E5200 slay7: SLAY7 E5200 Intel Pentium 2.5ghz 800 Dual Core LGA775 CPU

SLAY7 E5200 Intel Pentium 2.5ghz 800 Dual Core LGA775 CPU

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SLAY7 E5200 Intel Pentium 2.5ghz 800 Dual Core LGA775 CPU Processor [FREE SHIPPING – USA ONLY!]

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SLAY7 Intel Pentium E5200 2.5ghz 800 Dual Core LGA775 CPU quantity

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This is a used Intel SLAY7 E5200 Dual Core CPU in good working condition.

SLAY7 E5200 specifications

General information

Type CPU / Microprocessor
Family Intel Pentium Dual-Core
Processor number E5200
Part number EU80571PG0602M
Frequency (GHz) 2. 5
Bus speed (MHz) 800
Clock multiplier 12.5
Package type 775-land FC-LGA8
Socket type Socket 775 (LGA775)

Architecture / Micro-architecture / Other – SLAY7 E5200

CPUID 010676h
Core stepping M0
Next stepping QJLU
Next production stepping SLB9T
Processor core Wolfdale-3M
Manufacturing technology (micron) 0.045
Number of cores 2
L2 cache size (MB) 2
Features EM64T technology
Enhanced SpeedStep technology
Execute disable bit
Extended Halt state
Extended Stop Grant state
Thermal Monitor 2
Core voltage (V) 0. 85 – 1.3625
Case temperature (°C) 74.1
Thermal Design Power (Watt) 65

Notes on Specs SLAY7 E5200

  • The processor supports the 775_VR_CONFIG_06 guidelines for processors with TDP up to 65 Watt, and Icc max up to 75A.
  • Deep Sleep low power mode is enabled.
  • Deeper Sleep low power mode is enabled.

SLAY7 CPUID information

Intel Pentium Dual-Core SLAY7 E5200
Part number: EU80571PG0602M
Submitted by: CPU-World

General information

Vendor: Genuine Intel
Logical processors: 2
Processor type: Original OEM Processor
CPUID signature: 10676
Family: 6 (06h)
Model: 23 (017h)
Stepping: 6 (06h)
TLB/Cache details: 64-byte Prefetching
Data TLB: 4-KB Pages, 4-way set associative, 256 entries
Data TLB: 4-MB Pages, 4-way set associative, 32 entries
Instruction TLB: 2-MB pages, 4-way, 8 entries or 4M pages, 4-way, 4 entries
Instruction TLB: 4-KB Pages, 4-way set associative, 128 entries
L1 Data TLB: 4-KB pages, 4-way set associative, 16 entries
L1 Data TLB: 4-MB pages, 4-way set associative, 16 entries

Cache details

Cache: L1 data L1 instruction L2
Size: 32 KB 32 KB 2 MB
Associativity: 8-way set
8-way set
8-way set
Line size: L1: 64 bytes L1: 64 bytes L2: 64 bytes

Supported instructions

Instruction set extensions Additional instructions

Integrated features and technologies

Major features Other features
On-chip Floating Point Unit 36-bit page-size extensions
64-bit / Intel 64 64-bit debug store
Enhanced SpeedStep Advanced programmable interrupt controller
CPL qualified debug store
Debug store
Debugging extensions
Digital Thermal Sensor capability
LAHF/SAHF support in 64-bit mode
Machine check architecture
Machine check exception
Memory-type range registers
Model-specific registers
Page attribute table
Page global extension
Page-size extensions (4MB pages)
Pending break enable
Perfmon and Debug capability
Physical address extensions
1 – Thermal monitor
2 – Thermal monitor 2
3 – Thermal monitor and software controlled clock facilities
Time stamp counter
Virtual 8086-mode enhancements
xTPR Update Control





Intel SLAY7 — 2.

50Ghz 800Mhz 2MB Cache LGA775 Intel Pentium E5200 Dual Core CPU Processor

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Item#: SLAY7

Condition: Refurbished

Frequency: 2.50 Ghz
Manufacturer: Intel
Family: Pentium
Cores: 2 / Dual-Core
Socket: LGA 775


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Product Description

Model Intel® Pentium® Processor E5200
Frequency 2.50 Ghz
Mhz 800 Mhz
Cache 2 MB
Instruction Set 64-bit
TDP 65 W
Supported Sockets LGA775
Cores 2

Compatible Models

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Detailed walkthrough of the game Hollow Knight





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In 2017, gamers were pleased with the release of the action adventure Hollow Knight. The game is available on Windows, Linux, MacOS platforms, as well as PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch. The opinions of the players regarding the quality of the game were divided — some did not really understand the idea of ​​​​the developers, others happily plunged into the new virtual world. nine0003

Hollow Knight game — general information

If we talk about such an unusual game as Hollow Knight, the passage of many can cause mixed feelings. Despite the high quality, this development belongs to the unusual genre of metroidvania, whose fans in Russia are not so many.

For those who are not completely familiar with the terminology, it will be useful to know that «Metroidvania» is a subgenre of action-adventure games, the main principles of which were laid down in such well-known games as Metroid and Castlevania. The plot, as a rule, involves immersion in a large and exciting virtual world, where some locations and parts are hidden behind various barriers. To get there you need to find a key or lever in a completely different area. nine0003

The game Hollow Knight immerses the gamer in the world of the Kingdom of Hallownest. A brave knight explores the world. Fights enemies looking for clues and hiding places.

Help! The literal translation of the name into Russian is «Hollow Knight». According to the results of 2017, the international edition of PC Gamer awarded Hollow Knight the title of «Best Platformer of the Year».

System requirements, how long does the whole process take?800GTX (1GB) or higher. Free hard disk space must be at least 9 GB, and RAM must be at least 4 GB.

The game has several endings, and it will take about 40 hours to reach the positive ending, with a bad ending you can lose in 20 hours. Quite long, but interesting Hollow Knight captivates the plot. Here is an exciting interesting world, the hero’s abilities can be found at a great distance from each other, and amulets can be bought or found in caches.

nine0006 Interesting! Most of the critics rated the game highly and gave it fairly high marks.

Hollow Knight: 100% walkthrough of the main story

Walkthrough of Hollow Knight has its own peculiarities. Some platforms can only be accessed by finding certain secrets and defeating the boss, which will bring the possibility of obtaining improvements. The following is a 100% sequence of the complete passage of the game. nine0003

A detailed Hollow Knight guide also contains information about interesting secrets that will bring additional bonuses and achievements.

Attention! The peculiarity of the game is that after death the hero loses all the money and the third part of the «soul». If you kill the shadow that appears, the accumulated currency will be restored.

Dirtmouth (Surface)

Starting location where the hero can find roads to other parts of the abandoned world. There is a bench in the center that restores health, then at such stops you can change the amulet or draw the map. nine0003

Forgotten Crossroads

Descending into the well, the main character enters the catacombs. Here you need to save all the caterpillars, for this you should break the banks and get a reward. You need to find a cartographer and buy a map from him, you can mark important points on it, draw rooms.

The first mini-boss is a fly. You need to hit her while managing to dodge. The second boss is False Knight. You can kill by hitting in turn with the knight.

The main character receives a City Crest as a gift. Then a snail will come across on the way and you can try out a new opportunity — energy shooting. nine0003

On the second floor, you need to kill an armadillo, and his assistants will help replenish energy if they are killed. Then you should move to the left, to a new location.


Cartographer will be at the bottom, on the right side, after going to a dead end you can get the book Hunter’s Journal. All enemies will fall into this log, and information about them will become available after killing several individuals.

Help! Hunter’s Journal helps to identify the weaknesses and strengths of different opponents, which makes them much easier to kill. nine0003

It is necessary to save the beetle, to do this, kill the fly that holds it in its mouth. The boss is a dressmaker girl. She pricks with a needle or releases a thread in the form of a whip. You can win by doing double jumps. You can find a warrior near the lake and go down to the next location.

Fog Canyon (Fog Canyon)

It is better not to touch the jellyfish, otherwise you will have to escape from the traps, it is best to bypass them.

There is a bank here that will help you save coins after death. The amount cannot exceed 4500 geos. There is also a bench for a quick transition through the game zones. nine0003

Fungal Wastes

This is the mushroom world, you can buy the map below. It is necessary to kill two huge mushrooms, then the hero will receive a nest for storing amulets. A caterpillar is hiding upstairs, and a city of insects is hiding in the lower part. Then you need to save the beetle from the fire.

The boss is in the pit of the village, they are guarding the path to the next area, but to cross you will need to build bridges and insert an amulet into the statue. As it turns out, the mushroom plantation is not a complete void, there are a lot of interesting things here. nine0003

City of Tears

First you need to find a blacksmith and improve the hero’s sword, with the help of gold ore you can get another advantage for the weapon. Again, at the fountain, you will have to fight with the dressmaker. Next, pick up Rancid Egg in the tower, it is also desirable to find a caterpillar there.

Cartographer in the largest tower at the top, a bench immediately opens.

Help! The found key will help you open the elevator to the catacombs and quickly fly on a beetle to other countries. nine0003

After fighting the teleportation enemies, proceed to the mini-boss fight, then go directly to the boss. He owns teleportation and throws homing projectiles. It is best to beat after a stop, after the first victory you need to finish off the enemy on the floor below.

Jewelry must be handed over to the antique shop, and you can go to the sewers through the hatch in the floor. Here you have to save the caterpillars, there are thirty of them in total, for completing they will give Pale Ore. Prizes are given for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 rescued caterpillars. nine0003

After that, explore the city. Find a passage upstairs and find the boss. He collects monsters by placing them in jars, a victory will free three caterpillars. The map found in the office will help you find the rest of the insects.

Howling Cliffs (Warring Rocks)

You can go to a new location through the base zone. You need to buy a map, find a cave with butterflies and save the caterpillar.

Crystal Peak

You can get to the crystal zone by breaking the ground in the catacombs that were at the beginning of the game. You need to save the caterpillar, buy a map and kill the first boss. nine0003

Big Brooding Mawlek is dangerous and moves in three directions. You need to hit once and run to the side. After the battle, the main character enters the world of mushrooms, where you need to talk with the merchant and go to the shaman in the green world.

Resting Grounds

The card is bought on its own base. Then you need to find three statues and move along the platforms. The shaman will give a new ability that must be applied to the tree. By interacting with the earth, you will find a lot of useful things. nine0003

Gray Mourner will give a flower that must be carried unharmed to the grave. Any enemy hit will damage it. You can use the metro to move around, and if the plant is damaged, you will have to return and take a new one.

Royal Waterways

The first step is to buy a map and find a cave underground, a beetle with food will deceive you, but will give you Racing Egg.

Attention! The boss throws lumps of dirt when underground, you can push them away, and you need to beat him when he emerges. nine0003

A secret enemy hides in the lower corner of the sewer, the monk releases two biting flies from the nest, the hero will get sick from insect teeth. On the right, you should find a new ability — swim in acid. Next, it is desirable to find a swim under the platform and save the caterpillars.

Then the road leads the hero to a rainy city, an open bench allows you to quickly move around the locations. Rising on a large elevator, you can go to the catacombs or visit the amulets shop.

Ansient Basin

Activate the bench, kill monsters and buy a card. Next, a lava-filled knight, then monsters again. The blacksmith will improve the weapon. Then you need to visit the tree of spirits in the mushroom world, fight jellyfish in the electric world and purchase a map.

The Boss is a huge jellyfish that creates electric shocks. After defeating her, you need to swim to the center and find the spirit there. He also needs to be killed. The next Boss will be defeated if the weapon has at least two upgrades. In the spirit world, there will be a more difficult version of the boss. nine0003

Queen’s Gardens

After swimming under the flowers, the hero finds himself in a flower location, you need to buy a map and defeat the praying mantises. Next, there is a battle with simple Bosses, after which you should return to the King’s station. Then the battle with the round knights and the rescue of the caterpillar.

Deepnest (Deep Nest)

Having bought a map, you need to climb into holes with worms, where the next Boss will be waiting. Having fallen into a trap with a spider, you need to hide and fight a new enemy. Inspect the entire location, find amulets, save insects. nine0003

The monster will give you an amulet at the big lake. And the bosses throw knives and release spikes. After defeating them, you need to go to Hallownest’s Crown and get the maximum weapon upgrade from the blacksmith. Then find spiders in the dungeon and sit on a bench. Once captured by insects, you need to get out of the cocoon and find the third spirit.

Another amulet will be after the battle with the locust, and when the main character opens all the stations, the bug will share the location of the special location of transport insects. There, the hero will receive a piece of mana. nine0003

Kingdom’s Edge

Once on the subway, you should get off at the last stop — there will be a new zone. As usual, you should buy a card, then fight the monster, the dressmaker and enter the arena. There are three tests to pass here.

Final battle, possible endings, what is the worst

At the end, there will be a battle with the Boss. In the catacombs, you need to enter the black egg, save and free the enemy from the chains. The battle is quite simple, defeating the Boss is easy, but after the battle is over, the hero takes the place of his enemy. This is a bad ending. To get a good one, you need to find the most important secret that is well hidden. nine0003

Secret ending unlock

At the edge of the kingdom, return to the Cast Off Shell and fight the dressmaker again. She decides to side with the hero and gives the King’s Brand mark. A new location is now available in the lower part of the Ancient Basin dungeon.

At the very beginning, the shaman gives the ability «spirit strike», which allows you to collect essence. The location of all spirits can be seen on the map if you buy tags. You need to collect all the essence. After getting 1800 spirit, you should return to the shaman for improvements. This will come in handy to defeat the white knight. nine0003

Once in the enemy’s memories, you need to go through an obstacle course, and when you find the dead king in the throne room of the palace, hit him on the head and get the missing part of the amulet.

Attention! After going down, put on the mask you received, find a broken egg and fight with your copy.

The mask will turn black and cannot be removed. Now you need to go to the Boss, Hornet will help. When she binds the enemy, you need to use the blow of the spirit. The hero enters the Boss’s memories. You need to defeat the white warrior with wings. If you lose, you will need to fight the first Boss again. nine0003

Hollow Knight is an exciting game that requires a lot of time and skill. For fans of this genre, the release of the action movie has become a real holiday. The text interface is in Russian, the final hardmode is not difficult to pass, the main thing is to find everything you need. The percentage of passing by a beginner is not the highest, but after training, the hero Arthur will be able to understand the direction of all the paths and the order of actions.

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100 percent order of passing locations

Hollow Knight is an adventure platform game that was released on personal computers and game consoles in 2017. In the game «Hollow Knight», the passage at first may seem quite simple. However, in reality, many players have a lot of difficulties during the game. To avoid them, you need to familiarize yourself with the main features of passing each of the levels. nine0003

General information

Hollow Knight is a platform video game. In terms of gameplay, it is very similar to such well-known video game series as Metroid and Castlevania. The game takes place in a rather beautiful virtual world with interesting and memorable locations. One of its advantages is undemanding to iron. For a video game you will need:

  • Processor no worse than Intel Core 2 Duo E5200.
  • GeForce 9800GT video adapter with 512 MB video memory. nine0012
  • RAM at least 4GB.

Hollow Knight is one of the most popular platform games of 2017

Additional information! It will take at least forty hours to complete the game on hardmode.

Hollow Knight walkthrough

The game has 14 levels, which differ from each other in the features of the passage.


This is the starting location where the main character Arthur must explore the abandoned house. First you need to go to the bench — it allows you to get a full scale of health. Then you need to explore the location to complete the initial level. nine0003

Forgotten Crossroads

First you need to get into the catacombs. Here the hero needs to carefully walk along the path and find all the caterpillars. After that, you need to collect all the jars at the location and get an achievement for this.

The shards in the upper left corner show how many lives the main character has.

After all the items in the location are collected, the first boss will appear — the Fly. For beginners, it will not be difficult to kill her, since she will literally die from 2-3 well-aimed blows to the wing. Immediately after it, a knight in white armor will appear. He will also have to fight. nine0003

Important! After completing the level, the main character will be able to shoot energy.

Green path

First you need to go to the lower right side of the level and pick up the book. Then you have to fight the boss Dressmaker. To defeat her, you need to perform the correct sequence of strikes. First you need to hit her with a melee weapon, and then use the energy shot ability.


This level has a lot of mushrooms. First you need to fight with huge mushrooms, after which the player will receive a chest for amulets as a gift. To get to the boss, you need to choose the path that leads down. nine0003

Important! To defeat the enemy, it is necessary to dodge his blows in time and carry out counterattacks.


This level is filled with traps scattered on the ground. Beginners with a probability of one hundred percent fall into at least one of them. To prevent this from happening, you need to carefully move around and bypass them. The player should get to the bench, with the help of which it will be possible to move between the locations of the game.

The sword is the main weapon of the character

City of Tears

First, we need to improve the sword. To do this, the player should go to the local blacksmith and give him a sword to put it in order. After that, you need to go to the palace, collect the caterpillars and get to the bench at the end of the level.


The hero needs to go through the void to a new and unexplored location. Then you need to go to the merchant and purchase a map from him so that you can explore the location. It marks the cave to which you need to come. There are butterflies here. The player’s task is to free them. nine0003


In this level, during Hollow Knight, the player will have to fight a boss. However, before that, you need to buy a map to explore a new location.

Important! Defeating the boss is pretty easy. It is necessary to run away in time to the side or jump away from the blows.

After defeating the enemy, you need to talk to the merchant and the monk.

Crystal Peak — one of the most beautiful locations in the game

The Resting Lands

To complete a level, you must first purchase a map. After that, you need to jump over the platforms in front and find the statues for their detailed study. Having found them, you need to return to the shaman. The level can be considered completed. nine0003

Royal Canal

First you need to take a map and find a cave. There will be a boss who throws mud at the hero. It is necessary to dodge his throws in time and immediately counterattack. Flies will fly below. You cannot contact them, because after contact the hero will start to get sick. Having won a victory over the enemy, it is necessary to rise outside.


First you need to take medicine to replenish your health. After that, you can clear the location from opponents. At the end of the level, a huge boss in the form of a jellyfish will appear. It will create electrical charges that you will have to dodge. nine0003

Important! After each dodge of the charge, you must run up to the enemy and attack him.

Royal Gardens

After passing carefully under the flowers, the player will find himself in a location with a huge number of flower buds. There will be large praying mantises that must be defeated. After clearing the area of ​​enemies, you need to save the caterpillar and go to the bench to go to the next level.

Markoth — the final boss of the game


First you need to get into the hole to the worms. Immediately at the entrance of the hero will be waiting for the boss. For a hundred percent completion of the game, he must be defeated without taking damage. Having won, you need to explore the location to search for amulets on it. Having found them all, it is necessary to free the insects. nine0003

Kingdom’s Edge

First, the hero will be in the subway. You need to get off at the last stop to get to the next location.

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