many of you are suggesting that the app be rebranded, sold on Steam, or monetized in other ways. I don’t see even a remotely possible scenario in this . Under our license agreement, I exclusively own the source code (so technically I can do whatever I want with it), but the company owns exclusive rights to the product name, trademark, and distribution rights. Thus, this will lead to a violation of the license agreement on my part. I respect the contracts I sign and will not do so under any circumstances, this is a matter of reputation.

— Some users think that I should move from Russia to continue working on the project. I am not considering this option . I had several job offers abroad. I could live and work abroad decades ago, I have the opportunity to migrate to any country. But I was born here, and 4 generations of my family were born and lived in this place. This is a small Russian city located on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov (Taganrog). Yes, living conditions here suck, even compared to major Russian cities like Moscow. But this is my Motherland, my Home, and I love it. My grandparents are buried here, my elderly relatives live here, and I just can’t afford to leave them and run away. It’s not a matter of political preference — it’s a matter of love for your home and your family.

MSI is really trying to fix problem right now. But they tried to solve it several times during 2022, and every previous attempt failed. As a realist, I understand that the current attempt may fail , so I just prepared for the worst and resigned myself to the fact that the project may be dead . Please don’t blame MSI for this situation. This is a dead end when they want to continue cooperation, but do not yet see an opportunity for this,

— Alexey Nikolaychuk, known in the profile community under the pseudonym Unwinder, reported on the Guru3D forum.

On November 10, the Taiwanese company MSI confirmed problems with payment to the developer of MSI Afterburner in the Russian Federation due to sanctions. The Russian author of the Unwinder project does not blame the company for the situation. The partners expect to continue cooperation, but do not yet understand how to do this.

“Our marketing and accountants are aware of the situation and are currently looking into this issue. Due to sanctions, our payments cannot be successfully transferred to the developer’s bank account. We are keeping in touch with him and figuring out how to solve this problem, ”wrote MSI.

“It’s not their fault at all, they would love to keep the project, but they can’t and won’t either cancel or circumvent sanctions and make SWIFT magically work here,” explained Alexey Nikolaychuk, MSI Afterburner developer, known in the profile community under alias Unwinder.

On January 9, 2023, the developer of the utility for overclocking MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS) video cards said that he had encountered problems in finalizing and developing a joint project with MSI. MSI believes in continued cooperation and has no plans to close the project. Nikolaychuk explained on the Guru3D forum that the MSI Afterburner project has been mostly dead for 11 months, since MSI, for its part, does not fulfill its financial obligations to the developer under the license agreement due to sanctions and the current situation. He continues to independently maintain the MSI Afterburner utility and update the application in his spare time.

“I’ve been trying to keep up with my commitments and have been working on the project on my own for the last 11 months, but it has resulted in nothing but frustration. I feel like I’m kicking a dead horse and wasting energy on something that the company no longer needs, ”Nikolaychuk explained the situation.

The developer said that he continues to independently support the MSI Afterburner utility and update the application in his spare time, since he stopped receiving payments for this project.

«Anyway, I’ll try to keep supporting it myself as long as I have free time, but I’ll probably have to quit the project and switch to something else that will allow me to pay my bills,» Nikolaychuk added.

As for the development of the RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS) application, Nikolaychuk’s plans have not changed. The developer assured that he would continue to work on this project.