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John E. MayeauxSenior Vice President | The Sisung Group

“We’ve been working with BIOS for years. They are always recommending better ways to use our technology and are always there when we’re having issues. It’s been a great partnership.”

Industry: Finance
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Jim BradfordManaging Partner | Daigle Fisse & Kessenich, PLC

“As a law firm, system security is essential to our client confidentiality obligations. BIOS has been our technology partner for years.  BIOS helped get our system set up initially and continues to make sure that we are protected.  They made working across our multiple offices as well as remotely from home both easy and efficient.  To say that we are pleased, would be an understatement.”

Industry: Legal

BIOS Technologies Partner since 2009

Timothy P. Bonura, PEManaging Partner | All South Consulting Engineers, LLC

“We knew that we could improve our technology planning but didn’t realize how much! BIOS worked with us to figure out what we needed initially and has paved the way for where we are today. Our office runs so much more smoothly!”

Industry: Engineering
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Chuck Robbins

Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Carrie Palin

SVP & Chief Marketing Officer

Dev Stahlkopf

EVP and Chief Legal Officer

Eyal Dagan

EVP, Common Hardware Group

Francine Katsoudas

EVP and Chief People, Policy & Purpose Officer

Jeetu Patel

EVP and General Manager, Security & Collaboration

Jeff Sharritts

EVP and Chief Customer and Partner Officer

Jonathan Davidson

EVP and General Manager, Cisco Networking

Liz Centoni

EVP, Chief Strategy Officer and General Manager, Applications

Maria Martinez

EVP and Chief Operating Officer

Maria Poveromo

SVP and Chief Communications Officer

Mark Patterson

SVP, Chief of Staff to the Chair & CEO

Scott Herren

EVP and Chief Financial Officer

Abhey Lamba

SVP, Customer Experience & Operations Finance

Adele Trombetta


Alexandra Lopez

Chief Procurement Officer and SVP

Alistair Wildman

SVP, Customer Experience (CX) — Global

Alvio Barrios

SVP, CX Future Technology & Investments

Andrew Ashton

SVP, Corporate Finance

Aruna Ravichandran

SVP & Chief Marketing & Customer Officer, Webex by Cisco

Bill Gartner

SVP / GM Optical Systems and Optics Group

Brad Arkin

SVP and Chief Security and Trust Officer

Bret Hull

SVP, Head of Meraki Engineering

Brian Maddox

SVP, Business Entity Finance

Brian Tippens

SVP and Chief Social Impact Officer

Buffy Ransom

SVP, Global CX Centers

Chris Heckscher

SVP, Global Services and Software Sales

Chris Stori

SVP/General Manager, Networking Experiences

Christian Bigsby

SVP, Workplace Resources

Cliff Thomas

SVP and General Manager, Global Enterprise Segment, Americas

Dallas Olson

SVP, Go-to-Market Strategy & Revenue Operations

Darren Pleasance

SVP, Acceleration Center

Dave West

SVP and President of Asia Pacific, Japan, and Greater China

David Ashley

SVP, Product Operations

Derek Idemoto

SVP, Corporate Development and Cisco Investments

Ed Paradise

SVP, Security & Trust Organization

Elaine Mason

SVP, Purpose Strategy and Innovation

Fletcher Previn

SVP & Chief Information Officer

Girish Parekh

SVP, Sales Finance

Graham Allan

SVP, Strategic Programs and Legal Operations

Greg Dorai

SVP/GM, Networking Experiences — Campus Connectivity

Guy Diedrich

SVP & Global Innovation Officer, Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) & Cisco Networking Academy

Harry Caldwell

SVP, Customer Experience (CX), Americas

Ish Limkakeng

SVP, Cisco Networking — Growth and Innovation

Jacqueline Guichelaar

SVP & General Manager, Customer Experience, Asia Pacific, Japan, and Greater China

Jason Phillips

SVP & Chief Digital Officer

Javed Khan

SVP/GM, Cisco Collaboration

Jeff Campbell

SVP and Chief Government Strategy Officer

Jeremy Foster

SVP and General Manager, Cisco Networking — Compute

Jigna Shah

SVP, Commerce & Lifecycle Operations

John Kern

SVP, Supply Chain Operations

John Dorval

SVP, Americas Service Provider

John Wunder

SVP, Global Renewals

Kelly Jones

SVP & Chief People Officer

Kevin Wollenweber

SVP/GM, Cisco Networking – Data Center and Provider Connectivity

Kip Compton

SVP, Strategy and Business Development
Cisco Networking

Kristen Nichols

SVP, CoS, COO, Cisco Networking

Kristine A. Snow

SVP and President of Cisco Capital

Lawrence Huang

SVP/GM, Cisco Networking Experiences — Meraki & Wireless

Leslie McKnew

SVP, Deputy General Counsel, Regulatory Affairs

Lorrissa Horton

SVP/GM and Chief Product Officer

Masum Mir

SVP/GM Cisco Networking: Provider Mobility

Michael D. Timmeny

SVP and Executive Advisor

Mohit Lad

SVP and GM, Network Assurance

Morgan Teachworth

SVP, Cisco Wireless & Meraki Hardware

Nancy Scott

SVP, Legal & Deputy General Counsel

Nick Michaelides

SVP, U.S. Public Sector

Oliver Tuszik

SVP Global Partner Sales and GM Routes to Market

Pallaw Sharma

SVP and Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Pastora Valero

SVP, International Government Affairs

Patrick Morrissey

SVP, Global Specialists

Prat Bhatt

SVP and Chief Accounting Officer

Rachel Barger

SVP, Americas

Raj Chopra

SVP & Chief Product Officer, Security Business Group

Ravi Chandrasekaran

SVP, Enterprise Networking Business

Rebecca Stone

SVP, Customer Solutions Marketing

Rob Johnson

SVP, Global Taxation

Roger Biscay

SVP, Corporate Treasurer and Head of Global Corporate Security

Ronak Desai

SVP & GM, AppDynamics & Full-Stack Observability

Scott Scheeler

SVP, Enterprise | Cloud Networking | UCS | IoT Hardware Engineering

Shailaja Shankar

SVP Engineering, Security Business Group

Snorre Kjesbu

SVP & General Manager of Webex Devices

Srini Namineni

SVP, Strategy & Planning, Operations and Customer Experience

Thimaya Subaiya

Chief Transformation Officer

Tim Coogan

SVP, US Commercial Sales

Tom Gillis

SVP and General Manager, Security Business Group

Vijoy Pandey

SVP, Outshift by Cisco

Vikas Butaney

SVP / GM, Cloud, SD-WAN, and Industrial IoT Connectivity

Wendy Mars

President, Cisco EMEA

Will Eatherton

SVP, Distributed Systems Engineering

Biography of Dmitry Rogozin — TASS

July 15, 2022, 12:02

TASS-DOSIER. On July 15, President Vladimir Putin, by his decree, dismissed Dmitry Rogozin from the post of General Director of Roscosmos and appointed Yury Borisov to this post.

Dmitry Olegovich Rogozin was born on December 21, 1963 in Moscow into the family of the organizer of the Soviet military industry, First Deputy Head of the Armaments Service of the USSR Ministry of Defense, Lieutenant General Oleg Konstantinovich Rogozin (1929-2010).

In 1986, Dmitry Rogozin graduated from the International Department of the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University (MGU) named after M.V. M. V. Lomonosov, in 1988 — Faculty of Economics of the University of Marxism-Leninism under the Moscow City Committee of the CPSU.

Doctor of Philosophy. In 1996, at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University, he defended his Ph.D. thesis on the topic «The Russian Question and its Influence on National and International Security», in 1998, in the same place, he defended his doctoral dissertation (topic: «Problems of Russia’s National Security at the Turn of the 21st Century»). In addition, he is a doctor of technical sciences (specialty — «weapons theory, military-technical policy, weapons system»).

In 1986-1990 — junior assistant, assistant, senior assistant, head of the sector of the Committee of Youth Organizations of the USSR.

From 1990 to 1994, he was Vice-President of the international non-governmental research and educational organization «Russian-American University-Corporation» («RAU-Corporation»).

In 1991-1992 — Deputy Chairman of the Constitutional Democratic Party — People’s Freedom Party (leader — Mikhail Astafiev).

In 1992-1993, he was one of the leaders of the socio-political movement «Union for the Revival of Russia».

In 1993, Dmitry Rogozin organized and headed the International Congress of Russian Communities (CRO), which united Russian organizations in the post-Soviet space (he was its head until 1997). In October 1994, on the basis of the International KRO, an all-Russian organization was created — the socio-political movement «Congress of Russian Communities». In April 1995, Rogozin was elected chairman of the executive committee of the National Council of the KRO. At 1996-2002 — Chairman of the National Committee of the KRO.

On December 12, 1993, he ran for the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the 1st convocation in the Northern single-mandate constituency No. 199 (Moscow). Gained 8.44% of the vote, took third place after public figure Alla Gerber and co-chair of the Republican Party Vladimir Lysenko.

On December 17, 1995, he again ran for the elections to the lower house of parliament on the list of the Congress of Russian Communities (he was the fifth number). According to the voting results, he did not get into the Duma, since the movement did not overcome the 5% barrier.

In 1997-1999 — Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the II convocation. On March 23, 1997, he was elected in the by-elections in the Anninsky constituency No. 74 of the Voronezh region (he received the deputy mandate of Ivan Rybkin, who became Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation). Gained 37.91% of the vote (second place was taken by the director of JSC «Annaagropromsnab» Yuri Dunaev — 25.59%). He was a member of the deputy group «Russian Regions», was the deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Nationalities. May 19For 1999, he voted in the State Duma to impeach the first president of Russia, Boris Yeltsin.

From November 1998 to June 1999 — member of the organizing committee of the all-Russian political public association (OPOO) «Fatherland» (leader — Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov). In December 1998, he was elected a member of the central council of the OPOO Fatherland. After the merger of Luzhkov’s organization with the movement «All Russia» of Tatarstan President Mintimer Shaimiev, Dmitry Rogozin left Fatherland.

In 1998, he taught a special course «National Security» at the Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

In 1999-2003 — Deputy of the State Duma of the III convocation. On December 19, 1999, he was also elected in the Anninsky single-mandate constituency No. 74 (Voronezh region), scored 32.52% of the vote (the closest rival, candidate from the Communist Party Sergei Rudakov, received 28.01%). He was a member of the deputy group «People’s Deputy» (leader — Gennady Raikov). He headed the State Duma Committee on International Affairs.

In September 2001, at the founding congress of the People’s Party of the Russian Federation (NPRF), Dmitry Rogozin was elected one of its deputies, Gennady Raikov. In February 2003, he left the NPRF.

From July 13, 2002 to January 20, 2004 — Special Representative of President Vladimir Putin for the problems of the Kaliningrad region related to the enlargement of the European Union (EU). He was responsible for negotiations with the EU and Lithuania on the issues of concluding an agreement on the border and the transit of Russian citizens through the territory of the Baltic republic.

In September 2003, he was elected co-chairman of the Party of Russian Regions (PRR), on the basis of which the electoral bloc «People’s Patriotic Union «Motherland» was formed (in 2004 it was transformed into the party of the same name). In addition to the PRR, the bloc included the People’s will» of Sergei Baburin and the Socialist United Party of Russia Vasily Shestakov. Since February 2004, Dmitry Rogozin was co-chairman of the Rodina party, from July 2004 to March 2006 — its sole leader.

In 2003-2007 — Member of the State Duma of the IV convocation. On December 7, 2003, he was elected in the Anninsky single-mandate constituency No. 76 (Voronezh region) from the Motherland bloc, won 78.88% of the vote (his closest rival, candidate from the Communist Party Vladimir Sinitsyn, received 6.91%). He was a member of the Motherland faction, since March 2004 he was its chairman, and from July 2005 to April 2006 he was one of the co-chairs. Since September 2007, he has been Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Security.

From December 29, 2003 to March 5, 2004, he served as Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov.

In December 2006, Rogozin held a restoration congress of the Congress of Russian Communities, at which he was elected chairman of the organization, which received a new name — Rodina-KRO. He headed it until 2011.

From January 9, 2008 to December 23, 2011 — Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels, Belgium.

At the same time, from February 18, 2011 to April 25, 2012, he was President Dmitry Medvedev’s special envoy for cooperation with NATO in the field of missile defense.

On December 23, 2011, Dmitry Rogozin was appointed Deputy Prime Minister of Vladimir Putin (instead of Sergei Ivanov, who became the head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation). Then, from May 8, 2012 to May 2018, he was Deputy Prime Minister in the government of Dmitry Medvedev (on May 21, 2012, he was re-approved in this position during the formation of a new cabinet of ministers). He oversaw the military-industrial complex, national and civil defense, state defense orders, military-technical cooperation, maritime and border policy, development of the nuclear, rocket and space, shipbuilding, aviation and radio-electronic industries, and the GLONASS navigation satellite system.

In parallel, from March 21, 2012 to July 11, 2018, he was the President’s Special Representative for Transnistria.

In 2012-2014, he headed the Military Industrial Commission (MIC) under the government. Then, until June 2018, he was deputy chairman of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, which is headed by President Vladimir Putin.

Chairman of the Maritime Board under the Government of the Russian Federation (2012-2018), State Border Commission (2012-2018), State Commission for the Development of the Arctic (2015-2018), Export Control Commission of the Russian Federation (2012-2018), Government Commission for ensuring the implementation of measures to prevent the bankruptcy of strategic enterprises and organizations, as well as organizations of the military-industrial complex (2012-2018).

Headed the Commission for the construction of the Vostochny Cosmodrome (2014-2019), since May 2019 he has been the Deputy Chairman of this commission.

He was the Chairman of the Supervisory Boards of the Samara National Research University. Academician S.P. Korolev (2014-2017) and the State Space Corporation Roscosmos (2015-2018).

On May 24, 2018, Putin appointed Dmitry Rogozin as CEO of the state corporation Roscosmos.

On December 6, 2018, Rogozin also became the President’s special envoy for international cooperation in space.

Since 2018, he has been the Chairman of the State Commission for Flight Testing of Manned Space Systems.

In 2018, he headed the Coordinating Council of Work Managers and Chief Designers established under Roscosmos to create a medium, heavy, super-heavy space rocket system and a manned transport vehicle.

In July 2019, he was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Energia Rocket and Space Corporation. S. P. Koroleva (leading organization for the development of manned space systems in the Russian Federation).

Holds the diplomatic rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (2009). Speaks English, French, Spanish, Italian and Czech.

Awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky (2018), P. A. Stolypin Medal, 1st class (2018). Marked with thanks from the President of the Russian Federation: in 2004 (“for active work to solve the problems of the Kaliningrad region related to the expansion of the European Union”) and 2009year («for merits in the implementation of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation and many years of impeccable diplomatic service»).

Awarded the Order of Friendship II degree of Kazakhstan (2021).

Has a nominal weapon (for the release of hostages from the captivity of terrorist groups on the territory of the Chechen Republic in 1996-1999).

Master of Sports in handball (1980).

Author of the books «Time to be Russian» (1998), «Enemy of the people» (2006), «Baron Zholtok. History of one Russia» (2011), «NATO and Russia: our response to the threats of the West» (2015), etc.


Rogozin, Dmitry Olegovich Russia


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