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The 3dfx Voodoo4 4500 — Budget Video Card Comparison

by Matthew Witheileron November 27, 2000 3:20 AM EST

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The 3dfx Voodoo4 4500

Arriving a nearly 6 full
months behind its faster performing Voodoo5 5500 brother, 3dfx’s Voodoo4 4500
was quite delayed. Powered by a VSA-100 chip, 32MB of SDR memory, and a 128-bit
memory pipeline, the Voodoo4 4500 set its sights on the sub $150 video card

Unlike the one other card
you will see in this comparison, the Voodoo4 4500’s VSA-100 processor is completely
unmodified from the version found on the more expensive Voodoo5 5500. Instead
of modifying the core, 3dfx choose to make the Voodoo4 4500 a single processor
counterpart to its dual processor Voodoo5 5500 brother. Therefore, unlike the
5500’s dual chip configuration, the Voodoo4 4500 only comes in a single VSA-100

Since the power of the Voodoo4
4500 hinges on the power of a single VSA-100 chip, it was important that a single
unmodified version of the chip be powerful enough to handle the other chips
in this price range, a feat quite difficult considering that the VSA-100 was
produced to be used in an SLI type setup, as can be determined by its name:
VSA stands for «Voodoo Scalable Architecture.»

Just how much power does
each VSA-100 chip have? Based on an enhanced 0.25 micron process, the VSA-100
chip features two rendering pipelines, each capable of processing one texel
per clock. The chip supports T-Buffer effects, full screen antialaising, and
FX1/DXTC texture compression. This power is contained in a package of 14 million
transistors housed on a 6-layer metal process. Perhaps the most crucial change
for the VSA-100 chip over its Voodoo3 older brother is the fact that the chip
now supports 32-bit color rendering, 32-bit textures, 32/24-bit Z & W, an
8-bit stencil buffer, and support for 2048×2048 textures. The core is clocked
at a conservative 166MHz, most likely as a result of the VSA-100’s large 0.25
micron process. The 166MHz core clock translates into a dual textured fill rate
of 166 megapixels per second or 333 megatexels per second. And while the VSA-100
chip is able to support anywhere from 4MB to 64MB, each Voodoo4 4500 comes outfitted
with 32MB of memory.

As we briefly discussed
above, the memory bus in a video card plays a crucial role. As with nearly all
other cards found in the sub $150 price range, the Voodoo4 4500 has a 128-bit
memory bus that is dependent on 32MB of SDR SDRAM chips. The chips are clocked
at 166MHz, providing 2.7 GB/s of memory bandwidth.

Although the raw specs of
the Voodoo4 4500 are dwarfed in comparison to some of the other value cards
out there, some features of the VSA-100 chip make it special. You have probably
heard of all the features 3dfx has been promoting with this chip: excellent
full screen antialasing, DXTC texture compression, T-Buffer effect, the works.
It is here that we see the cutting edge of 3dfx’s budget chip, proving once
again that just because a processor is inexpensive does not mean it has to be
short on features.

Click to Enlarge

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For more information regarding
both the VSA-100 chip as well as the Voodoo4 4500 as a whole, please see our
3dfx Voodoo4 4500
AGP review

The Contenders
The ATI Radeon SDR
IndexThe ContendersThe 3dfx Voodoo4 4500The ATI Radeon SDRThe ATI Radeon ContinuedThe NVIDIA GeForce2 MXThe NVIDIA GeForce2 MX ContinuedThe TestQuake III Arena PerformanceMDK2 PerformanceUnreal Tournament Performance16-bit vs 32-bit PerformanceCPU Scaling PerformanceWindows 2000 Driver PerformanceConclusion


Neoficiln esk strnky 3Dfx

Voodoo 4

Voodoo 4 — 4500

 Zkladn info:
 ohlena:  konec 1999
 vydna:  z 2000
 prac. nzev  Napalm
 jdro:  166 MHz
 0,25 m TSMC
 14 MTranzistors
 pamti:  166 MHz
 16-32 MB
 128 bit
 trianglerate  ~10 MT / s
 fillrate  333 MPxl / s
 333 MTxl / s
 RAMDAC  350 MHz

    Podrobn informace o procesoru VSA-100, na nm je karta postavena, najdete zde.

    Voodoo 4 byla bohuel posledn kartou, kterou 3Dfx stihla vydat.
Vyla a po Voodoo 5 a byla situovna
do oblasti mainstreamu/low-endu (ohlena byla s V5, ale do obchod se dostala a pozdji).
Nebyla pli spn, protoe jednak vyla pli pozd a jej pomr
cena / vkon nebyl ideln. Nabzela ale vynikajc obraz a kvalitn technologie. Protoe byla
zaloena na ipu VSA-100, pinela ve, co Voodoo 5, krom efekt T-Bufferu (rychlost jednoho ipu by
nebyla dostaujc) a AntiAliasing byl omezen na 2x.
Pokud hledte
informace o  Voodoo 4 — 4200, najdete je na strnce projektu Daytona.

    Voodoo 4 je ale jednoznan vkonnj, ne karty typu nVidia RIVA TNT2 nebo Matrox G400. Dnes
je Voodoo 4 pomrn vzcn; je dokonce mn rozen ne Voodoo 5-5500.


2D / Video:

  128 bit grafick jdro

  HW akcelerace pehrvn DVD (Planar to packed pixel conversion)

  2048*1536 pi 85 Hz jako maximln 2D rozlien


  full 32 bit rendering

  32 bit color textures suport

  24 bit FP Z-Buffer

  8 bit Stencill Buffer

  Textures Resolution up-to 2048×2048

  Texture Compression DXT(1-5), FXT1, S3TC

  Single-Pass Bilinear / Trilinear texture filtering

  Single-Pass & Single Cycle MultiTexturing

  Single-Pass & Single Cycle Bump Mapping

  Alpha Blending

  Line / Edge AntiAliasing

  Flat / Gourard Shading

  LOD MipMapping

  Double Buffering

  Advanced Triangle Setup Engine

  Sub-Pixel & Sub-Texel Correction

  Programmable Fog Effects

  Edge AntiAliasing

  Full Scene AntiAliasing — Rotated Grid SuperSampling 2x (default)

  Programmable sample location (RG, OG. ..)

  TAA possible

Monosti / parametry:

  AGP-4 (full Sideband support) / PCI

  16 / 32 MB SDR (teor. a 64 MB)

  SLI kompatibiln (Voodoo 4 se ale vyrbla jen jednoipov)

API, rendering:

  MS Direct 3D up-to 6.0 + new features

  3Dfx Glide up-to 3.0

  SGI OpenGL

Voodoo 4 — 4000
 jdro  166 MHz
 pamti  166MHz
 trianglerate  ~ 10 MT / s
 fillrate  333 MTexel / s
 RAMDAC  350 MHz
 sbrnice  AGP 4
 vstupy  D-Sub

Voodoo 4 — 4000 mla bt nejslab kartou s VSA-100.
Oficiln vydna nebyla, take je velice mlo rozen.
Obsahovala 16 MB pamti a (stejn jako vechny karty ze srie Voodoo 4) podporovala AGP4.

Voodoo 4 — 4500
 jdro  166 MHz
 pamti  166 MHz
 6 ns
 trianglerate  ~ 10 MT/s
 fillrate  333 MTexel / s
 RAMDAC  350 MHz
 sbrnice  AGP 4 / PCI
 vstupy  D-Sub

Voodoo 4 — 4500 krom AGP 4 podporovala i sbrnici PCI, take se
dala pout i do starch pota, kter slotem AGP nedisponovaly (stejn se sice dala pout
i Voodoo5 — 5500 PCI, ale tu by star systm zdaleka nedokzal vyut a do starch case se nevela.

Voodoo 4 — 4500 MAC
 jdro  166 MHz
 pamti  166 MHz
 6 ns
 trianglerate  ~ 10 MT/s
 fillrate  333 MTexel / s
 RAMDAC  350 MHz
 sbrnice  PCI
 vstupy  D-Sub, DVI

Voodoo 4 — 4500 MAC je stejn karta, jako 4500 PCI, jen
s DVI navc a jinm BIOSem.

Voodoo 4 — 4800 AGP
 jdro  166-183 MHz
 pamti  166-183 MHz
 trianglerate  > 10 MT/s
 fillrate  333-366 MTexel / s
 RAMDAC  350 MHz
 sbrnice  AGP 4
 vstupy  D-Sub, DVI, TV

Voodoo 4 — 4800 ji nevyla.
Od verze 4500 se mla liit pedevm vstupem TV-out a DVI. Karta vychz ze
stejnho PCB, jako V4-4500; to je ale pln osazeno (64MB, TV-out, DVI).

Voodoo 4 — 4800 PCI
 jdro  166-183 MHz
 pamti  166-183 MHz
 trianglerate  ~ 10 MT/s
 fillrate  333-366 MTexel / s
 RAMDAC  350 MHz
 sbrnice  AGP 4 / PCI
 vstupy  D-Sub, DVI, TV

Voodoo 4 — 4800 PCI by pravdpodobn disponovala 32MB,
jde v podstat o V4MAC s osazenm TV-out.

 3Dfx  Voodoo 4 — 4500  AGP 4
 PowerColor  The Evil King 4  AGP4, TV-out
 Voodoo 4 — 4500 (CV350)  AGP 4
 Evate  Voodoo 4 — 4500  AGP 4
 Chance  Voodoo 4 — 4500  AGP 4
 Meditech  Crash Voodoo 4 — 4500  AGP 4
 NIX (*)  Voodoo 4 — 4500  AGP 4
 Speed  Voodoo 4 — 4500  AGP 4

(*) … kartu vyrbl PowerColor

Nvod na vrobu Voodoo 4 «L» z PowerColor EvilKing IV.

1) vezmte funkn Voodoo 4 — PowerColor EvilKing IV

2) odstrate vyznaenou st

3) Vznikne «L» verze; pejetm pes obrzek mete porovnat s originn «L»
Web no-X-files /ani jeho autor/ nenese zodpovdnost za vsledky tohoto postupu, ani
za mon kody zpsoben hardwarem vytvoenm dle nvodu; realizace popsanho postupu je na vlastn

prototypy, prezentan karty a nevydan modely

Voodoo 4 — 4000 AGP. Oficiln nevyla; velice vzcn karta.

(220*145, 8kB)

Tohle je reklamn obrzek na Voodoo 4 — 4500.
Protoe v dob prezentace jet nebyla Voodoo 4 vyrobena, pouila 3Dfx star Voodoo 3 — 3500,
jej jdro pelepila npisem VSA — 100.(738*527, 105kB)

Voodoo 4 — 4500 PCI «beta-board»

(579*410, 130kB)

Voodoo 4 — 4500 PCI «beta-board» s chladiem (tento kousek je soust sbrky prodan
9.2.2004 na ebay za 2550$)

(320*240, 22kB)

Voodoo 4 — 4500 PCI «beta-board» s chladiem (jin obrzek)

(320*240, 19kB)

Voodoo 4 — 4800. AGP4, TV-out (Conexant), DVI. Nebyla vydna.

detail 1

detail 2

(640*480, 100kB)

Voodoo 4 — 4800. PCI, TV-out (Conexant), DVI (nebyla vydna)


(800*600, 72kB)

Verze BIOSu 1.11 jet kartu oznaovala jako Voodoo 4 — 4500 TV/LCD

(400*300, 21kB)

BIOS verze 1.18 ji korektn kartu oznaoval jako Voodoo 4 — 4800

(400*300, 11kB)

built by 3Dfx

Voodoo 4 — 4500 retail CD

CD (jin); (380*380, 30kB)

(335*300, 19kB)

Voodoo 4 — 4500 AGP (AGP 1,5V, 32MB 6ns Toshiba)

retail pack; (1280*960, 345kB)

(1076*729, 189kB)

Voodoo 4 — 4500 PCI (32MB 6ns Toshiba)

hi-res front;(2048*1536, 804kB)

hi-res back;(2048*1536, 825kB)

retail; (1280*960, 287kB)

(1024*768, 103kB)

Voodoo 4 — 4500 MAC. (PCI, DVI, bez TV-out)

hi-res front (1280*960, 178kB)

hi-res back (1280*960, 178kB)

MAC tools (637*315, 9kB)

(640*480, 51kB)

built by 3Dfx — «Made in China»

Voodoo 4 — 4500 «Made in China» (32MB, Toshiba 6ns)

back, (1100*770, 160kB)
EvilKing IV (Made in Taiwan) vs. 3Dfx Voodoo 4 «Made in China», (774*924, 194kB)

(1100*754, 203kB)


PowerColor — Voodoo 4 — 4500 «L» OEM (32MB, 6ns, Samsung)

(400*280, 31kB)

PowerColor — EvilKing 4 (Voodoo 4 — 4500 32MB) — non-TV-out

model byl dostupn jen velmi krtce, nahrazen «L» verz

box (front) (640*480, 60kB)

box (back) (640*480, 54kB)

(640*480, 55kB)

PowerColor — EvilKing 4 TV-out (Voodoo 4 — 4500 32MB TV-out) — jedin oficiln vydan V4 s TV-out

retail, (1280*960, 263kB)
jin verze krabice, (200*139, 12kB)

686*408, 41kB)

powered by 3Dfx — others

Chance — Voodoo 4 — 4500

http://www. chance-i.co.kr/voodoo4k.htm

(160*125, 7kB)

Evate — Voodoo 4 — 4500 (w logo)

(685*509, 184kB)

Evate — Voodoo 4 — 4500 (w/o logo) (6ns Samsung)

cooler, (1000*750, 63kB)
jin snmek, (800*600, 375kB)

(800*535, 374kB)

JaceTech — Voodoo 4 — 4500 (www.jace.co.kr)

jin snmek; (1000*750, 70kB)

6ns Hyundai; (800*477, 267kB)

(800*507, 332kB)

Meditech — Crash Voodoo 4 — 4500

Obdoba «Chance», ale s modrm chladiem (300*374, 21kB)

jin snmek



retail (550*506, 31kB)

core & RAM (300*165, 17kb)

NIX — Voodoo 4 — 4500. AGP4.

Kartu vyrbl PowerColor

(236*165, 15kB)

Speed — Voodoo 4 — 4500. AGP4

PCB toton s PowerColor The EvilKing IV. Jen bez TV-out.

(385*272, 16kB)

Neznm Voodoo 4 — 4500 (fake? / Axle?)

(1600*1200, 370kB)

Voodoo4 — 4500 AGP Voodoo4 — 4500 PCI Voodoo4 — 4500 PCI (MAC)

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akt. 16-03-2005
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diskusn frum

3dfx Voodoo4 4500 AGP / Graphics cards


Today March 03, 2023

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Author: Alexander Kokh

Voodoo4 — the junior model of the 3dfx product line based on the VSA-100 chip — is positioned
by the manufacturer as a card intended for budget systems, the owners of which do not
can afford to buy a Voodoo5 5500. The price of the card (~$140) is slightly higher than the GeForce 256, GeForce 2 MX and
comparable to GeForce 256 DDR. Can Voodoo4 compete theoretically and practically?
nVidia products from a similar price category? In the future, we will try
answer this question.

VSA-100 specifications:

General parameters:

  • chip frequency 166MHz
  • 2 render pipelines with 1 texture unit each
  • fill rate 166/333 megapixels bi/monotexturing, 333/166 megatexels bi/monotexturing
  • 0.25 µm process
  • AGP 2x/4x with fast writes without DIME
  • 128 bit memory bus
  • memory frequency 166MHz
  • throughput ~2.7 Gb/s
  • addresses up to 32Mb


  • 2x FSAA
  • rendering in 32-bit color
  • 24 bit Z-Buffer
  • 8 bit Stencil-Buffer (pattern buffer)
  • support for textures up to 2048×2048
  • DXTC texture compression support (DirectX only) and FXT1


  • 128 bit 2D core
  • integrated RAMDAC 350MHz
  • maximum resolution 2048×1536 in 32-bit color at 75Hz

The 3dfx Voodoo4 4500 card is based on a single VSA-100 chip operating at 166MHz. Like
much earlier Voodoo3, VSA-100 chip manufactured using 0.25 µm
six-layer process technology and contains 14 million transistors. VSA-100 can output per clock
either a pixel with 2 textures on it, or 2 pixels with one texture on each. So
Thus, the fill rate is 166 megapixels / 333 megatexels in
bitexturing and 333 megapixels/333 megatexels in monotexturing mode.
In comparison, the GeForce 2 MX has a texturing speed of 350 megapixels/700
megapixels and the old GeForce 256 240 megapixels / 480 megatexels in the mode
bitexturing, 480 megapixels/480 megatexels in monotexturing mode.
But you should not focus on these theoretical values, the main contribution to
performance is contributed by the memory subsystem and accelerator architecture.

Voodoo4 4500 claims 2.7 Gb/s bandwidth, comparable to Radeon SDR or GeForce 2 MX.
There are no DVI and TV outputs on the board. Voodoo4 does not support Twin View and similar
technologies. Let’s compare the parameters of this chip with Voodoo3 3000:

Criterion 3dfx Voodoo4 4500 3dfx Voodoo3 3000 nVidia GeForce 2 MX ATi Radeon SDR
Number of memory 32Mb SDR 16 Mb SDR/SGR 32Mb 64bit DDR 32Mb SDR
Memory frequency 166 Mhz 166 Mhz 200 Mhz 183 Mhz
chip frequency 166Mhz 166 Mhz 175 Mhz 183 Mhz
Filling speed 166/333 166/333 350/700 366/1098 (732)
AGP DIME support no no yes yes
Large texture support yes no yes yes
truecolor support yes no yes yes
Process used 0. 25 0.25 0.18 0.18

As you can see, the evolution over Voodoo3 3000 in its pure form is small. Have an opportunity
work with large textures, support for AGP4x, truecolor. The frequency is low by today’s standards —
only 166 Mhz, which is not surprising with a 0.25 micron process. By
DIME (AGP texturing) is still not supported. It can’t be called
a serious disadvantage, but in the yard the end of 2000, the first accelerators with DIME appeared already
a few years ago.

3dfx is positioning the Voodoo4 4500 in the budget PC market. There are three varieties
— Voodoo 4 4500 AGP, PCI and PCI for Mac:

The card supports FSAA, but due to low overall performance, this is relevant
only at the lowest resolutions. And Voodoo4 is also reluctant to overclock.
The maximum frequency that has been reached is 174Mhz. Game speed boost
amounted to no more than 6%. ATi cards were used for performance comparison
Radeon 32Mb SDR, nVidia GeForce 2 MX 32Mb SDR and two testbeds with the following configuration:


Bench 1:

  • Processor: Intel Celeron 700MHz
  • Motherboard: ASUS CUSL2 (i815e)
  • Memory: 128 MB PC133 CAS2 SDRAM
  • Hard drive: 30GB Seagate Barracuda ATA2 7200 RPM (ATA66)
  • Sound: SB Live
  • CD/DVD: Toshiba CD-M1402
  • OS: Windows 98SE

Stand 2:

  • Processor: AMD Duron 700 MHz
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-7ZX
  • Memory: 128 MB PC133 CAS2 SDRAM
  • Hard drive: 30 GB Seagate Barracuda ATA2 7200 RPM (ATA66)
  • Sound: SB Live
  • CD/DVD: Toshiba CD-M1402
  • OS: Windows 98SE

Tested on Windows 98 SE with DirectX 7. 0A, v-sync turned off.

OpenGL performance

With normal detail, the Voodoo4 lags behind nVidia and ATi cards at all resolutions. And than
the more powerful the processor, the greater the gap in all resolutions. As regards the general
performance, then the most comfortable with this detailing can be
consider a resolution no higher than 1024×768. And here is the test with maximum quality:

The Voodoo4 results remained the same — the lowest result in all resolutions.
The bar for playable resolution has also been lowered. The maximum that this card will draw with
comfortable speed — 800×600. Average 39 FPS — very poor performance.
One gets the feeling that the card should be compared not with its contemporaries, but with Voodoo3 and TNT2 Ultra.


Another good OpenGL test. We used settings with 32-bit color and enabled hardware T&L. All game options
were set to the maximum.

The result has not changed. And at 1600×1200 the performance of Voodoo4 is amazingly low —
less than 6 FPS, it’s more like a slideshow. It looks like Voodoo4 4500 is limited to resolutions no higher than 800×600. For what
Do you need a $140 card that can hardly be called cheap if it’s impossible to play above 800×600?

Direct3D performance

Revolt game was used for tests in Direct3D. You can’t call it new, but with that crisis
Direct3D benchmarks, this is at least some alternative to Unreal and Unreal Tournament.

In both 16-bit and 32-bit color, the Voodoo4 is well behind the GeForce 2 MX. Pleases only that
that older games can be played at 50 FPS at 1280×1024. But only in 16-bit color.
Using Trucolor instantly flexes the board up to 30 FPS.

3D WinBench 2000

3D WinBench 2000 synthetic test uses several game-like demos to demonstrate
performance in DirectX 7. It cannot be considered a real gaming benchmark.

Radeon and GeForce 2 MX results are similar, while Voodoo4 is almost 1. 5 times slower. Can
reduce the resolution, then the difference will not be so noticeable. But why pay more if
is it possible to get comparable speed from cheaper boards?


We can definitely say that Voodoo4 cannot compete in speed with GeForce2 MX and ATi Radeon. In all tests, both in OpenGL and Direct3D, the 3dfx card is inferior to its competitors. The only reason to buy the Voodoo4 is the Glide. But the latest representatives of games for this API are
they will perfectly go on the old Voodoo3, the price of which is significantly lower, and
performance on par with Voodoo4. For the money that 3dfx wants for their card, you can get a much better board from nVidia or ATi, with T&L, bigger textures, and tweaked drivers. The quality of FSAA in Voodoo4 is mediocre, and the speed drops noticeably when using it. This feature is not for budget PCs. The maximum that would be worth paying for V4 4500 is $80-90, but not $140. Support for truecolor and large textures is no excuse. She also has cards released last year. It would have been better if 3dfx hadn’t released the V4 4500 to the PC market at all. The card does not justify its price.

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3dfx voodoo 4 4500 32mb AGP STB | Festima.Ru





Working video card. On the board, two diodes changed a long time ago — they accidentally shorted them. There are slight darkening of the board next to them. Do not pay attention to the number of parrots in the 3D stamp — the whole system is weak. I can send by SDEK. Sold as is. No pretensions. Ready to provide additional video work. Selling from my personal collection. I will consider an exchange for modern iron.

We found this listing 2 years ago

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«Last» map from 3dfx. The card is in good condition, where I reached it, I cleaned it from dust and streaks, but I could service the fans, I didn’t do it, it won’t work out neatly + the “resurrection” effect is always different. An ad to create demand that is «stupidly not there.» Checked in 3DMark, of course, this time I used 2000. My stand for testing AGP 2X equipment is not the best, Celeron 300A, 128 MB of memory, but the GA-6BXC board (I had a lot of business with it, including selling two of three of its variations), reliable BX. Avito Delivery is connected.

Computer accessories and components

3 month ago


Unique retro assembly, TOP of the late 90s. Configuration: 1. Pentium III processor 2. ASUS AGP v7700/64m video card (NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS) 3. 2 3dfx Voodoo2 8mb STB system Inc. video accelerators (Work in conjunction via SLI) 4. Creative Sound Blaster CT3620 AWE32 sound card 5. Motherboard ABIT BX133-RAID board (soldered a couple of swollen conders) 6. 2 ddr 384mb sticks 7. Seagate Model ST340015A (40gb) hard drive 8. FSP ATX-300GTF 300W power supply Additionally: Windows 9 operating system8SE ver. 4.10.2222 Pci usb controller, network card 3com etherlink 10/100 pci tx nic 3c905b-tx (working, but without drivers), floppy/cd/dvd, monitor HP Compaq LE 1711 17″ 1280×1024 (there are scratches on the screen, to work do not affect in any way), a set of all necessary wires, a PS / 2 mouse / keyboard. Quake 1/2/3, Doom, Half life, etc. games are installed for demonstration. I can also sell voodoo in a bundle (15000r), a sound card separately (4000r) I do not ship to regions, I sell locally

Desktop computers

7 months ago


Selling a set of cards that work perfectly in the layer. 1. Map by innovision 2. Map by procomp with rather infrequent silk-screen printing. This is the latest v2 for sale. More from this heap of cards will not be. In the kit you will receive a slim bridge, as well as a cable for connecting to the 2d part. The cable is very thick and oak. From the card set by quantum3d). P.s: all cards after repair, ala straightening legs, soldering, downed capacitors and so on. Everything was done with the utmost care and precision. The kit has been tested in q2 timedemo tests and in 3dmark 2000. 3dfx Voodoo Glide V2 Pci

Computer accessories and components

8 months ago


The video card is working, I bought it personally in Moscow in the period from 2000 to 2002 at the Mitinsky radio market, it was on the far shelf. I will deliver to Moscow or the Moscow region. By post only with prepayment. When checking, the video card was launched from live dvd on windows 7.

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8 months ago


Fully featured workstation from IBM 1996th year. A unique offer on Avito and on the Internet in general, since such an offer cannot be found anywhere (unless processors are sold remotely, or there is a motherboard from this PC on Ebay, but I have never seen a fully assembled one) since the station is very old and at one time, it cost as it is now a Mac Pro in the maximum configuration (several thousand dollars) and they then purchased units, and even less remains to this day, because of this, a similar price, although I think true connoisseurs will appreciate this offer. In the kit I will also put a 3Dfx Voodoo Dragon video card with 12 mb of memory (it itself will not be inferior in value), but since I am not sure that it works in the kit, I will also give away the card that was originally with the station, namely Alianse Semmicomductor ( Made in Mexico). 2 Pentium PRO processors at 180 and 200 MHz are installed (you still need to find a VRM bar) (they don’t work together, but for the sake of a potential buyer I’m ready to look for two identical stones at 200 MHz). Any checks at my house. Now it’s Windows Millennium and it works pretty fast. I will send Avito by delivery even to the moon, there is also a delivery within the city. Reasonable bargaining is appropriate, although the goods are not for everyone

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8 months ago


For those who want, but do not know how to collect a dream from childhood. For those who want and can collect such a dream, but there is no time. For those who tried to collect but it turned out a cactus. For those who want and maybe have time, but do not want to fuck with the selection of components. Well, just for those who want to score a show-off. (YES and SLI is also possible but +50% more) For those who understand the cost of each element separately. I do not ask for space money — exactly the price of iron. There are no analogues on Avito, although there is one — but for 100k with SLI and on 1400 tualatin and with a gold AWE. Also tsatska by the way :). Iron is tested, played, driven through fire, water (not all))) and copper pipes. Asus TX9 board7-E is one of the best solutions for the S7 system. Video from Asus — High-speed ATI RAGE II 4mb with video capture capabilities (when installing native firewood) Sound — AWE64 value with 512mb wavetable — up to two megabytes if there is a desire, I will give a memory module. 3Dfx accelerator — ORCHID 12mb top from top. the legs were soldered a little, but this is a common occurrence for accelerators these days. The network is some kind of thieves Irish. Memory — a pair of 256 meters by 133 in two modules — the maximum for this motherboard, the frequency allows you to overclock the memory as much as possible. The processor — Pentium 233mmx — well, actually the top for this system, you can certainly delve into disputes, but already for P2 systems with AGP at that time there appeared GeForce 256 tearing VooDoo 2 on the British flag. BP AT for as much as 250! W The case — one of the rarest Taiwanese ATs — is slightly yellowish. You can say noble. Mobile Rack — for installing another IDE hard drive. A key with a 3dfx chip is just a cool and rare key. Sidyuk writing Asus — just quiet. Although there are doubts about the NEC DVD, it is ugly but more practical. Flopik SONY — silence … USB on the front panel work! sound — you have to suffer, but it is possible — for an additional fee, as it is painful. And one more thing — the hardware is completely selected so as not to force yourself with the search for drivers in case of reinstalling the system — everything is set automatically in WINDOWS 98!!! which is extremely important. Discounts, bargaining, everything is possible — the price is lower — the equipment is thinner 🙂 Call, write. Whatsapp is there. Video calls are available. Lot territorially in Astrakhan!!! Sending by transport company at your expense. No fucking air deliveries! Exclusive prepayment!

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9 months ago


Selling a set of two cards. They work great in slay. Both have a memory of 100. Estimate the external condition from the photo. Checked in q2. Sli bridge as a gift. All cards are after minor repairs. (legs, ceramics, etc.) Everything is done as accurately and efficiently as possible. Sli Glide Voodoo Pci 3dfx

Computer accessories and components

9 months ago


Selling a ready-made set of two cards that work perfectly in the layer. Both have 100MHz memory. The color of the textolite is also identical. Slay bridge included. Please judge the external condition from the photo. All cards are after minor repairs (correction of legs, replaced electrolytes, etc.). Everything is done very carefully and does not affect the work. The pair is tested in q2. Glide Sli Voodoo 3dfx Pci

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9 months ago


WITHOUT SHIPPING AND AIR DELIVERY! CASH PICKUP ONLY! EXCHANGE IS NOT INTERESTED! Diamond Monster 3D II PCI Voodoo2 3Dfx 12MB. Was not under repair. Condition and set in the photo. There is no SLI connector. The serial number is three sevens)) I don’t postpone and don’t book for tomorrow. Selling to first comer. There is no trade. If you want to check, then bring your hardware with knurled firewood, tests, toys, etc. Please write to the point or not write at all. Thank you! WITHOUT SHIPPING AND AIR DELIVERY! CASH PICKUP ONLY! Graphics Card Video Accelerator Accelerator Diamond Multimedia Voodoo Voodoo3 AGP Retro

Computer accessories and components

9 months ago


Selling a couple of creative cards for sli. Fully working and tested. On the cards, the legs were slightly aligned. Everything else is great. The planks are native. Slie bridge as a gift. Please do not ask questions off topic. 3dfx Glide Voodoo Pci

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a year ago


Selling a pair of cards from Atrend. Fully working and tested. On the cards, the legs were slightly aligned. Everything else is great. The planks are native. Slie bridge as a gift. Please do not ask questions off topic. 3dfx Glide Voodoo Pci

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a year ago


Pair of STB Black Magic 3dfx Voodoo 2 Excellent condition, one with heatsinks glued on, the other without. Fully functional, 2 weeks warranty and moneyback.

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a year ago


All in one box. I do not sell separately. Motherboards j-656vxc rev 3 working j-571B rev:2 working Acorp 5ALI61 rev F + 233MMX working Tomato TX98-3D socket 7 working Tomato TX98-3D slot 1 working epox ep-3vsa+Celeron 900 working Asus TUSL2-C+Celeron 1200 working Gigabite GA-6VXE7+ working DFI NFII ULTRA INFINITY working Soltek SL-85DR3-CL swollen startup conders no Video cards 3dfx Voodoo 3 2000 16Mb AGP working 3dfx Voodoo 3 3000 16Mb AGP working Radeon HD 3850 AGP working Gainward GF3 Ti200 64 mb conditionally working, there were 3 swollen conders, in 3d hung, replaced with bu now 3d passes tests but there are artifacts if the memory frequency downgrade then works fine. in general, it is necessary once again to remake the conders for new Asus V9280 and V8420 are working, one does not have an ATI Rage XL, IIC, 128 Pro cooler (with a TV tuner, there are downed smd) Trident 3D Image9750 agp working SIS 6215 pci working Diamond S3 Savage 4 Pro 8Mb pci artifacts 1 downed conder pieces 5 TNT VANTA agp working GF FX5500 FX5600 working Ati Radeon 9600 Pro working Realtek RTG3105GE ISA working without bracket CL-GD5402-65QC-B ISA working Radeon X850XT 256 Mb working dirty sound Creative Audigy 2ZS working Creative CT4810 2pcs working ESS ES1868F 2pcs and ES1869F mud all working processes clot1 Celeron 300 SL32A Intel Pentium II 233 MHz SL2QA Intel Pentium II 350 MHz SL2U3 all working others Tekram DC-390U3W+flex cable+disk 18Gb IBM Ultrastar working

Computer accessories and components

a year ago


Pentium computer with 3dfx accelerator, voodoo2 12 Mb, and Soundblaster Vibra16. 64 RAM, 40GB hard

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a year ago


Retro computer for sale HP Vectra VE 5/120 White assembly — Made in France Pentium 200 MMX Installed 256 kB cache 128 mb RAM Simm 72 pin 3DFX Voodoo 2 8 mb Creative Sound Blaster Live 4 GB hard drive 1. 44 floppy DVD-Rom Installed windows 98 and games

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a year ago


For sale a retro gaming computer on a Pentium III 550 MHz processor and a top-of-the-line 3DFX Voodoo5 5500 video card for its time. In working condition and in good appearance, see photo. Perfect for a collection, for interior decoration or for intended use — this is an opportunity to play the very first 3D games on the original hardware of the year 2000 — Doom 1, 2; Quake 1, 2, 3; GTA 1, 2; Duke Nukem 3D. Features: — A rare video card from the famous company 3DFX Voodoo5 5500 AGP. — Spacious case Blask Window Matrix VX ATX420W (24+4pin), Aluminum, with a transparent window from the well-known company Thermaltake. Product specifications: Operating system — Windows XP. Processor — Pentium III 550 MHz Slot 1 SL3F7. Motherboard — Acorp 6BX81 Slot 1 (supporting processors up to 800MHz). RAM — 384 MB DIMM (3×128). Hard drive — Samsung SV2001H 20 GB. Video card — 3DFX Voodoo5 5500 AGP 64 MB. Audio card — Creative S Live! 5.1 Model: SB0100 PCI. Network card — Realtek RTL8139PCI. CD-ROM drive 5.25″ — DVD-RW. Set: 1. System unit with the characteristics described above. 2. Multimedia keyboard PS/2 A4Tech. 3. Laser mouse PS/2 Oklik. 4. Power cord. 5. Five disks with popular games at that time (armageddon, Doom 3, Warcraft 1-2, ommandos 2, NFS racing collection) 6. Additional parts for the case (plugs, mounts, etc.) Monitor not included!! !A slight configuration change is possible — for example, another processor or another audio card (on the ISA bus).Prophylaxis was carried out: The case is completely dust-free, the components are tested and are in working order.Discs with games have not been checked.Any tests, checks are possible before sale , disassembly if necessary and inspection.I can record a video with testing.After the sale — no guarantees and returns.I can send Avito by delivery or in another way if necessary.Tags: To the collection, to the museum, rarity, vintage, rare, ancient, vintage, collectible thing b, Glide, 5500, Vsa100, Voodoo, Voodoo5, OpenGL.

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a year ago


I sell a collection of 3 video cards (only together): 1) 3Dfx Voodoo 3 2000 AGP 16Mb 2) Diamond Monster 3D II 8Mb(3dfx Voodoo 2) 3) Voodoo Dragon Magic 3D PLUS1(3dfx Voodoo 1 4Mb) — a rare model with overclocked up to 100 MHz (for standard models 66 MHz) memory. + video cable adapter. All working, in excellent condition. I can send a parcel with cash on delivery through the Russian Post. Other types of delivery are not possible!

Computer accessories and components

a year ago


A pair of identical cards for sale by manufacturer. Fully working. A good option for those who want sli. Cards are in very good condition 12mb both. 3dfx Voodoo Glide Pci Sli

Computer accessories and parts

a year ago


Two rare Voodoo2 rev. 3d accelerators. A for retro SLI Any validation tests.