Saitek gk200: Saitek GK200 Tactile Gaming Keyboard Review

Saitek GK200 Tactile Gaming Keyboard — Kenmerken

Saitek GK200 Tactile Gaming Keyboard — Kenmerken — Tweakers

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Bij een destopset bestaat het product uit zowel een toetsenbord als muis.



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De toetsenbordindeling verwijst naar de eerste rij letters van het toetsenbord.

Azerty is de indeling van België en Frankrijk, Qwertz voor Duitstalige landen en Qwerty voor Nederland en overige landen. In Scandinavische landen gebruiken ze een afwijkende Qwerty indeling vanwege extra letters zoals Æ en Ø.

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      Daily Reviews Summary 04/04/07

      techPowerUp posted a review on the Saitek GK200 Tactile Gaming Keyboard

      The Saitek GK200 may look like a normal keyboard, but it is geared toward gamers, who are on a budget and would like a normal sized input device. The gaming keys are a great feature while the Audio and USB 2.0 connector round up for a well balanced gaming keyboard — all for the price of a normal one.

      Saitek GK200 Tactile Gaming Keyboard Review

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      In design as well as décor the Z5fd is born for the clubbing lifestyle. Measuring a trim 92.8 X 55 X 19.4mm and weighing only 148g it’s small and light enough to qualify as ultra-compact, and will slip unobtrusively into a handbag or shirt pocket. When not in use the lens is protected by a sliding cover that doubles as the on/off switch, so it’s not going to be easily damaged if it has a close encounter with your pink Motorola RAZR or the lighter for your menthol cigarettes.

      Fujifilm FinePix Z5fd Review

      Modders-Inc has a new review online on the SteelPad S&S Mouse Pad

      The SteelPad has always had great products and I have always been a fan of my old SteelPad and when I heard that there was a new one released I said to myself, «How could they possibly improve on something already so awesome?

      SteelPad S&S Mouse Pad Review posted STALKER Tweak Guide

      The detailed STALKER Tweak Guide is now online at TweakGuides, and contains a range of descriptions, tips, tweaks and mods which I think all STALKER players will find helpful. Give it a read through to better customize and optimize STALKER on your machine.

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      Bit-Tech reviewed the Corsair Dominator 9136C5D and 10000C5DF memory

      Today we look at Corsair’s fastest Dominator memory to see whether the eye watering price tag is really worth splashing out for. Are the Dominator 9136C5D and 10000C5DF kits something every enthusiast should save up for, or are they only reserved for those with money to burn?

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      Dragon Lasers which is located in China sells high powered green laser pointersand competes with several other well known laser pointer manufacturers world wide. if you are unfamiliar with the difference between green and red laser pointers please check out our guide here. Green lasers are not only many times brighter and more complex than their lesser red siblings, they are also much more expensive as a result. The benefit to green lasers is not only the unique quality of the color but also the fact that pretty much any green laser from 5mW and up has a beam that is quite visible at night. The higher the power (mW) rating the more visible and powerful the beam gets. Green lasers can also be seen for several miles. They make excellent pointers, level beams, and constellation markers.

      Dragon Lasers 125mW and 75mW Review

      Viper Lair has posted a review on the Cooler Master CM Media 280 Enclosure

      With support for enough devices for a good HTPC, and the convertibility to be a good Mid-tower as well make this one case to not overlook. The CM Media 280 has sharp looks and the option for the built in VFD display with media control buttons and IR Receiver solidify its place in the HTPC case sector. Cooling performance was adequate with potential to be great. The case was nice and quiet when tied with other silent components. The iMon VFD control software works well, although lacking in customizability the built in presets allow for easy operation and cover most if not all of your display needs.

      Cooler Master CM Media 280 Enclosure Review

      Techgage posted a review of Corsairs latest thumb drive, which is also the fastest on the market

      Corsair announced new flash media at this years CES and amongst their new product line-up is their Voyager GT. Though not a replacement for their original Voyager series, the GTs have one specific goal: performance.

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      Overclockers Online has posted a new review on the Jetart HCA06 HDD Guard

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      You can’t win the hearts of computer enthusiasts, system builders, and hardcore gamers by simply releasing one good product and calling it quits, so it’s a good thing that companies such as NZXT have built a reputation based on releasing one great new product after another. In this review, the brand new Adamas completely aluminum mid-tower ATX case from NZXT’s Classic Series will be put under the microscope and be completely dissected.

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      I4U NEWS reviews the 30 inch HP LP3065 LCD Display

      For general computer work if you typically have lots of browsers and applications running at once a large display is fantastic. The 2560 x 1600 screen resolution allowed me to get eight appropriate sized windows on screen at once. Having three web browsers, Word, Photoshop, AIM, Live Messenger and remote desktop on screen at once save me lots of time normally lost to flipping back and forth between screens.

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      Even though there’s nothing really cutting edge about it, Thermaltake has a good thing going with the Soprano Dx. The lightweight but sturdy aluminum construction along with two locks makes it practical for transporting a system to a LAN. It has a stylish look with the blue LED bar on the front panel and the included fans are quiet. Another definite plus is no tools are needed for optical, floppy, and expansion card installs..

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      Howtoforge published a tutorial about installing Beryl on Ubuntu 7.04 with an ATI Radeon graphic card

      This tutorial shows how you can install and configure Beryl on an Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) desktop with an ATI Radeon graphic card. With Beryl, you can make your desktop use beautiful 3D effects. We will use the open-source ATI driver that comes with Ubuntu plus AIGLX to achieve this; the other way to do this would be to use the closed-source ATI driver together with XGL which seems to be a bit unstable.

      Installing Beryl On An Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Desktop With An ATI Radeon Graphic Card

      Mini dump truck Motomul MT-300.HO with HONDA GX200 engine

    • 3 year warranty
    • Large margin of safety
    • Unique design
    • Compact size
    • High maneuverability and flotation
    • Convenient control
    • Online technical support and service
    • Now a little more about each item:

      1. Russian made

      Design and technological preparation of production and production itself is carried out in the first science city of Russia in the city of Obninsk.

      80% of Russian-made MOTOMUL mini dump truck accessories from the best Russian enterprises. We have selected and tested all components for several years.

      1. 3 year warranty

      This guarantee allows us to give the following components:

      • quality materials
      • quality accessories
      • responsible production

      We use original parts and trusted suppliers. With all of them we have concluded long-term contracts for the purchase and service. Used imported components have been supplied to the market of our country for a long time and stably. nine0003

      We take a responsible approach to the production process and guarantee the high quality of each product, we use laser cutting and powder coating.

      1. Large margin of safety

      The design of the MOTOMULE mini dumper is designed and tested with a large margin of safety. Unlike our competitors, we use a solid load-bearing welded frame with a wall thickness of 3 mm.

      Inside there is a monoblock (gearbox gearbox), which transmits rotation to the drive axle through axle shafts with built-in semi-differentials. The power unit, located at the rear, transmits rotation to the monoblock through a double belt drive. nine0003

      Wheel bearings on axles with dynamic load capacity up to 25.5kN per wheel provide multiple safety margins.

      1. Unique design

      We have developed a unique trapezoidal body shape that makes unloading much easier.

      All this allows for instant unloading of the body without letting go of the mini dump truck.

      1. Compact size

      High load capacity and cross-country ability combined with a compact size mini dumper. The width of 740 mm allows you to drive through the doorway. And the height is designed in such a way as to fully enter the cars with a station wagon.

      The compact dimensions of the MOTOMULE mini dumper make it indispensable when working in cramped conditions and rooms.

      1. High maneuverability and flotation


      Semi-differentials are installed on the front axle of the MOTOMUL mini dump truck, and in the rear part the wheels rotate independently of each other. This, combined with its compact size, makes it easy to turn and deploy the MOTOMULE mini dumper in one place.

      4×4 wheel drive for all-surface and stair climbing.

      1. Comfortable operation

      Clear control of the MOTOMULE mini dump truck allows you to learn how to work with it in the shortest possible time and does not require special skills. The convenient location of the starting handle makes it easy to start the engine. nine0003

      1. Online technical support and service

      The customer support and service center is located in Russia and is available every day including weekends. We provide prompt resolution of warranty obligations, post-warranty consultation and support with the necessary spare parts.

      MOTOMULE is equipped with a 4-stroke engine and mechanical transmission (2 speeds — forward, one — back). Equipped with a dump truck body with a load capacity of 300 kg (volume — 200 l). The mass of the motorized cart is 120 kg. All components and assemblies are attached to a supporting frame made of 3 mm thick steel. nine0003


      Feature Meaning
      HONDA GX200 Engine 4-stroke 6.5 l/s.
      Fuel type Petrol 92
      Gearbox type gear
      Overall dimensions (length, width, height), mm, no more than 1650x740x1150
      Motor wheelbarrow weight, kg 120
      Operating temperature range, °: From minus 25 to plus 30
      Fuel tank 3.6l.
      Crankcase oil SAE 10w40 0.6l.
      Oil in the crankcase of gearbox TM-5-18 (TAD-17I) 1l.
      Number of gears 2-forward, 1-back
      Travel speed km/h 3-7
      Payload kg 300
      Transport track mm. 620
      Front axle dimensions mm. 740

      Warranty periods:

      • for motorcart — 3 years
      • per engine — 1 year
      • against rust penetration — 10 years

      The transmission of the mini dump truck (mini dumper) MOTOMULE MT-300 consists of a time-tested gear gearbox with two speeds forward and one reverse. Torque from the engine is transmitted through two belts to the gearshift pulley. Two belts provide reliable grip and eliminate slippage in a pair of belt-pulley. Further, the rotation is transferred to the axle shafts with built-in semi-differentials, which allow you to easily make turns on the move and turns on the spot. The advantage of the semi-differential is fully manifested when overcoming slopes, bumps, soft and sandy surfaces, as well as when slipping on a slippery surface, the front drive axle self-locks and all four wheels come into operation, which ensures high passability of the mini dump truck. The rear wheels rotate independently of each other, as they do not have a common axle. The drive to the rear wheels comes from the front wheels through intermediate, smaller ones. nine0003

      Why a medium (small) wheel?

      Additional middle wheels for 4×4 wheel arrangement. The rotation from the front axle is transferred to the rear axle by friction of the tire surface. The optimal coefficient of tire adhesion is achieved by maintaining the necessary pressure in the wheels, namely 2 atm.

      Mikhail, (Saratov)

      I did not quite understand what a mini-dump truck was until I received an MT-300 with a Honda engine as a gift. Now I went to the site to order such a gift for a friend. Never regretted. Withstands loads, can be easily deployed, runs on regular gasoline. More than 3 liters enter the tank, so this is enough for a long time. Guys — you are the best for selling such a wonderful technique!


      Angelina (St. Petersburg)

      For a long time I was looking for equipment that could be compact, but perform the necessary functions for loading / unloading / transporting various materials, soil. As a result, I bought a mini-dump truck MT-300.NO. Excellent device, strong, reliable, but easy to operate. Even a woman can easily handle it. Recommend.


      Mark (Suzdal)

      Often heard the word dumper, but didn’t know what it was until I met him personally. Recommended to buy by a colleague. They took it for construction, and I, imagine, use this red unit as a bulldozer. Winter is hard for me. The yard is large and needs to be cleaned almost daily. Now with the MT-300, we have no problems. I connect the desired structure and in half an hour the yard is clean. Well, yes, the dump truck works even at -35 degrees Celsius. Great! nine0003

      Karl Vladimirovich (Moscow)

      Hello. I worked with different equipment, but when you stroke such a small, red car, you will be surprised how it can carry up to 300 kg, and even uphill. When I studied the characteristics, I found out that the Honda GX200 engine was installed on the MT-300. All doubts disappeared. This brand is familiar to me, so the technique is excellent. I bought it, I was able to confirm my guesses in practice. For the price, it’s ok. nine0003

      Nikolai (Volgograd)

      I am building a small shop. We managed to «knock out» a good place, but there is not enough of it to build a complex. Large special equipment simply cannot drive up here. I bought specifically for this, a mini-dump truck MT-300.HO WITH A HONDA GX200 ENGINE. There was no better solution for my problem. Received two weeks after purchase. nine0003

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      Your review

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      High pressure cleaner Poseidon B7-235-10-H-Al, 235 bar, 10 l/min on aluminum frame, petrol, Honda GX200

      High pressure cleaner Poseidon B7-235-10-H-Al, 235 bar, 10 l /min on aluminum frame, gasoline, Honda GX200 | ZET-TECHNO High-pressure cleaner Poseidon B7-235-10-H-Al, 235 bar, 10 l/min on aluminum frame, gasoline, Honda GX200

      Write a letter Request a call

      Manufacturer: FNA Group (USA) for Z-Techno ( Russia)


      Poseidon water jets are an affordable and modern solution for cleaning tasks. With the use of innovative Warthog slow rotation nozzles, the devices are able to clean sewer networks with the heaviest pollution.

      Wide range of applications in all industries, agriculture, housing and communal services and construction, car service:

      • Hydrodynamic flushing and cleaning of sewers and other pipes
      • Washing and water jet cleaning of all surfaces, incl. preparation for coating application
      • Washing of vehicles (wagons, cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, construction equipment) and self-propelled machines
      • Cleaning and disinfection of floors, surfaces and equipment in food industry enterprises (meat processing plants, dairy plants, confectionery industry)
      • Washing surfaces in livestock farms, poultry houses, pig farms
      • Cleaning of waste chutes in buildings
      • Washing and removing plaster, paint from building facades, sanitation of facade tiles
      • Washing at construction sites, cleaning construction formwork
      • Cleaning roads, bridges, tunnels from dirt, old coatings, insulation and hardened cement mortar
      • Removing bark from logs
      • Washing floors and open areas
      • Washing tanks and tanks

      Found cheaper?

      Delivery in Moscow, Russia, CIS.

      More details delivery and payment terms

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