Xeon 775 list: LGA775 Socket list — Cpu Specs Benchmarks reviews cpu upgrade

Intel xeon, dual, quad processors list

Intel® Xeon® E3-1240 3.30 GHz Processor
Intel Xeon X5660 2.80G/12M/6.40 Processor
Intel Xeon E5-4650 V2 2.4Ghz/25M Processor
Intel Xeon X7350 2933MP/8M/1066 CPU Processor
Intel Xeon X6550 2.0G/18M/6.4 Processor
Intel Xeon X5690 3. 46G/12M/6.40 Processor
Intel Xeon X5675 3.06G/12M/6.40 Processor
Intel Xeon X5670 2.93G/12M/6.40 Processor
Intel Xeon X5660 2.80G/12M/6.40 Processor
Intel Xeon X5650 2.66G/12M/6.40 Processor
Intel Xeon X3430 2.4G/8M Processor
Intel Xeon W3565 3.2GHz Processor
Intel Xeon Six-Core E5645 2. 4G/12M Processor
Intel Xeon Six-Core E5-2640 v2 2.0G/20M Processor
Intel Xeon Six-Core E5-2620 v3 2.4G Processor
Intel Xeon Six-Core E5-2620 v2 2.1G Processor
Intel Xeon quad X7560 2.26G/24M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon quad X7460 2.66G/16M/1066 Processor ES
Intel Xeon quad X7460 2.66G/16M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon quad X5570 2. 93Ghz/8M/1366 Processor
Intel Xeon quad X5560 2.80Ghz/8M/6.40 Processor
Intel Xeon Quad X5550 2.66G/8M/1366 Processor
Intel Xeon quad X5460 3.16G/12M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon quad X5450 3.0G/12M/1333 Processor
Xeon X3450 Intel Xeon Quad X3450 2.26GHz/8M Processor
Intel Xeon quad X3440 2.53G/8M Processor
Intel Xeon quad X3330 2. 66G/6M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon quad X3323 2.5G/6M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon Quad X3220 2.4G/8M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon quad W3503 2.4G/4M Processor
Intel Xeon quad L7555 1.8G/24M Processor
Intel Xeon quad L5630 2.13G/12M/5.86 Processor
Intel Xeon quad L5530 2.4G/8M Processor
Intel Xeon quad L5520 2. 26G/8M Processor
Intel Xeon quad L5430 2.66G/12M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon quad L5420 2.5G/12M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon quad L5310 1.6G/8M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon Quad E7520 1.86/18M/4.8 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E7460 2.66G/16M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E7440 2.4G/16M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E7430 2. 13G/12M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E7320 2133MP/4M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon Quad E5640 2.66GHz/12M/5.86 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5630 2.53G/12M/5.86 Processor
Intel Xeon Quad E5620 2.4G/12M Processor
Intel Xeon Quad E5606 2.13G/8M/4.8 Processor
Intel Xeon Quad E5603 1.6G/4M/4.8 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5540 2. 53GHz/8M/5.86 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5520 2.26GHz/8M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5506 2.13GHz/4M/4.8 Processor
Intel Xeon Quad E5504 2.0G/4M Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5503 2.00GHz/4M/4.80 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5502 1.86G/4M Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5450 3.00G/12M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon Quad E5440 2. 83G/12M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5430 2.66G/12M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5420 2.5G/12M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5410 2.33G/12M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5405 2.0G/12M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5400 2.7G/2M/800 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5345 2.33G/8M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5335 2. 0G/8M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5320 1.86G/8M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5310 1.60G/8M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5-2643 V2 3.50G Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5-2640 2.5G Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5-2620 2.0G Processor
Intel Xeon quad E5-2603 1.8G Processor
E3-1220V2 Intel Xeon Quad E3-1220V2 3. 10 GHz/8M Processor
E3-1225V2 Intel Xeon Quad 3.20GHz/8M Processor
Intel Xeon E7420 2133/8M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon E7340 2400MP/8M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon E7330 2400MP/6M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon E7310 1600MP/4M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon E7220 2933MP/8M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon E7-4820 2. 0G/18M Processor
Intel Xeon E7-2870 2.4G/30M Processor
Intel Xeon E7-2860 2.26G/24M Processor
Intel Xeon E5-2690 2.90 GHz/20M/8.00 Processor
Intel Xeon E5-2670 2.6G 8Core Processor
Intel Xeon E5-2665 2.4G 8Core Processor
Intel Xeon E5-2660V2 2.2GHz/25M/ Processor
Intel Xeon E5-2660 C2 2. 2GHz/20M/ Processor
Intel Xeon E5-2630L 2.0GHz Processor
Intel Xeon E5-2630 V2 2.6GHz Processor
46W4363 Intel Xeon E5-2620 V2 2.1Ghz 6Core CPU KIT
Intel Xeon E3-1230 V2 3.30/8M/5 Processor
Intel Xeon DUAL X5470 3.33G/12M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon DUAL X5260 3.33G/6M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon DUAL E3120 3. 16G/6M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon DUAL E3110 3.0G/6M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon DUAL E2200 2.2G/1M /800 Processor
Intel Xeon DUAL E2160 1.8G/1M Processor
Intel Xeon Dual Core 3065 2.33G/4M/1333 Processor LGA775
Intel Xeon DUAL 5160 3.0G/4M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon DUAL 5150 2.66G/4M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon DUAL 5148 2. 33G/4M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon DUAL 5140 2.33G/4M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon DUAL 5130 2.0G/4M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon DUAL 5120 1.86G/4M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon DUAL 5110 1.6G/4M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon DUAL 5060 3200DP/4M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon DUAL 5050 3000/4M/667 Processor
Intel Xeon DUAL 3110 1. 6G/4M/1066 Processor
Intel Xeon DUAL 3075 2.66G/4M/1333 Processor
Intel Xeon 9140M 1.66G/18M/667 Processor
Intel Xeon 8-Core E5-2650 2.00GHz/20M/8 Processor
Intel Xeon 7140N 3333MP/16M/667 Processor
Intel Xeon 7130M 3200MP/8M/800 Processor
Intel Xeon 7120M 3000MP/4M/800 Processor
Intel Xeon 7110M 2600MP/4M/800 Processor
Intel Xeon 6-Core E7540 2. 0G/18M/6.40 Processor
E7530 Intel Xeon 6-Core E7530 1.86G/12M/5.86 Processor
Intel Xeon 3800DP/2M/800 Processor
Intel Xeon 3666MP/1ML2/667 Processor
Intel Xeon 3600DP/2M/800 Processor
Intel Xeon 3600DP/1M/800 Processor
Intel Xeon 3400DP/2M/800 Processor
Intel Xeon 3400DP/1M/800 Processor
Intel Xeon 3200DP/2M/800 Processor
Intel Xeon 3200DP/2M/533 Processor
Intel Xeon 3200DP/1M/800 Processor
Intel Xeon 3200DP/1M/533 Processor
Intel Xeon 3160MP/1ML2/667 Processor
Intel Xeon 3066DP/512/533 Processor
Intel Xeon 3066DP/1M/533 Processor
Intel Xeon 3000MP/8M/667 Processor
Intel Xeon 3000MP/4M/800 Processor
Intel Xeon 3000MP/4M/400 Processor
Intel Xeon 3000DP/512/400 Processor
Intel Xeon 3000DP/2M/800 Processor
Intel Xeon 3000DP/1M/800 Processor
Intel Xeon 2830MP/4M/667 Processor
Intel Xeon 2800MP/2M/800 Processor
Intel Xeon 2800MP/2M/400 Processor
Intel Xeon 2800DP/512/533 Processor
Intel Xeon 2800DP/512/400 Processor
Intel Xeon 2800DP/2M/800 Processor
Intel Xeon 2800DP/1M/800 Processor
Intel Xeon 2800DP/1M/533 Processor
Intel Xeon 2667DP/512/533 Processor
Intel Xeon 2400DP/512/533 Processor
Intel Xeon 2400DP/512/400 Processor
Intel Xeon 2200MP/2M/400 Processor
Intel Xeon 2200DP/512/400 Processor
Intel Xeon 2000MP/1M/400 Processor
Intel Xeon 2000DP/512/400 Processor ES
Intel Xeon 2000DP/512/400 Processor
Intel Xeon 2000/2M/400 Processor
Intel Xeon 1900/1M/400 Processor
Intel Xeon 1800DP/512/400 Processor
Intel Xeon 1600MP/1M/400 Processor
Intel Xeon 1500mp/512/400 Processor
Intel Xeon 1500/1M/400 Processor
Intel Xeon 1400MP/512/400 Processor
25P2403 Intel Pentium III SL4XX xeon 700/100/2M S2 Processor with IBM 06P5918 Heatsink
G6950 Intel Pentium G6950 2. 80 GHz
Intel Pentium E5300 2.6G/2M/800 Processor
Intel Pentium D 940 3.2G/4M/800 Processor
Intel Pentium 1403 2.60Ghz Processor
Intel P3- Tualatin 1400/512/133 Processor
Intel P3- Tualatin 1266/512/133 Processor
Intel P3- Tualatin 1133/512/133 Processor
Intel P3 Xeon 933/256/133 S1 Processor
Intel P3 Xeon 900/100/2M S2 Processor
Intel P3 Xeon 733/256/133 S1 Processor
Intel P3 xeon 700/100/1M S2 Processor
Intel P3 Xeon 667/256/133 S1 Processor
Intel P3 xeon 600/512/100 S1 Processor
Intel P3 Xeon 500/100/1M S2 Processor
Intel P3 Xeon 450/512/100 S1 Processor
Intel P3 Xeon 1000/256/133 S1 Processor
Intel P3 933/256/133 Processor
Intel P3 866/256/133 Processor
Intel P3 1000/256/133 Processor
Intel G3220 3. 0Ghz LGA 1150 Processor
G630 Intel CPU Pentium G630 2.70 GHz
Intel Core2 Duo i3-540 3.06G/4M/09A Processor
Intel Core2 Duo i3-530 2.93G/4M/09A Processor
Intel Core2 Duo E6750 2.66G/4M/1333 Processor
Intel Core2 Duo E6550 2.33G/4M/1333 Processor
Intel Core2 Duo 3060 2.4G/4M/1066 Processor
Intel Core2 Duo 3040 1. 86G/2M/1066 Processor
Intel Core i7 3.40G/8M/5GT Processor
Intel Core i7 3.33G/12M/4.8GT Processor ES
Intel Core Duo i5-3470 3.6Ghz Processor
Intel Core Duo i3-2100 3.1Ghz Processor
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0G/6M/1333 Processor
Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2G/2M/800 Processor
Intel Core 2 Duo 6700 2. 66G/4M/1066 Processor
Intel Celeron G530 2.4GHz Processor
Intel Celeron G1610T 2.3GHz Processor
Intel Celeron 420 1.6GHz/512/800 Processor
E3-1220 Intel Xeon Quad E3-1220 3.10 GHz/8M Processor

Core 2 Quad VS Xeon in PC CPU support


6 years ago

1k times

I wonder if an Intel Xeon CPU corresponding to a Core 2 Quad one will work on system which supports Core 2 Quad Processors?

I want to buy a Core 2 Quad but I see many same type Xeon CPUs are on sale.

For Example this HP desktop PC, link below — This says it supports Core 2 Quad but no Xeon support is mentioned.


  • cpu
  • xeon
  • intel-core2


Yes, it is possible to run 771 Xeons in 775 boards. It is not recommended as it is not the intended design. Instructions can be found here: http://www.delidded.com/lga-771-to-775-adapter/

I Figured it out and i did that mod which worked. HAPPY
771 Xeon CPUs work only on some motherboards/chipsets
First you just need to verify it it works on your system
Then you must! update BIOS microcode files to add support for Xeon CPUs
That’s it… I confirm this mod works on my motherboard ! > IPIBL-LB

The Intel Xeon E5450 is an Intel LGA 771 socket CPU.

The Core 2 Quad Q9650 is an Intel LGA 775 socket CPU.

The LGA 771 Xeon CPU you are interested in cannot be used on a LGA 775 motherboard. If you attempted to install a LGA 771 product into a LGA 775 motherboard you would damage both the motherboard and the CPU in the process.

For example the HP Compaq dx2400 Business Desktop PC says it supports
Core 2 Quad but no Xeon support is mentioned.

This is because the dx2400 officially only supports LGA 775 CPUs. HP isn’t going to list LGA 771 CPUs that require a hardware modification in order to support. There is no way to gurantee or predict if a motherboard will or will not accept the CPU after the LGA 771 to LGA 775 modification. The adaptor LGA 771 to LGA 775 modification is a «do at your own risk» type modification.


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Xeon E5440 Processor — OVERVIEW

Bus frequency 333 MHz. Since the processor uses the Quad Data Rate bus, the effective bus speed is 1333 MHz.

Part AT80574KJ073N is manufactured in a halogen free package.

Part BX80574E5440A includes 3U + active / 1U passive thermal solution

Part BX80574E5440P includes 2U passive thermal solution

Xeon processor

Q: I have an Intel Xeon E5440 processor. Can I upgrade the motherboard?
A: Yes. Processor compatibility is determined by your motherboard.

Xeon X3470

Xeon E5440 server processor impressions

When the Core 2 DUO E7200 stood for 2 cores with a clock frequency of 2.53 GHz and 2 MB cache memory of the second level, it is certainly interesting for the past and no more than this processor was clearly not enough for various powerful applications such as Photoshop, video editors and games, but even video 1080 was a burden to him.

Core 2 DUO E7200 and Xeon E5440

A PC or motherboard based on LGA 775 can be bought almost anywhere. Your friends and family probably have it because they are already 10 years old. All you need to do on this PC is install a Radeon HD 5450, a quad-core Xeon E5440 processor, as well as 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. This PC will probably strike your non-gaming friends as fast as a new PC built this year.

My point is that if you are 90% like regular computer users, you don’t have to go out and buy a desktop computer for 30,000 — 50,000 or. You can buy a PC with LGA 775 and install a Xeon E5440 quad-core processor, graphics card, 8 GB DDR2 and 128 GB SSD. The computer will be as fast as anything they do today for basic tasks, but it will be sooooo cheap.

Xeon E5440 in Windows 7

I have found that most people upgrade their PCs long before they really need to upgrade. If your computer is slow, chances are you just need an SSD and a Xeon processor. Also, pretty much anything from 12 years ago will do for basic use.

Core 2 DUO E7200 in Windows 7

Need or not need Xeon E5440??

Many people constantly ask: “What should I upgrade for 5000 rubles? Simple, the answer is nothing. The ONLY time you should upgrade is when your computer no longer does what you need it to. It doesn’t make sense, upgrade your computer. If you’re playing Crisis 3 and you still want an acceptable frame rate and you enjoy the game, then there’s no point in an old PC and a Xeon E5440. Generally, if you need to ask someone what to update, the answer is nothing. When it’s time to upgrade, you’ll know. Attempts to start, open, etc. — will be very slow, and only then will the right time come to upgrade.

Xeon E5440 inside

When you build a PC, don’t try to think about what you need. It’s just that older processors don’t get faster anymore, probably won’t work for cool games, while you can get by with even less if you’re just doing basic tasks. The quad-core Xeon E5440 is still quite viable in 2021 for what the vast majority of people use computers for, and Sandy Bridge is still great for new games in 2021.

And now some analysis and comparison of Xeon


Intel Xeon server processors are primarily for servers, but are increasingly appearing in computers targeted at the end user gamers, video editing, rendering, etc.

But after all, is it worth buying a Xeon processor for a gaming PC, for example?

Should you buy an Intel Xeon for your 775 PC?

The Intel Xeon line is old, released back in 1998, and is targeted at a market share that requires high computing power, access to more advanced technologies, and is willing to pay more and more for all of this. These chips, unlike the easier-to-find Celerons, Pentiums, or Cores, serve data centers and servers in addition to so-called workstations, which are hard-working machines.

Xeon server processor models are quite different, but Xeon can be divided into three main groups:

  • mobile workstation processors (Xeon-E),
  • Xeon processors used in high-end laptops such as the Dell Precision and HP Zbook,
  • desktop processors (Xeon-W), as is the case with the Mac Pro.
  • In addition, there is the Scalable line, which consists of a large number of versions of Silver, Gold and Platinum chips designed specifically for servers.

Xeon E5440 and Core DUO

Xeon-W server processors have been recently updated by Intel with models such as the Xeon W-3275M. The top processor has 28 cores and 56 threads, offering frequencies from 2.5 GHz to 4.6 GHz. This is the same processor that is used, for example, in the most expensive version of the new Mac Pro.

An example of an intermediate processor from the Xeon line is the W-3245M. The server processor with 16 cores and 32 threads operates in the 3.2 to 4.6 GHz range and has a technical profile similar to what the buyer finds in the Core i from the X line, Intel’s most advanced for the domestic consumer. An example for a Xeon used in laptops is the E-2176M, a six-core, 12-thread, 2.7 to 4.4 GHz processor used by Dell at Precision for sale in Brazil.

Intel Xeon processor E3-1270 V2

Considering only the latest Xeon, we can say that some of the fastest Intel processors are concentrated in the line. If the user is willing to invest heavily in a new chip, these models should perform very well for any task.

Who are server processors for?

However, they are not targeted at the end user, they do not usually appear in more traditional performance comparisons with home processors. In the CPU Benchmark ranking, for example, you can see Xeon in privileged positions, especially in the Silver, Gold and Platinum options for data centers. Processor blocks for the E lines, and especially for the most recent W series, have not yet been tested and are not included in the rating.

Intel Xeon X3470

Server processor consumption


Xeon varies greatly in TDP depending on the format: mobile workstation versions can have a much lower TDP than desktop


This high performance will eventually be reflected in power consumption, and the processors will become very hot. The Xeon-E line, which includes processors for mobile workstations, reaches TDPs of 65 to 95 watts. To give you an idea, processors designed for laptops barely exceed 35W of heat dissipation.


On the other hand, the Xeon-W line, designed for larger computers, as with the new Mac Pro, offers more performance and also allows you to reach much higher temperatures. . The TDP values ​​of the products range from 160W to 205W.

Top Xeon Desktop Competitors

AMD currently competes with Intel in the workstation market with Threadripper processors. The main difference is in the price, as competing models cost much less than the Xeon. Unlike Intel, which has expanded its server lineup, AMD has remained in the segment with Epyc, which uses the brand’s Zen architecture of desktop chips and replaces the old Opteron.

Intel i3 540

Costs and Benefits

By combining many cores and threads with high speed, the processors can handle the high demands of more intensive applications, especially games, well. Therefore, investing in a chip from the Xeon line of gaming PCs may be the best choice in terms of cost-effectiveness, but it is very difficult to find cheaper alternatives with sufficient performance levels for gaming and applications.


There is a third-generation AMD Ryzen Threadripper. Intel also offers good options like K-line processors with Core i99900K or X-line, which includes the Core i9 9980XE.

Intel Xeon X3470 definition



It’s possible to think of a computer already built in the factory, as is the case with the iMac Pro. In the lowest configuration, with Xeon W-2140B with eight cores.

For PC lovers, the Dell Precision 7530 is a 15.6-inch laptop with a Xeon processor. In the cheapest version with the Xeon E-2176M chip, the laptop costs at least BRL 21,100 in the brand’s official store.

Find the best processor for LGA 775

Choosing the best LGA 775 processor is really difficult for a beginner, as every brand promises to provide the best functionality and high performance. However, we do find a few tips and tricks that really help in choosing any LGA 775 processor.

Let’s get started.

Xeon X3470

You may need to choose a processor that provides high performance and multitasking. With a 4-core Xeon LGA 775 processor, you can move data very quickly for multiple tasks at the same time. For this reason, be sure to choose a processor that supports high-tech and multiprocessing.
The next thing to consider before choosing any processor is easy setup and max RPM. Since the PC requires a simple, convenient and affordable motherboard frequency to get started with any process right away. In addition, it helps to improve the speed of the PC. So, try to find a processor with high frequency performance.

Intel Xeon X3470

Any PC user needs a processor that doesn’t make the computer heat up easily under heavy loads. And this is possible if the selected process uses a fan or cooler for control and fine tuning.

So make sure you choose a processor with a cooler or fan control system to reduce overheating.
Finally, choose a processor with the best graphics and smart power features. Good graphics support ensures HD picture quality, and smart power saving options ensure it consumes less power. So, aim for a processor with good graphics support and less power-hungry features.

How do I replace a Xeon processor in an LGA 775 socket?

If you are looking for a way to remove the LGA 775 processor from the motherboard, we have taken a few simple steps to remove the LGA 775 processor.

Let us help:

The first step is to open the case where there is a Xeon processor, find the motherboard.
After opening the processor case, you will need a plastic guard to attach it to the socket case and open it easily. In this case, you may need to carefully attach it vertically and simply pull to open it.
If you are done with the top steps, carefully remove the previous processor from the motherboard. In this situation, you will see two gaps in the socket, which will make it easier for the CPU to grab the CPU.

Intel Xeon E5440 in LGA 775 socket

In this step, you will lock the load plate and then secure it in place. After that, remove the plastic protective cover from the motherboard.

Intel Xeon E5440 in socket 775

Replacing a Xeon with an LGA 775 is very easy. I hope you can choose the right Xeon processor for your PC. It’s not a hard job, but certainly a little tricky. Make sure you give importance to what you are looking for in the job. And, based on your requirements, make the final choice. We are confident that you will succeed.

Xeon E5440 and Core DUO processors

Is Intel Xeon good for gaming?

Short answer:

Xeon processors are simply not designed for gaming, they are expensive and require special motherboards with specific sockets. In addition, most of them are simply more powerful than modern games require.

There is one powerful line of processors — Inel Xeon. These processors are not designed for
gamers, but created exclusively for companies that need more power to
complex calculations or ensuring the stable operation of servers. However, if
look at the technical characteristics of the processors, then the question arises whether such power is suitable
for games?

Let’s find out!

The first models of this processor line were released in 1998. This equipment occupies the highest and most expensive segment of the market. They are specifically designed for productive workstations and powerful servers. The unique Xeon technologies are generally not used in the Core line and other product series from Intel.

Among the model range there are the most powerful models with 28 and
56 cores and cache up to 60 MB. At the same time, the chips become more powerful with each
new generation.

Of course
there are more modest options, with 2, 4 cores and hyper technology
threading, for not very demanding customers.

It is important to understand that the processor is not the main component of the gaming
PC. The video card takes over the entire burden of creating and displaying a 3d image. The central processing unit is not called that for nothing, because it
located in the center and manages all processes. Modern games are not very
demanding on CPU power, they just need a minimum level
performance. The processor processes the necessary information and transmits
video card assignment.

And so, we found out that the video card is responsible for
performance in a gaming PC, and the processor takes the place of the manager. Now
Let’s take a look at the most important performance factor…

You may have come across this term on the Internet,
especially if you visit portals about computer hardware.

The term bottleneck (bottleneck) means that
the processor is not able to process and quickly give the video card all the necessary
information. As a result, the graphics adapter may not work properly and
game performance drops.

Sometimes they also say «The processor does not allow the video card to open»

Will help
Do you avoid Xeon
bottleneck effect? Of course yes, but even with the most powerful video card of the GTX 1080 Ti level, it’s great
a modern Core i5 processor can handle it. The only point is to build a gaming platform based on
Xeon — using SLI or Crossfire (two
or several video cards in a bunch).

1. If you plan to use multiple graphics cards at the same time. For example, in SLI mode from NVidia or Crossfire from AMD. In this case, there will not be a problem with a narrow neck for sure. And the processor will reveal the full potential of both video cards.

2. When you’re a streamer, you have multiple monitors, multiple graphics cards (see above) and a bunch of gaming apps running. There’s also some kind of video on YouTube launched, well, in general, this is the very thing ..

3. When you need incredible stability of the processor. In fact, gamers do not have problems with the processor and stability of work even with conventional processors. But if you really want to believe that you have an expensive reliable server crystal, then most likely the gameplay will be more relaxed.

4. When you want to spend money. Seriously, this thing is overkill for games. It’s like ordering a bus to transport two people from point A to point B. Yes, it’s possible, they won’t be crowded there, but usually ordinary cars are suitable for this.