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Great Geek Debate: Kinect vs. Move vs. Wii

You going to pick up the controller, or the gun?

Console gaming has changed. In fact, one could make an easy case for flat out evolution. With gaming, gamers have evolved as well. Where once the stereotypical gamer was a fat pimple-faced kid in his mom’s basement, hands covered in Cheetos dust and a two-liter of Mountain Dew with a straw nearby, the gamer is […]

Console gaming has changed. In fact, one could make an easy case for flat out evolution. With gaming, gamers have evolved as well. Where once the stereotypical gamer was a fat pimple-faced kid in his mom’s basement, hands covered in Cheetos dust and a two-liter of Mountain Dew with a straw nearby, the gamer is now de-evolving as gaming is evolving.

Gamers didn’t always have a stereotype. They were normal kids, skinny kids, fat kids — whatever — just normal. There wasn’t a stigma, there wasn’t a stereotype. Then the really hardcore ones fell into a stereotype that they created. They became unhealthy and pale, shunning physical activity for sitting around gaming. I’m not making any judgments on that fact; I’m a gamer, but always had a healthy balance of gaming and physical activity. Even now, in my 30s, I game regularly — after I spend time at the gym.

So when I say de-evolution, I mean that the idea of gamers and their physical stereotypes are reverting to their earlier stage. Gaming has evolved, and through that evolution physical activity has re-entered the sphere of gamers and that will change everything.

So what exactly has changed in the past couple years to get gamers off the couch? (And for the purpose of this article, when I say gamers I’m referring to console gamers, as PC gamers are a whole different bunch and the tech I’m talking about doesn’t apply to them at all at this point. ) Well, the instruments of play have changed. With the innovative direction taken by the major console systems, gamers are getting active, and getting their families involved as well.

Which brings us to the current debate, as suggested by fellow GeekDad James Floyd Kelly, who is looking to purchase a new active system for his family. Which is it, he asked, which one is best? The Xbox with Kinect? The Wii or the Playstation Move? Actually, he didn’t ask about the Playstation Move, but it should be included in the overall conversation. So we’ll take a look at a couple of the major decision factors in the three systems and leave the decision up to you, the people. Though I’ll try to influence it as I don’t have to be un-biased. I’m an Xbox gamer, and I have a Kinect. I also have a Wii. But I’m partial to the Kinect.

For the Kids

The conversation and how this debate started was with wondering what was a good system to get for the kids, so why not start there?

For the sake of argument, the Wii and the Move are conceptually the same thing. I mean, once the Wii released the Motion Plus controls, the Move was just expanding on that technology. With its Z-axis tracking and hyper-accurate sensors, the Move has a little more to offer in the way of controls and accuracy, but you are still holding a controller in your hand. The Kinect is a completely different animal.

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The Kinect has trouble with children, especially small children. They don’t see it as much because when playing a game such as say, Wipeout, they are just jumping around like mad anyway. For the Kinect, you’ve got to have basically a clear 36 square foot (6″x6″) area to play in. No toys on the ground, no furniture and so on. This is kind of hard when you have kids in the house. Not impossible, just hard. You know, cleaning.

Next up for the Kinect is its trouble recognizing intuitive slight motions. Motions that both the Wii Motion Plus and Move pick up so well. The Kinect requires a lot of exaggeration, something that kids have a hard time getting when they have been used to precision in gaming and you’ve been telling them for years to «stop spazzing out. » Kinect also has no force feedback, such as vibration (because you aren’t holding a controller) but that’s not a deal breaker.

While a lot of parents seem concerned about the Wii remote getting flung into the television screen, I would implore those parents to just tighten the strap. Same deal for the Move. Plus, you can teach your kids that all it takes is a flick of the wrist for most movements in the games, not a complete body attack. Mixing movement with buttons helps to improve hand-eye coordination and is a great transition into the future of gaming, which will probably be all movement. I’d say that the Wii Motion Plus or the Move would be a better choice for younger kids at this point. Wii +1, Move +1

For the Adults

One of the concepts with the Kinect that I found hard explaining to the children (and having them follow the concept) is they don’t have to keep jumping and creeping towards the television set. You think worrying about a child flinging Wii remote at the television is bad? How about watching them slowly kick and punch their way towards your LCD HD TV. This is a concept that, thankfully, most adults understand.

The range of the Kinect, if the sensor is placed correctly, is perfect for most adults and most motions within the scope of the games are picked up. You still have to have a clear room, and the game goes bonkers whenever your kids walk in front of you (which, if you have any, is often.) The Kinect offers the best movement for adults looking to get fit. While the Wii and the Move have fitness offerings, you are still holding a controller in your hand and the impulse to be lazy with it is hard to avoid.

The real kicker here is going to be if and how the Kinect does first person shooters. Both the Wii and the Move have guns. With those guns, you can shoot things on screen. Recently at PAX Prime I played the demo for GoldenEye: Reloaded. Using the controller snapped into the rifle attachment, it took some getting used to, but it was pretty freaking awesome. That is a huge selling point for adult gamers. I’m thinking the Kinect is going to have to do something similar, as shooting with a pretend gun isn’t as fun as say, playing air guitar.

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Because of the first person shooter aspect (I don’t even want to think about how any of the systems are going to handle an RPG such as Skyrim with motion controls) I have to give this category to the Wii and the Move. Mostly the Move because the games are better on the Playstation vs. the Wii as far as shooters, and the HD output helps that case as well. I’m sure the next iteration of the Wii will have HD, but right now it doesn’t. Move +1

For the Games

The game selection is one of the most important factors when purchasing a new system. Where the Move and the Kinect have specific games that use those tools, every single game for the Wii uses motion controls. Of course, some of them use them better than others. The motion controls when applied to games such as Zelda: Skyward Sword are clunky and confusing. The game is much better served with a classic controller. Of course, it’s not a great game to begin with, so there is that.

Of course, there is Mario. Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and New Super Mario Bros are all outstanding and fun titles for adults and children alike. They make perfect use of the motion controls and have the longstanding nostalgic value to go with them. Still, though, the best game I’ve ever played on the Wii is golf, and I hate golf in real life, so that’s saying something.

The Move has a pretty moderate selection of games, including shooters and games for the whole family. The selection is limited, and while there are more games on the horizon, many of the games out now are similar to each other. Games such as Killzone 3 and Heavy Fire: Afghanistan have adapted the Move Sharpshooter into the gameplay with relative ease.

Meanwhile the Kinect at the moment is plagued with cartoonish games focused on either dancing, fitness or some sort of adventurous activity. While they are all done well, they just don’t stand up over time to getting your first person shooter on. When I get home after a long day, I don’t want to Zumba or Just Dance; I want to shoot some fools in their A.I. heads. Move +1

For the Health

The Move and the Wii have their share of fitness games, and really these are the same games (if not exactly the same, then in concept) available on the Kinect as well. From the aforementioned Zumba to UFC Personal Trainer there is no shortage of fitness games. And with America getting fatter and fatter, the time for fitness is now.

So while the games are the same, the range of motion and control is not the same. Sure, you can move the same with all three systems, but only the Kinect requires more than just your arms to move. The Wii could instruct you to kick and jump all day long, but the reality is that all you have to do is flick your wrist and it tracks that as the required movement. The Kinect, your whole body is the controller (that sounded like a tagline, incidental I assure you) and that’s the behavior that is encouraged.

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Inevitably, there are going to be injuries when playing fitness games on the Kinect with more than one person in the room. But if you’ve ever attended a full group fitness class, that’s going to happen sometimes. The point is, the fitness games are more like instructional DVDs for getting fit, with the enhancement of scoring, which we’re all suckers for. We all want a gold star on our forehead. Kinect +1

For the Future

Regardless of their current iterations, these systems will advance and new versions of all three of them are on the near horizon. The future is going to be very interesting for the progression of gaming, and I’m glad that we’re all still young enough to see what happens.

The Kinect has the most hope for the future and the most potential. While they may have to resort to some sort of handheld device for interaction with FPS games, you still won’t be using a traditional controller. The Wii and the Move are currently locked into their current model of holding a controller, and as the Kinect sensor technology advances, so will its ability to completely capture your movements with high accuracy.

Soon, we might be playing games in a virtual room similar to the situation in the movie Gamer or we’ll be playing games via chips embedded in our heads (which will also be used for banking and other activities.) For now though, we’ll simply scoot the coffee table out of the way and dance across the living room, increasing blood flow to the legs and gaming our little hearts out. Kinect +1

In the present, it appears as if the Playstation Move wins this debate. I’m sure plenty of you disagree and of course I’d love to read your reasons why I’m completely out of my head and totally mistaken in the comments. Or, if you for once support my conclusion in a Great Geek Debate, I’d love to hear your support as to why I’m actually right for once. I’m still smarting from the iPhone vs. Blackberry debate.

Image: C.Silver

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Comparison of Xbox Kinect, Playstation Move, and the Nintendo Wii

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I got the chance to two different parties, and it happened that one had the Xbox Kinect, and the other the Wii. And of course, I already have the Playstation Move and have been posting game reviews on Nutwiisystem’s sister site PS3Fitness.com (where you can read full accounts of my early impressions and the setup process for the PlayStation Move).

My friend Sandy had purchased Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures! for her Xbox. I helped her set it up. It was pretty easy to set up; like the Wii you just take a long camera device and put it in front of the TV facing the group. The Xbox will automatically detect the camera, and one thing that’s really cool is that the camera will move to track your progress. On-screen prompts will walk you through configuring the system, which basically consists of waving your hands. A tiny image of you will appear in the lower right-hand of the screen.

The technology had a definite “coolness” factor about it. Within minutes, I was navigating the Xbox menus like Tom Cruise in “Minority Report”, just waving my hands. We spent the better part of the night playing it, to the point where I feel pretty comfortable telling you my impressions of each.

I should preface this by saying that comparing the Wii, Playstation, and Xbox can be a dangerous undertaking, as many owners of each system tend to be fanatical and will defend their system with near-religious tenacity. And for good reason: once you choose a system, chances are you’ll be investing hundreds of dollars in hardware and thousands in software within a few years. The last thing anyone wants to do is admit they didn’t make the best choice.

The manufacturers of these products don’t make it much easier. You’ll see news reports about how such-and-such has sold such-and-such number of units, and somehow that’s supposed to mean that it’s better. You’ll also read reviews online and on Amazon which you’ll quickly find are dubious: half are written by fanatics who will stick to their system no matter what, while the other half are written by shills paid for by the companies’ PR agencies.

Anyway, I felt I owed it to you to give you my take, as unbiased as I can make it. So take these impressions with a grain of salt, and do your own comparisons of the three systems when you’re at various holiday parties this year.

Wii: B
Playstation Move: B+
Kinect: A

I have to admit that the technology for both the Playstation Move and the Xbox Kinect are impressive. Both system track movements with incredible precision. There’s a definite “ooh” factor the first time you rotate a Sports Champions ping-pong paddle in your hand, or contort your body to plug holes in an underwater tank for the Kinect. The Wii remote still gets the job done, of course, but as developers for the Xbox and Playstation start to tap the potential of the more precise motion controls, the Wii will start aging.

Graphics (Quality):
Wii: C
Playstation Move: A
Kinect: B+

I split graphics into two pieces: quality and gameplay. This is because as beautiful as the graphics are, if a software developer places form over function, that ruins the game. For this category, the Wii is definitely showing its age. When I look at the photo-realistic vistas in Sports Champions, it makes attempts at photo-realistic scenes in Wii games look very old. I noticed that the graphics on the Xbox are excellent, but the Playstation just had an edge, probably due to its use of Blu-ray discs.

Graphics (Gameplay):
Wii: A
Playstation Move: B
Kinect: B

The game we played at the Wii Party was, well, Wii Party. Overall, games that are produced by Nintendo (as my niece says, ones that “start with the word Wii, like Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit) are phenomenal. Even though the Wii lacks in graphics processing horsepower, Nintendo’s developers do the most with it. Their use of graphics is imaginative, creative, and downright hilarious (there’s a tree-swinging game where everyone in entire room was literally doubling over with laughter). This is a personal bias (which didn’t factor into my grade), but I much prefer the “cute” approach of Wii’s characters and the “realistic” approach of Playstation’s characters versus the “smart-alecky”, “impish” look of the characters on the Kinect. Put another way, I want to hug the characters on the Wii, shake hands with the characters on the PS3, and punch the living daylights out of the characters on the Xbox.

Wii: A
Playstation Move: D
Kinect: C

This is another place where the Wii shines and for good reason–the Wii has had a four-year head start. The number of quality games for the Playstation’s games is nothing short of disappointing: games like “Start the Party” and “Kung Fu Rider” are terrible. The only “showcase” games I’ve seen so far areSports Champions and The Fight: Lights Out. The Xbox fares a little better, with positive reviews coming in for games like Kinect Sports and Dance Central (although unfortunately, the game we played was Game Party: In Motion which evidently isn’t the best to showcase the Kinect). As time goes by, no doubt these grades will change–I do hope that the increased competition will start to put an end to awful “shovelware” games for the Wii, and force all developers to start producing quality stuff.

Precision and Response of Controller:
Wii: C
Playstation Move: A
Kinect: B+

This will probably come as no surprise, but the Move and the Kinect both get stellar scores on this one–as long as the conditions are perfect (see the next section for how things can go horribly wrong). As long as you’re one player standing exactly 6-8 feet behind the camera, the controls are phenomenal. With the Wii, on the other hand, we’ve all gotten used to games where controls are not as precise as they should be (on that note, Nintendo should seriously consider either improving the nunchuk as a motion detection controller or putting it out of its misery).

Group Play:
Wii: A
Playstation Move: B
Kinect: C

Here is where the Wii shines brightly and will probably continue to do so for some time. With both the Playstation and the Xbox, you’re physically limited to the number of people that can fit within the camera’s range. This is why the vast majority of early titles for these games are for a maximum of two players; in fact, for the Xbox games we even had to move furniture out of the way and tell people not to stand in certain places. For both the PS3 and the Xbox, players had to physically get up and stand in a confined area to play–and when they got too excited and moved out of the camera shot, their scores would suffer. With the Wii, on the other hand, we had players sitting on sofas, sitting on the floor, and we just had to toss the controller to them when it was their turn.

Wii: A
Playstation Move: B
Kinect: B+

To me, this is the most important criteria. Once the “wow” factor is done with, how much fun is each system to play? For this, the Wii still stands apart–for now. A game is most successful when you DON’T notice “coolness” factors like the graphics or the controller. If game manufacturers for the PS3 and Xbox are smart, they’ll focus more on immersing the players  into game play and less so on making their games the slickest or “coolest” games out there.

Wii: A
Playstation Move: C
Kinect: C

The Wii is anywhere from 30% to 50% cheaper than what the Playstation 3 with Move and Xbox with Kinect cost out of the gate. Factor in that Xbox and PS3 games tend to cost anywhere from $40-60 each (compared to $20-50 for Wii games), and you’ll find that the Wii is much, much more affordable over time.

And so when tallying up the grades, here are the results:

Wii: B+
Xbox 360 with Kinect: B
PlayStation 3 with PlayStation Move Bundle: B

I suppose it’s somewhat fitting that the Kinect and the Move should end up in a tie. A lot of this is, of course, because game developers have not yet produced stellar titles for either of them. This should change over the coming year. In the meantime, hopefully Nintendo will do what it takes to keep its system on par, if not through their graphics and controller, then through accentuating the things that do give them an edge.

Bottom line, when choosing a system for yourself, see which of the components above are most relevant to your needs, and judge accordingly. I’d also love to hear your experiences with each of the systems. Bottom line, the fact that there are three strong motion gaming systems out there now competing against each other is a good sign that we’ll see much better quality in the future.

Which system configurations to buy?

A question I hear a lot for each of these systems is which configurations to buy. It gets confusing, because most of the game companies sell different configurations, with  or without motion controllers. Here are the ones to get:

For the Xbox Kinect, I would recommend the Xbox 360 250GB Console with Kinect. It comes with the Xbox 360 console, a handheld controller, the Kinect camera, a headset, the awful Kinect Adventures game, AC cable, AV cable, and a built-in 250 GB hard drive (you can save some money by buying the 4 GB version).

For the Playstation, I would recommend the PlayStation 3 320GB System with PlayStation Move Bundle. It comes with the Playstation 3 console, a handheld controller, a Move controller, the Playstation Eye camera, the excellent Sports Champion game, an AC power cord, an AV cable, and a USB cable.

For the Wii, I’d just get the Wii Hardware Bundle – White, which comes with the console, a MotionPlus-enabled Wii remote, a nunchuk, Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, sensor bar, AC cable, and AV cable. To maximize your workouts, I’d also add on the Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board.

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Difference between Kinect and Wii

When it comes to automation, motion control is part of it. It covers the subsystems or systems involved in the moving parts of the machine in a controlled manner.

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This system is used in various automation fields such as nanotechnology, micromanufacturing, biotechnology and precision engineering.

Console manufacturers followed suit with their motion controllers. Kinect is Microsoft’s version.

But the Wii is the first user-friendly implementation and market, but not the first attempt at motion controllers. This article focuses on the difference between Kinect and Wii.

Kinect vs. Wii

The difference between Kinect and Wii is that Kinect is a direct add-on to the Xbox 360. On the other hand, Wii is a platform entirely based on games. Without Kinect, games can still be played on the Xbox 360, but that’s good for people who don’t want to buy all the new consoles and still own an Xbox 360.0003

Kinect is a Microsoft motion sensor add-on for the Xbox 360 game console.

This device provides a NUI or natural user interface that allows the user to interact intuitively and without an intermediate device such as a controller. The system identifies individual players by voice and facial recognition.

Wii is one of the popular video game consoles, introduced in 2006 by Nintendo. It features a wireless motion detection controller that looks like a TV remote, not a game controller. 7th generation communication USB 2.0 Bluetooth, network adapter, 2 pcs. USB 2.0i Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g Sizes Length: 24.9 cm
Width: 6.6 cm
Height: 6.7cm Shirin: 15.7 cm

What is Kinect?

Kinect is a line of motion-sensing input devices first released in 2010 by Microsoft.

Devices mainly consist of infrared projectors, RGB cameras and map depth detectors using time-of-flight or structured light calculations.

These calculations can in turn perform real-time gesture recognition and body skeletal detection, among other capabilities. It also consists of microphones that will be used for voice control and speech recognition.

This unit was originally developed as a peripheral motion controller for Xbox game consoles.

Depth sensors and the camera are used by Kinect to find out how the user is moving.

The first generation of Kinect was based on technology from the Israeli company PrimeSense and was an Xbox 360 peripheral known as Project Nata, introduced at E3 2009. days.

For Kinect, most of the games developed were family-friendly, casual games, which attracted a new audience to the Xbox 360 and did not lead to widespread adoption of peripherals between the console’s overall user base.

What is Wii?

Wii is a home video game console marketed and developed by Nintendo. It was first launched in North America on November 19, 2006, and in most other regions in 2006.

This is Nintendo’s premier fifth home game console.

Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata, ordered the company to avoid competing with Sony and Microsoft in computing power and graphics when developing the Wii.

and instead target a broader player demographic with new gameplay.

Game designers such as Genyo Takeda and Shigeru Miyamoto led the development of the console codenamed Revolution.

For the Wii, the primary controller is the Wii Remote, which is a wireless controller with both traditional controls and a motion sensor that can be used as a pointing device.

The first Nintendo console was the Wii to directly connect to the Internet and support both digital game distribution and online games and multimedia applications through the Wii Store Channel.

It also supports wireless connection to the Nintendo DS handheld console for some games.

Key differences between Kinect and Wii

  1. For Xbox 360, Kinect works as an accessory. On the other hand, the Wii is a system entirely based on games.
  2. When it comes to multiplayer games, only one Kinect is required. On the other hand, Wii multiplayer games require multiple Wii Remotes.
  3. Voice and face recognition have advantages that make it possible to track at least six players. This feature was added to the Kinect and the Wii does not support it.
  4. Part of the control system is speech recognition, where you can give certain voice commands, and Kinect can execute and understand them. Conversely, the Wii is deaf and does not support this feature.
  5. Depth sensors and a camera are used in Kinect to figure out how the user is moving. In contrast, the Wii uses a controller to detect motion using infrared light and accelerometers.


  1. https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/6190806/
  2. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S096663620


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